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Rebelcaptain -- finding the other wearing their clothes ;)

It’s been twenty days when Jyn finally picks the lock to Cassian’s room. It’s surprisingly easy, for a man so paranoid about security and watching his back, but Jyn understands when she gets in. The room is almost empty–a bed, a wardrobe, a desk. The bed is neatly made; the wardrobe closed, the desk clear. It’s like the first time Jyn had rifled through Cassian’s bag, before Jedha so long ago; nothing personal. A man who travels light. 

It’s not surprising–Jyn hadn’t expected hoarding here–but something in her is still disappointed. She’d wanted–something. Some remnant of him, because there’s nothing else in this base. K2 is with him, a small comfort when they’re both too deep for communications; she is fond of Bodhi and Baze and Chirrut but they aren’t Cassian, aren’t a part of him. They’re worried, after twenty days of silence, but Chirrut’s faith is absolute, and Bodhi’s belief in Cassian’s competence edges onto hero worship sometimes, and Baze’s cynicism has resigned him to the worst. They don’t understand this fear, twisting in her, fear and anger at the impotence of waiting. She’s waited before, for people who never came, and all she has is a crystal necklace to show for it. 

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Help (B.Barnes) *NSFW*


Bucky Barnes

Warnings: swearing, dry humping, sexual themes, (no penetration!!)

Requested by Anon: can I request a fic where bucky and the reader have to share a bed and he gets horny/a wet dream? love those types of fics. and as much buildup as possible if you can? 💕💕

A/N – hopefully that was enough buildup doll! Thanks for requesting it, I loved writing this! I hope y’all liked the dry humping instead of actual sex, figured I’d switch it up a bit! xo

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The Kingsglaive + Their Appearance (Spoilers?)

And here I am once more, trying to pick apart the armor the Glaives have available to them. I’ll be honest: I always thought they have two outfits, the black coat one with black boots and their battle uniforms.

But since I took my time to find every little bit of clothing, I’m wiser than before. Read More if you want to!

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For those of you who might be complaining about the new uniforms, Klingon makeup, general aesthetic, etc; try and keep in mind that content creators almost always approach projects from a self-serving angle rather than a chained-to-canon angle. That’s not a bad thing per se, objectively it’s much easier to write or make something when you’re not bogged down by 50 years worth of rules and regulations about how things are “supposed” to go.

Like the TOS uniforms for example, the miniskirt makes sense in the context of the time period (symbol of women owning their sexuality/empowerment, requested by grace lee Whitney to better fit the part gene roddenberry wanted rand to play) but it would be really out of place now as it falls more obviously into the category of blatant female sexualization in a period of time where feminism is at the forefront of many social discussions. Having a more *uniform* uniform that looks good on everybody is a decision that makes sense.

And I feel like Star Trek has always been about reflecting modern society anyway so I’m interested to see where they go with it.


One stylistic element Kaplan gave to the dress uniforms: high collars. “I liked the design,” says Abrams. “One of Michael’s many gifts is his ability to almost immediately make people look striking, and certainly collars are a big part of how he does it. But I wasn’t really conscious of them until the actors who were wearing those uniforms sat down–and the collars would push their heads up!” Abrams begins to laugh. “I remember Chris Pine screaming Michael’s name every time he was required to sit, because it wasn’t particularly comfortable.”
While collars may seem like a minor detail, it’s an important one to Kaplan.
“Collars are always in the camera angle,” he explains. “Shoes you don’t see so much, but you always see collars.”

Star Trek Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier, Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann

She’s No Angel

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A/n: Hi, I’m back. I tried something different.I don’t know how to explain it but Matt, a merely radar technician, seems to enjoy bullying and pushing the much-beloved reader to the edge. (I also apologize for the errors) Also, I changed some of the things but yeah, I hope you enjoy!

Part 2

“Did you hear about the new guy?” Lucky said. You shook your head. He knew that you would never know about these people with the hours you work. You were lucky to actually have friends at all, even if there were mostly troopers because of Lucky. They continued walking down the hall as he filled you in about some guy named Matt. With a sudden halt, you snapped out of it, with Lucky’s blaster stopping you.“There he is.” He cocked his helmet. You saw a rather large blonde man folded up on the floor trying to rewire a calcinator. You could obviously tell he was confused and didn’t know what he was doing. “Angel, watch this.” Lucky puffed his chest out. Instantly, you grabbed his arm. “Lucky, no! Stop!” He turned to look at you, even with the helmet on, you knew a smirk was plastered on his face. Lucky was definitely one the most sociable and admirable by many of his peers. Ranking top 5 in his class and working directly under Phasma, Lucky carried himself with a certain authoritative stride. Being lost in your thoughts, it was too late to stop his bullying. “Whaddup Matt?” Lucky said as he kicked a wrench away from Matt. Oh, and if looks can kill. Quickly and quietly, you made my way to retrieve the wrench. Even though you didn’t see him, you could feel his eyes watch my every move. “I-I’m sorry. I apologize on behalf of him.” you stuttered. His brown orbs seemed to peer into my soul. “Here you go.” You handed him the wrench. Soon a throbbing sensation was felt in your head. He just kept staring and never taking the wrench. ‘Ok take the wrench please, my legs are aching and this weird look is scaring me.’ He quickly snatched the wrench out your hand and glared. Rude. You stood up brushing your uniform off and walked down the hall. “Urgh!” You tripped in the vacant hallway, turning around to see if there were others. Only to see Matt smirking. He was an odd one.

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Captured - Part two

AN: I changed the name, so this part two of the fic that was previously called “Bump”… Sorry for any confusion! 

Part 1

Fourteen. That’s how many guards he had killed so far. He wasn’t sure how many more he would get away with before he was found out. Another guard rounded the corner and spotted him, opening his mouth to sound an alarm, but Lorcans dagger flew swift and sure, clean through the guards throat, silencing him as he slumped to the ground. Fifteen. 

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this has happened so many times and it’s ridiculous. BE. RESPECTFUL. TO THE BAND PARENTS. AND ALL OTHER BANDS.




last year there was this band at our mass group that kept yelling and insulting another band because they were rivals. we have rival schools too. we have those band parents that aren’t amazing at their job. we have those band parents who are a bit picky with uniforms.


Lena “Tracer” Oxton/Emily - Welcome Home

Emily is all giddy about her girlfriend coming home from her last mission.

Emily paced left and right the lighted hallway of her apartment. Her feet were light and practically swept over the carpet, a small, lovely smile on her face she couldn’t get to stop. She was so full of energy, her heart pounded with happiness, she had to do something to keep herself busy from not dying of excitement.

She felt this giddy since the morning already, right after she woke up and saw the blinking notification on her phone. 

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ndrv3 idol au; unit info

oo shit oo jeez this au got more attention than i would have thought aha;; thank you so much for those of you who have said kind things about it!! if you’re seeing this on your dash for the first time, here’s the original post for context!!

on that note, time for more info about the units other than just the names and who’s in them aha;;


✧ The typical ‘protagonist’ unit!
✧ They’re the only unit that doesn’t have a specific theme in either their outfits or their songs; they’re known for being very varied.
✧ Though Kaede is the leader, she isn’t actually the main vocalist when they perform! Tenko is the one who does the main vocals, as she has the strongest and arguably best voice of them all. 
✧ Though both Momota and Kaede do backup vocals, Momota takes over if there are any rapping parts in the songs and Kaede can usually take over when there’s a solo.
✧ Kaede also does all the instrumentals, and they’re well known for having very very very good piano centric songs when they do do them!


✧ The most popular unit in the school!
✧ Could also be considered the ‘big bad’ unit, but that’s mostly due to Ouma’s pranks; Amami is 90% of his impulse control and Himiko is the other 10%.
✧ They’re well known for being very good at putting shows and have amazing special effects and choreography, which is one of the main reasons why they’re so popular lol.
✧ Their songs tend to be on the more surrealish side and have a bit of a jazzy tone to them - think Caravan Palace.
✧ Ouma does the main vocals, and both Yumeno and Amami do backup vocals! Amami makes the instrumental tracks and Yumeno mixes.
✧ Amami is also in charge of all their outfits, while Ouma covers choreography and Yumeno is very good at special effects!
✧ Their outfits have a dark red and purple theme, usually accented with black and white or gold.


✧ Seen as the most dignified and ‘mature’ unit of them all.
✧ Their whole theme is that they use many classical instruments and hope to break inappropriate idol stereotypes!
✧ They don’t really have a main lead vocalist, as they split up all the lyrics equally between them.
✧ All three of them can play the violin, and quite well, so there’s usually a violin part in their songs where one of them plays the violin onstage.
✧ Good friends with the unit Kiseki! Sometimes they have joint shows.
✧ Their uniforms are never very colorful, with maybe an accent of color at most - it’s all either black and white or grey!
✧ They also tend to be the subject of most of Ouma’s pranks because Saihara is there rip
✧ I hate to admit it but their music is probably really similar to ‘Cantarella’ and ‘Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~’ like when trying to think of what to compare their music to that was the best thing I could come up with so. Yknow.


✧ Very experimental music! They aren’t extremely popular, but all the reviews that they do get are extremely positive and they probably have the best music out of everyone honestly.
✧ Unfortunately, their live shows tend to be on the plainer side so they don’t get that much attention that way tfw…
✧ Their unit name also ties in with their traits, as a tonette is an extremely durable instrument; the unit itself has almost fallen apart several times, but just when all hope seems lost it makes a comeback!
✧ One of their catchphrases is “we’ll cast a net around your heart!” and Gonta loves it but Hoshi hates it.
✧ Hoshi was actually a very popular idol back in the day, but almost quit due to past misfortunes; however, when Gonta entered idol academy™ he convinced Hoshi to form a unit with him instead of quitting!


✧ An almost stereotypical idol unit that focuses very much on being cutesy! Has a lot of pink in their uniforms.
✧ Very ‘cute’ and ‘feminine’ songs that have a metal twist to them; best compared to something like this!
✧ Probably the most popular unit after Mahou and maybe achromantic?
✧ The lead vocalist depends on what kind of song it is. Harukawa has the strongest and steadiest voice, while Shirogane has a very soft and cute voice. Iruma’s voice, on the other hand, is good for the screamo parts in the song.
✧ If there’s a rap in there Iruma does it.
✧ They also have the best outfits due to Shirogane.


✧ I’ll state it once again here that Kiibo’s a human in this au!
✧ ARTIFICIAL SUNSHINE has a very electropop feel to their music! 
✧ Their lyrics don’t really make sense (probably take advice from Bandai), but their songs are always a bop.
✧ They’re friends with all the units!
✧ For some reason everyone thinks that they’re siblings but they’re not.
✧ Their stage names are ANG-13 and K1-B0!
✧ Though they’re the newest and most inexperienced unit out of them all, they make up for it with their constant enthusiasm! 
✧ They have bright neon colored uniforms.
✧ They equally split up the lyrics when singing, but Angie is the one who writes the words while Kiibo makes the instrumental track and mixes.

a little WIP of Outfit designs I made for Noctis for our Ignoct RP :D <3

Currently working on the left one, his coronation outfit, with many influences of Regis’. The right one will be another random outfit for upcoming events which are inspired by the old Versus 13 Trailers <3 It’s a mix of his “original” clothes, Kingsglaive uniform and Regis’ outfit as well. Still trying to add an armor thingy, but I’m still working on that part. Prepare for more! I missed to design clothes ; u ;”
So yeah, these are the things I love to work on my last livestreams… and porn LOL

PS: Sorry for the watermarks, but I don’t want to see this stolen :’) happened to often.

▌ Tools used: Clip Studio Pro (left)/ Paint Tool SAI(right)
▌ Art: by me
▌ Character / Design / © belong to Square Enix / Final Fantasy XV

reunited | tommy shelby

you and tommy were good friends before you moved away, you come back after the war and end up becoming the blinders nurse, eventually you and tommy talk about ur feelings for each other

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“I can’t believe you’ve actually come back.” Ada grinned as you both walked out of the train station.  

“I said I would. Just needed some time to get things sorted and get a job.” You told her.  

“Did you manage to sort something out?” She asked.  

“Yeah. It’s only a part-time job working at the clinic but it’s enough to keep me going. I’m hoping I’ll find something full-time soon.” You answered.  

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Finally - Chapter 6: Father’s Day

aka: 9 times Jay tries to win Voight over (intentionally and not so intentionally) and the 1 time he doesn’t need to.

Also on and AO3.

Many, many thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for all of her help, listening to me bounce ideas off her, ramble on about what I wanted to write and mostly, the beta-ing. You are awesome! :)

Jay held his phone between his shoulder and ear as he opened the front door of their apartment, having returned home from his late morning run. He had spent the previous night out at Molly’s with his brother and the rest of the usual suspects, getting home early that morning and waking up with the remains of a hangover. Erin was spending the weekend in New York, accompanying her brother with tying some loose ends so he could make his final, clean break and start afresh in Chicago. Jay had volunteered to tag along, but she had pointed out there was a chance she might not be back until mid-week and Voight wouldn’t let them both go when Olinsky was already on leave for a couple of weeks.

So here he was, filling her in with some of the gossip he had picked up the previous night before asking her how New York was treating her.

“Actually, I do need a favour, if you don’t mind,” she said after informing him that, as much as she loved New York, Chicago was definitely the city for her.

“What kind of favour?” he asked, kicking off his shoes and making his way over to grab some water from the fridge.

“One I’m sure you can twist into winning Hank over,” Erin replied, but it was more her goading voice which claimed his attention rather than the meaning of her words.

“Continue,” Jay prompted, intrigued.

“Well, you know how it’s Father’s Day today?” Her soft, saccharine tone told him that he wasn’t going to want to hear the rest of it, but she hurriedly carried on before he could get a word in edgeways. “I’m not making it home until tomorrow the earliest so please could you go drop off my present with Hank?”

Groaning, Jay threw himself onto one of the kitchen stools and leaned back onto the counter. “Erin-”

Please, Jay? You know how long I spent searching for the perfect present and it’s right there in the drawer. Please? Pretty please? I even wrote the card and everything. You literally need to turn up and give it to him,” she explained, making it all sound far simpler than he knew it would be. However, her words rang true; he did know exactly how long it had taken her to find Voight the perfect gift, especially as this was the first since Justin had died. It was enough to make him concede, for both Erin and for Voight, wondering if the other man would prefer having some company that day or at least the knowledge that his pseudo-daughter was thinking of him. But then she carried on, breaking him out of his thoughts and adding more incentive to the chore. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Will you now? From New York?” he asked amusedly.

“When I’m back, obviously. But if you really want to know how, there’s a box in the closet, under my jeans. You can sneak a peek…” she told him suggestively, trailing off after leaving him enough to start conjuring up the scenarios in his mind about what she could mean.

Jay cleared his throat, blinking a few times to rid himself of the images and trying to focus on the conversation at hand. “Oh, I will definitely be doing that. That’s a thing that’s happening. For sure,” he assured her, already getting to his feet and making his way towards the bedroom.

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No solitude in the caves of spring

A National Poetry Generation Month poem generated by lizadaly.

Ants and all ages are all about—active as
buds are bound by black, bubbles burn by maple blackbird body, but burst before birds before building branches back.

Creatures—clearly considered—carved colors, covered curves, comparatively called cheerful, conveniences containing changing, crowding companions.
Distinct, and the deeper distance of the sea which they do not describe.

Earth exhausted every egg, else entered existence with enough effort (except each early evolution), so everywhere is edible.
Fight for flowers from far—for they feed.
Glaciers grew in the gloomy gardens; grow to note that grave glade, that ally, but growing grasses gracefully between glared grassy green-gray.

Here, however, he had happened; here he had held her hidden hands.
It is seen in its present strange way, in its considerable
joy, in every picture just before and just in June between the joining season, which they judge to
kill the stars, as we know that the knowledge knows a kind of evening, of keen keep in kind.

Land straight, like legs looking,
many miles with more sharp mountains, and making more that the most moment may be ever found between, as being much of houses as me that the mind be made or strangers at my bright market.
No nation, nor new notes, now never needed, not noticed, nor necessary near the nose of nature.

Occasionally an old olive on one of our own spring, observed only once, only over others,
pressed plants perched pictures. Pale peaks pouring: the palm-trees that proved place placed performance, provided part pebbles and passes perfect; but perhaps principally preserve perpetual poets.

Quickly, quieted, quite: and the birds resemble the system of quails but if they quest, we too but so with its question—
River: of recognizing rivers, referring reflecting and returning (related to recognition) rolled round right roots.

Some species spring several, some so short, strange strains.
There the tall third thing! There they travel, the trees through till they too, top them.

Upward to us, used upon us, uncommonly useful unless unable under with sometimes, usually, unfortunately, it’s under a uniform united universe.

Variations of very various volumes, natural visitors, have ended from the vast valleys
when we were wanting, when we were without wide wild waters.


You are the part of the great season, and you have been seen many years and from far way to your present beauty that is much in your
zest, and one that then failed to cry with them over the nervous world.

Each line tries to have all the words start with the same letter of the alphabet, A through Z. It was generated with a recursive neural network trained on public domain naturalist guides and essays.

Something I like about generated poetry, when it works well, is the way the juxtaposition of unexpected imagery creates new ideas.

This is often more about the reader than about the writer: the generator doesn’t understand the kind of picture that a line like

Glaciers grew in the gloomy gardens; grow to note that grave glade, that ally, but growing grasses gracefully between glared grassy green-gray. 

implies to the reader: I see a cold spring, where the surviving ice that shelters in shadows of a copse of trees is contrasted by the emerging grass.

On the other hand, the neural network understands something about the relationship of these words. In a similar way to how the S+7 OuLiPo formula changes the words but not the semantic structure, the neural network preserves underlying relationships between the words, relationships that it describes in its alien hundred-dimensional classification.

*phew* it’s been a while. Work’s been killing me so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to spend on game dev. 

That said, I have spent some time on NPCs and cut-scene graphics from the opening scene. I’ve basically had to build my own character generator to suit my sprites so building out the bases and parts for that has been a bit tedious.I kind of get why so many modern-world JRPGs try to push the uniform thing. Doing all this variety is time consuming…

I don’t have anything visual to show for it, but I’ve been doing a great deal of work on the battle system as well. Last week I finally broke down, bought a PS3 and Persona 5 and then sunk about 95 hours into it (first playthrough complete. I regret nothing). I have a lot of mixed thoughts about the game as a whole, but that’ll have to wait for another post. Playing it DID however, give me a lot of new ideas about how I want my battles to feel and new ways to make them interesting. I’ve always liked SMT’s weakness-based battle system since it made the battles fast with serious stakes (you can lose if you slip up and let your weakness get hit even once). But I’ve always found that a weakness-focused battle system made boss battles very… dull. 

In an effort to give the battles an SMT-esque vibe without out-right copying it… well, let’s just say I’ve got some ideas that should mix things up a bit and keep all the battles interesting and variable. So far it all works great in my head, but I’ve gotta test some battles to see if it’s actually fun in practice.

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Hello! I absolutely love you're blog!!! Keep up the good work!! In celebration of the summer season, could we have a scenario where Izuku or Todoroki is saved by a lifeguard s/o? Maybe they got hurt under water or something and need saving?

Ah yes, summer the season of heat and bugs.(੭ु´͈ ᐜ `͈)੭ु⁾⁾ Lol. Sorry, summer is like my least favorite season cause it easily gets over 100 degrees F here. Best thing about summer tho is swimming and no one questions why I’m eating ice cream! Seasonal prompts are fun to write no matter the season so I’m writing both! Their s/o is going to be their crush in this scenario

One moment Izuku was swimming at the deep end of the pool and the next he was sinking fast, as a cramp had made its way to his leg. You had been watching him out of the corner of your eye the whole time, talking to him occasionally when he swam over to you, so you had seen when he had gone underwater for longer than usual. Following protocol, you rushed to his aid. 

Izuku was panicking, he was sinking fast and much as he tried, he couldn’t swim back up. Unable to hold his breath anymore he opened his mouth, water rushing in at an unbelievable speed. Suddenly he felt someone grab onto him and pull him out of the water. He found himself laying by the poolside, head in someones lap, coughing up water. Someone, presumably his savior, was leaning over him. Blinking multiple times to rid the blurriness of his eyesight he finally noticed it was you leaning over him, a worried look on your face. Izuku also noticed that you had been calling to him but he hadn’t heard you until now, “Deku, are you all right? Do you want me to call someone for you? Deku?”

Flustered, Izuku could feel a bright red blush rushing to his cheeks as he tried to sit up quickly. You held him down, worried about him pushing himself too hard and the fact that he would have most certainly bumped his head against yours if he had been able to get up as quickly as he wanted to. “Whoa, Deku, don’t force yourself to move so fast yet, you almost drowned.”

“R-right…sorry, _-____. And thank you. .A-ah for saving me. .”

“Just doing my job, is all.”

Izuku swore his heart skipped a beat when he noticed your smile, you looked as brilliant as ever and he felt himself falling harder for you after you had saved him. You slowly helped him up, “Now, lets sit you down somewhere to rest for a bit. I’ll stay with you for a little bit to make sure nothing is up.”

Not trusting his voice he nodded quickly, gratefully following you. As embarrassing as he found the fact that he almost drowned, in front of you no less, he was glad to have you by his side. 

Todoroki was an accomplished swimmer, as his father never let him be anything less. His father had reasoned that he should be ready for any situation as a hero, so if there was ever a flood or anything similar he’d be ready. As much as his father tried to prepare him, there were some things that would be difficult to prepare for no matter the situation. 

He had been feeling a little out of it for a while but Endeavor still forced him to a local pool for training. The pool was a part of a private gym that his father always frequented so that is where he was always taken. When Todoroki got to the pool he had actually been quite surprised to see you there in a lifeguard uniform. You noticed him easily when he walked in, not many people came to swim early so your shift had been rather slow and you were happy to have a friend around. 

You waved at him, a small smile upon your face, until you noticed the judgmental look his father was sending you and you quickly stopped, looking away uncomfortably. Todoroki could feel himself grow angry at Endeavor, but there was little he could do. Endeavor gave him strict orders to train only and that he would check on him later as he trained elsewhere. As per his orders, Todoroki swam for some time until he felt himself grow extremely light headed. Then everything went dark. 

He was staying in the water longer than usual, which worried you immensely, deciding it was better safe than sorry you dove in after him. Needless to say, Todoroki was surprised to find himself being pulled out of the water by you. You easily pulled him out of the water and laid him next to your sitting form. Todoroki held himself up on his elbows, completely surprising you with the fact that he was awake and pushing himself up. 

“What happened, Todoroki? You were out cold a second ago.”

He shook his head, unsure how to answer. You pressed your hand to his forehead, bringing your face close to his. Todoroki could feel the heat rush to his cheeks, luckily leaving only a small blush. 

“It doesn’t feel like you have a fever. Could be wrong though. You didn’t look your best when you came in, are you sick?”

“. .Possibly.”

“Then you shouldn’t be here! It’s a danger to your health, you should stay home and rest.”

“My father wanted me to train.”

“Well he’s stupid for forcing you. Come on, lets go find him, you need to get home.”

Todoroki became anxious, not wanting you to meet his father, so he shook his head quickly. “It’s fine, you don’t have to.”

“But I will, he can’t put you in danger like this in the name of training.” You pulled him up slowly, not wanting to overexert him. Seeing as you weren’t going to take no for an answer, he let you take him to his father, curious as to how he would react and happy that you were standing up for him.


So, I never noticed this until I started hunting down as many pictures as I could of Jasper’s flashback scenes in Eclipse… but Maria’s wearing part of his uniform. Like, she didn’t just steal his life she stole who he was and the value he held in himself.

In his chapter (Eclipse, ch 12, ch 13) when he finally gets around to talking about his change and who he was, his rank in the army and his hometown are basically all he mentions.

“When I was human, I lived in Houston, Texas. I was almost seventeen years old when I joined the Confederate Army in 1861. I lied to the recruiters and told them I was twenty. I was tall enough to get away with it.”

Now, of course, it’s down to that’s all Meyer wrote about because that’s all we needed for the scene, but then he elaborates on his rank and how he got there and what he was doing. There’s only one mention of family: his father. It could be that he only really remembers that much about his human life but it was such an important part of who he was that it came through the change with him.

I really love this tiny snippet into Jasper and Maria that we’re only really given through a visual medium. It definitely enriches his character beyond just what’s in the text.

In honor of Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday I’m gonna tell you guys a story about him that my English teacher told me in 9th grade.
Now full disclosure: I’ve looked it up and apparently nobody is quite sure if it’s just a rumor of if it’s true, so keep that in mind, I DO NOT HAVE EVIDENCE TO BACK SOME OF THIS UP, IT COULD BE COMPLETELY MADE UP, but oh, it’s a great story nonetheless. this story had me laughing so hard the first time I heard it so I HAVE to share it. It might just brighten your day.

So in context, Edgar Allan Poe attended West Point. Long story short, he hated it. But he couldn’t just drop out, his foster father wouldn’t have that. So he started doing things he shouldn’t have in order to hopefully get kicked out. According to my 9th grade English teacher, one of the many things he did as “an act of disobedience” was not wearing his hat. He apparently HATED wearing the hat that was a part of his uniform. He had a pretty big forehead, so I guess he found the hat uncomfortable. Anyways, apparently every morning he’d get yelled at for not wearing his hat, until finally West Point told him that if he didn’t wear his hat the next morning he’d be in a lot of trouble. So, as the story goes, the next morning, Edgar Allan Poe showed up butt naked, wearing absolutely nothing BUT his hat.

That’s the version of the story my teacher told me, again I don’t know how much is truth and how much is fiction, but we do know that in 1831, Edgar Allan Poe was tried on charges of gross neglect of duty and disobedience of orders. He was found guilty of both charges and discharged….after only attending West Point for about 6 months. Frankly, I’m surprised he lasted THAT long.

Cure || LRH

Originally posted by queenmichaels

Abstract: Luke Hemmings becomes known as your typical rich kid who gets away with everything until [Y/N] learns that he’s more than just his money when she starts to fall with him, acting on her feelings when drunk. 

Word Count: 4622 words

Request part 2

“Did you hear about the new kid in town?” Your friend, [Y/F/N], snorted at her own remark as you laughed with her.

“What new kid?” You asked in confusion as you both calmed down from her earlier remark.

“Luke something, I think.” She said as she bit into her sandwich causing a chunk of egg salad to spill onto her tie, “fuck.”

“No, I haven’t heard about this kid but clearly everyone else has.” You laughed as you watched her struggle to clean the mess on her tie.

“Well I’m just gonna have to smell like egg for the rest of the day.” She groaned as you laughed, offering her a few of your napkins which she gladly took.

“What’s so special about this Luke kid?” You asked trying to get her back on track.

“Apparently he’s psycho.” She beamed excitedly as you gave a very confused look not really seeing the correlation between his supposed crazy her happiness.

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