there are some things you just don't get over

~just multishipper things~

that feeling of rage you get when fans of a ship you enjoy steal canon scenes or bits of dialogue from another ship you enjoy in order to prop up one ship over another.

dammit people.  can we not just accept that a character can have more than one significant and meaningful relationship in his life, even if you don’t consider all of them sexual or romantic?  stop erasing canon characters and relationships to prop up your favs.

Gumshoe's life tip #9

Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair.
Sometimes it isn’t fair.
Sometimes you just feel like there isn’t anything good in the world and everything is terrible and you just get yourself wrapped up in all the bad things.
But that doesn’t mean that things won’t change. Just because bad things happen to you doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. And yeah, sometimes it’ll get to you. Sometimes it just seems kinda silly to keep on going if life is just going to keep pushing you down, and just constantly giving you more than you can handle.
But what you gotta understand is that you don’t have to deal with everything life throws at you on your own, even if people tell you otherwise. Sure, the world doesn’t always seem friendly, but I guarantee you that someone, somewhere cares about you and wants to be there for you, see?
If you try and take on the world all by yourself, you won’t get anywhere. That’s what friends are for, after all. If you get knocked down, they’re there to help you back up. You need some comfort, they’re there to comfort you.

And if you feel like there isn’t anybody to turn to, you’ve always got me :)

Just in case some people haven’t realised this yet, never say “don’t be sad because other people have it worse” or things like that because, you know what?

That’s exactly the same as saying “Don’t be happy because someone else has it better” and that is not a message that needs to be spread.

If someone is sad, comfort them, don’t just tell them to get over it 

How do you get away from the verbal abuse that comes from a family member? The thing is sometimes everything is good and then sometimes that person just says the nastiest things that makes me feel like I’m worth nothing. And then I realize that the times where it’s good are the times when that person has complete control over my life and then when I start to be myself the words start piercing me like a knife. Im tired of feeling worthless and that I don’t belong unless I’m under someones control
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Another thing I will never be over is how Riza loses it when Lust tells her she killed Roy. Like… the cool, calm, unflappable Riza Hawkeye I had seen for 18 episodes straight up just breaks down, sobbing and crying.

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She never does it again for the rest of the series. There’s just that one moment and that’s it. It was just so unnerving in a way seeing that, but so powerful too.

you know when you’re like ‘I’m just gonna do a quick sketch’ or ‘maybe some studies before bed’ and then over the weeks you just keep piling shit on top of the same picture bc you forgot how to draw other things

School days like these are the absolute worst. Those where you just do not have anything good to say about it because of just how royally it felt like the universe wished for things to end awfully for you. With most people, it’s just a matter of getting over it ,embarrassment — especially that which you’ve done to yourself but with Astrid it’s only a matter of time before what was caged is begging to be released but, the best part about this instance is that she was far enough away from her any body that she could frighten when she escaped to a nice quiet place in the woods that it really didnt matter.

With body laying back first against the bark of a tree in the wood she looked down upon her phone as she tapped the eraser end of her pencil against torn jeans. Just sifting through countless posts by her bitter rival Angelica who used a prank to garner the attention of other sharks, you know? Blood does tend to do that. All the while she felt herself growing angrier and angrier – low hum becoming a snarl or sorts that grew in volume as she slowly crushed her pencil within dainty palm breaking it in half.


things that need to stop: hating a character because they ‘get in the way of your otp’

let me lend a helping hand (1/2); kara/cat, explicit

takes place sometime in the future, once cat knows for real that kara is supergirl, and they’re back together because it is just a matter of time.

“Kara,” Cat sighs, and her hand glances back up her arm until she’s curling her fingers over Kara’s dress. “Being a journalist requires some creative thought. Can you really not think of a single other thing that would trigger a burst of adrenaline?”

Kara’s brows furrow a bit and she—oh.


or, the one where cat learns about solar flare and does her civic duty.

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Some things I've learned over this process

1. Don’t wait till you get to where you want to be to enjoy life.
2. Wear what you want. Don’t make yourself wear crap because you aren’t where you want to be.
3. It’s ok to quit. But don’t let that be the end.
4. It’s ok to make goals and then not meet them. Just keep going.
5. Don’t get in your own way.
6. Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself.
7. Take selfies. When. Ever. You. Want.
8. Share with others. They know what you’re going through and can help.
9. Make new friends. Be nice to people and they’ll like you. 😉
10. Most importantly LOVE YOURSELF WHERE YOU ARE. 💕

You all realise It’s incredibly unhealthy to pick apart everything a celeb says or does or to hold them to these unreachable crazy standards that y'all have in your head, like no one can live up to level you hold celebs at literally every single person is problematic and says shitty things, it’s become this stupid trend to just jump on the band wagon and blindly hate someone because you heard from somewhere they were ‘problematic’. It’s more than okay to call them out if they’ve said something offensive or stupid but it’s not okay to then bully people that still chose to like them. Stop trusting the people of tumblr so much in who to like and who not to, its your choice and you shouldn’t feel guilty for it. The media is one sided and you see a fraction of who they are and most of the things u hate them for are from completely unreliable sources or some blogger said it so it must be true . Like how do y'all have friends if you’re this way about strangers, Jesus.

Okay, but imagine Angie learning Morse code so she can send Peggy cute little messages when they’re out and about. Like tapping out “You look cute today, English.” or “Hey, after this wanna go eat some pie and drink schnapps and maybe kiss for a bit?”. Normally the messages are cute but sometimes Angie gets dirty and taps things like “Hey Peg, when we get home I’m gonna bend you over a table.” or “I’m gonna make you scream so loud you’re not gonna be able to talk the next day”. Now imagine Angie tapping out a dirty message and Jarvis is around. They’re having tea and Angie taps out something like “This cake tastes great, but you taste even better.” and Jarvis chokes on his tea and Peggy turns hella red. At first Angie is confused, but then realizes what’s happening and just gets up and leaves.

What are you doing?
Two people said mikayuu is bad. So what? Block them and get over it. You do realize they are simply salty haters, right? It’s not like their negativity will change anything. Laugh at their nonsense and let them go and make mikayuu more popular lol
Stop harassing the haters, there’s no point. Let them drown in their bitterness. They are just inmature people hating on fictional things in front of a computer… Internet is to have fun. What are even haters for? Let them go fuck themselves. They spend their time hating on ships instead of enjoying their own. They don’t even have good arguments. Just calm down and, I don’t know, if you’re mad and you want to vent come and scream at my ask box or message me and I’ll scream with you.