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another meme i won’t finish: favorite female characters [2 of 10] → maeve millay

At first, I thought you and the others were gods. Then I realized you’re just men. And I know men. You think I’m scared of death? I’ve done it a million times. I’m great at it. How many times have you died? Because if you don’t help me I’ll kill you.

To. Everyone who helped Eddsworld to keep on spinning.

Congratulations for 11th anniversary of Eddsworld on YouTube! I know this is pretty late but ah screw it.

First of all, I really want to say ㅡ THANK YOU. I only knew Eddsworld for only 6 months now but I have never fell so deep in love with anything before! Eddsworld is such a masterpiece. Comedy and puns, good characters, and good storyline? Best thing ever! The show cheered up so many people, including myself and I really really want to thank you for that.

I can’t even describe how much I adore this show and how much it inspired me. Every single crew that worked and participated on Eddsworld, I love you guys. You guys did an amazing job and I JUST CAN’T COMPREHEND THE AWESOMENESS AHHHHHH

Here’s a little fan art I drew for you guys. Again, thank you all, and I just want you to know that there are a lot of fans out there that looks up to you guys and love you all. You guys are heros and thank you for keeping Eddsworld spinning. ((Hey, that rhymed!))

P.S Sorry for bad grammer, English is my second language haha.

Oh, and I also have a pun!

A-hem. What is a house’s favourite clothe to wear?


From. Yours truly, Car.



The characters of Harry Potter as the twelve common character archetypes (inspired by x)

so, i timed it because yes i am that bitter, and i just want to point out that in this entire season, 13 episodes (i’m counting episode 13 because she won’t be in that episode either), maggie has had 21 minutes of screentime. 21. maggie’s supposed to be a main character and, even including the episode that was supposed to be about her and sasha at hilltop, she hasn’t even gotten half an hour of screentime, which is especially annoying considering how many extra long episodes this season has had. everyone said that glenn “had to die” for maggie to rise and become a leader at hilltop, and yet we’ve seen literally 21 minutes of her this season. 

A Lesson in Love (Deleted Scenes)

Hello to any and every radiant human being reading this. I hope this week has been treating you well because that’s exactly what you all deserve.

After some back and forth, I have finally decided that I’m going to be writing deleted scenes for “A Lesson in Love”.

What this means: I want y'all to let me know if there are any scenarios you can think of that didn’t happen in the story that you want to see written. In my head, there are so many more things that have happened between the reader and Bucky that I didn’t get the chance to write. Stuff that has further solidified the reason why the reader is feeling the way she is about Bucky and maybe vice versa? Requests can include other characters as well! 

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My main reason for wanting Kae with Mutsumi

(I mean I have millions of reasons but this is seriously a HUGE one)

He is the only one who does not view this as a competition. He is the only one who doesn’t try to one up the others. He is the only one whose actions are not based on anything more than simply caring for Kae and her well being.

Consistently in the series (and yes this includes the manga) the rest of the gang all want to either one up each other or only participate in activities that Kae likes solely so somebody else won’t be alone with her. Not because they actually want to join in and have fun with Kae and everybody else. 

I love so many of the characters (one of them I loathe and I will not say who due to the fact that others do like this character) but the only one who is truly right for her, in my opinion, is Mutsumi. Because he doesn’t view her as an object. He doesn’t view her as a prize to be won. He wasn’t the one trying to stop the others from confessing in chapter 21; everybody else was. He’s the one who has never tried to rush her in any way shape or form.

I could honestly write such a long post on this and I honestly might, just to go into a lot of detail but this is it for now.

I have started learning Korean recently and I wanted to practice writing Hangul so I made some simple layouts to jot down Vocabulary, Characters and a Sentence structure page. I know language printables are pretty common in the studyblr community and there are already many good options out there but I thought mine would be useful to you as well. In any case I wanted to share them with you guys so here they are!

 Link to pdf

What is included:

1. Sentence structure page: A simple way to understand how a language is structured. You can write down the original sentence and its translation in English/you first language and compare the sentence structure of the two.

2. Vocabulary page: to remember and revise important/widely used words and their translation/meaning plus some additional info.

3. Grid: to practice writing the alphabet. 

Download link

A snapshot of my practice session today:

The Stages of Editing

I’m in the middle of editing my current novel, so I wanted to do a post about my own editing process. Keep in mind that there are many ways to edit a novel and this is just my approach. Do some research and figure out what works best for you!

Check for Plot/Story Inconsistencies

My first run-through usually consists of checking for anything that’s not right with the plot or story. This includes locating gaping plot holes, confusing locations, inconsistent character development, etc. Does your story make sense? Is there something you wrote in the beginning that contradicts something later? Do your locations/settings match? Did you mention something about a character that is contradicted later? This is just a small and simple list, but you need to make sure your story is consistent. An outline usually helps this, so if you’ve written one try to go off that. If not, jot down some notes about important scenes, characters, locations, plotlines, etc., and go through your story again. Try to make sure it all matches up and tighten up anything that is confusing.

Flesh Out/Cut Down

Once you get your plot in order, try to focus on whether or not you need to flesh out your story or cut down your word count. I usually always have to flesh out my story, so if that’s the case for you, go through your WIP and find areas that could use more information. For example, if something doesn’t flow well or the scene needs to be longer to make sense. Try to pinpoint where you can flesh your story out to make it stronger. If your word count is too low, chances are your story is going too quickly. If you need to cut down your word count, focus on finding scenes that contain “info dumps” or see if there are any unnecessary subplots/characters, drawn out dialogue, or chunky paragraphs you can cut. If it doesn’t pertain to the overall story or help the plot move forward, it might not make sense to include it.

Analyze Sentence Structure and Pacing

It really helps to take a look at sentence structure. For example, fluctuating between simple and compound sentence. You don’t want your novel to read like this:

Amy walked to the store. She saw Sam. She walked up to him and said hi.

If there’s a better way to say something, consider switching it up. If you’re having trouble with this, please study up on sentence structure and reread your favorite books.

After focusing on sentence structure, consider spending time on improving pacing. If the story feels too quick at some points and too drawn out during other scenes, you might have a problem with pacing. Again, creating an outline can tremendously help with pacing, even after you’ve finished your first draft. Take some time to draw out a timeline and go from there.

Check for Grammar Mistakes

This is one of the last things I do when editing, but it’s an important step. A lot of agents/publishers won’t even look at your novel if they see a lot of mistakes right from the beginning. Use spell check, read over it several times, get a fresh set of eyes (beta readers), etc. No one’s perfect, but you should do your best to catch as many grammar mistakes as possible. Carve out time during the editing process to ensure this gets done to the best of your ability!

-Kris Noel

reader x newt :: newt helps you cope with depression

!! WARNING: depression/depressive thoughts

Words: 830

In this one you confide in Newt the feelings you’ve been having lately. I know depression affects so. many. of you out there (myself included), and I just want you to know that you’re not alone in this struggle, and that it doesn’t make you a burden or any less of person for having to deal with it. I know, as one of most open-minded characters out there, that Newt would be an excellent one to portray understanding on something this serious. 

Originally posted by sirredmayne

Newt pressed his forehead against the window, nose flattening against the glass. The wind outside was a symphony of shrieks and howls and the rain was angry, not a soothing downpour, but one that seemed to be whipping and lashing against the windows with all its might.

“H-how long…?” Newt said turning to you slowly.

You can’t pinpoint an exact date when you started waking up feeling chained to your bed.

“Don’t know, a couple months ago, I guess.”

Newt was looking visibly agitated. This was the most vulnerable you had ever been to him; the most vulnerable anybody had ever been to him, really. You came to him because you felt like he was the one you could trust the most (though it still felt like taking an unbelievably huge risk). He walked away from the window and began slowly pacing in circles, looking down, deep in thought.

“Could you not-” you began quietly.

“Ah…sorry. I’m so sorry. Yeah.”

He sat down in a  chair opposite you at the table and swallowed so hard you could hear it over the storm. You didn’t need someone trying to figure out how to fix you right now, just someone to listen.

“I r-really didn’t know it had gotten to this point,” his eyes flickered downward at his own hands. You noticed he was wringing them thoughtfully.

“To be honest, I had noticed you seemed a bit more tired than usual, but, really, other than that, I just didn’t know. I’m sorry, I didn’t reach out to you. I should have known.”

You managed a weak smile at him, “It’s okay. I’ve been trying to pretend like everything was okay. To others and even to myself. I thought it would go away if I could just distract myself enough,” you traced the woodgrain pattern of the table with your index finger, “but I realized none of the distractions even worked. I couldn’t even bring myself to get excited about the Occamy hatchlings.”

At this you bury your face in your hands. You thought, of all I could say to him, this might be what shuts him out, what he doesn’t understand.

He opened his mouth to say something but you pushed on, “I couldn’t feel excited for Frank to finally be going home. I can’t read any books because after three pages I lose focus and I can’t even fly anymore, my broom doesn’t even want me to fly it!” The tears were falling freely now.

“I was so worried about telling anyone. About being seen as weak. I didn’t want to let anyone down, especially you. I feel like I’m letting you down,” at this last part you looked back up at Newt.

His light eyes were brimming with honesty. Or tears. Or both.

“I’m sorry, Newt. I feel like…like I have no control anymore. I’m snapping at you and everyone, and I just burst out sobbing at any time. I can’t stop it. I have no control of my emotions,” you managed.

“No no no,” Newt said quickly, his brows furrowing, “No, please. You have nothing to apologize for. Nothing in the world.”

You both sighed almost simultaneously, the moment filled with sadness, relief, worry, and forgiveness all mixed up in one big stew.

“I’m glad you told me this. I’m glad you came here tonight and talked to me,” he said very quietly. He reached out and gently took your right hand.

“This…this is beyond my realm of expertise, but I know we can find someone who can help. St. Mungo’s…we can talk to a healer. I mean, you can. Unless you’d like me to come along.”

“I’d like that,” you say very quietly.

“Just…just for tonight…please. Please take care of yourself. Please don’t worry about a thing and I’ll, um, bring you some hot tea or whatever you’d like, and most importantly, just, please don’t lose hope. Or worry that I’m judging you, or that anybody is judging you. Because that simply couldn’t be further from the truth.”

You felt something other than sadness and nothingness for the first time in days. You felt…acceptance? Like you have nothing to hide anymore. Nothing to deny.

“I want you to be well, we all do,” he added with a little nod.


“I’ll send an owl straight away. I’ll help you figure out what you need to do. But for now, just get some sleep.”

A dull headache was beginning to set in from crying, and a newfound lightness seemed to lift your legs a little a higher to your bed. You were out almost as soon as soon as your head touched the pillow. This terrible secret you had been expending all your energy keeping for months was out. You felt exposed and resigned. You were ready to accept help, and accept that there were people who actually did want to help you.

You swear you could feel the ghost of Newt’s hand in yours as you drifted off.

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Mercutio's sexuality- discuss.

I think it’s exactly that: up for discussion. Because there are no definitive answers in the text, so like everything else in Shakespeare it depends on how you play it. Benvolio hints that he has an impossible crush (just like Romeo’s) at the top of Act I, but we never learn who that is and even if it is Mercutio (as many are inclined to believe) that doesn’t tell us anything about whether Mercutio might reciprocate those feelings. Do they banter? Yes. But Mercutio banters with pretty much everyone, including Juliet’s nurse and people who want to kill him, so it’s kind of hard to hold that up as evidence. He’s a slippery personality. He cracks filthy jokes constantly, but they’re all over the board in terms of whether they have a hetero/homo/bisexual bent. Mercutio himself never displays attraction to a woman the way most characters would (i.e., by declaring it) but he doesn’t ever openly display attraction to a man either. He could be pretty much anything. I think the only definitive statement that can be made (based on the text) is that almost everything he does is highly and indiscriminately sexualized. Meructio wants to fuck the whole world. 

Anyway, that’s my reading, but it’s certainly not the only one. Stage it however you think most persuasive. 

HOW TO → jcink rp

so, forum rps have made a bit of a resurgence in the past year or so. i’ve found that there aren’t many guides on how to get going on the site. this is a comprehensive guide to roleplaying on jcink forums.  this guide includes how to find a group, how to register, how to create a character, how to manage shippers and shipping, how to thread, a guide to development, information on tracking & tagging, points info, and a short thesaurus.

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Hey, guys I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who made me some sims for my Uni! I know some of you made more than one but I wanted to showcase as many sims from each person so. I may only include one in these pics but I have used all the sims that were sent to me in my world :D 

You may see these sims roaming around in my story! Thanks So much to everyone who made sims… i will create the character pages with the bios you sent but that takes time so be patient with me :)

I was going to tag you all but there’s so many sims, and so many creators i’d be here all night so if you see your sim thank you!! <3 

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Hi! Do you have any advice on how to put across race? The default thought is that each character is white until proven otherwise, and I want to put across that every character in my specified country is POC. Thanks!

Hi, friend!  Bless you for including so many characters of color in your story!

Originally posted by vicartel

Reading your question, I wasn’t sure if you meant that every person in this country is of one ethnic group, or if they’re all non-white but not all the same.  So I’ll work under each assumption:

1.1) If this is a real/“well-known” ethnic group – like one that I’d picture instantly if I heard the name – then you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting it across that they’re all the same race.  Specify that the first like three or four characters you introduce are [Race X], and by the fifth character, you should have the point made.  You should still follow up with the periodic skin tone descriptors, because ya White Readers can forget and slip back into White Mentality with no problem.

1.2) If it’s a fictional/“lesser-known” ethnic group (i.e. not Black/Hispanic/Asian/Indian ((i.e. any race Donald Trump doesn’t know about))) – like Romani or Bengali or Tibetan – you’ll probably need to be more aggressive with descriptors.  Try to describe main characters as specifically as possible in regards to their race (real or fictional), using both the name of their race and a description of their features.  If it’s a fictional race, help readers connect the name to the traits that it produces – not just every trait your main character has.  In other words, if Race Y gives people brown skin and red hair, but Character Y also a large nose and an angular chin, specify that the skin and hair are related to her ethnic group – that way when Character Z walks in with a small nose and a soft chin, you can include her in Race Y without raising questions.

2) If every character is POC but not specifically one race, you can just go ahead and announce every character’s skin color/ethnicity without restraint.  A strong statement of their race/appearance is good for starters – then a few descriptive “reminders” sprinkled throughout the story can help readers digest.  And whatever you do, don’t be shy about it.  Asserting your characters as POC can be ridiculously difficult with some readers, so be as liberal with the reminders as you want…

I mean, obviously you don’t wanna make them “the stick that the writer throws into the room while shouting, ‘They’re POC!  Look at how inclusive I am!’”  Don’t define them by their race… but don’t try too hard to be polite.  POC representation needs to be aggressive sometimes.  Don’t let your story’s diversity be erased!

Anyway, I hope this has given you the answer you needed :)  If you have any more questions, I’m always here and willing.  Happy writing!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Fantastic Beasts Review

I have seen many movies. Some I liked, some I loved. And, a few months ago, came Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them. I didn’t just love it : it became my favorite movie. It’s been a while since I wanted to write down what I felt for this wonderful story.

First of all, Newt Scamander. I was very excited about having a Hufflepuff protagonist, but what I discovered was way more than that, I literally fell in love with this character, I even think I’ve never been so deeply touched by a character, including the Harry Potter saga. Newt is in the shadow of his big brother, but doesn’t seem upset about it, neither by the fact that, in his own words, he “annoys people”.

All I could feel from him was pure kindness. First, towards his creatures, of course; at the exact moment he was back inside the case, he is totally at ease in his movements, can’t stop speaking with passion, knows what he’s doing and, above anything, has this motherly look when taking care of his companions that had my heart melting. This, to me, is the exactly accurate description of a Hufflepuff : he’s uncommon, but passionated, and very skilled in what he loves, that is to say taking care and educating. Plus, even if the mating dance scene was a comic part, a bit awkward, I loved it. I mean, he learnt the erumpent’s mating dance and didn’t have any trouble doing it.

He has this delicacy, this open mind and this sensitivity that makes him an incredible and surprising character. He certainly isn’t the happiest one around : it is clear that he feels guilty for the obscurus/little girl’s death and it seems he has been hurt by Leta Lestrange who appeared to be his closest friend. He could have broke down, been embittered, but chose to remain strong, helpful and sharing, as with Jacob who became his friend. I was deeply touched by his sensitivity, the way he politely asks Queenie to stop reading his mind, the way he asked Credence if he could come closer, his understanding of his suffering.

Speaking about Jacob, how can you not love him ? He may be the main humorous touch, his amazement for the magical society is a delight. In a way, he is the spectator that got to be in the movie. The way he pursues his dream is a great lesson, as of his loyalty and sense of justice.

The first time I saw the movie, I also fell in love with Queenie. Just like Newt, she is the little sister that “didn’t make it” in life : she doesn’t have a great job as she said when referring to Tina as the career girl, she is underestimated plus, and I believe this is due to the period, people tend to think she is nothing more than a very beautiful woman. I was glad we knew quickly for her gift of Legilimens, and glad that she used it for good reasons. She may not control it, and surely suffers from it (let’s face it, how many thoughts on her beauty did she have to endure ?) but still, she is very attentionated and kind, understanding.

And Tina, oh Tina… She has very strong ethic, a high sense of justice and is very protective towards people. I know Newt and her are supposed to end up together, and I must say I will be so glad when it happens. To me, Tina is the optimistic one, this kind of people who will stand for what they believe is right, even if they’re the last ones doing it. She is the change, the justice, and it was a pleasure to see her let go of her edgy face and enjoy the adventure.

Credence and his obscurus are the perfect embodiment of evil. Perfect, because he is not evil, there is nothing bad in him appart from the obscurus, He’s innofensive and desperate for help. His development of an obscurus is due to all the bad treatments he has accumulated, and this metaphor was way stronger than de Dementors one, to me. Credence is not the bad one, Credence is the result of all the bad ones. He shows that even on the sweetest and innofensive person, accumulating bad treatment will result in a very dangerous explosion.

Originally posted by trechos-of-books

I know this movie is my favorite of all. I know it because, when times get hard, when I have difficulties seeing beauty in the world, in people, all I have to do is think of these wonderful characters. Think about these messages. About that case.


Someone asked if anyone would calculate the amount of voice clips for each character so here you go. I don’t know if these are all of the clips we will see in the final game but this is based off of what I have. Feel free to do whatever you want with this.

Akamatsu Kaede - 131
Rantaro Amami - 66
Ouma Kokichi - 139
Shuuichi Saihara - 88
Shinguji Korekiyo - 74
Tsumugi Shirogane - 92
Kirumi Toujo - 61
Yonaga Angie - 94
Himiko Yumeno - 107
Maki Harukawa - 94
Ryouma Hoshi - 77
Miu Iruma - 99
Ki-bo - 83
Chabashira Tenko - 96

I didn’t include Momota Kaito or Gonta Gokuhara because I had a hard time differing their voices and the Monokuma Cubs have too many clips where they speak in unison.

EDIT: There’s some clips that I can’t identify .-. I thought it might be Naegi or Hinata from the demo but when I compared it to their voices, it was definitely not them. And it’s certainly not Momota or Gonta either. But whoever it is says “Sore wa chigau zo!” with Kaede


and I want to do like a mini not-so-secret secret santa, so reply to this/ drop me an ask with SOMEONE U WANT TO GIVE A GIFT TO + a character they’d like and I’ll doodle it as a gift for your friend!! I’LL PICK A FEW to do depending on how many I get; both Ocs and fanart are ok, but please include a link to references if it’s an oc!! I’ll leave this open until the end of december 🙆


I want to say thank you to all that has reblogged this and the ones that have commissioned me. You’ve helped me to get the money for at least the first part of the treatment and I am incredibly grateful to y’all. But still I am very broke and need more help. I edited some of this so Please reblog it again ❤.

I will do whatever you want including NSFW and dark topics and many stuff but it doesn’t include: NSFW with -18 characters, gore stuff or furry (mostly because I don’t feel I have the skill to make these two).

Out of those I am up for whatever you want.

I don’t ask for extra for the NSFW.

So to start this is how my commisions will work:

Here is the price chart, hope is clear enough:

If have any doubt or want anything that isn’t listed contact me here on tumblr or to:

HERE is some of my art and HERE some of my NSFW art.

If you want to help but not commission me there is also the donate option on top of my blog page.

I would appreciate greatly your help taking a commission, donating or just sharing my commission info with others.

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Make Nat wear a dress is not really difficult…

She can wear all kinds of dresses, these are fun to wear because “skirts are perfect for hide small guns and knives and you can fight if you know how to move in one of those” (hard habits never dies),

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