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Hello, Cross. I am really craving for a good Harry Potter fanfiction right now. Do you think you can share something? An except, perhaps?

Hmm I actually don’t have any new strictly HP excerpts to show. But I have a bit of an HPxHunger Games crossover fic with MoD!Harry I can post? I can’t remember if I already did but I wrote it a long-ass time ago and never really continued it, and it’s the only remotely HP thing I can find on my usb atm.

Here’s a bit of background first:

Summary: In a magic-fused Panem, tributes are allowed to bring a Contracted Creature with them into the arena… if they have one.  Harry’s not quite a Creature but nobody needs to know that, especially when the little Mockingjay girl he took under his wing five years ago volunteers for the Games in the place of her sister.  In the past, he’s kept out of human business for the most part – saves him grief in more ways than one in the long run – but the Capitol sickens even him, and when it threatens the few things he still cares about, Harry decides it’s time to return to the battlefield.

*Contracted Creature – A magical creature partnered with a human for a certain amount of time, agreed upon by both creature and human.  During that time, human is sworn absolute obedience from its creature, while the creature, depending on its strength, might need to draw on the human’s energy to fight.  Mostly, contracts are allowed to form only when the human finds and defeats the creature in battle.  When magically bonded, if one dies, so does the other.

And here’s the excerpt:

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REQUEST: fiery passion // Ballroom e Youkoso!AU Park Woojin 

Originally posted by woojinnies

genre: the first fiery fluff I’ve created

fic style: paragraphs

summary:  WooJin as a dance partner //  Ballroom e Youkoso!AU

note: tbh Woojin isn’t even my bias or my bias wrecker but bc I get so many requests for him; he’s my official bias wrecker.. thanks y’all

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; you repetitively danced to the count, making sure you practiced enough. Enough for what? There’s this showcase coming up that reeks with pro-dancers all around the world, looking for who to recruit to represent the country’s youth ballroom dancers. This was a dream of yours. Growing up, there way no way you could’ve got out of dancing. It ran in your genes, but at least you could choose something for yourself. You always appealed more to a bigger audience and you weren’t worry about having stage fright. 

“Class? For this assessment, I will be pairing up you guys with someone who has a different skill set than you. This will help newcomers and old members communicate through the language of dance. Whether you know what you are doing or not, you guys are here to dance. I want to see improvements before the Elite Harvest Competition! Let’s get to it!”

You were a little bummed out that you couldn’t be partners with Hyoudou, your childhood ballroom partner. You were partnered up with someone you’ve seen in your class…

“H-Hi.. I’m Park Woojin, I’m in y-your cla-class..”

“I’m YLN/YFN, nice to meet you..”

Poor boy, he couldn’t even look at you properly. As far as you could tell, he wasn’t a ballroom dancer. Ballroom dancers have a sort of peculiar body-type to them and he didn’t have it. He was a little on the shorter side, his posture was horrible and his ability to lead was probably little to none. Although he did look like he worked out or did some other sport, this was the only thing that could be saving him from being a horrible dancer.

“You don’t look like a ballroom dancer. What brings you here to this studio?” you tried to catch his eyes but he was just a blushing mess.

“I-I’ve al-always danced.. li-like street-styled freestyling and hip hop…” he looked like he was regretting his choice to come here, “I always wanted to try ballroom dancing.. becaus-”

“Alright class! Older members please prep your partners for the basics!!”

You looked backed at him,” What were you saying earlier?” He looked relieved that you didn’t hear him earlier.

“NOthinG!” He scrambled to get his shoes on. You’ve never seen anyone put 100% of their attention and focus on tying their shoes.

After a good 2 hours (with breaks), you were surprised that he basically got the box step down. With the basic box step, you could incorporate it with waltz, rumba, foxtrot, etc. Something felt off about the practice though.

“Hey Woojin.. You’re placement on my back is wrong.” You grabbed for his hand and firmly placed it on the back of your bra strap.

“Right here, okay?” POOR BOY 

He’s form was a pain to fix. Every time you would tell him to fix something, he’d forget the other thing you’d just fixed. His grip was weak. You felt like you were dancing with a claw machine. There was no stopping there, you have to get him to improve. He’s here for a reason and you wanted to show people how much ballroom dancing is under-appreciated and that it was just as difficult as any other dances or sports.

You guys finished for the day but he wanted to stay back. The idea of practicing to impress you was the only thing on his mind. He wanted you to notice him. He saw you leaving and he wanted to get you to stay longer..

“Y/N!” The turn of your head was the most mesmerizing thing he has seen all day. 


“What made you want to become a ballroom dancer?”

This took a little time for you to process your feelings and thoughts together,” When I’m dancing, I feel like I am pursuing my own passion. I am my own fire; one that water won’t be able to get rid of. My goal is to be noticed by the judges at the competition.”

Woojin looked at you in awe; seeing you being as passionate as he is about dance made him feel like there was a strong connection between you guys. Even if you guys specialized in different genres, dancing is dancing of the soul, regardless. 

“Let’s stay back to practice!”

That was probably the only sense of confidence you’d sense from him since you’ve been with him today. You smiled, “We could, but we need to rest our bodies for the next day. I’ll see you tomorrow, Woojin.”

This only made him practice throughout the night. For many nights.

You were worried about him. You could tell that he got immensely better. How could this even be possible?? It’s been a couple of weeks now; the pre-competition is this week. Woojin had a strong sense of fiery passion you did. When was this fire ignited? Was this always inside of him? This passion?

His grip on you was so strong, you felt like no tornado could rip you guys apart. His footwork has gotten more precise and quick. The Woojin you met a few weeks ago is completely gone. Only a passionate-dancing Woojin stays standing in those same shoes he fumbled with putting on, on the first day that you met him.

Woojin’s feet would be in so much pain and be full of callouses and blisters, but he thought.. this was nothing. If y/n spent her whole youth dancing like this, a few weeks of this would’ve been nothing to what y/n went through. He’d get up from his seat and reach out for your hand. 

You chuckled as you grabbed his hand in return. You guys wanted to dance back to back the three categories you had to do; waltz, foxtrot and tango.Both of you swiftly executed every move perfectly; your instructor made a choreo for everyone to follow. This is when skills and teamwork comes into play. Every choreo had a spice of excitement. A high that you both could never get enough of. 

While dancing to the tango, your last dance of the category, you guys had to portray a sexy versions of yourselves. As Woojin led you throughout the whole room, you felt nothing but overwhelming amount of sexual appeal. Which is normal in ballroom. At the end of the tango, the excitement was still in the air and will the last spin into Woojin’s arms.. you kissed him. 

You were both were surprised but at the same time, it felt right. You looked at him as you let your lips falter from his. “I’m sor-sorry,” you pushed your lips into a thin line and let go from his grip. You gathered your things as quickly as possible and made your way to the door. Woojin reaches for you hand ever so gently it caught you off guard. After dancing so passionately earlier, you thought he would’ve lashed out like any hormonal teenage boy would. 

“Why are you sorry?” He gripped your hands tight enough to feel his trembling and sweaty hands but light enough to let go if you wanted to. Before you could say anything, he blurted, “I’VE ONLY STARTED BALLROOM BECAUSE OF YOU. BECAUSE I ADMIRED YOU. FROM THE BEGINNING. I SAW YOU ON TV WHEN I WAS 7. 7! YOU WERE ALREADY PAVING YOUR WAY INTO THE DANCING WORLD. AND YOU WERE EVEN COMPLIMENTED BY PROS! YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN MY ROLE MODEL…You.. you’ve always been my beautiful role model..” 

He felt an urge to cry wash over him. How pathetic, he thought, she definitely thinks I’m a creeper now.. a whimpy, crying creeper.. 

He wanted you to walk out that door and never see him again. But instead you wrapped your arms around his sweaty torso. He was able to smell your signature floral shampoo through his running nose.

“I’m so grateful for you, Woojin. For these past few weeks, you’ve really improved. I wouldn’t change partners with anyone else. I hope that you found the passion that I’ve been dwelling with since I was 7 then.” You smiled at him as you tried your best to stop him from flinging tears and snot everywhere. 

“Are you ready to burn our passion on the dance floor?”

sorry this was so shitty I really tried 

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For the prompt thing: leverage (esp Parker, Elliot, and Hardison) and "you died and left me a bunch of weird IOUs" (it's from a post in your make it so fandom tag). Thank you!

(This is a weird ficlet. I hope you like it! Warning for minor character death because someone had to die for the “you died and left me” part.)

Alec always knew Nana had secrets. So did he. It was a delicate relationship full of both of them pretending the other one was definitely not breaking the law at any time, to the extent that he’s not totally sure what kind of weird things she was up to. (He spent his whole adolescence locked in his room with a computer, he really hopes she assumed he was a hacker and not doing porn. It’s a noble profession, but he didn’t need his Nana thinking of him like that.)

So, when he gets down to executing her estate, he expects to find some weird things. Maybe extra bank accounts, ledger books, weapons, he doesn’t even know what.

There is a ledger book in a hidden drawer in her desk that one of her favorite necklaces is the key to, but it’s not a book of loans or payments. It’s a book of IOUs, and none of them are for money.

Billy Franklin owes 6 helicopter trips, the first entry says, with contact information and a few legal details, and it’s neatly crossed out, the number changed a few times while she called that debt in.

“What the hell?” says Alec, and keeps looking.


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Dark Felicity

I mentioned in my 5x07 meta that saw a potential for a dark Felicity arc & was writing a post, but I received an angry comment and it kinda dissuaded me from finishing it. Now, after the latest press release, I felt encouraged to go ahead. 

Our girl has been suffering for a long, long time. It looks like the show is finally poised to deal with it. She has been saying she’s okay but she is clearly not.

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Time Stood Still, Part 4: Defender of the Dispossessed

Series so far here

“Now Théoden son of Thengel, will you hearken to me?’ said Gandalf. “Do you ask for help?” He lifted his staff and pointed to a high window. There the darkness seemed to clear, and through the opening could be seen, high and far, a patch of shining sky. “Not all is dark. Take courage, Lord of the Mark; for better help you will not find. No counsel have I to give to those that despair. Yet counsel I could give, and words I could speak to you. Will you hear them? They are not for all ears. I bid you come out before your doors and look abroad. Too long have you sat in shadows and trusted to twisted tales and crooked promptings.”

So there are dreams that are spooky and sad and expose those parts of yourself and your past you would prefer not to think about, and there are dreams that are wistful and nostalgic and unearth those parts of yourself and your past you only wish you could marinate in forever…

…and then there are dreams that leave you with a roar on your lips and a fire in your heart, and you go through your day with a skip in your step, because amidst all the subconscious slurry, you stumbled upon your innermost core. You discovered who you are. It was just a dream, of course; Wyman Manderly never intended to execute you after all. But that doesn’t mean what you learned about yourself is invalid. This is the chapter where every facet of Davos Seaworth shines through: politician and father, lord and smuggler, the fingerless Hand. “He is here,” to borrow from Varys.

Davos’ external struggle in this chapter is inextricably wrapped up in that inner journey, and therein lies his victory: the more perfect union of his lord-self and smuggler-self, because the former’s argument in the Merman’s Court wouldn’t be possible without the latter. Davos III is the Arena of the Self, a crucible. Two Davoses enter, one Davos leaves. 

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Why Kudou Shinichi is an extremely broken character (minor spoilers?)

At a first glance he seems like a perfectly fine uber detective, but it’s just too perfect and the lines between dedicated and obsessed become blurred. He has unhealthy obsessions and too much control, and is never confronted about it.

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Yo. So, I seem to be on a Godlike!Characters kick. Problem is that most of them turn into badly-written harem fics. (At least all the ones I seem to find do.) It's not too bad in the HP fandom, (On a Pale Horse by Hyliian was a good read and great find), but I'm a warier person now. So, I wondered if you knew any good Godlike!Character fics, specifically for Tsuna from KHR? (I would love to see Reborn's reaction and if Tsuna never had a clue.) Love your work and wish you good health.

I don’t read a lot of these (and yeah, some tend to go the harem direction for some reason), and definitely not many for KHR, but I can rec a few with godlike (more like just powerful instead of godlike) characters that you might like:


Beneath a Veil of Bitter Ice – gothraven89

It is the day of Loki’s trial but all is not as it appears, and by the end of it Thor’s world lays shattered . Thor will need all the help he can get, and who better to aid him than Earths mightiest heroes as he begins a desperate search for someone he thought he had lost.

[Final Fantasy VII]

Once More, With Feeling – Illusor Meaneld

If you could start your life over, knowing how things could turn out, what would you do differently? Cloud is offered this chance, and tries to change the future, but he quickly discovers that fate and destiny play a high stakes game.  (Time Travel)

The Fifth Act – Sinnatious

Cloud has an accident with a Time materia, and finds himself in the middle of the Wastes at the start of the Wutai War. There are people to save… and for that, there are three people who need to die.  (Time Travel)

Rock Bottom – esama

In which Cloud is so not doing this again. Except then he is.  (Time Travel)

Ultima – esama

If things had ran their natural course, he would be an omega - but very little about Cloud Strife was natural these days.

(Not precisely omega-verse. It has the hierarchy dynamics, but not the biology.)

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Andrew Kreisberg on Supergirl/Flash's Musical Crossover, Black Flash & More

Andrew Kreisberg is one of the few people with real power to control both Supergirl and The Flash – that’s because he executive produces both superheroes’ TV series on The CW, charts their respective destinies, and occasionally brings them together in the fight for justice.

During The CW’s press day for the Television Critics Association, Kreisberg was on hand to join a handful of reporters for a quick, rapid-fire Q&A session addressing a hodgepodge of inquiries related to both shows, and in several cases provided some eye-opening responses.

On the upcoming “The Flash”/”Supergirl” musical crossover:

Andrew Kreisberg: Hearing Melissa [Benoist] and Grant [Gustin] sing — it’s funny. You guys only ever see the episode. To me it’s like, I think about every episode, it’s also the experience of making it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on set with Melissa, or when Melissa and Grant were there. They were just singing between takes. So it’s like, I hear Melissa sing all the time. So for you guys to get to hear that finally will be so great.

What I love about it, and it’s what I always loved about what Joss Whedon would do like with “Hush,” or “The Body,” he’d have these very special episodes, but they were intrinsic to the storytelling, the ongoing storytelling that was going on. So when we get to the musical episode, both Barry and Kara will find themselves at pivotal crossroads on their respective series, and the experience of going through the musical will have a great impact on both series moving forward.

There are going to be people from both shows singing. It’s going to start on “Supergirl,” and it’s going to resolve on “Flash.”

We’ve had singing on “Flash” before. We had Barry sing karaoke. We had Jesse sing in the alternate universe. But to be able to have a full-fledged musical episode, as much as we hope these shows speak to people, whether socially, or Alex’s storyline and what it means to people, at the end of the day, we’re trying to entertain people. We feel like no one is trying harder to just flat-out entertain people than this quartet of shows. So to be able to do a musical episode is so exciting.

On the prospect of bringing Neil Patrick Harris, the voice of the animated villain the Music Meister, in to play the live-action version:

We’re certainly huge fans of his. As the casting process proceeds, we’ll see what happens.

On whether the songs featured will be original works, covers or a mix of both:

We’re still working that out right now. We’re still writing the script and trying to figure out exactly what we’re going to do.

On finding story paths and consistent tones that differ from the DC films in production and development that often feature overlapping characters while still not limiting things to “ligher” interpretations:

I don’t really know what the future holds for DC movies. I only know what’s happened. Whether it was a DC movie, or a “Star Wars” movie, or a Marvel movie, we try to avoid things that are sort of already out there.

I think that we have such an amazing cast on “Supergirl.” They can handle just about anything. I think that the darker tones sometimes work a lot better once you’ve got a few years under your belt, where you really do care about these people. So that when things take a bit of a darker twist, it feels a little bit more earned and it doesn’t just feel like, “Now it’s time to torture your characters.” So I think the tone of “Supergirl” will stay consistent throughout the season. So we’ll see what happens in the future.

On what’s ahead on the villain front for Supergirl:

She’s still facing Cadmus. There’s going to be a couple of other returning villains. Livewire is coming back and Parasite’s coming back. She’s going to face off against Mr. Mxyzptlk, so we’ve got a bunch of classic DC comics characters.

I think a lot of the pull of the next episodes is the mystery of Mon-El, and what is he hiding? And who are these people who are tracking him? That coincides with the two of them growing closer and seeing where that relationship goes.

On the real-world response to Alex’s coming out story:

I’ve seen [Twitter threads] of people saying that watching the show, they were able to start the conversation with their own families. It’s beyond humbling and beyond gratifying to know that this show has the ability, not only to entertain, but to really create a safe haven in opening discussions with people. What could possibly be more important?

Bonnie Bennett doesn’t know what it’s like to be fought over.

You’re right, Enzo. Bonnie Bennet has never been fought over since the course of six seasons of The Vampire Diaries. Such a sight would be revolutionary on The CW, a network that is notorious for treating their black characters like shit. So many other female characters on this network have had love triangle storylines, but Bonnie Bennett continues to be the afterthought. 

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I wrote fanfic! This is part 1, you can read part 2 here. If you prefer, you could also read the whole thing on AO3 or FFN. 

Title: Some Books Just Swallow You Whole
Fandom: Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall
Rating: General
Word count: 2500
Pairings: None except mentions of canon ones. You can see it as Pinescone pre-slash if you want, I’ll just point out that the characters are their canon ages, though
Warnings: None
Summary: Dipper knows well how his curiosity can be ignited by a book–so when a customer leaves one behind, it’s all he can think about to uncover the mystery of the author

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Monty Oum. Monty FREAKING OUM, man!

I just…wow…

So yesterday I, like many other fans, found out that Monty Oum shockingly passed away earlier today. This was sent via tweet by RoosterTeeth. And I have to admit, when I first saw the tweet, I literally gasped on the spot, clutching my chest and I remember feeling very weak for a few seconds because the sheer shock of the news was…. overwhelming. I just could not believe it.

Monty Oum was my idol. He was one of my biggest inspirations second only to names like Tetsuya Nomura and Bryke. He was the type of artist/animator I wanted to be. He didn’t go to a fancy-swanky animation school. Most of the stuff he did, he learned on his own and in his own time and he became recognized for it. Before RWBY or even Red vs Blue came into play, I mostly came to know Monty for Haloid and of course, who could forget, the epic Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Dead or Alive crossover, Dead Fantasy. The first time I saw DF I was just blown away; not only by the originality behind the idea but mostly for the ground-shaking, well-choreographed and nicely executed fight sequences that kept me on the edge of my seat cheering and literally clawing at my screen to get my hands on the next part. This was the impact that Monty had on me. However his talent for animating fight scenes wasn’t what mostly impressed me. My favourite thing about Monty’s work was watching him create cool dance animations. Anyone else remember Dead Fantasy: Gee and Obsessed? The first time I saw either videos, I literally became obsessed with watching them and it was Monty’s work that inspired me to learn more about 3D animation just so that I can make awesome and nicely choreographed dance animations just like he did. I mean…I’m not much of a dancer like Monty but, an animator can dream can she. His work intrigued me enough to want to try my hand at the same thing.

Monty eventually became the creator of his own series: RWBY. Like many of the people on my list of inspirations, he went on to achieve the dream I hope to accomplish some day. To be able to devote my time to creating my ideas and bringing my stories and characters to life, possibly alongside a team of equally talented and overly artistic individuals who all share the same ambition and creative energy as I do.

Monty Oum was truly a innovative and very inspirational man. I never knew him personally nor did I ever get the opportunity to meet him in person at any comic/videogame conventions. But I knew his work. And I felt like I knew him through his work. And I think I can speak for most fans when I say that a lot of us were connected to Monty through his animations.

This guy was such a big impact on so many artists, not just myself but to many others.
So to suddenly hear that he’s gone.

It all feels very unreal to me.

Like I’m in an estranged nightmarish twist on reality where everything feels topsy-terpy. Okay…maybe I’m over-exaggerating things quite a bit…like I said, it feels weird. I mean it’s not like I thought Monty to be immortal or anything. I mean at some point, we all have to go…I just never imagined his departure to be…so soon, y’know.

And it’s not just the fact that he died that stunned me. It’s how he died too. One allergic reaction to a seemingly described ‘simple’ medical procedure (as it was described in the journal posted by RT) and that was all she wrote. I mean one could argue and say that…at least he went peacefully y’know but…it’s still such a huge shock.

And if this is how I feel as a fan, I can’t imagine what the family and close friends of Monty must be feeling right now. His relatives, his wife, all his friends and teammates over RT especially the cast and crew of RWBY…all the people who he mentored and all the lives that he touched….

My heart goes out to them all and I’m sure all the fans will extend their condolences as well.

Now this makes me wonder what is to become of RWBY. Monty was the creator and pretty much the heart and soul of show. Not like I’m not giving the other RT members who worked on it credit but I have to be honest, RWBY was Monty’s bread and butter. Not only did he create the show but he also directed it, wrote for it, designed for it, animated for it, motion captured for it and he even voiced one of the main supporting characters (Lie Ren).

I must ask and I’m afraid I have no choice but to ask this, will the Roosterteeth still continue to produce RWBY without Monty? It’s safe to assume that Monty discussed many of his ideas for the future of RWBY with other members of the crew like Kerry and Miles, for example, since they were the writers for it so I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them decided to take over the project. But…how will RWBY be without Monty?

I guess…only time will tell?

Until such time arrives, I conclude my post with this…

Monty Oum, it was your creative mind that helped to mould me into the artist I am today. I can only pray that one day I become an animator/creator as amazing and memorable as you were. Thank you so much for inspiring me and so many others in your lifetime. Though it was sadly short-lived, may you rest in peace in the promise lands with all the other creative geniuses that came before you.

You came into this world a n00b and went out a legend.

R.I.P Monty.

Creator of Haloid, Icarus, Dead Fantasy and RWBY
Animator and Creative Mind.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2015)