there are so many puns in this picture

Nct as Youtubers

Request: Do you think that maybe you could do short headcannons of the members as youtubers please?? Like, you said in the makeup voiceovers that they were also on YouTube but didn’t really describe in depth what they’re like so maybe that could be a thing(??) sorry if it doesn’t make sense

A/N: i hope this is what you were looking for!! i’m sorry if it’s short or repetitive, this was so fun to write, i hope you enjoy reading!



  • started out his channel for fun
  • mostly makes song covers & also tag videos
  • didn’t thought his videos would blow up
  • when he realised he was shookt??
  • because he’s such an awkward bun, his videos usually consists of his friends
  • and they help him out a lot because when he’s on his own filming most of the time he doesn’t know what to do or say
  • tries his best to reply to comments
  • when people recognizes him irl he gets all blushy and shy
  • “i’m not that popular!! you’re all so sweet”
  • we all know you are taeil


  • that one youtuber who posts random videos at the weirdest timings
  • his videos range from dance covers, to vlogs, to gaming then to even unboxing videos
  • despite all that he still gains much attention?
  • hardly ever talks in his videos but when he does all his subscribers get heart palpitations because wow
  • dance covers gets the most views and likes because they’re always on point?
  • promotes his channel on his instagram
  • random posts with captions
  • “new video”
  • “✌✌ video?”
  • see what i did there hansol he needs to stop with his peace signs
  • another one who’s awkward when fans recognize him in real life
  • but if they ask for pictures he wouldn’t mind so!!


  • mostly reaction videos
  • and probably many vlogs too
  • gaming occasionally, but only when he’s with his friends
  • has the funniest and most dramatic reactions to videos ever
  • tries to make his subscribers by making puns and jokes
  • “i guess you could say… that video was pun-believable”
  • daily updates on social medias
  • “how are all of you doing today? the weather’s great so i hope you all are well!”
  • doesn’t reply to every comment but he likes them
  • treats his fans like family and tries to chat with them he can
  • which is why when one meets him in real life he’s super friendly and tries to start conversations
  • an angel tbh


  • cooking tutorial videos
  • alongside with song covers too
  • sometimes he writes his own songs and lyrics too
  • often goes live so that he’s able to chat with his fans
  • one of the most genuine and sweetest youtubers!!
  • would reply to every one of the comments, and he never forgets to thank them for their support
  • “I’m stressed & tired” captions on his social media websites always scare fans but turns out it’s only because of the other boys
  • gets all shy when people recognize him
  • even when he’s rushing for time he wouldn’t hesitate to take photos or chat with his fans
  • the youtuber you just want to protect with everything tbh


  • gamer
  • also makes prank videos occasionally
  • and probably also videos on current issues/problems
  • and he shows so many different sides his fans love it,
  • especially when he talks about current issues he gets all smart & serious and is so good with his words he leaves everyone shookt
  • but on prank videos he’s all giggly and immature laughing at his successful pranks
  • while his gamer side can sometimes can aggressive and competitive
  • but despite all that he’s super sweet to his fans
  • holds meetups often and treats each of them like angels
  • smile and laughter can brighten up anyone’s day


  • mainly vlogs
  • travelling & visiting ones to be exact, together with his friends
  • takes really good videography and editing is on point too
  • another one who’s smile could make anyone’s heart burst
  • always recommending new places for people to go to, be it cafes or countries to visit
  • kun’s recommendations are trustable™
  • loves hyping his friends up in videos
  • doesn’t hesitate in promoting their channels too
  • deserves so much more subscribers & views


  • versatile videos too
  • song covers, reaction videos, vlogs, challenges & tag videos
  • is really well known for his talking skills and his intelligence
  • and also his sweet voice who puts people to sleep
  • cherishes friendships and often shows it in videos where he vlogs about outings with them
  • updates daily for fans too and tells them how much he’s grateful for them
  • also asks them for suggestion for new videos
  • probably nags at and gets upset with his fans when they do something that isn’t too his liking
  • “you all waited in the rain for an hour because of me??? what if you all fell sick omg please don’t do that again”
  • but it’s because he cares and loves them so


  • king of dance covers
  • makes dance tutorials too
  • when people want to learn a dance, ten’s videos would always help because they’re so on point?
  • random videos of him in stores and supermarkets
  • with him being amazed by new things he sees or learns about
  • attempts to make cooking videos too but fails
  • almost burnt himself and was caught on tape, uploaded on youtube & viewed by morw than hundreds of people
  • his fans’ words give him energy and he’s always thanking them
  • a little shy when gets recognized but he doesn’t show it, only that cheeky smile on his face


  • hypebeast who makes videos of new clothes he got and hauls too
  • random late night videos where he answers fans’ questions and it’s just him chilling
  • food reviews too!!
  • his favourite videos because you can tell he gets all excited when he sees food
  • makes sure to update every week so his subscribers will be well fed
  • loves having live videos too because he’s able to interact with fans
  • holds giveaways for subscribers every time he reaches a milestone
  • acts all calm when people recognize him
  • but inside he’s super happy and excited because he feels extremely loved?
  • likes photos that fans uploaded together with him,
  • making them go even crazier


  • that one youtuber who’s always being complimented and praised by other youtubers
  • because he’s super sweet and soft?
  • pretty boy who shows off his face routines and tag videos
  • because he’s so shy he finds it hard filming videos alone too
  • which is why he calls his friends to join his videos
  • aka kun
  • they often go shopping together and you can tell he looks super happy and excited
  • vlogs about his daily life and has the cutest edits ever
  • even more shy in real life, he’d get super embarrassed and shy, cheeks flushed red if he notices people recognizing him
  • but he’d feel bad for rejecting them so he takes photos with them anyways
  • super cute


  • endless talents and seems to be able to do everything?
  • playing the guitar, song/rap covers, reaction videos, dance covers, gaming
  • he’s able to film quality videos
  • and at the same time he’s super humble and sweet it makes others love him more
  • has many collabs with other youtubers
  • his fans are blessed because they’ll always be a video related to him
  • a super shy ball in actual fact
  • when he does live videos he already gets all blushy and red when people compliment him
  • irl you can actually see him wanting to hide and run away because he’s super shy when it comes to compliments
  • but also tries to be friendly and talk to his fans when he can


  • mostly posts videos at night
  • so his subscribers can fall asleep soundly after watching his videos
  • mostly reviews
  • on clothes, food and other things
  • smile is the sweetest thing you’ll ever see
  • is also the softest when it comes to his fans
  • sometimes would also post short korean classes too
  • and his drawing videos
  • just really calm and satisfying videos honestly
  • super happy when he receives positive comments
  • still your no.1 moomin fan who has a big moomin plushie in his background of videos all the time


  • videos that are guaranteed to make you smile
  • like him playing with puppies and small fuffly animals
  • or even interacting with children at playgrounds in his vlogs
  • they’re guaranteed to make you s o f t
  • an angel who smiles and laughs at everything
  • super positive!!!
  • tries his best to reply to every comment and prove to fans that they’re noticed
  • mainly just vlogs of his daily life
  • but he’s always super cute in videos so!!
  • still the same angel irl because he’d be the one suggesting to take photos
  • and probably give you autographs too
  • sweetest little thing ever


  • games often
  • and always wins in games for some reason
  • also many prank videos too
  • and they’re always super creative and new
  • and you can see the look of satisfaction on his face whenever he succeeds in pranking his friends
  • really strong bond with his fans
  • they’d probably have inside jokes too
  • “thank you for always supporting your handsome donghyuck”
  • never runs out of ideas for videos
  • and loves it most when people leave positive comments
  • it makes him all happy and excited like a small child
  • and he’s ten times cuter irl like that because he’d have the biggest smile ever with his pink cheeks??


  • does weird challenges
  • and probably being a meme in every video
  • with thousands of different expressions ready for his fans to screenshot and use
  • also does tutorial videos
  • and tag videos
  • he loves talking and discussing about popular topics and sharing his opinions
  • loves spreading positive vibes too
  • super flirty & sweet with his subscribers
  • calls them his babies??
  • would occasionally film vlogs so as to show his fans his life
  • which is usually just him being that same meme and having fun
  • i miss him dkdndn


  • super energetic and fun
  • when you watch his videos, they’d immediately cheer you up because he’s always so happy?
  • makes reaction videos a lot
  • which ends up in his fans mentioning how their ear drums ache everytime they watch them because his dolphin laughs and screams
  • loves taking videos of sceneries and views during vlogs
  • but other times vlogs would just consist of his face
  • “my handsome is enough for you all”
  • knows he’s popular but still gets shy when he’s noticed
  • he’d always give that same cheerful laughter and thank his fans for their support


  • dance covers
  • ten is his role model
  • would film freestyle dances and also dances he’d choreographed and ask fans for their opinions
  • occasionally, he’d also film tag and challenge videos so his fans are able to know him better
  • super shy at first but as time goes by he opens up and he’d joke around a lot
  • still a child who gets fascinated and amazed by new things
  • still learning and is trying his best for his channel
  • which is why he’s super happy when he sees the amount of support and love he gets
  • making him blush like mad all the time

*Earp gang sitting together for a TV interview for who-knows-what-whatever reason*

Narrator: “For this Valentine’s Day, be reminded that affection can be expressed in so many different ways.”

Nicole: “I would shoot anybody for you. And I’d take any bullet for you. Preferably while wearing a bulletproof vest though.”

Waverly: “You’re the Haughtest and I want you to be my bonus blanket forever. Plus I made a twitter account for the soul purpose of gushing about your pretty smile.”

Wynonna: “Look, if I loved someone, I’d let them have my dounuts. Just kidding, these donuts are my true love. *Hugs box of donuts tighter*

Doc: *In mock surprise* "What, you don’t love me?”

Wynonna: “No.”

Doc: “Very well then. To use an altered quote from an exquisite piece I heard on the radio, it’s just ‘Me, My Hat, and I’.”

Jeremy: “I- I just want Doc to run his smooth soft hand down my face.”

Dolls: “C'mon Doc you should do that.”





Wynonna: *Points* “It’s them!”



*Descends into unorganized yelling*

Voices in the background: “CUT THE CAMERA! CUT THE BLOODY CAMERA!”

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Halloween/beginning of autumn, first time spending the night, going to different rallies and protests (full offense peter parker is trans), going to a book/comic store with Peter would include

I have a ton a ton of things to write so I’m just gonna do one of these (FOR NOW) lo siento but they’re all so cute I can’t


  • He will literally constantly send you pictures of the trees
  • Usually with bad(good) puns as captions that are also slightly inspirational cause he’s just so nice
  • “I’m rooting for you today” (”do ya get it do ya get it”)
  • The pictures are actually really good cause he’s so into photography good job Peter
  • He is so damn clique in autumn though like WOW
  • He’ll just buy so many pumpkin candles and pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin muffins and just pumpkinpumpkinpumpkin everything
  • “Autumn just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, ya know?”
  • Like every time you go over to his apartment you guys will just bundle up in a big pile and drink coffee and look out the window like dorks
  • You steal all his sweatshirts though
  • And he loves it
  • You guys will go out on walks all the time through the park or down the street
  • With lots of jackets and scarves that probably aren’t necessary
  • Beaniesbeaniesbeanies
  • Peter will always offer you his jacket
  • always
  • “You look cold here have my jacket”
  • “No, Peter, it’s okay, you can keep your jacket”
  • “Aren’t you cold?”
  • “Peter I’m fine I swear”
  • Lil photoshoots in the colorful leaves
  • The dork will actually scoop up a considerable about of leaves into a pile and jump into it
  • (and so will you)
  • “That looked more fun on Charlie Brown”
  • He LOVES Halloween though
  • Like loves it
  • He buys you guys matching costumes because duh cute friends
  • “Uh YES?!”
  • Halloween night you guys camp out in his apartment with the lights off and watch scary movies in your geeky costumes
  • He has a whole lil pillow fort set up and everything
  • Makes you guys popcorn
  • He has a huge bowl of candy for the kids in the apartment building but there are barely any kids so he hordes it for you guys
  • When kids do come to the door though you guys give them a TON of candy
  • Peter is literally so good with kids it’s unfathomable
  • At one point there’s a kid who comes up dressed as Spiderman and Peter gets so, so (so, so, so, so) excited
  • “Are you Spiderman?”
  • “Yeah!”
  • “Wha-no way! I LOVE your costume, man! Woah, like, look at this! Wow, dude this is awesome!”
  • The kid (and the little one in the costume) is smiling so hard and it just makes you so happy
  • :’)
  • When you guys are watching the scary movies you guys literally cling to each other
  • You like scream into his chest because jump scares are not your thing
  • He insists on holding your hand but he actually has a death grip
  • You suffer through the pain though because why wouldn’t you for your bestie
  • You had planned to watch like seven creepy movies but honestly just like gave up after two 
  • So for the rest of the night you tell really awful ghost stories that are just hilarious and not scary at all
  • “And you turn around.. and standing there is… A GIANT DUCK
  • “Wha-a duck, Peter?”
  • “YEAH! Like a big, scary DUCK!”
  • “Dude ducks aren’t scary
  • You both are just laughing so hard you can’t talk anymore
  • By the end of the night you both have gone through like the whole bowl of popcorn and nearly all of the candy

______ with Peter Parker would include..

We Intertwined: Scientia Family Headcanons
  • When the light returns to the kingdom and Insomnia is resurrected, Ignis relocates the family to live just outside the Citadel. It’s the home he’d always dreamed of with the family he never thought he’d be able to have.
  • Raine keeps her grandmother’s house, but it becomes more like a summer getaway home. She loves their house in Insomnia, but always feels most at home back in Lestallum.
  • Raine learns Braille alongside Ignis. She always packs a lunch for him (her cooking has markedly improved) and leaves him little love notes in Braille attached to cans of Ebony.
  • Raine also teaches Braille to her children and they make him “I love you Daddy” notes and cards out of macaroni glued to paper.
  • Lucas had always shown artistic prowess as a young child. As he got older, he started getting more into relief sculptures, and took to carving images out of linoleum blocks. Raine was worried at first that Lucas was going to hurt himself with the sharp tools, but Ignis reminded her that she still took to whittling in her free time and it shut her up pretty quickly.
  • Aurora took to cooking just like her father. She’s small for her age, but she loves helping out in the kitchen. Her speciality is grilled cheese, and Raine gets her a stool so that she can reach the stove (with her supervision, of course).
  • Aurora also loves saying Ignis’ catch phrase, “I’ve come up with a new recipe!” But it’s in that excited way that kids get where they can’t talk and breathe at the same time.
  • Raine lets her hair grow back out, some of the blue still lingering on the ends, though she doesn’t dye it anymore. Ignis likes to braid her hair in different ways before bed because he likes how the strands feel as he weaves them through his fingers.
  • Ignis often employs the phrase “If I don’t see it, it isn’t there”. For example, this applies to when his kids are trying to get away with something, or when he’s leaving lingering kisses on Raine’s neck with one of their children in a five foot radius.
  • Raine kisses Ignis’ facial scars every morning. She likes to tell him that he’s beautiful because it always makes him blush.
  • Lucas and Aurora often like to surprise their parents with breakfast in bed. It’s always too much food for them to eat, but the grilled cheese is always perfect and the Ebony is brewed to perfection.
  • Sometimes though, breakfast in bed backfires when Ignis and Raine get a little frisky in the morning. Lucas is no fool––when he hears the telltale moans floating from their room, he shudders and leads Aurora away to watch cartoons downstairs until his parents are done. But he does suppose that it’s better that his parents are in love. He just doesn’t want to hear it. He asks Uncle Prompto for noise-cancelling headphones for Christmas.
  • Lucas finds out that he needs glasses when he’s seven years old. He gets similar frames to Ignis’ old ones. When he wears them, Raine is always stunned by how her son looks like Ignis’ carbon copy. Sometimes she sees them adjusting their spectacles at the same time in the same manner and she can’t help but smile.
  • Neither of the kids have Ignis’ accent, but sometimes they like to mimic it. Aurora will specifically do it while she’s helping in the kitchen, and Lucas will do it when he delivers a pun or a sarcastic quip. Raine always comments that he’s Ignis’ clone, and it makes Ignis smile because at least he knows what he looked like when he was Lucas’ age.
  • Aurora’s favourite bedtime story is the one of how Raine and Ignis fell in love. She always asks for it and asks both her parents to retell it. She’s heard it so many times that she finishes their sentences for them, her sea foam eyes twinkling with the biggest smile on her face.
  • Raine keeps a framed photo of Clara in the front hallway of the house with other pictures of the family. Lucas always says goodbye to her before he leaves for school, and Aurora blows her kisses before heading upstairs for bed.

I will probably add more to this eventually!

First Date with Peter would include

First Date with Peter would include:

-       He was really nervous to ask
-       Even though you’ve been shamelessly flirting with each other for a long time
-       After you said yes, he played it cool for a while
-       When you left for class, he called Ned
-       Who almost fainted when Peter told him
-       Michelle was lowkey judging them from afar, just shaking her head
-       After school, Peter almost ran home to talk to Aunt May
-       She was super shocked and happy
-       May also asked him where was he taking you
-       He had no idea, so he freaked out
-       Peter did some research
-       And he decided to take you to the Botanic Garden in Brooklyn
-       Fast forward two days later, he knocked on your door
-       He was looking so good
-       Jeans, a button down with stripes and short sleeves
-       He also had a backpack, with his camera and all the lenses he had
-       Because you were his best model
-       You opened the door and his jaw dropped
-       There you were, a denim skirt and an off the shoulder top
-       You smiled at him, and kissed his cheek
-       While on the subway, you were resting your head against his shoulder
-       He was smiling so much
-       You two joked around, told many puns, and took so many selfies
-       Inside the Botanic Garden, you two were holding hands
-       And he being a nerd, told you many things about the trees and the flowers
-       You didn’t understand most of it, but you were just amazed by it
-       He also took A LOT of pictures of you
-       And you took A LOT of him
-       Stopping in a little bridge, he kissed you
-       Like literally, no warning
-       You almost melted right there but obviously kissed him back
-       A lot of smiling
-       And lots of kisses
-       He asked you to be his girlfriend
-       And you said yes like ten times in a row
-       And he hugged you
-       A really long hug
-       Then he kissed your forehead
-       It was literally the best date ever


Milasaraday week day 8 free day

We made it through the whole week! I’m so proud of us. So for this day we just went with a bunch of the silly pictures we took, because about 99% of our photos always look like this. We had a lot of fun doing these prompts, though it was a lot more work than we anticipated! The pictures of last week were mostly taken on a Friday before I went to work in under three hours, with some extra stuff taken at Dutch Comic Con the Sunday after that. It left us with some 500 pictures we’ve been fervently sorting through for the last week and editing (and that’s not counting all of the other pictures we took at DCC not for MilaSara week)!

The YOI fandom is so wonderful and we love it a ton, so we’ll definitely keep cosplaying these lovely ice lesbians, as well as other YOI cosplays. (we’re planning on cosplaying YOI at MCM Expo this May and at Animecon in the Hague, hit us up if you’re also going im serious we just want to make friends).

@vosplay as Sara & @spacetwinsies as Mila

( Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 )

castieltaking-hobbits2gallifrey  asked:

I need more batman media but I don't know what to watch or where to watch it and Netflix took off Young Justice and Justice League :(:( do you have any fic recs or fun facts

A.  Blogs to follow if you haven’t already followed them, the first three write FREAKING AMAZING fanfic and the fourth creates THE BEST fanart I have literally sat and scrolled through these blogs for hours

@camsthisky (good GOSH I love her she writes so much about Dick Grayson)




B.  Random Fics to Read (and honestly there are so many more, I just can’t think of them at the moment):

1. The Acrobat Series 

by fishfingersandjellybabies

Look anytime anyone talks about how much Dick loves his family they’ve won my heart and soul. I especially like the Kori section.

2.  Mori Shej 

by dickiegayson

OH MY GOSH.  I love this story so freaking much.  Ok, imagine if Jason Todd, after coming back from the dead and going through all that stuff with the Lazarus Pit and training, goes after Dick Grayson to get his revenge on Bruce.  Except when he shows up at Dick’s apartment, ready to kill the Golden Son, he finds something completely unexpected.  Jason has a lot of issues, Dick has a lot of issues (courtesy of the Blockbuster incident).  I have read and reread this story countless times, and I can never not cry because I love my broken sons so much.  There is a lot of anger, some cursing, much regret, and brothers being brothers.  And Dick is the sweetest most protective [redacted because spoiler] and Jason has a mushy heart after all.  It can stand as complete but I think the author is writing more?  Also, either before or after, or both, go to and listen to the song.  It is my new favorite song and CAN YOU IMAGINE DICK SINGING IT OH MY GOSH

3.  the road will only be wide (the rain will never stop falling) 

by weird_bird (2weird4)

A collection of Dick and Damian moments.  So very beautiful.

4.  The Robins United Series, first story is Bird by Bird 

by laceymcbain

…some hurt/comfort, Jason doesn’t know what the hell to do with his family, and they all insist on calling him brother.  *shrugs* family feels are my drug of choice

5.  Penny Lane 

by @jerseydevious

Damian wants a horse, and drat I’m crying?  (tbh I cry very easily over my sons…but still)

6.  Sun Spot 

by Dawn’sEternalLight (@preciousthingsareprecious)

This fic is a quiet moment of beauty and rest for Dick and Damian.  Damian draws, and Dick watches his talented little bro.  There is sunlight.  You skin will clear and your crops will grow and any heartache you have ever had will be healed like magic!

C.  A bunch of fics by Kieron_O’Duibhir

1.  The Till-Then From the Ever-Since  

There is a problem in the Batcave, as in, younger versions of the Batfam keep turning up. It’s absolutely fantastic, and one of my favorite things is younger Jason being SO done with his older self and calling him out on stuff and being all protective of his brothers.  It gets better and better with every chapter.

2.  But a Walking Shadow

 So this story is not finished yet and the author takes waaay long to post updates on it but she has promised not to abandon it soo…It is Nightwing-centric, with a whole mess of comic Teen Titans making appearances.  The author has written a lot of stories about a world where Dick became a Talon, and in this tale Talon-on-the-run winds up on Earth-1 and Nightwing is trying to figure out who this apparent clone of his is.  Talon Dick has always intrigued me, and it is interesting seeing him and Nightwing face off.

3.  All the Roofs of Uncertainty

HOLY HECK this is one of my favorite Jason Todd fanfics EVER.  I love the description by the author “The one where Dick bleeds a lot and Jason argues with everybody.”  Jason is in the wrong spot at the wrong time, ie. He finds Dick bleeding to death and is forced to save him.  Tim and Damian make appearances.  Jason has anger issues.  That doesn’t stop him from caring.  Bruce and Jason hash things out in the most beautiful (painful) way.

4.  Wheel and Blade

 In which Dick confronts Damian about his practice of taking weapons to school, and also gets slightly distracted by the idea of living in a vardo.  I love this story because it shows the best way to parent Damian—not by telling him no “because I said so” but by explaining and debating things like he is smart and capable.  

5.  I Pass the Night Watchman on His Beat

This is a cool one-shot of Dick and Amy, his partner on the Bludhaven police force.  I freaking love Dick being a cop.

D.  Okay now if you want something to watch:

 1.     Nightwing—The Series 

by ismahawk

This is THE BEST Nightwing fan film I have ever seen.  I love the Dick Grayson in it—he’s got acrobatics, sounds like Jesse McCartney (Robin/Nightwing’s VA in YJ), and is quite handsome.  He fights, gets the stuffing beat out of him and keeps getting back up, has a bit of a temper, loves Barbara—perfection.  Watch it, you won’t regret it.  (Also Jason is there yay!  I will take him in any capacity I can get. And I kinda really like the actor for Bruce?)

2.     Red Hood: The Series—Episode One “Homecoming” 

by tenshunn

My favorite Jason Todd fanfilm!!!  Heavily featuring Tim Drake!  Look this adaption is fab, I love the actors and the dialogue and the fight between Jason and Tim (spoiler?)  As far as I know they are trying to put together a second episode.  Watch the video where Jason Todd tries to get people to donate money for it, its HILARIOUS

3.      Batman The Animated Series is on Netflix till September 1st.  I’m in the second season and love it a lot…Alfred is so freaking sassy!  

4.     Damian Wayne: Robins Fly at Night

 It’s just five minutes and doesn’t have any dialogue, and it doesn’t come close to deserving an Oscar, but dang it it’s hard to find Damian stuff…and also seeing a little kid running around in the Robin costume made me realize that there is nothing I want more than to see Damian Wayne on the big screen, being all angry assassin kid, and Dick Grayson capturing him in a hug…

5. Gotham on Netflix

I am pretty sure you already watch this? But if not, DO!  It is AMAZING.  I love it so much, especially Bruce and Alfred and Selina Kyle

E.  Some things from Batman: Dark Victory

Okay I know he is a talented young acrobat and all but how the FUDGE did Dick get up on that chandelier?!  the kid can truly fly (yeah yeah, the stairs probably lead up to a hallway floor/balcony that Dick leapt off of but still) I wonder how many grey hairs the kid gave Alfred in those first weeks alone

On dark days I like to remember the time bby birb Dick Grayson caved in the Joker’s cheek with a well-placed kick.  My nine or ten year old son then proceeded to smash in the Joker’s teeth with a stick a few minutes later and it was amazing

You think I lied??  Nah my son Dick Grayson was cracking teeth and bones and witty puns from Day 1.  Go Robin!!!

Okay so just look at this picture.  Bby Dick is SO FREAKING TINY!!!  also very intense. OMG Batman’s fists are as big as his first son’s head!  *cue a very many feels in my heart*

F.  Random things I am including because I feel like it, and they all revolve around Dick Grayson mostly because he is my fave so…

1. Apparently some official websites say that Nightwing’s martial arts specialty is Aikido.  I do not think that word means what they think it means

2. “I close my eyes now for a few moments and I can see my parents riding the air current with me. Forever young. Forever strong. Their faces wide with excitement, big smiles on their faces, enjoying the adrenaline surge even more than I do. And there is one thing I am sure of … my parents would be proud of my life.” (Nightwing, Nightwing #141, 2008)  

3.   [Talking about Blüdhaven] “It’s a hopeless case. A lost cause. A town so mired in corruption and sin that it’s drowning … When Batman sent me here, I thought I’d solve one case and book. But then I realized … if I could make a difference here – well, that’d be something. This filthy old town needs me…. Surrounded by a dozen of my worst enemies. No way out. Nowhere to hide. The little brat was right. I do love it. (Nightwing, Nightwing Secret Files #1, 1999)

4.  There once was a dumb writer who thought killing Nightwing for real would be a good idea, and he tried writing toward that end, but everybody else was like hahahaha NO

5.  I used to hate when fic writers would shorten Damian’s name to Dami (kind of like how I majorly dislike when people shorten Sirius Black’s name to Siri, he is not an iPhone gosh).  But then I read a post on tumblr that said something about Dami actually meaning something in Arabic, something like blood or life-blood or heart blood…I can’t exactly remember what and maybe it isn’t even true but I choose to believe it is and that Dick knows exactly what it means and he calls Damian Dami as a way to show how special he is, how much Dick loves him.  Because Damian is his little brother/son and means the absolute world to Dick.  And Damian, though he pretends to despise all nicknames, absolutely LOVES that Dick calls him this

Being BFFs with Crowley Would Include:

Warning: There’s a curse in here. It isn’t a terrible one though. No worse than what you would hear on the show.

- You met him when you were a Hunter and he was still a crossroads demon.
- You were going to kill him, but instead you got on really well and just started ranting about everything together.
- Next thing you know, you’re eating lunch in Hell with him.
- Supporting each other, but not always agreeing with each other.
- You’d be his advisor.
- You’d have your own smaller throne next to his throne in Hell and you’d both quip to each other on every subject that was brought up.
- You aren’t necessarily a demon or evil. You probably could be considered morally ambiguous though.
- This morality of yours makes Hell a slightly less, well, Hellish place.
- At first, this led to criticism of Crowley’s reign but he quickly shut it down by torturing and then killing all who spoke ill of you and your effect on him.
- People, angels, monsters, and demons are so terrified of you.
- Partly because you’re a badass on your own who can kill them, but also because of Crowley keeping tabs on you.
- They won’t even touch you because they know you two would come for them.
- You convince Crowley to cooperate with the Winchesters more by explaining how it is in his and Hell’s interests.
- Juliet and his other Hellhounds love you.
- He gave you two little Hellhound puppies that you can actually see.
- You recognize Crowley deserves to be loved and you do love him.
- And you give him so many hugs. This secretly really makes him happy. Although he acts like he’s bored for the most part during them.
- If you date anyone, you can bet that they have been thoroughly vetted and will never hurt you.
- You and Crowley both enjoy drinks with tiny umbrellas and pitchforks in them together.
- You enjoy making puns with him about Hell.
- He teaches you different languages. Some are dead but that just makes them mean that much more to you.
- You’re next in line for the throne.
- He frequently becomes really upset and you always can calm him down.
- Taking pictures of you two acting overly enthusiastic together in ridiculous outfits in different locations. You have so many of those pictures.
- Whenever someone pops up to attempt to uproot his position, he makes sure that you’re well-guarded as well.
- You two are excellent problem-solvers together.
- The Winchesters are simultaneously grateful for your friendship and enraged by your friendship.

WARNING- I do not own Supernatural. None of the characters mentioned are mine and you are owned by you. Please don’t sue me.

Hui on We Got Married

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Idk if I will do all members for this but here’s Hui

Rip my soul for starting this omg it’s like 1 am and I got them feels so let’s just get to it

OK THIS IS WAY LONGER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE (and I would’ve added more but I can’t really think of anything else)

  • omg ok sunshine boy here would be so nervous 
  • but so excited at the same time
  • like at your first meeting he would not know what to wear or how to act
  • would ask the other members for help 
  • most likely Edawn 
  • cuz they are never apart 
  • ever 
  • fashionista Shinwon would probably be offended that Hui didn’t ask him for advice
  • would be something casual but stylish for sure 
  • flowers for you? of course
  • in reality he wanted to give you some kind of gift, but since he didn’t know who he was meeting, he didn’t know what he would get for you
  • you would meet at some activity cafe where you could do something together 
  • like make some kind of phonecase or your own coffee art idk
  • he would probably be very talkative because he was nervous 
  • and all you could do was giggle at times 
  • you really wanted to say something funny but you didn’t know him well enough to know what he would find funny 
  • cute eyesmiles all the time 
  • omg rip me 
  • when you had opened up to him you just felt so comfortable around each other like?????
  • meant to be
  • the photoshoot would be something fun for sure 
  • Hui would do all he could to make you laugh 
  • because he thought your laugh was the most beautiful ever
  • moving on
  • when introducing you to the members of pentagon he would be the proudest and happiest person ever
  • even though this was a fake marriage
  • he would walk around introducing you as his wife 
  • “have you met my wife?” 
  • “isn’t she beautiful?” 
  • “She’s so funny” 
  • Yeo One would probably be too nice to you for Hui’s liking 
  • and he would become overprotective 
  • but in a cute way 
  • moving in together would feel a bit weird and awkward for both of you
  • just because it was something new to get used to 
  • it was a fairly small apartment 
  • with 
  • one 
  • bedroom 
  • and one bed 
  • cuz that’s how this show works, kids
  • so obviously this was super awkward and left you both in silence for a short moment of time 
  • until Hui offered to sleep on the couch 
  • which he did 
  • but you felt sorry for him and it didn’t feel right that you were alone either
  • so for the 2nd night you took the mattress from the bed out to the living room 
  • neither one of you would fall asleep until like 4 am because you stayed up talking to each other about nothing and everything 
  • at any given random moment of the day he would start singing 
  • just any song that popped into his head 
  • when making food 
  • singing 
  • eating, singing 
  • watching TV, singing 
  • just whenever 
  • but tbh none of you were that good at making food 
  • so Hui would order jjajangmen as often as possible 
  • omg late night eating jjajangmen 
  • in your sleepover place in the living room 
  • more singing 
  • he’s always cracking bad puns 
  • but so are you so it’s fine 
  • honestly 
  • when you’re with anyone else they would be so sick of it but can’t help laughing because it looks like you two have so much fun
  • the wedding would be with all of his friends and your friends 
  • so many pictures 
  • so many selfies 
  • much dancing 
  • and you best believe Kino would own the dancefloor 
  • and you be like “damn boy can dance!” 
  • Hui be like “yes but no one is better than me lol” and do some weird random comedic dance 
  • “you’re right, no one is better than you” 
  • gaaahhhhhh his smile 
  • one night he would fall down from the couch in his sleep and end up on your mattress 
  • but too tired to care, he stayed there until morning 
  • you would both be surprise when you woke up but at the same time you didn’t really care
  • for the honeymoon you went to Jeju
  • how original i know 
  • but so much to see 
  • you honestly had the best time ever together with Hui  
  • When it was all coming to an end you felt very sad 
  • you didn’t think you would’ve gotten so close to him but you did 
  • honestly it was so sad to say goodbye for both of you 
  • but like 
  • no one said you couldn’t keep in touch after the show was over 
  • and you did 
  • :))))))))))))

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I saw you did the Minor Trio reacting to competitive skater MC (and aaaah it was so wonderful), so what about the RFA reacting to that?

✿ well yes i also love yuri on ice. Minor Trio was done here!


  • There does not exist a more loving, devoted, obsessive fan that Yoosung.
  • He’s good at devoting his complete time and attention to things - look at his fixation with LOLOL! And when he meets you and sees you skate, all of that passion transfers to you.
  • Yoosung throws himself into the sport wholeheartedly. He follows blogs, researches your fellow skaters, brushes up on the terminology, learns about all the competitions… and he accompanies you to each one, always desperate to see you skate one more time.
  • It doesn’t matter that he’s seen your program over a hundred times by now, watching it grow from its inception to what you perform on the rink. He falls in love with it again each time he sees it, and even more so, he falls in love with you.
  • The minute you get off the rink, he bounds up to you, gushing about how that’s the best performance he’s ever seen and you’re incredible, you must have beaten your last record!
  • It doesn’t matter if you missed a jump or put on your worst show that season - Yoosung is just so amazed by you that he thinks every time he sees you is the best thing ever.


  • He’s so, so incredibly jealous at first, because he thinks that - at any moment - he might lose you, incredible, beautiful, talented you, to someone who can appreciate your sport better.
  • Zen gets antsy when male skaters talk to you. “All men are beasts,” he says to you, getting protective as he tries to warn you from them. “It - it doesn’t matter if they’re pretty beasts; they’re beasts!”
  • zen calm down ur being weird
  • He tries to learn how to skate so he won’t lose out to other guys, which is hilarious. Zen is.. graceful, beautiful, and talented, but he thinks he can rush past all the basics and get right into the fancy footwork.
  • After ending up on his butt more times than he can count, he asks you for your help, and you find him to be an enthusiastic and charming student.
  • It’s fun, teaching him to skate, but you also repeatedly assure him that no, you think he’s wonderful and no, you aren’t going to leave him for another skater. Seriously. Doesn’t he trust you?
  • Doesn’t he believe in your relationship?
  • His insecurity fades, but his desire to skate doesn’t - because it’s something he can share with you now. Slowly, you teach him, and as he learns more about skating, he only grows to appreciate what you do even more.
  • Remembering his failures gives your grace a lot of context.


  • She’s bringing you coffee when she sees you skate for the first time, and the way the light catches your hair as you twirl makes her drop both drinks on the floor.
  • If Zen’s performances gave Jaehee a reason to live, than yours give existence itself meaning. You’re gorgeous, you’re stunning, and she immediately goes to the internet searching for pictures and videos of you in every costume ever.
  • She starts collecting memorabilia - figures? yes. dvds? yes. t-shirts? yes, and she is in the FRONT ROW of the rink from now on, proudly wearing your face on her chest.
  • She actually gives you very interesting and thoughtful feedback on your performances, and she applies much of what she learned being a fan of Zen to helping you perfect your own acting and expressions.
  • Every time you steal the audience’s heart, you steal hers along with it, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever be the same.


  • He sits in the stands, along with hundreds of other screaming fans, and he is completely captivated.
  • No one can get through to Jumin Han while he’s watching your competitions. Someone could be shouting in his ear about how Elizabeth the III was dying in the next room, and he wouldn’t even flinch or look away for a second.
  • the man does not blink. he does not want to miss a single second.
  • He’s not effusive in his praise, but the expression on his face tells you everything you need to know. He looks at you like you are his entire world.
  • And… you kind of are.
  • You understand him, all of his emotions - and he can feel the essence of you from the way you skate. With some smugness, he thinks of the fans around you and how they think they know you, but… do they?
  • No. They know what you want them to see. But he can see the true you in the way you twirl across the ice, and he guards that knowledge like a precious treasure.


  • if you hear one more ice pun, you are going to plant the blade of you skate directly into his face.
  • “Man, I don’t know how I’m going to skate around that topi-” 707 says, and you start chasing him with your show.
  • He’s always suggesting more and more elaborate costumes and theme ideas for your performances. Once, you actually take him up on one, and do an entire routine centered around the theme of feline grace.
  • (you have little kitty ears as part of your costume. seven takes so many pictures.)
  • When he’s being romantic, he’ll ask you to take him skating through the stars. You’ll glide through the milky way, you and him, and he babbles about it with this loving, dreamy expression on his face.
  • For his birthday, you tell him to come to the local ice rink you use to practice. It’s dark, and he’s confused - until one of your friends turns on the light, revealing that rink has been outfitted with million star lights to give it a dim, otherworldly glow.
  • He stares at you as you skate up to him in a glow-in-the-dark outfit and give him a pair of ice skates in his size. Once he’s put them on, you take his hands gently and pull him onto the ice.
  • “I can’t really take you skating through the sky,” you say with a guilty smile before gesturing to all the star lights. “So I tried to get it close. You like it?”
  • “Yes!” He shouts, beaming - and you have to catch yourself on the railing to keep himself from toppling you over with a hug.

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pls do being embry call's imprint head cannons!

- Any excuse for hand holding, that boy would pretend to be afraid to cross the road if it means he gets to hold your hand

- He genuinely looks and advices when it comes to helping you with your outfits

- It doesn’t matter what the guys say, he would not miss your face mask and films nights. Some of your best pictures together are face mask selfies.

- He is 100% behind your decisions if you’re going to be safe and happy. You wanna lose weight? Cool lets go on morning runs. Wanna gain weight? Eat this bitch ass cake. Wanna work on your strength, we’ll lift weights until you can benchpress Paul.

- So many dumb jokes and puns but you laugh at them all because of his big dumb grin

- you buy him joke presents for his birthday that he can’t possibly explain to him mum like flea shampoo and dog collars.

- a million film references everyday

- Arm wrestling when you can’t decide between two choices

- he lets you win anyway

- when you’re ill he cuddles up to you so that you get his warmth

- When he wakes up with your hair in his face he spends a few hours dramatically choking and pretending to faint

- He is a cuddle monster

- 70% of the time that he goes to kiss you he actually blows a raspberry on your cheek

- Your favourite optimistic puppy, he can cheer up your bad day in 3 seconds flat

- He would fight anything for you, even though he’s not usually a fighter

- he is the best person you’ve ever met at painting nails

- loves it when you play with his hair, he’s fell asleep one before when you’ve done it

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Can you do a dating poly taekook would include

Originally posted by salazarstyles

  • this is literally asking for chaos tbh
  • these two would probs get together and record dumb videos when they miss you
  • so many selfies
  • “jagi come take a picture with us”
  • “guys I don’t look good”
  • “shush you look great come here”
  • they’d both be very clingy and stuff
  • would definitely get lots and lots of cuddles
  • they send you song recommendations when they miss you and the song reminds you of them
  • lots of fun dates to try new things
  • these two are pretty excitable so you’d always be doing something new
  • they send you lots of memes
  • compliment/pick up line relays
  • so so so many puns and bad jokes
  • Jungkook letting the two of you in on his lamb skewer restaurant with Yoongi
  • dance parties at like 2 in the morning
  • they’d both be really reassuring and would take good care of you
  • you’d know that they love you no doubt
  • theyd look at you with so much adoration
  • probably get together to plan surprises for you a lot
  • and play lots of tricks on you
  • the hyung line adopting you as their new child
  • they might ask you how the relationship is going and if the kids are treating you nicely
  • it’d be a really loud relationship
  • they’d try hard tho
  • and give it everything they’ve got

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- there would be so many dates in fantagio’s practice rooms
- your butt is planted on the wooden floor for several hours
- minhyuk is so graceful when he is dancing
- his movements are just so precise and beautiful
- you’re literally questioning your existence at the moment because HOW CAN SOMEONE BE THIS BEAUTIFUL??
- you would record him sometimes mostly because you knew that you will miss him on the days that you two can’t see each other
- he’d smile when he sees that you’re recording him
- and being the little chicken nugget he is, he’d throw in an extra wink into the choreography
- you drop your phone because you’re so flustered
- but then you hear minhyuk shuffle over
- he’d have the most worried expression on your face
- so you pretend that you cracked your screen
- he’d be so apologetic
- when you tell him you’re joking, he’d look at you with such a murderous expression
- convenience store trips would be like a daily routine for you two
- because minhyuk had been practicing nonstop, he would be hella hungry
- so he will grab whatever he sees
- naturally, you two end up with four bags of food
- your cabinets would never be empty
- like one time, moonbin came over to your apartment and asked for some snacks
- “what kind of cookie do you want?”
- moonbin doesn’t care so he asks for anything
- and then you take out like 19 different boxes of cookies
- you point at minhyuk as if you were blaming him for your abundance of cookies
- “if you’re hungry, never fear, y/n is here!!”
- i don’t think minhyuk is extremely affectionate but he would have his moments
- you could be cooking in the kitchen and you’d feel a pair of muscular arms around you
- “i wanna cuddle”
- “i literally just put the cookies into the oven”
- “please?”
- “ but i literally just put these into the oven”
- but you give in because these moments were rare
- minhyuk would kick all the other members out of their shared room just so he could cuddle with you
- but i feel like he’s a lazy cuddler
- so he’d just lay on your stomach while you play with his hair
- you two would talk about everything
- “why is mother nature a female? shouldn’t there be a father nature?”
- “idk minhyuk, google it”
- he would also make really cheesy jokes
- “have you ever tried to eat a clock? it’s very time consuming”
- you would let out such a long sigh
- he’s such a sweetheart though
- on anniversaries, expect a lot of romantic gestures
- well he tries to be romantic but he just fails
- he’d try to make you breakfast in bed
- but he’d accidently make the smoke alarm go off
- “y/n!! i tried making pancakes idk what happened”
- you’d sit up and just sigh
- “minhyuk, let’s just order some take-out and pizza”
- along with your dates in the studio, minhyuk would ask for your advice when he showed you his choreography
- of course, it’d be excellent but you give a few pointers relating to his facial expressions
- i feel like you two would also dare each other a lot
- like one time, you dared him to kiss sanha on the cheek on a video that he had to record for a broadcasting station
- poor sanha, he was so flustered and didn’t talk to minhyuk for 3 days
- and the fandom kind of exploded upon seeing the video
- i can also see him lending you his clothes
- he would love to see you in his hoodies
- because then you would have sweater hands and he finds it adorable
- his hoodies are, legit, a dress for you
- minhyuk would sneakily hang his clothes in your room
- the poor boy just wants you to wear them
- and when you do, his expression looks like he’s seen heaven
- the members would tease you two a lot
- “poor y/n, she’s in a relationship with minhyuk”
- and minhyuk would argue against that statement
- “he’s so whipped”
- you’d be blushing so hard
- this one time, minhyuk tried to get you to dance
- even after countless hours, you still look like an octopus
- let’s just say, he has a certain video of you that he shows anyone he possibly can
- i think minhyuk would really like to take candid pictures of you
- he has this one where you’re studying and your eyebrows are scrunched up in concentration
- and another one would be you sneezing
- he has this one as his background
- despite your protests, minhyuk refuses to change it
- he just loves how your facial expressions look
- your relationship would be one with a lot of jokes and puns
- there would be sO many inside jokes that when the rest of astro hang out with you, they’d be confused like 75% of the time
- you two just mostly laugh around each other
- your relationship with minhyuk is stable, full of love, and full of jokes
- and you two wouldn’t have it any other way

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Argh, my heart can't take all this angst any longer! ;~; To hopefully give you something cute to see, how would the skelebros(as many as you want) react to their s/o having at least four cats who are really cuddly with those they like(AKA them)? I normally wouldn't be sending so many asks in a week because I don't want to seem greedy or something, but that last ask, ouch, I didn't need my heart, oww! ^^;

Yay! More cute! Ask as much as you want! I should create a post on what they would name their pets! Like seriously! Someone request that!


Sans: He’s okay with it. Those cats are his napping buddies. It’s so cute seeing him all curled up with cats surrounding him (this would make an adorable picture too!). He’s also going to break out all the cat puns. I’m not kitten. It’s going to be a CAT-astrophe. (eh? EH?!)

Papyrus: He thinks he’s the king of the cats! Those cats seem to love him! Especially during bedtime and MTT tv time! It makes him so happy that these cats love him so much!


Sans: He acts all annoyed. Like, ew, cats! Get them away from me! Gross nasty beasts! But you usually find them all curled up together at bedtime, all of them snoring peacefully.

Papyrus: He actually likes cats since he has a cat, Doomfanger! He’s going to declare his cat in charge of your cats and he revels in the fact that your cats practically worship him!


Sans: He’s tickled to death (but not literally!) that your cats love him! He’s going to laugh his adorable little laugh and cuddle the cats. He’s going to be even more happy if they follow him around. He’s going to even name them (or rename them if you’ve already done that). OH! YOU WANT TO HELP ME WITH MY PUZZLE MR. CUDDLE-MUFFIN-FIGHTER?

Papyrus: He thinks it’s amusing. He’ll make a couple cat puns (see UT!Sans). He also found that they make comfy pillows I once fell asleep on my cat and he purred happily until I woke up). You’ll find him asleep with his head on one cat and the others on top of him like a blanket. 

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This is gonna be self indulgent much but can you do UT! Sans and US! Paps platonic relationship headcanons with an s/o who is very much like them? They have a good sense of humor and use memes, they're p chill and generally the center of the party. They're laid back and laugh a lot but they have trouble sleeping. They say they're fine but make that fake smile that only the lazybones catch. How do the skeles confront their s/o? How do they comfort them?

UT Sans: 

  • God, you two are the msot feared people in Snowdin….well not really. But you prank a skeleton of people, and your pun wars last till late at night.
  • Naps everywhere. You two often mess with Papyrus by napping in really awkward spots. How often he already opened the fridge and found one of you in there.

  • You both can see trough the fake smile of the other, and just know the way to turn it into a real smile.

  • Mostly trough jokes, cuddling and shitty but funny stories.

  • You two get invited to all sorts of things, because you are just so much fun to hang around. 

  • Papyrus screams at least weekly because he can’t stand the amount of puns. To many puns. He can appreciate a few, but that’s to much.

US Papyrus: 

  • Your texts mostly consits of funny pictures and memes.
  • You both never pass up an oppurtunity to meme. Somebody wearing crocs. Expect Papyrus to mumble “what are those……”. He also never let’s memes go. He will use the oldest and most forgotten memes like they are still fresh and tasty.

  • Will nap on you, leaning on you while you both are standing, or sitting. You nap too….well, that’s one way to take nap.

  • He doesn’t have a lot of bad days, so it’s pretty easy for you to see trough his fake smile on those. And he may be a bit thick when it comes to social things, or just generall every day things, but he does notice your fake smile to.

  • Will only get out the best of puns and memes for you on those days. Also pick you up randomly to hug you gently.

  • You both prank each other alls the time, sometimes other peoples, but prankwars are just more fun then pranking randome people.
voltron social media au

im too lazy to draw these/make photoedits….so have some headcanons instead

  • allura’s @ howallurrring
    • has no less than 200k followers on any platform, but she mainly uses instagram and has like 300k there
    • pretty snarky overall, routinely shuts down men trying to argue against feminism 
    • has a running joke where instead of posting a picture of lance’s face she just shows his ear or his leg or something and tags him as ‘”leg”
    • she travels a lot and posts pics of places shes been/her home of altea/royalty shit/galas/the mysterious man she refuses to call her bf
  • shiro’s @ t-shirogane
    • rarely posts pics of his face, but when he does it gets over 1000 likes and a slew of comments
    • has yet to figure out snapchat, so all his sc story’s are him doing mundane things ie feeding his dog, reading a book
    • allura gets 99% of his photo creds…..its like theyre together a lot….alone…hmmm interesting….
    • his favorite thing to do is take weirdly zoomed in pics of keith/tweet quotes from keith without any context
      • k: “imagine knives….
        shiro: ”…ok and???”
        k: “no thats it. just imagine knives.”
  • keith’s @ keithkogane
    • what the hell is an instagram
    • mostly on twitter, he just figured out how to retweet things and we’re all very proud of him
    • basically Jaden Smith 
    • “Can You Believe There Are So Many Stars But I Am Not Dating Any Of Them” —@keithkogane
    • now he posts a lot of pictures of lance with captions about whatever weird shit was going down at said time
    • his bio is always, without fail, a quote from hunk that’s usually something like “hugs not drugs –the greatest man of our generation @ hunkules” and hunks always his header
    • sometimes he just quotes picture of aliens/monsters at pidge with no context 
  • lance’s @ itslancetime
    • he insists that his username is a pun but literally no one gets it
    • half his pictures are of him doing something stupid with the caption “PARKOUR”
    • his avi is always either him and hunk or literally just hunk
      • also uses hunk quotes in his bio
    • will randomly make posts like “hunk garret is better than all of us” and keith favs, retweets, quotes, screenshots it
    • one time pidge called him Leg McClain instead of lance and no one has called him lance since
    • posts lots of pics with his family/likes to randomly make shoutouts to them
    • gave up on explaining himself and now just tweets the shrug emoticon whenever someone @s him
  • hunk’s @ hunkules
    • likes to post pics on beach
    • likes to post pics of animals
    • likes to post pics of his friends
    • everyone has at least one instagram pic of hunk hugging them really tight and spinning them around 
    • basically….Thomas Sanders
    • he’s also really big on vine and half his jokes are just telling people he thinks theyre pretty (and said person swooning in response)
    • his most liked pic to date is the one of keith, lance, pidge, shiro, and allura in matching “in hunk garret we trust” shirts
    • he’s a soft bro 
  • pidge’s @ pidgey
    • her snapchat is literally just hours of matt doing/saying really weird shit with shiro just shaking his head in the background
      • alternatively, shiro responding in kind with equally weird shit and pidge, off camera, “i need a fucking vacation”
    • likes to take pictures with robots (and also of robots)
    • cut her hair really short and then responded to every “you look like a boy” comment with “wow thanks my brothers a boy this really reminded me of him”
    • responds to every picture from keith with “ALIENS ARE REAL!!!!!”
    • refers to matt as “matt” and shiro as “taller matt”
    • no one can tell if her conspiracy theories are genuine or not
      • pidge: “throwback thursday is just the governments way of cataloging on the pictures you never posted on the internet before”
        shiro: “pidge…………why……….”


  • matt’s @ mattpew-holt
    • meme queen
    • seriously, please stop him
    • if Neil DeGrasse Tyson and birdsrightsactivist had a baby, that baby would be matt
    • literally goes from posting an in depth discussion on dark matter or blackholes or space travel to posting a pic of shiro falling with the caption ‘DAT BOI COMES…….AND THERE HE GOES”
    • his snaps are 50% shiro 50% pidge
      • matt: hey shiro what time is it
        shiro: uh like noon–
        matt: time for death to free us all from the chains of existence
        shiro:……..ok but same
      • matt: you ever wonder why we’re here
        pidge: you ever wonder how i havent actually murdered you yet
    • he’s never met hunk. he has a “in hunk garret we trust” shirt.
      • sam holt also has a “in hunk garret we trust” shirt. matt posted a pic of them wearing the shirts and @ed hunk and said “i dont know you. but i trust you” 

A different kind of Ghostbuster

A lot of people allready seem to start doing halloween art, and considering that I’m usual pretty late with mine, I decided to start a little allready as well. ^^
Inktober would be no option for me, for many reasons, but I try if I can get at least one for each week.
And considering that Octobre allready started the week before this one, you can see this as the halloween picture for last week, and thats why I’m going to post another one for this week today as well, just so you are not confused.

Well this one is Candace as a ghost and… well while working on this idea, I kinda got this dumb pun in mind…
Hope you enjoy.

day 4 || decorating disaster || josh

  • Okay so the Christmas season is literally the best time of year for people in relationships because you can call any activity a date
  • Especially when it comes to decorating
  • And that’s exactly what you and Josh do
  • So you’re at your place, and Josh is currently trying to get your attic door open
  • “Y/N it’s stuck, what do I do?”
  • “Josh it’s not stuck, pull harder”
  • “But what if I break it?”
  • “jOSH”
  • He finally gets it open and nearly smacks himself in the face with the ladder in the process someone help this bby
  • He insists that he be the one to get all the decoration out because Joshua Hong is a gentleman
  • He starts sneezing like crazy when he gets up there because of all the dust
  • “Okay, so what do we need?”
  • “Everything up there” you respond
  • “wait evERyTHiNg!?”
  • “Yes Josh”
  • He keeps going on and on about how much stuff you have, each sentence interrupted by a sneeze or a yelp because he found a bug help him pt.2p
  • Eventually he got everything down and now it was time to carry it all inside
  • He also found a Santa hat and put it on
  • You couldn’t take him seriously
  • You put on some Christmas music and the two of you got to work
  • You wrap garland around the stars and and Josh secures it in place
  • Then you place some on top of the walls and cabinets and around the pillars
  • But then came the dreaded part
  • The lights
  • Josh started hauling wheel after wheel and box after box of lights out of a giant container
  • “Do these all still work?” He asked, holding up a strand
  • “Then should, they did last year”
  • He stared the tedious process of unraveling and untangling lights so he could make sure none had burned out
  • You helped him out, and you were displeased to see that quite a few were no longer good
  • Josh was fishing out more lights when he let out an exclamation
  • “Ooooh what do we have here?”
  • You turned and looked to see that he was holding an old set of bulky, colored lights
  • “Oh those are so old, we used those when I was a kid. I’m surprised to see that they’re still in there”
  • Josh plugged them in and, to your surprise, they lit up
  • You both stared at them for a moment before Josh looked at you with a face
  • You instantly caught on to what he was thinking
  • “No we’re not putting letters up on my wall like in Stranger Things”
  • Josh instantly pouted, and he put the lights back away carefully
  • Now it was time to put lights on all the garland and then the tree
  • Because you had so many strands of lights still plugged in, all the lights in your house flickered a moment and Josh ran over to a wall and started pounding on it
  • “Josh you’re gonna summon the Demogorgon if you don’t stop”
  • But he had you laughing anyways this boi
  • Finally, after hanging up all the lights, it was time to decorate the tree
  • You loved this part, so many pretty ornaments of all shapes and sizes, bows and candy canes. Everything sparkled by the lights
  • “Awww, look at baby Y/N” Josh cooed as he held up the collection of baby ornaments, one including a picture of you
  • You blushed and snatched it from him. Josh just chuckled in response
  • You two continued decorating, and Josh threw in a corny joke, or a pun, and even a terrible pick up line from time to time
  • “Hey Y/N. What do ornaments and I have in common?”
  • Oh lord
  • “I don’t know. What?”
  • Josh walked up to you and placed an ornament on your sleeve
  • “We’re both hooked on you” stopjoshuahong2k17
  • You started gagging and pretended to throw up
  • “That was so bad Shua”
  • Josh shrugged. “You’re just mad that you’re not as creative as me”
  • He then started shuffling backwards, santa hat bouncing,… in the direction of the tree
  • Too late
  • He basically threw himself backwards into the tree and his eyes went wide when he felt the impact
  • You shut your eyes and winced as you heard a crashing sound. Ornaments went flying and a few light strands went as well
  • When you opened your eyes, you squeezed your lips together to stifle your giggles
  • Josh was practically sitting in the tree, lights and ornaments adorning his body. His santa hat had fallen on his face
  • You walked over and lifted up the santa hat and grinned
  • “You look even better as a tree than Jun did” you teased
  • “Just help me up please” Josh groaned in response
  • You pulled him out of the tree and fixed the lights and ornaments that had fallen out of place
  • While you were doing that, Josh found a particularly interesting ornament in the box
  • “Hey Y/N”
  • You turned around to see a sly smirking Joshua
  • Oh boy
  • “What?”
  • Josh gestured upwards with his head and you looked
  • He was holding the mistletoe ornament
  • You laughed and gave him a gentle shove
  • “You dork, if you wanted a kiss, you could’ve just asked”
  • Josh pouted
  • “You’re no fun”
  • But then he leaned in and gave you a soft kiss
  • Then another
  • And another, this one he seemed to carry on, which you had no issue with
  • But you knew he was holding the mistletoe ornament over your heads
  • When you pulled away, you booped his nose
  • “Such a dorky gentleman”
  • Josh grinned
  • “I am, aren’t I?”