there are real tags im trying them

Reblog if I can message you and befriend you

I found few amazing people here and I want to meet more, since I am incapable of making friends in real life!

(I’m shy and awkward tho, so our conversations might be weird at the beginning. But I will try my best.)

It´s ok, the bean wakes up later and spends 15 minutes trying to get the blanket over Jack without waking him up lol.

Was real busy last week and inspiration finally stuck lol! Mb I should draw Reaper with some Jack beans too. Don’t want to leave them out.

This is from the anime Nichijou I think?

(Also thanks to everyone who’s been real nice to me lol! The messies and tags and stuff!! Uuhh! I’m terrible at this but plz belive me lol! Thank you so much! I’m trying to get over myself! And you have helped me a lot! <3)

did anyone listen to that BGA song??? WHY IS IT SO IRONICALLY LEGIT???


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I know one for them: LARRY IS HELLA REAL

Turns out my Comashipping phase will never cease…. (also: Who on Arceus needs to sleep when you can draw these dorks, hahah). I got ass-blasted back to the fandom by Zin00′s forum!AU, how   v e r y   predictable of me…

(pssst… will we have a comashipping week event this year?)

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Why should a sugar baby not give away there name and phone number ? What's something bad the sugar daddy could do? Hopefully this does not come out wrong Im just not sure ? ❤

I’ve had a POT try to blackmail me with nudes that he paid for, but because I didn’t use my real name or phone number he had no way to actually expose me. He threatened to post them on facebook and tag me in them (what facebook lol) and send them to my family. He didn’t have any of my real information so I just blocked him and went about my life $100 richer. That’s just one example of POTs trying to pull shit with your personal information. Most SBs try to keep their sugar life private, so being exposed could potentially be very bad for them. Sugaring is sex work, even though we have a relationship with these men. There’s so much hostility toward sex workers, that keeping the sugar life private is usually very important.

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Hey, what exactly is the Adventure Zone? Is it the podcast? I really like your art of it and am curious now

it is a podcast! it’s a dungeons and dragons adventure. and it’s pretty darn great

it starts kinda tame (and by that i mean, like a good dnd adventure) but things pick up pretty fast, with foreshadowing and theories and stuff! It’s really fun to listen to but it doesnt shy away from sad n dramatic moments. ALSO LGBT CHARACTERS! WOMEN THAT KICK ASS! it’s pretty nice.

It’s hosted by the McElroy brothers+dad (Griffin, Travis, Justin and Clint), which are all becoming more and more well known lately THANK GOD. You might know them from  Monster Factory, MBMBAM, Griffin’s Amiibo Corner, Car Boys, and that’s just my favorites because honestly they just are doing too many things for me to check them all out?? but please check it all out

You can find TAZ episodes either on iTunes or here! It’s probably my favorite podcast right now. here’s two tweets I made trying to convince people to watch it

listen to the adventure zone its real good

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i told an anti in the vld fandom that maybe we should worry about racism in the fandom and they assumed i was white and told me to not use the term poc like the term colored. i told them my nationalities to try to help them out and they couldn't take the hint and tried to still "accuse" me of being white then blocked me. im like u called a bunch of people pedophilia apologists openly in the sheith tag, i wonder how long it'll take for u to get deleted lol

I’ve seen a lot of antis straight up say people who support ships lie about being a POC like are you fucking for real

From Horikoshi’s twitter

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monster au in which kurt is a gargoyle (kinda like a weeping angel but they don't kill humans) and pietro is a trickster (fast and normally invisible to humans, plays tricks obviously) and pietro really likes turning people towards kurt so he has to stop moving in whatever pose he's in. rip.

yo! yo! i love paranormal/monster aus ok so im gonna go w/ this one

  • scott is something medusa-y obviously
  • jean is a ghost!! ghost girl!!
  • ju is a vampire that’s canon
  • storm is a siren and if ju wasn’t dead she’d be mesmerized 24/7 by that voice (and that girl)
  • kurt and pietro are what u said ^^^^
  • they just try to chill together BUT
  • charles is a human with clairvoyant abilities and a passion for the world beyond who’s looking for them
  • he found them bc he summoned jean when he was seance-ing 
  • so him and his bf erik “ghosts aren’t real” lehnsherr are always looking for the monster kids
  • i need a show like this rn id watch the shit out of it

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but it is there and i'm sorry to say but no matter how much u mock them or try to educate them there are gonna be jungkook ship posts in the tag bc it's tumblr

i get the feeling that ur trying to get me to stop? and im like. not going to

I was tagged by @ascendingdread7 thanks!!

1. If magic was real, what spell would you try to learn first?

Probably teleportation or shapeshifting (are those spells?? Idk)

2. If you were a ghost and could possess people, what would you make them do?

Have a relaxing, stress free day

3. What are you currently worried about?

So many things. Number one thing is probably if my friends actually like me :/

4. What “old person” things do you do?

I like to crochet lmao

5. If you couldn’t be convicted of any one type of crime, what criminal charge would you like to be immune to?

Breaking and entering so I can break into places and pet all the animals

6. Do you have any tattoos/piercings? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, do you want to get any?

I have my ears pierced but I never wear earrings. I do want tattoos in the future though! I want a small minimalistic cat on my ankle and a flower crown with a cute quote on my left shoulder :)

7. What movie can you watch over and over without getting tired of it?

Coraline, that movie scared me so much as a kid but it’s a really good movie

8. What’s the cutest thing you can imagine? Something so cute it’s almost painful.

Oh god, just a bunch of my friends in a field playing with baby animals

9. What do you need help with most often?

Talking to strangers, whether that be ordering food, answering the phone or asking an employee at a store for help. I just can never talk to strangers

10. What’s the worst thing you ate from a fast food restaurant? (or other types of restaurant?)

I went to subway at like midnight after a long plane ride and literally got a piece of bacon on bread

11. What’s something that I don’t know?

About myself? I guess nobody really knows this but, I love going out in cold weather with a blanket and hot chocolate and reading cheesy romance novels lmao

I’m too lazy to make questions n shit but thanks for tagging me!! (I’m not gonna bother to read this over so if something’s wrong please tell me!)

Me: Aw I love natlise so mu- 



hey friends –

reminder that the june rebellion was real, and that real people died. i know that the les mis references are inevitable, but can we try to keep them to a minimum? i think it’s very important that we use the next few days to honor the lives that were actually lost, rather than fixating on fictional ones. 

thank you.