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Regarding Ships

So I know a lot of my followers are here because of my posts about Tythan and Ethan and Tyler in general but it’s come to my attention that people might think it’s being taken too far. Yes, I mean the post from not long ago that I reblogged. I’ve decided to make a full on post about it so that people don’t get the wrong idea. 

Yes, I ship Tythan. Ethan and Tyler are super cute and loving towards each other and it’s a perfectly fine ship! 

Yes, I understand what Ethan finds uncomfortable and I respect that. 

Yes, I know that it’s a bad idea to tag them in anything regarding the ship because it might make them unhappy or even upset.

These are things everyone needs to know when it comes to shipping, especially when the ship is made up of real people. I can understand if one person makes the mistake of tagging them in something on accident but that’s no reason to explode on them. If you see something in the tag that is mentioning the ship, just message the user that posted it. You don’t need to make a post trashing the ship entirely. Some people like to ship things and that’s fine, that’s what a fandom can be built on after all! Yes, after the whole Septiplier thing it can be considered inappropriate to ship them but we’re keeping it down more now. The people who shipped Septiplier took it too far and that resulted in a long discussion from both Mark and Jack on multiple occasions with them asking not to stop making their art or shipping it but to stop with the NSFW stuff or at least stop tagging them in it. That’s what made it unhealthy. 

Just because one ship had a bad run doesn’t mean we can’t still ship people. Please understand the difference. 

Thank you for your time.

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just saying karkat is very abusive considering karkats brash and loud nature triggers daves ptsd and daves very recluse in his emotions whereas karkat seems to depend on others to validate him. they rly don't work for each other at all and by shipping them ur continuing the problem.

First of all, I thank you for coming to me, an abuse survivor who identifies as Karkat, to tell me your piece of mind I absolutely didn’t need nor care about.

After that, let’s get into what you said, ok? Dave doesn’t show, at any point, to be triggered by Karkat being loud and brash, he actually said that he finds it funny to rile him up. It wouldn’t make sense for him to find his behaviour triggering, too, because some of the things that bothered Dave the most about Bro (who is, you know, Dave’s canonical abuser and the reason he has ptsd in the first place) was his being almost completely emotionless and uncaring towards him - aside from the obvious, because he was also constantly beat up and it’s hinted that he was sexually abused by Bro, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Also about Karkat depending on others to validate him: how would that make him abusive? Asking for attention isn’t abuse?? Plus, considering that Dave also depends on other to validate him (see how he behaved with John, Rose, Jade, Terezi and Karkat himself through the comic), what you pointed out doesn’t make that much sense. 

And about Dave being reclusive in his emotions, that’s a consequence of his abuse, and I don’t see how Karkat fits in this, again. It just seems to me that you’re grasping at the straws to point out something that isn’t there.

tldr: I don’t care if you dislike davekat. I don’t even like how Karkat is written all that much, but you calling it abusive is bullshit that does nothing but irritate me. Wanna ship Dave with someone else? Go on, I’m not stopping you, but stop screaming abuse at something that isn’t abuse just to justify other ships, it’s absolutely disgusting.

(Edit: if you’re a cishet shipper I would appreciate you not interacting with this post, thank you)

  • A relationship between two adults with a large age gap is not inherently abusive.
  • Parents maintaining some form of control over their child’s life whilst that child is underage and still under their parents’ care is not inherently abusive.
  • A parent reasonably disciplining their child is not inherently abusive.
  • Arguments in a relationship of any kind do not automatically make the relationship, or any of the people involved, abusive.
  • Friends who aren’t available to tend to other friends’ needs 24/7 are not inherently abusive or “toxic”.
  • etc.

Can people seriously stop automatically categorising things as abusive because it just trivialises the seriousness of actual abuse. I’m so tired of seeing things like “if your partner yells at you then leave them”, “if a friend isn’t there for you then they’re not a real friend”, “if your parents don’t let you do what you want then they’re bad parents”.

Just because you don’t agree with someone’s behaviour it doesn’t mean the behaviour is abusive. Humans are complex and very emotional and while small things can sometimes be indicators of abuse, usually negative emotions or behaviours are just because people are fucking complicated.

Things are not as black and white as “100% abusive” and “100% not abusive” - please keep in mind that there are shades of grey such as “possibly abusive” or “a shitty thing to do, but not abusive”, or “just fucking normal human emotions because not everyone can be 100% positive and nice to everyone all the time you twats”.

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Do you mind talking about Venus in Virgo? I love your perspective on things and would love that!

Virgo Venus is a fall placement so Venus is weakened, and the central theme is typically selfishness. Venus rules relationships, self-esteem, and material pleasures, so Virgo Venus is strongly inclined to deny themselves a lot of the important parts of these subjects out of a fear or distaste for selfishness. They would rather starve emotionally than put themselves first. They tend to be distant for this reason; they rarely voice their desires or talk about their needs and since they can lack confidence, I think they find it hard to express their personality too. As the sign that comes after Leo, they need a lot of recognition and adoration, but they are so devoted that they’re often taken for granted and this is so damaging to them, but ultimately it’s their own fault. It’s a lifelong struggle for Virgo Venus to become secure within themselves and figure out it doesn’t make them selfish to have needs and wants, and it doesn’t reduce their value if they focus on their own health every once in a while. Virgo Venus suffers in silence most of the time and no one even knows about their pain.

Been seriously cleaning and optimizing my work space for better work flow the past 2 days. So far it genuine feels I have more breathing room and more optimized work space.. Reason for this was that I got tired of wasting time and energy looking for a particular paint or brush. Which would essentially interrupt work flow because of all the pauses I have to take to find something that I needed.

Anywho small watercolor doodle to get a feel of the space and make adjustments accordingly for optimal work space.

when i’m working, i get asked about my tattoos every once in a while.* it annoys me for several reasons. mainly, it’s my body & i didn’t get them for you & i don’t want to explain the reasons behind them at all, really, unless we’re friends. we don’t commonly ask each other so directly why we make other style choices so plainly in our society (why did you get that haircut/why the goatee etc.) so it seems odd that it is a thing a lot of people feel the need to ask a stranger. also, i work in busy service industry jobs & time is money, son, so, let me get it & don’t slow me down with boring, intrusive questions.

i’m at the point where i have a good number of them, mostly under clothes unless it’s super hot out. but i’m considering getting more, not only because i want more, but to fill space in more visible places in hopes of shutting people up a bit more? instead of ‘why did you get THAT tattoo’, maybe it will sound dumb enough to prevent the question ‘why did you get ALL your tattoos’? i don’t know, that might be a naive hope.

*luckily the touching & grabbing that often accompanies these questions seems to be waning? this used to happen A LOT & i used to be FAR too fucking gentle in rebutting it.

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Hello, um I was wondering when you mark someone they no doubt have figments as every other human does, are that person's figments also sort of marked by you? And does being marked by you have any affect on that person's figments?

“Mm… In a way.”

Dark’s deep maroon, fleshy tongue wiggled between his tightly pressed lips only for a moment, before darting back into the safety of his jaws.

“The only reason I would mark someone is if their subconscious was open in that regard. They could have every Figment they need BUT a Dark Figment, and I would be open to take that position. If their mind is already housed by a Dark figment of their own, I would be unable to finish the task, and they would not be claimed by me. However, should I make claim of the position, that does not necessarily mean that the other Figments are now owned by me or some silly thought like that. They are simply now forced to work with me and understand me as much as I understand them.”

Pride reacting to you getting hurt would involve:

  • He isn’t the type of person who would leave you on the ground. Pride would want to make sure you’re okay
  • Is with you while you’re getting checked out by a paramedic and if you needed to go to the hospital for any reason, Pride will definitely be riding with you
  • He’s going to be more concerned with your health than you are
  • “Maybe you should rest for a few days. Don’t wanna make anything worse.” “Pride, I said that I’m fine.”
  • Expect him to bring you coffee and food and pain meds and shit while you’re still in pain. Pretty much anything he can do to make you a little more comfortable
  • Is a Worried Dad who will keep you in the office until he thinks you’re ready for the field again
  • Annoying glances over to you, especially if you wince or something
  • But he doesn’t say anything. Despite all the shit he does, Pride isn’t going to yell out “ARE YOU OKAY” over the office just because you winced a little
  • He’ll still be a little worried and will lowkey bring you ice or something
  • And when the day is over, Pride would want to drive you home, just to make sure you’re safe

Requested by Anon~

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I don't even think Candice was acting in that last scene she probably didn't even need to :') She was in such pure bliss hahah honestly who wouldn't be in that situation 😭 I would die if someone ever did that for me Barry Allen , there you go again , setting the bar so incredibly damn high over and over

It makes me so happy she cried during rehearsal for some reason lol. They are just super in touch with their characters, and it was such a sweet moment I would’ve cried too – I did

Remember when making aesthetics was my actual jam?

Well, I wanna get back into that life. I’d reblog that aesthetic meme, but for some reason the template doesn’t properly work on my version of Photoshop, so idk?  

You can like this for an aesthetic of our muses though, this counts for all of my boys. Seth, Kenny, Hunter, Dean etc.

Need to teach myself the method again, but eventually you’ll get yours.

Do me a solid, and specify what muses you want the aesthetic for too please. It’ll help me out big time. Also, you can demand more than one tbh. I don’t mind doing like five for our ships, I wanna do it.

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what do you want to say to students (like me) who aren't graduating on time bcos of some reasons? :( i badly need words

like me, too

we live in a tiny floating rock in this vast and dark universe which is literally just a speck  and just thinking about it makes most things seem insignificant and someday we are all gonna die and we will think of all the things we have done and said and thought and we’re all gonna have the same ending but one thing’s for sure, you’ll be so glad you didn’t give up just yet so tonight, sleep well even if your mind’s making too much unnecessary noise. 

tonight is a crying over holt kind of night so here is a post reminding you all of a few reasons why holt/frankie are perfect and i love them

  • holt was shut out of everything for so long (his mom hid him away and heath, his own cousin, didn’t even know he existed while growing up) he needs love more than anyone and who better to help him with that than frankie stein the person who always has a heart full of love to give
  • she loves caring for people and spreading kindness and just?? all things holt would need like she would build him up so much and never make him feel like he was lesser than jackson or anything
  • i imagine being the “evil” hyde side worries holt on the inside sometimes and to have someone as sweet and pure as frankie who loves him and always trusts him and believes in him would be very important
  • they are perfect. that is all

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okay honestly that anon was disgusting. how can you not comprehend that people have their own interpretations of characters and that there are times when writers write things that are messy, cliche as it is, no ones perfect. you don't need to get all defensive about your character anon, all people have flaws and if you refuse to see that, well that just shows what kind of an ignorant person you are i guess, good on you. alisha, you're a fabulous writer and they don't deserve you ❤️

Aww, you’re too kind to me <3

But yeah, most of the reason I’m so critical about these “types” is that people aren’t really making their own interpretation of the characters, they’re just falling into whatever other people do, which is kind of sad when certain characters are stripped of their personalities or reduced to a single trait/gag. None of them are inherently bad, especially if its just happening in a one-shot, but when it becomes their entire character in a multi-chap fic…

Like, I think stripper!Gray is funny. I’ve included that in several fics. Erza having a sweet tooth? Perfectly fine! Happy being dyed blue because of something weird happening? I’m game for that! I’ve written that in fics! I enjoy reading it, as illogical as it is!

But I don’t like when Gray is just the stripper. Or Juvia is just in love with Gray. Or Lucy is just the new girl that makes the bad boy fall in love.

Sota instgram update:

The reason for the smiling faces
# Every day we’re together
# Chiruran
# We definitely will make the best work
# Please come and see by all means
# Offshoot
# JUNON talk about Chiruan
# We have lives again starting from tomorrow
# So I will practice
# But I can also meet everyone
# And sing some songs
# I can dance
# In short, it is contentedness to the highest degree


I really need to catch up with wtnv but!

THIS is my wtnv oc, Lilith! I’ve drawn him before but this is his new design! They used to have a far more feminine look, which I’ve now switched for this. Still genderfluid and still pretty much the same, though! I may keep the old design as how they looked in the past?

he’s basically a strexcorp OC, who makes a whole lot of explosives? he’s also immune to explosives and fire, for whatever reason. the things on the sides of his head are cybernetics, which is why it’s shaved.. he has verrrryy curly hair

he’s trash and i’ve missed drawing him

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when do you think the brand new seekers will start appearing?

I don’t know… Soon I hope. It’s possible that some have already been born and I just don’t know about it. Ever since Arcee saw him on the crashed Nemesis with me, Knockout hasn’t been able to return to the Autobots, and he’s the only source of news I had on what’s been going on in the rest of the world.

Is it selfish of me to wish for them to wait, and not be born yet until I’m ready? What if they’re being brought up by grounder Autobots? How will they learn to fly, or land? And what are they learning about Seekers, and about me? And Vos? They’ll be strangers to me… or worse. And how will they be treated? 

That is the main reason I need to make terms with the Autobots. It’s…. Humans call it a catch 22. I need to have a strong position before I approach them, or they’ll try and capture or kill me, but without more Seekers, I’ll remain outnumbered and be unable to insist on fair negotiations. I don’t want there to be a fight, but if they try and force me into their terms there just might be. A strong force on my side will prevent that.

I Love Myself Because...

I Love Myself Because…
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Post a selfie and list five to ten reasons you love yourself. Then tag 10 people who need to know how much they love themselves because honestly, we all need a reminder sometimes.

1. I love myself because I’m double-jointed.
2. I love myself because I don’t wear makeup.
3. I love myself because I’m a writer.
4. I love myself because I won’t change myself to make others happy.
5. I love myself because I’m good a listening.
6. I love myself because I Am Not Alone in my fight.
7. I love myself because my best friend is always there for me.
8. I love myself because I’m a Band nerd.
9. I love myself because the Band calls me Band Mom.
10. I love myself because everyone is beautiful and unique.

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