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Fun Fact: Have ever wondered why we call profanities “curse words” or “swear words”. Curse? Swear? Who are we cursing and what exactly are we swearing? Oh yeah, profanity. What sacred thing are we profaning? To profane is to pollute a holy thing.

It is the name “God” people are talking about. If you use the name of a god you use some of that god’s power. So you call upon god to harm an enemy or to solemnize an oath “I swear to tell the whole truth nothing but the truth so help me God”. 

According to the ten commandments to use God’s name in this way is expressly forbidden. This is taking the lords name in vain. In vain. The Hebrew word which was translated as “vain” is “empty”.  If you use your Gods name in empty gestures such as boasts or curses you have committed a deadly sin. This sin is the profane.

This practice of “swearing an oath while invoking a God” is a North European pagan tradition which just changed “I swear by Odin’s beard” to “I swear to God Almighty” without skipping a beat.

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I met the love of my life yesterday. She drove ten hours to see me after us talking over Tumblr for two years. It made me so happy to see her because I've been having a lot of mental health problems lately, & also the last person to have touched me was not consensual. So for her to just lovingly hold me as we laid in bed & watched tv was so nice. We also kissed & it made me so happy for it to actually be by someone I loved, & not be forced upon me.

IM DUDSKSJSJDJDDJ SO HAPPY. SO HAPPY FOR U WOW HOLY SHIT! This is amazing I am literally smiling so big angel this is so lovely and I am so glad u got to have a new experience with touch being SAFE! Yay thank u SO much for sharing this w me 😭💖💖💖💖


So, I have a friend that I’ve been really good friends with for close to ten years. People would even consider us best friends. Lately, I’ve just been feeling like we just don’t mesh well together. We don’t really have the same interests, except our hubbies are friends and we all corporately hang out. The times we’ve spent just the two of us, we get along, but there’s no real laughter or even shared inside jokes. She doesn’t read books or even know my Peeta obsession. It’s just weird. She literally forgets that she’s told you something repeatedly. So it can sometimes be frustrating to have a conversation. I guess I’m just complaining, but at the same time, I just feel myself pulling away from her. I think it’ll be so awkward if we don’t remain friends because we’re tied in so many different ways. We see each other ALL THE TIME. I mean, like three times a week. I think that’s part of it too. They don’t have children or family so they always come over here. It’s a bonus and also a thing between us. Just feeling venty or very emotionally pregnant.

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The thing that’s honestly hilarious about aggressive and moralistic anti shipping movements is that it literally does not matter at all.

Nobody outside of a very niche bubble and a small number of people even remotely gives a shit. They pour all this time and energy into something that absolutely nobody in the real world outside of the Internet gives a flying fuck about. It would be sad if it wasn’t so funny.

For NASA, Earth Day is Every Day!

With a fleet of spacecraft orbiting our home planet collecting data on everything from the air we breathe to natural disasters that impact our lives, Earth is always in focus. Join us as we celebrate our home with beautiful views from our unique vantage point of space.

On December 17, 1972, the crew of Apollo 17 snapped this iconic image of planet Earth. Dubbed the Blue Marble, this image was taken as Apollo 17 rocketed toward the moon. 

On the way to the moon or from the surface of Mars, our spacecraft have photographed the beauty of Earth from many vantage points. In this image, the most powerful telescope orbiting Mars captured this view of Earth and its moon, showing continent-size detail on the planet and the relative size of the moon. The image combines two separate exposures taken on November 20, 2016, by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on our Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. 

In this image taken on July 19, 2013, the wide-angle camera on our Cassini spacecraft captured Saturn’s rings and our planet Earth and its moon in the same frame.

Our Suomi-NPP satellite also observed the Earth at night. Earth’s “night lights” often have a gee-whiz curiosity for the public , but have also served as a tool for fundamental research for nearly 25 years. They have provided a broad, beautiful picture, showing how humans have shaped the planet and lit up the darkness. 

You can be mesmerized by the constant swirls in these visualizations of ocean currents. The swirling flows of tens of thousands of ocean currents were captured using the largest computations of their kind ever undertaken, using high-end computing resources at our Ames Research Center. 

We’ve all seen iconic photographs of Earth shot by astronauts. But even satellites and robotic spacecraft often get in on the act. The above image, called “Pale Blue Dot,” was taken Voyager 1 in February 1990 from a distance of 4 billion miles.

Our satellites do more than take pretty pictures of Earth. They do everything from measure rainfall to observe weather patterns. The ten satellites in the Global Precipitation Measurement Constellation have provided unprecedented information about rain and snow fall across the entire Earth. This visualization shows the constellation in action, taking precipitation measurements underneath the satellite orbits. 

In an homage to Apollo 17′s “Blue Marble” image, Suomi-NPP, a joint NASA-NOAA Earth-observing satellite, made this composite image, by making a number of swaths of Earth’s surface on January 4, 2012. 

What’s your favorite aspect of planet Earth? These kids have their own ideas. You can even “adopt” parts of the planet. Which one of the 64,000 locations will you get? 

Our home planet is constantly changing, which is why our fleet of Earth-observing satellites continuously monitor the globe, recording every moment of what they see. Luckily for us, many of the views are not only deeply informative but also awe-inspiring. 

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do you ever think about how when the younglings first see anakin enter the temple in rots, they’re just so relieved, even though they’d been trying so hard to be brave, bc this is anakin skywalker, and if anyone can help them survive this, it’s him and master kenobi. and even if he isn’t master yet, all the younglings know he will be soon, so really they might as well call him that now, he’s already so strong and brave and kind and always smiles at them and stops to really listen if they ever ask him something. and something’s stirring uneasily in the back of their minds, but that’s probably just the darkness that’s saturating everything, and all the terrible deaths around them, not master skywalker—

somebody responded to us posting that emma watson is a clueless activist with this

and i’m just like… yeah because emma watson was born to rich parents and got sent to a freaking private boarding school in oxford and getting tutored in drama from a very young age, and landed a role in a very visible movie franchise .

like… both people who work on this blog are lower middle class at absolute best. if i had a rich mummy and daddy that sent me to rich people school and paid for a better education then maybe i would be a some kind of ambassador that makes speeches that don’t say anything as well, but instead i’m just a local activist who tries to support people in the best way she can with the resources she has.

for what it’s worth i’m from roughly the same geographic area as emma and i’m just like… maybe if i was a rich pretty cis girl i could work for the UN in promoting equality in an ineffective way too, but instead i’m working class, transgender and finding it hard to even get a job as a shitty position in the same city she went to school, all because we both played the cards we got dealt and she happened to have all aces.

jesus. think before you speak, y’know?


And now every time I reach for that tether, I know there’s no one on the other end, and I feel like I’m falling into nothingness. [x]

Gotta admit I’m kind of mad that back in season 1 the fandom cranked out art and meta of Keith being outright attacked or threatened by team members as part of a galra keith reveal but now that Allura, who experienced an incredibly traumatic loss and reacts accordingly, the fandom is lining up to aggressively rip on her because how dare she be skeptical of the Marmorans and her trust in Keith being damaged and Hunk actively points out hey it maybe has something to do with the literal destruction of her entire species and home planet that’s not something you get over in ten seconds.

As if, y’know.

Considering this:

And this:

would tell us that Allura probably grew up with most of her life as Zarkon as a family friend at minimum and quite probably a surrogate uncle figure. Someone she trusted, and was very close to, who just, incidentally, went on to kill her father and destroy every single planet in her solar system.

It isn’t as if the writers of the show specifically timed it so that Allura and Keith’s distance happened after s2e6 where we see that Allura pretty unambiguously trusted Keith with her life, in which case she was probably not having a visceral “ew, Galra” reaction as much as taking home the realization that once again there is someone that she genuinely trusts, feels close to, who is also a paladin, in the context of the last time this happened, she lost everything, and shutting Keith off and trying to bury that reaction because she also understands as Keith’s boss she’s responsible for him and shouldn’t hold that against him but trauma is not rational.

It isn’t as if in regards to the Marmorans, Allura agrees to go along with their plan as soon as Kolivan presents it, even if that means sending off all of her allies including Coran and leaving her alone on the castleship with Antok and Kolivan who are both twice her size and armed.

But. yeah. Clearly Allura isn’t making any leap of faith here. It isn’t like the last time galra were on the castle, Sendak’s invasion subtly messed up the systems in such a way that nearly killed her entire team and forced her to destroy Alfor’s AI. It isn’t as if she’d have every reason not to let Kolivan and Antok stay on the ship, much less count on them to watch her back in a fight considering they did something while Shiro and Keith were on the base to make the Red Lion flip into fight mode.

Also like… because everyone else had absolutely no reservations and welcomed the Blade with open arms, right.

TL;DR: Maybe remember Allura is some degree of traumatized and that she also made every concession she possibly could in spite of that, remember that Hunk in s2e9 points out exactly why Allura is upset and suggests she just needs some time and space to work through what are probably some deeply upsetting emotions, and how later Allura proves Hunk completely right on all counts in that regard.


[Connor]’s the kind of player that coaches like to coach, and players like to play with.


Layered Gallery in London

A ghost of the previous volumes, a tree in the garden, layers of nature and screening, privacy and display. A space to look at art, to sit, to contemplate. A place made from the elements of rusting steel, brick, glass, and light.

The private gallery for an art collector designed by Gianni Botsford provides a space to view and sort parts of the collection prior to hanging in the rest of the house. Conceived as part of the garden landscape, the Cor Ten extension is built to provide additional layers for the use of the garden- a room that opens out as a balcony, a room that serves as the gallery space, a concealed WC, and a protected outdoor space that serves as an outdoor kitchen.

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House Karstark

“—Jon Snow.” The girl tossed her braid back. “My house and yours are bound in blood and honor. Hear me, kinsman. My uncle Cregan is hard upon my trail. You must not let him take me back to Karhold.”

Jon was staring. I know this girl. There was something about her eyes, the way she held herself, the way she talked. For a moment the memory eluded him. Then it came. “Alys Karstark.