there are some wedding affairs to attend to

Headcanon: Inuyasha, Kagome and marriage. 

Inuyasha didn’t think he could be married at first. After spending much of his life being cruelly reminded that he didn’t fit into either human or youkai societies, he thought marriage was just one of those things he’d never have the honor to experience. 

So when he asked Kagome to stay with him forever, that was his attempt at a marriage proposal and in truth he thought that would be the end of it. But Kagome had other ideas! 

Having none of his objections, Kagome went ahead and with the help of Sango and Miroku, planned for the wedding! Though Inuyasha was still apprehensive, especially when he heard that Kaede’s village would be in on it. Since it all felt so wrong because he still considered himself the outsider.

But it was Myouga that helped settle his fears some. By reminding Inuyasha that his father who was a full demon and yet still faced social pressures, went ahead and followed human marriage customs when he wed Izayoi.  The story instilled a little bravery into the hanyou.

When the big day finally came the wedding was in full shinto tradition, attended by all the villagers along with friends both human and youkai gathered beneath the broad branches of the Goshenboku.  All together it was a bigger affair than Inuyasha could have ever dared to imagine. But he was happy, not just to see Kagome in a gorgeous wedding kimonos loaned to her, but because at long last he did not feel like an outcast. 

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Will you share with us some funny or serious headcanons about the various Cullen weddings?

This has been sitting in my drafts for 81 years and I totally forgot about it i am so sorry!

Carlisle and Esme married in a very small church somwhere in New England, somewhen in the winter of 1923. Edward suggested they break into a chapel and have him officiate the wedding, but Carlisle would have none of it- not so much because of his faith, because Carlilse knows that God is always there,and any marriage vow spoken with clear intention and good faith is holy. No, Carlilse insisted on a true wedding ceremony led in a church by a priest, because this was Esme, and her first marriage hadn’t even closely resembled what a marriage should look like. She deserved the world, and he would endeavour to give it to her as best as he could. There would be no family gathering for their wedding, nor any children to follow after, but he would marry her in the most true and honorable way he could.
It was difficult finding a priest that was open minded enough to marry them discreetly, after dark, when everyone else had gone home, but eventually they found a kind soul who agreed to bless their union.
Esme wore a simple dress, her hair down,  a small bouquet of snowbells Carlisle had gathered himself behind the church, and the favorite necklace of the late Elizabeth Masen.
Edward walked her down the aisle, officiating as her brother. He put her hand in Carlisle’s before taking his place as his best man.
Carlisle would’ve bought her jewels and the finest dress, but Esme insisted that all she needed was a small ceremony, a ring, and her boys. And so it was.

There have been more celebrations of their marriage- one after Rosalie and Emmett joined, and another for their 50th anniversary, this time with Alice, Jasper and the Denali clan, and this time, Carlisle insisted on spoiling Esme, gladly employing Alice’s skills. The wedding dress and the fesitivities were miraculous in themselves, but everybody lost their minds a little when Carlisle gave his wive an island as a gift.

Jasper and Alice married somewhen in the two years they spent together before they joined the Cullens. Despite Alice’s exuberance when it comes to party planning, their wedding was a rather quiet affair, which was partly due to Jasper’s struggle with his new diet and lifestyle, and the rather private nature of their relationship, which was always just about them.
So when they wed, it was just the two of them- Alice had asked if Jasper wanted Peter and Charlotte there, but Jasper had declined. Not only because their relationship was still a little tense, but because Alice had no one she could invite, and so neither would he.
Jasper wore a stolen uniform, Alice a stolen, short dress. As vampires and without Carlisle’s fortune they had little money to their name, but they didn’t need that much- especially because neither of them had any moral objections to theft. ( Alice could have used her gift to earn money, but argued that that would be as good as theft, so they might as well spare themselves the time and “borrow” the things they needed right away).
They had no “official” ceremony, since neither of them existed officially, and they didn’t bother too put up a farce for some papers. So instead they went into the woods, somewhere far away from civilisation, and waited for dawn.
As the sun slowly rose over the horizon, and, mimicking a tradition older than even them, they bound their hands with ribbons and spoke their wedding vows.
They kissed and unbound the wrists just as the first light poured over them- due to Alice’s impeccable timing- and stood together in the light for hours afterwards, sharing their happiness.

Rosalie and Emmett got married for the first time in the late spring of 1939. Despite what most believe, it was a very modest ceremony- the sight of wedding dresses and rose bouquets still made Rose’s skin crawl, so they avoided all of it altogether. While they loved each other fiercely by then and surely would have married earlier under normal circumstances, Rose’s trauma and the fact that they were in no hurry delayed their transition into matrimony somewhat.
As unromantic as it sounds, but the main reason they decided to get married now was that it helped to strengthen their human cover story, since simply living together still went against social norms.
Initially Rose was very hesitant about marrying, not just because of her trauma, but because she had become somewhat cynical and was sure that marriage wouldn’t change their relationship in any way, so why bother digging up all these memories?
So when she finally agreed because it’d make their story somewhat more believable and she wanted to be able to stay longer in one place, she was kinda suprised that it DID change their relationship. Emmett never pressured her into marrying, but damn, he wanted to marry this woman more than anything and now she was finally his wife, and oh man, how awesome is that? Being the sore loser that he is, he vowed to be nothing short of the Best Husband Ever ( at least, the best husband for Rosalie) and if Emmett sets his sight on anything, he doesn’t stop until he succeeds.

So their first wedding was a small affair- Just the family, and some people of their social circle serving as witnesses. Rose wore a simple dress, pleased that she was still the most radiant person in the room ( Edward’s gift was a rundown of all the insults of the attending women- they both tried to deny it, but the pettiness of others amused both of them. Sometimes envy IS the best compliment.)  Carlisle led her down the aisle, something that relieved and pleased him immensely- they both had talked out their issues beforehand, and Rosalie had finally forgiven him for acting on his own volition, even if she still didn’t agree with the results. Edward was Emmett’s best man ( back then, he was still Esme’s brother, and Emmett’s friend- that was the story of how Emmett’s had met Carlisle’s niece).
The guests left shortly after dinner, and the Cullens celebrated privately until Rosalie and Emmett left for their honeymoon- at a quiet chateau in France. Despite Esme’s protest, they extend their stay for half a year.

Their second wedding took place a decade after they met- on the 4th of September 1945. Japan had just surrendered, effectively ending WWII, and people were going crazy everywhere. They had planned to marry that year anyhow, a modest affair big enough to show people that the Cullens were “normal”, but not big enough to draw too much attention. It was Emmett’s suggestion that it might be best to throw a huge party ( it was mostly an excuse, although he did have sensible reasons… well, some at least) right away. He argued that people were so taken up by the general giddiness that swept over the country in those first days after the war was over, and that it would only seem natural if a reasonably wealthy family decided to throw a huge, spontaneuos wedding. Things would happen so fast, there was so much going on, and people would get so drunk, that nobody would even bother to notice that the Cullens weren’t eating or drinking anything. Instead the whole town would simply talk about the magnificent wedding and the radiant bride and how lovely and generous the Cullens were and how things would get better now.
Well, turns out he was right. The party was so extraordinary, disproportionate and glamorous that nobody even bothered to notice anything strange about the hosts. The most scandalous thing was the growl the bride emmited when one of the younger daughters of a neighbour giggled and put a hand on Emmett’s arm when he made a joke. The girls quickly turned their attention to Edward then, who suffered in polite silence.

Their third wedding was something else entirely- it was 1958, Alice and Jasper had been living with them for 6 years now- and Alice had been nagging about arranging one of their weddings for just as long. She argued that they had married in the spring and in the fall now, so they needed to do summer and winter as well, and she was only trying to rectify that, and besides, Christmas traditions had become quite tedious over the years, hadn’t they?
Emmett loved the idea, and was able to convince Rosalie to marry on Christmas Eve. Alice invited half the town, promising that this exposion would not endanger their position, although Rosalie wasn’t entirely convinced. That was, until she saw the dress. Vanity had always been her weak spot, and she simply needed the audience for this one. The laced sleeves only a shade whiter than her skin looked like icecrystals covering her body, the wide flowing skirt made her waist appear tiny as it flowed out from her like fresh fallen snow, the veil looked like frost on a window on a crisp december morning. The dress alone put Grace Kelly to shame, and with Rosalie in it, people would talk of nothing else for the rest of their lives. People would talk of nothing but her, Rosalie thought,
That was, until she was standing behind the doors, waiting for her entrance, and booming laughter suddenly filled the church. She saw Alice’s lips, pressed into a tight line, and peeked around the corner. Then she saw Emmett, currently riding a reindeer down the aisle,wearing a red velvet suit, his belly protruding dramatically. For a second, Rose was appalled, but then she noticed that everyone was laughing, and she remembered why she married this man for the third time. Her monkeyman. She saw him cast a worried glance in her direction as he dismounted, hope that she could forgive him evident. A tiny part in her was still annoyed, but then the reindeer- reigns in Edwards hand, tilted his head and tried to eat the flowers attached to his lapel. Suddenly Rose had to smother her own laugh. Aww Eddy, finally bringing a girlfriend to one of my weddings?
He shot an irritaded look her way, but when she told him to let Emmett of the hook, he leaned forward and whispered in his ear, and Emmett relaxed visibly, her favorite dimpled grin stretching across her face. Rose couldn’t help but smile herself, and Alice clapped her hands, apparently satisfied, just as the music started. “There we go, that’s the final touch we needed. Keep that smile on and they’ll drop dead. Alright, see you on the other side!” She said with a wink and slipped out of the door.
When Rose entered the aisle, several hearts stopped beating for a moment. They did again when the groom took hold of his red suit and ripped it off his body, revealing a much nicer, well fitting black tux beneath it. “ Still gonna call you Mrs. Clause, just so you know.” He said with a wink, and Rose laughed.

Their fourth wedding took a while longer- accidents happened, and they had to move quite a lot in the 60′s. Emmett met his second singer, and they had to disappear for a while until he could regain his composure around humans. So the next time they married was an entirely private affair- not even their family attended. They had stayed away from humanity for a while, traveled the world together. In1968 they were somewhere deep in rural Malawi when Emmett found a small village, going about some apparent festivity. It was the middle of the night, there were bonfires and dancing, and it didn’t take long to find out that there was a wedding going on. Rosalie though it was all rather bizarr, but Emmett was so enthusiastic about the whole ordeal that Rose found herself agreeing to marry him again, right there and then, in some ceremony she couldn’t understand. There was no wedding dress, no family, no piano- just her dusty clothes, some strangers, drums and Emmett’s booming laugh. It was not at all what Rose had imagined. But in the end, this was one of her favorite weddings. Just them, some strangers celebrating them, and the stars.

To make up for their missed wedding, the gave Alice free reign on the next one. She wanted to postpone the ordeal as far as possible cause she disdained the bridal fashion of the seventies, but the resses were just getting worse, and people started to question them again, so Alice finally relented in the summer 1984. The wedding was tasteful, moderately big, overflowing with flowerbouquets and ruffled satin. The wedding was nothing out of the ordinary- Rose wore a tiara and was breathtakingly beautiful, Emmett looked handsome in his pearl grey tux- what would stay in their memories however was Emmett’s bachelor party, because Rose had to cancel her strikt “No strippers” rule after Jasper lost a bet against Alice just hours before the bachelor party started. Emmett nearly died from laughing, Jasper nearly died from embarrassment, Edward simply wished he would die. That was the day they learned never to bet against Alice.

Their sixth wedding was on Valentine’s day in 1996- surprisingly, Emmett’s idea. The main reason was that he wanted to get Edward to wear a cupid costume and shoot at the guests, a plan that feel flat when Emmett lost the bet. (Rose never admitted she had something to do with that). The wedding was small, with just a couple of neighbors invited over for tea later, until Emmett and Rose left early for their honeymoon on Isle Esme.  

Their seventh ( and so far last) wedding took place in early spring of 2008. They all were gathered in Denali at the time for an extended holiday, when Rose and Emmett decided that it was time to celebrate a wedding only with their loved ones, before they all went off on seperate ways- close enough to reach each other within the quarter of an hour using vampire speed, far enough apart not to draw too much attention, now that there were so many of them.
They stood in the grass, barefeet, the first flowers of spring fighting their way through the receeding snow all around them. Renesmee, now the size of a twelve year-old, was the flower girl, Eleazar officiated the ceremony. For once, there was no best man and no bridesmaids, no chairs, no unneccessary food, no pomp. It was Rose and Emmett, the northern lights, their loved ones.
It wasn’t the wedding Rose had dreamed of since she was a little girl, not the future she had hoped to have. And she knew, she would never stop grieving for what she lost. Her first choice would be a different life. But this? This was beautiful nonetheless.

[wip] And Baby Makes Three

Notes: Inspired by many late-night chats with @fruitysmellz!

Here’s how Tenten finds out she’s pregnant. It’s not through a pregnancy test. It’s not because she’s been throwing up in the mornings. It’s not because she notices she’s missed her period.

She finds out in the room of her comatose boyfriend, who has been unconscious for two months, missing the climactic end of the Fourth Shinobi World War. She is haunting his bedside, as always, her face pale and her eyes dull. The room is especially full at the moment - Hiashi is there, and Hinata, and the Hokage checking on her high-profile patient. Lee and Gai are there. Kiba is there, accompanying Hinata, and his mother as well, dropping by to exchange quiet words with Hiashi. Naruto is there, as he often is, hangdog expression as he looks at Neji. He blames himself, though no one else does.

Then Hyuuga Neji, coma victim, bolts upright, his Byakugan at full power. Everyone stares. There is a moment of silence.

The first thing he looks at is Tenten’s eyes. Then his eyes swing downward towards her belly.

“Oh my god, we’re pregnant!” he chokes. These are his first words in almost eight weeks.

Reflexively, the other Hyuuga in the room have activated their doujutsu as well. Hiashi, surprised, is the first to speak.

“…holy shit, he’s right.”

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alternatively: “So your dad’s a real dick.”

Dorian had thought that, after refusing to budge on the matter of his preferences, any plans for marriage would have been immediately dropped. He wouldn’t let himself be placed with a woman and no Tevinter family of good stock would dare to allow one of their sons to be wed to him.

Well, at least he had been right about the latter part of it all.

The Archon might have pawned him off on the King of Ferelden—unmarried despite his heirs—but the man was wed to his mistress in every way except that which counted most. So instead Dorian was saddled with the Commander of the Ferelden forces.

Cullen Rutherford. A man who sent handwritten letters and let texts on magical theory or jugs of Ferelden ale serve as courtship gifts. Even the ring he slipped onto Dorian’s finger during the odd mix of a ceremony was a simple band as golden as the man’s hair, if lined with runes that made his skin buzz on contact.

He was, however, prepared for the disaster that would be the wedding feast.

It was bound to be a grand affair what with King Alistair in attendance, so there would be no chance of growing bored with the entertainments or finding the food too plain to be of any interest. Some traditions truly did span across cultures, however, which meant that his parents would be sat beside him at the high table, all too ready to monitor his every movement. He wouldn’t be able to raise a glass without shrewd eyes counting how many times it had been full and there would be pinches placed under the table if he dared to speak out of term.

Which was why he was so baffled to find Felix waiting in the chair next to his, and Gereon besides his son, that he actually stopped short as Cullen was leading him up to the table.

“Dorian?” At least everyone was too lost in gossiping and fawning over the food to take notice of the way Cullen was peering down at him. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, it’s just…” Dorian cleared his throat, trying not to let his hackles rise as he found his parents at last at the end of the table, peering around to glower at him. What was much stranger was the way that Cullen frowned at them, tugging Dorian closer almost protectively.


“So you did it on purpose then.” Dorian tipped his chin towards the end of the table in response to the rising of Cullen’s eyebrows, making no effort to hold back his smile when the other man blushed in a truly spectacular fashion.

“I…uh… No, that is…” Cullen sighed, squeezing the inside of Dorian’s arm from where theirs were still wound together. “Forgive me, but I’m already aware of how uncomfortable this all must be for you and I will not have them making it worse.”

“They won’t…” Dorian was cut off by the flash of something hard in Cullen’s gaze, although it disappeared in an instant as his newly minted husband ducked his head.

“You don’t need to lie to me,” Cullen said, “and I will have you safe. Always, if I can help it.”

Dorian was sure he was quite the sight as Cullen shifted away to pull out his chair; all blinking eyes and slacked mouth. At least he managed to collect himself before Cullen turned around, holding out a hand to guide him down into his place. “That’s quite the promise, Commander Rutherford.”

“Perhaps.” Dorian jerked upright at the sensation of lips on the top of his head. “But the worthy ones are always worth keeping.” Dorian didn’t think he was imagining the hint of a smirk tugging on those lips. “And it’s Cullen, husband.”

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OC x Sehun 
Three Word Prompt: Fairytale, Dream, Fate 
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14/ ? of my drabble game
(a/n) I should start calling these requests instead of drabbles since I write too much every time, but yeah this is a head canon of mine, it’s been in my drafts for so long but I never finished it until now, also the reason why I tag sehun as His Majesty Oh Sehun and yeah enjoy loves. Gonna tag sa2ms bc of her noodle thirst ;) 

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How about kbtbb soryu getting married as a arranged marriage so he can take over the dragons and after marriage they end up falling in love pleasee :)

Ah yes! Ok, so I wasn’t sure if you wanted this as a different way the MC and Soryu fell in love, but that is what I went with, but a little different for the MC’s back story. I hope you enjoy!  ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

Maybe it was fate?

MC x Soryu

When Khim’s father introduced her to Soryu, she couldn’t believe who she was about to marry. He was tall, sleek, yet scary. His eyes holding the countless screams of victims in them. She could clearly see the callus on his finger where he constantly pulled the trigger and took away lives. 

And to Soryu, she was a ray of sunshine. Bright and polite, as she sat by her father trying to control her anxiety. She played with her fingers as she brushed her long brown hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. He knew she had no choice in this arranged marriage. It was simple. He protected the Loongs and their business with under the table deals and in exchange he gained territory and money.

Logically speaking, it was a good deal, so why did the sight of this girl pull on his heart? Something he worked so hard, lost so much, to keep sealed off?

They discussed the terms of their deal, with Khim never muttering a word. She was a good daughter to her father, but also quite naive about the actual affairs that went on in the business. So when she heard about them for the first time, her face went pale and she blinked a couple of times while shakily reaching out for some water. As she bumped it and the water spilled, her father and Soryu quickly attended to her and ended the meeting as such, scheduling the wedding in a weeks time. 

And in a week, Khim was dressed in her wedding gown and standing at the doors waiting for them to be opened to walk down the aisle. Her and Soryu barely talked leading up to the wedding, and surprising even Khim herself, she didn’t complain one bit and she didn’t know why.

As the doors opened, and Khim made her way down with her father, her only blood alive, besides her, she walked tall.

Although Soryu could tell she was nervous. 

It was strange that even though Soryu and Khim never really knew each other, that they had this bond. Her long, form fitting dress hugged her body in all the right places, cascading behind her. Her dress was strapless and low cut in the back, dipping into a pointed v just enough to where her underwear couldn’t be seen, and no veil to adorn her face. She was beautiful in his eyes, and he never thought of a women like that before. As she made her way to the alter, and pre-made vows were read, it was time for the kiss. Their first kiss. Soryu grasped her shoulders and showed her his first smile, something that set her heart pounding as she closed her eyes. 

Their lips collided and sparks flew. It quickly deepened, and a stranger would think that they were madly in love, yet they only just knew each other. 

Days flew by, and the awkwardness between them slowly faded into familiarity. Countless days making omlettes and doing small tasks around the mobsters headquartes became daily routine.

Once, another man on the street tried to make a pass on her as she was heading back from the store with groceries for that nights dinner. It was then she saw Soryu and the menacing side to him. The other man, coated in fear hurried off and Soryu held Khim close, telling her to never leave without someone he completely trusted to watch after her.

Soryu knew Khim wasn’t happy, she was content, and he didn’t know why that irked him. Thinking about a females view of marriage, he felt that she thought she was cheated in her happily ever after. Soryu always tried to be considerate and kind towards her, although he came off awkward at times. 

It was a rainy Wednesday night that brought them the closest together.

Soryu was carried into the office, after killing the Snakes head boss, and claiming all their territory, which was a huge gain He was shot twice, once in the chest and another in the thigh. Inui and another Dragon carried him in, followed by the rest of the guys from the Hotel that Khim gradually began to become friendly with. She was perched on the couch, in her pajamas, reading a book when they bursted through the door screaming for a medical kit. Khim shot up and looked at her husband, arranged or not, mob boss or not, he needed help. 

As they laid Soryu on the couch Khim came rushing over. The bullets needed to be removed before the wound could be clean and Khim rose to the occasion to do the job. Although she felt like puking at the sight of Soryu, she gripped his hands, her eyes full of worry as she promised him that she would save him.

As she worked away on his wounds, and the other guests at her beck and call, Soryu felt a surge of affection for her. She was so gentle and efficient with his injuries that, although others would feel pain, he did not. It was then when he realized what strange feelings he felt. He loved her, tremendously. Her soft smile as she always greeted him when he came home, her big brown eyes that always gave her thoughts away, her shy laugh, her quick sarcastic comments, her blushing face, the way she played with her hair- he loved it all. Arranged marriage or not, he was happy to be her husband. He felt greedy, wanting to claim her as his own, but he vowed to always protect her whether she wanted him to or not. He knew.

After Khim removed the bullets, cleaned the wounds, stitched him up and wrapped his body, they both were exhausted. Khim rested her head on his chest lightly, on the opposite side of the wound, listening to his beating heart to calm her worries. This was when Khim realized the feelings she held for Soryu. His relability, his protectiveness, the kind side he only showed her, his messy hair at home, his love for her cooking only. She knew.

They knew.

Soryu reached out and grabbed her hand, and in ragged breaths confessed the feelings he just affirmed within him, Khim cried and did the same. 

“It’s weird how this feels like fate.” Soryu confessed, pulling Khim in for their second kiss since their marriage.

“Even though it was an arranged marriage, I could never be happier.” Khim said, her words soft whispers between Soryu’s hot kisses.


April 29th 1945: Hitler marries Eva Braun

On this day in 1945, as Germany’s defeat in the Second World War became imminent, Adolf Hitler married his lover Eva Braun. Hitler’s National Socialist Party, more commonly referred to as Nazis, came to power in 1933 with Hitler as Chancellor. He immediately set about consolidating his power and establishing a dictatorship in Germany, making himself Führer. An ardent nationalist, Hitler targetted groups he considered a threat to Germany, including Jews, communists, gypsies, homosexuals and the disabled. His regime committed atrocities on an unprecedented scale; the Holocaust saw the deaths of six million Jews and World War Two, which Hitler’s aggressive foreign policy precipitated, was the most destructive war in history. Hitler’s relationship with Eva Braun predated his rise to power, but they never married as Hitler feared it would damage his image. Their relationship was thus kept quiet, but was nonetheless apparently affectionate. At the end of the war, as the Allied forces moved on Berlin and defeat seemed all but certain, Hitler (along with some of his advisers and Braun herself) relocated to the Führerbunker. In the early hours of the morning on April 29th 1945 the pair got married in a small civil ceremony in the bunker, the culmination of a relationship that had lasted over ten years. The newlyweds hosted a modest wedding breakfast, attended by the bunker’s fellow residents such as Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, and promptly made their wills. The next day, April 30th 1945, the couple committed suicide together, with Braun ingesting a cyanide capsule and Hitler shooting himself. In one fell swoop their love affair was over, as was Hitler’s brutal dictatorship and the war that had plagued Europe since 1939.

“From our first meeting I swore to follow you anywhere even unto death. I live only for your love”
- Eva Braun in a letter to Hitler, after the July 1944 attempt on his life

Flare 20

I shall now proceed to clog the tag, BUT! I come bearing the CONCLUDING PART of this adventure into firefighting, cat handling, and other things. I am exhausted, and I’m sure amatterofcomplication is tired, too, of my incessant “here’s the next part” emails. But she is the best reader/idea person one could ask for, because look! At the end, it’s a long story! (And it even has a lesson!) I am excite! Where it all began/led: amatterofcomplication’s masterpost, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, and part 19.

Flare 20

“Breathing all right?”

“I couldn’t possibly judge. Are you?”

“I have no idea. Am I standing up, at least?”

“Your head seems to be its usual few inches above mine, so yes. Well done. Now all we have to do is walk in and do the deed.”

“Nobody said anything about walking. That is way too much to expect.”

“Is there an alternative?”

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