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TITLE:  Faking It 

IMAGINE: (Y/N) and Steve are both tired of their friends (namely Sam and Tony), trying to set them up with people. What happens when one night they decide to take control of their own love lives and teach Sam and Tony a lesson? (x)

[gif is not mine -creds to the owner. requests are open. immensely proud of this, probably except the ending. i’ve uploaded this like 3 times now and tumblr keeps deleting it, so apologies for the continuous upload for this.]

warnings: swear words, mature situations -minor sex scenes.

word count: 3.2 k+

‘The question of whether we can fight fate will always remain a mystery. But the bigger question is what happens when we stop fighting it.’

“Tony, for the last fucking time, I don’t want to go on a date with your friend!” (Y/N) yelled exasperated as she threw a piece of bread at him. “How many times do I have to tell you?”

“Come on, he’s totally your type and you guys would be perfect for each other,” his voice now took on a whining tone and (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “Please, just this one time?”

(Y/N) smiled sweetly at him, “No.” She hopped off the stool she was sitting on, “Last time I agreed to one of your dates he started crying when they brought the entree, and then again when we started having sex.”

Steve placed his hands on his knees as he bent over, trying to catch his breath. “Good run, Cap” He looked behind him and saw Sam jogging to where he was.

“You were so close in beating me this time,” he placed his hands on his back and stretched. Steve groaned as he began rubbing his shoulders.

“You busy tonight?”

Steve shook his head, “No, why?”

“There’s this girl,” Sam started but Steve glared at him. “Now, hear me out, she’s lovely and-,” Sam didn’t finish as Steve held up a hand.

“Look, I don’t want to Sam. I mean I’ve tried this thing before when Nat tried to set me up and it just didn’t work out. If I want to start dating, I’ll do it through my own way.” Steve clasped a hand on Sam’s shoulder. “Thanks though.”

(Y/N) fiddled with the screwdriver in Bruce’s lab, “I thought you wanted my help on a formula Bruce, but all I’ve done is play with your tools.”

Bruce turned around with a sheepish smile on his face, “Sorry (Y/N). It’s on that table if you want to have a look at it.”

She smiled at him and walked to the table. Leaning on it with her arms, she began scanning it. (Y/N) was focused until Tony barged in.

“Guys, I just got us a reservation at Top Stem!”

(Y/N) looked over at Bruce, then turned back to Tony, “Isn’t that the hipster bar in Brooklyn?”

Tony smiled and nodded, “Yep. Know a guy and he managed to book us a table.”

“What’s the occasion?”

“I mean everyone’s here since forever,” Tony shrugged. She knew that it meant more to him that he could ever admit. After the Civil War broke out between the group, tensions ran high and even though it’s been 5 years since the event happened the group still wasn’t as it was before.

“I’m in,” Bruce smiled.

“Me too,” (Y/N) smiled and continued reading the document. She was too engrossed once again so she didn’t notice the scheming look between Bruce and Tony.

“I’m at the restaurant Sam, and nobody’s here yet,” Steve spoke into the phone, peering in every now and then into the restaurant. “It is the Top Stem, right?” He asked. “Alright, I’ll go in, but if you’re not here or anyone in the next 15 minutes, I’m leaving.” With that, Steve hung up and walked in.

When he was seated he saw that the bar was dimly lit, giving it an intimate feel, especially with the single flower in the middle of the table. He frowned at the multiple empty chairs that circled the table.

“Rogers?” He heard his name and looked up from the menu. He saw (Y/N), and in that moment he allowed himself to bask in her beauty. He hasn’t spoken to her in a long time. Of course, their relationship was never friendly, but still, he missed the fights and the banter, and the wanting to rip her clothes to shred and push her up against the wall. Steve coughed, making sure that he wasn’t blushing when he replied to her.

“Are we the first ones here?” (Y/N) asked, sitting down across from him. Steve nodded. “Fantastic,” she grumbled.

“That hurts (Y/L/N),” he gave her a smirk and she smiled largely at him.

After 10 minutes passed, (Y/N) opened her phone and texted Tony’s number.

‘Where are you guys?’

“Tony?” Steve nodded towards the phone.

“Yeah, I mean our friends are little shits, but they’re usually around five minutes late,” she checked her watch, “not ten.”

Suddenly a buzz went through the table.

‘At home. Have fun ;)’

“For fucks sake,” (Y/N) groaned. “By any chance did Sam want to set you up with someone before this?”

Realization went through him and he cursed, “Are you fucking serious?”

(Y/N) laughed at him, “Language, Cap.”

“Our friends are shit.”

“I’ll drink to that.” (Y/N) raised her glass and gulped it down. “I can’t believe I fell for this, I mean it’s a Stark plan,” she sneered. “Those usually have more holes than Swiss cheese.”

“Sam and Tony schemed us. Us out of all people!”

(Y/N) agreed, “Fuck. You know what we should do?”

Steve looked at her, he knew that look. It was that look before a scheme hatched in her mind, god he knew that look. He loved that look. He got turned on by that look. “What?”

“Since our dear friends thought that they could out scheme us, why don’t we show them just how great we can be together?” He gestured for her to go on. “Let’s pretend to date and then we’ll have this dramatic fall out after like a month or so and then they’ll don’t know what to do because we’ll force them to choose sides. Then, we’ll come out and say, ‘it wasn’t real, but this could be the outcome if you keep fucking with our lives.’”

Steve sat back for a while. Usually he was a good guy, he wouldn’t scheme, but sometimes (Y/N) brought out that Steve he wanted to be when he was younger. One that wouldn’t take shit from anyone. He got that chance when (Y/N) entered in his life.

“I’m in.”

3 weeks into ‘dating.’

“I can’t believe that you and Capsicle are dating now,” Tony sat down next to her, a bowl of cereal placed in front of him. “I mean, I thought you would high-tail out of there but not before throwing a drink in his face.”

(Y/N) shrugged, “Well, when I first saw him that’s what I wanted to do. I guess old habits die hard, but once we got talking, it was just realization. I just realized just how much we were alike, but so different at the same time.”

“Ew,” Tony shoved her lightly. “Can you spare me the romantic feelings?”

She threw a piece of granola at him. What surprised her was just how true her statement was.

3.5 Weeks into ‘dating’

“So what’s the next step on the plan?” Steve asked as he opened the door for her.

“I’m not sure if you’re going to like this, but they have to catch us in a sexual manner to say,” (Y/N) spoke and cringed. “You can just lay on top of me, I know that you don’t want to do any of that until you really like someone.”

“How do you know?”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, “Oh please. You’re Mr. Poster Guy for having an emotional connection before having sex with a girl,” noticing his casted down eyes, “not that there’s any wrong with that!” She placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m just saying, Tony knows me. Tony knows that I don’t need an emotional connection when fucking someone.” She saw that he cringed when she said that. “Sorry.” She stopped walking and leaned into the wall, “He won’t believe we’re dating until he catches us in the act. He believes that we had this weird pent up sexual frustration before.”

Steve laughed, “Sam and Nat said the same thing.”

“Okay, so this is what I have in mind-,” she never got to finish her sentence as Steve pushed her up against the wall, she subconsciously lifted her legs and wrapped it around his waist. (Y/N) wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in closer, opening her mouth to allow his tongue in. She moaned as he grinded his hips to hers. “Steve, fuck,” she moaned out as he began placing kissed on his neck.

Steve relished in the way she grinded her hips against her. He could feel himself harden against his gym shorts and he really couldn’t care enough to blush or apologize. He almost took her when she began moaning his name. “You like that?” He nipped her jaw as he grinded against her again.

“God yes,” she rolled her head and pulled him in again to kiss him.

They only broke apart when they heard several throats clearing. (Y/N) and Steve broke apart slowly, she opened her eyes and saw that he was staring at her. His normal crystal blue eyes, were darker than she’s ever seen before.

“Get a room,” Tony hollered, backed up by Clint and Sam’s snickering.

Steve and (Y/N) turned their heads, foreheads still touching, to their audience. “Sorry, can’t keep my hands off her, I mean have you seen her?”

Pietro nodded and smugly grinned, “I sure have.”

Steve growled and (Y/N) found herself getting turned on by it. She grinned and lightly bit his earlobe, grinding into him for the extra act. Steve turned his attention back to her and smiled. He pecked her lips once more.

“For the love of god! I’ve given you guys practically a floor each, can you not do it where everyone can see!” Tony complained as he shut his eyes and dramatically walked to the gym. The others walked past, each smiling smugly and laughing.

Once they were out of view and hearing range, Steve allowed (Y/N) to unwrap her legs around him and gently set her down. “Didn’t know that you had in it you Rogers. I’m surprised, pleasantly surprised, but surprised nonetheless.”

Steve didn’t reply to that comment but he did give her a small, shy smile. “I guess they believe that we’re dating now?”

“For sure,” she laughed, still trying to catch her breath. “I’ll see you round Rogers.” With a wink she disappeared, swaying her hips as she did so, knowing that he was watching her. As she walked away she desperately tried to forget how good he felt, how good and right it felt when he kissed her. How he held her in the right places.

She leaned against a wall, “Fuck.” Yup, she was fucking screwed because she’s opening herself up to Steve.

4 Weeks into ‘dating’

“No need to be jealous (Y/N), you know that he only has his eyes and his other things for you,” Bucky whispered as they both watched a flirtatious reported touched Steve’s arm.

(Y/N) refused to admit that she was jealous. She wasn’t jealous at all. She didn’t want to drag him away and claw the woman who had her paws on him. Nope. Not at all. She was only concerned about their plan being thwarted if he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. She glanced at Bucky and he gave her a supportive smile. “Thanks, Buck.” She touched his arm gently, and that was the time that Steve looked up.

His eyes narrowed as he saw his best friend and his ‘girlfriend-slash-not-girlfriend-but he kinds of has feelings for her?’ closely talking. “So, what would you say was the best thing about the ‘40’s?” Tierney asked as she posed her pencil over the paper.

He turned back to her, giving him her most charming smile and answered.

(Y/N) took a deep breath, her nostrils flaring as she heard the woman’s laugh from across the room. “Breathe,” Bucky warned. They both watched as the reported fiddled with Steve’s tie. “Fuck,” Bucky swore as he watched (Y/N) storming over. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Why can’t Sam do this?”

(Y/N) stormed over to where they were, standing so close to Steve that he couldn’t physically move away from her. “Am I interrupting something?” She asked sweetly. Steve looked down at (Y/N), to anyone who didn’t know her, they would have just thought that she was asking a simple question, but he knew that tone.

“Uh, I was just doing an interview here with Mr. Rogers,” the woman explained.

(Y/N) turned to her, an eyebrow arched and her jaw clenched, “Are you really?” She felt Steve’s hand wrap around her waist and leaned back into him. She smirked when she saw the reporter’s eyes move to the gesture. “Because from where I stood you were trying to get into my boyfriend’s pants.”  She moved closer to the woman, “Are you really trying to get into my man’s pants?”

“No, no-,” the woman stuttered.

“Good, because fucking another woman’s man is a big no-no, no matter what, understand?”

“I didn’t know that he had a girlfriend,” the woman tried to explain.

“That’s why I’m letting you off, just make sure when you want to flirt with someone, make sure that they’re not taken, otherwise it can get,” (Y/N) tilted her head and gave the woman in front of her another smile, “messy.” With a turn, she faced Steve indicating that the conversation ended. Luckily, the woman took the hint and walked off.

Steve allowed himself to be dragged by into an empty room. She turned around and he saw that she was beyond pissed. “Do you want our plan to go down the drain?”

“Are you jealous?” He laughed at the thought. (Y/N), jealous? In all of the time that he knew her, she never once showed this kind of emotion.

“I’m angry that our plan would be tarnished, yes.”

He walked over to her, smiling all the while. “You were jealous.” He placed his hands on her hips. She shook her head, anger still in his eyes. “Oh really?” She nodded. “So after this whole charade, you wouldn’t mind me dating her,” he ghosted his lips over hers, “fuck her,” now her ear, “make love to her?” He allowed himself to nibble on her ear, earning a moan from her.

“Fuck her all you want,” (Y/N) grasped the tie, pulling him closer, their noses touching, “but you’re mine right now.” She grounded her hips against his, and this time it was him moaning.

As their kisses got more desperate, (Y/N) allowed her to think. How did it come to this situation? Alone, in a room with Steve Rogers of all people trying to undo her dress, which started which jealously? If you told her this 3 years ago, she would have laughed in your face, but at this moment? She allowed herself to enjoy Steve Rogers.

“Steve, fuck! Oh my god!” She yelled as she fisted his hair.

“Better be quiet doll, or someone might come in,” he mumbled against her clit.

“Don’t care,” she mumbled, Steve moved back in this time with more rigor. Her head tilting back, moaning loudly as she did so.

5.5 Weeks into ‘dating’

“Aren’t we supposed to break up now or something?” He dropped it so casually, it was like he was talking about the weather.

She was so stunned that she couldn’t formulate a sentence so she decided on, “What?”

“Wasn’t that the plan?” She stopped playing with his hair and turned to him. He noticed her eyes drop down, her brows furrowed. “Unless you don’t want to.” He teased.

She looked up and clenched her jaw, “No. I just don’t know how to do it dramatically, I mean I haven’t had the time to think with you fucking me.” She yanked herself out of his grasp, and neither would admit it but they missed each others touch.

Steve’s eyes widened with her cold tone, “(Y/N)…”

“Give me until tonight, then I’ll you the plan,” she walked away, her heart beating furiously.

Once she was in her room, she locked the door and sat on her bed. (Y/N) placed her face on her hands. She completely forgot about the plan -with all the sex, the talks about their past and her incessant questions about his childhood, and the weird dates in Brooklyn that she couldn’t help but enjoy. She never thought that when got into this that their goal, her goal of making sure that Tony and the gang never in their life again would blur with one kiss from Steve Rogers.

(Y/N) had it all planned out. She usually knew what was real and what wasn’t, but whenever she was with Steve, she couldn’t help but feel that everything was real.

She stood by the kitchen, whiskey in her hand. (Y/N) texted Steve two minutes ago to meet her so they can ‘break-up’. She didn’t want to, not that she’ll ever voice that thought out. She saw Steve as soon as he entered the kitchen, his face wasn’t impassive as she thought it would be.

He stalked over to her, every Avenger now watching them. He pulled her into him roughly, his hand on her waist, the other on her ass. (Y/N) was shocked, so she hesitantly kissed him back. He broke apart with her, “I need to talk to you.” Steve didn’t allow her to respond, he just grabbed her by the hand and dragged her to his room. They both felt a group of eyes watching them, but they could not care less.

“Rogers, what the hell are you doing?” He locked the door. Steve faced her.

“I love you,” he stated plainly. “I didn’t want to fall in love with you, but fuck, every single smile that you gave me, every single conversation that we had made me fall in love with you. I’m not going to lie, when I first met you I thought that you were one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen, but then you opened your perfect little mouth and you ruined it all.”

He gave a small laugh, “But you didn’t at the same time.” He looked at her, “I wanted you more than anything, the way that you talked to me -you talked to me like I was a normal guy pissing you off, not Captain America. You were the most annoying, frustrating woman in my life, I didn’t know whether I wanted to kill you or fuck you. But I did know one thing, I couldn’t imagine my life without your incessant nagging about everything that I did.”

Steve stopped speaking, they both knew that he was finished talking. (Y/N) stood there, in the middle of Steve’s room, unmoving, no emotion in her eyes. She closed her yes and inhaled.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re dramatic? You could rival Tony,” She opened her eyes and looked at him. He knew that her words were supposed to be biting but once he saw her eyes, oh god, he could burst out crying. Steve saw the love and admiration that he knew would take awhile for her to voice out. But it was still there. She loved him as well.

“You love me,” he teased and she shrugged laughing all the while. “You know what’s better than normal sex against a wall?” Steve asked.

She moved forward, wrapping her arms around him, her face glowing. “What?”

“Having passionate sex in Tony’s office,” he winked at her and she laughed.

“And they say that I’m the inappropriate one in the relationship!” She grinned at him. He was beautiful and he was hers. “I must say though, you know a way to girl’s heart.”

“Correction, I know the way to your heart.” He grinned down at her, and kissing her for the first time, not because of a scheme or a plan, but because he finally got the girl who managed to make him rip out his hair, kiss her until she’s out of breath and set his soul on fire. Sure, he had a rough road ahead of him, but if she was there with him, he could manage.

Imagine getting together with Chris.

A/N: Part 5 is here and I think I just died. OH MY GOD! As the writer, and as a reader- AHHHHHHHH! I’m sorry, I’m so calm right now. (No I am not, my heart) You can read the previous parts here: (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B) Please enjoy! X

Chris laid sprawled on his couch with furrowed brows, tapping his TV remote against his bare chest. It was 1:48AM and he had an early morning meeting tomorrow, but he was still wide awake. He couldn’t sleep because he had too much on his mind, like the fact that you were yet to read the letter he’d left- admitting his love for you- at your apartment. Since he left said letter at said apartment, with each hour that ticked by- he’d been texting your best friend asking if you’d read it. Each time, he’d get a text back from Ava telling him the same thing: “she’s not home yet.” It finally got to the ninth hour at 11:00PM that he stopped texting Ava and texted you instead, not to ask about the letter but to see if you were okay. Which brought forth the other thing that was keeping him up.

Chris had texted you to ask if you were okay, and you’d sent back a simple “perfect.” Now what was that suppose to mean? Were you perfect because your date with Sam went well? Were you perfect because you’d read his letter and was thinking about your answer? No, you couldn’t have read the letter already. You wouldn’t have just texted if you’d read it. He knew you and he knew you would’ve called if you’d read it, unless- you didn’t feel the same way, or had changed your mind about him since hearing about Scarlett and going on that date with Sam. He should’ve addressed that rumor the second it came out, talked to you about it instead of calling Scarlett and laughing about it. If he lost you because of it, it was his fault and his fault alone.

“What am I going to do, bud?” Chris asked Dodger, his best friend who was half asleep by his feet. “What am I going to do if I lose her?” Dodger looked up when Chris sat up and reached down to smooth his hand over his pup’s head. “She’s the one and I was too afraid to tell her that when I had the chance, and now-” He cut himself off with a huff, scratching Dodger’s head ever so gently. “I’m a real fucking idiot, aren’t I?”

“I’d say.”

Chris was so distracted that he didn’t even hear you come in from the back door; you’d a set of keys because he trusted you and occasionally needed you to come take care of Dodger for him. He jumped to his feet, feeling his heart in his throat. You were crying, but it was out of pure and utter joy as well as love for the man standing in front of you. His lips parted and he tried to speak, but no sound came forth. He’d play a thousand different scenarios in his head and ways to respond, but now that it was actually happening- he’d no clue what to say. He stepped over Dodger and started towards you, stopping when you took a step back. You held up the letter that you’d read four times in the cab ride over with the help of your iPhone’s torch. Each time you’d read it- you fell even harder for Chris; words you wanted to use to form a response danced in your mind. But now, as you stood in front of him, you couldn’t speak either. God, the two of you were made for each other.

“Y/N, I’m not dating Scarlett,” Chris finally spoke. Upon hearing those words leave his mouth, he wanted to slap himself. As important as that piece of information was, he wished his first words to you were “I love you.” Which was what he said next, drawing more happy tears from your eyes. “Please don’t cry,” he pleaded as he started towards you again, stopping when you held up a hand.

“I’m sorry, I just- I need a moment,” you told him and he nodded understandingly. “I um- This was-” you held up the letter, smiling. “It was a very Fan fic Chris thing to do,” you said and you both managed a light laugh. “How did you learn to write like that? Those first two paragraphs-”

“Y/N,” he cut you off, chuckling. “I don’t think we need to talk about my writing capabilities right this very second, do you?” He quizzed and you shook your head, swallowing. “You came here to tell me something,” he began as he slowly inched closer to you; step by step. “You came here to answer a question, to confess your true feelings.” You nodded slowly, feeling your heart on the verge of exploding. “So how about,” he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you towards him, “we get to that?”

“You’re not wearing a shirt,” you blurted out and grimaced at how awkward you were. Chris laughed, because how awkward you were was one of the things he loved about you. “I um…” You couldn’t believe how difficult it was to talk around a shirtless Chris; how his female co-stars managed was beyond you. His hands rubbing small, gentle circles into your sides weren’t helping your ability to speak coherently either. “Can you-” you put a hand on his chest to push him back; his heat radiated through your palm. “I just need some space so I can think.”

“I think we’ve done enough thinking, don’t you?” He returned to his original position, but this time a little closer and his grip a little tighter. “I’m done thinking and so are you,” he whispered as he dipped his head. With his lips inches from yours, his minty breath warm against your cheeks. “Do you love me?” He asked gently and you felt yourself nod as you got lost in his eyes; he smiled so wide, his pearly whites blinded you. “Do you want to kiss me?” He asked and got another breathless nod from you. “Good, because I love you and I want to kiss you too.”

The second his lips touched yours, everything fell into place. You realized that saying was a cliché you’d used many times before, in a quite a few of your stories, but not once had you truly understood or felt what you wrote. Not until now, not until you had Chris’ soft and supple lips pressed against yours. It was insane how good and how right it felt, and how many more clichés played through your mind. “He kissed you like your lips were the air that he needed to breathe”, and “he kissed you like there was no tomorrow”, and “his lips touched yours and sparks flew.” In that very moment, as his hands gently caressed your face while his lips worked against yours tenderly, attentively, and passionately- you lived through every romantic, breathtaking kiss scene you’d ever written. It felt like pure and utter magic- and yes, you realized that was yet another cliché but God, you didn’t care. You were happy because you were kissing the one you could, and had pictured forever with.

“Fuck,” Chris breathed when he broke the kiss, resting his forehead against yours. “Sorry,” he chuckled breathlessly and you shook your head, smiling. You could feel how flaming hot your cheeks were, as well as how wide your smile was; it was wider than it’d ever been. “I don’t mean to swear in your face, I just- that was fucking amazing. I mean- Fuck,” he cussed again, laughing. “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that.”

“Why don’t you do it again?” Your arms wrapped around his neck as you inched closer to his lips.

You didn’t have to ask him twice; he chuckled and kissed you again, moaning ever so softly when your hands found their way into his un-gelled hair. Now you weren’t a girl he wanted to rush things with because he respected you, but he was so swept up- in the passion, and the romance, and the very obvious lust in the air- that he couldn’t help himself. His hands reached under your thighs and he swiftly lifted you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. You knew what was happening and what would happen if you let it, and though you always promised your mom you wouldn’t rush into things- this was Chris and she’d always wished you’d end up with him after reading your series. Now that the opportunity had arise, surely she wouldn’t blame you for taking things a little faster than usual. It wasn’t like he was going to run out on you, the letter made it pretty damn clear he was here to stay.

He broke the kiss and smiled, carrying you as he started towards the stairs. He didn’t know who to thank for you, just every thread in the universe that brought the two of you together. You did the same thing, brushing his bearded cheek with your thumb.

“Does Ava know you’re not going to be there when she wakes up?” That question was his subtle was of asking for consent; he wouldn’t and couldn’t do anything you were uncomfortable with. He knew the hold he had on you, but he’d never use it to his advantage. Similarly, you knew the hold you had on him and you’d never use that to your advantage either.

“I think Ava will figure it out.”

“Yeah,” Chris bit back his growing smile, “I think she will too.”

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Don’t let me go



Au: Grim Reaper,demon


A/n: Let me tell you,I am inspired from Goblin. Watch this drama. Is the holy drama. This is the first part of a little Jungkook series. Also the different religions reading this.I tried to keep the religion matter as neutral as possible. If you believe that this is written with a bad thought in mind or to offend someone it is not. Thank you.


I am the person you are afraid from. I am the one with the skeleton body,black robe and а reaping hook. You mortals thought that I look like a skeleton simply because I deal with the dead. This is soo wrong. I am like the most handsome, funny man ever. You living people think everything that is dead is ugly and rotten. Hell( hell is mine creation actually. Its a piece of art) no. I am,however,prehaps rotten and dead. Inside. Inside the cage of my heart. The muscle which is supposed to pump adrenaline through my body. The muscle giving me life,love and so much more. But no. This place is empty and had been abounded centuries ago. The curse killed me a long time ago.

Things go way back in time.

I once had a wife. A very beautiful woman called Lydia. She was my whole life. I was a simple man. A sheppard. My biggest concern was if I will be able to go home on time to hug her before she closes her eyes to fall in beautiful peaceful sleep.

As always life decided to fuck everything up. God said it was time for war and suddenly my biggest concern became the smallest out of them all. Everything I had,I had to give up. It was my duty to fight for my country as a man. I fought many battles. Those in higher ranks saw potential in me and after eleven battles I became a commander. On the battlefield before what we hoped was the last battle. Ready to fight,not ready to die. I prayed like every other selfish human being that I’ll give up everyone and everything,just God let me live. Those words were the last words some people heard and the ones that left my lips before I shouted “For His majesty.” I killed many people in the battle and almost got killed more times than I can remember. But I survived. The last one to survive. The smell of Death was in the air. My breath was fading away. Youcould barely see it. My eyes started to tear up from the mixture of fear,the feeling of finally letting go and a scared scream from the consequences ahead in time. Suddenly a bright light blinded my swollen from crying eyes. And I met God. A nice man,looking trustworthy,someone who I never thought was actually real. He told me my wife,my parents, my sheeps,they were killed. That I made a choice. That I killed them when I was being selfish. My will for life,killed those who made me want to live. Lost in my fear and regret which were suddenly put upon me,I was ready to pull out the weapon and just kill myself. The man stopped my sword from moving through the flesh and stop my heart. God looked at me and told me “If you leave this Earth and become invisible as if you never existed,I will bring everyone you want back. Your family will live. Lydia will breath. I need a helper. Someone who will deal with the dead and will help them go in the afterlife. You will become the Grim Reaper. My right hand.” I was being offered a choice which wasn’t actually much of a choice. He was offering me to become a ghost. But for the sake of my love I was ready to do anything and everything. “Why are you Sir offering me this? Why me?” “You are a good man. But the sin of being selfish is a strong one. I see in your eyes love. This will be your curse. Love will be your pleasure and curse. The last man standing. The one who will walk this Earth way longer than anyone. Collecting grief and love. At the end of the day you will always be alone.” I became a sinner for wanting to live. I killed everything I believed in. But Immortality didn’t sound all that bad after all. Dealing with the dead also wasn’t a price high enough that I can’t pay for Lydia. The hesitation left me and my hand grabbed his. It was me or Lydia and my family. “Okay. Do this.” Just like that my existence was erased from the face of Earth,my name wasn’t remembered as the last commander alive,the war was doomed a fail and soon there were only the families of the dead and the memories of them to be remembered. Personally I assisted all of them in the after life making them forget the one they had been living in order for a new one to be born. But for the living organisms I was invisible,not existing. A myth surrounded by mystery. There were several cases in which people had been ablen to see me. You usually cab unless you had the vision or you were dead. And so for centuries I have met all kinds of death and people. Helping them go where their souls belong. My face haven’t aged a day since I gave my soul. A twenty years old is what you’ll see if you were able to.


“Jungkook” I heard in the distance waking me from my retrospective daydream. “Yes?” I turned my head nearly hitting my forehead in one of the lamps of the nice white office. “There is something I need to tell you.” It is a full miracle. My boss is usually quiet and doesn’t have the need to see me unless it was something urgent going on in the underworld. I have known him for so many centuries that is almost not imaginable. However today there wasn’t anything special going on in my part of the holy world. “Do you remember when I took you under my wing?” the sudden questoon caught me offguard. So being little surprised the answer rolled of my lips “Of course I do.” how can I forget anyway? My heart will never forget. My Lydia. Her smile,her heart of gold. And my selfish wish which killed us. “There is something I didn’t tell you back then. One day your savior will be born. A person who will reverse the curse you caused on yourself. She will heal your wounds and you will become mortal again. She will give you the chance to live. When you die as a mortal I will give you the choice to either become the Reaper and never be able to find hope again or this time go to Heaven.” Speechless probably would’ve explain it. But it can’t. Hope? Being able to live? I have been living wihout hope so many centuries. Evryday I have been holding on the simple fact that there is hope or happy ending for me. Now after 1000 years he decides to tell me that there is someone on this planet who can cure me. My emotions are too strong. The anger boiled. The fear entered the dusted chamber of my heart. Hope started to creep out of its dungeon somewhere deep inside of me. Why didn’t he told me this earlier? Why was I living without hope all this time? Where is she? How old is she? She can be dead by now.

“Why do you tell me this now?” my voice was deadly low. I was in a position to shout,however I didn’t want to lose all my cool at once. “Was I not good enough to be told this earlier? Was I unloyal? Have I ever done something to make you doubt me? I created Hell and Heaven and made them absolutely perfect. The department of Reapers is so big that I barely have to go out now. Don’t tell me I didn’t deserve to know the truth.” I admit I did lost my cool. I was shouting and destroying whatever was around me. Angry tears were falling down my sharp cheekbones. “No you were. You finished absolutely mesmerizing job at what you were doing. Jungkook-a, tell me honestly if I had told you centuries ago,you wouldn’t have searched for her. Tell me you would’ve done your job the same way.” although angry,I knew he was right. Nothing ffrom what I’ve created probably wouldn’t have been even an idea in my head. The Earth was going to be small. I would’ve searched under every rock,in every village,city,country and continent. One thing I couldn’t understand was “Why telling me now?” “Because she has been born. The person who is going to bring you back is born. And her name is y/n. The Grim Reaper’s Bride.


"Are you the Grim Reapers wife?” a ghost whispered in mine ear. She was a rather beautiful ghost. A girl not bigger than me. But this question… If I collected a dollar for everytime I had to answer it,by now I wouldn’t be going to school. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him.” “Oh…it’s true. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Bye.” “Wait. Talk to me.” but it disappeared. Good job Y/N. 

The Grim Reapers wife.



I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 21

Summary: You and Negan seem to be back to square one, but bigger problems come to you when you go out on a run with Arat.

Warnings: Things are about to start taking a violent turn, and some material may get darker. If this could be triggering for you, read with caution.


“But, with time, one has encountered many of the monsters, and one is increasingly less terrified of those still to be met.” - Kay Redfield Jamison


When morning finally came, you were already up, having only gotten a few hours of sleep here and there, you were exhausted.
But deciding you didn’t want to lay in bed anymore, you got up and got dressed, collecting your gear and sliding on your boots on before exiting the room.

You still felt pretty shitty from what had transpired the night before, you were determined to not let it overtake you.
you were never the type to wallow in your own misery and you didn’t plan on starting now.

As you left you glanced over to Negan’s door.
It was closed, as it usually was, but it crossed your mind whether he was inside or not.
It even crossed your mind to just walk in, but of course you didnt.
Hell, you wouldn’t even know what the next move would be if you were to go in.
You shook your head at the thought and headed downstairs to start the day.

As you made your way into the yard, you could tell that some of the Saviors were getting ready to go out on a run, they had brought some of the trucks around and were waiting at the gates for further instruction.
You walked up to everyone, you wanted to go, getting out of here for a while is exactly what you needed.

There was a firm tap on your shoulder from behind and you turned quickly with a less than cheerful expression across your face.

“Jesus, what’s wrong with you.” You heard Arat say as she stood behind you.

The smile she had on her face faded as she saw you.

Your hard expression softened as you saw that it was only her, “Sorry, Arat. I thought you were someone else.”

You nodded, “Trouble in paradise, huh?”

“I think you mean the seven circles of hell.” You sighed and rolled your eyes.

She snickered at your wisecrack and shook her head, “God, you sound like him.”

You shrugged your shoulders.
Maybe you were more like Negan than you realized, but you didn’t see why it mattered and frankly, you didn’t care.

“What are you doing today?” You asked, wanting to change the subject from him.

Arat began walking over to one of the trucks and you followed beside her.

“I’ll probably go out and just check out surrounding areas, maybe pick up a few small things if it’s worth bringing back.” She answered.

“Do you mind having some company?” You asked, almost desperately.

You really wanted to get out for the day.

She looked over to you, seeing the look in your eyes and nodded, “Sure. I don’t mind it, I can tell you need it.”

“You have no idea.” You breathed.

You hoped to make it out of the compound without seeing Negan, but of course that wasn’t possible.
He was already out walking around, looking over everyone, giving them one reason to make him angry today.
You could tell he was still pissed.
The scowl on his face looked like it was set in stone.
The only time it looked like it softened a bit was when you saw Sherry walk up to him, they whispered something to eachother and you already knew what it was probably about and you didn’t wanna think about it.
But you did think about how accurate your aim would be from across the yard if you decided to shoot just her, you shook your head at that thought, too.

It seemed like you really were like Negan after all.

You tried to pretend like you didn’t see it when he leaned down to kiss her, grabbing her ass.

“He’s just trying to rattle your cage.” Arat said as she noticed you staring.

You were glad she interrupted you, because time she did, Negan looked over to the both of you with a smug grin spreading across his face as he walked toward the both of you, you turned your head away from his gaze.

“What’s the word, Arat?” He said in his deep tone as he adjusted Lucille on his shoulder.

He barely looked at you, but ocassionally glanced in your direction without a whole lot of interest.

“I’m going to check the surrounding areas, the usual stuff. And bring back anything useful.” She said plainly as she stood in front of him, like a solider waiting for orders.

He nodded, “Cool. Get the the fuck to it.”

Negan took a few steps to stand in front of you and you looked at him through the corner of your eye, not wanting to fully look at him.
Negan noticed Arat was still there and shook his head.

“Do you need a goddamn invitation to leave, Arat? This isn’t Sunday afternoon at the fuckin’ country club.” He snapped at her.

“No. No, sir, but (Y/N) was gonna-”

“She’s gonna fuckin’ go with you, huh?” He cut in.

She nodded back.

“Well, I’m gonna need to have a fuckin’ talk with her, because this is the fuckin’ first I’ve heard of it.” He said with an annoying smile.

You didn’t think that it was that he really cared, he just needed another way to control you.

You looked over to Arat and gave her a slow nod, she walked away quickly over to the group of men who were all waiting for their own orders.

“So what? You’re fuckin’ going out without me now, babydoll?” He said in a demeaning tone.

“Why does it matter to you? I mean, really?” You said, getting frustrated with him.

He sucked his teeth and his expression hardened again, “It fuckin’ doesn’t. Go ahead and make yourself goddamn useful, my lovely-fuckin-wife.”

You clenched your jaw, not wanting to make a scene out in front of everyone, “Don’t worry, I will. So, stay here with Sherry.” You said cutting your eyes to the building.

Negan cleared his throat calmly and before you could say anything else he had you pinned against the stone wall of the storage building, his pupils burning into yours.

“Darlin’, who in the actual fuck do you think you’re talking to?” He growled back into your ear.

“I’m talking to you.. Daddy.” You snapped back in a smart tone as you put emphasis on the word “Daddy”.

He pulled his head back to stare at you, but his expression was calm and that’s when Negan scared you, when he reached the point of anger to where his expression turned into a calm one.

He made an “o” shape with his lips.

“Jesus.. Nothing fuckin’ scares you anymore, does it?” He said as if he was almost impressed with you.

“No. Some things still do.” You said looking from him, to Lucille, then back to him.

He chuckled softly as he leaned up a bit, “Scared of me fuckin’ hurting you, doll?”

“In more ways than one.” You said bluntly, turnimg from him.

He grabbed your face and turned it to meet his eyes.

“Look at me when I’m fuckin’ talkin’ to you, babydoll. You don’t wanna be disrespectful, do you?” He growled sternly.

“No.” You said in a dull tone, keeping eye contact with him this time.

“You think I’d hurt you?” He asked, loosening his grip on your face.

“I don’t know, maybe you could.” You answered back, his eyes burning into yours.

“I wouldn’t do that.” He said in a firm tone.

“But you already fucking have.” You clenched your jaw tightly.

“Then go out with Arat if that’s what you fuckin’ want.” He said motioning over his head to Arat as she stood across the yard, waiting on you, “Clear your goddamn head.”

“I plan to.” You said back angrily.

He smirked at your expression of anger, now he was beginning to get really frustrated with your attitude and apparent “lack of respect”.

He licked his lips and leaned down to you, “Good. And maybe.. When you get back, I’ll let you do my fuckin’ laundry, darlin’.”

Your blood began to boil and the adrenaline started as the words escaped his lips, you fists were in a tight ball as you tried to compose yourself, and in that moment, you understood why Olivia had lost her cool and slapped him.
It took every ounce of strength to control yourself and not slap him in the same way she had, especially with Lucille propped on his fucking shoulder.

You took in a deep breathe closing your eyes and moved away from him before turning back around to face him.
He stood there, grinning smugly seeing at how much he really got to you.

“Of course, Negan. I mean, it’s your world after all, right? We’re all just fucking living in it.” You said with a fake smile, but with a growl in your tone.

You walked off slowly, not even bothering to glance back at him.

You met back up with Arat and you both headed off out into the world, leaving the sanctuary behind.

But of course you wanted to come back, you just needed to get away, even if it was only for a couple of hours.
You just needed to regain some dignity before Negan berated you even more over stupid shit to rip it away from you.

You had went out atleast a mile from the sanctuary, all while passing by abandoned buildings and a few walkers here and there.

Once the car finally came to a stop, you and Arat both exited it, preparing your weapons just in case of trouble and started walking down the long stretch of road to scavenge in a building that she spotted up ahead.
It was one that hadn’t been looted by the Saviors yet.

“So, what’s the deal with you and Negan?” She asked curiously.

You sighed, not really wanting to talk about it, but knew that talking about it was what needed to be done.

“Well, I told him I loved him last night, I just blurted the shit out and that turned out to be a fucking mistake on my part.” You said rolling your eyes.

You looked around to the woods covering the entire surrounding area and an eerie feeling crept into you, but you ignored it as best you could.

Arat shook her head, “Yeah, kinda figured that would happen if he found out.”

“I can see why you didn’t become a wife.” You shook your head.

Arat scoffed, “I didn’t take him up on it, because I don’t need him to take care of me. Especially when you add the fact that I’d be more inclined to take a run at you than him.”

You looked at her with a raised eyebrow for a moment, sort of confused.

She shifted her eyes to you and rolled them, “I’m gay, if you want me to be blunt.”

You nodded and turned your head back to the road, “You’re lucky then. Atleast you’re not head over heels for someone who doesn’t give a shit.”

“I think Negan gives a shit, (Y/N). But he’s a man, you know how some men are. He’s isn’t a romantic that’s for sure. But what can you expect nowadays?”

“Yeah, I know. It just fucking sucks, I have no idea how he truly feels.”

Arat shook her head and laughed, “If you haven’t noticed, the world we live in now fucking sucks. Honestly, fuck feeling emotions, they don’t hold any use in this world. They just complicate things and get people killed.”

You nodded back in agreeance with her, but not really wanting to talk about any of this anymore.

“I’ve tried turning them off, Arat.” You said plainly.

“Look, If you want my opinion, you and him were made for eachother.” She turning her head to you.

“How do you figure that?” You said, raising an eyebrow.

“Well let’s see.. You’re both stubborn, prideful and homicidal. So, that’s a fucking start and not to mention, severely jealous.” She said, giving you a serious look.

You smirked back and nodded, “Mm, sounds like my kinda date. The jealousy on my part doesn’t matter though, the other wives are still there.”

“Well, it’s like I said - fuck emotions - there’s no place for them in this world.”

“Easier said than done.” You said back calmy.

You both looked at eachother for a moment before dropping your eyes and continued walking in silence.

But that eerie feeling kept creeping up on you and Arat must have began to get some sort of feeling as well as you both slowed your pace.
You looked over to the woods to hear cracking nosies, like dry branches being stepped on.

You looked back to Arat and she gave you a nod as she pulled out a gun and you pulled yours out too.

You slowly walked to the source of the sound.
Your hands outstretched, ready to shoot.
The woods were dense and it was hard to see exactly where the source of the sound was coming from, but it got louder and just as you were about to go in deeper a horde of walkers came up.

You both backed up quickly.

“Shit. We need to take them out quietly.” Arat said in panic as she put away the gun and took a knife out.

“You can’t fucking kill them all with a knife.” You said urgently.

“I can atleast try.” She said in a determined voice.

She ran up to one of them, stabbing it in the skull and it fell to the ground with a loud THUD.

You kept your gun out and and held it up firmly, aiming at the heads of the corpses advancing towards you.
Arat stabbed another two, but there was no way she could do it all herself, that was made clear when one of them suddenly caught her by the side, trying to drag her to the ground.

“Arat!” You screamed, running towards her.

She yelped in fear as she tried stabbing at it and during a moment of struggle, she finally making contact with the knife as it collapsed ontop of her, pinning her to the ground.

You couldn’t wait, so you began shooting at the walkers immediately, hitting some of them perfectly and missing others.

Suddenly there was a barrage of gunshots that wasn’t yours or hers, hitting the corpses making them fall like dominoes one after the other.

“Jesus.” You growled to yourself as you dropped to the ground where she was, pushing the dead one off of her, and grabbing ahold of her shoulder and you both receded to cover behind an abandoned vehicle.

The shots went on for a few more seconds as all of the walkers now laid on the ground unmoving.
You both breathed heavily and looked around, trying to find the source of the shots.

“What the fuck was that?” She said in a low, but fierce tone.

You shook your head frantically, “I don’t know. No fucking clue..” You trailed off as you peeked over the abandoned car you had sought safety behind.

You both sat there for a minute more, not wanting to move out of fear of being shot.
But you both began to crawl out and as you did you were met at gunpoint by atleast 20 or so men.

“Ladies.” One of the men said, holding a machine gun to your head.

He had short, dirty blonde hair and a beard.

You both dropped your heads and knew that this was the worst possible position to be in right now.
The crowd of men parted and you looked up to see another man approaching.

It wasn’t until he was in front of you that you recognized that it was Randy.

“Shit, never thought I’d see you two again.” He said as he smiled at both of you.

You dropped your head again and let out a sigh, trying your best to creep your hand up to your gun.

Afyer seconds of a quick debate within yourself, you tried to go for it, but before you could even get it out of the holster your arms were taken and you were being subdued by Randy’s men.
They slammed you up against the car holding you back and they got Arat too, taking her weapons.

Randy came up to you as he handed his gun over to one of the other men, “I was hoping I’d see you though. Are you still mad about what happened?”

“Fuck you.” You growled, narrowing your eyes at him.

He nodded, “Apparently so. I should probably be the one that should be pissed though. You did kill my girlfriend.”

“You fucking attacked me. Both of you did. You should have stayed around, you could be with her now.”

“Now why would I do that? How would I take over Negan’s place every if I was dead?” He said with a sinister smile spreading across his face.

“You’re not taking over.” You growled back.

“I will when he’s dead.” He laughed.

That made you snap and as quickly as he had said it, you spat in his face, licking your lips, smiling after you did.

Randy’s face changed as he wiped it, then looked back to you, “You goddamn bitch.”

He grabbed you by your shirt collar and threw you to the ground, giving you a swift kick, but it didn’t phase you, you tried your best to fight him back.

“She’s a fucking crazy one fellas. I think I’ll keep her for a while. Load her up, she’ll come with us.” He said calmly, as he rolled his shoulders.

“No!” Arat bellowed as she tried to fight her way out of the arms of the other men.

“What about this one?” Another man called out as he smiled, holding Arat back.

Randy took his gun back and without warning, let out a shot and it hit
Arat. She let out a pained grunt as she slid to the ground.

She had gotten hit somewhere in the chest.

You tried lunging out at Randy, cursing and crying as you did, trying to get ahold of him, you wanted to kill him more than ever.

“You motherfucker!” You yelled out as the rage coursed through you violently.

The men pulled you up before you could accomplish anything though, and no matter how much you fought, they were stronger than you.
All you could do is look back to Arat’s body as you were being drug away, with no idea where you were going to be taken, or if you were going to come back out alive.

Next thing you knew, you were handcuffed and thrown into the back of a van, you jerked your hands violently against the metal cuffs, tying your best to slip out of them.
You felt the dig in your skin as they began to cut into your flesh from pulling so hard, one of the men noticed and pushed you back into the side of the van wall, keeping an eye on you.

“The more you fight the worse it’s gonna be on you, bitch.” He growled as he pulled out a cigarette to light it.

You leaned back against the wall, knowing that there was nothing else you could do at that moment, you had to sit there as you were being taken away to who knows where.

You were stuck here with these fucking people and right now, you just wanted to be with Negan, atleast that way you’d be safe.
You should have never left that morning.

And with the way it was looking now, you weren’t going to see him again, and you might not even make it out alive if Randy decided to kill you.
There was no way you could defend yourself against his small army.

After a while, everything finally came to a stop as the man who was sitting in the back of the van finally opened up the back doors and hopped out, only to reach back in to drag you out of the truck, not even giving you a chance to get to your feet and with your hands cuffed you fell to the ground outside as he yanked you out.

“C'mon, keep the fuck up!” He said in a smart tone.

“You know that I fucking cant.” You growled back as you tried to get to your feet.

He grabbed you by the face suddenly and you tried pulling back, he looked you in the eye and you kept trying to pull back.
It reminded you too much of the way Negan would grab you when you caught an attitude and it was only okay when Negan didn’t it.

“Get your hands off me.” You growled.

“You got quite a damn mouth on you. I could think of a couple ways to fix it.” He said digging his hands into your cheeks.

You tried pulling back even harder from him.

Before anything else could happen, Randy appeared from around the van, he gave a loud whistle and the man immediately dropped your face from his grip.

“That’s enough, Mark.” Randy said, eyeing him intensely.

You glared back at Randy.

“But she’s being a bitch.” The man name Mark protested.

“So? Most females are.” Randy said, putting his hand on Mark’s shoulder to shoo him away from you.

He rolled his eyes and walked away before disappearing with everyone else.
Randy grabbed ahold of your cuffs and started to lead you to a small building.

It looked like you were at an old warehouse, it wasn’t very big, so that made you think maybe he didn’t have that many people behind him, which was good if it was the truth.

There was silence as he led you into a small shed like building next to the warehouse.

It was dark and had no windows.

He flipped a switched to turn on the lights inside.
There were bare stone walls on the inside and tile on the floor, he pushed you inside as he closed the door behind him, and leaned back against it.

You took in a breathe, “When are you gonna kill me?”

He snorted and shook his head, “Not right now, that’s for sure. What’s the point in outright killing you without making you suffer a little?”

You clenched your jaw and dropped your head, “How long have you been planning it?”

“Well, kidnapping you wasn’t the fucking plan, that’s for sure. I just wanted to outright attack the sanctuary, but I needed manpower for that.”

“Alexandria.” You said calmly.

“Yep. But I ended up just trading some guns with this weird fucker that was there. But how do you know about it?”

“Because I know.” You said plainly.

“And how the fuck do you know?”

You gave him an evil smile, “Because Negan and I killed off your old group. Vernon is the only one left and he’s suffering too, we kept him alive.”

“Too bad, but it really doesn’t make a difference now. I have you and once your ‘husband’ starts looking for you, I’ll have something to threaten him with: you.” He smiled, squinting his eyes to you.

“And what the fuck makes you think Negan would go for that?” You growled, balling your fists up in the cuffs.

Randy prowled over to you slowly, you back yourself into the wall as he got closer.

He put his face down next to yours and you turned away.

“Because (Y/N), you know Negan can’t stand to see someone else having playtime with one of his bitches.” He said moving a strand of hair from your face.

You snapped and head butted him as hard as you could, making him stumble back as he held onto his head, but caught himself before he fell.

“I’m getting real fucking tired of you, you fucking cunt!” He shouted venomously as he grabbed you by the throat and slammed you down into the ground.

You kicked at him as hard as you could, but we’re restricted greatly since you hands were still unusable.

He held onto your throat and squeezed.

“Stop, or I swear to God I’ll choke the fucking life out of you right here, right now.” He said, gritting his teeth as he pressed harder into your throat.

It reminded you of the first time he had tried to kill you with Amber, he had nearly choked you to death then, and with great protest, you decided to calm yourself and stop fighting back.

You laid there and panted as you looked up at him dangerously, wanting so desperately to be free and get your hands around his throat, wanting to choke him until you saw the light leave his eyes.

He brushed his hair back angrily as he stood up, his face was dripping sweat at the struggle you were putting up.

“Maybe you need some solitary. I was gonna be nice and take the cuffs off, but you can keep them on now.. Fucking bitch.” He said in a sharp tone as he opened the door to the outside and slammed it hard as he left.

You could hear him lock it from the outside as you slide yourself up against the wall and curled into the fetal postion.

Tears were trying to well up in your eyes and as much as you wanted to cry, you didnt.
You knew that now more than ever you had to stay strong if you were going to survive this.
Arat said there was no room for emotions and she was right.
You had to put all of that behind now and focus on surviving and how you could possibly get the hell out of here, or either die trying.

Either way, you weren’t going to give up, you weren’t going to let Randy win.
And no matter what Negan had done or said, you were still loyal to him and you knew you’d die before you let Randy have a shot at him.

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He Doesn’t Deserve to Own You – Part 2 (Part 1)

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

A/N: I don’t know why but I just really needed a part 2 to this one, enjoy! P.S. Sorry to any Spencer fans, I don’t know why but I really wanted Daryl to punch Spencer out.


It has been over a week since the incident with Spencer and subsequently since you and Daryl had been nearly inseparable, in every sense of the word. Ever since that night Daryl had stood up for you and had shown how he really felt about you, you thought about nothing and no one but Daryl. It was almost like the part of your life spent pining for Spencer was nothing more than a bad dream. No one could satisfy you like Daryl, something he proved every time he touched you, hell even every time he looked at you.

You watched from afar as Daryl helped load guns into the infirmary, his strong, sweaty muscles flexing with ever heavy object he moved, seemingly effortlessly. You watched Daryl from the street across the way, as you sat on a grassy spot within the courtyard, that looked just across from it. You licked your lips, feeling aroused just watching him do menial tasks.

Fuck. You have to stop this Y/N.People are bound to notice you can’t concentrate on anything but him. You complain to yourself in your head, but never break eye contact with the scene in front of you.

From the corner of your eye you see a familiar figure and tense a little as Spencer appears in front of you, seemingly going about his own business, walking across your view to the front gate. You do not break your eye contact with Daryl, on purpose, as to not even look or make contact with Spencer. You two had not spoken since the incident and you’d like to keep it that way.

You keep your gaze fixed as Spencer slows his steps and looks at you, expecting a reaction out of you. Don’t give him a damn minute. You think to yourself, keeping your gaze and mind focused on Daryl, who is about 50 yards ahead of you, unaware you are there and unaware of Spencer’s presence. If he had been aware, Daryl would have already been over here in his face, but your man was a hard worker and was focused on the task at hand.

After a moment or two you realized Spencer was not going to go anywhere until you gave him his reactions. You quickly snapped your head over to where he was standing, breaking your gaze with Daryl.

You looked at him annoyed. “What?” You said flatly and tried to stare through him with hatred.

You look at him and see his face is down trodden and irritated. He looks at you and then looks over at Daryl.

“That’s how it is huh?” Spencer scoffed angrily.

“Had I known you’d give it up for just anyone…. Maybe I was wrong about you.” He said angry, but with a glint of lust in his eyes.

You flatly roll your eyes and return your gaze.

“Go away, Spencer.” You say with little to no emotion in your voice.

“He must be one good fuck.” Spencer replies and walks over to me positioning his tall body, hovering over me, sitting in the grass. I look directly around him disgusted and trying to hold my composure, feeling sick to my stomach.

“I’m not interested Spencer, get the fuck away from me.” You say, more commanding this time.

He kneels down and puts his face nearly inches away from mine, I force myself to look into his eyes with flat determination.

“That’s not what you were saying last week baby…” He said thickly as he looked me up and down and licked his lips.

“I heard the way you fuck, I was wrong about you… Maybe I do want a taste.” He said, licking his lips again and staring at your breasts.

You fold your arms defensively and coldly look in his eyes.

“I’m fucking taken Spencer, get out of here before I have Daryl come over here.” You stare him down.

The mention of Daryl’s name triggers slight fear in him as he stands up and takes a step back, looking over to the infirmary again, double checking that Daryl had not spotted him. He smirks, watching Daryl go about his business.

“Daryl ain’t gonna be around all the time for you to hide behind Y/N… When he’s not, I bet I can make you feel that ache you once had for me again.” Spencer said winking sleazily and slightly grabbing his crouch.  You roll your eyes in disgust and try not to feel threatened, pulling your already crossed legs up, hugging them closer with your arms and pulling them closer to your chest, as to try and feel more protected.

“Fuck off, Spencer.” You spit back, staring straight ahead with determination.

“I’ll catch you later, Y/N.” He says cockily and stiffly walks away, to do who knows what or who. You don’t even look at him as he leaves, now staring solidly and determinedly at the tar road in front of you, trying not to give in to all the anger you are feeling.

Who the fuck does that douche think he is? You think angrily to yourself. Angry was better than fearful and you’d be damned if a piece of shit like that make you feel afraid. You were staring straight ahead, rocking back and forth, trying to hold on to your anger, when you were startled by a hand waving in front of your face. Your head snaps away from the scene that just took place and you realize that the hand is Daryl’s and he is trying to get your attention.

You look up at him, trying to shake your anger, and you smile up at him.

“Hey, you.” You smile happily, the moment your eyes meet his.

His loving gaze returns your own and he sits down beside you, bumping his shoulder to yours, slightly resting his head onto your shoulder for a moment before sitting back up and looking at you curiously.

“Everything alright?” Daryl asked, concerned at your odd behavior.

“Yeah.” You respond quickly and your eyes dart, for the first time, toward the asshole who made you upset in the first place.

Daryl follows your gaze and sees Spencer with his arm cocked up on the fence with Michelle pinned under it, a glint of lust in her eyes as she lifts her hips toward him. Spencer leans into whisper something into her ear and while doing this he turns his gaze and looks directly at you, thrusting his hips into Michelle a little more, putting on a show.

“Is he fucking serious?” Daryl asked, now enraged, as he began to try and stand up. Before he could you catch him and pull him back down, kneeling in front of him.

“He’s an ass, Daryl. Let it be. I got what I want.” You say seriously and force Daryl to focus back onto you and your eyes. Once your eyes meet his, he relaxes a little.

“Besides, the best thing we can do is show him exactly how much I have who and what I need.”

With this you straddle Daryl in broad daylight, in front of everyone, and begin to devour his lips. You put one of his hands on your ass, as the other caresses and pulls your hair, lightly. You moan as his lips move and swirl around your tongue in a fast and passionate motion. You take his other hand and put it on the other side of your ass, as you begin to gently ride him.

His lips leave your mouth and turn their attention to your sweet spot, just below your right earlobe, as he begins to suck on your neck. You shut your eyes sharply in pleasure, already so wet for him.

You turn in Spencer’s direction, as Daryl sucks you hard on your neck, you look at Spencer and moan out loud as your man engulfs your sweet spot. Spencer winces in pained anger and you turn back to Daryl and moan into his ear.

“Baby. I need you so much. You’re the only one I need. You know that right?” You say as you force him off your neck, to look deeply into your eyes. He nods quickly as you feel him harden underneath you. You smile at him and kiss him roughly one more time.

“We shouldn’t do this here. But I need you now, baby.” You seductively whisper in his ear as he growls quietly into your neck, in agreement.

Suddenly, his hands on both sides of your ass smack once more, really hard, as he puts you on the ground. He stands up and offers you his hand, you take it laughing a little, excited for what was to come. You stand and face him, with nothing but playful lust in your eyes, forgetting about everyone around you. You grab Daryl’s shoulder and jump onto his waist wrapping both legs around him as he catches you, bracing both of his strong arms under your ass as he holds you in his arms. You devour each others mouths longingly, as he walks you both down the street, somewhat blindly and staggering, towards his house. You laugh out loud in glee as he stumbles a little, breaking your kiss on his mouth and attacking his neck with your lips, so that he can see a little better as he carries you toward bliss.

You crash into his house as you had done how many times before since that first night, every moment you could get away, you did. He is still holding you in his arms, with your legs wrapped tightly around him as he pulls you directly in the living room and shoves you onto a small, but sturdy, nightstand table in the corner of the room. Your ass crashes down onto it, hard and you moan a little.

“Daryl! The door!” You giggle a little, in both excitement and worry.

He grunts in dismay and unwraps you from around his waist.

“Stay here.” He commands and goes running to shut and lock the door.

He slams it shut, locks it, and comes running back to you as you giggle even harder at his raw attraction. You open your legs up to him again, in his return to you.

His lips crash into yours harshly with a certain sense of immediacy. He really wanted you so bad right now. Your pussy got wet just thinking of how badly he wanted to be inside you, the feeling was mutual.

As he is passionately swirling his tongue around yours, you feel his hand trace down your cheek, jawline, collarbone, the side of your breast – where he stopped to massaged and flick your nipple, through your shirt a couple of times.

“Oh yeah, Baby!” You break your kiss, to cry out to him.

He smiles and pulls your hair back slightly, before crashing his mouth back into yours, fucking your tongue with his own.

His hand roughly traces and grabs down to your side, across your stomach, and down to your waistline. He shoves his hand eagerly down into your shorts, under your panties, and starts massaging your already soaking wet clit.

“Fuck, Y/N. You are so wet for me.” He says, breaking the kiss again long enough to stare into your eyes lustful and ready.

You stare back and whimper a little, having lost all control over your body. You arch into him, staring into his eyes intently.

“I am so ready for you baby.” You moan arching into him again, he pulls your hair back at the same time, and begins to devour your neck, harshly nibbling underneath your chin and all the way up to your earlobe. Once he is there he flicks it between his teeth and harshly sucks on the soft spot just below it, making you scream out his name in pleasure.

“Daryl!” You cry out in voluntarily.

He moans as your whole body arches into him.

He continues to trace your folds and circle your clit a few more times before shoving two fingers inside your pussy. You arch up in pleasure again.

“Oh my god, yes!” You cry out writhing into his hands.

His fingers start to pump into you slowly at first, but as you writhe he obeys and begins to fuck you faster with his fingers, all the while rubbing your clit with his thumb. His tongue sucks and licks into your sweet spot, pulling your earlobe into his mouth to flick it over and over with his tongue. He breathes purposefully heavily behind your ear as he harshly sucks on your flesh there, you moan over and over at the sensation.

You continue to pump yourself onto his hand, harder and harder, he pumps three fingers in, knowing you are about to cum.

Your head rockets back, hitting hard against the wall, but you couldn’t feel anything other than the ecstasy Daryl was showing you.

Daryl pumped his fingers in and out of you with such force you thought you’d cum so hard you’d shatter to pieces.

“Fuck yeah, baby, right there!” You cried out as he pumped his fingers into you harder and harder, making sure to hit your clit with his thumb every time you thrust onto his digits.

You erratically began to thrust faster and harder against him

“Cum for me baby.” Daryl growled into your ear, causing all the right vibrations to hit your body.

With his breath in your ear and his fingers fucking you just right, you thrust onto him, long and grueling onto your clit and came, hard.

“Yes… Daryl! Yes!!” You cried out as you cum around his fingers. Daryl pumped his fingers into you a few more times, deep, to make sure your pleasure was as long and lasting as it could be.

Once you came he removed his finger, licked his tongue up and down your neck, and growled in your ear.

“You are so damn sexy when you cum.” He says, removing his lips from you and backing away, he takes the three fingers that were in you and engulfs them in his mouth, licking you off him

“Mmmm.” He moans as he laps up your juices off his digits, closing his eyes.

You moan, already turned on again and begin playing with your breasts over your shirt, watching him lick his fingers. You stand up suddenly and strip off your shirt and shorts, leaving you in only your bra and panties.

Daryl’s attention turns back to you with lust in his eyes. You walk over to him and rip off his shirt, from the bottom of his abdomen, he lifts his arms in compliance, as you rip it off of his muscular body, throwing it to the floor. You then begin to unbutton his pants, suddenly in such a hurry to taste him. He chuckles a little as you drop to your knees, frustrated the fabric won’t give way as fast as you need it to. You finally get the jeans down past his hips and his big, hard cock pops out, fully erect.  You lick your lips at the site, but continue to help him pull off his jeans. He lifts one knee up at a time as you undress him as fast as you can and throw the frustrating fabric out of your way. You kneel before his magnificent naked body and before his huge cock. You had never been with anyone so well endowed and fuck did it feel good. You feel the urge to touch yourself at the sight of him, but try to focus on what you wanted to do for him.

You smile up at him, licking your lips, as you grab his cock in your hand. Never taking your eyes off him you guide it into your mouth, slowly teasing his tip, as your tongue swirls around and around in a fast motion.

Daryl’s head juts back at the sensation.

“Fuck yeah, Y/N!” He cries out uncontrollably, before returning his intent gaze on you sucking him off. You smile with his cock still in your mouth and begin to take as much of his shaft into your throat as you could, you bob up and down, throat fucking his huge cock, as you hear him moan in delight, only making you want to go deeper. He grabs your hair with his hand and roughly starts pushing you in and out of him harshly.

“Fuck yeah, baby.. oh yeah. That feels so good.” He cried out, as you suck him off, tasting his salty sweetness already.

He stops and pulls you out of his mouth. You look up at him with a lustful smile.

“Get back up there.” He orders nodding to the side table you had been perched on before.

You nod in agreement as you hop back on the small table against the living room wall.

He growls. He is so turned on right now and is ready to fuck the shit out of you. He crashes his mouth into you, and his hands roam down to unclip your bra, you help him and undo it completely, throwing it to the ground. Meanwhile Daryl struggles with your underwear, suddenly you cry out in pleasure as he smacks your ass hard and lifts it with one quick motion, tearing your panties of and throwing them behind him.

He groans in pleasure seeing how wet your pussy is.

As he runs his fingers slightly up and down your folds and encircles your wet clit, you arch up screaming in pleasure.

“Oh my god! Yes, please I need you inside me.” You cry out.

Suddenly, you feel him line his huge cock up to your center and slam it into your tight pussy. The side table slams against the wall in response, along with your ass.

“Fuck, yeah baby!” You cry out in pleasure.

He smiles at your response and thrusts into you just as hard again, and again, until all you can hear it the sound of the table slamming against the wall, in reaction to him slamming into your body and hitting your clit harder and harder, faster and faster.

You slam your hips back into his, in response, making the sensation even better. You cry out as loud as you ever have as he grabs your hips and smacks your ass a few times.

“Fuck yeah!” You cry out, causing him to smack you again.

His thrusts become long and hard as he fills all of you and hits your clit repeatedly, making sure to put as much pressure as he could onto it.

“Faster baby.” You cry out, longing to feel your release.

He obliges and fucks you faster and harder as your ass and the table slam into the wall so hard, you think it may break. You pull him closed to you and kiss him hard on the lips, so hard you thought you may draw blood.

You are bouncing up and down as his cock fucks you hard, you look at him as he stares intensely at you and your bouncing body, in all its glory. He leans down to take one of your nipples into his mouth, sucking on it passionately and harshly. You cry out in pure pleasure and press his head to your breasts, as he plays with them both for a minute, before coming back up to your mouth and crashing his lips against you again. He breaks the kiss and leads back, all the while staring into your eyes, while fucking you.

“Cum for me baby…” he commands as he pulls you closer and his hips push you nearly through the wall, roughly. He starts thrusting faster and faster onto your clit and you feel yourself close to climax.

“Yeah baby… just like that.. harder… faster… Yes! Yes! Yes!!!” You cry out as you cum hard onto his huge cock, you moan in so much pleasure you thought you might explode.

He thrusts become harder and erratic after he feels you cum around him and he fucks you into the wall, hard.

“Oh Fuck Y/N!!!” he cries out, thrusting his hips into you and into the wall, causing so much pleasurable pressure you both cry out again together, as he holds you into it and cums inside you.

He thrusts a couple more times as you moan in happiness and then slips out of you, kissing your forehead sloppily.

You look up at him with satisfied, yet still lustful eyes, and pull his mouth to yours for one more long passionate kiss. He rests his head on your shoulder’s tired out and you kiss his forehead tenderly. You unwrap your legs and let them dangle below the side table. Daryl growls satisfied into you.

“That was fucking amazing, baby.” He said.

“You are fucking amazing, baby.” You smile and he looks up at you with serious eyes, only to begin to devour your mouth, yet again.


Later that evening, after a couple more rounds with each other, and one exhausted nap, you both emerge again from the house to walk down the street to where everyone was having dinner. It was easier to ration dinner when everyone ate together. So it had become normal for everyone in the town to all gather together when it was time.

Daryl grabbed your hand into his and you both walked satisfied, side-by-side, toward the smell of the food and the sound of the laughter. You rested your head on Daryl’s shoulder as you sighed happily and continued on your way.

You both sat down, by Carol, Rick, and Michonne, and laughed and talked all through the unmemorable meal. Daryl noticed Spencer staring at you both, yet again, from down the table. He scoffed angrily, as his blood again began to boil. That boy is getting on my nerves. Daryl thought to himself. You did not notice, as you were focused on a story Rick was telling.

Daryl noticed Spencer slip away, and Daryl kissed you on the forehead and excused himself for a moment. You smiled happily at the feel of his lips on your forehead, closing your eyes for a moment, as if to take the sense in as deep as you could. You hear Rick chuckle a little and your eyes snapped back open, forgetting you were not alone. You laugh and smile at him, in response.

“Shut up.” You say playfully and watch your man saunter of, with that stride that you loved so much.

“I didn’t say a word.” Rick laughed playfully, raising his arms in the air, smirking.

Daryl followed Spencer down the street, he appeared to be headed toward his house. Spencer stops in his own yard and is about to walk up the stairs to his home, when he feels a hand suddenly on his shoulder, that whips him around. Bam! He feels a fist ram straight into his jaw, hard, and he falls to the ground. Bam! He gets hit once more, this time on the eye, as he is laying there trying to regain his senses.

Suddenly, Spencer sees Daryl get up from the ground, staggering back, and breathing heavily, his chest pumping up and down with adrenaline, and hate in his eyes.

“Don’t know what the fuck is your problem, but ya need to stop staring at my girl. She is mine and she doesn’t want anything to do with your piece of shit ass.” Daryl growled loudly and paced back and forth a little, trying to restrain himself from hitting him anymore, like he desperately wanted to.

“I hear that you even look at her wrong, let alone make her feel uncomfortable again, I will end you.” He says dead serious. Spencer crawls back on the grass, clutching his eye in pain and look at Daryl in fear.

“Okay.” He hands go up. “Got the message loud and clear, she’s yours.” He says backpedaling until he finds the stairs to his porch. He sits on the first step clutching his eye.

Daryl strides over and puts his face inches from Spencer’s, looking intently at him.

“I fucking mean it. Stay the fuck away from her. I won’t tell you again.” He says matter-of-factly, waiting for Spencer to nod, before removing his face from Spencer’s and quickly striding off back toward the dinner party.

Daryl sits back down next to you, his chest huffing up and down as the adrenaline begins to subside from his body. You notice and look over at him worriedly, you never like to see him worked up like that.

“Everything okay?” You ask a little worried.

Daryl takes a deep breath and calms his breathing, looking at you with nothing but love and admiration in his eyes.

“Everything is just fine, baby.” He says in soft tone, one that contradicts his earlier behavior, but you melt into him anyway.

He rests his forehead against yours for a moment and smiles at you, pulling you into a soft, gentle kiss. He pulls away, kisses you on your forehead and turns back to finish his meal, grabbing your hand into his under the table.

Imagine Anthony teasing Chris about you.

You stood at a distance while a reporter from ET interviewed Chris and Anthony; they were the first pair to be interviewed in-between filming. You’d just finish your scene with Sebastian and decided to crash their interview. You could’ve waited for yours, but your interview buddy- Sebastian was still busy going over the scene you’d just filmed with Anthony and Joe; he was going to be a while.

ET reps had actually encouraged the cast to crash each others’ interviews as they wanted to portray the candid relationships and chemistry between cast members; Marvel casts had a lot of that. They particularly wanted you to crash Chris’ interview as all your fans enjoyed seeing the two of you together; as the only married co-stars on set, everyone loved your chemistry.

“Uh uh,” Anthony spotted you walking over and a cheeky grin spread across his face. Chris turned around and smiled when he saw you; you immediately smiled back. “You can just stop the interview right now, no way my boy is going to be able to concentrate with his pretty lady around.”

“Shut up,” Chris chuckled, wrapping an arm around you as you joined his side. “How’d it go?” He asked you and you nodded, smiling. “Nailed it as always?” He smirked, making you laugh. “That’s my girl,” he pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head.

“See what I mean?” Anthony gestured to the two of you; you’d both completely forgotten you were in the presence of others and a camera. “I mean-” he winked at the both of you and you both smiled. “They’re super cute, don’t get me wrong. But we can never get any work done when they’re in the room together, very distracting couple.”

Chris scoffed then chuckled, “that’s rich coming from you, Mackie.”

“Yeah,” you agreed with a giggle, making Anthony roll his eyes. “You’re the one known for dropping the productivity rate by ten percent.” Everyone laughed when you childishly stuck your tongue out at Anthony, who was doing the same back at you.

“Boom, take that to the bank,” Chris egged on, pulling you closer to him.

“See what I have to put up with?” Anthony addressed the reporter, trying not to laugh. “Now that they’re married, they’re constantly backing each other up. You can’t get away with anything anymore, not around them anyway.” You and Chris laughed, nodding when the reporter turned to the both of you for confirmation. “I can’t even play pranks on them anymore, ‘cause one is always giving the other a heads up.”

“Aw,” you pouted mockingly and laughter increased. “Poor Mackie.” He shook his head at you, biting back his smile. “Tell you what, the next time you want to play a prank on Chris- I promise I won’t stand in the way.” Chris scoffed and chuckled simultaneously. “Sorry, baby,” you turned to him and patted his cheek. “But sometimes you gotta take one for the team.”

“Yes!” Anthony fist pumped. “I got a good one on the back burner, Seb and I have been planning it for months now.” Chris shook his head with a soft chuckle whereas you laughed. “I promise it’s nothing that will ruin your husband’s good looks.”

“It better not be,” you warned playfully. “Other than his good looks, what does he have?” You teased him, poking his side. “Stop,” you laughed and squirmed when Chris nuzzled his face into your neck, pretending to bite you.

“Oh God,” Anthony groaned, feigning annoyance though he loved seeing how happy his two best friends were together. “Both of you stop, this is a professional interview.” You and Chris both laughed softly, turning back to the reporter who looked perfectly fine with the candidness of your interaction. “You have no idea how much Chris loves Y/N, he has been all smiles and heart eyes since the day she walked into his life. We all thought things would simmer once they got married, but we were so wrong.”

“The two of you are very cute together,” the reporter told you and Chris; you both smiled. “I’m sure the fans will be very happy with this interview. Probably not the ones who want to be with either of you, but- majority of them will be.”

“I’ll tell you what will make the fans happy, me included,” Anthony gestured to himself with his thumbs, his cheeky grin had returned. “The two of them having children.” He said and both you and Chris shook your head at him with wide eyes. The last time he brought up babies, the two of you were placed under baby watch and bombarded with a thousand questions on when it would happen; it was not fun. “I mean how cute would a little Evans/Y/L/N baby be? With Chris’ eyes and Y/N’s cheekbones, that baby will come out with a modeling contract.”

“Seriously, Mackie?” You chuckled. “Did you not learn from the last time?”

“Oops,” he pressed his lips together, not a hint of guilt or regret in his eyes.

“Get out of here,” Chris waved him off, laughing. “Go have babies of your own.”

“In all seriousness,” the reporter saw it as an opportunity to ask the question many have been wanting an answer to for a while now. “Are the two of you planning to have children any time soon?” You and Chris looked at each other, sharing a smile. “You’ve both spoken about how family is important to you, is a child on the way?”

“Oh God, please yes.” Anthony muttered under his breath; you and Chris laughed. “Sorry,” he looked at both of you, acting a lot more innocent than he actually was. “Did I say that out loud? How embarrassing,” he said with a small smirk.

“We’re definitely thinking about kids, yes,” you answered with a nod. “We both agreed we’d wait until our contracts with Marvel are over so we can take some time off and um-” You trailed off, chuckling; there was no way you were going to say what you almost said on live TV. Anthony, of course, had no filter.

“Have at it?” Anthony smirked.

“Oh my God,” you laughed. “Mackie!”

“I’m going to kill you,” Chris laughed, shoving him from the frame.

“That’s Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, and Y/N Y/L/N,” the reporter addressed the camera, trying not to laugh at the three of you play fighting in the background. “We’ll be back later with Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Olsen, and Jeremy Renner.”

AN: Hello, I am so glad to write another imagine about Wanda! I really connect with this prompt closely, and I’ll explain at the end (so that I don’t bore you guys in the beginning XD), so feel free to read the bit at the end if you want :). I want to thank the anon who sent this in, thank you! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Wanda X Reader

Prompt: could you possibly write a wanda x reader one shot? there aren’t any of those and i feel like she needs some (: could be able any, but it could be like the reader thinks that she’s straight until she meets Wanda and keeps thinking about being intimate with her and Wanda catches the reader thinking those things and addresses her? idk you could play around with it xx thank you! p.s I know requests are closed so I don’t expect you to do this one right away, whenever you have time you can write it:)

Warning: Some suggestive themes and such. 



With your knees pulled up to your chin and your arms wrapped around them, you watched as the sun set behind the grassy hills and fields of crops. It wasn’t often that you got to witness such a beautiful sight, at least not like that. Normally, the city skyscrapers and flashing lights from the streets below you ruined the sunset. That was one of the downsides of living with the Avengers, New York City (though it was a great place) robbed you of the natural beauties that you had come to love.

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Helpline - Stuart imagine

a/n: this is associated with the movie internship, but like, for the ones who haven’t seen it - there was a scene where the interns were on the gmail help line, they helped people with gmail problems so it about that :)

storyline: girl (reader) mistakes the suicide support number for the gmail support number and it’s stuart answering

characters: reader; Stuart from internship

warnings: talking of suicide; crying (???)

“And the helpline starts.. right now.” The boss said. Stuart turned around to face his computer and put his headphones with the microphone on his head. He sighed as he heard the first person calling.

“Google support, hello?” He spoke. At first he didn’t hear anything, which made his eyebrows furrow. Then he heard an almost audible sob. “Hello?”

“I-Is this the suicide h-hotline?” A soft girl’s voice asked. Was she crying? Stuart thought. Suicide hotline?

“No, this is the Google Support number.” Stuart then confidently replied.

“Oh, I-I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to bother. I just got the wrong number, sorry,” the girl rambled, wanting to hit the button to end the call. But Stuart acted quicker. “I’ll just, goodb-”

“No, no, don’t leave.” Stuart rushed, without knowing why he stopped the girl. from ending the call. “Stay here.”

“Uhm, I-I, no. I don’t want to bother. Wh-”

“Just, just don’t end the call. Okay?” Stuart said. If the girl was looking for the suicide hotline, she wanted help. So maybe Stuart could talk to her.

“O-okay.” The girl answered and sniffed. There was silence between them, when stuart decided to ask the girl something. Come on, just ask her something, Stuart.

“What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” The girl replied, her voice still sounding like she was/had been crying.

“Okay. I’m Stuart. Were you looking for the suicide hotline?”

“Yeah…” Y/N said with shame in her voice.

“Why? Is something wrong?”

“Must be. Look, you’re not the person I should tell those things to, after all, you’re from Google Support. I should call the real suicide hotline.”

“You said you’d stay, remember? And I know that maybe I’m not the right guy to talk to, but something seemed to bother you. Wasn’t that why you were crying? You can talk to me. I promise, I won’t tell anybody. Not that I have anybody to tell.”

“Alright. I will tell you. But please don’t tell anybody.”

“Of course, yeah. So, if you wanted to call suicide hotline, you want help.”


“What do you need help for? Is there someone bothering you? Or something?”

“Well… I’m g-getting bullied at school ever since my… sister and best friend d-died.” Stuart listened. Bullying is the worst. “It’s these two girls named.. let’s name them Queen Bee and Becky. They’re the bullies.”

“How exactly do they… bully you? How long?”

“Well, they have always bullied me, but it got worse a few weeks ago. I mean, it’s already very hard for me. My two best friends died… Can’t they see it’s horrible? And now they bully me, throw things at me, call me names..”

“And why does it bother you?”

“Because it’s true what they say!” Y/N’s voice started trembling. “It’s true that I’m worthless, fat, ugly and a loser. Nobody loves me.” She started crying again. “Nobody needs me. There’s no point of me in this world! That’s why I took all the pills in the house.” Stuart thought he mis-heard the girl.


“You know, medication. I want to take them so bad, but I know-” Stuart heard the girl burst out crying with loud sobs. This is really awkward, Stuart thought, poor girl.

“Hey, shh, calm down,” Stuart cooed. “Don’t cry, please don’t cry.” Y/N still cried, but it lessened slowly, in a couple of second-tenths. Now she was only sobbing. “Do you really want to take them?”

“Y-Yes, but I know it would be wrong. So I-I decided to call the number…”

“Good thing you called, otherwise we would lose another beautiful person in the world.”

“I’m not beautiful. You haven’t even seen me.”

“I know I have never seen you. But I know that you’re beautiful. Every one is. You shouldn’t listen to those girls, or anyone else who says something bad about you. Many people are insecure, many people are being bullied. And I know how it is, I’ve been there. I’m telling you, killing yourself is an option, but not yours.” Stuart paused. “Not today. Not ever. Don’t ever think about it. Think about what you’ll miss. It’s not an available option, alright? This isn’t the worst yet.” He finished, not believing he was actually saying stuff like this to someone. Stuart was usually the quiet, smart guy in class or any other place.

“Do you still want to do it?” He asked after there was silence.

“Kind of, but not really.” Y/N said, wiping off her tears.

“That’s better.”

“You helped me, Stuart. It really means a lot.” She said. “Thank you for the kind words, they’re the best I’ve heard in my life.” Y/N wiped the new tears. “You’re making me cry.” Stuart quietly chuckled at her cuteness.

“Always welcome.” He said “Would you need my help another time?”

“I think so.”

“Well, then - you can’t call this number, because it’s the helpline of Google, so I’ll give you my number to write down. Anytime you need something or just want to talk, tell me.”

“Okay.” Y/N agreed. Stuart dictated the numbers to the girl. She thought she had find a savior for her. Someone who finally cared. Someone who understood, someone who helped. Sure, her best friend and sister were helping, but they were gone now. Y/N was practically alone. Until today.

“So, Y/N. I hope you’re alright and I hope you will be.”

“Thank you, Stuart.”

“Remember, if anything happens - let me know.” 

“Of course.”

“Throw those pills back from where you took them, take care of yourself.”

“I will.”

“Okay, Y/N. Have a good day.” Stuart said, smiling.

“You too.” The girl said and ended the call with a small smile on her lips.

Stuart was smirking when he heard the boss yell:

“Time’s up. Let’s see your results.” He was looking at Stuart’s conversation, Stuart was blushing. He spent all his time talking to Y/N, who wanted to commit suicide.

“I see Stuart here was having a good chat.” The boss said. He had never liked Stuart. The boy stood up and walked up to the boss’ table.

“Well…” Stuart trailed off with a smug smirk, “I saved a person’s life. But you all,” Stuart turned around to all his colleges and pointed at them, “saved some nudes from leaking.” The boss chuckled, but you couldn’t deny the fact he was a little bit pissed off.

Stuart quickly made his way out of the room, chuckling and thinking of the coffee and muffins he was gonna eat just a few minutes later.

**Author’s note: this is my first one shot EVER so please be kind and if you enjoy it feel free to follow :-)**

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday of the year. The pumpkin carving, the decorating, and the excuse to eat junk food for an entire night all bring back great memories of my childhood. Even the Halloween movie specials they play on TV get me excited. One movie in particular, though, exceeds the others as my all-time favorite movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas. Reason being because the two love interests, Jack and Sally. I can relate to Sally’s song about longing for her love to notice her. In the end, when Jack and Sally unite, it gives me hope for my current situation with Dan. We were great friends, but it always seemed like he was too preoccupied with other things to realize what I felt for him.

Regardless, I still loved hanging out with him, which is why we had a Friday movie night watching The Nightmare Before Christmas to get into the festive mood.

“Y/N?” Dan said, trying to get my attention.

“What,” I said hastily, completely invested in the Christmastown scene. “I had an idea for Halloween…” Dan continued slowly. “Mhm, okay, what is it?” I turned to look back at him for only a second before returning my glance to the TV screen.

“Well,” he started, “I thought that- since you love this film so much- maybe we could, I don’t know, go as Jack and Sally to Zoe’s Halloween party?”

I turned around, fully averting my attention to him. Did I just hear him right? Did he really want to go as Jack and Sally with me? “What?” I said in confused astonishment. “Never mind, it was a dumb idea. “ He dismissed, shaking his head and looking down at his lap. “No, no! I do want to go!” I said eagerly. “Really? I really want to, but only if you do.” He wanted to confirm. “Of course I want to go with you.” I reassured him. A smile spread across his face, and he chuckled a little bit before saying, “Alright then. Let’s go as Jack and Sally.” For the first time, I was unable to focus on the movie; I was just too damn jittery with excitement.

The following week, after purchasing our costumes, it was finally Halloween. I put on my makeup and stitches, braided random strands of red yarn into my hair, and slid into my Sally dress.

Driving over to Dan’s house was the longest drive of my life. I had so many emotions running through my chest and stomach. Nervousness, excitement, bewilderment, and most of all, hope. Hoping that I looked good. Hoping that he’d notice me like Jack noticed Sally. Hoping that tonight would be like a magical night in Halloween Town.

I hopped up the stairs to the door of his flat and knocked. A few seconds later, I heard the fumbling of locks being unturned, and then the door opened to Dan, donned in his Jack Skellington attire. He looked undeniably handsome.

“Oh, my god, you look amazing!” I said, feeling butterflies in my stomach. “No,” he marveled, seemingly stunned, “YOU look amazing.” We both stood there staring at each other’s costumes. I waited a couple of seconds before jokingly murmuring, “Well, are you going to invite me in?” Dan laughed. “Right, sorry.”

As we walked into the lounge room, I noticed he didn’t have any of his skeleton makeup on his face. “Did I interrupt you getting ready? I can wait while you do your face makeup. I said apologetically. “Actually, since I’m shit at doing makeup, I was hoping you could do it for me.” He shyly responded. “Oh, sure, let’s go ahead and start that so we won’t be late.” I suggested.

We went to the bathroom, and Dan pulled a palette of face paint out of the drawer. The space was kind of tight, so I had Dan sit on the toilet to refrain from taking up too much room around the sink. I picked up a sponge applicator and dipped it into the white paint. I stepped closer to him, and reached up to move his fringe out of the way. When I pushed his hair back, he stared into my eyes. If I had the courage to stare back, I don’t think I’d be able to control what I’d do once I lost myself in his eyes. To steer clear of losing my composure, I tried to focus on applying his makeup.

As I was carefully painting his face, his gaze didn’t leave me. It was almost as if he was TRYING to make me uncomfortable.

Once I finished with the white, I picked up a smaller applicator and dipped it in black. “Okay,” I said, “I’m going to do your eyes now. I need you to keep them closed.” He obliged. I put my hand under his chin, and tilted his head up. It took all of my will power to not lean down to kiss him. I wish I had re-evaluated the option to do his makeup; if I had known how close we would be to each other’s faces, I would’ve refused.

After completing the eyes, I quickly etched the skull teeth going from the corners of his mouth to the middle of his cheeks. Finally, I put down the tool, and stepped back to admire my work. Jesus Christ. Seeing Dan like this was almost too much to handle. “You’re finished?” He asked. “Yeah, come take a look in the mirror.” He stood up and walked towards the mirror. Once he saw himself, he let out a laugh, and stared at himself in disbelief. “This is awesome,” he mumbled, “Let’s go ahead and leave for the party.”

Walking into the party, he grabbed my hand and directed us through the crowd. I was caught off guard in the best way possible. When we stopped, I looked forward to see Zoe in a cat costume and Louise in a witch’s hat.

“Dan! (Y/N)! You guys look so adorable!” Zoe said while embracing us in a greeting hug. “I didn’t know you two started dating!” Louise exclaimed, unaware of the true situation. I froze in embarrassment. Dan and I just side-eyed each other to see who would speak first. Dan broke the silence, stating, “We’re not dating, we just came as friends.”

My smile faltered for a split second. Although I knew it to be true, it was still painful to hear it out loud. I let go of his hand. “I’m going to get a drink. Do you guys want anything?” I asked, only glancing at Louise and Zoe. “We’re fine,” they responded. I nodded and walked towards the bar. I needed some alcohol pronto.

For the rest of the night, I tried to distance myself from Dan as best I could. I couldn’t let the truth of the matter get to me tonight. I didn’t want to spoil my favorite holiday for myself. As more and more party guests came in, I found it hard to get some space on the dance floor, so I went outside to catch a breath of fresh air. To my surprise, Dan was outside as well. I guessed I couldn’t run from my feelings for much longer.

“Hey,” I said as I walked up to him. “Oh, hey,” he said back, looking up at the starry sky. We stood by each other in silence for a few minutes until he spoke again. “(Y/N), why have you been avoiding me this entire night?”

My stomach dropped. I really didn’t expect him to notice my absence. “What do you mean?” I said dubiously. “You know exactly what I mean.” He said bluntly. I knew at that point he wasn’t messing around. I had been caught. “The honest truth?” I proposed. “The honest truth.” He affirmed.

I took a deep breath. “Well,” I began, “the reason that I’ve been running from you is because of what you said earlier. Okay, I get it that we’re not actually a couple, and I’m totally fine with that, except… I’m not. I’ve liked you for a really long time now and I hate that you haven’t noticed me after all this time.” After admitting my feelings, I felt a weight lift off of my chest, but it was soon replaced with a feeling of anticipation for what Dan might say next. But, instead of saying anything at all, he just laughed.

“What the hell.” I barked, infuriated that my confession was a joke to him. I started to stomp away, but he caught my arm and twirled me around to face him. Our faces were only a few inches away from each other. My breath hitched.

“I’m not laughing at you,” Dan insisted, still smiling, “I just find it funny that you haven’t noticed me either.”

I searched his eyes for a tell-tale sign of lying, but I didn’t find anything. It left me with a deep wonderment for him and the position we were in. “So you’re telling me you’ve felt the same way this entire time?” I inquired. “God, yes. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you when you came over before the party. Couldn’t you tell?” I giggled while covering my face with my hands. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening, it was so surreal. I felt Dan’s hands hold mine and pull them away from my cheeks. He then returned his hands to my face, cradling me.

I looked up into his eyes. His beautiful, enchanting eyes. I now was able to lose control without fear of getting rejected. “Hey, (Y/N)?” He whispered. “Yeah…” I whispered back, trying to stay in the moment. “For it is plain as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.” He quoted the final lines of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It made my heart turn to mush. “We’re simply meant to be,” I quoted back, before kissing him gently.

Not entirely sure how I feel about this one. My knowledge of Thor’s character is limited - I have watched the Thor films but I wasn’t actually paying attention (not that I’ll complain about re-watching them I’m sure). This request was made by @hawkmarta and @connor-say-what who I hope will enjoy it, not to mention the sick!reader one that is scheduled to be written soon. Until then, enjoy my darlings!

Prompt: Heey,i wanted to know,if it’s too much if i ask a x reader about Thor?Please? 

“A New Beginning”

Being Nick Fury’s niece was no picnic. When your parents had died in a car crash, you were 16 – but even then the shock had hit you hard. Your uncle adopted you hesitantly, not believing himself to have the most suitable of lives for a family, but you made it work. At first you wanted to be independent, shutting Fury out and throwing yourself into your schoolwork. He was only too happy to oblige this as it meant you were in less danger.

However the occurrence of the Christmas holidays forced you to spend time with each other and quickly you began to come out of your shell. Together you were able to begin a healing process, he for you and vice versa. The problem it presented was duly forgotten.

Until at the age of 21, you were taken hostage and it was only through Thor’s interference that you escaped the ordeal. Unfortunately it destroyed your newly found confidence and sent you reeling back. Your books once again became your coping mechanism and you would spend many nights lying awake and reading for fear of the nightmares that plagued your slumber.

As a result, you were also an early riser. The clock flashed 4:31 when you woke up panting. After staring at the ceiling for another hour, you gave up and slipped out of bed. You showered and made your way to the kitchen of your apartment where you made your breakfast in blissful silence, watching the sun come up.

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My choice for fifth place is the story ‘Receipts’ by @surlybobbies!

I can always appreciate a good Dean/Cas finally getting together in canon!verse fic, and this is totally something Cas would do. Really sweet and well written!

I don’t follow you yet, so you’ll get a follow back as a bonus! Congratulations, and everyone should go check out your writing because I saw some lovely things there! 

Dean walks into Cas’s room, holding his phone to his ear. “How the hell am I supposed to know where you put it, Cas? I’m never in your room, which, can I just say, is a goddamn pigsty - “

As he listens to Cas’s slightly indignant reply, he wanders over to Cas’s desk, where rumpled pieces of paper litter the surface in a semicircle. Out of curiosity, he picks one up. It’s a receipt dated a few months ago for two bacon cheeseburgers at some diner in Minnesota. Dean shifts his phone from his ear and places it on speaker.  

“-be right near the lamp on my bedside table - “

“Hey, Cas?”

“Did you find it?”

“Nah, but uh - why do you have so many old receipts?”

There’s silence.

“Cas? You still there?”

On the line, someone clears his throat. “Uh, yes. I’m still here.”

“So? The receipts? I mean, it’s cool, but it doesn’t really make sense. We’re not exactly paying taxes, buddy.”

There’s another pause, just a little too long to be innocent. Finally, Cas says, “No reason. Now, can you please look for my cell phone? Sam says you’re a waste of his minutes.”

“Tell him he’s an asshole,” Dean says, rolling his eyes. “I’ll text him if I find it.”

Cas hangs up. Dean pockets his phone and casts an eye over the messy desk, where still more receipts are spread out. Something compels him to pick up another one, cleaner and less rumpled than the rest. It’s only a few weeks old, from a diner Dean and Cas visited on the way back from a particularly rough hunt. Two more burgers, two cokes, and one slice of apple pie. Dean smiles. Cas had ordered him the apple pie.

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TITLE: Not My Type

IMAGINE: Being the female version of Tony and taking a fancy towards Steve. 

“Love is a funny thing. It’s as if you spend your whole life waiting for it, and then, when it finally happens, everything just sort of falls into place. You don’t have to question it or second guess it. It just feels… right.”

[gif is not mine] guys! civil war comes out tonight and i am so freaking excited, expect lots of emotion from me. 

The music flowed but was the background noise of every conversation except one. Steve Rogers sat down on the sofa watching the scene in front of him as if it were a movie.  He felt his heart skip a beat when he saw her smile at him. It took so long to get to where they were now, so long, but if he could go back and change anything he wouldn’t.

Steve thought back to the night when he first saw her. He didn’t like her when they first encountered, of course it was mainly because she was the exact copy of Tony only in a female form. He saw her there standing with what seemed like to be a male model, him fawning over her in her ludicrous outfit. Except it wasn’t ludicrous. It was beautiful and it made him feel things about a woman he has never felt before.

“This is (Y/N), my better half,” Tony introduced the woman in his arms to the Avengers that were standing in front of them.

“That I am Tony and never forget that,” she gave him a cheeky wink, her voice tinted with an English accent. “It’s nice to meet all of you in person, big fan,” she gave a thumbs up. She looked at each of them, paying a special attention to one Steve Rogers. “Very big fan,” she bit her lip. However her eyes did not stay on them, she was rather distracted by a man walking past who looked at her appreciatively. “I must go,” she removed her arm from Tony’s elbow, “so sorry.”

They watched her walk away and moved towards the man, “She’s like a female you Tony,” Clint barked out.

Steve scoffed, “If that’s the case then no thanks,” Tony snapped his neck to face Steve.

“Watch your mouth boy, that’s my best friend you’re talking about.” Tony glared at him once more and walked away to find Pepper.

The Avengers soon dispersed, Steve staying by the bar, watching rather than participating. He saw (Y/N) flirt unabashed with the man, something stirred inside of him. Steve shook his head, it was not jealousy, he only met her and she wasn’t the type to catch his eye anyway. (Y/N) caught his eye and she gave him a soft smile, not a smirk like she gave everybody else. Steve refused to believe that he flushed nor that his heart skip a beat.

It was all downhill after that for Steve. She stayed with them for what seemed like years, when in reality it was only four months. And in those four months he felt things for (Y/N) he never managed to feel for anyone before. However, Steve’s hopes were dashed with every man he saw her with.

He tried dating of course, with people like Sharon. She was perfect for him but that was the thing it was so simple and easy, it did not feel like he was in love. He was too engrossed in their relationship –to try and salvage it, that he never saw (Y/N) watching them like a hawk, envy written on her face.

Tony walked to where (Y/N) was standing in the middle of the room, “You know only crazy people stand in the middle of the room doing nothing.”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, “Then I might be as barmy as a farm-house cat.”


“Never you mind,” (Y/N) sighed and walked over to the bench. “Are they dating?”

Tony scrunched his face, “Who?”

“Steve and Sharon,” she ignored Tony’s reaction, “I just want to know.”

“Do you like him?”

(Y/N) scoffed at the idea, “Yes, the great (Y/N) fancies Mr Morals,” she sneered, “please, like I would ever subdue myself to that.”

“(Y/N),” Tony warned.


“They’re not right for each other,” was all Tony said about the matter. (Y/N) couldn’t help but feel light after those words.

It was two weeks after that conversation that Sharon and Steve broke up amicably. (Y/N) walked up to Steve to offer her condolences and offered to take him out for pie.

“There’s this great pie shop in Brooklyn that makes the most delicious cherry pies you have ever eaten!” (Y/N) gushed as she pulled on Steve’s arm.

“Would that be Papa’s Pies?”

(Y/N) laughed, “You know it?”

“I was there when it was established,”

“Are you serious?”

Steve laughed and nodded, “Hey, do you think there would be a special deal then? Considering you were there when it was first built and the fact that you’re a senior citizen?” At Steve’s stare (Y/N) couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “I’m only kidding,” she shrugged “now come on! I want pie!” She tugged on his arm and off they went out the door, memories of Sharon and his relationship buried at the bottom of his mind.

It was by far the best night that Steve ever had. It was filled with laughter, pies and the fact is he couldn’t help but falling in love with (Y/N) that night and every single moment he saw her after that. What Steve never knew was, (Y/N) felt the same things as him.

Steve was brought out of his musings as he saw (Y/N) walking towards him, “It’s quite loud for me here, would you like to come away with me?” At Steve’s silence (Y/N) spoke again, “You don’t have to if you don’t want.”

“I agree with you let’s go,” he offered her his arm which she gladly took. (Y/N) walked them to one of the more silent rooms upstairs, where they usually gathered when they watched a movie.

She sat down on the couch and Steve followed suit. (Y/N) looked at Steve and wondered how this one person can change her in so many ways, change how she usually did things. Gone were the men that she brought home, she noticed that after meeting Steve that she only ever pursued blonde men. The men, she realized were a poor substitute for the real thing. But how could he ever love her?

(Y/N) shook her head and walked to the sliding door and opened it and welcomed the fresh air that it brought. Steve followed suit in concern. “(Y/N)?”

“What are you doing to me?” There was no anger in her voice, just a general query, she laughed. “You’re turning me into a good person,” she looked at him, “I like it.” She gave him a small smile. “I like you.” She added after a moment’s silence.


“I know that you probably don’t feel the same way that I do, I mean why would you? I’m basically Tony,” she scoffed, “but I change for you. If you want, I will do anything to prove to you that I genuinely am in love with you.” It only took a second for (Y/N) to realize what she said, “Oh fuck,” she looked at Steve who was staring at her fondly.

“Don’t ever change who you are, I fell in love with the person I first saw and I would never, ever want you to change, because then you would change into a person that I don’t know.” Steve reached for her hand, “Tony once told me something important, and now I realize.” (Y/N) furrowed her brows. “Never you mind it,” he moved forward and kissed her passionately.

Tony walked over to Steve who was staring out to the skies, “She does this funny thing you know? When she likes someone, I mean truly like someone or maybe love them. She focuses on him and only him. Don’t give up hope yet Cap, she’s stubborn but she’s also forward, she’ll tell you when she’s ready, just be patient.”

Steve woke up to rays of sunshine, he tried to move however was unable to when he felt a lump beside him. He looked over and saw that it was (Y/N). He smiled widely remembering what occurred last night. He was brought out of his reverie by someone clearing their throat. Steve turned his head and saw that it was Tony, folded arms and furrowed brows.

“Care to explain?”

“Nothing happened, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Tony nodded. “She’s like a sister to me. Hurt her and I’ll punch you in your perfect teeth, got it Cap?” Steve nodded and Tony left the room.

A moment later (Y/N) woke up, “Hey,” she greeted, kissing him lightly on the lips. “Now this is how I want to start my mornings.”

“Oh really?”

(Y/N) nodded. This is how I want to start my mornings for the rest of my life. What (Y/N) didn’t know was Steve was thinking the exact same thing. He shrugged mentally, baby steps he admonished to himself. He could be patient if marrying and spending the rest of his life with (Y/N) was the goal.

I’ve been re-reading Pride and Prejudice, and I can’t help but think how perfectly this song suits Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship too. Anyway, the obvious choice for this piece was Bruce but I worried immediately that it would be too cliché as a result. Nonetheless, I tried to keep the cheesiness to a minimum – let me know if I failed in that goal anywhere. This piece is based around the cover of “Tale As Old As Time” by Alex Goot as requested by jamesbuckyfuckingbarnes. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt:  I’ve been listening to the cover of tale as old as time by Alex Goot like non stop, its just so beautiful :P I was wondering if i could have a bruce or bucky and reader based off the song?

“Tale As Old As Time”

It was one of Stark’s signature parties. You’d long forgotten for what reason he’d thrown it – there were too many reasons to keep track of nowadays. People had gradually trickled out of the room and left the Avengers sitting in the centre of the room. From your place by the bar, you could see them all smiling and laughing with each other. To know such wonderful people was your greatest pleasure.

Your acquaintance with them had happened very much by chance. Your work in the scientific field was nothing ground breaking but it had afforded you the money you needed to take yourself over to India where you began to apply your knowledge to a certain illness that was devastating Calcutta.

And apparently you had not been the only one. Your path crossed over Bruce Banner’s multiple times before you finally introduced yourself. Upon discovering that you shared intentions with regards to the epidemic, you ultimately decided to work together.  Sharing your research, you finally began to make some headway. Until one day, he disappeared.

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SUMMARY: TWD based loosely off S07x01 :’((


WARNINGS: swearing, death

A/N: idk what I’m doing this just came to me suddenly I’m sorry if it’s not very good??? uhm let me know if you’d like a part 2 i guess ??


Your blood was the key. You knew that and Rick knew that. None of the others knew why you were so valuable to him. Why he protected you even when you knew how to protect yourself. You were brave, fearless, and strong. Being alone for the beginning did that to you.

Then you met Rick and his group. The group kept changing, but still it felt like family no matter who joined. Rick had a way of doing that, bringing misfits together and using their talents to make them feel like they were worth something during the end of the world.

One day you went out on a hunt with Rick, he wanted to gather supplies for his babygirl, Judith, while you wanted to find more food for the group in the prison. You and Rick had become close ever since Lori’s death. He had leaned on you and you had supported him through his crazy illusions.

On hunts, he would train you and you would give him insight on plants and berries. Rick always said to open the door and scope the place out before going inside but your excitement got the better of you when you saw a whole stack of canned goods on the shelves of a supermarket.

“Rick!” You yelled excitedly. “In here!” You ran ahead, grabbing a shopping cart and loading it up with anything you could get your hands on. Your weapon, a pair of shears were placed to the side while you loaded up.

The door opened and you turned to smile at Rick. “Look!” Your smile took up half of your face.

Rick had a weird look on his face as he raised his gun, “Y/N don’t move.”

You froze in shock as two things happened at once. Rick’s gun went off and an unbearable amount of pain was felt on your shoulder. There was red in your peripheal vision and you knew. The walker had already bit you before Rick could shoot it.

The ringing in your ears caused you to fall to the floor, next to the walker that now had a hole in it’s skull. You looked around, not wanting to make eye contact with Rick because then you would see the pain in his eyes. You knew he had to kill people before, but none of them were innocent and helpless like you.

“Oh God! Y/N, hey breathe okay? In and out, breathe.” You looked up and met Rick’s saddened eyes. Then everything went black.


“Eeny, meeny, miny…” Negan pointed his bat named Lucille at each person in Rick’s group. “Moe.” He pointed it at you, his tongue flicking out to swipe over his teeth. A smirk evident on his face as he appraised you.

He was the predator and the rest of you were his prey. No matter how many walkers you all have faced together, no matter how many deathly situations you all had managed to get out of, you knew someone was going to die tonight.

“My mama,” He moved on, his boots crunching against the ground, “told me..” He landed his bat on Rick and you breathed out a small sigh of relief. “To pick the very,” It went to Carl, “Best one..” Past Carl to Michonne, “and you are it.” The bat landed on Abraham and your breath got caught in your throat. He couldn’t do it. He wouldn’t, would he?

Abraham’s hand went up slightly as you saw him throw a peace sign at Sasha. Your heart sped up and you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the brutal scene as Negan’s bat met contact with your friends’ skull. It happened repeatedly until Abraham was unrecognizable. You clutched at your heart, wishing you could move and console Sasha.

Negan let out a little laugh. He went towards Rosita and an exchange that you didn’t pay attention to was made. It was Daryl’s actions that brought you out of your stupor. He had punched Negan. Your fists clenched, you knew something else was going to happen now. Negan would not let that slide. Was Daryl next?

Before you could even blink, Negan began to bash Glenn’s head in. You turned away from the gruesome sight, looking to Maggie who was ready to jump forward.

“Maggie… I’ll find you.” You heard Glenn say before hearing Lucille the bat make impact with Glenn again.

A sob racked through your body, not paying attention to what Negan was saying. You heard his boots crunching towards you and Rick, he stopped before Rick, pulling on his coat. What was he going to do next?

“Don’t. Please, take me instead.” You pleaded through your sobs. “You can have me. Negan, please.” You begged, wanting to save what was left of your family.

Negan turned to look at you, his fingers coming up to his chin. “You or Rick? This is so hard.” He grabbed you by your hair and pulled you close to him, his lips against your ear. “You’re already mine, Y/N. You always have been.” He pushed you away from him, turning to Rick again.

“Negan, please!” You called out again.

“Y/N, stop.” Rick looked over at you with his pale blue eyes filled with fear and laced with guilt. You had seen that look before. “Let him take me. You have to live for all of us. For Abraham. For Glenn.”



“I’m so sorry, y/n. I’m so so sorry. I thought I could keep you safe but I couldn’t and now you’ll become a walker.” You felt a sharp pain in your shoulder, causing you not to move. Glancing over at Rick he was hunched over you, his forehead on your stomach. Was he crying?

“R-Rick.” You stammered.

His head shot up and he moved up to grab your head and lay it on his lap. “Y/N, how? It’s been hours. How are you not a walker yet?” His oceanic blue eyes had traces of grey, a storm in the sea, his guilt and fear were evident.

You moved your eyes to your shoulder and saw that he had stopped the bleeding but that didn’t tell you why you weren’t one of the walking dead yet. “Rick… I’m not sure?” You clambered to sit up on your own but you couldn’t, instead falling into Rick. He wrapped his arms around you, embracing you for what could be your last hug as a human.

“It bit you.. I saw it.” You nodded, knowing you felt the zombie take a chunk out of you. Your eyes moved to the walker that lay nearby and the sight before you caused a gasp to emit from your lips.

“Rick! Look!” You tried to turn him to face the walker but he wasn’t getting it. “Rick turn around please!”

He finally did and placed you comfortable against the shelves to run over to the walker. “How in the world..?” He stared at the bullet wound in the middle of its forehead and then at you. “This was a walker before and now it’s not.” The walker’s undead features had all become palpable and soft. More human-like rather than walker-like. It was almost as if the walker had returned to its human state.

“You don’t think it was…” You trailed off in confusion.

“You.” Rick gaped. “You’re immune to the walker bite because you turn them back to what they were before.”



Negan watched the exchange between the two of you, pretending to barf. “Come on! It’s the end of the world, be a little selfish, Rick!” He patted Rick’s shoulder roughly, “How about y/n takes one for the team and the rest of you go home and provide for me.” He smirked, pushing Rick down. “Oh that’s right, you don’t get to be selfish, Rick. Cause she is mine. You are mine. You all belong to me and I will take what belongs to me.” He stepped on Rick’s fingers harshly with his heavy boot. “Say it, Rick.”

“Y/N will never be yours.” He spat.

Negan laughed loudly. “Oh is that what you think?”

Rick’s eyes met his, “That’s what I know.”

“Dwight! Bring me the boy.” Carl was shoved forward, Negan knocking his hat off of his head. “Right here. Get down next to papa.” He pointed by his feet. “Anyone got a pen?” He exlaimed to his crew. One of them threw one at him and he caught it with ease.

“Negan, please. Leave Carl out of this, it’s between us.” You exclaimed.

Negan stared at you, shaking his head in delight. “Not until Rick understands.” He pulled up Carl’s sleeve and drew a line on his arm. Negan stood up to his full height. “Now, Rick, cut clean through your boy’s arm or… give up y/n.”

The realization of the choice hit Rick like a ton of bricks. He shook his head, to give you up or to cut off his sons arm. The two most precious people in the world to him. How could he choose?

He shook his head, tears spilling from his eyes, his fists clenched as he looked up at Negan. “N-No. I-I-I-I can’t. No. Let it be me. Please.” His head shook back and forth roughly, trying to get rid of the choices he was faced with. He knew Negan would make him do one or the other. “N-No. No! Let it be me!” He yelled at Negan.

“Sorry, Rick.” Negan made a noise with his mouth, his tongue sliding over his front teeth. “I didn’t give you that option. Now choose or I’ll count.”

Rick continued to shake his head, his breathing laboured as his vision became blurry. “No-I-I..” His hand made it’s way to the ax before he stopped.

“Three….” Negan started to count, “Two…”

Rick thought if he could save y/n and tell Carl why later he would understand. It was not only to save them but the world. He let out a yell going for the ax, an apologetic look on his face aimed to his son.

“Rick, stop!” Negan took the ax from him. Grabbing Rick by the chin he looked into his eyes. “There it is. Now you understand. Now you see me, Rick. You belong to me. Say it.”

“I belong to you.” Rick followed obediently.

“Y/N belongs to me.”

Rick repeated him. “Y/N belongs to you.”

Negan smiled and nodded, he pushed Rick to the ground; he ordered his men to take Daryl as he made his way to y/n.

“Now for some reason, you are also valuable to Rick. Not sure why but I’ll find out.” He grabbed you by your collar and pulled you along with him. “Come on.”

You didn’t fight him for fear that he may kill someone else. You got into his truck with him and sat quietly, waiting for him to say something.

“So…” Negan looked over to you. “Not gonna say anything?” You flinched when he tried to grab your hand. “I’m not gonna hurt you y/n. I could never.”

You let out a shaky breath finally deciding to speak. “You named your bat after your dead wife.”

He let out a chuckle. “Your best friend.” He glanced back to the road. “Or was.”

“Negan…” You trailed off.

“So are you and Rick a thing? Is Carl yours?” He inquisited.

You shook your head, “Rick’s wife died in labor… Not long after he took me under his wing. We’re close.”

“Ahhh, that seems to be a thing for you then.” His tongue swiped at his front teeth, his knuckles going white on the wheel. “Fucking widowed men.” He laughed humorlessly.

“At least this one won’t leave me. All alone, wondering where he disappeared to.”

Another laugh, “Oh sweetheart, take a look. Rick has already left you. You were never his. I’m just taking back what’s mine.”

A chill racked through your body. Rick would save you. You knew he would.




The room was filled with comfortable conversation.
My parents were getting along well with my fiancée’s parents, my friends were gossiping while drinking wine and the kids from both sides of the families were playing games in the corner of the room.
I hadn’t really been bothered about having a rehearsal dinner before the wedding but my mother had insisted that it was the proper thing to do.
The only person in the room who didn’t seem to be enjoying them self was my best friend, Harry.
Harry Styles had been my best friend since before he became a world sensation and he’d been the first person I’d told when Leo proposed.
I realised that I’d been so caught up on my own life in recent weeks, that I hadn’t stopped to ask Harry how his life was going now that his band was on a break.
I was about to excuse myself from the head of the main table when my dad stood up, silencing the whole room and a waiter passed him a microphone. Oh, god. Didn’t these people know that giving my dad a microphone was like giving a child candy? You just didn’t do it unless you were willing to put up with the consequences of not getting any sleep anytime soon.
“Good evening, everyone” he started as he straightened a non-existent crease out of his suit jacket “I’m not going to make a huge speech because I’ll have no lines left for the wedding tomorrow” -cue laughter- “But I will say that I’m very proud of my daughter and all the things that she’s accomplished, including finding herself a fine man like young Leo here. I wish you both a happy wedding day tomorrow and I look forward to joining our families together. To Family”.
Everyone raised their glasses and I took a sip as I watched my dad raise the microphone to his mouth again. Oh good lord.
“Y/N didn’t have a lot of friends growing up” he started again, making me drop my head in my hands “But one person she’s always had in her life is her best man, Harry. Now, I know having a best man is peculiar for a bride but I also know that Y/N wouldn’t have it any other way. They’ve grown a great friendship over the last century, it feels like. So, I’m going to pass the mic over to Harry for a few words before the dessert comes out”.
Harry didn’t look happy about being put in everyone’s line of sight at all. In fact, he looked sad. Had something happened that I didn’t know about? I suddenly felt like the worlds worst best friend of all time.
He cleared his throat and pushed his long curly hair away from his face, showing off his twinkling green eyes and making every woman in the room swoon.
“When Y/N and I were little, she used to tell me wild stories. We’d sit up in her treehouse at the bottom of the garden, looking up at the stars, and she would tell me how one day everyone would realise that she was actually born a Princess and would one day marry a Prince” he sniffed and took a breath through his teeth, keeping his tear filled eyes on me “Throughout the years, she lost hope of becoming that Princess and by the time we were both teenagers, she started telling me stories about how she would be a teacher instead”.
I smiled fondly at the picture Harry was painting. There wasn’t a thought in my mind that I didn’t say out loud to him and I could listen to him talk about our adventures all day.
“What Y/N doesn’t know is that in my eyes, she was always the Princess that she dreamed to be. She even bossed me about like one, don’t even get me started on how many times I was her footstool”.
Tears filled my eyes and I joined in with everyone’s quiet laughter.
“And now, she has Leo to tell all of her dreams to and I hope that he see’s her as whatever she wants to be, just like I do. I hope that he will be her footstool, I hope he will drive her to the beach at 2:00am when she’s feeling sad because it’s her favourite place in the world. I hope that he will be her open arms when things go wrong and her open arms when things go right. But most of all Leo, I hope that you will be just as in love with her as I have been for the last twenty years”.
My vision went blurry as Harry put down the mic and walked away.
Hot tears rolled down my cheeks and the room was silent, all eyes on me.
“Y/N, what the hell was that?!” Leo hissed as everyone started talking…gossiping…about the whole scene that had just unraveled before them.
“I don’t know” I stood up slowly “But I have to make sure Harry is alright”.
Leo stood up as I wiped the tears from my cheeks “Did you not just hear what he just said, Y/N? Your best fucking mate is in love with you! And now you’re gonna go chase after him and make me look like a Dickhead?”.
I had no response.
All I cared about right now was finding Harry and making sure he was okay.
I had no idea what I was going to say as I hurried down the corridor to the front entrance. But he was my best friend and he needed me.
I burst out of the door to find Harry stood to the right with a cigarette in his hand.
It was freezing and I folded my arms over my chest as I walked closer to him, causing him to look up at me through red, bloodshot eyes.
“Harry” I said quietly, but that’s all that came out. I didn’t know what to say.
“I’m sorry” his voice was rough “I shouldn’t have done that, not now. Not here”.
I took a deep breath “Why didn’t you tell me?”.
He looked at me like I’d grown an extra head “I couldn’t. You’ve been my best friend since forever and I was scared of ruining that. And then just when I plucked up the courage to, you started seeing Leo and I didn’t want to seem like the biggest Dick in the world”.
“You wouldn’t have seemed like a Dick” I whispered, shivering “You should have told me”.
He took a drag of his cigarette and looked down at the wet pavement beneath his suede boots “And what would you have said if I had told you?”.
“I would have told you that I have loved you ever since the first day that you got on your hands and knees to be my footstool” I confessed “And that I have loved you more and more everyday since”.
Harry looked up at me in disbelief “You love me?”.
I heard laughter from inside the restaurant and I shook my head to clear my thoughts “What does it matter now? I’m getting married tomorrow”.
“Y/N, you can’t marry him” his eyes were full of panic as he took a step towards me “Please, let’s go and talk about this”.
I took a step back, remembering all of the people I had left inside. I’d left Leo in there by himself to answer everyone’s questions. “I have to go. I’m marrying Leo tomorrow, it’s too late”.
“No” he shook his head “It’s never too late, Y/N. Please”.
I reached my hand out to the cold metal door handle “I can’t do this, Harry. I have to do the right thing, I’m sorry”.
I turned my back on him and walked back into the restaurant.
It was one of the hardest things I had ever done.


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The word floated around in your head.

“He’s seeing someone?” You muttered out once you found your voice. Your heart dropped to your stomach.

Chris didn’t seem to notice, “Yeah, I think they’ve been together for a few months. Her name is Elaine. She’s cool.”

You looked back at Sebastian and saw that he was still on the phone. His back was facing you so you figured it would be a good time to leave without him noticing.

“I think I’m going to head up to my room.” You blurted out, getting off of your stool and grabbing your bag.

“Do you want me to walk you?” Chris asked starting to get off of his seat.

You shook your head, “No, I’m fine. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You quickly told the others goodnight and went to the elevators. You felt like a complete idiot. Sebastian had a girlfriend. He was seeing someone. You could honestly feel like you could cry. You let your guard down with him and you ended up hurt. Hell, you didn’t even know if he felt the same way you did but the hope was what killed you.

You pressed the up arrow for the elevator a few times hoping that it would come quicker. Sebastian finding you in your state would be the worse thing that could happen. You didn’t trust your facial expression or your feelings at the moment.

Once the doors opened, you got inside and rode it all the way to your floor. You felt relieved with you made it inside your room. Locking the door, you took off your heels and went into the bathroom. Once your face was washed and your teeth were brushed, you changed into your pajamas and climbed into bed.

That’s when you allowed the tears to form. You felt humiliated that you would allow yourself to continue feelings for him from when you both were young. Of course he didn’t feel the same.


Exercising was like a stress reliever for you. Being able to punch a punching bag and run on the treadmill made you feel so much better after an awful night.

Sebastian had called you a few times but you ignored them. You set your phone beside you in bed and watched as the calls came in one after the other.

You couldn’t face him.

Rehearsals were at nine and you woke up that morning at six. You wanted to get some workout time done before you headed to the studios.

“Good morning!” You had been listening to music and jumped when you heard someone next to you say that.

Pressing pause on the treadmill, you took your headphones out of your ear and turned to see Chris standing nearby. He was dressed in workout clothes and carried a gym bag.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you.” He chuckled.

“It’s fine,” you breathed out. You could feel your heart still pounding in your chest; partially because of the workout, partially because of the scare.

“You’re up bright and early. I thought I would be the only one here.” Chris set his bag down and sat on a nearby bench.

“I couldn’t really sleep. I figured I would just come and get some time in here.” You grabbed your water bottle and drank some.

“Did it have anything to do with last night?” He inquired.

“What about last night?”

“You sort of got out of the bar really quick. Seb called you a few times when he came back from his phone call. He wanted to know if you were okay.”

“Yeah, I just got tired and wanted to get to bed.” You lied.

Chris nodded. You couldn’t tell if he bought the lie or not.

“Do you have to go to the studio soon?”

“Mmhm. I have to be there at nine. So I should probably go get ready for it. I’ll see you later?”

He smiled, “Yeah, I’ll see you later.”

You grabbed your things and told him goodbye before leaving the gym.


You knew that it was inevitable that you would have to see him. The fight scene you were rehearsing was with him. You kept telling yourself to be professional and that everything was going to be okay.

It was going to be okay.

When you arrived at rehearsals, Anthony and Sebastian were already inside. They were talking with some of the people that choreographed the fight scenes.

Sebastian spotted you as soon as you walked in and made his way over to you.

It was going to be okay.

“Hey! I called you last night after you left the bar. Was everything okay?” Sebastian had been worrying most of the night after you had left. He wondered if he said anything or if someone had done something to upset you. After calling you a few times and you didn’t answer, he wanted to stop by your room but didn’t know if you were asleep already.

“Yeah, I was just tired and ready to go to bed.” You lied again. It was your story and you were going to stick to it.

“Oh,” Sebastian said, “You didn’t tell me goodnight.”

“You seemed busy with your phone call. I didn’t want to interrupt.” You said a tad cold. You couldn’t help it.

Sebastian noticed it too, “You could’ve. I wouldn’t have minded.”

You had to bite your tongue before you could say what you really wanted to.

“Guys! C'mon, we are ready to start!” Anthony called from the other side of the room.

“Be right there.” You told him. You needed to change your shoes first. There was a chair nearby that you went over to.

You sat down and noticed that Sebastian followed you.

“Since our plans got changed last night, why don’t we try going to get some dinner tonight just the two of us?” He suggested.

“Uh, I don’t know if I can tonight.”

The smile Sebastian had on his face went away, “Oh, do you have plans?”

“Yeah, I do. I’m sorry.” You looked away from him and changed your shoes.

You knew that you needed to distance yourself from him. He had a girlfriend and the feelings that you had for him made it difficult just to be around him.

“Maybe some other time then?” Sebastian said. You could tell that he was disappointed that you turned down his plans.

“Yeah, maybe some other time.” You told him before walking away towards the others.


It was another day of rehearsals filled with soreness afterwards. Your body was slowing starting to get used to it but you knew you had many more days just like it.

Sebastian tried to start multiple conversations with you but you either gave short replies or ignored him all together. You hated being the way you were with him, but you knew that you had to in order to protect yourself.

Once rehearsals were over, you went back to the hotel hoping to get some more time in at the gym. You saw that the hotel had a pool and you figured you would get a couple of laps in before you went to grab dinner.

The gym would probably be your solstice as long as you were shooting the movie.

As you were walking to the gym, you saw Chris. He was on his phone and he spotted you as soon as you saw him.

He waved you over, ending his phone call.

“Hey, where are you headed?” He asked you.

“I was going to go see if I could get some laps in at the pool. Sort of wind down after a long day.” You smiled.

“And I thought that I was a gym rat,” Chris chuckled, “Don’t you ever take a break?”

You shrugged your shoulders, “It helps me get my mind off of things.”

“Well, you know talking to someone about it could help you not be so stressed.”

“How do you know that I’m stressed?” You questioned.

“Because your fingernails look like nubs and you seem a little frazzled.”

You looked down at your nails and saw that they were in fact bitten down. You didn’t even realize that you had done it.

“Okay, maybe I am a little stressed.”

“Why don’t we get something to eat and you can tell me all about it.” Chris suggested with smile.

You thought about it for a second. It would be nice to tell someone how you had been feeling. Normally, you would bottle up your emotions until they just exploded. Maybe it would be better to stop that from happening this time.

“Yeah, that would be nice. Let me just go up to my room and change first.”

“I have to head up too. I forgot my wallet.”

The both of you went to the elevators and stopped at your floor. Chris was staying on the same floor but not the same hall as you. You told him your room number and he said he would meet you in half an hour to give you time to change.

A nice hot shower was exactly what you needed for your sore body. If you weren’t on such a time frame you would’ve stayed in there much longer.

You dressed in a red maxi dress since you wanted to be comfortable. Your legs were killing you from rehearsals and you couldn’t even fathom putting on skinny jeans.

After you slipped on sandals and grabbed your purse, you saw that it was around the time that Chris was supposed to meet you. You opened your door and poked your head out. He was walking down the hall and saw you.

“You ready to go?” He asked.

You nodded and closed your door before following him down the hall.

“Where are we going to go?” You asked when you both reached the elevator.

“I heard there’s a great sushi place down the street. Do you like sushi?”

“I love it.”

“Good. I was hoping you did.” He smiled as the doors opened.

Standing in the middle of the elevator was Sebastian. He looked at you and then at Chris. He didn’t seem happy at all, “What’s going on guys?”


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Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Warnings: Swearing and it get a little hot and heavy, but not a smut.

Prompt: whenever you have time could you write something where the reader walks in on Pietro training shirtless (like at the end scene of kick ass 2) thanks!! :)



You peeled the paper off of the side of the chocolate cupcake and bit it to it, your eyes rolled back in pleasure. Bruce was many things; a scientist, a genius, a great friend…but most of all, he was a fantastic baker. Who knew, right?

Eating your cupcake slowly, you made your way to the training room. You had left your cell phone there in the chaos that unfolded when the team realized that Bruce had made cupcakes, everyone scrambled to get out at once so that they could eat one before they were all gone.

You strolled into the gym whilst humming and made your way over to the table where your cell phone laid.

You froze when you heard grunting.

Turning slowly, your eyes were met with something you were not expecting: Pietro was doing pull ups on some training equipment, and he was doing it shirtless.

His icy eyes came into contact with your wide ones, and he slowly eased himself down to the floor. As he walked over to you, you could see his muscles move with every movement that he made.

“For me?” Pietro said, his voice slightly out of breath from his work out but still containing the same amount of cockiness that it normally did.

In your numb state, you didn’t even react when Pietro plucked the baked treat from your fingers and bit into the area that you had been eating.

“Steve would kill me if he learned that I was eating this sugary thing during the middle of my training.” Pietro mumbled through a mouthful of chocolate.

You nodded at him, but your head was clearly somewhere else. Your eyes were glued to his chest, which had sweat glistening over it. He had such big muscles, you dare say even more than Steve (which you didn’t think was possible).

“You see something you like?” Pietro’s accented voice brought you back from fantasy land. You looked up at his face and felt a heavy blush begin to crawl up your neck.

“No, well, I–” You began, only to have Pietro shove what remained of the cupcake into your mouth.

“Hush, your blush is enough to tell me my answer.”

You looked down at your shoes and chewed slowly, swallowing the cupcake and your embarrassment all in one.

He pushed your chin up to look into his eyes. “I should invite you train with me, yes?”

You shook your head, and mumbled, “I don’t think I would be getting much training done if that were the case.”

Pietro grinned at you. You had been Pietro’s friend for a while now, and aside from the occasional flirting, you two seemed destined to be that way forever. Not to say that you didn’t find him attractive, but you figured that it was just easier to be friends rather than something else. That, and you weren’t sure that he even liked you like that.

Well, not up until now.

“Me neither.” And then, his lips were on yours.

At first, your eyes widened in shock, but soon they fluttered shut as you gave into his kiss.

He wrapped his sweaty arms around you and pulled you tightly against his body. Your hands ran between the two of you and explored his chest.

He lifted you by your thighs and you wrapped your legs around his torso, and in a flash he had you over to the matted area of the gym. He laid you down, never breaking contact with your lips, on to the blue mats.

You could taste the chocolate still on his lips, which made the entire make out session ten times better.

His hands trailed up the side of your body and along your curves carefully and intimately, making you blush. His hands felt so soft and caring over your body.

“Y/N…” He mumbled along your lips, then began to kiss down your face and to your neck. “I have been wanting to do this with you for a very long time.”

His lips reached that sensitive spot in the crook of your neck, causing your back to curve foreword and you to throw your head back with your eyes screwed shut. Upon seeing your reaction to his sucking on that area, the kisses got rougher and harder on your skin, making you moan loudly in pleasure.

You felt a small, yet rapidly growing, fire swirl in your lower stomach area.

You grabbed his white wavy hair in your hands and tugged him back up to your face, wanting desperately for his lips to be on yours once more.

His body was laying heavily on top of yours, which only added to the sensation of his kisses.

“Holy shit!”

Pietro’s head shot up, and you both turned your heads towards the intruder.

Tony, Clint, and Steve stood in the door way with open mouths. Tony whipped out his phone, and before Pietro had time to process what he was doing, Tony snapped a picture.

Tony!” You shouted, your cheeks the color of tomatoes.

Pietro got of you and stood, then reached his hand down to you to help you get up. You could see a steady blush creeping onto his cheeks.

“I thought you were working out?” Steve said sternly, but you could have sworn that you picked up on a hint of amusement in his voice.

“I was, but them I opted for a different kind of physical training.” Pietro quipped. He looked back at you and smirked, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you to him. “Isn’t that right, cupcake?”

((Sorry if it was short or rushed XD))

Title: A Touch of Color Pt. 7
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Trigger Warning: Cursing
Plot:  In a modern world like this, finding your soulmate was nearly impossible. There were only few people who had the potential to ever meet their soulmate - people who normally saw in black and white, but once they saw their soulmate, color would start to appear all around them. You were cursed as being one of those people. You had never met your soulmate until you see your best friend from high school through strange ties. And your soulmate? Your best friend’s fiance.

Previous Parts

You thought handling three girls was a hard time, but wrangling seven boys was more effort than you could have ever imagined. 

“Her name is Y/N, you buzzkill,” Stiles said, furrowing his eyebrows. 

Derek rolled his eyes. “It wouldn’t be wise for you to refer to me that way. I think you forgot the last time that happened.”

It was Stiles’s turn to roll his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” he muttered, “but Y/N is right. We should start getting our tuxedos tailored and then we can go out to eat and talk.”

At that command, everyone started on their own way. Several employees came over and helped each boy individually. 

Mentally and physically drained, you fell back onto the couch that was perfect for waiting in situations like these. 

Just as you closed your eyes to take a rest, you had to pry your eyes open when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned to your side and saw Stiles. He smiled at you softly and leaned back against the couch. “Sorry about Derek,” he muttered. “He can be a hard ass sometimes, but he’s actually pretty cool once you get to know him.”

You waved your arm dismissively. “It doesn’t matter. If I got hurt by everything rude that was said about me, I probably wouldn’t be alive right now.”

Stiles furrowed his eyebrows and turned more toward you, placing his arm on the couch behind you. “Who’s said mean stuff about you?” He sounded genuinely angry, but his face seemed like a mix of confusion and of course, anger.

You cleared your throat and looked around the room. “I mean, I don’t really remember who has said stuff about me, but I do remember that I didn’t go through my life unscathed,” you murmured.

To release his obvious frustration, Stiles released a deep breath through his nose. “Anyway, I hope you don’t mind coming out to eat with us after. You’re probably hungry,” he said. 

You shook your head. “No, I don’t mind. I’d actually love to. I’m getting quite hungry.”

Your conversation was cut short when Scott made his way over to you two. You didn’t miss the expression that was painted across Stiles’s face. Was he perhaps angry that you were friends with Scott? 

Either way, he had no right. He was getting married to your high school best friend and nonetheless, his best friend’s romantic interest, but here he was, getting angry at the close friendship you had with a guy who understood how you felt.

After Stiles blatantly expressed his disliking to your friendship with Scott, you decided to express your anger as well. 

During the dinner, you sat across from Stiles, but next to Scott. The whole time, Stiles was trying to get your attention and of course, you chose to ignore him. 

If he was going to be immature about something that was harmless, then, you had just as much of a right as him to act the same exact way. 

Several times, Stiles would kick you under the table or loudly exclaim your name. But of course, you would ignore him. It got to the point where he was basically leaning over the table and eating some of your food to try and get a rile out of you.

You were actually quite proud of yourself. Nearly anything you could count as annoying, he did, but you never let it get to you. 

Scott even tried to get you to talk to Stiles, but you refused. It was a shame that Scott was guiltily vouching for his best friend when his best friend was the one at fault. 

However, even though you weren’t bothered, it didn’t mean the rest of the table wasn’t. The moment you broke was when Derek stopped midway through a sentence he was saying to Isaac because Stiles had been saying your name over and over again for several minutes. 

Derek huffed, turned to you since he was on your other side and exclaimed, “For the love of God, answer him!” Everyone at your table and in the vicinity that could hear over the loud atmosphere of the place turned to you.

With a roll of your eyes, you turned your head to look at Stiles, stuck your chin up, and said, “Alright, fine.” You took one breath and continued by saying, “Fuck you.”

If someone wasn’t saying “oohhh,” they were being completely silent and watching the scene play out. At this point, nearly everyone in the restaurant was trying to peak at you since word spread fast. 

“What the hell did I do?” Stiles asked, raising his hands up in surrender and confusion. 

“You’re just being the worst person,” you said, throwing your hands up in exasperation. “I am so freaking glad you’re marrying Kira because I cannot deal with this shit.” After that, you stood up, slammed some money on the table, and left. 

You hadn’t talked to Stiles since then. To be quite honest, you didn’t care. You had gone many many years without him. What was another few months until the wedding when all you had to do was see him and congratulate him on his marriage? 

The only horrible thing that came with that was having to avoid Scott, since all he ever talked about was how sorry Stiles was and how you should forgive him. 

The reason why lack of communication with Scott hurt more than lack of communication with Stiles was that you barely ever saw Stiles in the first place, but you always saw Scott and you always confided in him. He had become your best friend in the last few months that you couldn’t imagine life without him. 

Every time you passed by Scott, your heart would hurt, but only because the worst thing, even before a relationship break up, was a best friend break up. You two would look at each other like kicked puppies and would never speak a word to each other.

To make matters worse, the wedding was a few days away and you were supposed to act as if everything was fine for the sake of Kira. Doing it in the time span between the fight with Stiles up until now was painful. You were so close to breaking several times, so you weren’t sure if that facade you perfected would last the next few days. 

But you managed. It was the day before the wedding and that meant the bachelorette party was tonight. 

Your day of work, which was filled with an unusual amount of encounters with Scott, ended and you headed straight home. 

You changed into a nice dark green cocktail dress and put on some make up before heading over to Kira and Stiles’s house, where the night would start, but definitely not where the night would end. 

When you got up to the door, you didn’t even have to knock. Lydia pulled open the door and gave you the biggest hug, all while holding a martini glass obviously filled with alcohol.

“Oh my gosh, guys! Y/N is here!” she chirped, turning her head to look behind her at the group of girls already there. 

“Y/N!” Kira said, happily, making her way toward you. She pulled you into a hug so big that you had to pry her off of you. 

“Hey, guys,” you said softly, while making your way inside. 

However, as soon as you stepped inside, Malia pushed you out the door.

“You were the last person we were waiting for. We’ve got to go,” Malia said, urgently. She stuffed you into your car, gave you the address, and placed Lydia, Kira, and one other girl in your car. 

Malia ended up taking the people you didn’t know, except for Erica, who you were surprised to see, but still happy about seeing. Besides Erica, there were two other girls. 

You didn’t have time to prepare yourself because you had to drive three partially tipsy girls while following Malia’s car, even though she had given you the address. 

“So…” you said to the girl in the back with Lydia, looking at her through your rearview mirror quickly.

The girl smiled and said, “I’m Derek’s girlfriend, Alyssa.” (A/N: Listen, I gotta get me some lovin sometimes XD If your name is also Alyssa, you can change it, you can keep it, whatever you want, ahaha.)

You nodded slowly and returned your eyes back to the road. You were glad that the place was close because Kira was starting to play with the knobs of your radio while Lydia was nonchalantly kicking the back of your seat. 

When you got into the parking lot, you ushered the girls out of your car and led them inside the club. It didn’t take you long to find the other girls because Malia was dragging one of the girls toward a booth that was closed off from the rest of the club. 

Relieved, you and Malia sat at the ends of the booth to contain the giggling pack of tipsy girls.

Malia turned her eyes to you and gave you a crooked smile. “I’m sorry I pushed this onto you. Had it been someone else who came last, I would have shoved them into her car, but you were the last one.”

You shook your head and smiled. “Don’t worry about it. I’d rather be the designated driver than the one that is responsible for a drunken car crash.”

Malia smiled gratefully at you and then pointed at the girls that had been in her car. “I’m sure you know Alyssa, but the three who were in my car is Liam’s girlfriend Hayden, Derek’s sister Cora, and Kira’s elementary friend Erica.” She pointed to the girl she had been carrying, then, to a girl who was smiling brightly at nothing for no reason, and then to the girl who you had known in middle school. 

“Y/N!” Erica beamed at you, pushing her curly blonde locks out of her face. “I’ve missed you!” She clambered over Lydia and Alyssa to hug you. 

You hugged her back awkwardly, but smiled nonetheless. “I’ve missed you too,” you told her. “It’s been a long time.”

“A very long time!” 

Malia then cleared her throat, turning the attention back on her. “So, we should be aware at this point that the woman of the next few days is Kira. As the maid of honor, I encourage that you all drink as much as you’d like since it’s on me.”

You all cheered and looked happily at Kira, who was grinning from ear to ear. She, sitting next to Malia, wrapped her arms around Malia’s neck and placed her head on her shoulder. “Here’s to the best girls ever!”

You cheered again before you all went separate ways. 

Since you were driving people home, you were content with not drinking. You headed straight for the dance floor and made your way into the crowd. 

Besides Cora, you were the only single girl, so you busied yourself with grinding against random strangers. You were having the time of your life, so you closed your eyes, but then, when you opened your eyes, you were seeing color. 

Confused and angry, you looked around the club, but didn’t spot Stiles or anyone who was part of the bachelor party. That was until your eyes zeroed in on Derek dancing with Alyssa…or really Alyssa dancing around Derek, who was stiff as a board. Then, they moved a tiny bit over and you could see Scott, dancing awkwardly in a group of girls. 

You figured Stiles was somewhere really close to you, so you booked it out of the crowd as fast as you could and made your way to the bar. Since the club was a decent size - bigger than most, but not too big - you were able to see in black and white again. You were extremely relieved at that. 

But your relief was short lived when you saw Kira completely smashed. She was flagging down the bar tender every few minutes after finishing her drink. 

Seeing that there was nobody from your group around her, you figured they knew the boys were there and went off to find them. 

You made your way to Kira and tapped her on the shoulder. She whipped her head around quickly and grinned lazily at you. 

“Y/N…” she said, happily before patting the stool next to her. “Come, come. Take a seat…right here, right next to me…in this seat.”

There was no way you could leave her like this. You went over and sat down next to her, watching as she received a drink and then drank it down quickly. “Maybe you should slow down a bit on the drinks,” you told her, pushing her hand down gently when she tried to get the bar tender’s attention again. 

“Listen, Y/N…” Kira slurred, waving her arms around. “Do you…like okay…so what if you date a guy and you think he’s the one so, you know, he asks you to marry him and you say yes because you love him, but like what if…what if it’s the day before the wedding and you may not love him the way that you thought you did?” she rambled. 

You looked at her with wide eyes, but let her continue talking. 

“I just…like I don’t know what to do! He’s…he’s so great, but ugh. This is so hard,” she continued. 

Your attention in the conversation shifted when you could see the color of Kira’s red dress. Paranoid, you looked around, but you just didn’t have the heart to leave Kira in this condition, so you didn’t try to avoid Stiles this time.

When you looked toward the dance floor again, you saw Stiles on the outskirts of it. He was staring straight at you two. Hadn’t he heard of the superstition where he couldn’t see the bride 24 hours before the wedding? It meant bad luck for their marriage.

But Kira didn’t see him yet, but she did stop talking. You looked over and saw that she had ordered three more drinks and was in the process of downing one of them.

You sighed and squeezed the bridge of your nose with your fingers as Stiles approached you two. 

Then, you looked up and saw Malia leading Isaac by the hand toward the bar. She saw Kira, furrowed her eyebrows, and made her way over before Stiles could. 

“Please please please take care of her for a bit,” you whispered to Malia. “I need to take a walk.”

Malia nodded. “Of course. Isaac and I got this down.”

Without another word, you headed out through the back exit and relished in the feeling of the air against your skin and the dullness of the area around you.

Yet, your moment was ruined once again by seeing color. Your whole life, you had waited to see color, but now that you were seeing it, you were getting tired and angry by it. 

“Go away,” you said, wrapping your arms around yourself to keep warm from the cold breeze. 

“Just hear me out,” you heard. 

“Don’t wanna.”

You were stopped by said person placing something along your shoulders, making you warmer. You turned and saw Stiles looking at you with pleading brown eyes. 

“Please,” he whispered, desperately. You stood there with your arms crossed over your chest and your knee bent, waiting for him to speak. After one deep breath, he started, “Okay, we’ve been fighting a lot, but I seriously think that we shouldn’t. I’m sorry for being an asshole, okay? I just…seeing you with Scott makes me angry because…because the one chance I had at being with my soulmate and I screwed it up because I gave up…and Scott…and Scott and you just work well together and I’m jealous about that.”

You raised an eyebrow and gave him an angry expression. “You don’t think that’s how we feel? Are you even Scott’s best friend? Do you even know how the fuck he feels about this wedding? Did you even bother asking him? Yes, Scott and I are close, but you have no right to be angry or jealous. What the hell are we supposed to do? My soulmate is getting married and he was the only one who could help me through it.”

“Okay, wait a second,” Stiles said, “What do you even mean about Scott? Of course I know how he feels. He told me himself! Also, you can’t go around being all high and mighty because you were giving up too by going on a date with Scott! Don’t you forget that, you hypocrite!” 

“Excuse me? I went on a date with him. I’m not marrying him, you asshole!” you screamed, your voice piercing through the bass filled, yet quiet outside atmosphere. “For the record, Scott’s not fucking okay with this! He’s in love with your fiance the same way I’m in love with my high school best friend’s fiance!” 

Stiles was struck speechless, so you took that as a sign to continue speaking. 

“So yeah, maybe Scott didn’t tell you that because you looked happy, but he’s suffering just as much as the rest of us. Maybe next time, instead of being so damn selfish, you get your head out of your ass and think about what you do before you do it!” 

At this point, you two were looking at each other, your breaths fast and heavy from your screaming match. 

“Oh my God.”

Your heads snapped over to see Derek with his arm around Alyssa’s shoulders, but his eyes wide with surprise. Alyssa had her arm around Derek’s waist, but instead of just wide eyes, she had her mouth agape and her other hand on her mouth in shock. Just like you, she had a leather jacket you were sure was Derek’s on her shoulders. 

“You know what?” you said, causing everyone to look at you. “Fine, I forgive you, but only because of Kira. Just remember that.” You pushed past him and went inside the club. 

Just before you headed inside, you heard Stiles sigh and Alyssa say, “Wow, you really fucked up.” 

“I usually don’t condone Alyssa’s behavior, but she’s right,” you heard Derek reply. 

At least now he knew. 

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Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

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“Can You Feel The Love Tonight?”

“I can’t do it, I can’t!”

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