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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR ART! it just makes so happy looking at it!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This kind of ask makes ME happy which means we’re BOTH happy right now, isn’t that amazing!!!

Anon said: HAVE YOU SEEN UM-MMMA HER ART. THOSE HAIKYUU MAGAZINE COVERS ARE AMAZING. I especially love BokuAka’s pose. If only it were Bokuroo *coughhintcough*

Of course I’ve seen their art! I love their linework and coloring so much tbh and their Teru and Kuroo make my heart go doki BUT even though I see where you’re coming from you can’t ask me to copy their work, anon, it’d be highly disrespectful for the original artist if I did

Anon said:  YAAAAAAAASSS. THE RETURN OF BOKUTO AND KUROO(’S HAIR). I live for your comics with these two idiots.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!!!! <3

Anon said:  i’ve been scrolling through your bokuroo tag all afternoon and i am weak and producing deathbed-whale noises and your art is just beautiful and i teared up in the “love at first pun” one because it was just too beautiful and juST BL E SS AND TH A N K

Holy smokes, I’m glad you liked my stuff that much!!!!! *O* thank you so much for this ask, it made me seriously super happy!!!!!! <3<3

Anon said:  But bakushimanari D: ?

My Main Ship, a Good™, A+ 10/10 best thing I ever came across, instant happiness every time I happen to think about them which might or might not be every free second of my life - what about it, anon?

Get To Know You tag

Tagged by @elisalromagnoli and @boothewriter, thanks huns!

relationship status: single pringle and ready to mingle (after A levels, that is)

favo(u)rite color: forest green and orange

pets: none, not p keen either

last song you listened to: Biting Down by Lorde

first fandom: I’m 17 and I’m still too old for this q. First ship (before I even knew what that was) was Teen Titans back in the day. I think my first real fandom might have been YJ? Or PJ? Or Avengers? Eh, it’s complicated.

Hobbies: writing, reading, trying to pass my A levels, golf, badminton, coming up with plotlines and character developments instead of sleeping and forgetting them by morning

Currently Reading: nothing, because I’m so time poor. I just finished Crooked Kingdom though, which was amazing!

Tagging @scripturient-manipulator @gallivantingfox @praise-the-lord-im-dead @jamieanovels @hemingway-twin @haphazardlyparked (I’m coming to your prompt, I swear) @lyssthewriter and @neenorroar as a selection of people! If you haven’t done this already, have fun!

Happy Month o Mog-o-weeeeeennnnn (omg thats me in that picture, its a photo okay)

Show me your best Halloween garb, in any game, and i mean any, including the game of life! You dont have any? No real life costume? Its all good, do some art! Im offering a full body colored sketch for the winner of your character in your Halloween costume!

Bonus points for creativity, originality and execution. The deadline is oct 24th, and voting will be after that, voting will be public, and can sway my decisions one way or another. 

Please tag me with a picture, or a few your best attire! I will try to catch all of them, if i miss one, please message me with a link! If i haven’t liked your piece within 24 hours, message me again! 

One entry per person, please. Please dont submit different characters from different accounts, someone will probably tattle on you. You dont have to be following me, but its very nice if you do <3 

personal moodboards :)

hey guys! the most popular choice for my 1.5k celebration (on my poetry blog) was blogrates, but i’m about to go on holiday so i’ll do blogrates when i get back. for now i decided to do personal moodboards :)


  • mbf this nerd
  • reblog this post to spread the word 
  • send me your name and/or anything you want me to include in your moodboard! (i cant make any promises but hey the more i have to work with the better!)
  • bonus points if you check out (and maybe enter if you want?) this lil network (:

here are examples of my moodboards

i’ll tag them with “personal mb” if you dont want to see! 

unless this get too many notes (which it wont lets be real), i’ll try to make all of them! but it may take me some time pls know im not ignoring you im just probably on a plane or something!

edit: i actually got a loooot of asks, so though i will do them all, it will take even more time than i planned!