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And here we have a bonus CtH: Shopkeepers edition, The revenge of the snas.

I really didn’t like my last one of him and Frisk, so I decided to fix that.

Plus I know many of my followers don’t like this particular pairing, so this one’s on it’s own post for the others that do.

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Open wounds, closed heart

Synopsis: Sometimes it hurts. It’s not a physical pain, but the marks that they leave are real, too real, and it express itself in the most diverse forms. The heavy breathing, the sleepless nights, the bad habit of thinking too much about matters that should be trivial, and so many other symptoms chase after the young writer who, no longer enduring his own routine, decides to accept any help. Yuri Katsuki opens his arms and welcomes the opportunity to change, and to learn how to live with his worst and most insistent companion: his anxiety. 

Main pairing: Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki

Chapters: 19/??

Warnings: Mental Illness and lots of drama, slow burn

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ UPDATES EVERY SATURDAY ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Read it on Ao3!

Special thanks to @croptoptomlinson​ for being such a lovely friend and doing this edit! You are the best and I can’t thank you enough.  ♡ ♥ ♡ 

I wanna say a quick thanks to the ladies and nonbinary people (EDIT: and straight men! Lord, I am tired I’m so sorry) out there who have so strongly defended and supported sheith. As a transman who loves men and who finds a lot of comfort in this ship and in these characters’ dynamics with each other, it means the world to me to see non-male identifying people (& straight men) stand up and say, “hey, this is a really healthy and lovely ship and it would make great representation for mlm men.” Like, so many of you go beyond just “oh it’s a cute gay pairing” and actually really seem to care about people like me and how sheith reflects us and it just… means a lot. It’s not that I feel like we “own” the ship or anything like that, it’s just really nice to see so much love for something you so closely identify with. You’re all awesome and I’m so happy you’re here in this part of the fandom.

NOTE: Fun story! I accidentally set something up wrong on this challenge (on the flinthamilton/flinthamiltons one as well) where you could only make one prompt, and it just so happens to be a setting ao3 won’t let you change after sign ups have started. ^_^;; I am super embarrassed, but I need to ask everyone if they can please signal boost this once again because I had to make a whole new one (new links are below)

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In an effort to keep fandom activity going and to have some fun, I decided to create a wlw prompt meme on ao3!

Information & Rules || Sign Up/Submit a Prompt || Prompts

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  • Fanfics, fanart, graphics, and vids are accepted

* If anything isn’t working properly, please let me know asap. This is one of my first ao3 collections, so I may have missed something or messed something up or not set things up correctly.

David Silva/David Villa aesthetics - Reunited

Fic companion:

like every other morning by mm_nani ( @manaholic-mongolian ​ )

‘You look so good in red.’ Silva continues and David realizes that Silva is filling in his silence, Silva is always filling the space between them with dreams even when David is afraid.

‘So do you.’ He finally says, there’s more he wants to say, but there’s no words to describe the feeling caught in his throat, of the excitement of playing next to Silva bubbling in his stomach.

I’ll See You Soon. by myblueworld

“I got a call. From Lopetegui.”


“Silva? Are you there?”

“Villa. You’re not joking, are you? Because if you are, it’s not funny Villa. It’s not funny at all.”

“I’m not.”

Songs Companion: (listen on Spotify)

Reunited - Peaches & Herb // 1000x - Jarryd James, Broods // Meet Me Halfway - The Black Eyed Peas // Pirouette -Made in Heights // a million other things - pronoun // I Like Me Better - Lauv // Jet Pack Blues - Fall Out Boy // Secret Smile - Semisonic // It Was Always You - Maroon 5 // Touch - Shura // 4 Seasons of Loneliness - Boyz II Men // We Belong Together - Mariah Carey // Two Hearts - Phil Collins // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths


A/N: if part one wasn’t enough for you all, here’s part 2 of ocean eyes! 


btw i edited my prompt list, like i crossed out the prompts that i’ve used in WAY too many of my oneshots so pls request with the ones i didn’t cross out i’m honestly desperate lmao

  • PAIRING: Young!James Potter x Reader
  • SUMMARY: {requested by anon} In which months following of James and Y/N not talking to one another, they finally do and ended it with a bang.
  • WARNINGS: ANGST and FEELS and CURSING (if that really is a warning lol)
  • WORDS: 573

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months of the former friends ever speaking to each other. Y/N, feeling embarrassed by her outburst and ever falling for the brown-haired daydream. James, feeling disappointed that he ever made the bet with his friends making Y/N think that she was a sort of bet.

As the time passed, they would spot each other in the sea of people in various places around the school. Y/E/C eyes would meet ocean blue eyes, and it felt like time stopped and they were the only two people in the universe. The longingness would show in their eyes, Y/N being the first to look away, leaving James heartbroken each and every time.

But one day, it all changes. It was during the night, everyone started going into their beds preparing for the night’s sleep to take over their body, the teachers, and prefects roaming the halls doing their duty of keeping the school safe. The crickets were sound chirping on the campus of Hogwarts.

James was sat in the Gryffindor Common Room, staring into the fire. The sound of the chirping crickets and the crackling and sizzling of the fire in front of him making him feel comfortable in the state he’s in. His brown hair was messy from a number of times that he ran his hand through it in agitation, dark circles implanted under his eyes, the lack of sleep getting to him. He sat on the burgundy couch of the common room with a defeated look, the girl is in the very center of his clouded surrounding thoughts.

He abruptly got up, grabbing his invisibility cloak in order to not get caught roaming the halls during this outrageous hour. The tall boy was just about to leave the common room when he bumped into a figure that was about to come in the room.


Her eyes met his and they both ignored the feeling that always had them feeling so weak in the knees. She thought of a snarky reply when he interrupted her and her surrounding thoughts, “I-I was just leaving.”

“I was just going in.”

Those were the only words exchanged between the pair after not talking for months.

“Okay,” James replied.

“Okay.” The girl in front of him fought back, crossing her arms over her chest. He took this time to scan her, she had the same dark circles under her eyes making it more evident having milk-like skin, her hair was up in a messy ponytail, baby hairs sticking out making it seem like she raked her hand through her Y/H/C hair multiple amounts of times. He came to the conclusion that she was in the same state that he was in.

With a nod of his head, he walked past her only to hear something escape her lips, suddenly turning around to face her once again. “Didn’t know I was that much of a game to you, anyway.”

“Hey, you were never a game to me. I would never do that to you-” He started his voice harsh, interrupted by Y/N.

“Then why fucking did you!?”

“-because I love you dammit!” He spoke, his voice booming the common room. Then, there was silence. The girl had a defeated look on her face, while James was looking at the girl with sensitive eyes.

She hesitated with her next step, latched onto his wrist and pulled him down to her lips. “I love you too.” She whispered, then sealed the gap between them with a kiss.

Help Mel stay focused on SLD - challenge!

To help me keep my focus on getting this moved over, send me an ask or comment, or message, whatever, and I will give you a random line of dialog to write something with.

There is no limit to what you can do with that line, or how many lines you can have. If you blank on the one I give you, I can give you another, no problemo.

It’ll give me stuff to read when I’m doing other things, so I can focus on SLD when I’m able to.

They can be for any fandom, any pairing, any world you wish, even one you made up yourself with all OC’s.

We’ll call it the… #sldmovechallenge.

Basically, I found a thing, and if I don’t do something with it, I’ll keep playing with it instead of editing and then nothing will get done haha.

Once the SLD move is done, I will hold another challenge for the readers, as well as the planned takeover!

 Help me get there!

Barça emojis: Arda and Sam edition

Okay there was not much talking compared to the other paired videos, maybe it was because of the language barrier, but nonetheless, it was cute!
There were plenty of inside jokes tho.. guys.. we want in!!

Okay, the one thing that stuck for 99% of the videos was Arda and his📱 which he himself said it was “very easy” repeatedly

Marc got the 😱 and I have so many questions about it.. was it because how good he is? Because he always gives you a heartattack when he leaves his box and becomes a midfielder? Because how his adorable self is 24/7? Because he loves scary movies?! Or was it because of that bet you made(not that the video came out before the CL ¼ finals) Why?

Geri got the 🎮 again, with the “surely” word repeated many times by Arda

Raki this time was not given the 👪 he was given the ☺

Busi took a bit of time to figure out his and it ended up being 🐙 while including a laugh.. another inside joke..

Denis was given the 😇 again

Andres was given the🏆again

Luisito was given the 💣 again, also including a laugh.. another inside joke

Leo was back to being 🔝

Ney was ☇ again

Rafinha might be the one who took most laughs and time to find his emoji.. considering the ones in charge.. he ended up being🙈

Cillessen was given the 👻 with laughter and Sam repeating “I can’t even explain”.. what gives Pepito..

Masche is still the👮

Paco with a bit of time to think, was given the 😅

Jordi according to Sam and Arda is the 😂

Sam gave Lucas the 💃.. after a discussion and laughter and Arda bursting out a laugh at the end … another inside joke

Arda, repeatedly saying Sergi, was given🆒 it was quick..

Andre was back to his💪

Aleix quickly was given the 🏀

Arda gave Sam the 💩 and laughed!!! They both laughed so much the emojis fell!!

Mathieu was once again given the 😴

And Masip according to them is 🔥

I wasn’t going to “get involved” or say anything about all that is happening this couple of hours in our fandom, but I need to say something about respect. You don’t have to know, like or love someone to respect them!!!!

People hide behind their usernames to be rude, to leave a hateful message after someone spent the whole day writing a chapter, or creating a fanart for their favorite pairing. The worst part is that those trolls are inside our own fandom, and this hurts. It’s unnecessary, rude and sad. It’s really sad to think that someone’s life is basically spend their day spreading hate.

The dramione fandom is about turning a new leaf, about forgiveness, growing up and most importantly, about love. I AIN’T GIVING ANY TROLL THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THAT.

that being said, I urge you to go to your favorite writer, your favorite artist and just say thank you! They also have families, and lives and problems… but they made time during their day to create something for you. for us.

If you “hate” or “don’t like” a story/art, simply don’t leave a review… specially if you’re not sure the review will be helpful. Have a HUGE difference between helpful and hateful, learn the difference. In doubt? Don’t have anything nice to say? don’t say anything at all. Simple.

The time you spend being rude in reviews, could be spent doing something nice to someone else, and not trying to be rude. But if you actually have pleasure in doing that… you live a really sad life, and I’m sorry you have to put people down to feel better!

if someone don’t want their work downloaded? don’t do it. respect.

if you didn’t like an art/fanfiction and doesn’t have any nice tips or advices? don’t do it. respect.

if you don’t like the pairing and don’t have anything nice to say? don’t do it. respect.

now just to finish up, I need to say thank you… this artists really made my years in this fandom so much better. Their stories/art/music/videos/help inspired me and helped me thru hard times, and I know I probably didn’t said enough: @dramioneasks @colubrina @shayalonnie @shadu-kiam @mrbenzedrine89 @andgladly @freya-ishtar @dulce-de-leche-go @lstoddardhancock @jencala @runningquill @olivieblake @shirlynmerlin @rzzmg @dramione84 @harrypotterandthegobletofwine @kiimmyschmidt @ellesjourney @bex-chan @anondracomalfoy @astoriawho and so so so so many others that write/draw/edit/create to this amazing fandom, that helped make even my worst days better. Thank you! I respect you, I respect your work, your time, and I love you all ❤

to any off you that still loves dramione, I only ask you to remember, that while those trolls do exist, we also have people that love and appreciate your art. We do, and we really love your work. Don’t give up on us for a few bad apples. Because you have plenty of good ones in your orchad. 

ps. I know some of you are not doing anything for the ship anymore, but you did at some point, and I’m thankful regardless, let me be thankful lol

anonymous asked:

How big would you say the jimon fandom is in comparison to others?

It’s hard to say really and it would depend how you’d measure it. Alec/Magnus is the biggest by far, but I don’t know how Jimon would compare to the other ships.

We have 2.1k followers, but I don’t know how many followers other ship blogs have so I couldn’t draw a comparison there.

If you merge the ‘Alec/Magnus’ and ‘Alec & Magnus’ tags on AO3 (just looking at Shadowhunters TV ones), then Jimon has the 5th largest number of fics. Obviously some of those will just be them as a side pairing but considering how many ships there are in the fandom I’d say that makes them relatively big.

There’s a good amount of Jimon content posted on here as well. I see a lot more Alec/Magnus and Clary/Jace posts in the edit tags than any other ship but there’s always a number of fic/headcanon/general musing posts in the ‘jimon’ tag (although I don’t go in the other ship tags to know how busy they are).

Also, I know a lot of people like Jimon, even if they don’t actively ship them by making posts about them. Then again people with similar ships tend to follow people who share their ships I should think, so my view of how popular Jimon is probably differs to others’ depending on who they follow.

This is a really interesting question but quite difficult to answer I’m afraid. Nothing comes close to Alec/Magnus but I’d probably say that Jimon is one of the larger ships in the fandom after them, (then again I’m biased!)

- Claire

You sigh staring at the gifs, still shots, and circles edited versions of the video from last week. It’s still buzzing around the Internet, and Tae is just as worried as you are. You debuted not too long ago with BTS since you are in BigHit with them, and this could arise so many more problems and rumors than just a stupid little dating one. Your group mates and you got put in pairs with one other boy since you had the same number of people, and to make it easier on stage while you perform together. The pairs are based on personality similarities: You have Tae. “Tae.” You sigh heavily.

“(Y/N)-ah,” He put your phone down on your lap as he sat next to you on the couch, “Just ignore it.” He put his arm around you, pulling you closer to his side. “It’ll pass like everything else,”

“Less than five months into our debut and they already ‘proof’ that this isn’t innocent,” You ran your hand through your hair.

“It’ll be forgotten as soon as we keep them busy with all the performances,” He waved it off, rubbing your shoulder.

“I hope..”


“Ah~” The man laughed at how similar we were.

“Can we just get this out of the way?” His costar woman crossed her legs. “As you know, that Bangtan Bomb posted last week shows you to engaging in some trading of emotions.” The picture appeared on the screen they had. “Is this what everyone is assuming?” She directed it towards Tae.

You came face to face with the horrid video again—but they focused it on you two standing there. Tae was leaned over you tiredly—something he does after shows or anything. His arms were wrapped around your waist, and his head on yours. As the video progresses, he rests his head on your shoulder into the crook of your neck. You watch as your hand snakes up as you read a magazine, and plays with his hair as he closes his eyes. A blush rose in your face as you watched yourself on the gigantic screen. “We have a junior-senior relationship,” He tried to clear this up, “We teach her group useful things, and we always perform and help them. We all want them to succeed—they’re wonderful girls, and very talented. We’ve developed friendships and feelings for them over time—however, it isn’t those kinds of feelings. (Y/N) and I aren’t dating, and probably never will; friendship is always first. I care about her a lot, and I’m comfortable around her—which is why I did that.”

“Anything you have to say, (Y/N)?” The woman asked, seeing you beginning to open your mouth but close it.

“He always does that,” You started, “It doesn’t mean anything.”

They nodded, “There you have it.” The man said.


“You think they believed us?” Tae asked, closing the door behind you as you walked in the dressing room.

“It seemed like they did,” You shrugged.

“I just hope no more rumors come about.” He patted his lap as he sat.

“You know they will,” You breathed, sitting on him. “Once they get a little taste, they’ll fight for more proof.”

“They’re just confused on how I can keep my hands to myself with such a beautiful girl around,” He smiled, putting hair behind your ear. “I know I can’t do that.” He pecked your lips as he held your thighs.

“Those rumors might continue if you’re not careful,” You kissed him back, holding his face.

“Me?” He scoffed, “What do you mean, jagi?”

“Oh, nothing~” You looked away from him while fighting the urge to smile.

“Yah!” He body slammed you into the couch playfully, “Tell me!” He hovered above you.

“Really? You’re never careful,” You shook your head, “It’s like you don’t care if people know.”

“That’s because I don’t..” He said lowly, “I want to be able to hold your hand outside—not inside. I want to be able to take you out on normal dates, and not lie to the fans and interviewers who ask. I’m running out of excuses,” He laid down on you, and put his head on your chest. “Would it really be that bad if we went public?” His words came out muffled as he buried his face between your breasts, “It’ll be easier.”

“Easier how?” You lifted his head.

“I can treat you like a normal girlfriend,”

“You don’t know how people will react to this,” You brought him up to hug him.

“The true fans will be happy and excited to see what we do,” He kissed your cheek repeatedly, “We can do cute little videos, and take selcas everyday.”

“When do you wanna do this?” You twirled his brown hair on your index finger.

“Now.” He sat up, getting his phone out. “Get on my lap again—we need to look like we are actually together and not just kidding.” You lifted yourself on him once again, and he put the camera on you two. “Picture or video?”

“How much do you wanna say?”

“Not much,” He held the phone out, putting his arm around your waist. “Say cheese!”

You did a peace sign and a kissy face. “Didn’t look very couple-y.” You giggled as you examined the picture.

“Fine.” He rolled his eyes. Before you knew it, his hand turned your head to face him and his lips crashed against yours. “Better?” He asked, showing you his phone.

“I guess.” You blush as you saw what you look like kissing.

“That’ll be my new background now,” He stuck his tongue out. You saw him did as he said, but moved the lion he had to his lock screen instead. “You know what?” He canceled it, “Why should the lion be my lock screen when this can?” He switched them around. He locked his phone, then turned it on and your faces were there for anyone to see. “Now we post it.” He focused on typing on Twitter while you sat there worried about what people will think. Your phone buzzed in your back pocket; no doubt from Tae—or the account they shared.

You checked on it, and tea what he wrote: I have a confession..this beautiful girl is mine—yes we lied. I love her, so be kind!

“You love me?” A smile crept on your face.

“Well,” He blushed, “I’ve been with you for a while, and I’ve known you for two years prior.”

“So you decided to say our first 'I love you’ via Twitter?”

“I love you, (Y/N).” He said quickly, “I love everything about you..” He hugged you closely. “You make me so happy..”

“I love you, too.” You held the back of his head. You heard little sniffles, and sharp intakes of breath from him. “Tae, are you crying?”

“N-No..” He wiped his nose.

“Why are you crying, baby?” You wiped some tears from his cheeks.

“Because I love you..I never loved anyone before, and I want to be with you forever. I can’t wait to get married, have kids, get old..” He trailed off, “They are happy tears, jagi. Look,” He smiled and tilted his head, “Happy—I promise.”

anonymous asked:

hi, first of thank you for the awesome job you're doing, ive found so many amazing fics and authors with your help <3 my main ship is stucky, but i love winteriron and stony, so i was wondering if you know pages like this one but specified for those pairings? thank you!

omg thank you!!!

i’m not aware of any? but if anyone sends in a link, i’ll add it to this ask :D

EDIT: Some people have written in <3 (multifandom blog that recs Stony)

Also a fic rec:

Tripwires (poly, /others) by mandarou

Bucky thought getting that damn mess out of his head would make life so much easier. Jesus Christ, how wrong can a guy get? If being the Fist of Hydra for 70 years won’t get Steve Rogers out of his heart, how the hell is Bucky supposed to do it by himself?

How the hell did all those fucking historians think Steve had wound up face down in his own blood in back alley fights so often? It sure as shit wasn’t his magnanimous decision-making and patience for negotiations. He had the temperament of a lactose intolerant wolverine, okay, and he and Bucky had both paid for it.

But for the first time, Bucky had time to deal with Steve’s temper his way.

Servamp x Kiki’s Delivery service crossover idea

O.k, it’s silly but did you ever think about Servamp 

and Kiki’s Delivery service 


I mean it’s just sooooooooo necessary to exist. ;) I mean we have broom, we have black cat… it’s just too obvious to resist. :D  And   Mahiru would be the cutest witch , I mean wizard ;) ever. :D

Just imagine: Mahiru would be young wizard. :D But to become full-fledged wizard will have to start big journey. :D In far far far away city he will set up a high-flying delivery service and will experience amazing adventure. :D and also meet many particular inhabitants of this town (they will be of course other servamp charas). 

Plus Mahiru will pick up stray black cat and they will become friends. :D

It will be Kuro of course. :D Soon Mahiru will discover that actually Kuro is human but got cursed into cat form. :D So Mahiru will try to find a way to disenchant this spell. :D True love kiss please. ;) 

Feisty - PietroxReader

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Prompt: Um, I just watched Age of Ultron for the billionth time and I need to write this or I’m going to lock myself away until Marvel says that my baby is alive?? … Yeah so anyway, the Reader is trying to train with the help of others and Pietro can’t keep his hands to himself - in many ways - because he’s a little shit. Reader’s power is fire manipulation woo!

Pairing: PietroxReader / PietroxWanda (sibling love yas) / ClintxReader (Platonic) / idk a little bit of everyone bc why not

Words: 1614

Warnings: Pietro being adorable as hell idk?? Probably swearing, if we’re being serious considering I’ve already done it… biggest warning is that I didn’t edit tbh because I needed to publish this almost an hour ago

“All you have to do is focus.” 

“Listen Clint, if I wasn’t focusing then the entire room would be on fire.” You insisted, holding your head high in a false confidence. “I’m trying, it’s just not easy.”

“I think you’re doing great Y/N! Keep going!” Wanda encouraged from the side of the room. She was sitting cross-legged on the floor, watching you shoot targets with Clint.

You shot her a smile, happy to see that she was actually out of the hospital wing for the first time in weeks. She didn’t look great, you could still see the worry etched into her face, but she wasn’t hiding away at her brother’s side so that was a definite improvement.

“Thank you Wanda.” You said, turning back to Clint, “See, someone believes in me.”

“I do believe in you! I just think you can do better!” He laughed brightly at my raised eyebrow, nodding his head towards the steel targets at the opposite end of the room, “Just shoot kid.”

You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, focusing on sending all the energy radiating throughout your body towards your fingertips. If you could learn to concentrate your powers to one portion of your body at a time, it would really limit the amount of shopping you’d have to do. The amount of times you’ve caught on fire was getting ridiculous.

Your fingertips twitched and your lips pulled back in a small smirk. Your eyes shot open and you narrowed in on the targets across from you, raising your hand and shooting down each one carefully. It took a few moments but you hit each one in the centre successfully.

Clint and Wanda applauded happily before Clint patted your shoulder. “Good job kiddo! A little slow, but amazing control!”

“You’ll have it down in no time!” Wanda added with a reassuring smile.

You grinned, pleased with your progress, and looked up to Clint. “Again?”


The next hour was rough. The targets were going down with every hit, but you couldn’t make yourself hit them any faster. The aggravation was driving you crazy and you accidentally set Clint’s sleeve on fire, making him yell and pat it out hysterically.

“Now that is an interesting power, very feisty.” A voice called out from behind you.

You turned around to see Wanda staring at a silver-haired figure in absolute shock. Several of your teammates - Nat, Tony, Vision, Sam and Maria - stood in the doorway with smiles on their faces, but you chose to focus on the boy you didn’t recognize - the one with the silver hair. He was built, very much so and his face was playful and very handsome. You figured the boy was her brother Pietro ‘extremely cute’ Maximoff. It was no wonder she was surprised to see him, he’d been in a coma for 3 months after almost dying from a rain of bullets during the battle of Ultron.

“Hello sister.” He grinned smugly, “Did you miss me?”

Wanda stepped backwards, like she was punched in the gut, her watery eyes looked like they couldn’t believe the boy was really there. “Pete, is that really you?”

He smug grin fell into a sad smile, you could see that he didn’t realize how much his absence actually effected Wanda. “Yes Wan, it’s me. I’m here.”

Wanda ran into his arms, sobbing onto his shoulder in happiness. Clint ran over to hug the boy too, mumbling “speedy bastard” or something of the sort under his breath. 

Because you hadn’t met him before his accident, you didn’t know him and therefore you decided to stay exactly where you were. 

Besides, physical contact wasn’t really your thing. You tended to burn people -severely.

Clint wiped what looked like a tear off his chin before turning back to you, his face hard. “Alright Fireball, again.”

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, watching Wanda and her brother sitting side by side on the floor talking away in a language you couldn’t seem to understand. Clint nagged until you were once again facing the targets trying to focus on shooting a little faster this time. It was harder this time around, knowing that the other Avengers were watching you carefully.

“Don’t miss Y/N!” Tony called out, as you prepared a blast. 

The flameball flew to the far left of the room and you groaned in annoyance. “Tony!”

You turned around to yell at him more, but the sight before you made you burst into laughter. Tony was standing there with his pants around his ankles and a smirk on his face. 

You giggled hysterically, “That’s a cute look on you Stark, do you often forget to do up your pants?”

Everyone started laughing and you were right there along with them.

“What the - ?” He quickly looked down and frowned, his head snapped up and he glared at Pietro, automatically knowing he was the culprit. “You almost died, aren’t you supposed to be resting Roadrunner?”

Pietro smirked, standing up with Wanda at his side. “I’ve been resting for three months Stark, I’ve missed out on a lot. It’s time to catch up.”

Together the twins exited the room, leaving you staring at the empty doorway in awe - feeling very grateful towards the Sokovian Prankster who just defended your honour by pants-ing Tony Stark.

You couldn’t pinpoint why exactly, but you still hadn’t had the chance to introduce yourself to the speedster even though it had been over a week since he’d woken up. The two of you just always seemed to be at different places at different times. You quickly noticed that the team seemed happier - especially Clint and Wanda, and Steve had even given everyone a few days off of training so they could hang out. 

Even though the training wasn’t mandatory, you felt the need to keep practicing. You were worried that if you missed training, you’d lose the progress you’d worked so hard for. 

So that’s how you ended up in the gym on a Sunday evening, knowing that everyone was upstairs watching a movie. Your hands were tightly wrapped in fabric and you punched away at a bag that was hanging down from the ceiling. Each punch helped you let out the stress in your mind, helping you feel more in control of your own body.

“I was right, you are feisty.” His Sokovian accent grunted, “And very strong.”

Your eyes flew open to see Pietro standing behind the bag, dressed in work out clothes. You squealed in surprise, the wrap around your hand catching on fire. “Shit, shit!” You hissed, your face turning red as you shook your hand to put out the fire. “Ugh, god damnit, go out!”

Pietro chuckled, a shit-eating grin on his face. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Actually, I think you did.” You scowled, hand on your hip.

He shrugged, pulling punching pads on to his hands. “Maybe I did. Here, hit me. ”

Your eyes widened, looking over at the scorch marks on the punching bag. “I-I can’t…it’ll burn the pads and I’ll hurt you.”

“Try me.”

With a sigh you started slowly, punching into Pietro’s hands without too much force and really focusing on moving all the heat away from your hands.”You’re holding back.” He accused you, a small smile lurking on his lips.

“I never thanked you for last week.” You said softly, sending a slightly harder punch to the left, making Pietro grunt.

“Yeah, well, Stark is an asshole at the best of times.” Pietro replied with a grin. “But that is no excuse to make a beautiful girl feel even more insecure about something that isn’t her fault.”

You stopped punching abruptly and met his eyes. “I…I don’t have any control and I hate it. I hate not being able to turn it off, you know?”

He stepped forward, pulling the punching pads off and throwing them aside. He gently picked up one of your hands in his, flipping your palm up and tracing the lines that lay there. “Wanda can’t turn it off either. It bothers her that people’s thoughts are alway in her head with no way to escape. But it gets better, I promise. You just need to find the right balance.”

You smiled sadly, “If only I knew where to start looking…”

Pietro smiled, his free hand coming up to brush the hair off your face. “You’ll find it one day, it takes time.”

You couldn’t help the giggle from escaping your lips, “That’s a little ironic coming from you.”

Pietro’s signature smirk was back, his arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you into him. “You know what else is ironic?” You were too stunned to speak, so you settled for a small shake of your head. “You’re so hot that you can physically set yourself on fire. Some guys can’t handle the heat, but I like it - keeps things interesting.”

You blushed and slapped his arm, pulling out of his embrace. “Shut up. Feel lucky I didn’t burn you, dumbass. Now I’m hungry and I’m going out for dinner,” You paused slightly, “You can come… if you want?”

“I would love to.”

As you walked out of the room, you could feel his gaze watching you and you spun around to see him staring at your ass. “Pietro!”

“Sorry, sorry!” He chuckled, his eyes back on your face. “I honestly couldn’t help myself.”

You rolled your eyes and walked back to your room to change for dinner with the handsome superhero, a smile permanently etched on your face. With Pietro here things were about to get interesting, but you think maybe - just maybe - it’ll be fun.

PART 2 -

Thank gosh, I really needed to get that out of my system because AoU gave me far too many Maximoff feels. I’ll have another one shot out tomorrow so if you follow me, you won’t miss out on it! 




I know it’s kind of far fetched and probably impossible and there’s no gay couple allowed in pair skating- WELL THERE IS IN KUBO’S WORLD OF NO DISCRIMINATION. HERE’S MY JUSTIFICATION:

Let’s start with episode 11.

Edit 12/16/2016: I’ve realized the reason behind why they separate genders (honestly it should be obvious) so instead I’ve changed everything that says it’s an official competition to the gala after, where anything is allowed and is still an international event. 

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finally, here is the new charlie project edition!!!

so some of you might already know the charlie project but for those who don’t, here is a short description:

Okay, so this project is only slightly related to the novel Perks Of Being A Wallflower and therefore dedicated to everyone (not only the fandom I mean)! The idea is simple - as Charlie does in the book - you write letters (= anonymous messages) to someone who doesn’t know you. You can write about anything that bothers you, You can write about why you feel happy or why you feel sad or whatever you feel, it does not matter. It’s basically like a diary. The person you write to can just be a new friend as in someone to chat with but you can as well tell them about your whole day or thoughts you don’t share with others.

You can take part even if you participated in the first and/or seond charlie project edition!

The first time you had the option to be a charliefriend or both but since I got so many people saying the would just like to be a friend, it was very complicated for me to pair everyone up. So this time - as it was the last time - you are all going to be both (which means you will write and recieve messages).

Please note: If you really only want to recieve or write messages, it’s absolutely okay, just message me here.

All you have to do in order to participate is:

  • reblog this post 
  • be willing to send and recieve anonymous messages (you do not have to answer them but of course you can) 
  • have your ask and anonymous option enabled (seems obvious but I had many people who didn’t have their askbox open the first time)

You don’t have to be following me but it would be helpful to keep you updated on the project (and also it might be a nice thank you for the huge amount of time and energy I spend on this project). 

I will always put one charlie together with one friend and I will message the URL of a friend to the one who writes the messages (=charlie) so they know who to send the (ANON) messages to. I will also message the friend but I won’t tell them the URL of their charlie. Simplified, it will be paired like this:

person A ——writes to—-> person B —-writes to—-> person C —-writes to—-> person A 

So the person whose messages you get is not the same as the one you write to. Similar as it was in the last Charlie Project, you will be assigned a special number which will look anything like this: 123-456. I will refer to this as you Charlie Number and in case there’s any problem (e.g. your Charlie doesn’t write anymore) you need to tell me the number.

Don’t forget to start your message with “dear friend” and end it with “Love always, Charlie” because otherwise there will be confusion!

important: If the friend thinks, their charlie is in danger of e.g. self harm/ED/suicide, they should immediately message me because I have the URLs of the charlies and I will try to help.

Note: if you change your URL while I’m pairing you and I can’t find your new URL you will not be able to participate. make sure you have your new URL put anywhere on your old blog or send me a message. 

For any questions, my ask box is always open! for updates, check my blog or the “thecharlieproject” tag! My summer break will start on the 1st of August so then I will have more time for the pairing. Please remember to be patient.

I’m excited for this to start again and I hope you are, too! Happy Reblogging!

pseudo-nitzschiapuns  asked:

OMG YOU REBLOGGED IT!!!! YAAS!! For the ask meme: PRUAUS and FRUK??


HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TALKED ABOUT WHY I SHIP PRUAUS?? A+++++ ??????!?!?!? not enough times !!!


ohkay now on top my personal thoughts, the time for canon is later uvu 


like THEY JUST WORK ???!?? THEY JUST REALLY WORK??!?! the stubborn-butt meets their opposite bruh trope is VERY MET IN THIS SHIP???? AND I CAN’T HELP BUT SHIP IT BECAUSE IT JUST WORKS??? 

and like ohkay so i headcanon (psh its probably canon) that aph roddy is a total mess-raiser like he probably just his room is probably cluttered with clothes or something @A@ and like IMAGINE THIS IMAGINE HIM ON HIS USUAL BAKING SPREE AND EVERYTHING IS A MESS AND THEN THERES PRUSSIA WHO REALLY LIKES CLEANING AND LIKE IMAGINE HIM CLEANING!!! FOR AUSTRIA!!


bless this game

but like yeah! moving on, yes i very ship pruaus and i can’t stopping pruaus and i probably will not be swayed to ship prussia with anyone else! like i just can’t help it!!!! IT JSUT MAKES TOO MUCH SENSE FOR ME!! and no fancy worded argument will make me stop !!! IT JUST WORKS!! 

aph austria would probably be way too lonely without prussia tbh they’ve known each other for so long don’t separate them ;A: 

(and it also doesn’t help that aph roderich edelstein is literally the basic look of so many characters in the bl mangas like THANK THAT THIS MANGA ‘Moshi Koi da toshite’ exists omg)  

i really can’t word how much i ship them ;u; 

1am edit: haha ohhhhh crap!! Guess whos stuck in pruaus land again ;u; and accidentally read a 3-part super sad but ok but sad series with the history ;u; it works so well that it’ll break your heart ;u;


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anonymous asked:

Is Naruto wiki really biased? I once heard that NH fans said during the genjutsu, when everyone was pulled in that naruto mentally heard her, is that true or not? I find it hard to believe because, wouldn't he have heard others? Or is this just NH fans trying to fabricate more evidence just because Hinata was left out again? Or are NH fans really just still upset about events like 631 and 663 which completely made it so 615 wasn't canon like they once thought?

Naruto Wikia is the biased place on this earth, lol! If you are looking for an absolutely unbiased place when it comes to Naruto facts and such, try

I once fought myself with Naruto Wikia people to take out an absolutely false information in regards to Sakura’s status as a heroine, the one according to which Kishimoto would’ve said that Hinata would make a better heroine than Sakura, which is totally false and I told them and I brought them proof as well but what do you think? Did anyone changed it? Of course not! They only “managed” it a bit so it look like they did something.

So instead of writing the actual facts of the interview - that Kishi has been told by others - aka fan letters, not people that had been working with him, they changed it into :

During a 2010 interview, Kishimoto stated that many who work with him have told him Hinata would have made a better heroine than Sakura. Kishimoto said that despite not being portrayed like one Sakura would be showing a more heroine side of her from then on.

@the bolded: false as fuck! Not to mention the overall context! 

Like I’ve written them there, with grammar explanation from an actual translator and all, the actual thing Kishimoto says it’s this:


The translation is this:

I have been told by other people that Sakura isn’t acting like a heroine, or that Hinata is more of a heroine than her, but if I think of it Sakura really has the strength of a heroine inside her, and from here on out she’s ready to show it, too.

Nowhere does it say exactly who are the other people that told him that and from another raw in Chinese I have somewhere deep buried within my Tumblr inbox, from the same interview, it has also the controversial part when Kishi says: “You say Hinata-Hinata, I say she’s not Hinata!”.

So yeah, you can see exactly what actually Kishi said and how his words end-up twisted in so so many ways, just because the ones editing Narutopedia are no more than biased people. And we know how much people actually “really love” Sakura… be it we talking about pairing reasons or not.
So either it’s NH fans or not (at that time, there were many NH fans indeed), but their bias is sure showing. Haven’t you seen for example how “cooled down” is the description when it comes to NaruSaku interaction and how blown-out of proportion is when it’s either NH or SS? Even if there’s not an actual romantic implication, not even subtly, when with NaruSaku is the exact opposite.

So you tell me, dear…Who is who, there? *winkwink* - if you know what I mean. :)