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just a psa that comes with the release of humanz:

there’s going to be new fans! now i say this because, not sure how this fandom is when it comes to that, but as i’ve personally experienced with many others- people get super rude when it comes new kiddos that want to be apart of the community & want to learn more! so don’t be that person that’s stand-offish about new kids hoppin’ on the gorillaz bandwagon & instead, tell them all the cool stuff we know! :)


So I had this idea of another Mick Au I now want to work on top of my many other AUs I really need to work on. In this Au, Bendy tricks different cartoon characters into coming into his workshop so he could eliminate the competitions against him; Either that, or he has bigger plans, idk cuz I’m still working on it. Btw if your wondering why the bottom is a different color compared to the top, it’s because when I post just black and white pictures, I filter them so they look more dark and have less glare from my lamp.

Yo, here goes a fact about women I don’t think many young people know: the term “woman” didn’t exist until recently. Before 1979, in fact, women were more commonly known as “Those Who Speak Softly and Walk On Misted Grounds At Dawn’s Break”. The term “woman” didn’t come into usage until the 80s. It was invented by feminist philosopher, author, and mathematician, Lisa R.W. Hardinger, who created the term as an acronym. However, Hardinger kept the meaning of W.O.M.A.N. a strict secret only known to those in the inner circle of her feminist sect.

The meaning of the acronym was so sought after that the CIA, believing Hardinger may be a witch or a communist sympathizer, infiltrated her group. Recently declassified documents reveal that, while they were unable to find out the meaning of all of the letters, the W stood for “Women in STEM fields” and the M stood for “Measles”. To this day, no one knows the true meaning of the term woman, but it has passed into normal American vernacular, all but replacing more archaic terms.

However, European English speakers and older Americans still refer to women as “Those Who Speak Softly and Walk On Misted Grounds At Dawn’s Break. So if you were wondering why meemaw and poppop say that sometimes, this is why.

XF: S11...

Okay, so I’m finally back from my business trip and have had a chance to think about the XF S11 news a little bit. Here are my notes so far (I’m sure there will be more blathering to come):

To Chris Carter: Please treat S11 like it’s your last go at this rare, beautiful concoction of talent and chemistry. Stop assuming there will always be time, actor availability, and audience appetite for The X-Files. THIS IS YOUR LAST KICK AT THE CAN, CHRIS. Resist the urge to tease the audience, set up new stories you can’t finish, and think you are leaving us breathless with a new cliffhanger (fyi: you’re just pissing us off).

Regardless of its many past imperfections, make our last thoughts about The X-Files be, “Chris Carter came through for us in the end.”

To Gillian Anderson: Babe, I honestly don’t care if you dye your hair or not, but please don’t wear another wig that pains you, distracts the audience, limits your ability to emote, and inhibits finding Scully. Please watch some old episodes, particularly those between S1-7. Find her. Dana Scully is much loved.

To David Duchovny: Please stop deferring to Chris for writing/story choices. You gave us the The Unnatural baseball scene, the touchstone scene, the Existence kiss on the lips. Fight for us. We need you on this.

To the fandom: Manage your expectations. We are not going to get a love scene. We just aren’t. (I’m sorry, but I am your friend and I’m telling you the truth.;) This is The X-Files. We are also not going to get a coherent, overarching serial that will tie up neatly, with a bow on top at the end.

But hopefully we’ll get a few small moments that will entertain us, make us think, and remind us of how much we love these characters. The X-Files, as long as Chris remains showrunner, will never be as good as it could be. So it’s going to have to be that intrinsically flawed child that you love so, so much anyway…warts and all. You’ll need to decide if you will spend every post-ep flipping tables because it isn’t living up to its potential (or even the quality of average TV shows today) or whether you can embrace the little moments that remind you of why TXF gripped your soul in the first place. Maybe the next time Mulder asks Scully…there will be an iced tea in that bag.

BTS Vocal Line Reaction: Their first date with you.

Kim Seokjin: Your first date with him would be at a restaurant. His love for food and watching you eat would make the date your favorite date. Visa versa. You watching him eat impresses you. Even though there are more dates to come, this is your first and your favorite. Nothing will change that.

Kim Taehyung: Your first date with Tae would be somewhere there are animals. A pet store or petting zoo. You would feed the animals and hold the babies. He would take pictures of you with the babies. He would be so happy to be there with you. After wards you would both get ice cream. That would be one of the many adventures with Tae.

Park Jimin: Your first date with Jimin would be a walk on the beach during sunset. He would hold your hand as the water splashed your feet. It would be calm and quiet. Once the sun started to set, you would both sit on the rocks and watch it. It would be the most romantic date you ever had.

Jeon Jungkook: Your first date would actually be like any other day. The day he decides to take you out is the day you both have to work. Luckily you work together. You being the youngest hairstylist on BTS’ crew and you being his hairstylist worked out perfectly. You got to see him all day and have fun with him and the other members. You were both happy.

I am truly sorry this is not the best. I will try my best next time. I just couldn’t think of anything:(. ~Kisses<3~

I’ve done the insane

Out of curiosity, I decided to evaluate on a more comprehensible level who my favorite composers are. I always throw around the phrase “they’re one of my favorites”, but I have so many favorites the word can lose some meaning when it comes to someone else trying to know more about my taste.

So, going through my music library, and using the criteria of “only add composers who have at least three works that I feel a ‘personal’ connection to”, I was able to narrow down my personal list of top 25 composers of all time!!!

ok that is hyperbole…but basically I made a list of my favorites and will try to rank them. Should I undertake this challenge? Or will that be too emotionally exhausting?

It’s so fucking hilarious that Nick Spencer is defending his story arc by saying it would be doing injustice to the original creators of Steve Rogers to not write his story, which he feels is the best story he could come up with for Cap.

First of all that’s some seriously selfish logical reasoning there.  So for Spencer, he feels that writing his story is more important than taking away Steve Rogers as a symbol for Jews, for veterans and those serving now, taking him away a symbol of hope for so many, with the reasoning that he’s just a pawn and can be played to fit Spencer’s admittedly offensive creative vision and just…no.  God no.  Disenfranchised people already feel like a pawn, they often times feel helpless.  So to take away their symbol under some bullshit reality altering plot device plays into that feeling of helplessness is disgusting.  People aren’t saying that reality-alternating plots are inherently offensive, or alternative universes where the heroes are evil are necessarily bad, but it’s the fact that they’re taking the most anti-Nazi character Marvel has and turning him into a Nazi is where the problem is.  If Steve was just turned into a generic evil baddie, like we’ve seen so many times in this overused reality altering trope, there wouldn’t be the outrage.  But Marvel is using Nazis for shock value in a time where Neo Nazis are actually gaining political leverage (and no I’m not calling Trump a Neo Nazi, I’m referring to the alt right and people like Richard Spencer) is a really shitty move.  Not to mention the fact that Marvel (and Spencer especially) are trying to push the fact that Hydra aren’t Nazis to justify their storyline and make it more attractive to the general public, but considering Marvel has been showing Hydra as a Nazi organization since the creation of the group, such tactics only imply that either Marvel doesn’t understand the true concept of what a Nazi is, or (and this might be worse) that they do understand but are willing to try and push this “Hydra aren’t Nazis” ideology just to appease the part of the pubic that is upset with Spencer in order to make their Secret Empire line more marketable.

And secondly, really Spencer? This is the best you could come up with, some overused Deus Ex Machina reality altering trope that relies more on shock value than it does actual well written storytelling?  I’ve seen stories about Steve Rogers written by fifteen year olds in 2K words that have better plot lines.  If this is really the absolute best that you could come up with, then personally? I’m not impressed.

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it's none of my onion because i don't date guys but the aphrodite myth revision is pretty boring to me because it's yet again a gorgeous woman and an ugly dude. Kind of completely tired of women being judged on their looks nonstop but also being told not to be the shallow ones and accept ugly dudes. Ask yourself if you'd support the myth where the goddess of love was unattractive, that's more interesting to me.

Heck yeah I’d support that myth! That would be gorgeous. There are so many ways to slice this kind of a story, because the specifics matter far less than what you get out of it.

To me—and you might consider this splitting hairs, but it’s what comes to mind—the story isn’t about having to “accept ugly dudes,” because Hephaestus isn’t ugly at all. He’s a creative person, he’s someone with a unique mind, he’s someone with a history. He’s Hellenistic where a god like Apollo might be considered classical; he’s bent where others are attractively curved, but maybe that makes him more interesting. I’m not being abstract, I’m being very literal, when I say that the realest kind of beauty is just an expression of the soul in the features of the face. We admire catalogue models, well-made bodies, but we fall in love with human beings. Because even if we happen to fall in love with a model it’s the whole person that we fall in love with, not just a high-end set of limbs but the soul that strings them together.

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You seem like a veteran among the Les Mis fandom. Mind giving a bit of fandom history? I'm trying to understand why the Marius/Eponine ship seemed to die so quickly along with the Cosette hate, and it seems to have all happened after the 2012 movie. Know any reasons for why it died so quickly?

Hm, I’d loved the story for a decade+ before the movie, but I hadn’t really been in fandom before that, so I’m definitely coming at this as someone who’s been post-movie Tumblr generation fandom (and maybe more importantly as someone who doesn’t understand Why Shipping almost anything almost ever, including 99 percent of canon couples so like…take this with many bags of salt) 

but as far as I can tell the post-movie fandom just wasn’t interested? I never saw any Fandom Hate for M/É , it just ….didn’t happen.  I think a lot of people swung into OTPing M/C post-movie, with C/É and Marius/Courfeyrac as the preferred alternate pairings? 

Anyway yeah, there’s no one like arguing against it as far as I can tell (as long as Cosette isn’t demonized or made to suffer for it— I think that aspect of breaking up M/C is part of why it never really caught on in a post-Cosette-hate fandom)  it’s just not a Big Deal Pairing. Go for it if you wanna, Nonny!

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7, 13, and 18 for ritsu?

  • 7: What’s the most hilarious moment to you?


1 - example of a nice smile


and this one made me laugh out LOUD:

3 - frozen mob

AND MANY MORE, I wish I could draw them all! mob psycho has so many funny scenes

  • 13: Are there any specific MP 100 artists/writers you admire?

OHH yes absolutely, the mp fandom has incredibly good artists in it!!! I am amazed by great fanart and fics I’ve been seeing, here are just some of them that come to mind right now:

Fanart -> @savethebees2k16 @maria-ruta @nwarrior777 @ritshou (I love this specific artist’s style GO FOLLOW THEM) @florbe-triz (the cutest terumob in the store trust me) @freshritzcrackers (their ritsu interpretations have cured me of several diseases)

Fanfics -> so you know I’ve just started to read mp100 fics and boy I wasn’t disappointed with @uncannycookie ‘s of cold hands reaching . I’ve always felt that the end of Mogami arc was a bit too sharp and sudden? so many things happened, how would mob feel about it? how would he give them closure? this fic starts in that point. And it’s amazing! very psychologycally interesting. (☆▽☆) I’ve been wanting to draw scenes from it for a long time ldfgjfd

  • 18: What headcanons do you have for (character)?

I’m not good with headcanons, I don’t have that type of imagination? however I can imagine Ritz as the kind of person to have a secret twitter acc in where he can let go his true self

Thank you for asking!!!

mob psycho ask meme

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I think GA coming back to do more XF's is foremost a business decision this time around based on the fact it took so long to settle negotiations. If she was really doing more episodes out of her enthusiasm for the show she'd have come to a decision sooner. Last year she even said she got no fulfilment from playing Scully anymore. I also think she realizes it wasn't fair to leave the last season on a cliffhanger (thank you very f*cking much Chris Carter).

Gillian doesn’t come back in The X-Files for the love of Alien abductions and stem cells stories. No one is doubting that. But there are many other motivations than only business and money. She said many times that what she enjoyed the most in season 10 was to work with the old crew and with David, so I think there’s that too. I also hope she managed to deal the directing or the writing or both of one episode at least. I think she also does it for us, because of the pressure, because if we don’t get a decent closure, there’s no way she was going to be left alone with that and “allowed” to move on. 

I’m not saying she’s a total philanthropist, no one is in this business, of course money matters, and for now, she can’t get as much money as what she makes with xf with any other show. But money isn’t everything.

Spend most of the weekend out of tumblr

And now coming back I feel like


I am happy you all can enjoy my stuff, even more the silly draws I make and now have the guts to post here XD 

So yeah, enjoy the ride ^^

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Hey, so I've been pondering on my gender for a bit(biologically female). Before I was feeling masculine but now I don't really feel it as much. I don't feel very feminine now either, but I'm more feminine than masculine. I would be ok with any pronouns, and i think that I would be ok with being a guy, girl, or in between. I'm not sure if I'm dysphoric, I know that dysphoria comes in many forms. I've decided to have no labels but does what I feel really mean anything, as in being trans in a way?

I can’t say right now what your feeling is for sure transgender related. What I can tell you is that I think you are starting to experiment with your gender and are more then likely falling under the category of genderfluid, genderqueer, agender, bi gender, and non-binary. I would encourage you to explore and read more about those genders.

It’s okay to experiment with your gender, it’s very normal.


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I think some of these people tend to forget that the Archie characters have HEAVY story backgrounds while most of the game cast do NOT. (Removing those elements deletes a big part of their character. Boom!Shadow comes off as DIFFERENT rather than REMINISCENT) Not only that, how would they work in gameplay without leeching or outshining established characters? (I have an easier time believing that Sticks could migrate into the main series after Boom than any other alternate media characters)


Incoporating pre-existing characters into very different continuities is so much more complex than what many fans seem to acknowledge. Doing it for the sake of doing it without much if any heed being paid to stuff such as circumstances around these characters that contribute to making them….them is, at best, disingenuous.

New moves | Josh Pieters smut

New moves | Josh Pieters | smut
Word count: 1803
A/N: Based in the song Brand New Moves by Hey Violet. It wasn’t to be a smut, but I thought I could take a break from fluffy stuff for a while before heading back to the Joe’s imagine I’m working on. Hope you will enjoy this!
You can find more of Buttercream’s content in here | requests are open

Don’t it feel it’s been forever? Don’t it feel it’s been a while?
He saw you from across the room. There were so many people that he couldn’t see you clearly, but he recognized who you were and smiled. Hey! That’s what he meant by raising his glass. You raised yours and gave a little wink, what he understood as a gesture to come at you.
He moved just as he did a couple years ago and smiled that Josh’s smile that you always found way too nice for the rest of the world. Josh was the most friendly guy you ever knew, although your intentions with him never were purely friendly.
As you were getting closer to him and less people were between you two, Josh noticed that you, unlike him, wasn’t the same. You always been confident, but now you could be the femme fatale in some action movie and he wouldn’t even doubt it, there was a shine in your eyes that didn’t exist before and he was curious about it.
“Y/N!” He exclaimed.
“Hi Josh!” You two hugged. He still used the same perfume as when you met him. “Are you taller or something?” you joked, both of you laughed.
“How are you?” He asked.
“I’m fine! What about you? You finally got used to the city, huh?”
“Yeah…” he blushed. “I mean, eventually I needed to!”. You two laughed and when when it stopped, he gently asked you “Can I buy you a drink?”
Your smile grew bigger. Of course he could. “That would be nice, I guess.”
You two headed to the bar, Josh realized you attracted a lot of lookings from everywhere with your attitude, almost like being chilled and beautiful was your job.
When you started talking to Josh, you remembered how you liked of being his friend. I mean, you kissed him and made out with him more than once and the friendship thing didn’t covered these kind of activities. You were just having a really casual conversation, but your mind was running through your old memories.
When your favorite music started, you invited Josh to the dance floor, but he explained that dancing was something he didn’t was used to do still, encouraging you to break the dance floor anyway. You didn’t want to leave him alone, but you were almost dying to go, so you stood up and hit the floor, your hips shaking according to the beat.
As you enjoyed your time, you couldn’t stop thinking about how you missed Josh. You were really close to him a long time ago and that’s when the whole one night stand thing happened, but none of you were into the idea of dating and being on a relationship.
As a consequence of everybody saying to you get together and assume that Josh and Y/N as a couple, you moved away from him and he did the same to you. It wasn’t a fight, it wasn’t even a conversation, but you knew Josh’s motivations and he knew yours were the same as his, that was how deep you connected with each other.
Now, there you were: in the same place as him, in the same night, a few years later. You almost forgot how the feeling of kissing someone just because of his soul and it really pleased you to feel that way again, so when the music changed and you saw Josh still was looking at you, you raised your hand and called him.
You were used by this time to only hook up with strangers. Actually, Josh was the only friend you ever slept with. You always thought that even kissing people you actually know leads to trouble, because it would be a comment in here, a whisper in there, so you sticked to the idea of only sleep with those you only knew their names. You weren’t into getting a boyfriend anyway and things were easier if you lead it this way.
He nodded his head, saying no to your proposal without words. You blinked your eyes and joined your eyebrows, making a face of lost dog. Please, Josh! He rolled his eyes and succumbed to your wishes, almost tripping to his own feets as he was trying to get to you, too busy making funny dance movements to pay attention on other things like people getting in between.
You laughed and when he was near enough, you took his arm and pulled him closer. You got so close to each other that, suddenly, he wasn’t in the mood of making jokes anymore and, when the music got into the slow part, his hands was firmly at your waist.
You didn’t disappoint Josh. You rubbed your hips is his body according to the beat and put your right hand in his nape, passing your other hand in your hair. When the music grew louder again, you winked at him again and turned back, getting low. When you stand up again, Josh’s lips pressed your neck.
“What are you trying to do, Y/N?” he asked whispering at the bottom of your ear.
You gave him a smile, your eyes sparkled the lust he was an expert in spot. “Just dancing in the name of the good times.”
His grip became stronger. “There are some things I still know from the good times.”
You stood face to face again to him. “Well, there are some things I learned since the good times.”
And that was it. You liked how Josh was a nice guy, but you loved when he lost his control, all his education and his good boy image, so when he took you by the hand and led you to the VIP area of the nightclub, you couldn’t take the excitement.
You two entered into a private area with a long sofa and a table, behind some curtains. There were a lot of stuff around so you guessed he was with his old friends in there, you knew they like to spend money into this kind of thing.
When Josh smashed your lips, you groaned straight away. He was hungry and when Josh was hungry, he knew exactly what he wanted and how. His hands moved through your body like a master, because he really was an expert when it was about you, we knew where you liked to be touched and knew that it must be hard, because if he was hungry, so was you.
Your legs hitted the sofa, your hands took his jacked off, he leaned you in the furniture, you pushed all the wallets and purses that were in there to the ground, no one would need that for the nexts minutes. Your hands grabbed his hair and Josh hold your waist hard enough to leave a mark, the kiss coming more and more aggressive, with little bites and you started scratch his back. Josh took off your silver dress and you took his shirt, unbuttoning his pants afterwards.
“Fuck, Y/N.” he groaned when you moved your hips as you were doing on the dance floor, but now without his jeans and your dress in between, Josh could feel the warmth and the pressure of your body against his member.
You kissed his chest and Josh felt his arms getting weak, if you continued to do that, he wouldn’t be able to hold his own weight anymore and he would fall on you. Your hands started playing with his boxers’ borders and Josh let a grunt scape his mouth.
You giggled. “I wondered until when you could handle my teasing.”
“Not long, he answered, it was his turn to please you and he kissed your breast.
Your body warmed up as anticipation, you knew Josh’s next move. And as if he knew what you were thinking, he took of your bra and sucked your left nipple while massaging the other one. You sighed, holding his ginger hair.
He switched his mouth of boob and started give smacks in your abdomen, getting lower and lower as continued to massage your boobs. When he was almost getting in your V area, you heard voices outside your area.
You both stopped and looked at each other, holding your breaths. You could hear your heart pumping, your clothes weren’t anywhere to be seen. The voices started go away, you and Josh took a deep breath.
After that, you pulled Josh to a deep kiss, realising that knowing that could have people outside where you were having sex only turned you more on.
“Hurry.” you asked, your hands slipping through Josh’s body and taking his underwear off, he took yours too.
Josh was hard, so he was ready to get inside you, but he kissed you and, without a warning, he pulled his finger into your center, adding another soon after. You groaned loud.
“Shhh, Y/N.” You didn’t answer, only moved your hips to get him further. “You are so prepared, should I go inside you now?” you nodded, not being able to speak or open your eyes, biting your lips so another groan couldn’t slip.
“Come on, Josh” you said. He continued to push and pull  his fingers, so the only thing you could think of was opening your eyes, moving yourself and grabbing his member, feeling it throb in your hand as you went up and down it. Josh’s moan was even louder than yours.
“That’s not fair.” Josh complained as you dictated a rhythm to your moves.
“Josh, you aren’t fair to me.” you pointed out between your own moans.
“Fine then, Y/N.”
Josh positioned his body to penetrates you, finally pushing his fingers of you. He kissed your lips, a deep, long kiss, making you sighed. Then, out of nothing, Josh was inside you.
You wanted to scream, so you kissed him harder.
“So fucking tight.” Josh groaned, stopping kissing you.
You both started losing your breath as you went faster. You couldn’t hear the loud music downstairs anymore and even if hundreds of people showed up in that exact moment, you wouldn’t care. The pleasure was running in your veins, your mind had only one word, one name on it and nothing more. Josh.
“Come on, Y/N. Pour yourself on me.”
And as he asked, you came, Josh accompanied you. Your orgasm hit you and you needed to bite your lip so hard it started to bleed. Josh, seeing you in that state, kissed you again.
Your legs went weak, Josh stood up so he could sat in the sofa.
“I missed you.” You said to him after calming down and putting your clothes back on, Josh dressed up too.
He laughed. “I bet you did.”
“I mean it, Josh.” you told, rolling your eyes.
He looked at you, the Josh’s smile once more in his face. “I missed you too, Y/N.”

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Is it okay to come out to someone through text/leave a note? I feel like I want to say it face to face because it will make it more real in a way. But I just can't do it, I've had so many perfect chances but I just can't get it out! I think what's holding me back is that I'm scared of that first reaction, what I will see in those eyes looking back at me.

It’s absolutely okay! It’s whatever makes you comfortable. I came out to my cousins (who I’m very close with) through text. I was most nervous about my Dad’s reactions, because he means the world to me, so I wrote him a letter and left it in his car before work. No one has a right to be upset about HOW you come out. It’s your moment, your life, your comfort. I’m so proud of you