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Alistair on life in the Chantry
Alistair on life in the Chantry

@cullenstairshenanigans angsty piece about Alistair having nightmares about Isolde and getting sent to the Chantry reminded me that I’ve always had a suspicion that Alistair was physically abused in the Chantry. The way he jokingly talks about screaming at night or getting hit with a cane, always anecdotal and with black humour is so typical for abuse victims and makes me want to burn that monastery to the ground.

It’s the main reason why baby templar stories of Alistair and Cullen training at the same monastery don’t work for me - because Cullen is kind and wouldn’t have bullied Alistair like he says all the other boys did. If he’d had a friend like Cullen, he wouldn’t have felt a need to be a class clown in the attempt to get some of the boys to like him, which apparently always earned him a beating. 

Poor sweetie - I just want to hug him forever.

“I like my chin!”

“I’m sorry,” Potter said hopelessly.

“I wasn’t saying it to make you sorry, I told you it was all right, I did attempt an Unforgivable on you, I was saying it because I feel somewhat hysterical! I’m ruined! Ruined!”

“You’re not,” Potter said, still sounding upset for some reason. Draco didn’t see what he had to be upset about.

“I am, too,” he told him. “It’s not like your scars. When people ask you how you got yours, you can say ‘battling evil.’ I’ll have to say ‘in a men’s bathroom.’ Won’t have the same cachet. Besides, scars, they need a certain skin tone, I don’t tan, I go a peculiar mauve shade in the sun, it just won’t work-”

Potter made an odd sound, which turned somehow into laughter. Draco stopped and realised that Potter was clearly more than somewhat hysterical.

He laughed for a few terrible minutes, then gave a sort of groan and buried his face in his hands. “You’re so weird,” he said.

“I beg your pardon,” Draco returned, much affronted.

“You’re so weird,” Potter repeated. “I don’t, I don’t understand you at all. I don’t even know why I like you so much but God, God, I do.”

—  If You’ve a Ready Mind by Maya

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I think the reason why they choose blindness as Stiles' fear because Dylan couldn't do heavy 'turning into stone' make-up after the incident. Therefore, he was not in Lydia's vision. So they needed to come up with a reason why Stiles was not in a vision. And if the blindness of his fear then he becomes blind as soon as he sees Anuki-te so it's impossible to turn him into stone.

Oh, it could easily have been a practical reason like that which forced them to come up with an alternate fear for Stiles. But you know what else would have prevented him from turning to stone? 

If he looked like this: 

Just because they needed to go a different way with Stiles doesn’t mean they couldn’t have still been smart about it. 

But they sure as hell weren’t smart about it. 


Yo this post is a gigantic mess but I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it better for three days now and this is the cleanest version I’ve been able to come up with.

Reasons why Seungri is just the best - you have to go to Twitter and read all the quotes and things, it’s such a good thread T_T

Well okay you don’t have to, but if you don’t you’re missing out

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As a stelena fan myself, I think everyone knew that Elena and Damon were going to hook up at some point in the show. I remember Kevin and basically the entire saying Elena and Damon would be together but only for Elena to truly realize that Stefan is her true epic love. Would you have changed and how would u change the relationship of Elena and Damon in season 3/season 4(sire bond) or do you think after Kevin left Julie just tried to make Damon seem better than Stefan?

I wouldn’t mind Damon and Elena getting together for a period of time because Elena needed to get that out of her system but I would actually do what the show said it would do and make them a dark relationship. If Elena becomes a vampire and that’s supposed to be a game-changer then she has to change internally. I would want Elena to feel constrained by Stefan and have a reason for it, like if Stefan is all about here is how you control your urges, here is how you appear as human as possible, then I would want Elena to realize that she’s actually curious about losing control, curious about the blood, curious about the freedom of vampirism and Damon gives her that.

The show thinks it did that but it didn’t because Stefan did everything right. He taught her how to hunt, how to defend herself, he stimulated her sexually, he took her to parties so she could learn how to socialize while being oversensitive, he provided opportunities like the motorcycle so she could relish the power of vampirism and he looked for the cure secretly, he consistently told her she would make it through this period, he even celebrates her being alive with champagne, like Stefan was actually perfect, the ONE thing he couldn’t do was teach her how to feed on humans, that isn’t enough of a chasm. And Elena constantly said how she didn’t want this life. If Elena didn’t actually say any of that and did things like, Maybe I should learn how to feed on humans and he shut her down, or if she compelled someone and he was like Elena, I know it’s tempting but you need to not do that and she just felt stifled then I could see why she would go to Damon.

Then when she’s with Damon, he encourages all of her worst impulses. She no longer looks at her friends as friends but as food and it’s not something that Damon helps her navigate because she’s a vampire and this is how vampires feel, they feed together, they drink like crazy together, they drive like maniacs together, she leaves school because fuck it, she has eternity, why does she need to be confined by human rules anymore? And Elena’s increasing chaotic behaviour would cost her her friendships. I think I would have them try to do an intervention and she basically tells them all to go to hell and I would have Stefan be like, when you’re ready to get back to who you really are, I’ll be here to help you and then I would have Elena go deeper and deeper in this hole that Damon helps her dig until she wakes up one morning with a bunch of bloodied bodies around her and Damon after a night of feeding and sex and whatever else and the novelty of being a new vampire who’s invincible wears off and she freaks the fuck out and tries to work her way back towards who she was with Stefan helping her trying to make amends with her friends and family and they would eventually find their way back to each other.

That’s one route.

Another route is OK if the sire bond happened and we’re in season 5, I would have them both struggling to make a relationship that doesn’t work work, which is basically what season 5 was anyway but I would really lean into that. First of all, for the consuming toxic relationship they’re supposed to be, Damon and Elena didn’t fight nearly enough, they didn’t have passion, passion that can turn to rage or lust or desire or hate  or highs or lows, they didn’t have that, that would have to be there. And every time Elena and Damon fight and he storms out I would have Elena basically freak out and start texting or calling all of her friends to be like, Damon and I just had a fight, if you see him, don’t provoke him, and have her actually demand Jeremy to be like in her sight at all times since Jeremy is a consistent target for him. I would also lean into the fact that Damon feels stifled by trying to reign in his impulsiveness for Elena. If Enzo drops in, then I would’ve made Enzo an old partner in crime and him look at Damon like wtf happened to you and Damon being like … …. yeah I miss it, I miss who I was. And I would have Elena consistently rely on Stefan for emotional support (which she did anyway) but have Stefan sort of distance himself from her every time he feels like things are getting too personal and then they have a blow up about that where he’s like, look every time we get close I want to ignore the fact that you’re with my brother and I can’t do that Elena so I need some space, these are the kinds of thing you should be telling him anyway.

So those are a few ideas of what I would do.

e petersmark

Got bombs that are falling on my mind
I’m getting used to the noise and light
Find a new dream
God, I never wanna shut my eyes
‘Cause I’m tired of passing like a ghost through my life

Do you remember being young and eager
My heart was buzzing like a wire
Give me a reason to connect, be nearer
I wanna make you feel alive

I think I’m ready to be here
I wanna be found
I think I’m ready to be here
Tie me down
Tie me down

Goddamn, I made a mess of my mind
I’m getting used to the noise and light
I need an anchor
God, I wanna be satisfied
‘Cause I’m tired of feeling like a shadow in my life

Do you remember being sharp and needy
My heart was hungry like a fire
Tell me that you’re still burning up and greedy
I want you to make me feel alive

I think I’m ready to be here
I wanna be found
I wanna be found
I think I’m ready to be here
Tie me down
Tie me down

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i know i am going to sound like a dumb larry but i am not, its just i can totally see the appeal you know, as long as they dont hurt anyone just to live in this fictional world that makes you feel happy

i get this and thats honestly a reason i was a larrie™ for so long bc i was under the impression that it doesnt matter and doesnt hurt anyone and in a lot of ways it doesnt bc who cares if you think two guys in a band are dating. and like honestly my concerns really arent harry or louis bc theyre grown rich white dudes and they dont need armies of ppl on the internet defending their straightness. i guess i’m just concerned about lgbt ppl on here being manipulated into these really unhealthy ways of thinking by big larries™ bc the larrie fandom………unhealthy. like it isnt healthy to base ur happiness and wellbeing on the imagined relationship of two men, it isnt healthy to have this deep rooted hatred for any women that get in the way of it, it isnt healthy to have such rigid ideals about sexuality & relationships, it isnt healthy to literally live in this fictional world and completely consume urself in it. obviously theres a difference between just shipping larry and being a Larrie™ and theres nothing inherently wrong w thinking two men are dating but larry as a concept is so far past that at this point that i dont think it just is this harmless thing anymore

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It never bothers me when someone or you are upset and need to talk about it or rant. So, please don't apologize. There is no reason too. CX For me, I always feel better when I rant or vent. And even if we can make you feel a bit better for a little while, well that's good enough for me and we will keep trying to help you through everything. No matter what.

u////u thank you so much

Originally posted by dezaki

Honestly the reason why I mention it at all on tumblr is because people responding DOES make me feel better and help me get through it a little easier. Maybe that’s not good because it makes it that I just ask for a bandaid for what are probably deeper problems, but even if that’s true it doesn’t change the fact that it does help. It helps get me out of my own head a little bit, and focus on “reality” a little more. (internet reality but you know what I mean).

So I always say “it means a lot to me” but that’s because it always does.

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Honestly with how spread it was in the fandom, I always thought of Keith as a 'broody asshole.' But, the last couple of days after exploring this blog and a few others, I realize he's not? He's just so misunderstood. He has trust issues, he's quick to anger, but that's because of how crappy his life has been. He has his reasons. Then the vlog was posted, which made me so sad and made me feel terrible. Keith is a boy who needs more support, more understanding, and less false characterization.

Hi friend. I’m sure a lot of people shared or still share the point of view you had. But it makes me really happy that you were open to understanding that there’s more than the fanon side of things and that I could be one of the people to help show you that Keith is so much more than people make him out to be :)

Wed-nes-day (oops. thursday.)

—I just found a bunch of things in my inbox that I didn’t know were there. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond!! The tumblr app and I are…its complicated.

—Irish Weekend here. I know. It’s not St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a festival every September. Everyone wears green and flings green Mardi Gras beads at each other while drinking beer in the streets. We really don’t need a reason for that, do we?

—I’m sleepy all the time now. I don’t think this 6 am wake up time and I are going to work out. When do you think it’s appropriate for me to not get up with my teenager to make sure she gets to school on time? Oh right, college.

—So, we encountered a rather large and slithery black rat snake on the beach path today. Judging from his size, I’m guessing the eats are fairly plentiful at the beach. Daisy walked right over him and never even noticed. I am very proud to say, I did not scream or overreact in anyway. I will however need to find an alternate route to the beach, ‘cause I ain’t never walking down that path again. Shut up, you didn’t see him. He could have killed me.

Soooo close to that weekend thing!!! Hang in there boys and girls!!! :))

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Sorry to hear you're not having any luck with novel publishing yet. But you only need one yes and i believe it'll come soon for you. Just curious as a fellow wannabe author, do agents specify on reasons why they rejected the novel? If so would you be willing to please share? Or should I stop being naive and just assume they'll be too busy to offer any feedback at all? All the best xx

The vast majority fall into two categories: form letters and CNRs.

Form letters are clearly designed to make sure, if you are crazy, you don’t get offended and creepy at being rejected. ‘Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to look at your work. It didn’t speak to me but publishing is very subjective and this in no way means another person will not feel differently. I wish you the best of luck.’

CNR just means ‘closed, no response’. Quite a few literary agencies have a 'no response means no’ policy which, if I were getting hundreds of queries a week, I’d probably do too.

I’ve gotten a very small handful - 3 - rejections that included anything that might be considered feedback. Agents are just incredibly busy and their income comes from sales of client work, not giving advice to people they aren’t interested in representing. Two of those rejections had information I used in the massive rewrite of chapters 1-3. It was succinct but helpful.

I’m sure my travails are hideously boring and I am sorry to be such a drag but, ugh. This part of the process is really unfun and there’s no way to gauge while in it if the story goes on to read, 'and then I got a yes, sold the book, and you can buy it in your local bookstore’ or 'I came to see that what I was capable of doing didn’t meet the standards for professional publication.’

Hey guys..

So…because of a LOT of personal reasons i am taking a rather long break from Tumblr,it will probably last until the beginning of November maybe a bit more,it depends..we’ll see.

I know I sound a little cryptic but i have to stay away for a little while.

Take good care of your selves and enjoy all these wonderful things that are coming this fall :)

I won’t log out from here,so my chat will be open :) I just won’t be active at all,or refresh my dash.

I am gonna miss you all and of course i am going to keep watching the boys❤️

See you all later 😊

I just made myself mad by doing research all morning about how much iron infants (both fullterm and preemie) should be getting each day, how much comes from formula/vitamins/breast milk, etc…..and by everything I found, even going from the lowest end of the spectrum to the highest end, Rylee is getting more iron per day than is even recommended for a year old infant between the combo of the formula and daily vitamin (not even including the iron in my milk). And what makes me mad is that we brought this up as a possible reason behind her digestive issues with the ped, and we were shot down… “no no that couldn’t be it….probably just her system needing to mature….let’s just keep trying the formula and ride it out….”

like I get that I’m not a doc and all, but I don’t see how her getting like 1.5-2x the amount of iron a ONE YEAR OLD should be getting per day wouldn’t affect her tiny digestive system????

And I also get that she’s a preemie and thus needs some help building her iron stores up since she didn’t get a chance to during the 3rd trimester buuuuuuut this shit didn’t start happening until they put her on the poly vi sol with iron at 3 weeks old, and it’s been hell for the past 6 weeks. And then we started adding the higher iron formula they wanted, which made things even worse.

Idk. I’m upset that they didn’t seem to take us seriously when we brought these concerns up. Part of me is ready to make the switch to a formula lower in iron content and then discuss switching her to the regular poly vi sol without iron (even if we like rotated them so she still got the iron one every so often or something). I just want her to feel better….

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Hey love, your pionts about mickeys tat👍 I am a person who tries to come up with logical reasons for why characters MIGHT do something ooc. I also didn't think it made sense for mickey to do that,particularly because prison and homophobia is a volitle mix,I just need a reason to be okay with where they went with that scene. I really do think mickey wouldn't know what to do at that piont if he wanted to get ian back. That's why I really think, in certain circumstances, it would make sense

Sure thing! I typically try to do something like that too, but there are times when you just gotta call something for what it is lol. And I’m also that type of person.  Your logic does make sense, it’s just how OOC they made the situation that frustrates me.

I think Mickey is completely lost without Ian. I mean, just look at his face and hear the way he chokes when he realizes that Ian is breaking up with him in 5x12. He looked like the definition of lost.

BUT Mickey Milkovich is nothing if not resilient, and I think that even after that bullshit of a visit, Mickey was just so confident that Ian still loved him that he was willing to wait even if Ian had seemed to give up. I think Mickey just knew with every fiber of his being that their love was too strong to have it just end like that; and he was right! Even after everything they had been through, and all that time had past, Ian still chose Mickey in season 7 and even with the decision Ian made at the last minute, they both know they are going to carry each other with them for the rest of their days.

Anyway, I’m going off on a completely new tangent. Feel free to open up a discussion any time! <3 <3

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[1] It amuses me, reasons people come up with hating Sakura. Sakura is flawed, and maybe that's the reason I took a like for her. There is a saying “I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions” that sums Sakura for me. It's silly that few instead of enjoying what they like makes hate post & questions others' integrity. Nobody needs no-one's validation to like something

[2] And I firmly believe the majority of fans of any fandom are quite chill people, it is the loud one who sadly becomes the face of that fandom.

Most people don’t see it that way. When it comes to the heroine of a shonen manga? People want the perfect heroine. Kind, Caring, powerful, all about the hero and as flawless as possible.

Yet they always forget that not even Naruto is the perfect hero! He hid the truth of the massacre,  enforced his ideals on Sasuke without properly understanding the guys pain (till Jiraiya’s death) 

And Sasuke isn’t perfect either!

So why Sakura? Well she’s a girl who has feelings for a boy. Who started from nothing and became something. Who had no talents, no jutsu, never intended to be the heroine, but still became the strongest female konuchi.

I wish that Kishi gave Sakura more moments. Her fight with Sasori was amazing. If he kept giving her more scenes like that/ than trust me she would never be as hated. 

He could still have given her those vulnerable moments, but these moments shouldn’t top her bad ass ones.

But alas people love to hate. They’ll even go as far to hate a human being.

Plus Naruto fandom is the most toxic fandom ever. It’s just this fandom. The rest of the fandoms are pretty chill.

Midol is so useless. You know the real reason it makes me feel better? It puts me straight to sleep. Pop two Midol it’s as good as taking a sleeping pill. It’s actually kind of annoying because I can’t take them during the day when I really need them. Same with the anxiety meds I have. I never used them when I needed them because they made me so drowsy I couldn’t concentrate at work.


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what are the benefits of monos/why do you do them? and with what kind of foods?

It helps with fast weight loss, you can basically use almost any food, they just need to have simple ingredients (most of the time, some reason chocolate always works and that has lots of ingredients). I love doing them because it’s easy to make your parents think you’re eating lots!

Birth Plan

I’m torn between writing “Let me do my thing, but use intervention as necessary” and actually trying to write one.

I’m all for doing this as naturally within reason, but I also realize that sometimes our bodies need a little help despite our fondest wishes. Do I want an episotomy? Hell no! But if i’m going to tear I’d rather a clean cut than ripping. Do I want an epidural? Eh, not really, but as it was explained to me, the trauma my body goes through may hinder my dilation after a certain point. I’m open to intervention, I trust my team to not take the easy way out and to make the best decisions for me and my baby using their best professional knowledge. 

I just hope I’m this confident when the time comes, lol!

Now to stop moaning and write a short, concise plan that’s super easy to read. 

an explanation

You might’ve noticed that I’ve been absent from tumblr for a really long time now. I know a lot of you appreciated my writing and looked forward to it and I’m truly sorry that I haven’t posted anything original in so long. The reasons why are many and vastly complicated, but it largely comes down to this: I felt like a servant. It’s hard to explain, but when hardly anyone reaches out to compliment the work you put time and energy into, you lose enthusiasm for that work, regardless of the number of likes and reblogs it has. I love writing, but fulfilling requests and receiving no gratification for it left me constantly feeling like I had disappointed someone. Maybe this makes sense to some of you, maybe it means nothing at all to any of you. Either way, I feel it needs to be said.

I know I’m just another kpop writer going on hiatus for an indefinite stretch of time, but the fact the trend exists at all should tell you something. Writers as a whole feel wholly unappreciated. It’s not easy, writing. I’ve spent ages on single paragraphs before, laboring over the words and punctuations because it has to convince the reader to laugh or cry or blush or smile- it has to be scintillating, to be perfect. No one ever dropped in to tell me they loved a sentence I wrote or that my writing made them feel anything other than the urge to request something else, which was a sort of compliment in itself, but is also the equivalent of making Thanksgiving dinner only for the guest to request you to make their favorite food right then and there, but by then, you’re tired and you just want someone to appreciate the work you put into Thanksgiving dinner, not to request anything else. 

I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the ones who’ve stuck by me and hyped me up and that I didn’t enjoy writing for this community. I’m just addressing what so many writers have addressed before in hopes that maybe it’ll change something. Maybe I’ll come back and start writing again someday, but at the moment, I’m trying to distance myself from the kpop community as a whole. I feel I need to spend time away from it to decide if I want to remain in it. 

Thank you for understanding and for sticking with me. Remember to drive fast and take chances. 


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What happened to one of the babies in RTW was very painful to read. You know how to portray emotions so well, you know how to reach readers'heart :) I write as well and I am trying to get out of my comfort zone. What do you do when you have to write rough events? I guess it must be painful to you too but you manage to write them succesfully. Thank you so much :)

Life is pain. To me, nothing is easy and it’s the complications and trials…and how we react and deal with it…make us who we really are. I don’t make it easy for my characters. Not to be over-dramatic, I need that unknown, that drama to move the characters and story. If it was easy, to me, it would be a boring or predictable read (depending on the story you’re writing…I tend to go with heavy drama). 

I think that’s the ultimate reason I’m so fed up and disappointed in GOT. They really had an opportunity to do something great and unexpected… to take the viewer on a rollercoaster - right when you think you have it figured out - BAM. Nope, just kidding. That’s why the killing off of all the interesting and non-hero characters (other than the stereotypical arch villain of evil, The Night King which of course ‘good’ will destroy….yawn….) has made the story boring to me. There’s no more intrigue and twists. Everything that made the show interesting is now gone with the killing of that last dark horse character. 

GOT can put in the best CGI battles, dragons, wolves…but it’s still the ‘good vs evil’ trope, with the good guys winning predictably and living happily ever after that makes me sad. I had really hoped that the writing would be more unconventional with a surprise for the ‘heroes’. I like complicated characters, whether they are the antagonist or protagonist. 

I have a hard time writing fluffy stuff. I’ve tried and I can’t do it. I guess I’m a sucker for angst and drama. It comes easier to me.