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How a lonely childhood, cheeky YouTube videos, and a supernatural TV series prepared Dylan O’Brien to star in September’s big budget movie adventure.

As 4,000 screaming fans fixed their gaze on a microphone in the middle of San Diego Comic-Con’s cavernous Ballroom 20, a young girl approached and cleared her throat.

“Hi! I love you, Dylan O’Brien,” she excitedly exclaimed, already fighting back tears. “Aw, you’re so cute,” replied O’Brien and, with a single compliment, unwittingly triggered a full-blown emotional meltdown: The girl’s knees buckled, her entire body trembled, and her hysterical crying could not be stopped.

“Are you OK?” O’Brien asked, genuinely concerned, as she repeated, “Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God,” through a mask of endless tears.

These kinds of uncontrollable breakdowns, reserved only for the biggest stars in the world, have become increasingly common in O’Brien’s life because, for the two million fans who religiously tune into Teen Wolf every week, that’s exactly what he is: a superstar.

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Open Letter to Jamie Lloyd

Dear Mr. Lloyd,

First of all, let us to say a big thank you for making such an amazing interpretation of Richard III.

Both you and all the brilliant cast have put fantastic amount of work and time into it. Sadly, not everyone who wishes to see it is able to due to location, money or other reasons.

Recording and broadcasting / or releasing it on DVD will give everybody a chance to see it.

On behalf of both Martin Freeman and Shakespeare’s numerous fans we’ve made and signed this petition

More than 1100 people have already signed it  and amount of signatures continues to grow. There are a lot of reasons why we’d like to see this marvelous performance on screen or DVD.

Here are just some of them.

‘I believe that as many theatre performances as possible should be recorded for posterity. If we believe in saving our culture to be observed by future generations is important than saving our plays, even those that are new interpretations of older material, should be passed on as much as television, movies, and music are. Imagine what it would be like to be able to see old performances of classical ballets, operas, and plays, to have the chance to truly observe how they’ve changed through the years. I can not stress enough the importance and significance of doing this and will support all efforts to improve the archiving of our unique culture of today in our changing world.’ from Stephany Sexton, USA.

‘I’ve been reading nothing but positive reviews on the web, but the only way I’ll be able to see it depends on wether it’ll be released on DVD’, from Catarina Mouta, PORTUGAL

‘Because it give the chance for those who are fans of Martin Freeman and who love and support him to see another project where he is playing in and to know more about the story of Richard III. Also for those who can’t afford it because they live in another country or just because they don’t have enough money to buy tickets. We are millions of fans all around the world who read good reviews and had access to some pictures from the play and we are craving to see Martin’s and the whole cast brilliant talent.’ from Virginie Pilet, CANADA

‘Because Martin Freeman is an excellent actor, and those of us fans who live across the pond and are unable to see the play even if they wanted to would really love to have the opportunity to watch this stunning man do another fantastic job.’ from Jordan Coffer, USA

‘I would love to be able to see this much acclaimed play, but I also think it could be an informative, entertaining and even educational experience for everyone’ from Lisa-Merle Gier, GERMANY

‘Great actors creating great theatre like this should be shared more widely across the worldducational experience for everyone’ from Amanda Johnstone, AUSTRALIA

‘Because I would love to see exceptionally good piece of theatre’ from Petra Zoubková, CZECH REPUBLIC

‘Fans oversea are really looking forward to see Martin’s brilliant work’ from Tienni Chang, TAIWAN

‘It was a marvelous show and a lifetime chance seeing it. Brilliant actors made the experience unforgettable, especially the genious Richard III by Martin Freeman. This is a performance to be enjoyed by many and for a long time, so please give everybody a chance to see it.’ from Elena Taylor, UNITED KINGDOM

‘I’d love to see this play, I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about it and unfortunately I cannot afford to travel to the UK at the moment but I’d gladly pay for this DVD anytime!’ from Samanta Gonzalez Gaytan, MEXICO

‘I saw it on September the 5th and absolutely loved it. I’d pay good money for this DVD’ from Cristina Pérez, SPAIN

Please, make our dream come true and make this happen!

Yours sincerely,

Fans from all over the world.