there are so many other gifsets i guess but i don't care

anonymous asked:

Why do you ship markbam? I don't really feel them. They are like father/son to me.

first of all i am allxbambam shipper so i ship bambam with everything that has a pulse (and that does not have a pulse XD. i ship him with his cute flower headban thingy even lol)

father/son? ahahahahaha. i really think it is to each their own haha. i can ship them as anything.. a couple, brothers, father/son (as you call them lol..)

because at the end i don’t expect them to end up together anyway.. i don’t really mind people calling them rare couple or father/son thingy. i like them in any shape or form as long as mark keeps taking good care of bambam lol (my bambam bias is showing) 

and markbam has their moments. it is just not a right in front of your face moments… i mean markbam shippers have ‘only we know’ as their slogan for a reason…

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