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Reblog if I can message you and befriend you

I found few amazing people here and I want to meet more, since I am incapable of making friends in real life!

(I’m shy and awkward tho, so our conversations might be weird at the beginning. But I will try my best.)

did anyone listen to that BGA song??? WHY IS IT SO IRONICALLY LEGIT???


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I know one for them: LARRY IS HELLA REAL

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Why should a sugar baby not give away there name and phone number ? What's something bad the sugar daddy could do? Hopefully this does not come out wrong Im just not sure ? ❤

I’ve had a POT try to blackmail me with nudes that he paid for, but because I didn’t use my real name or phone number he had no way to actually expose me. He threatened to post them on facebook and tag me in them (what facebook lol) and send them to my family. He didn’t have any of my real information so I just blocked him and went about my life $100 richer. That’s just one example of POTs trying to pull shit with your personal information. Most SBs try to keep their sugar life private, so being exposed could potentially be very bad for them. Sugaring is sex work, even though we have a relationship with these men. There’s so much hostility toward sex workers, that keeping the sugar life private is usually very important.

Selfie Tag

i got tagged by my one and only @justapansexualfanficwriter to post my most recent ugly selfie and 10 facts about myself  LMAO so here we go

don’t mind me pls


  1. i can’t cook for shit like i managed to burn the oven mitts while i was trying to cook some pasta. for real man. i can’t break the freaking eggs without destroying them and make a mess. recently i almost killed my microwave by putting an aluminum box in it ha ha yes im that stupid,,
  2. i hate vegetables and i am very picky like i don’t eat many of them and that’s terribly wrong i know but im a baby so *pouts*
  3. when i was a child i wanted to be a fashion designer indeed i used to draw fancy dresses and keep them like i had my professional portfolio which i still have. i was very proud of it lmao
  4. i have two dimples! one is near my left cheek and the second one is always in the left below my bottom lip. they both appear only when i smile
  5. a friend of mine told me my eyes seem like a starry sky bc they are so so dark and reflect all the lights and i got emotional bc i cannot handle compliments *sobs*
  6. i am the best at doing scary pranks (bc i am kinda soundless when i move, sometimes i scare ppl unintentionally lmaooo
  7. i tend to be jealous towards the people i love but ha ahaha i will never admit it to the person at hand bc im  a mess and i love to overthink and fuck my mind up
  8. i cry easily over fictional-sad stuff/puppies but not so easily over irl stuff. i won’t cry until i’ve really had enough. pp who hurt me are not worthy of my tears bc im a fucking nice person and u don’t deserve me (:
  9. never had a love life or a life in general bc im so awkward like if i have i crush on u i wouldn’t be able to look into ur eyes neither talk to you so lmao im so obvious and im sorry,, im shy
  10. you may think i have some art techniques and stuff but actually it’s just me yelling and swearing at my computer while i try drawing stuff randomly hoping it comes out decent lol

i taggg: no one bc  im lazy

U know, I’d see people make the analogy of “well would you tell a person with a broken leg to just get over it??” when talking about mental illnesses and how they’re treated by nt folks but tbh you really have to follow it through

Would you tell a person with a broken leg to keep it from healing? No.

Would you tell them that they should keep breaking their leg otherwise they were faking the injury? No.

Would you force them to stand on their injured leg and tell then to endure the pain otherwise they were “just another healthy person being overdramatic”? No.

So if ur gonna make the comparison that “well having a mental illness is like having a real illness!!” Then treat it like a real illness and try to heal it, and stop acting like everything about self care that u hear is “neurotypical” half the time it’s a depressed person just trying to share what makes them feel better

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Hey, what exactly is the Adventure Zone? Is it the podcast? I really like your art of it and am curious now

it is a podcast! it’s a dungeons and dragons adventure. and it’s pretty darn great

it starts kinda tame (and by that i mean, like a good dnd adventure) but things pick up pretty fast, with foreshadowing and theories and stuff! It’s really fun to listen to but it doesnt shy away from sad n dramatic moments. ALSO LGBT CHARACTERS! WOMEN THAT KICK ASS! it’s pretty nice.

It’s hosted by the McElroy brothers+dad (Griffin, Travis, Justin and Clint), which are all becoming more and more well known lately THANK GOD. You might know them from  Monster Factory, MBMBAM, Griffin’s Amiibo Corner, Car Boys, and that’s just my favorites because honestly they just are doing too many things for me to check them all out?? but please check it all out

You can find TAZ episodes either on iTunes or here! It’s probably my favorite podcast right now. here’s two tweets I made trying to convince people to watch it

listen to the adventure zone its real good

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Okay so you remember when I said what if Mufasa Ali and Naomi will make a great tag team? Okay so let's start with inspirational quotes ,I mean Have You Seen Her Twitter? and don't get me started on the clapbacks! And then let Naomi try and make him glow in the dark with his already awesome entrance! Once again them combos tho! Just imagine the moves that Mufasa Ali could teach Naomi!

if naomi and mustafa teamed up to save the world i have NO DOUBT in my heart that they could do it holy shit

oh my GOD mustafa teaching naomi how to do that rolling thunder neckbreaker!!! NAOMI TEACHING MUSTAFA HOW TO DO THE SPLIT-LEGGED MOONSAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they’d be GOLD together, oh my god, i’m in love with this i’m screaming. this is legendary already ill DIE

they’re both unstoppable and ready to get their messages across at any cost. mustafa takes any risk he needs to to make himself heard, naomi’s daring and fearless and ready to light this world up, they’re firestarters together, naomi’s the light and mustafa’s the heat and they would be EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lo I'm still cringing at the thought of people at ED (especially Danny and Ryan) being told about that petition or worse shown it. And I think the person is going to post it to them 😟 At times of embarrassment like these I wander into your fluff ruffle tag and everything begins to feel better again #happyplace

oh god anon let’s all just comfort ourselves with the beautiful things in life like the fluff ruffle or the goodbye scene or that one heartbreaking bathroom scene or the hallway makeout and pretend that literally no other people exist to do things on the internet

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TERF stands for 'trans-exclusionary radical feminist.' They're not necessarily always members of the LGBT+ community, but they are always pieces of shit who think trans men are 'traitors' and trans women are trying to 'infiltrate womanhood' and assault 'real women.' It seems rooted in wanting to flatten out all of society's issues into an Us vs. Them (women vs men) dynamic and refuses to recognize other issues such as racism, ableism and xenophobia.

I have seen that acronym before, wasn’t sure if it was a feminist thing or a lesbian thing (not really up to date on all my tumblr-isms and terminology tbh) and… ugh well… that’s really shitty. I am definitely not that then! I didn’t mean to (and hope I do not ever) come across like that to anyone! :)

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RULES: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours. When you are done, tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you, and most importantly, have fun!
A) Age: 16
B) Biggest fear: being alone and slash or hated
C) Current time: 4:30
D) Drink you last had: water
E) Every day starts with: waking up and then immediately falling back asleep
F) Favourite song at the moment: cant sleep love by pentatonix
G) Ghosts. Are they real?: fuck if i know but im not gonna try to piss them off just to see
H) Hometown: phoenix az
I) In love with?: my boyfriend
J) Jealous of?: anyone who still has the will to live
K) Killed Someone?: what kind of question is this
L) Last time you cried: last night
M) Middle name: raven
N) Number of siblings: 2 older brothers 
O) One wish: Death
P) Person you last called/texted: ky
Q) Questions you are always asked: ‘are you okay?’ and 'did you draw that?’ mostly
R) Reasons to smile: my friends and cats and drawing and sleep
S) Song you last song you sang: everybody talks by neon trees
T) Time you woke up: 7:12
U) Underwear colour: teal striped
V) Verse from a song you like: i hardly pay attention to lyrics tbh my brain doesnt work that fast
W) Worst habit: picking skin and pulling hair
X) X-rays you’ve had: xray a year or so ago on my back to find out i had scoliosis
Y) Your favourite food: n/a
Z) Zodiac sign: scorpio
i tag whoever wants to do this just say i tagged u

things that really arent funny:

-telling ppl their abuse isnt real bc they arent willing to disclose every detail about it
-genuinely being uncomfortable by people who have hurt you
-making fun of people who are kin/making “im kin w this” jokes
-making fun of ppls kins/calling them “cursed” or “edgy”
-making fun of people who try to be positive online
-making fun of people who have severe depression/have a hard time being optimistic (/calling them edgy)
-making fun of ppls harmless “cringy” interests
-calling anyone who talks about their mental illness/symptoms online abusive or manipulative or fakers
-harassing young kids online for doing things that dont hurt anyone
-this behavior that it makes it seem like its cool and funny to be a bully

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monster au in which kurt is a gargoyle (kinda like a weeping angel but they don't kill humans) and pietro is a trickster (fast and normally invisible to humans, plays tricks obviously) and pietro really likes turning people towards kurt so he has to stop moving in whatever pose he's in. rip.

yo! yo! i love paranormal/monster aus ok so im gonna go w/ this one

  • scott is something medusa-y obviously
  • jean is a ghost!! ghost girl!!
  • ju is a vampire that’s canon
  • storm is a siren and if ju wasn’t dead she’d be mesmerized 24/7 by that voice (and that girl)
  • kurt and pietro are what u said ^^^^
  • they just try to chill together BUT
  • charles is a human with clairvoyant abilities and a passion for the world beyond who’s looking for them
  • he found them bc he summoned jean when he was seance-ing 
  • so him and his bf erik “ghosts aren’t real” lehnsherr are always looking for the monster kids
  • i need a show like this rn id watch the shit out of it

Me: Aw I love natlise so mu-