there are so many of you stop being so quality

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url 10/10 // nams has some serious boyfriend vibes oml
icon 10/10 // dimple!joon is always a 10
theme 9/10 // i love clean/minimalistic
posts 10/10 // quality content always
tbh im a lurker val stan

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alright right this is semi controversial™ but I’m really sick of seeing so many people so ready to hate on companies for their fav groups. Always saying stuff like “omg [x company] stop overworking [x group]” etc, like 90% of the time it isn’t the company’s fault. People forget how volatile the hallyu industry is and you can’t exactly think of it like your typical job. Like the Mina x Bambam drama recently, I saw a bunch of posts of people being like “omg jype is trash can’t believe they did this etc” like what did you want them to do? They either say the pics fake, and risk the truth getting exposed and then get shit on for lying to people. They say nothing and people will pressure them to release some sort of info on it and stuff will get thrown even further out of hand. Or say the truth? Which they did, and still get shit on. Literally no outcome is exactly favourable.

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Sigggghhhhh. Heart stops, the noises just blur, and all you can see is this gorgeous human being. 

How is she even real? So beautiful and yet so humble, down to earth and modest. 

How is one person able to have so many qualities and yet not have a pompous spirit about them? She is incredible. @roseellendix what a babe <3