there are so many great things about this picture

Palmistry and Sigils

So I see lots of pictures of people drawing sigils on their hands, and I think that’s awesome. But one thing I’m surprised about is that–as far as I know–not many people have incorporated palmistry in with sigils. 

As shown on the picture above, different parts of the hand have different correspondences. 

A self-love sigil would ideally go on the Mount of Venus. 

A sigil for enhanced spiritual awareness would work great drawn on the Lunar Mount.

So yeah, just an idea I wanted to share. 

So I’ve been re-skimming some LotR in between looking for new books to read and Boromir mentions his brother like, three times in the Council of Elrond. And I realize it’s dramatic foreshadowing shit, but consider (modern au apparently) Boromir who just talks about his brother all the time and has so many pictures:

“Hobbits like poetry? My brother won a poetry contest in third grade!!! You know who’d love to hear more about Dwarves? My brother. Gosh, I can’t wait until we all get to Minas Tirith so I can show you all the best things about my city and you can meet my brother.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen Boromir, he’s a great dude,” says Eomer, “but I hear he talks about his brother a lot?”

“How do I know you’ve actually met my brother?” asks Faramir. “And how do you know who I am?”

“… I have seen probably a hundred pictures of you and heard the stories behind all of them,” says Frodo.

“Ah,” says Faramir, resigned. “Yeah, okay, you’ve met him.”

Happy 20th Anniversary One Piece! ♥♥♥

i was thinking about doing a picture with the whole crew but it didn’t feel right
so i made this like the story started 20 years ago: just a lonely boy with a dream

one piece has been bringing so so so many great things - feelings, friends, inspiration, motivation -  into my life for more than the past decade, I wish I was able to thank Oda-sensei personally but this is all I can do
who knows, maybe one day i’ll find my soul mate while reading my newest volume on a park bench

And It’s Like No Time Has Passed

without trying very hard at all you can see bob’s current Look™ in this

(ao3) (general warning for 4x13 spoilers just in case)


Bellamy looks up like he’s been caught, pushing up his glasses and smiling guiltily. For all the times Clarke drew him over the past six years– on every spare piece of scrap paper she could find, every blank stretch of wall in the lab– she never imagined him like this: hair shaggy and long, the sharpness of his jaw shadowed with stubble, wearing glasses.

Smiling, easy and relaxed.

It feels wrong that most of her memories of him are shadowed by tension, broad shoulders pulled tight, jaw muscle jumping, gaze hard and canny. A soldier in wartime. Her heart aches that she gets to see him like this, gets to see him at all.

“What are you trying to say, Princess?”

His voice makes her breath catch.

Six years of talking to an empty radio channel, hoping against hope that she’d hear his voice coming through, but never really expecting it to. And now he’s here, and he’s answering back, and it’s just– it’s a lot to take in.

“Leave it to Bellamy Blake to find his way straight to the armory,” she says with feigned exasperation, and he ducks his head, smiling. “Most of your crew is enjoying the feast we prepared for you guys, but not you.”

“You think I’m gonna waste my first chance in six years to really get away from Murphy?”

Clarke laughs and comes to stand next to him, watching as he meticulously cleans each piece of the gun before him, fingers deft and sure. It’s pretty hot, if Clarke is honest with herself.

And she’s learned to be very honest with herself the past few years.

They’re barely touching, his arm skimming hers every time he moves, but it sets her heart racing fast as ever.

Get it together, Griffin. You’re not seventeen anymore.

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I really don’t think enough people realize that to be a Christian and also an artist doesn’t mean that you have to label yourself a “Christian artist”. If you write books you don’t have to write solely, Christian labeled books. If ur a painter you don’t just have to paint Jesus on the cross or the tomb He was laid in.

Your art is already inspired by the great creator. Yes, it should have Christian values behind it but it doesn’t have to be put in that category. It doesn’t even need to have crazy themes behind it like C. S. Lewis’ writing does. You can write stories of redemption and adventure without making the main character into a Christian. You can paint inspired pictures of loss and suffering. You can act in a play that isn’t about God.

God is in every aspect of your life already and you can create so many things in His name. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to only making art that’s explicitly “Christian”. Every single piece of art you make can be made with God in mind and can be made for His glory. Be expressive, talk about your struggles, write about the high points and show people your failures.

Create in His name. He takes unimaginable pride in what His artists create. Because He is the great creator, and He is in everything we do.

Create your own art, no matter what form or genre. And, of course, never be afraid to tell people what inspires you. Essentially, just don’t let yourself be put into a bubble that constricts you from your full creative freedom.

Worship through everything that you create and God will take pride in what you do.

Visualisation part 2

This is continued from part 1 which you can find here!

In this lesson I’ll talk about an alternative visualisation technique as well as how to practice regularly. It’s especially helpful if you struggle with visualisation because of focus problems or mental health!

Have trouble visualising?

That’s okay, there’s ways around it!

@thesleepwalkingwitch has given me a great method to be able to meditate or cast spells without relying on having to visualise.  

Here it is:

The first and most important thing to remember is that we have 5+ senses. Humans rely on sight the most, but there are so many more ways to experience the world- and you can apply this to meditation.

Forget trying to picture things. Try to feel things:  Imagine raindrops falling on every inch of your body, moving slowly from your head down to your toes; let the water cleanse you as it rolls off your skin, feel yourself purifying as you focus. If any type of sensory imagination is too hard, play some calming music in the background instead - let the rest of the world fade away as you absorb the music fully, listening to every note individually and as part of the whole. You can even try something like counting! Just start counting, out loud or in your head, up from 1 or down from 1000, and let that be the only thing that matters in the entire world - just the steady rhythm of the numbers, the way that they go on forever.

The whole idea is that it moves away from the focus of seeing things in your head, but still allows you to build up energy when concentrating on a goal like meditation or a spell.

How do I practice regularly?

Methods of visualisation can very easily be watered down in order to do them quickly or easily for practicing often.

  • You could try seeing or feeling your aura around you, or the energy moving through your body.
  • Even try closing your eyes when it’s sunny and recalling the feeling, the smell or sound of rain. Or the other way around! Feel the warm sun on you in the winter, or a cosy fire in your hands.

A good idea is to do this during meditation and to practice lots, as being able to visualise in some form is incredibly useful for energy manipulation. (That includes auras, shielding, centering and grounding etc.)

Each character gets a line of dialogue before facing off with Sephiroth, spoken dependent on how you’ve formed your parties. I wish all of them were spoken, because they do such a great job articulating the characters, what they care about, and the direction of their arcs.

Not only Aeris…
Holy is the prayer of AVALANCHE… Of Marlene and Dyne…… And everyone on the planet!

Barret has always fought for the planet and those closest to him, but sometimes in a way that was self-righteous or myopic. Now, he can see and articulate the big picture, and remember they’re fighting for everyone.

Aeris is here… everyone is here… Cloud is here with us!
There’s still many things for us to do… I’m not giving up!!

Tifa struggles at so many different points with doubting herself and hesitating, but she’s certain and determined about this - and knows she can count on “the real Cloud,” there with them.

I’m going to see it through to the end. For our future… And that of the planet…
I understand now, Grandpa. This is my mission!
I won’t let the Lifestream… or the Life of the Planet wither away!!

Nanaki has struggled with his identity and who he will grow into in his life - his “mission” - and sees clearly now that he needs to look to life beyond the home he grew up in.

Hoo-ok……! I can’t be foolin’ around in the bottom of this hell hole…
I still have lots of stuff to do with my life!

Cid was stuck in Rocket Town, tethered to his past disappointment and fatalistic even in his rebellion. Now, he sees hope - and lots of things left to do with his life.

Maybe…maybe I shouldn’t have come…
I don’t need…materia……any…
Nope, I still want it!! This an’ that an’ everything…MINE! And I’m never gonna give any up!!

Yuffie’s a bit more funny and full of moxie, but plays her vulnerability and occasional cowardice against her truest nature - stubborn and unyielding in her drive, even if it is a little selfish.

Cait Sith
Maybe we were a little late in noticing the trouble that we were getting into…
But, there’s still time… We should still be able to get out of it! Even if we can’t get EVERYTHING back to normal!
We should be able to protect what’s most important!!

Reeve now accepts responsibility for his involvement with Shinra. Having objected before, but far too quietly, he’s finally stepping up to listen to his conscience and protect what matters to him. 

I was frozen in time…… But now I feel as though my time is finally about to begin…!
Sephiroth, now it’s your time to sleep between the ages!!

Vincent wrapped himself in his own suffering and withdrew from the world, but has finally found a worthwhile stake in it once again, and therein a chance to start over.


Part 2

The first picture was taken in early September. My hair had grown out juuuust enough to not be complete shit, and I was getting better at my makeup. I still was waiting to feel good about myself, but at least I wasn’t hiding it anymore. Social anxiety was at an all time high. 

Once October rolled around, I felt way better about myself. I actually remember telling myself that in October, I will look better, and I was waiting endlessly for it to come. My hair (which by now I’m sure you’ve noticed is a big part of my dysphoria) was actually getting decently long, and could actually help my image instead of hurt it. I would say I passed about 75% of the time at this point. 

In late November, I uploaded another picture, this time. Each picture before this one, I look back now and hate looking at, but this one is the one where I finally can see a girl. After waiting so long in my life to see myself that way, I finally hit that point, and I was so happy. Everything was going to be great from here. 

I soon turned 21, and felt that a picture was needed, as this would be my first birthday as me. I didn’t go out or anything that night, because my ID’s still were male, and I was really self conscious about it. Plus drinking has never really been my scene. 

In mid January, I got my name legally changed. It was a huge relief to not have to see my old name on so many things. I had finally ditched the old me, and could actually not lie to someone every time I introduced myself. A few days later I took the next photo, to showcase my progress a little more. Everything started to come together. At this point, I hadn’t gotten misgendered in a while. I felt good. 

I sorta went through February without taking any pictures, but the the next one is around early March. A lot of my focus went from facial appearance to body appearance. I wanted to get a more fem body, instead of the twig I was. I’ve been working out and eating more to try and combat that, and so far things have been going well!

I was planning on doing a part 3 about body developments, but I really don’t have the self confidence of my body to do that, but perhaps one day in the future. Thanks to all who have supported me this year, and here’s to the next!

Day6 badboy!au (relationship focus)

So is it bad boy, or badboy? I don’t know. Because bad boy doesn’t look right, but badboy has the red squiggle under it.

Also, thanks for the Day6 request, these boys deserve lots of attention


-          He’s a “bad boy,” but not actually

-          Like he wears the jacket and he does his hair up like one

-          But that thing sticking out of his mouth that your parents assume is a cigarette because he’s kind of far away and they can’t quite see?

-          It’s a lollipop. Bubblegum flavored, to be specific

-          And also, he’s a lollipop

-          He’s always smiling and he rides a motorcycle, and every time he gets on the motorcycle and you’re there, he winks at you and smiles before he ZOOMS off into the distance while ACDC plays in the background

-          Or maybe it was a B1A4 cute concept song or something, who knows with this boy

-          He finds any and every reason to talk to you and you guys become kind of friends but like one of those really playful bantery friendships

-          He throws a rock at your window to get your attention and then sneaks you out for milkshakes and karaoke at 1am this one time, and then he’s walking you back along the side walk with this really pretty view with flowers and trees, and he stops you under a street light, grabs the sides of the hood your wearing, and kisses you

-          And then you two just stand there with his hands holding your face and your hands resting on his sides and your foreheads are leaning together and it’s adorable and your stomach is all fluttery and :3

-          And it was great and so now he does that all the time and it’s just a thing now


-          Actual bad boy, you knew he was trouble when he walked in

-          But not like rip your heart out and destroy your reputation and drink heavily kind of trouble, like he stays out later at night than he probably should and he skips class sometimes and he flirts with everyone but he’d totes be there if you ever got into a tricky situation type of trouble

-          Owns a muscle car that he cares for kind of meticulously, knows how to do his own maintenance

-          He kind of watches you walk into school or work while he leans on his car and it creeps people out a little

-          And he doesn’t seem very approachable

-          And he hangs out with the badboys

-          But then your car breaks down on the side of the road and he pulls over, helps you fix it, and then tells you now you have to go to dinner with him as payment with a smile and he turns out to be actually kind of sweet

-          KIND OF

-          He takes you to a burger place and you steal each other’s fries

-          And then you wind up talking for like an hour after you’re finished eating

-          And as you’re leaving, he hands you his number and he says “In case your car breaks down again and you need to call me. Or just literally any reason ever, if you ever want to call me or text me at all, do it.”

-          So you call him

-          Not for your car though, because there’s this great movie coming out that he would love

-          You call him many times, in fact, for various different reasons, and he calls you too, and its sort of a thing

-          Almost like you’re… dating… or something….

-          So he starts putting his arm around your shoulder literally all the time, and you both make your phone wallpapers the same picture of him with his arm over your shoulder and him kissing your temple and honestly it’s the cutest thing ever


-          Sort of the dadfriend of the bad boy friend group, doesn’t give a flip about the fact that he has a bad boy image, is %100 aware of it but doesn’t try to break it or build it up, he legit just doesn’t care

-          He’s a good bad boy. He’s got the I don’t give a flip, slightly reckless personality, but he’s also caring and nice

-          Seems a little intimidating sometimes because he keeps the boys in line and if he’s “in charge” with the bad boys then he must be REALLY TOUGH AND MEAN AND BAD right? Right? Right? ???

-          And then the five of them are out hanging at the arcade while you’re there and their jam comes on and he dances like a dork and they all start laughing and you’re like wait… what?

-          Like he legit actually doesn’t care what people think in any way and it’s great

-          And then he sees you looking and he nods and smiles at you

-          And then on his way out he taps your shoulder and when you turn around he smiles and says “you dropped this” and hands you a small folded piece of paper, and he walks away

-          And you open it and it has a phone number in it and it says “text me”

-          So you go back and forth for a while, but the curiosity gets the better of you because what boy dances like that in front of a girl and then gives her their number that confidently? and you text him, so he takes you to an amusement park and the two of you have a blast, and you go on all these big rides and the adrenaline just makes you guys more comfortable with each other really fast

-          So needless to say it went great, and two days later, he asks you to go back to that arcade with him, and you do, and it’s a blast and he’s super fun and wonderful and you go to karaoke after and he has a FANTASTIC voice, and then you’re walking home, and it’s dark and you guys start talking about your lives and you start telling him about your dreams and ambitions and he thinks its really cool, so suddenly he just stops you, looks at you for a second, and then kisses you

-          And you’re all !!!!

-          But then he pulls away and you’re both all :3

-          That’s literally the first time you’ve seen him blush

-          So from then on it’s a super chill comfortable relationship, and you guys go on dates and act like dorks without a care in the world and it’s literally the best

-          (I may or may not have a new bias)


-          Not a bad boy. He gets a bad rep because he hangs out with all the bad boys because they’re his friends

-          Actual sweetheart

-          Looks flippin’ bossin in the jacket and the hair and the jeans though, I mean like he’s the least baddie of all of them, but somehow he actually looks better in the getup than any of the others

-          He doesn’t really notice that people kind of classify him as a bad boy because anyone who he actually interacts with for long enough for him to pick up on something like that just completely abandons the whole badboy theory because how can you be with this kid for even just five minutes and not be like Dawwww :3

-          Is a customer at your work, and you meet him and immediately are like okay he’s a sweetheart, and he’s kind of shy and stutters a little and giggles for the whole time he’s talking to you over the counter or whatever at your work, and then he goes back to his friends and you watch as it takes them literally ten minutes to convince him to go and get your number because he’s too shy

-          They all cheer when you give it to him and he blushes like a lobster

-          So he works up the nerve to text you, and you can bet the boys helped him A LOT

-          So he asks you out to the boardwalk and you guys get cotton candy and walk, and you hold his hand and he gets really smiley and blushy

-          And  then he walks you home and he kisses your cheek and blushes super hard and smiles and then you both have a constant internal squeal going on for the rest of the night

-          So obviously you guys become official, but he’s still really blushy for quite a while after, like he’ll initiate skinship in private, he’ll hug you and stuff, but in public if you do anything more than hold hands he melts into this messy puddle of Wonpil goo



-          Also not a bad boy. Youngest of the bad boy gang, sometimes forgets and starts teasing the others like he’s the oldest

-          Then goes back to being a shy puppy

-          DEEP VOICE is intimidating, doesn’t help with the bad boy image

-          He wears the getup just like the rest of them, but then his face is adorable and his hair is all curly and soft so actually everyone is a little unsure if he’s a bad boy or an actual angel child

-          (He’s an actual angel child)

-          You drop something while you’re walking about twenty feet in front of him and he picks it up and stops you to hand it to you, he can barely make eye contact because females? What? How does one interact with those? He doesn’t know..?

-          And it’s super adorable

-          And then you find a reason to start chatting with him occasionally and he starts to open up and he gets smiley and playful and happy and its cute and all his bad boy bro pals are all “aww”

-          And so you two get closer until he’s actually comf with you, and then one day, he just seems super shy and wont look you in the eye, and so you’re like okay, what’s up with you

-          So he just stutters out ‘I like you’ and you laugh because ‘DUH’ and you kiss his cheek

-          “I like you too, silly”

-          And from that point on, he’s an absolute puppy, he holds your hand all the time, will not stop kissing your cheek, loves it when you kiss his cheek, fleufs all around

-          And he gets especially cuddly when he’s happy and excited and its just adorable and awesome

Thanks Again for Participating in the Fresh_Hell/Fatal Fools Event!

It is, unfortunately (or fortunately) over. All radical things must come to an end, my dude. For those who missed it or missed part of it, or just want to relive the nightmare fun all over again, the first official post of the event was THIS ONE. I added a ‘next’ button to each post to take you through the event, all the way through to the end. Once I get the chance, I’ll add this entire event to the Story Archive page.

I’m really glad so many folks got a kick out of it! I actually wasn’t planning on releasing the YOLO.exe comic just yet but then I thought of this silly idea and the timing was right and I just thought it was way too entertainingly dumb to not go for it XD And I’m glad I did! I didn’t get to do all that I wanted to do, but it turned out so much better than I had planned :D


I didn’t get to answer anywhere near as many as I wanted to, but I read them all and thought they were amazing, hilarious, and sweet XD Thanks for all of your great questions and support. You’re all so awesome <3

Also, running an ask blog (even for a few measly hours) is HARD WORK. OH MY GOSH. If you follow any ask blogs go tell them thank you and that you appreciate what they do. Draw them a picture or something. They deserve it.

Lastly, let me just clear up a few things about what was part of the joke and what wasn’t:

* YOLO.exe is a real side comic (still non-canon) that will be completed

* I’m not going on a mini-hiatus because of computer issues (of all things this was the thing I was most nervous joking about XD). Chapter Three isn’t ready yet and I’m still planning, but no hiatus for me right now

* Fatal_Error’s fine, he just needs to walk it off, or…something…probably?

* Dunno where Fresh is? Not here probably. Also Fresh_Hell isn’t available for questions :)

Okay I think that’s all!

Peace out, brahs <3 BD


I just want to quickly mention that if you swing by EPCOT’s Art of Disney store now - I recently added the Moana pic plus a tiny sketch of PJ into the folder of Future Disney Artists!

It’s a nice way of having people’s art they draw displayed! ^^

Even my older pictures were still within this thing!

So yeah - it has a lot of great art from beginners to hobbyists to probably some pros! It’s a nice little gem that I am not sure that many people know about! ^^

Ficlet Series: Secrets (Jimin X Reader)

Rated: M (smut, swearing)

Word Count: 2552

Masterpost: Ficlet Series - Secrets

Our Masterlist :)

Originally posted by bangtaninspired

You stand at the side of the massive, mirrored room watching your sister and her partner move gracefully across the floor. When the music stops you cheer loudly, clapping so hard that your palms begin to sting.

“Ugh, mom, you’re embarrassing me,” Una says, rolling her eyes theatrically as she walks towards you.

“I’m sorry,” you say with a loud sniff, holding out a towel for her. “My baby just grew up so fast.”

Una laughs and takes the towel from you, dabbing her sweat away tiredly. “You guys look amazing,” you say earnestly. “You make a good pair.”

Una’s new partner, Jimin, is on the other side of the room and she calls him over.

“It’s been a couple of months and he still seems so shy,” you murmur as he comes nearer.

“Nah, he’s okay,” Una responds. “I think it’s just when you’re around that he gets a bit weird. He must sense the way you undress him with your eyes.”

You aim a kick at Una but she slips out of reach with a light laugh.

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the worst* part about the discourse is I have to delete all the pictures of him I used as reaction photos and there were so many good ones

*the actual worst part is not being able to enjoy some of griffin’s great content bc it was alongside nick and some of the things that brought me joy on the daily (like car boys and cgi) just make me sad and uncomfortable


Saihara looking so freaking done with everything in a fabulous pose

Kaede is the biggest cause best girl

Ouma is also big and handsome

Kiibo the third big one and smiling like the precious boy he is

(srlsy i love the fact that these three are the biggest)

Maki doing a buleria

Iruma winking

Rantarou doesnt know what to do with his life

Gonta screaming and ready to punch whoever insults bugs

Tenko ready to kick someone’s ass

Momota thinking like a seductive guy

Angie and Himiko being precious smol girls

Idk what to say about Hoshi, Shirogane, Toujou or Koreyiko but they are great

guchiline  asked:

"I'm a metamorphagus, you're an animagus. Our friends are never safe from puns and pranks. We're a literal power couple" Hogwarts AU? (from auprompts on twitter!) + Wonwoo pretty pleaaase :3

Thank you for the request!! I hope you like this :3 I’m still not too familiar with writing AU’s but :(

Your classes were over for the day; you had only had a class in Potions and Transfigurations. And now you were sat outside in the school mid yard with your boyfriend Wonwoo, planning on ending the semester with a bang. This was your final year in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and because you were known as the prankster couple, you had to deliver in the school graduation ceremony in a few weeks time.

You two had met a few years back in a rather awkward encounter. You both had joined Hogwarts at a very young age but had been sorted into different houses and never really met, as you both had your own friend groups but that didn’t stop you two from ending up like you were now.

One day a few of your friends had started talking about the Ravenclaw house and how much fun they apparently had there with a group of guys pulling pranks on other houses and even professors, if they dared. There were rumours that your house would be next, as they had gone through every house before but most of you paid no mind to stressing about a possible prank war you had coming your way.

The following evening however, they hit your house using a few dungbombs, magical stinkbombs that gave off a putrid odour, filling up the whole house and forcing everyone to leave the common room and dorms only in their pyjamas. It caused a lot of uproar from the professors because they were out and about during unacceptable times but nevertheless, it made the group of guys laugh breathlessly as they followed you running out with your friends in your pyjamas.

You swore with your friends that you’d get revenge on them, but along the way your friends gave up - finding something more “important” to do, such as dating some of the guys from the group of pranksters. You however didn’t, you weren’t going to let Jeon Wonwoo (and his friends) get off easy.

Jeon Wonwoo was known in school as Wonnie, the sly quiet guy who pulled pranks but yet studied hard. He was always either found at the Ravenclaw, the library or the mid yard with his friends. He was mostly quiet, people said he came off as intimidating most times, as he rarely looked approachable. But he did smile brightly sometimes, when his pranks succeeded, and it lit up the whole room - even if it was after a mean prank he pulled.

You thought you were being sneaky and get him to taste his own medicine. You tried embarrassing him in front of his friends but unfortunately for you, he had been expecting you to do so. Your plan failed miserably when he caught you red handed, trying to cast a spell on his belongings to fly away from him when he would need them.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked you, trying to hold in his laughter. You on the other hand were flushed red like a tomato, wanting to sink underground at the moment. He raised an eyebrow at you and offered you a hand to get off the ground (after you tried hiding under his table when you heard him come in) and you slowly raised your hand to take a hold of his. You didn’t want to trust him but you were already too embarrassed to prolong your encounter with him.

“You should’ve done this yesterday. I would’ve completely fallen for it then,” he told you and helped you up, letting go of your hand as soon as possible. He was still smiling, shaking his head at you. You felt your cheeks burning and stormed out of the common room immediately, not wanting to answer him.

But who would’ve known that from that day onwards, he wouldn’t leave you alone. Everytime he saw you, whether you were alone or not, he’d come and talk to you. He asked you what you were doing or try to start up a conversation on random things about muggles or whatnot. He really tried.

And eventually, you fell for him. Not in that sense, but rather in a sense of finally talking to him. And one day, you found yourself chatting about your rather rare magical abilities with him after lunch.

“So, you’re sure of it? You can transform into anything you want?” he asked you when you were sat in one of the staircases of the school. His eyes were as wide as plates and his mouth was gaping open. He couldn’t fathom how he hadn’t learned about metamorphagus yet - he had read all the books he could from the library.

You nodded, your lips curving into a smile smile when you noticed how his eyes were gleaming from excitement. “You could learn some powers like this too,” you told him after you figured he was at a loss for words but now he was even more dumbfounded - how?

Wonwoo didn’t voice it out but he urged you to tell him more by nodding vigorously, eyes locked on yours. “It takes great skill and patience for wizards to become Animagi. I’ve been told it’s a long process that has the potential to backfire if done wrong. So, not many people feel like the time is worth using on learning such a skill.”

“What do you need to do? I’ve learned a thing or two about patience…” his voice faded towards the end, unsure of how difficult it could actually be. You quickly dug your backpack for a heavy book you had gotten from one of your professors to read, flipping through a few hundred pages and landing on one with a picture of a wizard whose shadow formed a horse shape.

“Part of the process is holding the leaf of a mandrake in your mouth for an entire month and then using the leaf for a potion, and reciting an incantation daily,” you read to him after opening the book you had borrowed from the library earlier. You had learned everything about your powers from this book as well, thinking it would be beneficial for Wonwoo if he decided to take on the challenge.

“And how does it wo-“ Wonwoo was about to ask but you were quick enough to continue reading the book before. “Animagi also transform at will, but only into one animal form which is determined by their inner traits. So, it’s random which animal you become.”

“Aah, I see,” Wonwoo said, his eyebrows furrowed. He turned to face away from you, contemplating whether he would actually be ready to take on such a power. But he had always dreamt of having special powers that only a few had - otherwise he would just be an average wizard who just had brilliant papers when graduating.

“Would you help me?” he asked after a moment of silence. You would lie if you said you weren’t at all surprised by his question - how was he all of a sudden so nice to you? You had just tried pranking him.

But you came to an agreement, and from there you found yourself working together with him in achieving his Animagus form. You defended him when some pupils made fun of him for having the leaf in his mouth during the first month and went through the potion making process with him, almost being his caretaker during the time of the transformation.

You learnt a lot about Wonwoo in the process - he had always been keen to learn new things and apparently had also been the first person to make professor Snape smile, ever - Snape disappeared after that, for ‘unknown’ reasons but that was not the point. You got to experience Wonwoo’s soft side, the side you didn’t know much about before and you loved it. You might’ve loved him too at that point but were too shy to admit it.

“This is so difficult. Why couldn’t I just be a metamorphmagus?” Wonwoo complained when you two met up to check on his condition - he was close to the finish line of his journey to becoming an animagus.

“Well, it isn’t a skill that can be learned. I inherited it from my father,” you explained with a laugh. At this point Wonwoo looked defeated, he had worked hard towards his goal of becoming an animagus but he started becoming hopeless when he didn’t notice any changes.

“Maybe you just need to sleep on it?” You suggested Wonwoo, who continued complaining how he felt like he was going nowhere. It had been months ever since you started helping him to become an animagus and a lot had happened. You for example confessed to him and he did the same - he admitted that he found you beautiful and charming. And although nothing else happened after that - it was fine. You got confirmation for your feelings, which was of most importance to you.

“If nothing happens tomorrow, I’m calling this project quits,” Wonwoo sighed and had waved you goodbye. But to his amazement, the following night he had met up with you with something urgent. That urgent being his transformation to his animagus form - a wolf.

You were so happy to see that all his hard work had paid off (and the book hadn’t lied) that when he had transformed back to being himself, you kissed him for the first time. Wonwoo, out of breath and tired, was definitely surprised by your sudden kiss but he gladly wrapped his arms around you and kissed you back.

And that is how you got here. Two years later.

You had already started preparing for the graduation ceremony prank for weeks, contemplating on what you should do and how before leaving the school. You both wanted to leave your mark to the school and ever since you had started dating, everyone had known you as the power couple of the school, so the expectations for you two to pull a final prank before the end of the semester were high.

“But how would we get into the hall? Last year Argus Flinch was guarding the door intently, making sure no one went in or out during the ceremony,” you asked with a sigh. You had made up a plan where you would transform into a rat and scare everyone in the room, causing up a hassle and Wonwoo would run after you in his wolf form, eating you up. Sure, it was more of just causing hassle but you knew a few professors were more than scared of rats, and a few had a bad history with wolves so their reactions would be priceless.

“I found a few people who are ready to help us, they’re not graduating this year so they can distract Flinch,” Wonwoo explained with a glint in his eyes. “You’re not dragging the first years into this are you?” You asked in a serious voice, folding your arms across your chest. You would not accept him corrupting the minds of good students and make their house lose points.

“No, no. It’s a few from the same year as us, but they’re prolonging their studies so,” Wonwoo explained with a nervous laugh when he noticed your judgeful look, which changed quickly into a crooked smile.

“Sounds good then.”

When you heard a knock on the toilet door, you jumped up and opened the door slowly, checking it was Wonwoo who was waiting for you.

And there stood the guy you had planned this all with, dressed in his suit with his house tie on and his graduation cape on top, the Ravenclaw house patch stitched on it as well. “Hey there,” he whispered, waving you to get out of the toilet cubicle.

You were dressed in your graduation outfit as well, although it wasn’t really necessary, for either of you. Your eyes traveled his body - he looked extremely handsome. You still consider yourself very lucky to be dating him after all this time and couldn’t believe how well you got along. It was like you had known him for years but still, every time you saw him, you had butterflies.

You nodded. “Catch me if you can,” you said with a quiet giggle. You shared a knowing look and you closed the cubicle door again and changed into your planned rat form. You soon after ran out from underneath the cubicle door and Wonwoo gave you some time before he would come and chase you in the ceremony hall.

You scurried your way through the empty hallways and through the door to the ceremony hall that one of the guys had agreed on helping you was holding open. It didn’t take more than five seconds before the speech of the Quidditch team captains was interrupted by screams echoing in the ceremony hall.

“A rat!! There’s a rat!”

“How did Mr.Flinch’s cat miss that?!”

“Is that Peter Pettigrew!?”

After creating absolute hassle, you heard a familiar growl. Time for the climax, you thought.

Wonwoo came in barging through the door in his wolf form. He had grown a lot bigger since the first time he learnt the power - his fur was grey and thick and he was gritting loud growls through his teeth.

You two played mouse and cat for a while, a few teachers trying to stop you and some even figuring out who you two were; yelling your names and threats about your house losing points. However, when you saw the headmaster get up from his seat, you both took that as a sign to stop the messing around and Wonwoo caught you.

He proudly walked out with you between his teeth, holding you as gently as possible - just like you had tried before. He let you go out of his mouth when the door behind you closed and you ran behind the corner to change back into you. Your partners in crime had brought your clothes back from the cubicles and you changed back into them quickly.

You laughed when Wonwoo joined you and changed, getting his tie messed up. He was breathing heavily but laughed too when you reached your hands to his tie immediately and fixed it. He had his eyes on you the whole time, he couldn’t believe you had succeeded once again.

“Want to head back? They seem to have calmed down,” you asked but before you could drag him back through the huge doors, he flipped you around and kissed you.

“I love you,” he whispered after the kiss. Pushing a few strands of your hair behind your ear.

“I love you too,” you replied and almost teared up but kept it together, barely. Wonwoo noticed that you were holding back tears, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he rubbed your back and guided you towards the ceremony hall. “Let’s go graduate.”

When you entered, all your fellow students stood up and applauded you when you two walked holding hands, laughing and thanking everyone. You had an angry Argus Flinch running behind you but he gave up when no one seemed to pay attention to him.

You knew he wasn’t the only one with complaints as many teachers looked very upset too, but some looked entertained as well, applauding you two.

You did it. You did it together and although this marked the end for your school years, you knew your adventures with Wonwoo wouldn’t end here.

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I’m thinking about Luis Buñuel’s films, the Spanish filmmaker, and how his films are so “Pisces.” He was a Pisces himself, with a Pisces Mercury too. His films are extremely strange, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, combining actuality with dreams, not really knowing what is actually happening. There is a deep focus on the subconscious, the dreamy state, and this especially makes sense because he had his Pluto in the 12th House. So many of his films are centered on psychological aspects, but with a hazy quality. He also had Neptune in conjunction with Pluto. In perhaps his most popular film, the short film Un Chien Andalou, it is virtually plot-less and does not follow a story. It simply features a series of odd events, odd images, eerie things, and the famous scene where the woman’s eye is sliced (alluded in the first picture of this post). Then another great film of his, The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie, seems absent of a story too. You’re basically just watching a weird movie about some middle-aged people who attempt to have dinner together, but are constantly interrupted by peculiar circumstances, and it seems to be never-ending. They have conversations and as soon as they sit down to eat, something strange occurs. And lastly another film I like is Belle De Jour, where a reserved prostitute has many sexually-charged fantasies, and by the end of the movie, you can’t tell if any of the events that transpired before were true, or if they were purely imagination, or whatever the case.

So honestly, whenever I think of the quintessential Pisces director, my mind immediately points towards Luis Buñuel.

ragnaranaelsson  asked:

As a writer, (and a reader) so many of us get confused or wish for genuinely strong female characters. Your artwork actually depicts strong female character without turning them into overtly punchy superheroes or some mutant or whatnot! Your Ginny just effortlessly oozes of badass and Astoria is downright amazing in her calm clever persona! Bravo! Love from India

This is so great to know, thank you so much!! :) This is how I picture these female characters and I’m so glad my art is showing this! I feel like I am reaching goals, being able to show all my thoughts to more people through my art <3 I read the books and then I picture Ginny like I’m drawing and people are accepting and liking her. and it’s just so amazing because all I’m doing is giving her personality because that’s my own interpretation when I read the books. We know nothing about Astoria - but I have so many things about her in my mind that I would like to draw - so thank you so much for this message, as fanartist I really appreciate it!


My best friend’s sister is getting married and invited us to participate in the week of Muslim wedding events and I literally have never met a nicer family than them. I was so shocked when we got invited since we’re just her little brother’s best friends but the whole time they’ve treated us just like family. They wanted us at every part of the wedding process and told us we HAD to come to the mehndi party and offered us tons of their beautiful clothes to wear to the ceremonies. They wanted our suggestions for music to make people dance and then wanted to see us dance, they’ve fed us literally the best food in the world, and they even paid me to be an assistant photographer for the wedding since they know it’s what I love to do. They are the most generous and warm family I’ve ever met. I wish I could’ve gotten some pics with them but you’ll just have to settle for us feeling ourselves in our gorgeous clothes.

Being that I had never been fully exposed to Muslim practices and South Asian cultural traditions, it was great to see how many stereotypes DIDN’T fit. And I kept a huge mental note of all the things people say about Muslims and compared it with what I’ve been around the past week and I can’t say that any of it is true. All I’ve seen are examples of extremely close-knit families, a huge outpouring of generosity, extreme kindness and politeness (every single person told me “thank you” for every single picture of them I took!), and people who love on anyone they come across.

I’m so thankful this family invited me to be a part of something so special. And I am even more thankful for the fact that I now have a second group of people to call family.