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onho; omegaverse; "Birthright" (part 3)

Title: birthright (part 3)
Pairing: onew/minho (some side jonghyun/minho, onew/jonghyun)
Rating: nc-17
Word Count: 22k+ 28k+
Warnings: a/b/o // omegaverse, angst/dark, smut, non-con, mpreg, knotting, underage abuses and sexuality mentioned
Summary: an omega, one reluctant to perform his birth duty, is put under the care of an alpha not familiar to him.

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a/n: 1/30/16 update – as this story has been a long wip, i‘ve revisited this chapter in several edits. special thanks to @livingindanger for the previous quality check. and thank you to readers still around, especially those who will take time to read this all over again. lol thank you, it means a lot. please forgive any remaining typos, as this has not yet been proofed in full.

i hope readers enjoy. feedback and comments are appreciated. ;u; thank you.

Peeking inside the shelter, Minho doesn’t expect to find Jinki still inside, or how he’s still close beside the beta, flicking hair away from the beta’s flushed face as he tenderly dabs his forehead. Minho is heard though, which has Jinki quickly crawling out to meet the omega, expression strange; soft in regret.

“I will find something to feed us. We will have to stay another night.”

Minho nods, glancing between Jonghyun still unconscious and watching Jinki gather up his gear and go.

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