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Ten/Rose/Casanova having a threeway?

Now we’re talking ;) This may be more than 500 words.

Served with a hint of slash

➜ Kink flashfiction

Rose had asked to see the Carnival of Venice. Of course, the Doctor would not miss an opportunity to impress him favourite girl. So he took her to the Carnival in 1745. He even changed into an era-appropriate costume, both of them in luxurious and colourful outfits. But the Doctor had another surprise in store for her.

The Casanova?”

“Oh, yes.”

The famous lover stood at the other end of the room. Rose moved her eyes slowly up his body, lingering on his bum. At this point, she had already had a few cups of wine. She felt light and warm, even more so with the Doctor’s arms around her.

When Casanova turned around, she gasped.

“He looks so much like you.”

“Well…” he tugged on his ear with a cocky smile.

Rose bit her lower lip as her eyes shifted between the Doctor and Casanova. The Doctor tightened his arms around her and lowered his lips to her ear.

“Do you want to play with him, Petal?”

He brushed the tip of his nose along her jawline, and Rose shivered.

“Oh, Doctor, can I, please?”

“Only if you promise to be very naughty.”

He slipped a hand down the front her corset, trapped a nipple between two fingers.

“Will you play with us too?”

“Oh, yes!”

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What’s one of the biggest things you disagreed with that made you leave Catholicism?

Hi there,

I have a lot of issues with traditions and doctrine accepted and promoted by the Catholic church. I think all of these issues are equally as spiritually damaging and dangerous. But if you want me to focus on one, idolatry is one of the big issues in Catholicism that played a major role in pushing me to leave Catholicism.

Idolatry takes on many forms in Catholicism in both doctrine and tradition. Mary and the saints are idolized through prayer, worship (this is labeled as “veneration”, but it’s actually just a synonym for worship; look in any thesaurus and you’ll see veneration and worships are literally listed as synonyms for one another), shrines/statues, etc. Touching more upon the topic of statues/icons, Catholics use these in worship stating that they are visual aids in worship and these objects are often considered as “sacred objects” - despite the fact that the Ten Commandments tell us not to do this. Catholic translations of the Bible actually remove this portion of the Ten Commandments regarding making images like these, which seems to me a means of justifying the venerating of statues/icons. It’s incredibly alarming to see intentional removal of portions of scripture in order to justify behaviors that He specifically told us not to do.

There’s also idolatry in the hierarchy structure of the Catholic church, which was not present or encouraged in the true original Church described in the New Testament. Certain Catholics are selected as “saints” when the Word tells us that all Christians are saints. Scripture does not encourage us to select certain people as being worthy of the status of saint. This whole idea of sainthood encourages idolatry because it sets apart certain individuals as “super Catholics”, leading to these deceased individuals to be approached in prayer, venerated (worshiped) as if they have special favor and ability. The way Catholic church leaders are treated also follows a similar idolatrous pattern. The Pope and priests are given status and power that they in fact do not hold, setting them apart as if they are “super Catholics” who are above the average Catholic. See how the Pope is referred to in actual Catholic texts:

“The Pope is of great authority and power, that he is able to modify, declare, or interpret even divine laws. The Pope can modify divine law, since his power is not of man, but of God, and he acts as vicegerent of God upon earth…” — Lucius Ferraris, in “Prompta Bibliotheca Canonica, Juridica, Moralis, Theologica, Ascetica, Polemica, Rubristica, Historica”, Volume V, article on “Papa, Article II”, titled “Concerning the extent of Papal dignity, authority, or dominion and infallibility”, #30, published in Petit-Montrouge (Paris) by J. P. Migne, 1858 edition.

I don’t even have to explain why that is idolatry - the text says it all. Nothing in the Bible promotes this kind of blasphemy. The Catholic church even refers to the Pope as the “Vicar of Christ”, implying he has the same power and authority over the church as Christ Himself because the word “vicar” stems from the Latin word “vicarious” meaning “instead of”.

Priests are treated similarly and given power they do not in fact hold. It’s promoted within the Catholic church that in order to be truly forgiven of your sins, you are required to confess them to a priest. This promotes the outright lie that you have to go to another flawed human being to obtain forgiveness and that it’s not obtained by seeking Christ directly. This gives authority to a flawed human being that no human being actually holds and invalidates the fact that Christ dying on the cross closed the gap between man and the Father, allowing the privilege of direct communication with the Father in Jesus’ name. The Word encourages us to confess our sins to one another, but this does not mean that the person you’re confessing your sins to has to be a priest or that the person you’re talking to about your sins has any influence/role in the forgiveness of sins. That is Christ’s job alone and to suggest otherwise is blasphemy.

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Do you think that once everyone got a chance to settle down and figure out what they're gonna do from there and come to terms and whatnot, Dave could eventually grow to be alright with Karkat having pale and/or ashen relationships (or something similar. Probably with less cuddly aspects)? Since they're not concupiscent quadrants. (And obviously the "purest" (for lack of a better word) version of the quadrants would all be with Dave)

I’m not sure how to answer this one tbh - my short answer is no, I don’t think so. 

My LONG answer is - one thing I’ve learned from my time in this fandom is that you can talk to ten different people about what pale/ashen relationships mean and what exactly a moirail is and literally get ten different answers. And I’ve kind of taken that and used it in my personal hc for the troll kingdom stuff in earth c - five thousand years later, without this brutally enforced rigidity stuffing everyone into the same four boxes over and over for the sake of streamlining social interaction so the species can focus on conquering the universe instead - everyone there has a different definition too. Humans with their queerplatonic partner calling each other moirails. Hybrids arguing and a third friend stepping in to smooth over the situation and everyone joking after about what a good auspistice they are. Little troll kids making their first best friends and exclaiming about how they have three moirails while their caregivers laugh behind their hands. Humans marrying trolls and some of the officiants say matesprit and some of them say husband or wife and some of them even say moisprit or kismerail or whatever and it’s messy and the lines are all blurred and trolls aren’t shamed if they prefer to be monogamous and humans aren’t shamed if they have 8 partners as long as everyone’s on the same page and Karkat HATES it at first because it’s so disorderly and goes against everything he learned and he’s been conditioned to see and do things a certain way… but years later he falls in love with it, everyone defining their own relationships with words he knew once and words he didn’t, too. 

And in that world with that context I don’t think Karkat feels the need to call his friends moirails, especially because I think Karkat expounded at length to Dave about how all quadrant relationships are explicitly ROMANTIC, they just don’t all involve procreation. They are each other’s only explicitly romantic partner and sometimes Karkat probably thinks about it, about how in another life he might have had jade as an auspistice and jake as a kismesis and kanaya as a moirail and john as SOMETHING and whatever the fuck, but he realizes he never really feels bereft and those thoughts feel more and more strange over time because he just feels right with Dave in a way that he never knew was possible and never WOULD have been possible in Alternia. 

And over time, the empire’s little boxes stop having so much meaning for him because he’s experienced what actual romance is like through his own relationship and hanging out with his friends and it’s changed his perspective from the textbook theoretical nonsense he prided himself on being so learned at before to understanding that reality is messy and no matter how much Alternian trolls pretended to fit perfectly in their boxes it was a flawed system at its core and not conducive to real lasting relationships and connections. It was a tool of efficacy for the empire and people can feel and do and negotiate their relationships however they like, and even use those old labels if they want, but it was never that simple and there’s just as much beauty in the mess as there was in the organized ideal of a perfectly balanced quadrangle. 

Also as Karkat slowly came around to this Dave would be so increasingly smug. Just the absolute smuggest

Collectors || Klaroline

Klaroline AU Week Day 3: Sci-fi and Post-apocalypse

Ten years after the reckoning, Caroline isn’t quite used to the new world order or Klaus’s position in it. (Post S4 Canon)

She knew accepting the invitation could be a mistake, but it never occurred to her to pass up the opportunity.

The automated car he had sent for her stopped at the imposing front door, and Caroline’s eyes rolled at the castle the Originals called home. Their centennial gala tradition seemed to thrive regardless of the world reckoning, and vampires always liked a party.

Caroline could hear the thrum of other guests inside, a pounding bass beating underneath; more than three hundred years since homecoming, and she still hadn’t gotten used to the grandeur of a Mikaelson gathering. Careful with the delicate fabric of her dress, she shuffled out of the car with a fierce grip on her clutch.

Keeping her eyes peeled for any sign of trouble, Caroline made her way to the entrance, where wait staff promptly offered her a glass of chilled champagne. With only slight hesitation, she gratefully took a deep sip, the alcohol helping to soothe her frayed nerves.

The opulent ballroom belied the den of iniquity it really was. Despite fine jewels and haute couture, vampires far older than Caroline could guess were acting like teenagers on spring break - if teenagers were drunk on blood and lust. Humans were passed freely like toys, and more than a few couches were claimed for openly sexual displays.

She was hardly the naive girl she was in Mystic Falls, but Caroline’s throat clogged with disgust at the overindulgence of it all. Even just a decade earlier, and she would have happily joined in the fun.

But then the reckoning happened.

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Here's your chance to spread some love! Tag ten mutuals and tell us why you love them, then send to 10 people on your dash! 💘

Omg thank you, anonie! This is too sweet and I’m all about spreading love! ♡


THE LOML AND MY WIFE! Trang, I don’t even know where to begin. You were my first ever mutual and I’m beyond happy that we became friends! You’re super cool, kind, and easy to talk to! You’re also so beautiful omg I cry every time you post a selfie on here & snapchat! Taehyung and you are my favourite couple ahh I love you guys so much! BTW, I still can’t believe we’re planning our trip to Seoul & I seriously CANNOT WAIT!! I love you!


JOYCE!! MA BEST FRIEND! I love you so much! You were there for me when I told you about my family fight that went down and I think that’s what brought us closer! You’re so cute, adorable, funny, kind, caring, & beautiful I cry. When you text me or tag me in Jimin posts I get so happy like my heart starts bursting. We literally fangirl so hard about Jimin things haha (I’m still dying at the Jimin & The Chainsmokers video that I sent from Instagram LMAO). And I can’t forget about your writing like please follow this talented bean please! Anyways, I love you a lot my smol cutie pie & I hope our friendship continues to grow!


Isabella! You’re fanifcs are honestly so well written like why can’t I be as talented as you :(! You have a way with words it amazes me! You’re literally super kind, adorable, funny, and beautiful! I honestly look up to you as a writer! Before we started talking, I just knew I wanted to be friends with you because you seemed like a funny and kind person to talk to (which you are), & your themes are always on point! I love you and I hope we can soon text as much as we used to!


Dude we literally send each other memes ALL THE TIME! They’re so funny & we die of laughter! You’re super cool to talk to and you’re also so adorable! I first messaged you because Illegal is such a good story & I needed to tell you how good the chapters were! Ever since then, we’ve become great friends! I love you a lot!!


Girly, we haven’t messaged each other yet (which we totally should!), but you seem like a hella nice person! You’re posts are really cute and you always send me such nice messages omg you’re too sweet! But ya as I said, we should messaged each other and fangirl about Exo! Love ya, sweetheart!


We haven’t talked in ages! I know you’re on hiatus but once you’re free, message me!! You’re really nice and fun to talk to! Also, you’re outfits are super dope! You’re the one who inspired me to make this blog, so thank you!

↳ Other mutuals include: @chanyoel ; @earlygreytae ; @sheloveskook & @jimblewithnojams! We haven’t talked yet but we totally should! You guys seem like really sweet and cool people! ♡

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Okay okay; which of the main ten would use vine? Or perhaps simply be fans? (I know vine is dead but let's say it ISN'T.)

Use Vine: Tyler, Axel, Raquel, Ellie

Are simple fans: Tegan, Neha, Alistair

“What is Vine? Is that some kind of drug?”: Tadashi, Claire, Karolina

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C - Coffee By: BTS

U - U By: KNK 

T - Together By: SF9

I - I Promise You By: EXO

E - Easy Love By: SF9 

Y - You Are By: Got7

O - On/Off By: ONF

U - Unfair By: Exo 

N - Not Today By: BTS

G - Goodnight By: Dreamcatcher

B - Boombayah By: Blackpink

I - I’ll Remember By: Day6

N - No F.U.N By: Seventeen

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when you very suddenly remember the name of a Vocaloid song you used to fucking love over ten years ago and look it up like “how come no one has covered this?”
and then you listen to it and realize it’s because it fucking sucked

music tag ☆・*。

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K - k-drama - oohyo
K - knock knock - twice
R -  remember - 9muses
E -  eclipse - kim lip
M - miniskirt - aoa
M - marionette - stellar
E - every night - exid
S - sleepless night - 9muses
O - odd eye - shinee
D - dimple - bts
A - aloha - pristin 

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