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How do you have it so easy? There's hardly 40 fics and 4 series in your masterlist. And almost all of them have over 100 notes each if not more. You have a boyfriend, your always so patronising and you hang out with all the big blogs. I've written more and better than you but I still don't have as many followers or friends on here. Why are you so lucky?

Well Anon, I AM pretty lucky as far as my followers and friends go. It is beyond me, why they like me. I think it has more to do with them being awesome people, than it has to do with me. 

That being said, I’d appreciate if you didn’t drag my personal life into this. If you even for a second think that I’ve had a cake walk in this life, you couldn’t have been more wrong. Do not pretend to know me, because you don’t. There is a reason I don’t reveal much about my personal or romantic life here, and I am going to keep it that way. I don’t even know what else to say here.

Rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better

I was tagged by @suitcasesoffeathers my daughter~

Nicknames: I have a lot of nicknames…but Sunny is my main one online…(the other ones are embarrassing, not saying them out loud).

Star Sign: I’m a Virgo

Height: I haven’t checked my height in forever so I have no effin idea.

Time right now: 9:50 PM

Last thing you googled: “Cornwall Trevissick” A place in the Dark is Rising Sequence, pay no mind to it.

Song stuck in your head: Black Pink - Playing With Fire

Last Movie I watched: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai (Children do not watch).

Last TV show I watched: Haikyuu Season 3, I rewatched the entire thing with my little sis on the train ride back home from my grandma’s place yesterday.

What I’m wearing right now: A black Indian designed shirt with a lot of sequins, dark blue jeans…and a fairy tail necklace…

When I created this blog: Hahahahaha….awkward…I actually made this blog in March 2012 but didn’t actually use it until October 2016…

The kind of Stuff I post: Noragami, Akatsuki no Yona, Bungou Stray Dogs, Kuroshitsuji, Magi, Lovely Complex and other anime/manga stuff.

Do I get asks regularly: Nah, I don’t regularly get asks, but I always love it when I do get asks (I get really really excited)

Why I chose my URL: My first completed fanfic ever (which I wrote when I was like 13) was called “Carrot Couple” for reasons I choose not to elaborate on. But this fanfic and name has a lot of meaning to me (also, my accounts everywhere else is under the name carrotcouple)

Gender: I’m a girl~

Favorite color: Midori…I love the color green.

average hours of sleep: Six to seven hours ish?? Idk, I’ve been told I sleep a lot.

lucky number: Um……3? I guess….

favorite characters: Ooooh, you wanna go there now do ya? From books, Murtagh from the Inheritance Cycle. From Anime Yato from Noragami, Neji from Naruto, Zeno from Akatsuki no Yona……and so so many more I cannot write down without turning this into an essay.

dream job: Marine Biologist (who writes books on the side)

number of blankets I sleep with: Only one~

Tagging 20 people….oh wow, that’s a lot. Kay…first my bestie @fujoshimess, then my wifey @rest-in-bees and my kids, @kiun, @blessedburial and the rest @paperypiper @shadownightes @hiyoris-scarf @briirens @yatorihell @kurisuumakise @eerna @kisumon @wuminguuk @bishoujohiyo @dr-gothtastic @skyheaven1231 @brimicky101 @themusicalbookworm @freewilllife @lucy-shining-star

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Hello, thank you for your blog it's really amazing! Did you know that we could vote for Mitch on the website of "out" for the 100 most eligible bachelors of 2017? we can vote as many times as we want. I feel like Mitch deserves our support because he's such a beautiful and talented individual! I am not active on social media so I don't know how to spread the information. Have a nice day and thanks again for your daily dose of Mitch, your blog always makes my days better!

Thank you! I saw that he has moved to the second place. If anyone wants to vote you can do it here

Kissing 2016 goodbye 😘 even though it was a messy year for all involved, for me personally it was such a year of growth. You guys have made my dreams come true. I moved into my own apartment. Explored New York City. Made so many beautiful, supportive friends, and have grown out of the ones that I knew weren’t there for me in the beginning. Fell even deeper in love. Bettered myself in school, in my blog that has now become a dream job for me. Thank you all for supporting me SO much and for you’re amazing comments that I get to read when I feel down. I love you so much 💛✨ and I will always be there for you all.
Will do an elongated post on my blog next week! X

Poll Time!

Okay so been getting lots of requests for an assortment of things, there were a lot of skirt mentions however the place I buy from don’t have any, I could look for another but idk. Also because I’m just starting out with clothing it might be better for me to start with unisex type stuff to appease every genders fancy. Idk how many people would wear tights but there were also lots of people asking for shirts so here’s some mock ups!

Shirts or tights?


… when skellies get elctricuted? idk man.

hah, fuck anatomy, I am having a helluva fight with this artblock, so just getting something stamped as DONE is a fucking miracle

also - I have too many different ways I want them to look as humans, I had such a hard time picking a design… and then, out of my hands this crap came to be. Im sorry, it’ll be better next time pfffff

The Essential Everlark

A few months ago, I saw a post where someone asked for a list of essential Everlark blogs. So, I decided to make one. These are the Everlark blogs I follow, and consult, on a regular basis, but I know there are many more out there. Please, feel free to reblog and add your own essentials.

Let’s make this list as comprehensive as possible.

Automated AO3 feed for Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark. The perfect place to discover new fics and authors.

Weekly prompts for Everlark drabbles. 

Use their tag search to find your next favorite fic.

Spreading joy through the THG fandom, one drabble at a time.

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So, we’re finally getting rid of 2016, altough it has been a shitty year overall, it will always be the year where I met many wonderful people who mean a lot to me. I made this blog almost 6 months ago and i’ve met so many amazing people since then and i’ll always be grateful for that. This is a shout out to those special people and my lovely mutuals who i always love to see on my dash! Prepare yourselves for some sappy shit… Hope 2017 will treat us better. I love you all <3 

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Hey everyone!
So, I want to brighten up my dashboard and clear away the negativity, and I’m looking for RWBY (and bumbleby!!!) blogs to follow that are positive about the show in general. Some mild critique is okay, but nothing majorly negative, because so many blogs I followed hated a lot about it, and that was rubbing off on me. I recognize that it has flaws just like anything else, but a lot of the complaints I saw were just nitpicking and sheer attacks, so I’d like to see more enthusiasm and love for it on my dashboard. I don’t want to dislike RWBY because it’s really helped me realize myself, and become a better writer and person, and introduced me to so many new friends. So yeah, reblog this and I’ll check out your blog! 

so i??? hit 100+ followers??? i’m lowkey really shook that i hit 100+ considering i went from being a got7/bts blog to a Full On monsta x blog, but to everyone who stayed - thank u?? i appreciate u all sm,,, and to every recent mutual i hope we get to talk soon or smth?? i’d love to get to know u all and everything kgajgjak ??? tBH thIS POST LOWKEY MESSY because i don’t really know how to Express my feelings but tldr; thank u so much for following me and this is just!!! a big appreciation post for my mutuals ;u;

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goal celebration mutual appreciation post

alright so i hit 200 followers and im very happy about that and you people are awesome so i decided to make a little appreciation post (ive only actively talked to a very small amount of people so i wont be able to elaborate on why exactly youre awesome but just know that you are very awesome)

@slytherin-salazar i just love your blog Ewa, it’s amazing and very organized and you post great stuff and your edits/gifs are awesome, you are also an incredibly nice person and im glad were mutuals

@wlfstar so we became mutuals because i loved/still love your url and we’re wolfstar trash and i loved your blog from the very first moment and honestly, Cat, you have A+ content and your art is fantastic and youre overall a great person

@txmriddlx okay Mitch, you were one of the first people i followed on here and seriously, your advice is incredible, youve helped me out on so many occasions and made me feel better about myself and i just really appreciate that. also i love your blog and your posts and yeah youre so amazing

@dracolucivs alright we dont really talk but can i say that i generally just appreciate your presence, Kate. i really do. i love your blog and your posts (and also youre really pretty wow) and youre just really great

@totally-ravenclaw so, Madison, you were also one of the first blogs i followed here and i have absolutely no regrets. i love the ravenclaw pride because honestly, ravenclaw is awesome. your blog is fantastic, your theme is very pretty and i love your posts and you are a really cool person

below is a list of all my mutuals (i dont know you well enough that i could write something) but you guys are amazing and i love following you and seeing your things on my dash and im very honored that you follow me

@roxannweasley, @pickettandnewt, @nacrissablack, @fjrebolt, @longbottomed, @jamespottersbutt, @diaqonalley, @hermionesmenacinglook, @fredweazlcy, @yes-you-are-just-as-sane-as-i-am, @flintxwood, @hermiogne, @regulusblqck, @acciolunalovegood, @domlnique, @pottergoldstein, @rxmuslvpin, @heromiqne, @foreverjily, @fixedglare, @littlenifflers, @backgroundhufflepuff, @dailysprophet, @hevanlypotter, @hjppogriff, @expectopatronuz, @nymphadxra, @wlweasley, @potterhappy, @siriusisntdead, @newtshvfflepuff, @avooda-kedoovra, @hclenaravenclaw, @weosley, @newtscamder, @narcissxblack, @siriusbllck, @jamessblacks, @tardisly, @pomonasprowt, @ri-ddikulus, @lunalocegood, @credxncebarebone, @godrichollow, @hexmionegranger, @anyexcusetowritemorelies, @sirriusly, @hufflepuffpoof, @fcrbiddenfcrest, @marvelousmckinnon

i think thats all (i hope i didnt forget anyone, if i forgot you im sorry i still think youre awesome and ily), thank you so much guys for following me and reblogging my stuff, i love you all and i hope youll all have a great day

(oh and i just noticed that today is valentines day so happy valentines day to you all!)

Hey everyone! So, I’ve recently hit 10k followers on this blog, which honestly blows my mind!! I can’t believe, that so many people decided to click that ‘follow’ button. Ever since I created this blog (which wasn’t even that long ago omg), it’s been nothing but constant love and support, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate every single one of you and I’m always here, if you need me.

Now onto the actual follow forever! Here’s a small shout-out to the people, who make my everyday life a hundred times better. You’re all amazing and I love you lots! I’m so happy that yoi brought us together! :) 

@coachviktor @flowercrownyuri @fyeahyurionice @howlviktor @katsuforovs @kxousei @k-yuurii

@nikeforov @nikiforoov @nikiforo-v @nikiforoving @nikiforovprince @nikiforuv @nixforov @owarus

@plisetske @plisetskky @plsetski @prettyuuri @seek-victory @softnikiforov 

@victuurii @viktornikifor @viktuuryy @viktyuri @vnikiforov @vnkiforov @vv-nikiforov @winoncryder @yurionlce @yuuriviictor 

Society has put up so many boundaries, so many limitations on what’s right and wrong that it’s almost impossible to get a pure thought out. It’s like a little kid, a little boy, looking at colors, and no one told him what colors are good…before somebody tells you, you shouldn’t like pink because that’s for girls, or you instantly become a gay two-year-old. Why would anyone pick blue over pink? Pink is obviously a better color. Everyone’s born confident, and everything’s taken away from you.
—  Kanye West 

Again, sorry for being unresponsive/not doing any requests.  I’m still too stressed out.  But here’s a cute doodle of Stan an Ford, maybe that will tide you over.  XD   I feel like it’s pointless to draw them cuz there’s already so many amazing fan artists out there who draw them better and like, everything’s already been drawn.  But I still love them to pieces and love drawing them so here ye be.  
“go home Stan, you’re drunk” lol
My art blog:

Blog Announcement | 2017 Secret Santa

Calling all BTS writers, whether you follow me or not!

I know this is early in the year, but what I want to do might require a lot of planning and time to execute because it might take a long time to get the word out. So if I want this to be a success, I think half a year of registration would do better.

I want to host a Secret Santa for us BTS writers on tumblr. And because I’m poor, and probably we’re all poor, we I can’t do gifts. But what we can do is write. I want us to write a scenario to each other as a present. And because it’s secret santa, you don’t know who is writing your scenario. You might not even know the person you’re writing for.

I want to give us all a chance to get to know each other, maybe find a new friend/someone to follow, as well as give a gift. And if it’s someone you follow, then congrats, your work might be that much easier.

Here’s how it’ll go down:

  1. Fill out this application to participate in 2017 Secret Santa. Deadline to apply is Jun. 12, 2017 - 12AM PST.
  2. After everyone has applied, I will help you randomly choose your secret santa and message you who you are secret santa for.
  3. The fun part is learning about the person you’re writing for. So go ahead, dig through their blog, send them asks on anon to ask questions about them, whatever. Learning about the person you are writing for will make the scenario even more special and personal for that person.
    1. Everything you learn about them may not be necessarily fit for your scenario; it’s okay. You don’t have to incorporate everything you learn if it feels irrelevant.
  4. Basic requirements in your scenario are these:
    1. Christmas-themed scenario. Lol, it’s that simple.
    2. Instead of “Y/N” or however you typically name your OC, use the name of the person you’re writing this for to personalize this.
    3. Find out their BTS bias to be their pairing.
    4. Please refrain from triggers you learn about that person that they are sensitive to.
    5. Refrain from negative endings. Just in general. It’s like sending someone a nicely wrapped gift with an ipad box and then end up with old gym socks as a present. No. Just don’t do that please.
    6. There is no minimum/maximum length to your scenario, do what is comfortable for you.
  5. When you are done with your scenario, submit it to me, so I can post it anonymously on the blog, to keep the secret santa thing a secret. Submissions deadline is two weeks before Christmas – Dec. 10, 2017 – Dec. 16, 2017. You’re completely free to send it in way long before deadline.
  6. I will probably send you an ask on the first week of Dec, to remind you to submit it (hopefully I’ll remember).
  7. The scenarios will be queued to post on Dec. 24, 2017 12AM PST – Dec. 25, 2017 11:59PM PST
  8. If you want to know who your secret santa is, let me know, and I’ll let them know to see if they want to reveal themselves to you
  9. If and when you want to post your own scenario back onto your blog to reveal that you are the writer and claim that credit back, please tag me so I keep track of who revealed themselves and also to keep an eye out for plagiarism

This might be a hard part of this secret santa, but I should make this clear, because apparently common sense is not common. I don’t know what the chances of this, but I don’t want to leave it to chance.

On the off side that the person you are writing for is someone you don’t particularly like on tumblr, put that aside; I really ask you to not back out of this.

First of all, that’s super rude. Second of all, it will cause a whole mess (rechoosing secret santa’s because one person fell out).

Think of these as a couple reasons to be respectful. We all have three things in common.

  1. We’re all writers. With that in mind, respect and appreciate fellow writers and their style. From writer to writer, let’s do something for one another that really appreciates one another.
  2. We all love BTS/we’re all ARMY. With that in mind, respect that we choose to like and support BTS in our own way.
  3. We’re all human. With that in mind, show some humanity.

If you know there is someone on tumblr you don’t particularly like and you know you can’t put that away for at least half a year, then don’t play at all, whether or not you find out that they are participating, whether or not there’s that little chance that you might be chosen to be that person’s secret santa.

I really hope there’s none of that here, or on Tumblr for that matter. Luckily, I’ve never been in the crossfires, never seen them first hand, etc., but I do know they happen on Tumblr, so I felt the need to make sure that doesn’t happen here. I want to protect us from that.

If you are not a writer, but you know writers you really like and you think can abide by these rules, please help spread the word and see if they will want to join. The more the merrier. ☺

Whether or not you plan to join, can you please help reblog this to get the word out to see if anyone else would like to join? Please and thank you!

I hope everyone will enjoy this, whether you’re a writer or a reader, or both!

Applications are open now!

- Love, Smiles

This is incredible! I’ve reached another huge milestone and i’ve not even been here for a year, this is so surreal! It all went so fast! I’m so so so thankful for all the people who like my blog enough to follow me, without all of you i wouldn’t be here and i wouldn’t have reached this amazing goal! I’m so grateful there are people who actually enjoy what i do. I love writing and it seriously astounds me how many people are willing to read whatever my brains spins out. I’ll work hard to keep improving and provide you with even better fics to enjoy! 

To celebrate this awesome event, i’ll list the blogs i follow and what they mean to me, some will get a short note! Here we go! (i’m so bad at this help)

♡ = Faves

☼ = Mutuals

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ART THIEF: Do not reblog anything from brentsgeekhouse

A number of post in their blog art stolen/reposted art. I have tried to reach out and ask them about it but they blocked me immediately.

Please report brentsgeekhouse and let anyone reblogging their post know the art is STOLEN. Our fandom has so many amazing artist and they deserve better than this.

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How do I get my daddy to read your blog more often? I showed him your post on aftercare and he really enjoyed it and it's improved our relationship immensely! I'd like for him to look for more of your tips on his own but he doesn't want to follow you.

This absolutely blows my mind.… I dont really understand why he wouldnt, and it would probably be interesting to know how many daddies actually do follow me as a way of mentorship…

I mean… it would certainly make our community a better place. I cant tell you how many messages I get from littles like “Oh my gosh I wish you were here when I first started…” “Im so thankful for you, I left an abuser because of your blog…” “Your blog taught me so much about myself…” and on and on… 

I really dont know how to get him to engage other than just sitting him down and laying it out with him. Letting him know that the things I write and such are what you want out of your relationship.

I would think he would be breaking the mouse button clicking on the follow option in pursuit of wanting to make you absolutely pleased and satisfied. 

Other than that…. I just…. dont… know……. 

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best picture is about a film being good, not how many people jack off to it on an irrelevant blogging site


  • Has a multilayered story
  • Has a strong message so fitting for the time
  • Has a fantastic, well-thought out world.

You have to understand: two movies can still be considered to be the same quality up to 6x number of people jacking off.

But Zootopia had 14x number of people jacking off compared to La La Land. So it’s beyond error margin to say that Zootopia is better than La La Land and for certain deserve a Best Picture nomination.