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20 TV Shows Most Influenced by 'Twin Peaks'


It’s easy to point to Hannibal’s nightmare-fuel aspects and say that they never would have been allowed on network television without the ground broken by Bob and the One-Armed Man over two decades earlier. But there’s another aspect to this masterful program that owes a debt to ABC committing to Lynch’s vision: the concept of auteur-driven television. As much as Twin Peaks feels at one with the Lynch filmography, this take on Thomas Harris’ infamous cannibal doctor is fueled by the singular, surreal-as-hell vision of creator Bryan Fuller. Fans hope this show has the same fate as Peak: a movie and an eventual reboot. Brian Tallerico

Looking for a good TV show?

Watch “Fringe”.

Here’s why:

- It’s finished. No waiting on episodes, they’re all there.
- It’s wrapped up after 5 seasons in a way that makes sense; it wasn’t cancelled.
- It’s science-fiction. Packed with mystery, unexplained occurrences and all the other stuff that make your curiosity perk up.
- It’s created by JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Burk and J.H. Wyman. Some of these you might know from making the Star Trek reboot or the sci-fi TV show “Almost Human”.
- Main character is a female. She’s an FBI agent. She isn’t sexualized. She isn’t masculine. She isn’t a cliché. She isn’t made fun of for being a female agent. She is actually very intelligent and very appreciated by her co-workers.
- Her boss is a male POC.
- Another female agent is a POC as well.
- John Noble. The ‘mad scientist’ of the show.
- Leonard Nimoy. Yep. He’s a recurring character.
- Sebastian Roché and Jared Harris. Also, Blair Brown.
- Parallel universe!
- The love stor(ies) that happen don’t reduce anyone to a love interest.
- David Bowie references. (You’ll spot them, trust me)
- Cases of the week + serialisation
- Have I mentioned the fact that the characters aren’t a cliché?
- Freaky stuff. You’ll love it. It might freak you out but you’ll love it.

…and many, many other things.

Just go watch it. It’s awesome.

A standard episode of Fringe

- freaky thing happens

- “I need to bring it iN MY LABORATORY!!!!”

- Peter rolls his eyes at something Walter said

- Olivia notices small details and is SUPER SMART

- “We need this thing. Only Massive Dynamics has this thing”

- Peter making doe eyes at Olivia

- Olivia chases someone


Love Bug

Warnings: sick

Genre: Fluff

Rating: G

Word count: 2k

Prompt: Dan gets really sick and Phil has to take care of him and maybe it’s a punk!Phil Pastel!Dan AU (or not, just an idea) and it’s just really fluffy

A/N: hello I really hope you enjoy this! I whipped it up super quick so I hope it’s not terrible.

As soon as Dan woke up he knew something was wrong. His neck ached and his ears felt clogged like he was miles up in the air. It was hard enough to get up for school each morning but now he wasn’t feeling well it was nearly impossible for him to even roll over and grasp his phone off of the night stand. He knew though that Phil would be leaving soon to pick him up for school and he didn’t want Phil showing up for nothing so he reached behind himself blindly and grabbed his phone and called Phil. He listened to it ring and smiled a little when his phone clicked and he heard Phil’s smooth voice greet him.

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anonymous asked:

Sleepover with the chocobros! What movies do they like to watch in the middle of the night? What's their kind of snacks do they have?

Noctis would be the most down to marathon a TV show rather than a movie. Something like WestWorld where it’s an intense drama and he can really test his marathoning skills. Which, let’s be honest, are not that great because he’s usually the first one to fall asleep at these functions. You’d probably get through the first two episodes before you noticed that his eyes were closed behind the fringe of his bangs.

As for snacks, he’d want anything sweet. Maybe matcha flavoured Kit-Kats, or mochi filled with ice cream. 

Prompto would want to watch a feel-good movie. Depending on what you’d prefer, because he’d always ask your opinion first, he’d either go for a buddy cop comedy like Rush Hour 2 or something where friendship is a strong theme, like the Breakfast Club. He’d probably also like stand-up comedy specials, anything where the comedian talks about pop-culture related things.

He’d also be the one to prefer savoury dry snacks, like pretzels or chips.

Gladio is that guy who just wants to watch horror movies so that when you get scared, you’ll cling to him. He likes to tease you when you jump or pry your hands away when you try to cover your eyes or ears during a really scary part, because he loves you but is also a giant troll. He’d probably want to watch something like The Conjuring, or anything with a lot of jump scares. 

On the flip side, he’s also totally down for action thrillers like 300 and Gladiator. He’ll also volun-tell you to help him recreate certain fight scenes. Most of the time, he lets you win. He’s the type to bring the alcohol to sleepovers, so get ready for a slight hangover in the morning if you’re not careful.

Ignis is down to watch whatever you want to watch. He’s pretty open-minded, but prefers movies with interesting dialogue. He also has a deep, unspoken love for Meryl Streep. He doesn’t really admit it out loud, but The Devil Wears Prada is one of his favourite films. He’s filed away that speech that Miranda gives about cerulean away in his mental rolodex and is planning on finding a reason to recite to at some point in the future.

Iggy also doesn’t bring snacks, he makes them himself. Expect fresh pastries and little hors d’oeuvres fresh from the oven when you arrive.

Dale Pike: Script End Scene

Sharing this for those who may have read the script and are wondering about its legitimacy.  

The script from Dale Pike is written by Dale.  In addition to Dale having said that they had written it, the end scene is different from the style which is used by the BBC Writers.  

Each BBC Writer has their own unique way of ending a scene.  It is kind of like a signature in a way.  Just a little unique touch.  The following are screenshots from the scripts released by BBC.

Steven Moffat: End Titles

Steve Thompson: Black Out, End of Episode #

Mark Gatiss: End

Dale Pike: Fade Out., End of episode.

The end scene does not match the end style of the other BBC writers. 

The scripts released by BBC were released after Dale had written their script and they did not go back and edit their script to make it match that of the BBC writers.  That said, Dale went through a lot of trouble to produce this script and make it look like it was real, but it was indeed writen by them. 

They are a good writer, and I am disappointed to see that skill having been used in this way.  The script could have been released on AO3 as a fanfic and people could have enjoyed it without it being implied and posted as something it is not.  I am glad Dale came out in the end as it indeed being written by them, but I think it is important to show proof as well for those who may still be questioning it  so am sharing this.

Also for those who may be on the fringes; @loudest-subtext-in-tv and @ivyblossom are both extremely well known Sherlock fans.  Loudest is a meta writer, and Ivy is an exceedingly skilled fan writer.  Dale Pike had gone onto twitter and then proceeded to create two Twitter accounts that pretend to be Loudest and Ivy.  The twitters were “loudestTubSext” and “IvyBlosom”.  They then linked to the real Loudest’ old defunct tumblr and claimed to own it. They do not. The real loudest lost her old tumblr name some time ago and that is why the end of their name is now “TV”.   Every now and again posts under the “television” name will cycle through tumblr.  It belongs to TV, not Dale.

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Dan x Reader - Not Enough For Her PART 1


Third Person POV
Everyday she would go and hang out at the boys’ place, for she was one of their best friends. Not to mention, she literally lived like 5 minutes walking distance to their flat, in the same exact district. But then, she would almost always go to a nightclub. Why? Well because Dan insisted on it nearly almost every night, whilst she and Phil stood by side awkwardly. Sometimes Phil would even talk up other girls, leaving her to have nobody to talk to and stand by herself.

I look around in the loud noisy nightclub that I am yet again at, dragged by Dan Howell himself. High heels, some silver something dress and black heels, paired with makeup. I sighed as Dan hit up a bunch of girls. Speaking to them with his arousing admiration and sparkling personality, drink in hand. He was surrounded like the entire club with long leggy, pretty blondes and I just kinda stood there. I wondered why I had been doing this for the last weeks. Then remembered Dan’s face as he smiled with his brown fringe and eyes, while we played together in the lounge. Random talks and catching up on TV shows with Phil bringing in more snacks. Walking through London and admiring him from below with his detailed face that keeps you coming back for more. That was why I was here, Dan Howell and everything about him. My best friend that I was so desperately in love with that I convinced myself to go along for his company. To spend the entire afternoon with him and gazing at his smiles, and then head to the club. As I went home at night as a girl was on Dan and then to see him again the next day. Somehow to me, it was worth it. He was worth it and although it hurt like hell, I’m too in love to care.

Third Person POV
“Dan, why don’t you just tell her already?” Phil asked confused watching the tall man lie on the floor, groaning.
“Because, Phil.” Hungover Dan said placing his face further into the pillow.
“Because?” His best friend asked from the friend he tried consulting with to no avail multiple times.
“Because I’m not good enough for her, Phil.” Dan spoke firmly raising his voice for bit because of his absolute frustration. He liked, no he love a girl. In his mind, she was absolutely perfect. Charming, witty, funny, beautiful and a kind heart that blew him away from the moment he met her. But of course, it was true good to be true. y/n was too good and too pure, absolutely too good for Dan Howell himself, or so he thought. So now, he would continue the process for the 2nd week and 3rd day in a row of going to the nightclub and looking for some excuse of someone who made up for y/n. Of course, they’d never go home with him, the farthest he made it was out to the street before he pulled off with Phil and left, only after y/n was gone. Except this time, there was someone who interested him just a little bit enough for her to stick around.

Today Dan spoke less and I don’t know why but it was just nice to be with him and Phil.
That was until Dan asked the dreaded question, “Club time anyone? It’s Saturday.” I looked to Phil and my already prepared dress as we all nodded and began getting ready. I thought it would all be the same, except tonight it wasn’t. Dan was actually with a pretty girl and it was tangible one. I heard the conversations with humor, similar interests, creative careers and stimulating goals. Heck, I already started to like her and from the looks of her long, fit, stature, who wouldn’t? That was the day everything changed for the worse. I was nearly going to cry that night as I stumbled into a 24 hour cafe, with a man sitting there. I was somewhat of mess, as I realized that I could never be what that girl was for Dan.
Perfect and captivating, she was everything a girl would want to be and I didn’t stand a chance. There was a silver lining though, as the man introduced himself and we got to chatting. He was working on some extra fulfilling project, besides his already stable career. I was intrigued, but more so lonely so we sat together and I quite enjoyed his company. He was kind and comforting, even though I literally didn’t tell him anything. Edmund, or Ed, gave me his number and for the next three weeks, we were getting close. Maybe there was someone to soothe my heartbreak.

Dan’s POV
It was now almost a month after the clubbing days, and I was with Poppy. We were now exclusive, and I quite liked her. We went on a handful of dates and her personality was versatile, something I appreciated, along with her desire for things to be gradually more intimate, it was classy. She was peppy and clever, I began to be more and more drawn to her free spirited nature. There was still days I missed y/n, but I had to move on and it seemed like she did as well. One time, she just said she was seeing someone and as I saw her less, the someone became her boyfriend. It was gut wrenching, but when I saw them together for the first time, they were dynamic. y/n looked didn’t look gloomy like when we went to the club, she grinned and Edmund, that was his name, took care of her. He was something completely aspirational and did charity for children, he was perfect for her and entirely better than me. I watched how he took care of her as they walked towards Poppy and I, his arm over her and mine over Poppy’s shoulder. I wished it could’ve had been mine over y/n’s shoulder, but it wasn’t.
//Time Skip//
Almost 2 Months

I still went to Dan and Phil’s flat, but now it was distant. Dan had a new girlfriend, her name was Poppy and she was quite literally a flower. Bright and happy with her blonde wavy hair, rosy face and clear cheekbones. I couldn’t help but not like her and she was so absolutely kind. Dan and her were worked so well together and it stung immensely but I couldn’t help but be happy for them. I wanted to be that girl with Dan so much, but I couldn’t be and never would be. I had to get over it. Besides Edmund was amazingly sweet to me and I guess I wasn’t alone anymore. But one day, I came over and poppy was there. She greeted me excitedly to suggest that her and I go shopping, while Ed came over with Dan to play video games. I awkwardly agreed and watched Dan’s surprise at his girlfriend’s suggestion, as I called Edmund over.

We headed out the door and I left the three boys at home, my boyfriend and guy who I wanted to be my boyfriend for so long and Phil. They all seemed to get along as Poppy and I headed out the door.
As we stopped at bench for a rest from shopping, Poppy suddenly asked, “Can I ask you for some advice with Dan?”
I looked over at her slight nervousness putting down my bags and nodding.
“Yeah.” I answered trying to sound sure.
“It’s just, I really really want to get him something. Like a present but I just don’t know what he would like.” Her pretty English accent entwined in her voice made the ramble sound pleasant. “I’ve only known him for barely two months and you’ve known him way longer. I need to get him something he likes. Do you mind helping me?” She smiled with earnest, and I realized she really did care about Dan. As did I, so I agreed happily and she squealed.

Dan’s POV
I don’t know how or why, but somehow the boyfriend of the girl I love is here on my living room couch, playing Final Fantasy XV with me. It was weird and confusing to say the least, but I guess I had to go with it. y/n’s boyfriend was great, he was cool and funny to talk to. Not to mention, he looked good and was just overall well rounded and successful. You couldn’t really not like the guy, and I had nothing against him. The only thing I held against him is that he’s with the girl I wanted to be with but could never, because well I wasn’t and would never be good enough as him. We made small talk and played more, as I sat there absent minded over how everything had become so messy. It was all my fault and there was nothing good about me to fix it.

Part 2:
David Fincher's Netflix Drama 'Mind Hunter' Finds Its Star
'Lights Out' alum Holt McCallany joins 'Fringe's' Anna Torv and 'Looking's' Jonathan Groff.

The project is based on the 1996 book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by John Douglas and Mark Olshanker. While specific details about the drama are being kept under wraps in typical Fincher fashion, the series is said to revolve around two FBI agents in 1979 who interview serial killers in an effort to help them solve current murders. McCallany will play Bill Tench, the inquisitive, skilled and forward-thinking detective. He joins a cast that also includes Fringe alum Anna Torv as Wendy, a psychologist, and Jonathan Groff (Looking) as Holden, one of the special agents.

Never heard of this show before, but its interesting to note that John Douglas was helpful to Thomas Harris when he was writing his books and consulted on Silence of the Lambs. Some details in Douglas’ life have made their way into the Hannibal universe and he is often cited as the inspiration for Jack Crawford. But most interesting to me as a TV!fannibal is that, while on location hunting the Green River Killer, Douglas nearly died from undiagnosed encephalitis.


David Fincher helped turn Netflix into the content juggernaut we know and love with House of Cards. The mastermind behind such films as Fight Club, Se7en, and Gone Girl is re-teaming with the streaming service for another original series: Mindhunter.

The crime thriller is based on John Douglas and Mark Olshanker’s 1996 book, Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. Fincher and Charlize Theron’s Denver and Delilah banner are producing the show with Joe Penhall (The Road), who is also acting as showrunner.

In addition to Fincher, the series’ directors includes Asif Kapadia (Amy), Tobias Lindholm (A War), and Andrew Douglas (The Amityville Horror). Joe Penhall and Scott Buck penned the script.

The first season consists of 10 episodes, which will be released on Netflix in October. Jonathan Groff (Glee), Holt McCallany (Alien 3), Anna Torv (Fringe), and Cotter Smith (The Americans) star.

Set in 1979, the TV series centers on the inquisitive and skilled FBI Agent Bill Tench (McCallany). Along with fellow serial killer investigator in the behavioral science unit, FBI agent Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff), Tench interviews serial killers to help them solve current murders.

If People Were Colors, He Was Red and I Was Blue

Genre: Fluff, Angst

T/W: Smoking, Selective Mutism, Anxiety, Drugs, Alcohol, Depressing Themes, Emotional Abuse

Word Count: 3.3k

“Colors” by Halsey

In which Dan and Phil’s relationship hits a hard patch when Phil has troubles. Dan associates his difficult love with different “colors” like blue and grey. Feat. mute!Dan and depressed!Phil.

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