there are some who call me tim

One thing that makes me kind of sad is the completely different backgrounds and personalities of Tim, Kon, and Bart in the Young Justice cartoon. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the show and the new interpretations of the characters. The writers did a phenomenal job. But sometimes I can’t help but feel sad that the creators chose to go the direction that they did.

I miss 90’s Kon. I’m sad that we didn’t get Connor Kent’s sass in all its glory (though he definitely had some in the cartoon). We didn’t get to hear him call himself Peter Pan, or say “I pity the fool who mess with the s.” We didn’t really get to see him learn to accept the Luther part of his genetics. We didn’t get to see him meet Ma and Pa, or watch them integrate him into the family. He never developed his TTK.

I’m upset that we didn’t get to see Tim’s backstory. His hero worship of Batman and Robin . His ability to follow them around undetected for years. Or him being smart enough to see the way Batman was falling apart after Jason Todd’s death, and wise enough to know how to fix it. I’m upset we didn’t get to see Timothy Drakes courage when he confronted Batman to tell him he needed a Robin, and his humility when he’s shocked that Bruce chooses him. I’m sad we didn’t get to see him training with masters all over the world, or see him prove to Bruce and Dick that he is good enough and worthy of the R, again and again.

I miss the Bart Allen that grew up in a VR. The one who had to learn about danger, and how there was no reset button. The one who trained for months with Max (albeit reluctantly) to learn how to fit in in the 20th century. The one who was so smart and tried harder than anyone ever gave him credit for. Who got stuck in a time with a family who didn’t really want him, so he found and created one who did.

I guess most of all, I’m sad that we didn’t get to see the trio grow up together. Learning to trust and lean on each other as they navigated the ups and downs of the superhero life. That through all of the hardships on Earth-16, they didn’t have that unfailing, unbreakable friendship to fall back on. That through all of the tragedies the team faced, the three people who should have been standing by each other’s sides the most, barely even knew each others names.

The show is amazing and I love it, make no mistake, but sometimes I just miss my bbs..

Confession:  I feel kinda silly when I see people with super-imaginative, immersive, world-fitting names for their Inquisitors, with fleshed-out back-stories and personalities, then look at my characters with names such as “Goatman” the Qunari Reaver and “Barry” the Human Tempest… ;;

mod note: “There are some who call me…Tim?”


Last photo:  Mama Wanda is on the right, Tim is behind that man. SoSo and Adam already left.


Ballsy:  Here’s a report and some pics from someone who was at the Black Mass Premiere.   Big hugs and thanks to you Hun!  :D

So-So wasn’t sat directly next to Benedict? Adam was?  Odd.

She also added a caption to another photo of So-So (it’s blurry tho) “ I have a few of Sophie, but they are all horrible.  I was calling her name while I took these, so they are of her actively ignoring me LOL”


I was at the premiere. I hope I can remember everything. They both were almost an hour late, according to what security was told. Both wives did brief press pics with hubbies then were whisked away. Amber was waving when people called out to her but she didn’t sign anything. So completely ignored everyone. I even called her name to get a pic but she ignored me too. JD did not do any press from what I could see, except the one with Edith. He signed for everyone, but no selfies. He was super nice. Seemed high/drunk (handler was literally holding him up) but also seemed genuinely thankful to everyone who was there. Ben of course talked too much in the press area so I didn’t get his autograph, just some pictures of him walking by. He was still doing the interview with Edith when I went in. I sat kind of near them in the theater. Seating went: Benedict, Adam, Sophie, 7 people I didn’t recognize, Wanda, Tim. At the end of the movie his family were standing for a few minutes in the upstairs lobby area, then So and AA left. A few minutes later the parents left. Parents did not get on the buses to go to the after party, they walked towards where the RC started. I didn’t see where SoSo went.  A friend was waiting outside for me and said his parents just walked by her. She was by the hotel where the RC started.

Ballsy:  Caption correction: last pic - it looks like you can just see So-So in the BG here.  So this might be a before, rather than after she left shot.

Today was a wild fuckin’ ride. Right so, I was just out chillin’ with my mates and then one of my friends was like ‘yo, sauce me a sick drink, you beaut’ and we’re like Alex, we don’t have any drinks. He got sad for a second but that’s when I got the idea to go to Timmies – I work there, so I can get us free French Vanillas and timbits. Everyone starts calling me a fucking legend and then we’re all making our way down to Tims to have some mad chirps and great food. Just as we’re about to get there, our friend, Michael was like ‘you guys, this rocket I’m wheeling is hitting me up. I’ve got to go.’ So, we’re all about to say goodbye and shit when Avery fuckin’ roasts him like a chestnut. This boy starts calling Mikey a duster and laughs at him for trying to wheel girls who clearly aren’t interested when the rest of us are gonna be chilling at timmies with our free food. I mean, he had a point, eh? Anyways, we all had a great ol’ time at Tims and the girl bailed on Mikey last minute… so, that’s why you shouldn’t be a duster. Stay in school, kids.