there are rarely any fights


(gif used is not mine)

  • Reading books to each other.
  • Wearing his circle frame glasses.
  • Being up a 2 in the morning eating ramen or ordering take out.
  • Having matching sweater paws.
  • Buying him oversized sweaters as gifts because he loves them.
  • Mingyu being around all the time.
  • Likes to cuddle a L O T.
  • Him hiding his face in your neck all the time.
  • Subtle matching, like same color scheme or the same shoes just different colors because overly matching is “cheesy”.
  • Fighting over characters in books.
  • When you guys get in a fight he would spoil the ending of a book your reading.
  • Rarely any fights tho.
  • Him wanting to do random couple youtube challenges.
  • Tries to do your makeup but kinda fails.
  • Morning texts and Night texts.
  • Hugs all the time.
  • Stealing kisses.
  • You shiver a bit and he automatic gives you his sweater or jacket or shirt. whatever he can give you.
  • Knowing he’s mad at you when he has his typical blank face.
  • Shows up at your house just to nap next to you or with you.
  • Seducing him by wearing his sweaters and nothing underneath.
  • Lazy days.
  • Hanging out with Seventeen.
  • Him being a soft shy dork.
  • Not much pda but, quite a bit of action when alone with you.
  • Waking up in his arms.
  • Getting a whole bunch of ‘i’m sorry’ texts because he forgot to call you in the morning.
  • Comfortable silence.
  • Knowing he’s tired when he mumbles things against your shoulder. 
  • Finding Mingyu on your couch when Wonwoo has to work.
  • “Should I make you breakfast, Gyu?”
  • Tall bb.
  • Leaving hickies on his collar bones.
  • Catching him looking at you fondly.
  •  Him telling you E V E R Y T H I N G about his day.
  • Piggy back rides.


I’m on Spring Break holiday so these next couple posts are pre made and queued. 

-Mari xx.

Perks of the invader zim fandom

•there’s rarely any fighting

•if you’re part of the IZ fandom you’re instantly part of the JTHM fandom

•the ZADR and the ZATR shippers are rather peaceful towards each other compared to other fandoms

•we causally insult each other

•the characters are really hard to cosplay

•the fanfics are either amazing or awful but we read them all anyway

•rikki Simons

First of all, sorry for the slow responses! I forgot that I had to work a shift today, so I wasn’t around all afternoon. Which didn’t leave much time for me to write, but here I am, so lets do this (until I inevitably disappear to get some sleep)! Also I’ve gotten some very lovely asks but I wanted to write this down before I forgot. I thought of this headcanon while I was working and it’s too damn good not to share:

Alright, this happens at some point after CW but before Thanos shows up. The team (without Bucky, who’s still in Wakanda, working on getting his head cleared) is back in the US, having signed some form of revised accords. Steve is no longer team leader, but otherwise they’ve gotten off fairly easily with little repercussions. The tension between the old and new Avengers is obvious and especially Tony is met with outright hostility. It doesn’t help that Rhodey still isn’t in any shape to join the fights and is rarely around.

One day Clint signs Tony up for a parenting class. It’s another not-nicely-meant joke because of all the criticism Tony’s gotten for letting Peter fight. Only, the thing nobody expected? Tony actually goes. Because apparently he’s just that masochistic (apparently part of him still desperately wants to fix, to work things out between them). It earns him a lot of harsh ridicule, but Tony finishes it all the same.

Thing is, the Team Cap is so busy making fun of him, they don’t even notice when things start changing. Little things. When Steve walks into an argument between Clint and Tony and asks the latter “What have you done now?” disappointedly, Tony doesn’t snap something, get defensive or flee. He says “Have you ever noticed that you’re always immediately assuming I’m the one who has done something?”. It earns him another hurtful comment from Clint, and the incident is forgotten.

Until. Until, one day, during a debrief, Steve snaps. “She’s just a kid, Tony!” he yells when Tony keeps insisting on harder training for Wanda.

There’s a moment of silence, before, “Oh. Really? Does everyone agree with that?”

“You’re still not done catching up, Stark? So much for the futurist,” Clint sneers, and the matter is dropped. Or so it appears.

For the rest of the meeting, Tony is quiet. Thoughtful. In retrospect, they should’ve taken it for the warning it was.

That evening, when Wanda orders a new dress online, FRIDAY dispassionately informs her the transaction is impossible, as the price goes beyond her monthly allowance.

After a fruitless shouting match with the AI, she goes to Steve. Who (after a just as fruitless shouting match) goes to Tony. Who shrugs. “You told me she’s just a kid. Nobody, not even she herself, disagreed. I’m treating her like one.”

Suddenly, M-rated movies are inaccessible whenever Wanda is in the room. Once her curfew is reached, all electric devices go into sleeping modus (unless in case of an emergency of course). Talking with Tony, screaming at Tony, proves to be completely useless. Tony refuses to budge. Repeats lessons from his parenting class, about enforcing rules and teaching children boundaries.

And it doesn’t end there. The entire team is cut off from Tony’s money–Steve has to admit, he’s entitled to that, and maybe the team has gotten a bit too used to throwing Tony’s money around. That’s not the bad part anyways, they all have their own salaries from the government, they can still live. Just maybe a little more limited than before.

But suddenly the services they’ve become accustomed to are cancelled. They have to buy groceries themselves. There is no cleaning crew after Wanda throws a temper tantrum–she has to clean it herself or one of her ‘staunch defenders’, as Tony calls them, has to do it for her. New furniture doesn’t magically appear out of thin air, they have to buy it. And suddenly–suddenly the costs are starting to add up.

There’s a list pinned to the fridge one morning–on paper even–with their chores, going from doing the dishes to the laundry, that rotate every week. Who hasn’t fulfilled his one has to do all the chores the next week. FRIDAY keeps track of it, and barring missions and injuries, there are no exceptions.

Being grounded is an honest to god possibility now, including all electronics, for when they break one of the House Rules. And they are all enforced ruthlessly.

They all try to talk to Tony about it–they aren’t children, they don’t have to put up with this shit, it wasn’t funny to begin with, when is he gonna stop this already–but he remains unmoved.

It’s all “You told me Wanda is a kid,” and “I am allowed to set rules, considering you’re living under my roof. And there really is no excuse for breaking them, you are all aware they exist and why. They’re reasonable and you know it.”

And the most damning of them all. “If you’re so grown up and independent, you know where the door is. Walk out. This isn’t a prison, and you’re always welcome back, provided that you’re following the rules. You can walk away any time you want.”

Suffice to say, Clint is getting a lot of shit for signing Tony up for that parenting class. (Tony tells him he really appreciates it because clear communication is important.)

Bassian + romance

Listen, just, shit listen.  We’ve been wrong.  We’ve been so wrong.  It’s understandable, you take one look at Bodhi Rook and then you take another look at Bodhi Rook in a flower crown and you just want to see him romanced so hard and flustered and adorable but just fucking listen. You know who’s the one to actually get really flustered by romance?  Cassian. Fucking.  Andor.

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yutendont  asked:

Maybe Ryuga for the pixel scribbles? :D

How did Kenta stay so close to this terror for so long and never get hit by lightning

Or end up otherwise dead, for that matter

the art of the trade

day three of @platonicvldweek - lions/bonding

2694 words, in which keith and red share a moment or three. s2 spoilers. 

also available on ao3.

      Red believes in equal exchange or nothing at all. Trust for trust. Joy for joy. Hope for hope. But she also deals in wrath, envy, even despair. Whatever Keith can offer her, she will match it, and needless to say, he prefers trading lighter memories, few and far between though they seem. However, Red shows no obvious interest in the memories themselves, but in the act of the trade, and when Keith settles into her cabin to think, her presence presses all around him, heavy and warm. Expectant.

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What kind of boyfriend would Renjun be?

- I see Renjun falling for a girl around the same age as him, and I can also really see him going for a foreigner
- He seems like an open minded person, and he’d immediately be drawn to someone who’s a bit different and not reserved per say, but someone with a quiet and refined nature
- You two would start off as acquaintances, progress to friendship, and only after you’ve throughly gotten to know one other and connected on a deeper level would he finally ask you out
- Renjun isn’t the type of person to rush into a relationship, or any decision big or small for that matter, he likes to take everything into account
- He is pretty much the definition of an angel, I honestly feel like he’s just such a pure soul
- He’s not the kind of boyfriend to make grand gestures or constantly proclaim his love for you, but his actions would make it so beyond obvious
- He’s the perfect gentleman, holding doors open for you, pushing in your chair, walking you to your door after a date
- Every now and then when he’s in an especially good mood, he’ll share some of his drawings with you
- I feel like he isn’t much of a talker, but everything he says is very meaningful
- It isn’t that he doesn’t enjoy skinship, but he isn’t a touchy person and can be rather shy, so if you want any hugs or kisses you’re going to have to go to him
- Unlike some of the other members, Renjun is far from clingy
- He’s very levelheaded, so there will rarely be any fights in your relationship, and it is next to impossible to make him jealous
- He appreciates his personal space, so he wouldn’t want anyone too clingy, but he wouldn’t mind you being affectionate either
- He never forgets a birthday, holiday, anniversary, graduation, or any other important dates
- I don’t see him as much of a texter or user of social media, but he does enjoy late night phone calls with you
- He’s super shy, especially at the beginning of your relationship, which makes it incredibly easy to make him blush
- He wouldn’t spoil you rotten, but he always pays on dates and surprises you with flowers when you’re having a bad day or you’re feeling sick
- I don’t know if he can cook, but regardless I think it’s something he would enjoy doing with you on occasional
- He really values your opinion, and often asks you for advice prior to making decisions
- Renjun would happily introduce you to his friends and family, but when it’s your turn to introduce him, he’s going to be a nervous wreck
- He may be extremely busy, but he’ll be there for you 24/7
- He’ll help you study for an exam whether or not he’s taking the course, assist you in cleaning your room when you’re feeling extra lazy, even take your dog on a walk for you when you’re sick
- It’ll be a while before he opens up to you, but once he does you’ll have fully earned his trust and there’ll be zero secrets between you two
- From an outsiders perspective your relationship appears rather nonchalant, but both of you are serious about each other and your future together
- Just imagine how amazing it would be dating little angel Renjun 👼🏻

anonymous asked:

Sorry but I couldn't comment on the ship break down, but Jumin x Mc?


Again, canonically through the messenger. But also, MC probably saw Jumin some time or another through the media press and whatnot, so eh?


Jumin, but he couldn’t understand them and brushed them off, thinking it was just weird and that he’d be excited about someone joining the RFA this spontaneously.


Jaehee. She’s 100% supportive, since she benefits from her boss being in a better mood as well, lmao.


CANONICALLY, WE SEE WHAT WENT DOWN IN HIS ROUTE EHHHhhh if that wasn’t the case, I’m absolutely sure that there would be a special occassion that had the two of them become more intimate in a moment of happiness. For example, if a business plan went down super well and they would have a celebration. Jumin would inch closer, but then back away, thinking it’s probably not too appropriate or that he might not be in the position to take upper hand like this, so it’s MC who has to take care of the last few inches between their lips.


MC. Jumin couldn’t interpret his own correctly, so since he thought there were no feelings, they were first to confess to him and make him understand “well, yeah, that’s kinda what I experience too!”


Really fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant! Candle lights and live music fiddles.


They’re not into it too much. Generally, they’re happy about any way they can spend time together with each other, so even if there’s someone else involved too, that doesn’t mean they can be lovey-dovey in a moderate way. They do prefer privacy though.


Have really deep deep conversations while maybe watching a classic black and white movie.


MC’s parents are probably more than happy with Jumin, not only since he’s rich, but because he also gives off a very reliable and trustworthy vibe and they can be absolutely assured that MC is in good hands. Jumin’s father might not be too happy with MC, since he tried to arrange different options for his son, then again, I don’t think Jumin would bother with that too much and his father would come to the conclusion that the top priority should be his son’s happiness.


Work. The fact that Jumin has way too less time for MC and spends most of it on work. The fact that Jumin, even when he’s actually free from work, still gets called by his coworkers that need something from him. It eventually might have MC think that his work is way more important to him than they are. They don’t want him to choose between either them or his work, they just wish for better coordination and compromises, that for example at least he turns off his business phone as soon as they are on vacation together and supposed so enjoy their holidays!

I think with having a conversation, things are cleared up easily. Jumin does understand their concerns since he wishes to spend as much time with MC as possible, but sometimes work needs to be done and there’s not much he can do about that. He’ll try to make up for it through a longer break with no cell phones involved.




Actually, while MC most definitely will enjoy these fancy dinners and all that, they’ll try to introduce him to “commoners-food” as well and might find really cool things that Jumin is pleasantly surprised by. Even if it’s just a frozen pizza.


MC. They lie in each others arms, MC burying their face in his chest and him resting his chin on their head. Elizabeth probably chills in between them or on top of them, preferably sitting on one of their buttsssss!!!


Not really, no. They do like to walk next to each other with MCs arm linked into the crook of Jumin’s though!


I believe they wait for a really really long time, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They just make sure they’re on the same page and that both are really ready for it.




They rarely ever fight, since Jumin keeps his cool throughout and solves any confrontation with collected discourse and conversation. If that something that’s not to MC’s liking, then that won’t be good and might annoy them even more, though.


MC does the shopping and cooking, since Jumin is most likely busy with other things. Most of the time, they don’t cook for themselves any way and order something or go to a nearby restaurant.


Jumin. He has his cravats sorted and folded neatly, as he has with all his suits, shirts, shoes, heck even his underwear and socks. He hates anything that is out of order. He probably even sorts his wine bottles in alphabetical order and in order of the year they were made in.




Joined. It’s easier to handle, especially with the media masses. Jumin isn’t much of a party animal anyway, so again, he’s just happy to spend time with his s/o!




Big. Giant in fact. But most aren’t guests. It’s just that their marriages is probably bound to be public and in the eye of everything and everyone.


Absolutely. Something really far away and luxurious. They can go anywhere they want to, but I think it’s mostly a place to relax instead of somewhere where there’s a lot of tourist attractions or traveling involved. Maybe somewhere up the hills or somewhere rather secluded. I’d love to say Iceland with the beautiful scenery.


Yes, one son.

purple-gay-mermaid  asked:

i need a movie that is more or less les mis modern au (even better if its gay af) pls

YAAAASSSSS!!!!! I have a mighty NEED for this!

Y’all wanted gay af? I’ll give you gay af, with just a little hetro and bi on the side ;) 

I’ll give ya a socially awkward Marius as the new kid at university, falling in love with the Dean’s daughter Cosette. And dean Valjean who used to be involved in some shady business when he was young but now is so clean you could eat off him. But Marius, a business major (since his grandad bullied him into taking a degree that would get him ‘a real job’, though he realizes he actually does have the mind for it), is absolutely terrified of him, even when he sees how much of a softy he becomes around Cosette, his smol 5 foot fashion and design major daughter.

Enjolras, a French culture and language major minoring in politics, shares an apartment with Courfeyrac and Combeferre, two idiots so in love with each other and don’t even notice that it makes Enj wanna vomit. But really it just makes him roll his eyes and smile knowingly, patiently waiting for them to get there damn act together.
And Courf is a theatre major (an idea and au I just can’t get out of my head) and Ferre is a med student.
Enj leads Les Amis at a small cafe called the Musain on the university campus. They do rallies, petitions, and other social justice-y stuff. E is passionate, wild, ruthless, and beautiful.

Then there’s Jehan, a linguistics major who becomes fast friends with Cosette (I just think they’d get along so well). Jehan has a certificate of fluency in English, French, Italian, and Greek. Though they are also learning Latin and Hebrew. Their proficiency in languages leads to them write poetry in multiple languages and win many awards for it. They’re kind of famous around campus and anyone who needs an emergency romantic poem for a date or otherwise goes straight to them.

Joly, who lives with Bossuet, Musichetta, and Grantaire in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment, is also a med student who wants to specialize in paediatrics. He has a prosthetic leg on his right side but he’s had it his whole life and deals well. Bossuet is a history major and Musichetta is a music major (don’t get me started on Chetta playing the cello). Also, slight tangent, but in this modern au Joly/Bossuet/Chetta got together in a *cough* innocent *cough* way. Originally, it was just Joly, Chetta, and Taire living in the 2 bedroom. But Bossuet was couch surfing and ended up staying with them for a few weeks. One night it’s cold so Joly and Chetta invite him spend the night in their bed, absolutely platonically right (??????), then ‘why not spend a few more night with us I mean it is cold’ and then 'oh I guess I might a well, and wait are we having a threesome?’, then 'wait! Bossuet you might as well stay! Whoops we’re all together now. We’re gonna need a bigger bed’ They’re room is pretty much 95% bed.

Feuilly works at the university in the library but is taking night classes to get his degree in child care and development. He wants to work with underprivileged kids and help them the way no one helped him. He and Bahorel, who is of course a law student, have been together for years and their relationship is surprisingly healthy considering both of them are constantly busy with work and school and life.

Grantaire, wonderful Grantaire, is a visual arts major who had a fucked up childhood and a fucked up adolescence in a fucked up household yet his art is full of vibrant colours and life, just like his laugh. He’s best friends with Eponine, a bioscience major who works 2 jobs as well as going to full time classes to take care of Gavroche and Azelma both in elementary and high school respectively. Grantaire lives with the ot3 Joly/Bossuet/Chetta.

He and Enjolras are most definitely not in love, no sir! They fight and argue but there’s rarely any animosity behind their jabs, though I’m not sure Enj has realized that yet. He says he doesn’t consider R part of Les Amis and yet has has photos of R and the rest of Les Amis on his wall in his apartment. He actually keeps the art R gives him and cherishes them. In fact they find a strange fondness in their fights. And R, well R just loves to fuck with Enj. Taire loves to get him going. Purposefully saying things he knows will get his blood boiling. Does it infuriate Enjolras? Yes. Does it turn Enjolras on? Perhaps.


And it takes them almost to graduation to finally admit it. Finally an argument pushed to far leads to some yelling, a little screaming, and a little or a lot of pent up sexual frustration. They emerge from the bedroom in Enj’s apartment to a small note on the kitchen counter simply saying ‘congrats on the sex - C & C’ in nice gold lettering. 

And they all lived happily ever after (and no one dies) 

– Emmalynn


Dakota Washington - better known by their hero name, Cadence - is a non-binary professional hero representing The Hero Association of America (H2A for short) as one of its most popular heroes, an unusual trait for one who rarely takes part in any actual crime fighting.

With the ability to calm others and resolve tensions with little more than their speaking voice, Cadence is, more often than not, used primarily as a negotiator, resolving conflicts before they escalate into violence by talking down those who may be trying  to hurt others and doing away with their anger, fear, paranoia, or whatever other negative emotions may be contributing to their behavior.

It is this role as a negotiator and a peacekeeper that has made them most famous, however, as they have prevented a large number of tragedies before they even happened, including an assassination attempt on the President of the United States - their most famous exploit to date.

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Best Friends (Sun or Rising Signs)

Aries & Capricorn : Capricorn values the rules enough to keep Aries out of trouble, both are ambitious and when they put their minds together they have the innovation and drive to do amazing things. They would make excellent business partners as well, but both are natural leaders, so they’ll have to find the best way to work together. 

Taurus & Scorpio : They both share similar traits and values, being protective AND opinionated. Taurus knows that they have a true friend in Scorpio, and Scorpio knows that they can always count on Taurus to be there for them. Although, sometimes, Scorpio’s secretive side may irritate Taurus, just as Taurus’ stubborn side will irritate Scorpio. But once those issues are taken care of you can almost guarantee these two will  be friends for life.  

Gemini & Sagittarius : They have a lot in common, both enjoy taking chances and letting go, as well as learning, although, they have different minds. Gemini is logical, Sagittarius is philosophical. No doubt, these two will have some interesting debates on how they see the world. Problems may arise if Gemini takes a personal jab at Sagittarius, or if Sagittarius doesn’t pay enough attention to the twins. Both are adventurous and enjoy new experiences. They will likely go on many trips together. 

Cancer & Virgo : Both are very humbled spirits, however, they are quite different. Virgo is much more rational, where Cancer is very emotional. Virgo can learn a lot about opening up to people from their Cancer pal. The crab can always trust their Virgo friend will lend a helping hand. They can both hold a grudge for a long time if they are upset by the other. They will both cherish the memories they have together. 

Libra & Pisces:  Air and Water are very much opposites in the way they perceive the world, but these two share the same spirit.  Both are down to do whatever and can be very indecisive, which is something that might irritate the other signs. Pisces is more sensitive than Libra, and at times might be hurt if their friend cancels on them. Libra  might be annoyed that Pisces does what they think is right, rather than what is fair. However, they will rarely fight, since neither likes confrontation. More often than not, any arguments they have are quickly resolved and forgotten. 

Aquarius & Leo : They are both social and out-going, and will have both shared and separate groups of friends between them. Aquarius will admire Leo’s generosity, and the Lion will be intrigued by Aquarius’ mind. But when they argue it can be mean and explosive. Aquarius must try not to hurt Leo’s pride, and Leo must try not to insult  the Aquarius’s intellect.  They both enjoy getting involved in things that are much bigger than them. They may do a lot of volunteering and charity work together.  

Dating Kang Hyunggu (Kino)

-for him I strongly feel like a relationship would develop casually
-by that I mean you would be friends and get along really good
-and then you would start getting along better and hugs would become longer and suddenly it’s a peck when you greet each other and both of you just kinda accept it
-I feel like he is an ‘Atmosphere matters’ kind of guy
-but he might take you out and then have you close to him and asks you if you want to be his girlfriend sweetly
-And then it is official but everyone is like “wait you weren’t a couple before?”
-Okay okay okay Hyunggu is smiles
-He is a sunshine so you will always smile around him and if you don’t
-he will make you!
-He would definitely be the playful kind of boyfriend
-you would constantly joke around and tease each other
-when the two of you can’t see each other he will always leave you a message about his day and how he is doing and check up on you too
-and when it’s a cold day he will text you telling you to dress warmly and moisturise your face
-also he would always use this ’:)’
-he might use emojis too but ’:)’ would be there too
-As for touching each other
-As I said your relationship kind of rose from the ground and you would already exchange a decent amount of skinship
-so considering that I feel like you two would be quite comfortable with PDA
-in fact I see him always somehow attached to his partner
-When in public it would be holding hands, an arm around you or a hug for a greeting
-when you are with others but inside he would give you occasional pecks
-Skinship would happen in front of his members too
-so much in fact they don’t even tease him anymore
-in the beginning they maybe say something but Kino wasn’t even bothered by it too and it’s no fun to tease someone when they don’t get flustered
-if they walk into a room and you two aren’t cuddling or holding hands or anything they would probably get worried
-Hongseok would probably even ask Kino afterwards if you two fought and Kino would be like “What no?”
-and Hongseok would eye him
-and accept it
-and tell the boys to be extra nice to you next time bc who will listen to him complain about the kids and his struggles with Jinho when you’re gone?
-When it’s just the two of you he would be constantly cuddling you
-He is a kisser you can see it it is written in his eyes
-He would always shortly kiss you as a greeting
-Or at least peck your lips
-and sometimes you two would be talking or doing something together and suddenly he kisses you, puts hind hands around your waist and pull you closer to him and bite your lip
-and then he stops and goes back to what he was doing and leaves you there like
-He would be playful and teasing with his kisses
-and stay true to that concept while making out
-our boy here would be into outdoor dates
-a walk through the park to get coffee and then sit on a bench and talk
-a picnic
-but picnicking would always end in him befriending the kids that are playing there and then when you have to go the kids are hugging him and crying and he is laughing and your like “awww”
-your parents would love him
-they would love him so much they would probably gift him adoption papers for christmas
-jk ?
-But they would definitely approve of him in every way
-Speaking of approval
-he would like to have yours when doing things
-like when he choreographed a part for a song
-he would like to show it to you and have your insight
-even if you don’t have any clue about dancing
-like your only comment could be “it looks so cool especially when you do that thing that looks like a dab a bit”
-and he would smile widely and thank you and give you a kiss
-A+ for effort
-Fights with Hyunggu would be rare
-I feel like any form of disagreement or miscommunication would be settled calmly
-But if you do end up fighting for whatever reason it’s giving each other time for a day and then you both say sorry and that’s that back to normal
-like one day he is all annoyed and down and the members are worried and then the next day he is all smiles with you
-as much as he is always smiles etc he would definitely be there for you when you are having a hard time
-and he would expect the same from you
-As for jealousy:
-he wouldn’t exactly be jealous but he would be bothered
-He definitely would not appreciate that another guy is overly friendly or tries moves on his S/O but he wouldn’t act that much against it and hide it
-but you would notice because suddenly his prominent smile is replaced with a light frown or a poker face
-but you giving him attention and affection and best of all
-grab his hand or show other skinship in front of whoever flirted with you
-he would be back to his normal self and be like
-Jealousy??? Who is she??? I don’t know her!!!
-Dating Kang Hyunggu would overall be very loving. He would make sure you knew that he loves you emotionally but also physically. You would always smile and laugh together. But when times would get rough you would be each other’s rock.

The Bachelorette (Part 1)

I wanna send some love and thanks to @protecting-my-legacy and @undiscoveredstory and @mon-petit-lion for letting me run these idea’s by them at literally the most inconvenient hours because I’m a workaholic and don’t understand the meaning of time anymore. Thanks, friends! With that being said, this is the first installment of The Bachelorette!

Pairing: Reader and literally so many boys 

TW: Mentions of violence and death, but it’s very brief and at the very very end. 

Word Count: 1973

“These shows are so pathetic,” You muttered while Eliza skipped through the commercials. “You can’t fall in love with someone with 27 other guys around. How are you supposed to really know them? They’re all so fake because the camera’s are on.” Eliza shushed you, throwing a pillow at you as the title screen reappeared.

“Shut up!” She hissed. “It’s romantic, they all love her. They’re in the fantasy suite round, this is important.” You rolled your eyes, but quieted down so she could watch. You still found it hard to believe that they all cared about her when they were all so different. They all physically looked the same, with swoosh-y hair and tanned skin. It was boring to you, there was no variety. Eliza constantly told you how much she loved the thought of the show, of having so many people vying for your attention. You just couldn’t understand that.

“What?!” You looked over to your friend in concern, only to see her staring at the television in shock. “He was my favorite, how could she do that to him?!” You laughed, rolling your eyes. As much as you loved Eliza, you knew she put too much hope in love. 

“Ooh, who’d she kick off?” Peggy, Eliza’s younger sister chirped as she walked in the door. You shrugged as she sat down in front of you, attention now focused on the screen as well. “Well shit,” She muttered. “He was the best.” Eliza nodded furiously and pointed to the screen in anger as Angelica walked in the room. “She kicked him off, don’t get your hopes up.” Angelica groaned, sitting down beside you. 

“Am I the only one here that doesn’t obsess over this show?” The Schuyler Sisters looked back at her with offended looks on their faces. “Oh, come on!” You insisted. “It’s completely impractical.”

“Well of course it is,” Angelica agreed. “That’s what makes it so damn entertaining.” Eliza frowned, shooting her sister a disapproving look. Peggy giggled, turning to face you. 

“Oh come on, (Y/N),” She started, wiggling her eyebrows at you. “I’m sure you’ll grow to love it.” You started at her in confusion, not entirely understanding what she was trying to imply. You looked to the other two sisters, trying to see if they knew what was going on. Eliza looked slightly frightened, and Angelica simply looked shocked. “Wait,” Peggy started, picking up on the obvious change in mood. “Liza, did you not tell her?” 

“Tell her what?” You said in a low voice. Eliza avoided eye contact, grinning sheepishly. “Elizabeth Schuyler, what did you do?”

“So,” The producer of the show began as you walked onto the floor for your first day of filming. “Basically these cameras will follow you everywhere. You’ll do one on one interviews, group scenes with the boys, solo scenes with the boys, stuff like that, but for all of it the camera’s will be rolling. So try to remember that, but don’t focus on it too much. We want this is to be real, not staged.” You nodded, already hating this experience. You’d done everything you could to get out of this, but Eliza had sent in an application for you already, and they’d chosen you. It was too late to decline and choose someone else,  so you were stuck. When the producer called and you tried to explain what had happened, he told you it was fine if you just chose someone at the end and it mysteriously didn’t work, which was exactly what you planned on doing. Six weeks, you thought as you were marched into hair and makeup, I can handle six weeks. 

You didn’t know if you could handle six weeks.

“Oh, she’s cute!” The hair stylist chirped. You smiled bashfully, not sure if you should be offended by the surprise or grateful for the complement. “Well, come on, sit down,” She continued, shooing you towards the chair. “We gotta doll you up for your opening outtakes.” You sat in the chair while the hair and makeup team fussed around you. While you sat in the chair, the producer and host, George, tried his best to walk you through what it was you’d be doing for the next few days. 

“So essentially, we’re going to have you walk around the estate, get a feel for everything. When you’re done with that, you’re going to the beach and we’ll get a few shots of you there.” You hummed in acknowledgement, trying to keep up with everything that you were being told. “Then we’ll give you some down time, because I know this can all be overwhelming.” You nodded in agreement, starting to feel the pressure. “We want this to be an enjoyable experience, (Y/N),” George reminded you, smiling comfortingly. “Even if you’re here under less than enjoyable terms.” You laughed along with everyone, knowing the reason behind your arrival had traveled quickly.

“Thank you, Mr. Washington.” He smiled kindly, leaving you with your styling team to finish preparing you for the first round of filming. 

It was harder than you thought it was going to be. The shoes were stiff from never being worn, it was too hot for the leather jacket they had put you in, and your hair kept sticking to your lip gloss, but you figured it could have been worse. So, you dealt with it throughout filming, knowing you had a pair of sweats waiting back in the room they had provided for you to stay in. 

The estate itself was stunning. There was a large garden in the front with beautiful mahogany benches placed throughout. You walked through, thoroughly enjoying the scenery and atmosphere. It created a kind of serene moment, where you forgot the camera’s existed and you were alone. You smiled as you inhaled the gentle scent, relaxing for the first time since you’d arrived. It was beautiful, and the beauty of the garden made you feel beautiful too. 

The garden gradually faded into a open lawn, with a cobblestone path lined with trees leading down to the driveway. George had you walk up the pathway, and you tried your best not to fall in the heels they’d put you in, but you still teetered precariously. They were a challenge compared to the simple shoes you normally found yourself in, but you liked the way they made you feel. You felt like you walked taller, and with more confidence in them. They made you feel elegant and important. 

Soon enough, they whisked you away to change for the next location. It was hectic, like you’d expected, but the view of the ocean was completely worth it. You arrived just as dusk was approaching, sending golden streams of light across the water in waves. The sky seemed to be painted with oranges and reds, purples and yellows, and every hue in between swirled into one radiant picture in front of you. 

You felt the water edging at your toes and you smiled gently. This was such a change from your city life in New York. All the outfits and people were a hassle, but it was worth it to experience this kind of wonder the world had to offer. Sure, the dress you had on was blowing up a little too much for your liking, and you were sure to have sand in places sand should not be, but you caught yourself thinking a dangerous thought as you sat on the rock for another angle of you staring out over the ocean with an awestruck look on your face.

Perhaps Eliza was right, you thought. Maybe I can fall in love here.

The next morning, you were pulled back in front of the cameras for your introduction at the beginning of the season. George and his wife, Martha, sat in front of you with a series of questions and prompts to get you talking to the camera. 

“So, (Y/N),” Martha began with a warm smile. “George told me you were accidentally accepted onto the show.” You laughed nervously, nodding.

“My best friends, Peggy, Angelica and Eliza love this show, each for a different reason. Eliza, the helpless romantic of the three, submitted an application without telling me,” You smiled sheepishly. “I was apprehensive at first, I’m not going to lie, but I think I’m starting to like it here.” George and Martha shared a look, nodding to each other.

“On the application we received, your previous relationship was mentioned. Tell us a little about that.” George noticed your shock and confusion  and stopped the cameras. “It’s okay, (Y/N),” He assured you. “Take your time. We can start when you’re ready.” It had been years, but you still hurt when you thought about it. You weren’t sure anything would take away that pain, but you knew you had to break through that wall eventually. 

“Okay,” You breathed. “I’m ready.” George nodded to the camera’s and you began. “We met in high school, our freshman year, in Algebra. We started a whirlwind romance that lasted the better part of eight years, with no break ups and rarely any fights.” You smiled at the memory, longing pulling tightly in your chest. “He and I were so in love. He was everything I wanted. Handsome, strong willed, loving, passionate about his own life as well as the one we wanted together. He tried his best to be who I needed, who he thought I deserved, and he beyond achieved that in my eyes. He was my first love.” You looked around the room, avoiding the eyes on you as you continued. “One night, he left a note for me to meet him in our favorite spot. It was a little run down playground a few miles out of the city, and we went there when we wanted to see our future together. It was where he said he saw exactly who we could be together.” You felt yourself tearing up and begged the universe to let you keep it together while the cameras were rolling. “But when I got there, the police had arrived. The picnic table we always sat at was taped off, and no one would tell me what was going on.” You felt a tear roll down your cheek. “I found out later that he wanted to propose. Someone driving by saw him with the ring and tried to mug him. He fought back, and the guy stabbed him. He died before help could arrive.” You stopped, tears streaming down your face. Martha stood and sat beside you, holding your hand and rubbing circles into your back soothingly. “I haven’t been with anyone since.” You admitted. “Because if you can be that close to happily ever after and have it taken from you once, who’s to say it won’t happen again?” You accepted the tissue George handed you and smiled gratefully. The camera’s turned off and silence fell over the room. You all sat in silence for a few moments longer before you took a deep breath and completely collected yourself. George and Martha smiled sadly at you and dismissed the camera crew. 

“I know that was hard, sweetheart,” Martha spoke. “I understand. My first husband died when I was about your age.” You frowned, sadness washing through you. “But there was someone else for me,” She smiled as she took her husband’s hand. “And there will be someone else for you.” She patted your hand and stood, pulling George with her. “Now, that person will arrive tonight, along with twenty four other boys. Go rest up and try to prepare for that, because it can be a bit much.” She winked and left the room, leaving you alone with a broken heart and a hopeful thought that someone just might be able to heal it after all.

That’s all I have for you right now, dears! I hope to get some more updates of everything I’ve started posted soon, but I don’t have a ETA on any of those yet. Up next will probably be my workplace AU I’ve been playing with, since that’s a one-shot, not a series. I love you all!

Smell As Sweet

You know, maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to do two fics for every Fluff Fiction Week prompt…

Here are the other fluffs I’ve written.

Day Six Prompt: Flowers/Plants

All Marinette wanted to do was sleep.

Her back hurt and her feet hurt and her… well, her everything hurt. And god what wouldn’t she give for a simple moment’s rest? Marinette couldn’t remember the last time she’d gotten a moment free of worry. Was it a month ago, after the end of the summer showcases and before the deadlines for fall designs started creeping up? Or was it a month and a half, when there was finally a lull in akuma attacks after weeks of nonstop fighting? Either way, design interns and superheroes rarely had any free time and Marinette certainly wasn’t an exception. Now that she had somehow swung a free evening, she was going to take advantage of it.

Right after she drug herself up the stairs to her apartment.

By the time Marinette got to the top of the four story building (which didn’t have an elevator but did have cheap rent), she was so close to already being asleep that the scent almost didn’t register. Almost being the operative word, because even Marinette, half dead, couldn’t miss the overwhelming scent filling the hallway, like someone had squeezed all of the smell out of an entire field of flowers and dumped it right in front of Marinette’s door. Marinette sighed, made a mental note to find time to talk with her neighbors again, and let herself be glad that at least whatever had been spilled this time smelled of flowers instead of vomit. She was already filing away the argument for another time when she was less tired when she opened her front door. Then she stopped filing.

Because her entire apartment was full of sunflowers.

They were everywhere, covering every surface, buckets and buckets of them. The table? Covered. The couch? Blanketed. The bed she’d so been looking forward to sleeping in? Freaking swallowed. The smell was so strong it was almost choking and the color was so bright it was almost blinding and Marinette was just so tired that she couldn’t even process what was happening.

At least, not until Adrien stood up from whatever cranny hadn’t been filled, a bouquet of sunflowers clutched in his hands, a nervous smile on his face.

“Adrien, what-” Marinette tried to ask, losing words as she simply gaped at the hundreds of flowers that had replaced her slightly messy apartment.

“I know you said that we shouldn’t be together,” Adrien said quickly, his voice slightly higher than his normal tenor, his knuckles turning white where he clutched his bouquet. It looked a little ragged, the petals a little squished, the stems drooping. Marinette wondered how long he’d been sitting here in her apartment, waiting for her to come home. “That we should wait until we knew each other better. Until both of us let go of the images we’d had. Until we could be sure that the masks didn’t change our feelings.” Adrien paused, his eyes flicking across Marinette’s face. She saw the moment nervousness fell away, saw the resolve take its place, watched it happen on his face. She knew that face better than anything.

“But I do know you, my Lady,” Adrien said, carefully stepping around all of those ridiculous flowers so that he could come to stand in front of Marinette. “And I’ve loved you with or without the mask for a very long time.”

Marinette felt her heart kick into overdrive and she willed it to stop, or at least slow down, or at least do anything she told it to. But her heart had never really been under her control where this boy was concerned.

“What do you think, Marinette?” Adrien asked softly, holding out his sad bouquet of sunflowers, smiling his impossibly sweet smile. “Give me a chance?”

Marinette stared up at Adrien, at the boy she’d never truly believed would want her, at the boy who had saved her a thousand times. She stared up at him and loved him so much and was so relieved that he’d taken the leap out of the relationship limbo they’d been in for so long and told herself very firmly that she wasn’t going to cry.

Marinette started crying.

“Of course, you silly cat,” she burst out, throwing her arms around Adrien’s neck and burying her face in his shoulder, not caring that she was crushing his forlorn flowers or that she was getting tears all over his shirt. She focused on strong arms wrapping around her like they had a hundred ways before, but never this way.

It took a while, but eventually Marinette managed to get her dumb emotions in check and she let out a weak chuckle against Adrien’s shirt.

“What’s so funny, my Lady?” Adrien murmured into Marinette’s hair. Marinette laughed again, lifting her head so that she could look around at all of the flowers filling her apartment.

“Anyone ever tell you that you’re a little dramatic?” Marinette asked, giggling a little helplessly. Adrien’s face split into a grin that was literally brighter than a hundred sunflowers. Marinette had evidence now.

“A little buggy may have mentioned it, yes,” Adrien said. Marinette shook her head at him fondly. Then she just looked at him. Perhaps they’d always been orbiting one another, pulling each other closer and closer. Or perhaps they were just so used to working together that they could practically read each other’s minds at this point. Either way, they both leaned in at the same time, Marinette pushing up on her toes and Adrien bending down.

“You’re gonna get rid of all these flowers, right?” Marinette whispered when she was mere centimeters from Adrien’s face, her nose brushing against his nose, her breath washing over his lips. Adrien merely chuckled and closed the distance between them.

anonymous asked:

what are the good points and bad points of dating Kihyun, Jooheon and Shownu


-Admin Terra

WARNING: This is based on our opinion about the Monsta X members. None of these are accurate.


Bad points: I think he’ll be quite a workaholic so like, most of your dates would be in the studio room, or the practice room. You have to be understanding to avoid fights about this because you’ll be hearing a lot of ‘I’m busy’s.

Good points: Despite being a workaholic, he would probably still try to meet up with you as much as he can. He’s still call you everyday, talking about his day and asking about yours. You’ll still receive a lot of Good Morning and Good Night texts to keep the fire burning. It would be very unlikely for Jooheon to cheat, so that’s a good thing.


Bad points: I think he’s the moody type. Like, he would be really pissed off at first but then he suddenly laugh and be happy. It would take a lot of time for you to get used to it (and a lot of understanding). Out of the three members, a relationship with Kihyun be the one with the most arguments and fights. 

Good points: I think his good points are his honesty and his protectiveness. Although honesty could bring a heated argument, it could also make the relationship stronger and deeper. Also, expect a lot of songs as gifts! Kihyun would probably sing to you all the time. 


Bad points: I think Shownu is the type to bottle up his feelings, which is bad. This relationship rarely experiences any arguments and fights but if one comes up, it’ll be a really really big fight. I also think that a relationship with Shownu would be like an ‘old couple’ relationship, which could be quite boring to some people.

Good points: When it comes to loyalty, Shownu would be one of the best out of the 7 members. He’d be very loyal to you, and would constantly remind you that you’re the only one for him. I also think that this would be a really mature relationship, which is good, because there would hardly be any childish arguments.

Just an observation

This is a commentary on YouTube comments and the people who post negative ones.

I’m focusing on two channels that I have noticed this in so some of this might not be totally supported but I still found it pretty interesting.

So Franchesca Ramsey and Paul Joseph Watson are two very political figures on YouTube right now with the former being a very socially liberal commenter on race and the latter being a conservative retaliator on social phenomena. Ramsey has her own channel: chescaleigh and is also the host of MTV News’ Decoded, a commentary on racial issues in The United States. Watson has his own self-titled channel that aims to retaliate against liberal media. Both have active following and very large comment sections. However I have noticed that while Watson receives a lot of praise in his comment sections for constantly shouting into a camera and calling people “retards” and “stoooooooopid,” Ramsey receives immense criticism for her attitudes on race relations.

What I find very interesting about this is that it seams that conservative commenters actively seek out liberal speakers and videos to comment and “troll” all over the video. This is seen in the top-rated comments on Ramsey’s videos being rude, disrespectful comments on Ramsey’s subject as well as the ratings bar is heavily disliked with the dislikes often out-weighing the likes. Watson however has many top-rated praise comments and his ratings bar is almost completely full all of the time. Conservative commenters are going out and purposefully find these videos with a liberal agenda to completely harass the talent in the video. I rarely see any liberal minded people fighting against Watson’s videos and I find that very telling of the current conservative and liberal groups in The United States. And if a liberal thinker were to post a comment it is often very respectful and has healthy thought behind it. 

I find Watson’s videos to be EXTREMELY PROBLEMATIC and his agenda of promotion is one so harmful to the current status of American politics. I think he is perpetuating harmful stereotypes and giving people an excuse to carry out a harmful way of thinking. Ramsey is heavily bashed for thinking in way that promotes equality and tries to educate the masses on how to begin to ease racial tension in The United States so I think it’s very interesting and EXTREMELY TELLING how these two commentating groups in different political ideologies are functioning. I’ve met my fair share of problematic liberals but the problematic ones on YouTube come from the conservative side of things and really show how this country is becoming extremely divided in its politics and personally I find it very alarming.

Check out Franchesca Ramsey on YouTube on MTV News’ series Decoded and her own personal channel: chescaleigh.

do not go watch Paul Joseph Watson’s videos. Every view gives him more exposure and the man needs to be stopped.


“Now, how the hell do we get off this island?” Lachlan’s pacing was starting to annoy Vik, considering sand was flying everywhere, including on him. Mitch and Jerome had gone off in search for food, and Rob and Preston had gone to find things to start a fire, leaving Vik and Lachlan to search for shelter. 

“How am I supposed to know Lachlan?! This is what happens when one of us suggests a cruise! We get fucking shipwrecked!” The shorter falls back onto the sand, his eyes closed as he racks his brain, trying to think of any survival skills he might have learned as a child. 

“Vik!” The aforementioned boy’s eyes snap open, and he saw an unamused Lachlan hovering over him. “This is not a time for relaxing! We need to get shelter!" 

"Well you’ve been pacing for the past fifteen minutes, so you’re not doing anything to help us either, sweet cheeks.” Lachlan blushes slightly at the nickname, but then instantly reverts back to survivor mode.

“I didn’t want to have to do this Vikky, but you’re banished to the other side of the beach.” Lachlan picks up a stick and draw a line starting at the shoreline and ending just at the edge of where the forest starts. “You cannot cross this line until I say so. Got it?” Lachlan crosses his arms, his foot tapping lightly in the sand. 

Vik sighs, clearly exasperated by Lachlan’s behavior and trudges over to the other side of the line, hoping to appease the Australian. He plops down just next to the line, eyebrows furrowed and a pout replacing his usual smile. He crosses his arms elaborately, hoping Lachlan pities him and releases him from the banishment. 

Unfortunately for Vik, Lachlan starts working on building a shelter. Vik is sitting there staring at him with a pout for a good twenty minutes before Jerome and Mitch come back, each carrying multiple fruits in their arms. They announce their arrival and set the fruits down on the sand, then Mitch decides to question why Vik is sitting while Lachlan’s working. 

“He was being a jag and wasn’t helping, so I banished him to the other side of the beach.” Lachlan shrugs, and Mitch and Jerome look at each other confused. 

“Mitch, go keep the poor thing company.” Jerome gestures to Vik with his thumb, and Mitch rolls his eyes at the Bacca but sits down next to the short boy regardless. 

“How you doin’ there, Vikky?” Mitch leans back on his hands, looking over at Jerome and Lachlan lifting some wood as he does.

“Not very well, thanks. Lachlan’s being a darude sandstormer.” Vik glances at the blond just in time to see him drop a piece of wood after wiggling around trying to balance with it. Mitch nods in response, biting his lip intensely as he watches Jerome expertly lift a piece of wood up onto his shoulder, his muscles straining slightly from the weight. Then he hears laughing, and breaks his gaze to see Vik rolling on the sand in hysterics, barely getting a word out. 

“You-you-” More laughter. “Your FACE! You were so into that oh my GOD Mitch!” The Benja’s face turns a shade of crimson, his hands moving up to cover it. Just as he’s about to shoot an insult back, Rob and Preston emerge from the tree line arguing. It’s quite rare to see the two fight, under any circumstances, so the other four are shocked when the see the two at first. Amidst the yelling and pointing fingers, Lachlan and Jerome manage to move in between the two, arms crossed and eyebrows raised. 

“What’s goin’ on, lovebirds?” Jerome questions, looking at Rob with a pointed look. 

“Preston pushed me into the lake, then shoved me in the mud. If he’d done it vice versa, we’d be fine! But NOOOOO! Now I’ve got dried mud all over me.” Rob glares at Preston, who turns up his nose.

I was just trying to have fun, Robert. It’s not my fault you can’t take a joke.” Preston marches away after that, finding himself sitting alongside Mitch and Vik. “Fudging bullshrimp man, I just wanted to have some fun. I was trying to lighten the mood, but I guess Mr. ‘I Have No Job’ over there wasn’t very welcome to the idea.” The three then sit in silence, watching as the others continue to build up a shelter. 

“Hey Vik- Jerome, uh, J-Jerome could you hand me that vine please?” Lachlan’s face is a deep red, his eyes avoiding the Bacca’s as he takes the vine from the other’s hand. 


Two long hours later, the shelter is finally finished, complete with a well-stitched roof and two smaller huts next to it. The “strong” three–as Mitch, Preston and Vik had taken to calling them–call the other three over, but Vik doesn’t budge. He stands up, but refuses to walk back over the line. When Lachlan notices, goes over to the tan-skinned boy. 

“Vikky, c'mon you gotta see the hut.” Lachlan makes grabby hands at the boy, but Vik turns his head away.

“I’m banished, remember?“ Vik pouts more, his head turning back to look at Lachlan with puppy eyes.

"Nooo you’re not banished anymore. Please come back to this side or I won’t have anyone to sleep with tonight.” Both males’ eyes widen, and Vik blushes as he looks down at the sand, he’s feet shuffling it around. “Tha-that’s not what I meant I mean i-if you want maybe in the future when we’re not on a fucking island then yeah we could sleep together but for now I mean-” Lachlan’s rambling is cut off by Vik’s lips, the brunette’s arms tugging Lachlan’s head down to his own. 

“I’d love to sleep with you, Lachy,” Vik breathes as he pulls away, and then turns his head so he’s kissing Lachlan’s cheek. 

“Yo! Stop making out over there! It’s getting dark you plebs!” The two blush at Preston’s statement, but walk back to the hut with linked fingers. They find Preston and Rob in the same position, excluding the lava mob sitting on Rob’s lap with a happy smile. 

“I see you two worked things out then?” The two nod and Vik smiles, glad to have his two friends in peace again. He looks to Mitch and Jerome on his right, almost snorting at the look on Mitch’s face as Jerome kisses his ear. Although, he can’t really make fun, seeing as Lachlan’s hands are sitting on his butt and the blond has his lips pressed up against his neck.

And despite being on a deserted island, he was happy. Because he was on a deserted island with his best friends. (And the one he loved.)

I hope everyone liked it and there should be more to come quite soon!


Notifications (7/16)

Notifications | Indie movie actor, Phil Lester hadn’t meant to get under Dan Howell’s skin. In fact, they both could never have even dreamed of meeting each other. So when a shitstorm erupts over twitter claiming that they’re a couple (who knows how that rumor started) and their agents desire to take advantage of the attention to launch a movie featuring the two of them… well they could both be happier. | Phan | Mature |Co-Written With insanityplaysfics| Words 31,240

This part: 2,404 words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

A/N: Hey guys, early update today as I had forgotten that Dan had live-show today. As always thanks to katthequeen520 and mostlikelyprocrastinating for being awesome betas.

Next update is Thursday over on insanityplaysfics‘ blog

“Come on, Zoe! He apologized, and we both know he didn’t mean it like that. Stop being so offended; I did.”

“Yeah, because you’re so busy trying to get into his pants,” Zoe shot back, her voice uncharacteristically venomous over the phone. “I hardly want him at my party at all! You’re just lucky I’m overly involved in your love life, or I wouldn’t have agreed to let him be your plus one!”

Dan sighed.

“What if he apologizes to you?” he asked.

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Looking for RP

Balmung! Hoping that tumblr page for my character will help me find more RP contacts and in-game friends. Feel free to poke me in-game or share this post.
RP info below the image! (may be editing info later)

  • Server :  Balmung
  • Name :  Vi’sano Fylhara
  • Race :  Miqo’te mix
  • Gender :  Male
  • Age :  Late twenties
  • Sexual orientation :  Unknown
  • Relationship status :  Single

RP style and what I’m looking for:  

  •  I write both long and short replies depending on situation and RP partner(s) present. But rarely anything longer than one chat entry.
  •  I prefer roleplay group of 1-5 characters. Bigger RP events often get me confused and makes it harder for me to focus on my own RP because I like to read all RP I see around me even if they don’t interact with my character directly. So it makes me slow. I’m not against events, but may need a poke in /tell if it seems I might have miss something directed to me.
  •  Open to all themes, be it tavern, romance, dark, …
    But those expecting only sexual RP/ERP should not waste time on Sano, he doesn’t do casual one nighters.  I don’t mind random/casual RP but hoping to find some long term contacts and relationships of every type. Never know what happens later.

General appearance : Tall and dark. Usually with comfortable clothes, no heavy armor. His teal eyes may seem piercing and intimidating at first, after time appear softer and gentler when around friends.
Scars etc :  Fully clothed you would not be able to see any bigger scars/marks on him. Just few tiny ones.

Other : Keeps his body in shape for battle but rarely seen carrying any weapons. Avoids getting into physical fights, but does not run from them…