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Dan1-L waited patiently until he reach the age of majority so he could have his driving licence and pilot heavy mechs, just like he have always dreamt of. The sense of empowerment on being a Mech-737 commander was pure thrill, efficiency at its fullest, immense freedom, so many buttons to push. Too bad that’s an excuse to never walk on his feet again, and be the lazy bot he was born to be. Lost to the hands of countless gadgets, Dan1-L ended up losing mobility from his waist down, because he still uses his arms to reach for Doritos while driving. 

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uncropped version for BUTTON SET #3!!!! Just need to add background then done! Been working on these for almost 2 weeks so I’m exhausted.

I also decided to make stickers out of these. But since my budget is low, I won’t be selling stickers till the next next con.

Undertale © Toby Fox

Serif and Asterisk/Gaster from Paraversetale belongs to @spacejacket and @bluerose099

Underswap belong to @popcornpr1ce

Underfell belongs to ???

SwapFell belongs to ???

OuterTale belongs to @2mi127

Gaster Sans and Gaster Papyrus from PatchTale belongs to @borurou

MonoFell belongs to @pc-doodle

Sora and Percy from AshTale belongs to @ashleyfluttershy

UnderDarkness belongs to @zheyzhey04

GreyFell belongs to @ilonablack

Xander belongs to Senyin (Just letting everyone know, Xander is NOT GreyFell’s Papyrus their AU. They’re just pair together.)

Scale from ScaleTale belongs to @endlesshunter

PaperJam belongs to @7goodangel

DustTale belongs to @teyla95

UnderDeepSea belong to @theralia-underdeepsea

DimensionTale belongs to @catgir-doodles

DemiTale belongs to @crossoverdude

Cross from XTale/Underverse belongs to @jakei95

DreamTale belongs to @jokublog


Just some of the 29 space themed Ace buttons I made~! SO MANY ACES IN SPACE! I do plan to make more LGBT buttons and stickers over time in the future, but I don’t wanna rush it since I like to actually have nice ideas for them~

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dear theodosia makes me cry @linmanuel

+ click full view to see phillip’s freckles!

I’m gonna do this guys, I’m really gonna do this. *finger guns*

Pushing his buttons 2 || D.H

A/N: So many of my lovely readers wanted a second part and since I have totally fallen for university!dan I was 100% up for that. A lot of dialogue again btw.

Word Count: 1.3K

POV: Reader


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“I just have to stop myself, okay?!” Dan shouted.

“Stop yourself from what!?”

“Stop myself from fucking pushing you against the next wall and kissing the living shit out of you!”

I felt the heat rush to my cheeks.

“I-What?!” I stuttered looking up at Dan unbelievingly. Did I really hear that correctly? His words filled my entire body with excitement as quickly as the most effective drug in the world

He pressed his eyes shut for a few seconds in order to collect himself.

“Look just forget about what I said.” Dan told me, the tip of his ears was red from embarrassment.

He sheepishly ran his hand through his messy hair and took a step back from me.

I felt my heart sink. What did he mean? How was I meant to forget about the jump my heart did as reaction to what he had admitted earlier.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Dan insisted, swallowing hard.

“You better go now.” He added, staring at the floor to avoid eye contact.

I raised my eyebrows and shot him a confused look.

“I bet Brandon is waiting for you at the party.” Dan muttered with a hint of angriness back in his voice.

I was irritated.

“Can we please forget about Brandon?!” I snapped, tired of talking about him. It felt like we were completely ignoring the elephant in the room.

“I thought you wanted to sleep with him tonight?” Dan questioned with a little smirk now that he had won our little argument.

“I just wanted to tease you. You freaking deserved it, Howell! And I still meant the rest that I said.” I exclaimed annoyed.

Dan looked relieved to find out that I had no intention to actually have sex with Brandon, but his face fell as I opened my mouth again.

“Can we talk about the ‘I want to kiss you’ thing now?” I asked, getting impatient.

“How often do I have to tell you to forget about it?” Dan hissed. He was being defensive.

“What if I can’t and don’t want to forget about it?” I challenged him, raising my voice.    

“I shouldn’t have said that, Y/N.” He stressed as he tried to remain calm.

“Why did you say then!?” I couldn’t deny that he got my frustrated and confused. I didn’t like the feeling I felt in my stomach region at all.

“I-Look, I-“ Dan stammered, not being able to find the right words.

“Did you mean it?” I croaked. This was all or nothing.

“That doesn’t matter, Y/N.” Dan avoided my question while scratching the back of his head. His eyes were filled with sadness as he was trying to look at everything but me.

“Stop being so complicated! Why wouldn’t it matter, Dan?!” I couldn’t stop myself from screaming. Why did he have to make things more difficult than they already were.

“Because whether or not I meant what I said it shouldn’t change things!” Dan explained, not being able to stop his voice from getting louder.

“But I want them to change things, Dan. They should change things, okay?” I admitted, taking a step towards him. I couldn’t believe I was finally saying this.

“Y/N…-“Dan bit his lip, stopping himself from continuing.

“I need your honest answer: Did you mean it?” I intensely eyed him while my heart was nearly jumping out of my chest.

“What if I did? It would change -“Dan started, staring directly into my eyes. The mellow brown of his iris glistened.

“Everything” I finished his sentence for him. “Dan, I have had a crush on you since I started high school.” I finally adhered to my feelings for him. I was biting my bottom lip out of nervousness.

I could hear Dan swallow heard and he started breathing heavily. There was surprise written all over his face. I caught a little smile play with the corners of his mouth but his delighted expression soon turned into a stern one again.

“Y/N, this just can’t change things.” Dan stated seriously, crushing all my hopes.

“So, you didn’t mean it. You don’t like me.”

It wasn’t really a question. I was just facing the hurtful truth. Honestly, I felt humiliated standing in front of Dan in my party dress after admitting that I was totally into him.

“I- I didn’t say that, okay.”

I had barely heard what he said, because I was too devastated to listen to him anymore, but at his words my bowered head shot up again. My hope was higher than ever before.

“Why are you acting like this then?” I wanted to know.

Dan stayed silent for a moment before he answered.

“Because I- we shouldn’t be more than friends, okay?!” Dan got louder, but he wasn’t angry at me, he was angry at himself.

“Who said that?” I queried in frustration.

I said that!” Dan shouted as his hands turned into fists.

“Why would you say that?!”

I was getting slightly mad at him. He was confusing and not making any sense.

“Listen, when I first met you, you were five and I was eight. You just started going to primary school and our parents asked me to look after you, be your friend and show you around.” Dan started explaining himself.

“I don’t see why this is relevant…” I quietly interrupted him.

“Let me finish first, Y/N. I remember that we became great friends after that and you cried the day I left primary school because you still had a few years without me left?” Dan smiled a little before he continued.

“When you started going to high school and you were really nervous on your first day, our parents asked me to look after you, be your friend, show you around and protect you from stupid boys. And I’m afraid that if I push you against this wall right there behind you and freaking kiss you I will be exactly one of those stupid boys.”

After a short silence his words had sunken in. My heart was racing again. All of this, because he was too caring?



“Just kiss me.”

A smirk was playing with my lips as I took another step towards him. He got nervous at how close we were and clearly wanted to back away, but he had lost all control over his body.

“Y/N.. I- Your parents trusted me when they let you stay here. I don’t know what they would say if they found out that we uh we-” he stuttered with hot pink cheeks and didn’t finish his sentence.

“I’m eighteen, Dan. And my parents totally love you.”

“Still… I’m not the flawless and good boy they think I am.” Dan warned me, probably thinking about his wild university lifestyle.

“I know. And I like that.” I smirked, shamelessly flirting with him.


“Dan” I cautioned teasingly still smiling. “Kiss m-“

Before I could end my sentence Dan closed the distance between us, making my heart explode with excitement. His large hands gripped my hips as he forcefully but carefully pushed me against the white wall behind us. I could feel his fast heartbeat as his chest was pressed against mine.

His breath fanned my neck, making my inside tingle. In the matter of a second his soft lips crashed down on mine and they were suddenly moving against each other in complete sync. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips soft and hungry at the same time.

We couldn’t get enough of each other, but we had to break apart to catch our breaths.

“I should have done this way sooner.” Dan panted as he eagerly went in for another kiss.  

“God, I would have killed Brandon for doing exactly what I am doing right now.” I heard Dan whisper under his breath and as I giggled he added something that sounded much like “Let’s get you out of this dress. It has been messing with me all evening.”

Sob story

My life has gone to shit but long story short: we lost our house and were homeless for a short period of time but the place where my mom is staying is hardly any better. It’s a shitty trailer w/o a washer, dryer, or refrigerator. im staying with my boyfriend on some days and a school friend on others until we can make things better because my mom gets no cell reception and doesnt have wifi over there, which i need for homework since im going to community college rn.

im basically living out of my car but even that’s gotten fucked because i just had to shell out $250 for a new radiator and now it looks like the battery is dead because every time we jump it it only lasts for a day or so. i have no money for repairs because everything ive had left has gone to school supplies.

i do have a job but kohls hasnt been giving anyone a decent amount of hours and until i can find somewhere better my paychecks have been less than $50, so i guess what im asking for is help in any way possible. my paypal is and any extra dollar would help. I would do commissions but with all of this shit and school going on I just don’t have the time. Right now all I can provide is a real, gracious thank you and reassurance that your money isnt going to be spent on anything other than my mom’s rent and my car.

hello! there’s an absurd amount of people following this blog, and i’m very thankful so many of you clicked on that follow button. thank you for liking, sharing, having my back when someone steals my art, messaging me, buying my work, everything. i want to collab with you. please send me some words. i want to do 7 drawings in my sketchbook and i’ll include someone’s words in each one. (a different person for each drawing) i will credit you when i post them. initially i wanted the theme to be your own experiences in 2016, but i don’t want to restrict anyone, so send me whatever you want. it can be your own poetry, a memory, thoughts on something, etc. you can be as vague or direct as you want. i will also turn on the anonymous option in my inbox for this if you prefer to message me that way. i’m excited for this !! let’s create !

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whenever i visit home i don’t pack any clothes because i hate having to check a bag at the airport. i just wear whatever i have in my closet in my old room. the only thing is that the only clothes in there are whatever i had right before i moved out. so it’s like a weird time capsule of all the bad choices i wore like four to seven years ago. on top of that my mom’s made me donate a ton of it whenever i’m here so by now all that’s survived the purges are like the weird things i don’t even know how to categorize as clothes. like i got here and looked in my closet to see what i could wear to thanksgiving dinner and i had: one graduation gown, one toga i made for extra credit in latin class, multiple jeans i turned into cut off shorts. like, more than three pairs. the suit i wore to my cousin’s wedding last year, so many button down short sleeved shirts with dragons or weird swirly crap on one side, and the piece to resist, one faded, black hoodie with a large camouflage maple leaf on the chest. the hoodie i wore most of middle school and am wearing in more than one picture day photo. getting dressed each morning this past week has been like a project runway challenge.


Game of Thrones: Final Fantasy Edition

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