there are several more but i wanted a pretty photoset so

Gif-Making in Photoshop

I’ve been getting a lot of asks requesting information on how to make gifs without the need to use third party resources like imgflip etc. So I figured I’d pile together a helpful thing that will show you exactly how to go about not only making basic gifs but linking to, what I think, are extremely useful resources such as advanced tutorials & PSDs

This is going to be pretty long, with lots of links & reference pictures… so grab a blankie and a cup of tea and click the read more <3

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Have a reply post.  :D  I think that’s all?  And I hope I replied to everyone WITHIN the post.  I end up doing replies in weird broken ways and there’ve been occasions where I’ve put the reply but haven’t actually said anything about it… >_>;  xD

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It’s Always Been There

I was planning on trying my hand at doing an analysis of some of the smaller(?) lighting comparisons between Kylo with Rey vs others, as so many have done so wonderfully before.

However it has turned instead into a Kylo Ren photoset(!) summarizing the brief thoughts I had about the significance of (Rey’s) light on him from the interrogation onwards.

(briefly covering scenes which have been analyzed at length. More a stream of consciousness thing tbh)

As it has been stated numerous times from the get go in the interrogation Kylo is in shadow almost entirely but for the sliver of light, blue light, coming from the centre of the room. From Rey.

Kylo approaches the light, bare faced. It seems to be the only part of him touched by it, cloaked in black up to the neck as he is…

Once he has finished seeing who she is an what she feels, and faces Rey directly he is lit so the shadows on his face are diminished to the point they are mostly gone.

(Don’t be afraid, I feel it too)

No darkness to hide behind. He is laid open, touched by the light that wasn’t afraid and saw right into his fear.

I would like to point out the amount of blue light on his face here. There is the blue, and the light radiating overhead from Rey’s position. And despite pulling back after having his mind trick turned on him he does not recede back into the darkness where he started in the beginning of the scene.

Also, there is no red light on him at all either. And there are several red apparatus that can be seen around the room. Plus the stormtrooper shown above is covered in red when our attention is drawn to him. So if they wanted to show Kylo with the classic ‘darksider’ affiliated color during of after his turn with Rey they could have. But they didn’t. 

Now this is a bit of a stretch I am aware. First time we see Kylo talking with Supreme Leader Snoke in his ominous cavern without his mask on. And how is he lit with all those red lights and darkness around him? With bluish white light. And what are they discussing? The scavenger, Rey. Again he is still bare to the light. And as the discussion progresses we know (TFA Novel) he wants to get the map from Rey to avoid the Hosnian System being destroyed. Where General Leia is.

This short moment right here is what kicked off this ramble. Kylo has his orders from Snoke. There is a little red radiating from behind him, his helmet. The surrounding hallway however is exceptionally brightly lit and you guessed it, blue. As far as I can recall, the Finalizer and Starkiller Base had thus far been pretty dark and shadowy where Kylo was present. Here, the red is tempered by the light around him as he heads to the chamber. Heads back to Rey.

Now, the significance of the lighting during the tragic bridge scene has been well documented and broken down, and I’m trying to keep this Kylo/Rey centric. I highly recommend reading any in depth analysis of it floating around.

Here, Kylo is awash with red and harsh shadow after what he’s done, and the shot he’s taken to his side. Not in a good place is evident here.

The fiery red radiates from below as he looks up and sees our brave heroes looking down on him from the balcony. Though it’s apparent Kylo in all his rage is focused on Finn.

While there is white light surround Finn and Rey…

It’s certainly worth noting that as mentioned, Finn is the apparent target of anger and that he himself is shown in close-up, red across his face just as Kylo’s is. Rey is not shown reacting up close beyond her scream at Han’s loss. The beef here between Finn and Kylo, as far as he (Kylo) is concerned.

Kylo is addressing Rey here, once again directly and bare faced still. Though there is the darkness and shadow the red (from his ‘saber) is minimized and almost non-existent. The blue lights him again.

And compare him talking to Finn after declaring him a traitor. The frame and Kylo are practically surrounded in red. From his lightsaber to the flares to his face. Rey is out for the count at the moment, and so the light is too. 

And again, he turns (as we believe) back towards and heads to where Rey is lying on the ground. The light on him is subdued, the red minimized even as he beats his wound.

Back to Finn (brave trooper) and the red washes over him.

Interestingly we have a parallel with the lighting (possibly). The interlocked ‘sabers cast the blue and red glow on Kylo’s face. But we only really see it from the side as we focus on the pain inflicted on Finn. There is no reaction shot for Kylo because there is nothing to show or subtlety between them here. Kylo wants to hurt Finn, pure and simple (though his reasons are likely not so simple).

Now it’s back to Rey. Not much to say about this shot that hasn’t been said before. He is more light than in shadow as his face says everything. It’s lit to be seen, in the same way he always seems to be where she is concerned. And he looks like such a … boy here, if that makes sense? 

Red light is present of course as he readies to battle, half darkness half light. But it’s still minimal, held and lit low. Barely in frame.

Red light is still hardly there at this point, but the blue light appears more prevalent as he advances on Rey. Towards her light.

Finding the force together, Kylo is bathed in the light in a manner very similar to the interrogation scene mentioned way back at the start. No hiding, bare faced, facing her. The red of his own ‘saber isn’t even reflected in his eyes, it’s completely absent in Rey’s presence.

Finally, the red being extinguished quite literally as it’s light is dimming on his face and blue surrounds. Kylo even seems to slow his struggle towards the end before Rey slashes him. Though the wound itself has a few red, angry embers left behind I think? Interesting to see what color the scar will end up being.

All of that pesky light from this little scavenger messing around with the knight.

So that’s my mini analysis of some potential lighting easter eggs I found.

Or it could be nothing. Just really good lighting.

Apologies if this is a bit repetitive or sloppy. It’s very early in the morning when I’m posting this.


Pride and Prejudice Gendrya AU// It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

Arya Stark never wanted to be married. However, her mother insisted that she could not live under her brothers’ roofs for the entirety of her life. With only two girls in the family, Mrs. Stark was not concerned about finding matches. The only issue that consistently plagued her mind remained in having her youngest daughter agree to be wed. 

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Outfit Spotting in ‘Girl Meets Demolition’

I don’t really know what possessed me to do this, but I got caught up trying to see how many of the season 1 outfits I could recognize in Girl Meets Demolition. Figured I might as well make a post about it.

I’ve really come to enjoy the fashion on the show, so this was fun for me.

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Sol wanted to know about my OC Heather!!! So I slapped together a photoset of my doodles of her and RAMBLED A WHOLE BUNCH.
Her name is Heather M. Wong (age 23) and she plays bass and sings lead vocals in a two piece rock band with her long time friend Benji. On stage she goes by M and if you ask her why she’ll just say she just likes the letter (that’s not actually why). She’s very guarded and somewhat secretive, she’ll never out right lie to you but she tends to avoid questions or give funny answers to serious personal questions. At 16 she started smoking cigarettes and in order to keep it secret from her strict mom she would always spray perfume on herself and eat a lollipop after smoking. The lollipop habit stuck and she’s always seen eating candy after playing a show.
People think Heather is either really scary or really chill and to that she’ll respond “People only think I’m scary because my eyeliners a mess, and I’m not chill I’m actually stressed like 24/7”.
Heather’s stress comes from her perfectionist attitude towards everything but particularly music. From a young age she was classically trained in several instruments (No one is actually sure how many she can play) and the stress of having to do everything perfectly just stuck. Heather always shows up an hour earlier than necessary for soundcheck to prep and tune her own instruments.

Even though Heather is actually a pretty cool person, when it comes to dating she’s an awkward useless lesbian. She’s only dated guys before but she’s now dating a half korean/half white DJ girl named Minh(WIP design depicted above)!! Heather had only dated Boys which she was never really happy about. But!! Heather and Minh are really happy together!! Man I have so much more to say about this OC but this post is already too long if you read all of this I love you

With Interest {Suga Fanfic}

Ch. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Continuation/spin-off of Haunted Drinks

You sat on your bed and stared absentmindedly at the wall. You had been in this same position since you had gotten back from the amusement park and you know you were supposed to pack for the trip back tomorrow but you couldn’t bring yourself to move as you attempted to process what had happened hours before. Why did Yoongi kiss you? He liked Hoseok’s girlfriend didn’t he? If he liked you, what did that make you for going to him for all your troubles? Is this even the time for self-pity? How does Yoongi feel about listening to you talk to about how much you loved Hoseok? It hadn’t just been a one time or two time thing! It had happened several times since Halloween so what were you supposed to do now?

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Hey Les Misérables fandom! Are you tired of seeing the same couple of ships on your dash? Are you a multishipper who has several severely neglected ships? Do you want to play around with pairings? If so gather up your ideas and get ready for Les Mis Rare Pairs Week which will happen exactly one month from now on a dash near you.

What’s considered a rare pair?

Any ship that has under a hundred fics on AO3, aka anything but one of the top twenty pairings.

How do I know what the top twenty pairings are??

I went on AO3, wrote down the number of fics each ship has and complied it in this beautiful color coordinated little spreadsheet (Go ahead and check out how popular ships are–as of right now Combeferre/Eponine and Bahorel/Feuilly have the exact number of fics and there are the same number of fics for Feuilly/Eponine, Feuilly/Enjolras and Feuilly/Jehan. The more you know).

Do I have to write fic?

Absolutely not. Anything is welcome, art, headcanons, photosets, cosplay, fanmixes–as long as it’s focused on a rare pair go wild.

Does it have to be ship related?

Platonic pairings are welcome as well! They don’t have to follow the same rules as above (Enjolras/Courfeyrac/Combeferre is allowed but pretty much everyone and their mother writes them as best friends so maybe don’t do anything for that friendship). Just think about who you never really see interacting and go for it.

What tags should I use?

#lesmisrarepairsweek and/or #lesmisrarepairs

Virtual Woes (5)

AN: it’s 11:30 where I am! So I’m still on schedule! Anyway, from this point on is where I finally want to be in the story! Now all the cute stuff storms in! Free reign!
Pairings: SasuHina
Rating: T (swearing)

Installment: [1] [2],[3][4]


Virtual Woes 5


Sasuke ended up having to pick Hinata up, apparently she lost her bus card or the buses weren’t running or something. Anyway… He teased her a bit before asking for the address. Now… Hinata sitting in the living room, staring out the window waiting for him to pull up.

“I’ll be there in fifteen…that’s what the GPS says.” He told her as he turned on the car.

Anyway, she was sweating terribly bad. She put majority of her face in the couch cushion and watched through terrified eyes. She would be essentially meeting her hero. Her stomach was knotting at the thought. “I’m going to pass out,” she whispered. “I’m definitely going to pass out.”

Ten minutes passed.

Hinata ran to the bathroom and checked her reflection. “He is a very good friend. There’s no reason to be nervous–”

There was a honk. She damn near tripped over herself and went to the window. A silver car was sitting in her driveway and…and Sasuke got out in the snow and took out his phone.

Her’s rang.


“Yeah, I’m outside.”

“I see you.”

He turned to the window and waved awkwardly. “Come out, dork. Have you been cat-fishing me?”

She laughed and grabbed her scarf and went to the door. “I’m very n-nervous.”

“I’m standing outside your big ass house in the snow - alone and you’re the one nervous?”

“Okay,” she said and opened the door. She braced against the wind. Hinata adjusted her bag strap and walked up to him. He was getting taller. Why was he getting so tall? She was going to die. He was so…good-looking what the hell? What did she do? Shake his hand?! Yes. That seemed appropriate. Shake his hand.

His chest inhaled. “Hey-” Out of some creepy reflex, she hugged him. Sasuke looked down at the short girl embracing him. “You’re so short.”

She buried her head in his chest and gripped his jacket. Hinata couldn’t believe herself! What happened to the hand shake!? Why was she hugging him? Her heart stopped completely when his arms slowly wrapped around her.

“Are you too nervous to move?” He asked calmly but his own heart was punching her in the face. Hinata nodded weakly in his chest. “Take your time.” She nodded again and stood there for another minute.

Finally she stepped back and looked up at him with a beet red face. “I’m sorry.”

He pocketed his hands, looking away. “It’s - fine.”

Her head fell again. “I don’t know what that was.”

Sasuke shrugged. “Nothing to worry about. Let’s go.”

She smiled and nodded.



Hinata was already sweating from being in a car alone with a guy, even more because the feeling was…weird. She knew him…well! But…she didn’t know him physically.

Her balled fist laid in her lap. What did they talk about? Did she talk? Maybe she should–

“Are you hot?” Sasuke asked, his hand reaching for the vents.

“N-no,” said Hinata. “I’m just…”

He nodded. “I understand. Despite my appearance I am sweating through my jacket.”

Her lips curved into a smile. It was good to know she wasn’t the only one freaking out. He rubbed the side of his face, turned off his car and leaned back. They were going to stick here for a while.

“So…” Hinata looked over. “I - just don’t know what to say.”

He looked towards the heavy traffic and nodded again. “Well, I’m a normal person, you know?”

“Doubt it.”

“I put one leg in my pants like everyone else.”

“Nope. No, I don’t believe it.” Hinata shook her head.

Sasuke turned to her with a frown. “Sorry, I don’t have a photoset to show you.”

She stared at him. He stared at her. Hinata bubbled into giggles and Sasuke sighed. Good. Very good. Sasuke looked down at her feet and to her head. Hinata pouted already. “Don’t-”

“You are awfully short. I’ve seen short but…”

“You’re just tall.” She looked out the window. “Everyone is just tall. Natural selection.”

“You’re hurt.”

She nodded. That’s when she realized…the nerves had went away. It was…okay. The Hyuuga girl looked over at him. He was pretty lean but she knew that. His hair looked as tamed as ever. His eyes… Gosh. His eyes were literally the darkest color…but this was coming from someone whose eyes have been compared to several jewels and moons.

No, they were still there.

“I…” Sasuke looked back to see the cars moving. “Mm, finally.” He grumbled and started the car back up. She got good vibes about today.

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gauging interest: 1d x oc big bang

hello!  this is @wokeuptired, back at it again with the projects i don’t have time for.  i’ve run fic exchanges before with success, so as my schedule becomes even crazier, i’ve decided it’s time to take on something of more monumental scale: a big bang.  this post is to gauge interest in a big bang, so please reblog, reply, follow, and message me if you’re interested!

possible questions you may have: 

what is a big bang?

a big bang is a fic endeavor that takes place over several months and results in projects of at least 20k words.  writers commit to completing a project and check in with me every few months so that i can make sure you’re on track. after writers sign up and commit to an idea (though you can change what you’re writing later!), artists sign up to work with an author to create art (photosets, banners, etc.) for their story.  also, possibly, playlists.

how would this big bang be different from other 1d big bangs that i’ve seen? how is a big bang different from a fic exchange?

this big bang would be exclusively for het fics featuring original characters. unlike my previous fic exchanges. all fics would be posted in their entirety on 1dff, not hosted on tumblr.  also unlike a fic exchange, in a big bang writers choose what they want to write about and are not responding to prompts supplied by another writer.    

would i have to finish my whole story before the deadline?

yes!  although writers on 1dff tend to post stories in installments, in a big bang stories are posted entirely at once, as with a fic exchange.  they can, however, still have parts.  this is a really cool opportunity because it allows writers to develop entire stories before they post, it allows readers to consume stories all at once without waiting for updates, and it will also make us all feel really productive.

natasha, i think you are crazy and this sounds crazy and i don’t believe that this will be successful because i don’t believe in dreams.

well, worrywart, my fic resume is pretty extensive and includes the following fic exchanges: @1dffsecretsnowflakes, @1dautumnficexchange, and @5sosvdayficexchange.  i am extremely organized and really responsive to messages.  also, i have a super cute dog.  i’m not very good at bragging about myself, but trust me, worrywart, trust me.

i have more questions!

having never run a big bang before, i am unfortunately unable to anticipate other questions, so please message me and i will find answers!

anonymous asked:

i'm very uncomfortable with the fact that you include kyuubei in your gintaladies gifset. she is not a woman. next time if you are thinking of making a girl exclusive post, please don't include her.

I disabled anon soon after receiving this 3-4 days ago. You should congratulate yourself.

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