there are so many things i love about this ep

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i ended up re-watching some of the ym moments from run ep 20 and at the end when yoonmintae win and go to celebrate,,, and watching yg legit Let Go of tae's hand (they were already in prime hugging position tbh) to have his arm available to go for jm's waist (like if you watch the moment on yt and slow the speed down it's So Obvious he was naturally just going to hug/pull jimin into his arms) i rly cry ym were hardly subtle in that ep but there's still so many glorious little things as well

it really does look like he forgets about tae for a second in his haste to hold jimin,,,,,,wow i love yoongi being obvious

Magnus hates being immortal. I can tell when people don’t understand Magnus when they talk about him being immortal like it’s some prize to him or something he wants when that is not the truth. And like do you really blame him? I mean yeah living forever sounds good and fine until it doesn’t, you have to watch people grow up and pass away again and again and especially being who Magnus is, he loves so much and so hard. I constantly wonder if someone like that could really exist like living centuries and losing so much so fast and going through hell and still being able to love people and help people like that’s mind boggling. And it’s crazy because in the start of the show we met this powerful unbothered being and he is and can be those things but I feel like especially this season we’ve cut so much deeper with him like we see so much of his heart coming through. There’s so many layers!! If you sit and think about s1 ep 1 Magnus and s2 ep 10 Magnus it feels like a completely different person but it’s not, it’s the same person with a couple of layers pulled back and like the fact that a character like this exists on television, he’s so fascinating? ? I wanna know everything, I wanna know his strengths and weaknesses, his fears, his losses. There’s not enough time but I need everything. Wow i just went on an unplanned rant about Magnus Bane at 6am. Gtg.

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I'm re-watching Supernatural currently on season 6, specifically ep 18 "Frontierland" and its got me thinking about the relationship between Cas and Bobby. I see so many things about Cas learning so much from Sam and Dean, but I'm yet to see anything about what Cas learned from Bobby, but I feel like he learned alot from him. I've always loved their relationship, but I don't see it mentioned much, and I wondered if you had any thoughts on this? as you seem to have so many amazing thoughts. :)

Aah thank you ^^ Honestly I’m sorry but I’m floating in exhaustion right now, I can’t really concentrate, but yeah, the relationship between Bobby and Cas is interesting, many people have pointed out that Bobby has been the closest thing to a father figure for Cas too - I don’t know if we can really call Bobby a father figure for Cas but it doesn’t really matter, they’re family and that’s enough. I think that, while Dean has a complex relationship with the idea of Cas’ angel-ness (because of reasons), Bobby obviously didn’t have the same reasons as Dean for having a complicated perception of Cas and just treated him like he would treat anyone, and that was precious for Cas in season 5 - in fact in season 5 they basically bond over their feelings of helplessness (Cas’ progressive losing of his powers being paralleled to Bobby’s disability) and Bobby’s no-crap attitude helps keeping Cas afloat, more or less. Bobby and Cas have always had a very equal relationship, I believe, while Sam and Cas have had a complex journey and Dean and Cas have a different kind of relationship altogether. (Honestly, you know what, people often compare Dean and Cas’ relationship to Sam and Cas’ relationship to prove they’re different, but comparing Dean and Cas to Bobby and Cas is very interesting imo). I don’t think I’m making much sense, sorry…

You know I think we should talk about Bobby and Cas more especially in the wake of an episode like 12x23 - I think I haven’t seen yet anyone talking about 4x01 and 12x23, including re: Bobby’s presence in them.

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku Ep. 11

This episode was awesome! It had so many things I loved about it. I mean first we get an “evil” Nyanko-sensei.

And then we get a cute bit of Hiiragi holding Nyanko-sensei.

And we get some more information on Natsume’s past!!!!! A grandfather, perhaps. 

And we get a suspicious Natori, who says the complete opposite of Taki who calls the Book of Friends a treasure. And that he says to burn it. I wonder what’s going to happen!

And I was brought to tears thinking of Hakozaki-san alone and looking at the maple tree. He reminded me of Reiko though, especially when it said that he cheated on them in games. 

Overall, though, this episode was amazing. If this is the last one we’ll get for a while, I’m glad they made one so amazing. I really hope that once there are more chapters for the manga that they’ll continue. Anyways, always I’ll love this show!

2x07 Malec Review

I hate drama. So here is what I think.

Let’s first state that I loved the malec scenes. They were absolutely beautiful. Maybe ppl don’t remember their scenes that’s why they say there was no malec at all. There was the beautiful gift scene, the kissing on the sofa, magnus saying alec is a special person, alec asking izzy about sex, alec going to magnus & kissing him passionately, magnus smiling and I was dying, their memorable conversation, the two rushing into the bedroom kissing passionately and WTF THERE WASN’T ANY RAPE C'MON ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Their scenes where freaking beautiful don’t just throw evil everywhere.

But ofc there is also a negative side… The scenes were SHORT. The kissing scene on the sofa, especially, lasted exactly 29 seconds only; I think it was really too short and they also cut out the glasses part… the scenes were much shorter compared with the Maia, Simon, Jace scenes for example. The important thing here is not how many scenes, but how long they are. And you know which is the real problem? The stills, the sneak peaks, the teasing tweets. They convinced us that the ep would’ve been only about malec, but it wasn’t. But don’t misunderstand my thoughts! Again I LOVED and DIED FOR THE BEAUTIFUL MALEC SCENES, but the way they’ve teased us made us think we would’ve ended up with half ep of malec and the other half of the rest (WHICH WAS AMAZING BTW), and then this didn’t really happen. So the problem here is not malec, is not what they show or what they don’t show, but the screen time.

Then there is another issue, which is the sex scene. Here also we need to look at both sides, we can’t just say bad things. I MEAN 9 MONTHS AGO WE WOULDN’T EVEN HAVE IMAGINED THAT WE COULD DESERVE A MALEC SEX SCENE AND NOW HERE WE ARE TODAY COMPLAINING BECAUSE WE WANTED MORE!!! The writers have just given us the sex scene (shown or not shown), OUR MALEC HAVE JUST HAD SEX COULD WE FOCUS ONLY ON THIS FOR A MIN!!! Idk about you but the scene was hot and amazing, when they were finally rushing into the room kissing, magnus kissing passionately back, my heart was exploding, MY HEARY WAS EXPLODING, and we cannot not recognize that this scene killed us and was unbelievable!!! I was dying and it was PERFECT. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I wouldn’t have imagined it differently! Would you? How? I don’t think so.

Now, negative side of the issue. If they actually had sex (which I hope not btw), I’m praying god that they’re going to show us something next ep, like waking up together, cuddling (that they didn’t give us today) etc… Because I’ve waited for this moment for 9 months and I want to ACTUALLY SEE STH. They say they can’t show sex, but then they show Jace & Kaelie naked kissing. So I TRULY HOPE that next ep they are going to show sth similar with malec because otherwise I’m sorry but I’ll be disappointed. Anyway, IF THEY DIDN’T SHOW AN INTIMATE SCENE THIS EP IT DOESN’T MEAN IT WON’T HAPPEN NEXT WEEK. So I hope they are going to show sth, or it wouldn’t be fair.

To conclude, malec has been amazing in every single scene, Harry and Matt have been fantastic. Let’s just hope for next week to bring us a cuddling scene in bed, or maybe they didn’t even had sex (I hope). So it depends on next week. BUT PLEASE DON’T SAY THE EP WASN’T GOOD😭.

1 last advice: DON’T watch sneak peaks, try to avoid spoilers as much as u can, and just ENJOY THE SHOW and the beautiful malec that we have❤


it’s been almost 24 hours and my emo ass still can’t stop thinking about run ep 12… i love how smol jimin’s body looks when it’s draped over jeon’s shoulders???…. what is this…. i’ve replayed it so many times i woke up today and it was the first thing i thought about… jimin’s “i’m bored” is the fucking cutest thing ever too…. oh god and when jeon walks over to jimin and slaps his inner upper thigh…?? is this a norm. im in tears

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Katsuki is my favorite character of bnha till now, I loved him since ep 1. Idk why, but I find him so interesting and fascinating, more than Midoryia tbh, even though he's and ass. What do you think of him,

There’s so many things I like about Bakugou seriously. Too many to tell all of them =w= I saw some spoilers from the manga but I don’t really know the whole developpement around Bakugou yet… But I just have the feeling that he’s one of those characters who build themself a shell to look more strong, proud and intimidating, but inside they are insecure and scared. I don’t know actually, it’s just the feeling he gives me… And I like that =3=

Harlots 1.04 reactions

So, I LOVED THIS EPISODE. Tensions are rising all around, yes, in subtle and overt ways alike, and there are definitely many things being set up to go HORRIBLY WRONG, yes, but I loved it. And look how precious Lucy looks with her hair all up in curls!

What’s the etiquette about how long I have to wait before screaming about this ep publicly, btw? Or posting caps or gifs of it? ‘Cause, like, I don’t wanna spoil anything for anyone, but uh. I’ve got a lot of feelings. I will always tag #harlots spoilers on things from the most recent ep, but it’s difficult to know when things are considered fair game when it’s airing on different schedules and platforms internationally.

For now, spoilers below the cut. In which I offer unexpectedly Deep Thoughts™ about that final scene and ramble about my favorite bits — namely:

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my friend is watching ep 68 cloak and dagger right now and i just realised how different my perspective of it is as a writer because he’s like ‘all these horrible things keep happening!’ and i’m like ‘I know! isn’t it great?’ and he doesn’t see how narratively delicious the whole set-up is and how many plates that Matt has spinning at once in one place. 

it’s fucking phenomenal and i love thinking back about it, i’m glad it was my first live episode once the stress had settled, so i do sympathise with my friend’s terror but i was so excited the entire time throughout that ep. just going to list what i love because fuck it was good and it’s on my mind again

long post, ep 68 spoilers

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The sun is shining and so I spent the month of May indoors watching movies, indoors reading, and indoors playing tabletop roleplaying games.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
Baby Groot didn’t play exactly as I expected but then again NONE of the film played as I expected! It was funnier, stranger, and more willing to undercut a “cool” moment for comedy than I imagined the sequel would be. I’ve read a bunch of stuff saying the story wasn’t that great but I really dug the themes and progressing arcs for each of the guardians.

Colossal (2016)
What a weird and wonderful movie. We went into it thinking it was a comedy and there are funny moments, but it tackles much heavier subjects. It wasn’t what I was expecting but I’m still thinking about the film. Defo worth a screening.

The Mermaid (2016)
Amazing. I loved how one movie can have slapstick violence and dramatic deaths and neither feel out of place. It was heartfelt, silly, and topical. Go find a copy (subtitles or dubbed, I support both viewing experiences) and enjoy. 


My Brother, My Brother and Me (Episode 1.01 to 1.06)
Having listened to their podcast for years, I was ready for some good goofs from 3 brothers and hot damn did it deliver. There’s something wonderfully pure about their brand of hijinks and more tv like this is what I need in my life. Super super fun.

Riverdale (Episode 1.12 to 1.13)
Oofadoof what a great season! It all ended with a level of melodrama that I could only hope for in a series like this! I can’t wait for season 2 and more of the cliched Southside High School (hopefully their school mascot is like…a racoon carrying a bag with a dollar sign on it).

The Bachelorette (Episode 13.01 to 13.02)
It feels good to be back. 


A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay
I gave myself a few days to think about this before writing anything because it was a weird reading experience. I guess I was expecting a more overtly scary book. This was to horror what the Dark Knight trilogy is to Batman: rooted in reality and perhaps all the more haunting because of it. Did I like this book about a possessed teen? Not sure. Has it stuck with me? 100%.

Saga Book One by Brian K Vaughn & Fiona Staples, 
Whoa. I’d been dragging my heels to get into this but the oversized hardcover book (collecting 3 trade paperbacks) was perfect. It gave a full story and that story is excellent. Rome + Juliet + Star Wars is my lazy way of describing it but I can’t recommend this enough. It’s operatic in its scope and and yet so personal with the characters. Worth the look if you haven’t already picked it up.

SP4RX by Wren McDonald
Amazing cyberpunk story and the art is perfect. I love McDonald’s simple features and yet each character is so clearly distinguishable. The story wraps up nicely but leaves a few questions so defo check it out.

Maggie the Mechanic by Jamie Hernandez
This came highly recommended by Neil Gaiman (not personally, but in many of his published interviews) but I just couldn’t get into it. It’s part of a much-loved series called Love and Rockets and I just wasn’t in the right space for it. It seemed to go out of its way to have nothing happen and spend paragraphs describing the nothingness (or interesting things that mostly happen off the page). Ever watch a movie and know it’s good, but you just don’t like it? That’s how I felt about this.


Nancy (podcast)
This is such a great podcast and there are 10 eps so far so it’s the perfect time to get into it! 


Dungeons & Dragons Hexcrawl Campaign (Wizards of the Coast)
Okay so I’ve started running another game. This one is technically a Hexcrawl, or a game where the world just exists and the characters explore around a map and see what they find (sometimes with dire consequences). It’s also a party of 7 so I’m learning a lot about running stuff for a big group (my other campaign is a party of 3). So far: they fought some wasps.

And that’s it! As always, I’d love to hear what you’re reading/watching/listening to or if you have any recommendos!

Happy Wednesday.

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hey Cami!! What are your favourite jikook moments?? I hope you're having a great day/night!!

Hi Gaby! Hmm I’ll list some from the top of my head

1) When Jimin fake kissed JK’s neck on that fansign and Jungkook almost melted on the spot

2) When JK shooed Hobi in an event to sit next to Jimin, it was so funny

3) Their almost kiss on VLive? Iconic af?

4) That bangtan bomb where JK kept complimenting Jimin, it was so pure and Jungkook looked so happy!

5) When Jungkook graduated high school, every thing about that day was so sweet

6) BTS Run ep. 12, Jimin dancing for Jungkook and their interactions overall was so cute

Aaahh sorry, I got carried away! There are many more moments that I love!

It’s 01:39AM here! I hope you have a great week <3

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I hope they bring Sam and Caroline back next season. It would be cute to show them living happily ever after with other people like nick and jess. And I also hope we see Jess' sister again! maybe if there's a wedding.

I dont really want Sam & Caroline back.. I would like to see Russell give Nick and Jess those valet cards and reveal they wrote the same thing but he was just salty about Jess being with Nick so he made it look like they both wrote something stupid.. But there’s only 8 eps so personally I’d love to see Coach a bit and not too many extra’s and gueststars tbh..

Does anyone listen to Wolf 359?  Because I just caught up with it and season 4 just started and holy shit I have so many feelings about it.

On a related note, just started The Penumbra podcast and listened to the first three eps and I was making ridiculous noises all through the first Juno Steel story.

Someone come talk to me about both because holy shit they are so great.

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Another thing I can't wait for is the ep that includes the daily dally "so many of our heroes in such a small room." I'm so tired of this separation shit.

Yes. I am looking forward to the time when they can start working together.

If you think about it, this entire season has been about our heroes NOT working together. I mean, it started off nice with the kids in Arkadia and the lovely jeep trip, but life came back in with word of Clarke, and everybody started spinning off into different directions, with their separate goals and projects and struggles.

No one is working together any more, sometimes they are working at cross purposes and because of this, things are falling apart. Clarke ignores who she is and avoids her people, instead putting all her attention to Polis and Lexa. Bellamy lets his grief and anger and pain overwhelm him, allowing Pike to use him like a loaded gun. Octavia is so estranged and isolated that she basically thinks everyone is stupid. Jasper is off the rails and Monty can’t let him be. Abby and Kane are working as a team, but no one else will listen to them. Raven is drowning in pain and depression.

Everyone has been very distressed about how cut off Bellamy is, how he seems OOC and his people should have been able to stop him. They are angry that Clarke is not herself and forgiving too easily and choosing Lexa over her people. But I would argue that far from being out of character, this story line is actually ABOUT what happens when you shut off the pain that comes from the choices you have made. The characters, especially Clarke and Bellamy are not out of character, they are REJECTING who they are.  They are REFUSING to face the shadow sides of their personalities, and in doing so, they are cutting off their better parts. You can not have joy in life if you don’t also accept the pain. That’s just the way it works. They are two sides of the same coin.

I’m not stretching. I’m not apologizing for the writers. I’m not ignoring their seemingly OOC behavior. I am saying that the reason why they are acting OOC is because they are doing it on purpose to make a point. You have to embrace the pain or you will lose yourself.

I am absolutely certain that this is their intent, because this is the main story line for the season. The COL offers the Arkadians a life without pain. But we already know that this leads to destruction. Choose to avoid your pain, and you are no longer you. You are no longer engaging in life. In the immortal words of John Flipping Murphy:

pain, hate, envy. Those are the abcs of me. you get rid of them and there’s nothing left.

This season is about separation from your self, about learning how to deal with pain and fear and anger. It is about choosing ugly reality because it goes hand in hand with love and joy and experience and growth. This season is ABOUT reintegration, about reunion (we’ve had 3 bellarke reunions so far. interesting,) it is about finding yourself again.

I guarantee you.

It hasn’t happened yet, because in order to come back together, you have to fall apart.

Our delinquents will come back together. They will recognize each other as family. They each will learn to accept the hard parts of themselves, the parts that don’t seem to match, the parts that hurt, the shadow. Or they will not make it out alive. And some of them will not make it out alive. 

We are in the disintegration phase. It is REALLY REALLY painful. But you can already see signs, that they are starting to come back together. Octavia is starting to work with Kane and Abby to bring the two sides, Arkadia/Grounder, together. Murphy is on his way to Clarke. And I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I watched it again, and Bellamy is beginning to assert his leadership in regards to Pike. He’s still letting Pike convince him with “logical” arguments, because he’s still divided, but it’s coming. Also that Bellarke reunion was SO SO important. It was the blade that cut into the infected wound to release the poison Clarke and Bellamy were BOTH holding inside. It was the first time EITHER of them showed their real selves this whole season.

And that brings me to my final point of reintegration that will happen in season three. 

I am making my prediction right here. There WILL be canon Bellarke in season three.

Why do I say this? 

  • Reunification and reintegration is the theme of the season
  • Clarke is the head and Bellamy is the heart, and they have been physically separated from each other.
  • Clarke has cut off her heart/people in her isolation and pain.
  • Bellamy has divided himself from his head/sense and allowed his emotions, anger, grief pain to take over.
  • Lexa’s “Love is a weakness” philosophy of leadership is being proven to be incorrect and damaging.
  • In order to survive the COL, everyone will have to accept the pain of life and face who they are, even though it hurts.
  • Every time Clarke and Bellamy reconnect, both the pain and the love gets closer to the surface.
  • In order to be a whole person, you must have both heart and head.
  • In order to be a good leader, you must have both heart and head.
  • In order to have a stable society, you must have both heart and head.
  • This season is about bringing the heart and head together and accepting pain to accept the joy of life.
  • Bellamy is the heart and Clarke is the head. Therefore they will be together.
  • Sorry. I don’t make the rules.

You people slip these asks in my inbox to wind me up and watch me go off, don’t you?

I’m like your performing monkey, aren’t I? 

Keep it up. I love it. :)


Sorry not sorry about all the SVTFOE posts, but I have SOO MANY thoughts to get out about this episode. There were so many little things that happened that I’ve been picking up on, that just make me really curious as to what season 2 is going to be like and what kind of answers we’re going to get. Toffee was so…different.

He was kind of…I don’t wanna say all over…he was really mysterious this episode. He started witht that weird little trick with Marco:

(thank relatablepicturesofmarcodiaz for posting the screenshot)

and like??? How’d he do that? What exactly did he do? Is it a Loki situation, where he can create illusions? Or is there legitimately two of him? Or does he just…move fast? Is that his reflection????

But then Toffee insists that Marco eats that sandwich. It’s like…its like Toffee is trying to bring out Marco’s dark side. It’s like he could sense that there was a dark part of Marco (probably the monster arm) and that he could bring it to the surface. Something about that sandwich was supposed to do that, I feel. Like, that stuff with his coat and tie? He hung them up so neatly, and that survived the explosion. Marco looked at himself in that mirror. Like Toffee planned for this all to happen, he planned to have the wand destroyed knowing full well that Star would destroy it if it meant Marco’s life. And he knew that the explosion would knock him down hard enough that he could come back twice as strong, as I said in my last post. He knew the mirror and jacket and tie would still be there in perfect condition, and that Marco seeing himself in that would have some sort of future effect. Like he’s still going to come back and release Marco’s dark side.

It all makes so much sense, though…Marco channeling his anger in order to cross the hot rocks in Banagic, the monster arm…he’s also seemed a bit easily agitated in recent episodes, but I could be seeing things wrong. Idk. It just seems like theyve been hinting towards this darkness in Marco for the whole season, and now they’re trying to subtly tell us that Toffee’s going to bring that out in him BIG TIME. IM SCARED FOR MY LIL CINNAMON ROLL.

But then I’m getting some theory about the wand, too.

The way it looked when it came out, it still wasn’t showing any signs of posessing magical powers. It still looked…dead, to me. It wouldn’t even change forms when the queen held it. And there’s a whole half of the star missing, so if they retrieve that half, will the wand work again, even better & more powerfully than it did before?

Is this part of Toffee’s plan? To come back twice  as strong, and get ahold of a wand that is twice as powerful? And what did Glossaryck mean, two things can be “cleaved together”???

One part of me feels like this is going to tie in with the Blood Moon Ball/soul bond. I feel like this is going to go in the direction of skleero‘s fanfic, SVTFinale, (excellent fic btw loved it), and the wand will be brought back to life by the love between Star and Marco? 

Or is the wand going to come back to life by way of Toffee, and become an evil power force? Is the wand going to truly be destroyed forever? Is Star going to get the wand back at all next season? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHAT WAS THAT CONVERSATION WITH GLOSARYCK ABOUT WHAT WAS THAT FORESHADOWING GOD I NEED TO KNOW I just feel like its super important to the plot, you know???

But the thing that concerns me most is that Star’s parents originally sent Star to Earth to practice her magic where she couldn’t cause as much damage. But now that she doesnt have the wand/its not working properly…is there anything really keeping her on Earth, in her parents eyes? Will they send her back to stay on Mewni? 

Or do Star’s parents know full well about the Blood Moon Ball, and they know about this “prophecy” thing that I’ve (as well as most of the fandom, I think) been theorizing about? Maybe they know that Star and Marco are a part of some ancient powerful prophecy involving their love for each other being the driver of a force more powerful than the wand, so they keep Star on Earth so they will become closer to fulfilling that prophecy?

Honestly, seeing that finale raised twice as many questions as I had before we went into the season finale. I hope we get to explore this stuff in season 2…

Man, the things this show does to me…

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I absolutely love you wren killing Ezra theory , perhaps we find out that it was wren who killed Ezra in the final episode as a final twist and ep 19 the penultimate one we get important answers like about a and charlotte and so many and perhaps it was wren who was uber a all along cos there Niigata a an 'AD and an uber a idk, if the last episode is two hours I just assumed they would give more answers but the entire thing is going to be a time jump?

No, it’ll happen in 7x20 because he was shooting the last days.
I’ve read that there will be many answers in 7x19 and that we’ll know who AD is at the beginning of 7x20 and after that we’ll see flashbacks seeing AD and the the time jump.

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Hi! First, I wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your blog, I've been lurking as anon for a long time. Second, you watch Rick and Morty, right? Would you recommend it? I've been thinking of starting it, but I'm not sure if I'll like it. :P

Ahhh, good old Rick and Morty.  Okie dokie, there’s actually a bit I have to say about that!

The first time I tried Rick and Morty, I actually didn’t like it all too much. I’ve never been someone for crude adult cartoons, and while the pilot was…intriguing to me, the second episode was just a bit too vulgar for my tastes (at some parts, at least. Though it WAS insanely funny).

I stopped watching the show for quite a while after that, thinking it just wasn’t my kind of thing.  Around the time season 2 rolled around, though, a good friend of mine (as well as many tweets by Alex Hirsch) finally persuaded me to give it another shot.  Thus, the binge watching began.

I kinda felt like I was trudging through it until episode eight of season one, Rixty Minutes.  The special thing about that ep is that it’s almost completely improvised (so it was freaking hysterical), and actually has a really meaningful and heartfelt subplot that surprised me.  That was probably what prompted me to stick around, and the second half of season one was significantly better.  However, I still didn’t consider myself completely in love with the show (aside from the episode “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind.” but that’s a whole ‘nother fantastic story.)

By the end of the first season, I was still a bit on the fence, but decided since the first few episodes of season two were out, I might as well start those too.

And then the relentless emotional bond began.

Episode one shocked me with its amazingly unique format and some surprisingly heart-wrenching moments, episode two was funny as all heck and super intriguing, and episode three…

…Let’s just say there were tears.

From then on, I was hooked.  Despite the crudeness and vulgarity the show sometimes offered, the characters had so much depth and the story lines were so creative that practically everything else could be excused.  Plus, the dialogue is so natural and fantastic, and the show as a whole is downright hilarious.

As of today, Rick and Morty is my second favorite show (under Gravity Falls, of course), and looking back on the episodes I previously found mediocre or over-the-top, I kinda love them now.  I think even if you’re not one for adult cartoons, it definitely helps once you get used to the show overall.  Granted, there are a few scenes that are still…well…an experience (any R&M fan can tell you the horrors of Mr. Jellybean), but all those aren’t too bad amidst the surprising heart and humor that the show blossoms into.

Bottom line, Rick and Morty is definitely worth a shot, even if those kind of shows aren’t your cup of tea. I recommend you to at least get into the beginning of season two (there are only 11 episodes in the first season anyway).  If you don’t like it by the first few S2 episodes, then feel free to let it go, but I still highly encourage holding out until then.

And if you do enjoy it? Well…

Just have some tissues ready for the season two finale.


Meanwhile Galaxia’s regretting bringing that whip out if this is what’s going to happen.


First, the truly divine level of “innuendo in the face of danger” we have going on here, because oh my god. This is something unique between Haruka and Michiru that Stars has cultivated over the course of the season, and I really can’t say enough wonderful things about it. S was such a powder keg of tension between the two of them, all these EMOTIONS that neither Haruka nor Michiru were able (or willing) to express. I’m reminded of times in that season where they faced imminent death, and yet weren’t able to draw strength from each other. Remember when Michiru tried to take Haruka’s hand and Haruka pulled away? (BECAUSE FUCKING HANDS, RIGHT??) It’s such a quiet and sad moment, particularly because it’s Michiru putting herself in a vulnerable position, and Haruka refusing what’s being offered.

Now here we are in Stars. From the first episode of the season, we learn how different things are between them, and gods know I WORDS all over everything at the time. What’s so fantastic though is IT’S KEPT GOING. That wasn’t a one-off, it wasn’t an isolated joke, IT’S WHAT HARUKA AND MICHIRU DO NOW. They’ve gone from “oh no we can’t allow ourselves this tiny moment of barest physical comfort” to “three seconds from making out in front of the ‘queen’s throne’”.

I love that this is their reaction to looming death and fear. I love it for a bunch of reasons I”m going to talk about, but I don’t want to let that idea pass without comment. Because make no mistake, Haruka and Michiru are FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. Galaxia is killing this planet as effortless as she killed countless planets before. She’s already killed the Inners. Michiru’s attacks were brushed aside. Haruka’s sword was caught one-handed, cracked, and tossed away effortlessly. They’ve just been hit directly with Galaxia’s power and I’m going to take a guess that it didn’t feel great. But not only is is a logical conclusion that they’re worried, the creators went so far as to give us visual proof.

Like I’ve said repeatedly, details are everything. This is particularly true when it comes to something visual in animation (especially in this time period when everything was done by hand and so required a substantially higher investment). Basically, characters don’t sweat without reason. We’ve seen Haruka and Michiru get their ass handed to them in a myriad of exciting ways. They’ve looked scraped and bloody and beaten and disheveled, but they never sweat. Sweat isn’t a shorthand for “hurt”. It’s shorthand for “nervous”.

Haruka and Michiru look fine and they sound completely relaxed and so not bothered with what’s going on around them, but it’s all a front. Galaxia may or may not be picking that up, but WE do, and that’s the point. It was vitally important that we know two things here:

  1. Haruka and Michiru are seriously concerned.
  2. When they’re seriously concerned, they turn to each other.

This isn’t just breaking the tension by dropping a high energy sex-fueled bomb on the unsuspecting populace, ALTHOUGH THAT ALSO. It’s about Haruka trying to disguise her fear with bravado, and verbally reaching out to Michiru for reassurance. (Note, by the way, that this time it’s HARUKA opening that door.) And Michiru responds immediately. Their banter is charged, but easy. It’s comforting, but intimate. They’re turning this moment of fear that’s outside of themselves into something personal ONLY about themselves. It’s a reminder of all the other times they’ve done this, and survived. It’s a promise for all the things waiting for them when they survive this, too. (”Later, when we’re alone.”) It’s an affirmation of all the truly personal things they’ve shared that are only for them, just in case this time they don’t get to walk away.

This moment is so many things, in so many ways, and it’s wrapped up in nothing but filthy innuendo between two loving and committed badass ladies and it’s beautiful.

Free! Eternal Summer 09

Rei-chan is jealous! He wants Nagisa to call just him with “chan”!


They are keeping the pairings at the same room again.


Now he will start showing that his shoulder hurts all the time.

You want to know if Haru will you choose between Makoto and you, Rin. He still can’t choose that.

Damn, guys, I wanted to know about Makoto! Even though he probably would say he would follow Haru anywhere, like always ~



What a sweet pie! I envy people who can sleep looking like little angels!

Sensitive Makoto. He always know how Haru is feeling.

Awww, Makoto, I can’t believe you didn’t make it!




I would be really worried, if I were Makoto.

No, no, no, Rin, don’t do that.

You’re just adding more pressure to him.

Wow, this was so intense and unexpected!

It’s probably something he wanted to tell a long time ago, but wasn’t able to until now! Haru really holds many things to himself.

Everytime I see these Makoto close shots I’m sure about how much he loves Haru.

It’s funny how he didn’t have or expressed any symptom until the characters discovered his shoulder problem.

This preview…it will be another serious episode!

I’m so excited about so many of my oldest Tumbs friends getting into CritRole, I love hearing their thoughts as they go through each ep ;w;

I’m just waiting, waiting for some things they react to like

  • Hearing K’Varn’s voice for the first time and being afraid of Mercer’s voice acting skills, as we all should be
  • Gilmore!!!!! 
  • The guest stars!!
  • “I go into a Cow-Rage and start chewing faster” and that whole episode
  • the mother. fucking. Sun Tree.
  • the Scanbo incident
  • episode fucking 40
  • episode fucking 44
  • goddamn guys I’m so excited okay I love CritRole