there are so many more that aren't in this picture

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Don't mind Hanamaki-chan, no one really care you don't have a horse dick nor you were big in the begin with. And even if you don't beat Iwaizumi and Matsukawa at it, you actually don't need it since they can't beat you at bottoming.

-”The best!”
=“Mattsun, for once in your life.. shut up.”

Even if they’re shameless, I am certain there are SOME things Makki is not comfortable talking about… :D 

Part1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

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David did not love Shaw, he is a lunatic and also a sociopath. He only set up a scene(her grave & his dialog) so that people would believe he loved Shaw and he could get what he wants. He didn't even bother to tidy up her stuffs from that spaceship.

you mean………the picture that left on the ship? 

the picture of SHAW and HOLLOWAY together? LOL 

Did you even notice that David had one more picture of Shaw on his working desk?

The picture of her, her ONLY.

Originally posted by noomirapacelove

……AND… Are you sure David didn’t even care for a bit?

Or was he just jealous of HOLLOWAY and felt the need to leave all the proofs of SHAW X HOLLOWAY behind?

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Remember, he was very meticulous. If he needed to fake a scene just like you said, he would not let anybody to find any flaw/mistake/clue/etc… Am I right? :)

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When people say things like the "phandom is dying" they really aren't looking at the big picture. For example the picture Caspar posted on twitter of dnp at the roller disco is his 3rd most favorited tweet ever. Dan has had more instagram posts hit over 500k likes this year than ever before and has had so many 100k+ twitter posts it's crazy (and it's not like they go viral, it's his own fanbase engagment) Other platforms are more popular than tumblr atm in general - new fans hang out there.

(responding to this post)

these are great additions, and i like the point about fans migrating platforms. since i don’t use twitter rly at all, i can’t speak to the evolution in the size and dynamics of phandom activity over there (or on other platforms like instagram or facebook or whatever) but i think the point youre making seems correct on an intuitive level! thanks so much for chiming in :) 

Why do I ship hunhan?

Maybe it’s because of the way Sehun looks at Luhan…

Or the way Luhan looks at Sehun….

Or because Sehun never really got annoyed when Luhan did anything to him…

Maybe it’s because of their special moments…

Or maybe it’s because of the way they hold hands, how their fingers automatically interlock with each other, how they perfectly fit…

Maybe they’ve had their final moments together, in-front of cameras…

But I know that they’ll always be watching over each other…. 

Even from a distance….

I know that this special ship will last…. 

For ages and ages to come ♥

Hunhan have this special bond between them. An unbreakable bond, that can’t easily be broken off by distance. The way they act around each other is so natural and they always look so comfortable around each other and I feel like they don’t really need to hide anything from each other because of their level of trust. Their relationship is so special and cute and sweet and every moment they share with us is so special and precious, they’re like treasures to us, Hunhan shippers. Every moment of theirs leaves me almost crying. 

There are a lot of things our eyes can not see. We do not know what happens behind cameras, we can only see those moments which the cameras captured. 

I miss seeing Hunhan together so much, and I hope that faith can bring them together once again. 

Hunhan is special, Hunhan is treasure. Hunhan makes me happy and I’m glad I ship this precious ship.

I hope Hunhan keeps on sailing even if there is some distance between them. I hope this royal ship continues to sail. 

I love them, Sehun and Luhan, so much.

All I know, is that I’ll continue to ship Hunhan for as long as I can. :)


For my fourth birthday, Waffles, Mango, Torty, and Blue @wafflesworld sent me a beautiful card with the best stickers ever, plus extra hugs and kisses from my sweetie Mango!

Best of all, the front of the card has a big picture of Mango.  I spent a long time admiring how beautiful Mango is!  Then I tried to nom the fruit Mango clearly got for me, but it turns out silly humans haven’t figured out yet how to send noms through pictures.  Get on it, humans!

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Joining in the uo for the day. So i saw my dash talking about a daily mail article with Louis and Eleanor. Which yes annoying. But I looked st it more as it's not showing what they are supposed to be. The article itself mentioned so many times that she looked upset. And they aren't even holding hands! No pda at all. Her arms are crossed and she looks closed off/ mad. So yeah, this really isn't anything at all. They didn't even get hand holding pictures!

Exactly. :)

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There are SO many parts of Japan where there aren't lesbian bars or even gay bars. Japanese lesbians don't seem to be willing to post their pictures even on dating websites that I've tried. As a foreign lesbian who wants to live in Japan for many years, it is exceedingly frustrating and I worry about how I might be alone forever. I can't even find a way to date. So, I never feel unsafe because I'm a lesbian. I might feel unsafe somewhere just because of being a foreigner.

I hope you can find a way to connect soon. More, I hope that society becomes more supportive and open, meaning that people don’t fear being open about their sexuality.

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Oh wow, perrie shopping with zayn's sisters and mom. Funny that they all look awkward, and waliyha couldn't be with a worst face like "man, get me out of here". And I thought pappz in UK aren't allowed in private area… Which is what a mall is… So it means somebody said "hey, it's ok, let 'em in"… And why we're getting SO MANY zerrie pics every single day, this is exaustive.

i’m still trying to understand why they didn’t make pictures with medium quality to said that was fans that did and then “those” fans post the pictures would be more realistic

you know the worse? is see post of people saying that they’re looking to the camera and not happy because paparazzi are following them 

that they just what to go to shop and have privacy or so shit like that

i just…


but anyway what is the difference?

perrie looking to the camera

the happy walk

the not so happy walk

and here is the difference 

when you’re helping  x when you’re tired of helping