there are times when

Some doodles I did on the side yesterday night ( @blesstale drew Zunde that there ) including Dreby taking his first steps. I saw this kid screaming “NOOOO!” at some meat in a grocery store before running to his mom, so there we go ✌️


“I wanted to become like you, Tae-chan… A strong girl with a kind heart.”

“Kyu-chan… You are you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman. You’ll always be my precious friend. So please… don’t cry.“


took a study break to draw some more of my Kanas bc I haven’t done that in a while

[if ur curious about the other kana stuff, it is here]

Heya folks!

I’m flying out to Melboune in a few hours, and won’t be on Tumblr from then until the 5th of May! You’re welcome to send messages, but I definitely won’t be getting them until about the 6th. (I will be writing though! I’ve already got a chapter of The Wind that Cuts the Night to put up when I get back, but I won’t be posting anything for the next 10 days).

If anyone wants to keep up with my adventure/s - I’ll be posting stuff on Instagram. I may also be posting stuff on Twitter.