there are some spoilers inside

  • lucas baker: literally trapped a child in the attic and left him there to starve to death, set up a jigsaw-esque death trap room and burned one person to death in it then tried to burn another, willfully participated in the abduction, mutilation, experimentation, and murder of multiple people
  • y'all: uwu what a precious cinnamon roll

I can not express how important Inside Out is.

Because it’s a movie aimed primarily as kids that has awesomely diverse female representation when it comes to personalities, as well as beautiful animation, explains minds and emotions and memories and all that stuff in a way children can easily understand, passes the Bechdel test in like the first ten minutes, and stresses the importance of your own personal mental and emotional health.

This is a movie with a female protagonist (who enjoys both rainbow unicorns and hockey) that tells kids that if they’re feeling out of sorts, if they’re feeling sad or angry or afraid or disgusted, that’s okay. That’s normal. And it’s telling them to speak up, to tell someone, to express what they feel, because bottling up your emotions - putting on a brave face when you really need to cry - only leads to more pain.

Inside Out teaches kids that it’s okay to feel and that is so, so, so important.

Totally wild speculation time again. Since they’ve been reaching way, way back and plucking out threads from all throughout the series, how about we talk about this? 

Azazel possessed a reaper. Reapers are later retconned into angels. 

Therefore, a Prince of Hell is capable of possessing an angel.

In an upcoming episode, Cas is supposed to be ‘more powerful than he seems.’

Even though we just got Casifer last season, I am now rooting for Asmodeus inside of Cas. 


No! Kanoooo! Answer me please! Why…」


All crying aside, I’m not kidding Doc looked good in this comic

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Hey, would you mind explaining the whole Dale Pike thing to me? I know he wrote suspicious fanfiction and a lot of people suspect he might actually Mark Gatiss. But I don't know what the fic is actually called or what its significance is. Basically any details you could fill in for me would help lol

So someone asked me the same question last night so I’m just gonna 

Ok so there was a video that circulated on Jan 29th that was basically “A Final Fuck You To BBC: Gays Matter”, except that just now we are finding out that the ‘creator’ of that video also writes 'fanfiction’ on AO3, except except that a lot of people (like TJLC higherups) are noticing that these fics read a lot like some of the stuff Mark Gatiss has written.

I’ve made it through like one or two, and I gotta say it’s all very well-written, but it is not good fanfiction. Like it uses a lot of epithets and switches POVs weirdly and the style is certainly creative but not conducive to typical Johnlock fanfiction At All. So it feels like whoever wrote it is trying to hide who they really are but is kinda bad at it? Aaaand their pseud is “Dale Pike”, which is probably based on the ACD character Langdale Pike but I haven’t read a lot of the original stories so I can’t say much more than that about it but supposedly it has some significance?

It’s all a bit sketchy imo, but supposedly some of the fics were written as “predictions” and “inside spoilers” for season 4. I haven’t read those yet, but it’s obvious that a lot of it was based off of the meta we were coming up with (such as Mycroft dying, the baby being a plot device etc.) I’d start with Within the Narrative and One Word Test.

Okay but, in all realness, the Ark had a radio, we saw Jaha use it before he
fell to space, right? Which is basically what Clarke had been trying to contact
for the last 2,199 days, right? Imagine Bellamy going into the control room
every day since the first day they arrived on the Ark using that radio and
trying, knowing that it’s probably useless and stupid, but still trying, every
day to radio Clarke and Octavia on a bent ray of hope that somehow,
some way, they’d get his messages and they’d connect. Just:
(They’re under the cut cause this shit go long as fuck.)

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hmm. 17 and 40?? c:

I’m gunna split this because the jewelry question is gonna involve a history lesson! Lol

40. Something weird that you own.

For me, at least, this is weird. I got a tin of chocolate at Godiva a couple years back and it was so pretty that I just couldn’t part ways with it. I mean, look! It even has grooves around the hair and horse. It isn’t normally my sort of thing, but I am a sucker for chocolate and excessive use of colors.

In case you are curious, this is what is inside! (Spoiler: it’s not sewing stuff ^_^ )

Just some dried lei from friends and a rose my husband woke me up with on my birthday a few years ago <3

Undertale Review (some neato gifs inside!) *spoilers*

I found this art on the official Undertale page, here.

Undertale is special. Everything about Undertale is special. It tries to be this way, and it succeeds, left-and-right eschewing bland genre traditions. I don’t do any spoiler dodging or whatever, so please play this game to your heart’s content before watching. And for Undertale, what constitutes the moment you should stop playing turns out to be an important question.

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Opinions on Joy from Inside Out.

So, I’ve been going through the inside out tag more since I no longer need to avoid spoilers, and I’ve been reading how people don’t like how Joy was a bit too selfish.

And I thought i would put in my two cents.


Personally, I don’t think that Joy was being selfish. Maybe a bit sometimes but ultimately I don’t think selfishness was too much of a problem.

I mean, yes she was obsessed with the fact that she only wanted Riley to feel her emotion, And I can see how people could have interpreted it as her being greedy and selfish. (heck maybe that’s what Pixar was going for. Idk.)

But for me, I felt like she was just doing what she said she was doing. Making Riley happy.

“I just wanted Riley to be happy.”

All those obsessions wasn’t because she hated the other emotions, it was because she felt like the other emotions didn’t make Riley happy. That having a mix of emotions meant she didn’t have a “good day”.

And let’s be honest: we all are obsessed with being happy. Only happy.

We don’t realize that other emotions are needed as well.

You don’t like to be scared. But it keeps you safe.

You don’t like to be angry. But it gets things done.

You don’t like to be disgusted. But it gives you standards.

You don’t like being sad. But it makes you feel alive.

I don’t know, I only saw Joy as super caring for Riley and she was just frustrated with sadness because she was different, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t see things sadness’s way.

Up until the end that is.

And as soon as she figured out that Sadness was needed she automatically, without hesitation, told Sadness to take over.

She didn’t hate sadness. She just loved Riley so much she hated to see her anything but happy.

Did she do unkind things? Yes.

Did she mess up? Absolutely.

I’m not trying to say she was justified in some of the decisions she made.

But I don’t think she was that much of a selfish character. She cared about Riley a lot and she just didn’t understand how every emotion needs to work together, and happiness can’t always be an everyday thing.

She had flaws, but I don’t think they took away from her being a likeable character. At least for me they didn’t. I think her flaws and way of thinking made a lot of sense.