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Ooh could we please get some QuiObi with them as professors. It's s bit predictable but something fluffy would be nice. Thanks.

Okay this took a lot longer than intended, but I kept having to look stuff up! Gosh I love writing in this au, thank you Nonny!

             Obi-Wan sighed. Pulling off his glasses and carefully setting them down on the desk in front of him, he rubbed his hands over his eyes. Outside, rain fell steadily, as it had been for most of the afternoon, pattering against the single window in his office and filling the otherwise silent air with gentle white noise.

             Leaning back in his chair, Obi-Wan closed his eyes and pretended for a moment that the stack of paperwork and marking that was slowly but steadily trying to consume his desk, and thus his life, was not there. It was getting late, and despite the weather creeping closer and closer to stormy outside, it was warm in his office. He yawned, and then shook his head.

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These Hearts After Dark - Chapter 1 - pidgy_writes - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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“Run away with me…” strong arms closed around him tighter still, as though afraid he would slip away somehow.

“For now, or forever?” Hux tried to laugh, but it only pushed his own tears closer to the surface.

“I wish it could be forever…” Ben buried his face into the short hair behind his ear, warm breath tingling on his exposed neck, “but i’ll settle for tonight.”


Ben Solo and Armitage Hux have been keeping their friendship a secret from their parents for years; so when Ben lets their secret slip, the two boys know that this Halloween might be their last night together.

(^O  [  ]O)^ *SCREAMING WITH TERROR INTO THE VOID* *deep breaths* *only a little very afraid*

WELL IT’S HERE!!! (^   v ^) my Halloween project!!! this is the first of what will be several daily posts leading up to Halloween! Chapters 1 and 2 are up today, three will come tomorrow, and so on and so on! (O   w O) there will be more art and other stuff along the way as well! This is only the… fourth(?) thing i’ve ever written as an adult, and the first thing i’ve ever written that’s over 10,000 words but i hope you will all enjoy it at least a bit!!! (> /////w/////<)

I need to send my thanks to @gentleman-caller for helping me get through this projects! without her, i’d have given in to my fears and given up many times! so i can’t say thank you enough!!! and also, a big thank you to @space-emos who’s comic RIGHT HERE is a huge reason why i’m in this fandom, and who let me borrow my favourite line from it <3 thank you so much!

Lastly! I dedicate this piece to @countofeight <3 <3 <3 because all of our talks of sharing Halloween candy and building pillow nests are what created the spark that became this piece! (>  w <) thank you for all of the affection and support you give me every day! it means the world to me! you are a wonderful friend and i hope you will enjoy this story as much as i enjoyed writing it for you! <3 <3 <3 *HUGS FOREVER AND EVER*

a very happy Halloween week to everybody!!! (^   v ^) love and hugs to you all!