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Blizzard is Basically Ruining a lot of Everyone Favorite Ships

First off, you can still ship what ever you want and go down with it such as Pharmercy, Gengyatta, Widowtracer, MercyKill and so forth (except Genji x Hanzo, that’s gross) 

Now that I got out of the way, it seems Blizzard is confirming a lot about their cast and yet, it making a lot ships sink and making a lot of people get upset

In the Overwatch Christmas Special “Reflection”. It’s confirmed that Tracer is a lesbian 

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Unfortunately, she isn’t dating Widowmaker. She’s dating a girl named Emily 

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The next pairing is pretty much confirmed with the many evidence shown in-game and the comics, Gency (Genji x Mercy)

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The Story

Mercy saves Genji from death by transforming his body into a cyborg. Even though Genji left Overwatch after disbanding his clan, she still has great concern for his health. 

In Game Voice Lines.   

The start of a match.

Mercy: “You seem well Genji”

Genji: “I am a different man now, I am whole”

When a Mercy revives a Genji

Genji: “You’ve rescued me again Dr. Ziegler”

When Mercy gets hurt

Genji: “ANGELA!” 

 When a Genji dies

Mercy: “Genji, I was too late”

Valentines Day Voice Lines 


Mercy: “I got you some chocolate, Genji. Swiss, their the best”

Genji: “Thank you Angela, perhaps you could share them with me?”


Genji: “Angela, I got some chocolates for you. Not Swiss”

Mercy: “(Sign) I suppose it would have to do. Thank you Genji

Now let me explain what the significant of giving chocolate on Valentines Day in Japanese tradition, When a girl (Mercy) gives chocolate to the one and only she has feelings for (Genji). In March 14th, White Day, the male (Genji) must give the female (Mercy) a gift, like chocolate, in return for the chocolate that the girl gave him.

In the Christmas comic “Reflection”. Genji is at Nepal, spending his Chrismtas with Zenyatta. While at Nepal, Genji is writing a letter to Mercy. When she receives the letter, she looks happy to hear from him. 

Before you guys write comment and complain to me about this. Remember, this is my opinion and you can still ship Pharmercy and so forth. It’s your love and joy, and I don’t want to ruin. 

there are some pretty hilarious name translations out there but us germans were deprived of that so for no reason other than i’m bored: les amis with typically german names (ignoring that it’s not their first names pshh)

Enjolras: Engelhart - determined angel (c'mon this is what Hugo would’ve wanted)

Combeferre: Konrad - courageous adviser 

Courfeyrac: Caspar/Kaspar - treasure (a kasper is also someone who is cheerful/jokes a lot)

Grantaire: Giesbert - shining hostage (aka a captive of love?)

Jehan: Jan(nick) - kind/benevolent (basically the German Jean)

Bossuet: Balduin - brave friend (ok tbh I just chose it because it has the word bald in it)

Joly: Johannes - divine/gracious

Bahorel: Bernhart - strong as a bear 

Feuilly: Friedrich - peaceful protector

Marius: Marvin - great friend 

Cosette: Konstanze - steadfast

Eponine: Eleonore - the different/foreign one

Musichetta: Margarethe - pearl

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Rfa going out to a bar/ club!

–warning: too much grinding ahead–


  • half an hour in and this boy is already pretty turnt
  • it’s not like he meant to
  • he was just trying so many different things
  • his drink of choice is a cocktail 
    • something that doesn’t taste like alcohol
    • probably something along the lines of a white russian 
  • mc ordered him a sex on the beach
    • he was in love
    • (also he blushed when mc told him the name) 
  • he doesn’t have much experience with alcohol
  • he asks everyone for a sip of what they’re having
  • often recieves strange drinks from saeyoung that he can’t finish because they’re gross
  • once he’s fairly drunk, he’ll stumble out on the dance floor with a little coaxing from seven
  • he dances with everyone in the rfa
  • innocently, of course
  • he’s all limbs and joints
  • two left feet at first
  • but once he feels the music– and this boy feels the music– his moves are pretty good not as bad as everyone would think
  • if he and mc were together, he’d definitely pull the lasso-and-reel-her-in move
    • he would also try (keyword: try) to grind
    • saeyoung demonstrated on him to enforce proper technique
    • poor poor yoosung
    • but actually got the hang of it after awhile
  • his ironic dance move would be the shopping cart
  • if this poor boy gets too drunk though
  • oh man mc will have her hands full trying to keep him together
    • of course she would be the one to take care of her drunk friends
  • yoosung is the type to take everything way worse than it is when he’s too drunk
  • mc seems the littlest bit annoyed?
  • he’s tearing up and apologizing 
  • mc hates me I’m the worst person alive and I don’t deserve her”
  • she eventually coaxes him into a cab after the club
  • takes him to his apartment and tucks him in
  • makes sure he drinks plenty of water and that he’s cleaned up before bed
  • if she herself is a bit drunk and tired, (and if mc and yoosing aren’t already together) she sometimes just curls up in bed with him
  • which leads to a very red and embarrassed yoosung the next morning 


  • this boy doesn’t drink
  • thank god for mc’s sake
    • seven would probably be the worst one to handle out of them all if he’s get too drunk
  • so instead, he occupies his time with ordering drinks for yoosung
  • he makes up crazy concoctions for the bartender to make 
    • Let’s add some of the blue stuff, and oh! Is that coconut flavored? Definitely add that! Peach schnapps! Cherry grenadine! and P.hD PEPPER!!!”
    • rip yoosung and his taste buds
  • most of the night he’s watching over everyone
    • especially mc if they’re together
  • also is a big dancer!
  • and a good one at that
  • he pulls all of the iconic, the ironic, the most cringe-worthy dance moves when he isn’t serious
  • definitely grinds with mc (if they’re together)
    • there’s some extreme groping 
    • lots of sweat
    • certainly a quick rendezvous to a private room somewhere
  • offers to be the carpool at the end of the night!
    • if only the passenger swears on longcat that they won’t puke in one of his babies
    • one time yoosung almost did
    • seven was close to pulling over and leaving his drunk ass on the side of the road


  • we already know that this boy can drink
  • he doesn’t discriminate against any type of alcohol
    • each type is near and dear to his heart
  • he has multiple favorites– it all depends on his mood:
    • shots– tequila
    • cocktails– a whiskey sour. the egg white included, of course
    • more often than not, he’ll alternate between those two and beer in some bizarre combination he swears will keep you from throwing up
  • never really gets too drunk
  • the first part of the night, he hangs out with everyone
    • talking, drinking
  • the second part of the night he owns the dance floor
  • are we surprised he’s the best dancer out there?
  • of course not
  • he doesn’t have an ironic dance move
  • he’s just too good at everything he does
  • if he’s not with mc, he’ll allow himself to dance with a few women
  • if he is with mc, you know that he’ll have her by his side (or *ahem* at his crotch) the entire night
  • mc is definitely enraptured by his skill
  • she’ll prove that she can be quite skilled herself
    • zen is definitely turned on
  • their dancing is so hot
  • if you were to look at them while they were in the zone, you would be embarrassed  
  • more often than not, jumin barks at them to get a room
  • and they do
  • more than once throughout the night in fact


  • everyone is eager to see how jaehee will loosen up
  • she’s not the biggest fan of clubs
    • too loud
    • hot
    • lots of people
  • but she figured she might as well tag along (jumin told her to)
  • her drink of choice is a mojito
  • she was convinced by zen to take a shot of tequila with him
    • that was what pushed her over the edge
    • she was done for
    • later she took another shot with mc
  • girl was wild and ready to party!
  • and by that she was coaxed onto the dance floor by everyone and she actually agreed
    • jaehee does not like to dance in front of other people
  • she kind of just does the little head-bop thing and moves her limbs a bit
  • but if the crew eggs her on (especially seven), she’ll pull out the stops
  • everyone is going nuts
  • thanks to that tequila shot, jaehee and mc grind together
  • even if they’re not together
  • and heck do they grind
  • it’s a full on show
  • skin exposed
  • those sultry stares
  • mc’s hands are inching down jaehee’s hips like it’s their job
  • zen really has to control himself
    • actually goes to the bartender and asks for a cup of ice
  • at the end of the night, jaehee is having a blast
  • doesn’t really want to leave
  • but it’s already 1:45 am and it’ll take forever to get out if they don’t leave sooner rather than later
  • mc takes her home no matter what
    • even if she’s functional
  • gets her water, makes sure she has enough painkillers for the morning
  • when they go out and mc brings her home, she almost always stays for a sleep over
  • jaehee cooks breakfast for her in the morning to say ‘thanks’


  • has never liked clubs
  • but mc insisted that he comes along…
  • he’d much rather be at home with Elizabeth the Third and a bottle of pinot noir
  • but she insisted
  • most of the night, he’s at the table, watching everyone
  • his drink of choice is wine of course
    • but the wine they have at the club is bad
    • “You’re being a spoiled brat! Just drink your damn wine and be quiet!”
    • you know zen would say something like that
  • instead, jumin has taken to an old fashioned
    • does a shot of cinnamon whiskey with mc
    • he almost gagged on the taste
  • if he’s with mc, he’ll stay by her side for most of the night
  • he’ll dance if she convinces him
  • he’s a bad dancer
  • just so awkward
  • as much as he tries, he just can’t feel the music
  • once the alcohol is flowing though, he’s more confident
  • guess what?
  • that’s right, grinding
  • but jumin prefers that mc is facing him
  • his thigh is positioned just right
  • mc goes to town
  • nobody wants to look at them
  • they’re both having a great time though
  • if jumin drinks too much, watch out!
  • he’s handsy and isn’t afraid to show it
  • constantly trying to unabashedly snake his hand up mc’s skirt
  • grope city
  • insists they stay in a hotel for the night
  • doesn’t matter if his penthouse is 20 minutes away
  • he has the money and he’ll use it
  • it’s the nicest hotel room mc had ever seen
  • she didn’t have much time to appreciate it though
  • jumin already had her pushed against the wall, teeth on her neck and the bottom of her dress around her hips
  • they didn’t sleep at all that night


  • mc can hold her liquor pretty well
  • much like zen, she’ll switch between drinks throughout the night
    • she lives for shots
    • prefers cinnamon whiskey
    • tasty and warm
    • also enjoys martini’s 
    • always gives the olives to jumin
  • zen is her favorite drinking partner
  • she’s often challenged him to contests
    • she won once or twice by some miracle
  • can’t chug a beer to save her life though
  • if you couldn’t already tell, mc knows how to grind
  • an adequate dancer
  • favorite iconic move is the lawnmower (god damn I love this vid)
  • she tries her best to take care of her friends if they’ve had too much to drink
  • will often choose the one who is the worst off
    • it’s usually yoosung

So yeah, this has been a weird week – and I’ve had more than my fair share of weird weeks.  But none have involved straight up aliens!  We’re talking total world-domination-invasion kind of aliens.  And for those keeping score at home, they’re called the “Dominators” and NO, I did not get to name them. SMH.

Things were looking pretty grim, but part of me was, admittedly, a little excited for a “reunion” of old friends (shout-out to my Star City peeps!).  You might say I’ve been feeling a bit like an “alien” in my own life lately – there are just so many secrets! I mean, we got Caitlin trying to hide her frosty inclinations. How do you keep that quiet? (Hint: you can’t). And then there’s Barry.  I’m still bugging out about how all this time he’s known Dante’s death is on him. Even though I’ve tried to accept the realties of Flashpoint, Barry’s apologies are starting to sound like a broken record.  And it doesn’t make me feel any less alone in all of this. Safe to say, I was in dire need of some extraterrestrial distraction. We all put all our woes on the back-burner and teamed up to stop the Dominators. Best part? I got to powwow with my girl Felicity! She is the Gail to my Oprah, the Sam to my Frodo.

Now, with zero experience dealing with said aliens, I realized I needed to do some, shall we say, research. Bring on the Netflix! While the others were busy training, I snuck off and threw myself a little extraterrestrial movie marathon. I polished off all the essentials: Men In Black, ID4, Star Trek (Abrams style), E.T.  (holla at my boy Spielberg ), and a few classic Marvin The Martian shorts – because, who doesn’t love that little guy?  And of course, no movie marathon would be complete without a giant sack of Big Belly Burgers.  It was an awesome, epic night.  Well, sorta.

TBH, it was a bit lonely. I would have totally dug it if Kara (Barry’s alien friend–-but not the freaky destroy-your-world-and-eat-your-brains type) could have joined me.  And no, it’s not because I want to see if she has any friends she could set me up with on Earth-38 (well, maybe a little…)! It’s just that I’ve never watched alien movies with an actual alien.  Like, would she root for the alien invaders or their human counterparts? These are the things that keep me up at night.  Regardless, I got some good pointers from the flicks (totally going to start working on one of those flash-memory-erasing-pens from MIB — I would love to mess around with HR) and I’m pretty sure channeling my inner-Ripley helped in our quest to save the world.

If I learned anything from my binge-athon, though, it’s that the only way to overcome darkness is to stick together. Times may be frakkin’ crazy right now and nothing may sound better than building a fort and watching Marvin the Martian cartoons until the darkness passes, but the truth is that now is when we need friends the most. Nobody is perfect. Not even superheroes. Not even best friends. I don’t need to vibe anything to see that.

So, the world is saved. No biggie. But now it’s time to celebrate. I was thinking of hosting another movie night, except this time all my BFFs are coming (and I’m making Barry bring the popcorn). It’s gonna be out of this world!

findom quick start guide

Get on one of the tube sites and watch findom /femdom pov videos. Get yourself a webcam and start filming some of your own. Upload these on or or even If you categorise them properly, they will sell. Look at other big names in findom for ideas but do your own thing, don’t rip off other dommes.

Make a new twitter and tumblr. Follow other dommes, interact with them. Post your clip previews.

Don’t chase subs. Always let them come to you. I reccommend watermarking your clips with your twitter/email/tumblr whatever so they can find you. You can even add your email address at the end of clips.

It is not enough to just start tweeting and people will give you money. There are far too many catfish out there for guys to pay random pretty girls on Twitter, making clips shows you are who you say you are, it lets them get to know you and your style without having to waste hours talking to them. I personally avoid talking to them at all if I can.

At first you might not sell lots of clips and get lots of slaves but they will come. The clip sites, especially clips4sale, has great traffic. Passive income is my favourite.

Feel free to send questions to my ask box today and I’ll answer as many as I can.

A Fun Day With Papa

The brightly colored shapes danced across her ceiling and walls in waves. The low insistent hum of what papa Magnus had called a pump was lulling her back to sleep. Madzie smiled and pulled the warm covers closer to her chin. 

It had been a fun and exciting day. Papa had shown her his magic, he’d conjured a beautiful tank of water set into the far wall of her room. He’d filled it will so many colorful things, rocks, sand and something he’d told her was coral. Finally papa conjured a mass of brightly colored fish, taking the time to name them for her, pointing out their gills, explaining how it helped them breathe underwater. 

When papa had winked, Madzie giggled. He told her she was just as pretty and special as the colorful fish in her new tank. Her gills were perfect, and meant to be. They watched her fish swim and play in the coral, until Madzie yawned. 

She crawled into papa’s lap and he opened her new book about tropical fish. The soft tone of his voice and vibrations of his chest as he read to her made her feel warm and happy. Loved. Her eyes felt heavy and closed against her will she wanted to watch the fish some more, see papa smile some more, but her little body was far too tired.

Papa’s strong arms lifted her and soon Madzie felt snug and warm in her soft bed. It wasn’t until a few hours later she woke for a moment to see the dancing shapes. And now she was smiling again thinking about her fun day with papa.

Daddy, Alec wouldn’t be home for another day, but when he did return, he’d promised to take her to the pool for her swimming lessons. Learning to swim was something that made her very happy, and her fathers knew this. Excitement welled up inside her, Madzie felt like her smile couldn’t get any larger but somehow it did. 

Turning onto her side to get comfortable, Madzie let her memories of her amazing day with papa and thoughts of swimming with daddy fill her mind and soon she was fast asleep once more.

Daddy Issues  Bucky x Reader Part One

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Fandom: Marvel, Avengers

Characters: Avengers

Contains: Fight Scenes and LOTS of swearing

A/N: Just so you guys know, this is my first post on this blog and my first written fanfiction on tumblr, so I hope you guys enjoy it and stuffs. Have fun nerding out on Marvel shit!

I don’t really have a life. If you considered what I have as a “life” then it’s a pretty shitty one. There is something different about me that many people can’t and don’t know about. While this might sound like the introduction to a teenage dystopian book where the main character has some ridiculous name and is described as plain, but breathtakingly beautiful at the same time, and is involved in a ridiculous love triangle where any pairing sounds painfully awkward, it’s true. My name is Wicker Basket. Can’t you just smell the sarcasm? But in all honesty, I am very plain. Painfully average in fact. Below average. There is nothing special about me appearance-wise. I know! SHOCKER!!! A descendant of Thor and unattractive? NOOOOOOOO!


While I am a descendant of the Avenger, he has no idea that I exist and I would like to keep it that way. The only thing about me that is remotely relevant to him are my stretch marks which look like I was struck by lightning over and over again. I am not a size 0, in fact I am a size 10, I am not a gorgeous viking, but a boring flaming pile of trash, and i am not seductive in any way. That all went to my brother. Because somehow, in a lineage of gods, that look absolutely breathtaking, I end up looking like the ass of an elephant. WHERE THE FUCK DID THE BAD GENES COME FROM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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You know I’m actually completely surprised Damian didn’t just adopt Colin. Like he’s hanging out with this nice, talented kid who likes him and then he finds out this boy is parentless, lives in a kindly, but poor, orphanage and is struggling to get by. And Dami has only lived at Wayne Manor for so long but he’s pretty sure that’s how he got like, all, of his siblings. So he fills out the paperwork in Bruce’s name and sticks Colin in one of the Manor’s many spare bedrooms and soon there’s another bat brother in the house. Weird but not entirely unexpected.

And the best part is Bruce comes back from the dead, he’s greeting all his children when he stops and mentally counts in his head. Wait, isn’t there one more than normal? Who are you boy? Oh you have an adoption certificate? Well alright then, hello son, nice to meet you. Do you have your superhero name picked out yet>

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What's an airstone? The name makes it sound like some kind of magic breathing rock


it’s a porous stone that connects to an airline and pump, so when u turn on the pump a bunch of air bubbles come out of it inside the tank, which help oxygenate the water and help flowing in the filter!!

they have Many Fun Shapes 

So I ended up stumbling across a post from a Captain Canary fan that was very upset about Time Canary fans being excited about the 2x09 promo scene, and claiming that it’s taken out of context and changing the canon and all that.

Which is pretty funny considering that NONE of us knows the context of that scene yet.  (And is also funny considering how many these fans were quick to decide that the scene in JSA where Sara mentions that even the strongest die, a dialogue that mentioned Rip Hunter by name, was actually about Leonard Snart, but well, that’s fandom for you.)

Now, is Time Canary canon?  No.  Not at this time.  Obviously.  Rip and Sara haven’t even interacted in seven episodes.  Will it be canon?  I have no idea.  I have no better idea of what’s in the writers’ minds than anyone else does.  

I will say though that if we’re going to start looking closely at the canon so far, I think Time Canary has the potential to be a very satisfying ship.

I’ve mentioned before that my biggest problem with Captain Canary as it happened in canon is that the show hadn’t really laid enough emotional groundwork.  There was an attraction of course.  Flirtation.  And they clearly enjoyed each other’s company.  But I don’t think the show ever gave them anything deeper.  If you actually look at the episodes and plots that have the most emotional impact and significance to Sara, and offer her the most development, Snart is, with one exception, nowhere to be found.  (That exception is 1x05, Failsafe, where he convinces her that she doesn’t have to kill Martin.) 

While they’re a cute “what might have been” couple, the fact is that Captain Canary, in canon, was a ‘ship of casual affection that might have become more, but was cut short before it could go further.

Now, what does that mean for Time Canary?  Well, one thing I noticed quickly going through that list is that Rip has a significant role in every episode that is important to Sara’s first season development.  It isn’t always a positive role, mind you.  In a sense, his role in both Failsafe and Star City 2046 could be seen as almost adversarial.  But he’s a significant presence throughout her character arc.

From the beginning, Rip’s quest offers her a chance to step out of the shadows and forge a new heroic identity outside of the role that the League of Assassins built for her.  

It’s Rip who’s the first to learn about Sara’s difficulty with her bloodlust, and it’s Rip who says very clearly that “you’re not a monster.”  (Rip also, in this same episode, confides in Sara that he feels that he IS a monster, for having allowed what happened to his family.)  It’s Rip who is the first to offer support and acceptance to her.

It’s Rip who urges her to begin training with Kendra, helping her define another role outside of being the “killer” of the team.  She’s able to use her experiences in a completely positive way: to help Kendra get control of her own inner issues.  And when Sara’s own issues come to the fore, Rip is the one who urges Kendra to return the favor.  Obviously, the way that the women become very close friends and support for each other is to their own credit, not Rip’s, but he opened the door for that process to start.

As mentioned before, Rip’s role in Sara’s development has not always been positive.  In Failsafe, he’s the one who asks Sara to be ready to stop an apocalypse: by killing Martin Stein if that’s the only way to stop the Russians from getting the secret to Firestorm.  It’s a horrible situation and a horrible thing to ask of someone who’s having her own issues with killing..  However, it’s not like Rip WANTS Sara to kill Martin.  He legitimately believes based on Gideon’s data and footage, that this may be the only way they can stop the future apocalypse when the Russians succeed.  And Sara, seeing that same footage agrees.  He chooses Sara because he trusts her, more than anyone else, to do what needs to be done.  Fortunately, Sara, with Snart’s help, realizes that it does NOT need to be done.   She makes the right choice in spite of Rip, who, people tend to forget, appreciates that and THANKS her for that afterward.

Rip also has a near antagonistic role in Star City: he is an obstacle to Sara saving Star City.  He wants to leave, she wants to stay.  It gets very emotional and heated.  However, Sara does stay, and rather than leave her behind, Rip waits for her.  Finally (with Martin’s urging), he takes a more proactive role and sends in the cavalry.  The episode ends with them having a stronger bond.

Sara’s early arc essentially ends in Left Behind.  And again, Rip has a major role there too.  It’s Rip who’s studied the League of Assassins.  It’s Rip who leads the charge.  It’s Rip who challenges Ra’s al Ghul.  (I still wonder how that fight was supposed to go.  It’s hard to believe that he expected to win.  Perhaps he was hoping that seeing Ra’s kill him would snap Sara out of it?)  And it’s Rip who chooses Kendra and Kendra’s friendship to be the ones to bring Sara back to herself.

Beyond that, there really isn’t anything terribly heavy on Sara’s end until Legendary.  But that’s really quite a doozy.  We have Sara learning that Laurel died.  Sara demanding that Rip take her back.  Rip telling her no.  NOT because of the timeline (Rip never once mentions the timeline during that scene), but because Sara would die.  Rip reveals that before he interfered with her timeline to recruit her, both Sara and Quentin died as well.  And there’s no real reason to disbelieve that, given how that scene played out on Arrow.  They have that very emotional scene where he supports her through her grief.

So, it’s fair to say that Rip has been a very substantial part of ALL of Sara’s major emotional character development in season 1.

Obviously, he hasn’t had that same direct presence in season 2.  But he still has a major role in Sara’s development.  He is the cause and catalyst for her new role as captain.  Where she had once been both rebel and moral voice of the team, now she’s the authority.  Now she’s the one who has to keep them focused and hold them together.  And she’s done a fantastic job.

She still clearly cares about him though.  She’s mentioned him multiple times.  There was that often-stolen scene in JSA.  There are the mentions in Abominations and Compromised.  Sara can’t do anything about Rip’s disappearance.  She has no idea where he could possibly be, but it’s very obvious that she would get him if she could.


Meanwhile, it’s a lot harder to pinpoint Rip’s emotional growth to specific episodes.  Rip’s journey from wild-eyed crusader who kidnaps eight assholes and convinces them to go on a literally impossible quest, to a man who actually cares enough about said assholes not just to die for them (I submit that Rip always figured that if he wasn’t able to bring his family back, he would die in the process), but LIVE for them (and drag them all on his NEW mission later) has its ups and downs through the whole damn season and involves pretty much every character along the way.

But it’s also fair to say that Sara Lance has been a very prominent figure for good.  She’s the first character that he starts actually confiding in.  (Specifically both his failure in Egypt and his self hatred for letting his family down, in Blood Ties).  She’s the character who is most likely to call him out when he’s about to cross a moral line. (In Blood Ties, for omitting important information, in Star City, for hypocrisy, in Progeny, for what he’s planning with Per Degaton, and in River of Time, for what happens with Jax).  She, like the rest of the team, inspires Rip to be better, to retake his humanity and to survive.

They both have a lot of parallels.  They’ve both been taken in by organizations that have taught them incredible skills, but in the process have been made into tools and weapons.  They both have done terrible things to survive, that they express remorse, regret and self-loathing over.  They both look at their past shame as something to overcome and move beyond, even while they may still be proud of their strengths and abilities.  They’ve both survived torture and abuse.  They’ve both suffered pronounced grief and rage.

There’s a lot of emotion there.  It’s inevitable when you’ve shared that many experiences together.  Rip and Sara care about each other a lot.  They trust and respect each other a lot.  That’s canon at this point.

And of course, now they’re both Captains of the Waverider.  Which has an interesting added effect:

In the past, there was a clear power imbalance between the two characters.  Rip was Captain, Sara was crew.  And even granting that Rip was a crap leader who couldn’t (or wouldn’t) take control of his crew, and that Sara was more than capable of killing him with two fingers, it still would have made a relationship between them decidedly uncomfortable.

I don’t know who will be Captain in the end when Rip returns (and he has his memory back).  But I don’t really know that it matters.  In either case, the other one will never be able to be a normal subordinate.  If Sara stays nominally the Captain, well, it’s still Rip’s ship, quest, and area of expertise.  If Rip takes the Captaincy back, well, Sara knows full well that she can lead this crew, that they will follow her and she can protect them.  There’s a certain level of equality there that the characters have never had before.   They’re a check on each other.  

If Sara’s Captain, and she does something that endangers the timeline, Rip’s got the expertise to take Gideon and the Waverider back.  If Rip’s Captain and he puts the crew at risk, well, Sara can easily lead a mutiny.  I suspect that while the crew respects Rip, they’ll follow Sara in a heartbeat.  I think the power imbalance is resolved.

As I said, I have no idea if the show will decide to go a Time Canary route or not,  I won’t mind terribly if they don’t.  I love them as a friendship as well.

But if the show does decide to go a romantic route…well, I think there is a lot of very strong foundation established here.  There’s a lot of shared experiences, common ground, emotional ties, and complications.  As canon goes, this ship could be incredibly satisfying.

And if it never happens.  Well, at least we still have that remarkably ‘shippy 2x09 promo scene.  :-D  (Give me ALL the Rip suffering for Sara’s angst and womanly manpain!  All of it!  Mwahaha.)

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can I request headcanons about highschool jikook? fluff and smut please... have a nice day, sasha~ thank you!

(oh someone remembered my name!)

- “ew are you gay??” - “Oh hey, excuse me, but I’m pretty sure your homophobic ass is annoying my boyfriend so if you could do me the favor and get the fuck out of our sight, nobody will get hurt. Thank you for your attention.” protective Jungkook

- Jungkook carries Jimin everywhere when he’s tired because of his dance practice

- “I want to study, dumbass.” - “I want to kiss you.” - “Then kiss me but stop bothering me already.”

- Many kisses but even more cuddles and especially back hugs are totally their couple thing

- When Jimins class ends, Jungkook already stands in front of the door and waits for him so they can eat together

- Jimin tries to help Jungkook with studying but it always ends with sex

- Jimin takes care of drunk Jungkook, undresses him and wraps him in so many blankets so that he feels comfortable

- horny all the time (plus public actions)

- “Jimin, do you wanna sit with us?” - “Yea-” - “I’m sorry, but Jimin sits with me..” - “But there’s no seat anymore..” >Jimin sits on Jungkooks lap

- every fight ends with many “I love you”s and kisses (and sometimes tears)

- they work out together and dance together

- many compliments but also teasing and kidding

- surprises (like Jungkook buys flowers or they go on a spontaneous date)

- their first time was kind of awkward because they both didn’t know what the other one likes, but now they know each others body like it’s their own

- Jimin at least tries to stay quiet during sex (but fails all the time) while Jungkook just moans out loud and talks dirty

- shower sex

- telling each other how perfect they are

You know what, Danny Phantom was, imho, one of the best shows because it had so many things that make me think back and reflect on how genuinely awesome the female characters were.

First of all, they were great. I personally admire the fact that the creators had a Mexican girl be the popular, pretty girl that everyone wanted to go out with and everyone wanted to be friends with. I know she’s Mexican because I distinctly remember Paulina going out to pick up her dress for her quinceañera, which is a Mexican tradition for girls who are having 15th birthday parties. Instead of having a typical, expected American girl be the popular girl, it was this girl with dark skin and an accent. As a Mexican girl, I loved Paulina, even if she was superficial and somewhat fake. It makes me feel good to see that kind of representation because she was pretty and everyone liked her, which break a lot of stereotypes about Mexican girls.

We also have Valerie, a black girl who is utterly amazing and very smart. She is made out to be the villain on some occasions, but she had legitimate reasons to antagonize Danny. She was a do-gooder in her eyes for wanting to take care of the ghost boy. But her character received a lot of development, which I’m very happy for because she was shown to be strong and fun and interesting. She and Danny even came close to being a couple! The romance didn’t define her character, but her courage and boldness did. She took on ghosts on her own and she kicked ass! I’m so happy she was given so much depth!

Jazz is also pretty great. We would expect for her to be useless, but she’s so clever. She figured out Danny’s secret all on her own and early on in the show, and she respected her brother’s privacy. She took interest and looked into ghost stuff to look out for her brother, and she’s pretty brave! She even took on her brother! I like her because she’s the smart one, but she’s not Ms. Perfect, even if everyone paints her to be that. She is a major support to her brother and she cares so much about him. She’s not the obnoxious know it all sister, either. She is really interesting.

And then, there’s Danny’s mom, Maddie. This one kicks ass so hard. She’s so cool, she can fight a bear and win. She’s not the typical housewife. She’s a genius and can build equipment and keeps her husband in line, and she’s such a delight because people like her presence. She’s not very silly like her husband, but she still has fun. She’s such a strong mom. She’s an acrobat and she’s so ready for anything and she doesn’t need anyone to help her be a badass. She just chooses to be by her husband’s side.

Sam is a ride of a character. She is like the embodiment of the phrase “fuck the system”. She doesn’t give in the gender roles or society’s expectations of being a peppy, preppy feminine girl that wears the frilly dresses her mother buys her. She’s very independent and doesn’t let people convince her to stop being a vegetarian or a goth girl or herself. She likes dark things and black and she wears things that make her comfortable and doesn’t get affected by people if they make fun of her. She even feels uncomfortable being girly and that’s great! She even dislikes being in the sun. And she’s not a rebellious girl ,though she gets caught up in the messes Danny gets her and Tucker into. She’s kind of a brilliant character. She’s very resistant and strong-willed and tough. And even with her crush on Danny, it doesn’t make her love-struck or distracted. She’s focused and she’s always ready to help and she’s a real friend who has Danny’s and Tucker’s backs.

These ladies are so precious because they’re unique and have a very special touch to them. I could go on about the rest of the girls, but I’m tired of typing on my phone. I just wanted to point out how awesome these ladies are and how Danny Phantom let them all shine. None of them depended on men to get where they wanted to go or to take care of what they had to do. They’re very A+, which makes DP A+ as well. 👌👏👏👏

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Hey Skittles, who do you ship and what are your favorite otp's?

“Well, obviously I ship these two nerds here! SB and the Toriel he hangs out with is pretty cute too! Lets see… I don’t usually hang around with these guys, especially after the smiledip incident, so I don’t know many others here besides these three… Wasn’t there another Sans named Cherry?”

Heya~~ just draw a random character~~ her name’s Cutesie Deedee~♡
(The name’s pretty obvious of where i based her… if ya know what i mean)

BTW… WE WERE ADDED 54 followers!!! So that means~~ we are over 1064 + FOLLOWERS~~ ONCE AGAIN I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL~!!! & HERE HAVE Deedee~~!!!! TAKE HER!!! XD

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Okay! UT, UF, US and SF skelebros with an S/O who has like a ridiculous amount of plushies/stuffed animals. Like upwards of two hundred. They all have names, and S/O remembers them all




Sans: Uh….Yeesh…. That’s a lot of plushies. He often pairs a few of them with his pile of socks so they’re not lonely (The socks, no the plushies). He often hides in them, sometimes laying on top of them to take a nap.

Papyrus: wOWIE!!! THAT’S A LOT OF PLUSHIES! This precious child is absolutely ecstatic you have so many plushies. After he finds out you’ve memorized their names, he tries to memorize them all too.


Sans: He’s actually pretty shocked when he sees the amount of plushies you own. He’s even more shocked he learns you have names for them all. He might try to memorize the names of his favorites…… And no he was not just cuddling one five seconds ago what are you talking about.

Papyrus: hYYOOOMAN! I DEMAND TO KNOW ABOUT THIS ALARMING AMOUNT OF PLUSHIES! Papyrus isn’t really one for cute things, and seeing this amount of plushies is practically terrifying to him. And you’ve named ALL of them….??


Sans: waAoH HUMAN! SUCH AMAZING PLUSHIES! Blueberry is even more excited about the plushies then Tale!Papyrus, and he demands to know all their names. You can find him mumbling the names to himself to memorize them.

Papyrus: After he’s over the initial shock, wow. That’s a lot of plushies. His reaction isn’t unalike than Tale!Sans’s, and he’ll pick one up every now and then and play with it a bit.


Sans: To say the less….He’s….. Intrigued. He will try to talk some ‘sense’ into you to get rid of some of the plushies.. but after he finds out you named them all he knows there’s no use trying.

Papyrus: Believe it or not, this skele is so happy. He might try to remember a few names, and he absolutely insists that you, him, and the plushies cuddle. You know… Not for him or anything…..For the plushies….

Mukami concentration camp theory


     This just came across my mind earlier today and it would be REALLY interesting if it’s true but I’m pretty sure that the orphanage the Mukamis were kept at when they were children was a concentration/prison camp.

*we know that there was a war going on at the time and there were tanks (yuma’s mb route). Tanks were first used in war during 1916 in WW1, but they were still not used that much until WW2 when this shit was happening.

*The Mukamis described the orphanage as hell, if they tried to escape the orphanage officials would go so far as to shoot them down. I mean guys, some orphanages can be pretty damn bad, but the things that were done to them there were really bad.

*the reason so many children were on the streets at the time was because of families being torn apart by the Nazis. They failed to fit the image of a perfect country, so they were split up and either killed, sent to camps, or left on the streets. A lot of the children were too young when this happened that all they knew was life on the streets.

*and i have to point out that the name Karlheinz is german

*it wasn’t just jews being killed off by the nazis, pretty much anyone who didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes was at risk.

And then there is Kou, that’s where it gets interesting.

When the soldiers find Kou in the manhole, they decide not to kill him because of his looks. Kou has blonde hair and blue eyes. Kou is the poster child of Hitler’s ideal German.

     [That also explains why the orphanage officials didn’t find the rest of the Mukamis to be beautiful and didn’t put them in the same “special program” they did Kou SINCE THEY ARE ALL OBVIOUSLY ATTRACTIVE. ]


Haikyuu!! x Neko Atsume [Part 5]

[Previous parts and more here!!]

WOW it’s been a while since last time I made some cats huh? Haha but I wasn’t done yet `v´ Little Seijoh set for y’all, with Oikawa, Iwaizumi and Kyoutani :3c Oikawa was actually pretty challenging because the cat I named after him doesn’t really physically look like him enough // I went mostly by personality on this one (I saw lady killer and instantly thought of him, oopsie) and balancing it out was hard….. And Iwa kinda looks a bit like a tiny dog, dang it.

I still have more cats I could do but I honestly have no idea if I’ll ever get to it haha, I hope I can though, this is lots of fun! `v´ Thanks everyone for the continued support on this small project too, so many nice comments I’ve gotten on these <3 You guys are the best!


I am sitting here playing with my hard nipples (which is pretty normal) and I keep thinking that although I love my nipples, it is such a unsexy word. At least I have options for my boobs, I can call them many things even if I normally refer to them as my tits since they are too being to just be boobs. Same with my pussy, it is also my cunt. But nipples is so medical and clinical but it will have to do cause they are so hard and enjoyable even with out a sexy name.

Sorry, excuse my horny ramblings.

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Top 5 favorite moments in Horizon Zero Dawn

Ooh, boy. Okay. I’ll try not to be too spoilery, but be warned anyway. :)

1: The intro. It’s a nicely compact way to explain the world to little Aloy, and by extension to us, along with introducing the whole conflict of her naming and the unusual circumstances of her being cast out. And, of course, THE SCENERY IS GORGEOUS and OH YEAH THERE ARE ROBOT DINOSAURS. (And horses, and deer, and cattle, and crocodiles, and other things besides…but yeah. Dinosaurs.) Read: you’re gonna get a faceful of awesome in this game.

2: Pretty much any time I met a new female character, because there are so many good ones.

3: Whenever Aloy started digging into the world’s past civilizations. The lore is genuinely good and there’s so much well-written material. Once she really starts discovering what the Zero Dawn team did, what became of them, and why so much of their knowledge was lost…ow ow ow.

4: Despite said knowledge being lost, Aloy shutting Sylens right the fuck up by being smart enough on her own to figure out the earth wasn’t flat, thank you very much.

5: The ending, and this is why: a triple-A game chose to end its story on a message of how cleverness and being able to figure shit out aren’t enough on their own; you have to have compassion, and you have to care. Considering what’s been happening in the gaming community over the last few years, that’s beyond important to say.

And since those are all story-focused, I have to have one more bullet point for gameplay. There are, after all, robot fucking dinosaurs. And let me tell you, after you make your way through all the cauldrons and have the ability to override pretty much anything, it gets ridiculously fun. I CAN MAKE A ROBOT T-REX MY FRIEND AND IT IS THE BEST THING.