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Hello again

I really didn’t intend that last post to be my, uh, last post? I got so sick that I ended up in the hospital for a bit, and I wasn’t really in any state to make another post for a while. i’m not 100% better, sorry to say. They still don’t know what’s causing all the problems, but hey, I can move around again so that’s good.

But, yeh, hi. I’ll be around a bit. Mostly trying to catch up on things and try not to freak out about lack of funds. But I’ll have some doodles up, maybe?

I hope you guys are doing okay, and sorry for being absent for so long.

Food shopping with Shawn

• arguing over where to park in the car park because you hate walking
•but Shawn being Shawn, he insists on parking as far away as possible because “you could do with the exercise babe”
• walking to the DVD isle, looking for a film to watch once you get home
•but Shawn catches sight of his CD and is like “I heard this guy is really good”
• insisting that he lets you take a photo of him with the album to post later with the caption “you know you’ve made it when your illuminate is displayed in tesco”
• heading over to the drinks because you’ve run out of juice, because Shawn guzzles it down a gallon a minute.

• having to double back past the bottled water after collecting your juice because Shawn is transfixed.

• “we do not need 3 different types of water”

• “no Shawn, water is water.”

•but you still end up buying multiple types, because maybe if he has all this water he won’t drink all your juice.

•walking down the fruit and vegetable isles

•teasing Shawn because he swerves as far away as possible from the tomatoes

•"it’s not a coincidence that they are red like the devil y/n"

• hearing Shawns songs playing through the speakers • at first he’s embarrassed

•but you end up stood on the edge of the trolley screaming “THERES NOTHING HOLDING ME BACK” while Shawn sprints down the isles

• skidding to a stop in front of the bakery section

• arguing over whether to buy cupcakes or muffins

• obviously Shawn wants muffins because “they are so much bigger”

•but you want cupcakes because “they are so much cuter Shawn”

• him waggling his eyebrows at you saying “I’m all the cuteness you need”

• and eventually you both concede to just buy both.

• both of you wanting to pay because you don’t want to live off Shawn, but he wants to look after you

• challenging him to a battle

•whoever scans their half of the items first gets to pay the bill

• Shawn declining at first

• “baby there’s no pressure but, if your down I’m down”

• “did you just quote my own lyrics at me?” His competitive nature plays out and he agrees

• practically throwing items into the bags to beat Shawn

• turning to face him with a triumphant grin when you win

• but before you know it he’s swiped his card through the machine

• sulking because “that’s against the rules”

• but giving in when he promises to push you in the trolley back to the car

• and just to rub in how annoyed you are, you eat one of his muffins in front of him while he’s pushing

• reaching the car and stacking your bags into the boot

• realising there isn’t physically enough space in the boot

•so you tuck a few bags on the back seat and strap them in

• “you don’t need to strap them in, they aren’t children y/n”

• “food is my baby Shawn”

• walking together to take the trolley back

•because he’s not around for long and you want to spend every possible minute together

• racing each other back to the car

•but Shawn letting you win because he wants to memorise every inch of you

• and he knows that the everyday things are more special because it’s not everyday you get to do them together

• smiling because you know shopping would a lot easier and less annoying without Shawn

• but it’s no where near as fun

• and you love playing the domestic life while you have the chance.

(Here is my end of the deal @kidinlovewithakid )

OK!! we talked....😱 long post again..

So if you read part one and two….well you would know how my son came in his shorts for me. So I told him how we needed to talk and we ended up doing so 2 days after it happened. The day after, I woke up and thought I dreamt the whole thing! He went to his friends house for the day which he had already planned to do so I didn’t get to see him until the day after. So when I saw him I was waiting in the front room of our house for him to walk in. I dressed in jeans and a blouse just to try and keep things stress free (saying this because I know you little naughty followers want me to wait naked for him to walk in!) and when he walked in I got up to greet him. I kissed him and he kissed me back a very small peck. He seemed a little shy so I asked him if we could talk about the other night. He said okay and we sat on the couch next to each other. I put my hand on his thigh to keep the closeness between us. I told him that everything that happened was natural and that it was okay. I told him that he always makes me feel good and I was only delighted that I made him feel good too. He looked at me and confessed he was a little embarrassed by the event because his own mother turns him on and he thought it wasn’t normal. I let him know that I understood why he would feel that way but there was nothing wrong with anything. Being his mother or not it was normal to be attracted to a woman’s body. I have to admit the whole conversation we were having Had me so nervous yet excited. I didn’t know how it was all going to go and I desperately wanted to know how he felt about it. I asked him if he was attracted to me and he told me he had been for a while. He told me he had been trying to build the courage to tell me!!!!!! He has thought about us doing that for some time. He seemed very nervous and unsure telling me all this as if I were trying to pull a prank so I finally told him that it turned me on seeing him like that and that I thoroughly enjoyed it. We talked about our attraction a little more and he told me how good it felt yet it was still a little strange. I agreed but then I told him that we have a special bond and that I love him more than anyone and that making him feel good and have an orgasm for me was one of the many best experiences I have had as his mother. OMG you guys don’t even know how good this all was to talk about. I am trying to keep this post short by editing out all the “wow it was so hot” and “we were both shaking” and all those comments that took up so much writing. But anyways, after we talked for a while I let him know he could still talk to me and I am still his mother and I would love to make him feel good any time. He has no plans for tomorrow and he said he wanted us to have a day spent at home together so OMG we will see where that takes us!!!!!

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Thank you so much to the guy for being patient while I tried to figure out how to do a refund and also tipping me afterwards and telling me to have a good day. I still feel kinda crummy but at least u didn't yell at me. Thanks dude. The world needs more people like u.

Let's Make Art! lighting - Anti?

I’m gonna make some silly accusations out of nothing because why not.

In Let’s Make Art! the red light is still there in the background. I think it’s meant to remind us that Anti is still there (always watching) even though he hasn’t made an appearance. He’s in control now.

However, what’s primarily there is the blue light. Blue is typically the good guys right? Maybe why it’s shining on Jack.
The whole premise is something for the community anyway, maybe why the ‘good side’ (represented by the light) seems a little stronger than the red light that is Anti.

But he’s still there. Still in control.

He knows we’re all waiting. He’s just waiting for the right moment.

(a storm is coming)

I still laugh at how Dream Drop Distance ruined so many headcanons for Sora and Riku in just one scene.

For YEARS, everyone in fanfictions thought that Riku would be so suave–and Sora would be the lost one, who would come to him for advice about girls or whatever–but NOPE. Riku’s actually awkward about people flirting with him as F.

And likewise, if anyone out of the two can be argued to be good with the whole dating charade, it’s Sora! He’s actually a flirt.

Really, we should have known this–what with Kairi and Naminé, and even a bit of Ariel (as TV Tropes thinks they flirt some in KHI, and I honestly agree). And we won’t even mention this section of CoM: - “Oh, brother. That’s a bit much.” Goofy - “…Sora always gets like this every time he’s around a girl!”

This all just still really cracks me up.

And don’t worry, guys! I was right there with you about some of these headcanons, so I understand where they came from!

truly do not understand when people ship kelso/jackie

ok yes ashton/mila are SO ADORABLE together but they are not their characters

i’ve always loved watching s5-6 because of hyde/jackie, but lately i’ve been watching s1-4 a lot and it just goes to show how truly dysfunctional kelso/jackie were! 

  • he cheated on her with multiple girls “just making out” (pam macy)
  • he took another girl to prom
  • he cheated on her longterm by entering a physical and emotional relationship with laurie
  • he dated laurie after they broke up
  • he admitted what he missed most about jackie was being bossed around / on a short leash.. not her
  • after she kissed that cheese guy and said she wasn’t sorry because she was still upset that he cheated on her in the past, he realized that he cheated on her because she constantly put him down and didn’t make him feel good about himself

that last one is huge. i mean !!! yes kelso was a total ass to jackie by cheating etc, but it just shows that there were issues in their relationship beyond that. emotional issues! jackie didn’t treat him how he deserved, either. 

and did you notice that while jackie and hyde date, she doesn’t do this to him ?? never says, “steven, you idiot!” or degrades him? the worst she does is, like, tell him to shave his beard. 

hyde doesn’t let himself be bossed around. he challenges her. she’s his equal, not someone putting a “leash” on him. it’s a healthy relationship.. especially as time goes on and they grow up more together.

until the writers ruin it but. had they progressed like ACTUAL people it would’ve been endgame 

Coconut Troubles (Joaquin Correa)

“I’m just saying, the drink in this coconut isn’t real coconut water.” You shook the hard fruit in your hand in the direction of your friend.

The resort most likely put the canned stuff people get from the supermarket in the coconuts to make the taste more universally friendly. It was super sweet, and there was absolutely no pulp inside. Anybody who’s had real coconut water could tell this was a dupe, and not a very good one at that.

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I was wearing one of my “the future is female” shirts after one of my shifts at the hotel, and I had a guy come up to me and ask me how I could be a feminist if I let guys ogle me all day long. I just…. I just. I couldn’t even come up with a response to that idiocy. Newsflash: I’d be just as much of a feminist if I was completely covered up for my job. I just so happen to like watching people check out my body. ‘Cause I mean, come on… That shit makes me feel real good. (And P.S.: still a feminist even then.)

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Hey Pax, I guess this is just to say goodbye for now and I really hope that you are able to feel better and heal in your time off. I will miss seeing your updates and posts on my dash, but I'll look forward to your return. I truly hope that you know how amazing you are and how inspirational you are to me and I'm sure a lot of other people too; if not now then sometime in the near future. Thank you so much and don't worry about updating tonight if it's too much for you, take care. <3

Thank you so much for your kind words.  I hated taking a break but I knew it was necessary.  Life was spinning out of control and I was losing myself.  It’s getting better, there are good days and bad days.  I’m looking forward to my return but I still have some work to do.  I’ve been working on MbA for the past few days and hope you guys enjoy the chapters when I come back.

It humbles me and warms my heart when someone says I’m an inspiration to them.  I never thought I would hear or read that in my life.  It’s just wow!  I really hope my words make your life better.


I saw @schnelly post about how they’ve been on the Neotag for 3 years and they’ve grown up on the tag and it made me wonder how long I’ve been here.

July 13th 2012 was my very first post to the tag. I’d lurked for awhile beforehand because I was googling offsite neo-stuff when I came across @neopianangst blog, who was the first blog I followed and the first blog that followed me.

I’m just over 5 years here now and sadly, a lot of my old friends are no longer here or are, but no longer posting on the tag. Five years means you guys saw me through a lot of shit. 5 out of Lily’s 6 birthday’s I’ve been on the tag with quite a few of you watching her grow up. A good number of you were there for me when her dad walked out and I completely lost my shit, and even before then that when I went through all the shit that lead up to our breakup. I still have the ice bat and Lady Raincorn stuffies that I got from, I believe, Yorkie. In fact, Lily still sleeps with Lady Rainicorn. You’ve seen me through five (now six) moves and going to college (and subsequently dropping out when Mike took off). You’ve seen me go through heartbreaks and lose friends and grow to someone I am finally (many many moons later) proud to be.

We’ve been through drama blogs and toxic people. We’ve gone through five hellish years of the AC and GMC. We’ve sat up on tinychat doing stupid shit or watching youtube videos.

And I love you all. The veteran taggers who’ve been there with me since day one, right up to my newest followers. All  1,533 of you (The 1,534th follower is a porn blog and I don’t love them but I hope they do well in life.). And I hope each and every single one of you gets everything your hearts desire. You’re amazing people and never let anyone take that from you.

/end sentimental drivel. 

I just finished watching The Bold Type.

Overall, it’s not bad. I like the topics they bring up and the way in which they discuss them. And, of course, I instantly fell for the Kadena relationship the second I saw them together. They’re just so. damn. cute.

I also really like how they made Jacqueline this mother figure to all of them- one whose actually good and understanding as well. I like that she is constantly helping them out in all their individual problems and pushing them to improve and become better. It’s a nice switch on the typical “ruthless power suit boss with a hard heart” type we normally see with female characters in power roles.

Normally I’m not a fan of these “fashion type/magazine cover” shows, it’s just never been my cup of tea, but this wasn’t too bad. I mean there’s still some things I don’t really care for (like the typical “sleeping with the older guy at work but keeping it a secret” cliche or the “I appear to be a sexist pig at first but it’s actually revealed that I’m not” love interest).

But still, even with some bumps and/or parts that aren’t really my taste in shows, it does have a kind of endearing little charm to it. A bit of a guilty pleasure-esque feel to it lol.

Having said all that, I still recommend it. The topics/discussions it brings up are great, the humor is pretty hilarious at times, and above all else: Kadena. I mean, come on.

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angus for the ask thing!!! (u dont have to do all of them for him bc hes a kid)

sexual orientation hc: this is the only one i dont feel too strongly abt? i see him as mlm with weird sort of crushes on guys he looks up to/thinks are cute but he’s still figuring it out !

gender hc: trans! he’s a trans boy! i saw somebody say this once and nearly WEPT with how good of a concept it is….

mental illness/neurodivergent hc: he’s 100% autistic

3 random hc’s: he didnt have the best home life growing up so finding a family on the moon base really means a lot to him. the kid takes a book with him absolutely everywhere he goes and he reads like two a week, how does he do it?? he kind of tends to copy people he looks up to so for instance, taako? he’s started to pick up some odder fashion senses since spending time with him. 

I don’t dislike Bakugou’s character and I am genuinely interested to see where his development will get him, but since my experience with bullism resembles a lot the one Izuku experienced, it’s impossible for me to like Bakugou either.
Let me tell you a thing: I was bullied violently from age 9 to 13, and then on and off in my high school years. I almost killed myself when I was 12, and to this day (I’m almost 21 now) I still flinch and lower my gaze when I happen to accidentally meet one of my bullies. I relate a LOT to Izuku and I want nothing more than for Bakugou to realize how much he fucked up Izuku’s life and to keep away from him.
The fact that some people out there actually ship them is so upsetting to me. Izuku has a lot of close friends he has really good interactions with and that could be shipped with, but no you gotta pick up the one guy he is terrified of and that once told him to kill himself. Just… Wow.

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Poppy would totally step off a cliff to save her friend, but she'd also have a positive attitude about it. Like "C'mon guys, it's not that far down," it's a good thing Branch is there to save the day and then yell at her for pulling such a stupid stunt.

He calls her a fucking mouth breather

But like, it’s obvious that he’s mad but Branch was absolutely terrified. He still hasn’t been out of the lab that long and he’s honestly scared. Poppy is like the closest thing he has to comfort and she nearly fucking died