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Ned/Sansa in GoT: Exact Same Story

I’m usually careful about criticizing Ned online as he’s an almost sacred figure in this fandom. However, Ned and his daughter have almost the same stoyline in Game of Thrones. The biggest difference between the two is that loyalty to his old family (Robert and Jon Arryn) drive many of Ned’s action while loyalty to her future family (Joffrey and Cersei) drive many of Sansa’s.

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So Miss Pauling came back to her office to find that the team left her Valentine’s gifts. She couldn’t stop smiling and had the biggest giggle fit.

Spy gave her a giant bouquet of flowers, Heavy made her a sandvich with a little heart-shaped toothpick, Medic had Archimedes fly her his Valentine, Demo left her a bomb with a giant pink heart on one side and “You Da BOMB!” written on the other side, Soldier misheard “Leave a heartfelt message”  and just left a human heart, Engie made her a cute little robot holding a message, Pyro made her her own Pauling doll, Sniper was probably late to the party and delivered a cute note in the quickest way possible, and Scout, of course, left a love note that probably has 3 pages worth of spelling errors and cheesy poems

I know I’m late posting this by a couple days!!!

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what is ur opinion on sougo? he is often discussed in this fandom and i wanted to know your opinion

Okita is a rather interesting character, occasionally polarizing in fandom, and usually, unfortunately, boiled down solely to his penchant for sadism or else being one half of a popular ship (I find this happens a lot: people can’t view a character as an individual, they’re always looking through their shipping glasses). He’s more nuanced than that.

(Before I forget: to the other Anon from last week, asking about my thoughts on Oboro and Shouyou/Utsuro – I haven’t forgotten your request, and I’m partly waiting until the anime has fully aired the Rakuyou arc.)

Another lengthy post, so under the cut it goes:

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Punishment | Bruce Wayne

IMAGINE acting out and bruce makes you join YJ
probably spelling/grammar errors

“You’re not my father, Bruce!”

The two of you were stunned into silence. The words tasted like venom, but it was nothing compared to how Bruce’s demeanor changed. His shoulder’s straightened, fingers curling into fists, face blank behind his cowl. He seemed…different. You looked away, huffing, and peeled off your domino mask. You wanted to apologize, but he beat you to it.

“No more patrol,“ He said.

“You can’t be serious!” You scoffed in disbelief. “All I did was break the guy’s wrist. It wasn’t like I killed him!”

“We’ll discuss a more appropriate punishment tomorrow,” He spoke in a monotone, avoiding eye-contact.

“Fine,” You clenched your fists and took a step back, “Whatever.”

It seemed like all the two of you did was fight. He watched you leave, waiting until you were completely out of sight to let out a long, tired sigh. He tugged off his cowl and tossed it to the side. He wanted to laugh at how similar you were with Jason. Both stubborn as hell. You were his sibling after all. Jason. This all started after… He couldn’t even think about it. He didn’t know what to do, what to say, how to be there for you.


“This is Bluejay,” Batman greeted, his grip tightening on your shoulder. “They’ll be a temporary member until further notice.”

"Temporary member?” Aquagirl questioned.

“Until I can learn to listen,” You sighed. “Y'all are stuck with me.”

No one dared go against Batman, but his decision to place on the team–even if it was temporary–came as a surprise to the team. It was barely a few months after Robin’s unexpected death and now you were joining? It didn’t make much sense.

La'gaan took a step forward, outstretching his hand in a formal greeting. “Welcome.”

“Thanks,” You said unenthusiastically, ignoring his hand.

“Well…” Nightwing clapped his hands, chuckling. “That’s enough excitement for today. Garfield, mind showing Bluejay to their room?”

“Sure!” Garfield jumped towards you, throwing an arm around your shoulder and began pulling you away from the group, “Just this way!”

“The rest of you-” Nightwing faced the team- “Go home.”

They nodded off, listening to their leader’s orders. Karen grabbed Mal’s hand, tugging him towards the zeta-tubes; Tula shared a look with Garth and Kaldur, grinning as she grabbed their arms and pulled them away; La'gaan laced his hand with M'gann, smiling gently and pulling her away; Conner grumbled to himself, turning on his heel and heading for his room; Batgirl, Nightwing, and Batman were left.

“What’s going on?” Batgirl questioned, arms crossed and concerned.

“Ask him,” Nightwing ran a hand through his hair, glancing at the dark knight.

“They’ve been taking the job too far,” Batman finally spoke. “Not listening. Arguing. Sneaking out. Picking fights. They’re here for their own good.”

“Wait-” Nightwing furrowed his eyebrows in unbelief- “Are you sure this is the same Y/N we both know?”

“That doesn’t sound like them…” Batgirl muttered.

“No,” Batman shook his head, “It doesn’t.”


“Hey, Jay…” You brushed a finger against the headstone, sighing. “Guess what Bruce did; he sent me away. Not that I blame him.”

Three weeks into your punishment, you figured it wouldn’t be too much of a risk to head back to the manor for a brief moment. You refused to break down. Between the two of you, you were always the one to maintain their cool. Without a half-hearted sigh, you lowered yourself onto the soil and laid back. You gazed up at the night sky. The team was off on a mission, which gave you the opportunity to be her right now. You wondered how they were doing. Hopefully, they were okay. For a long while, you were able to lay there in peace.

“You’re supposed to be at Mount Justice.”

You scoff. “What’s it to you?”

You looked away from the stars to look at Bruce; his cape bristled against the wind as he glowered down at you. You didn’t move from your spot as you continued to stare at him. This wasn’t the confrontation you intended. You expected to fight, the occasional prissy teenage comment, the “go to your room” response. Instead, Bruce only sighed and took off his cowl.

“Each time you go rogue, there’s a price to pay. And it’s not cheap.” His words may have been harsh, but his tone was soft.

“I was there,” You said, “I could’ve saved him.”

His gaze drifted towards the stars. Without so much as a thought, he lowered himself beside you. His back rested against his father’s gravestone as he thought over his next words carefully. “In this line of work, we can’t save everyone. Not even those we hold close.”

“Do you think he blames us?” You whisper. When Bruce doesn’t answer, you sit up. You move until your leaning against his side and he wraps his arm around you. “I didn’t mean it; when I said you weren’t my dad. I was angry, but you are my dad, Bruce.”

“It’s okay,” He says, holding you tightly, “If you need to be angry, be angry. Be sad. Cry. It’s okay. Just don’t take it out on the people around you, okay?”

“Okay,” You reassure. “Can I come home now?”

He chuckles. “I’ll think about it.”

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So this story is a bit different, it kinda just became its own story. I started writing and this is what it became. 

Warnings:Cursing, mentions of depression, insomnia and self harm, also mentions of almost dying, mentions of medication for this. If any of those things trigger you please don’t read this. I know these subjects are sore for me but in writing this story I didn’t even realise that while writing this because I got so into it. This is probably really badly written with spelling errors so if you see anything that I  could correct please let me know. This will be a sad one, I wrote it about heartbreak in mind, and I know that it’s a bit cliche.

Isaac: Y/N, I am leaving Beacon Hills

Y/N: Why?

Isaac: I can’t stay here. I am tired of seeing everyone I love die and leave me! 

Y/N: So you decided that you do it to me instead?

Isaac: What?

Y/N: Isaac I have been in love with you from day one, when you still where the shy kid that got hit, to the day you decided to be a douche to me because you became a werewolf, I have been in love with you for years through thick and thin yet you don’t realise.

Isaac: I can’t do this Y/N I loved Allison she died and I can’t stay here.


Isaac: I’m sorry Y/N

*About a year later you were severely injured and ended up in the hospital, you didn’t want to tell Isaac so you told them to wait. But when you got worse they called Isaac because he was your best friend before he left*


I was just sitting in the living room watching TV when my phone started to ring, I looked at it and saw it was from Scott, he’s been trying to get me to come back. He tried a couple of times the the ringing stopped. but after a couple of minutes of silence I got a text. I decided to put my phone on silence and wait a while to see what they have written. Silently hoping for a text from Y/N.

After two hours I decided to look at the text that they have sendt me. I have gotten one from everyone in the pack except for Y/N. When I first looked I increasingly got more worried. Then I got to Scott’s teks which was more detailed. He told me that Y/N was attacked a couple months ago and got put in the hospital, and that you now had gotten worse and now was scared for your life. 

Immediately after reading this I got out my laptop and got a ticket to one of the first planes to Beacon hills, I packed a bag and got to the airport.

 The first thing I did when I got back was going to the hospital. The first thing I see is the pack and Malissa talking in hushed tones. I walked up to them and let’s just say they were shocked to see me there. They yelled at me before I could go to see someone that I haven’t realised that I loved before it might be too late.

Walking up to Y/N room I got incredibly worried for what I was going to see next. As I walked in I broke down seeing You be there as pale and thin you had gotten. Melissa took a notice of this and pulled out a chair next to your bed so I could sit down next to you. She left the room and I could hear her tell the pack to leave us alone.

I started crying more and praying for you not to leave me.


Isaac: You cant leave me Y/N I don’t know what I would do if you aren’t alive. I realised that I absolutely love you when I left I can’t do this if you’re not alive anymore.

*He says this as he leaves the room to talk to the pack*

Isaac: What happened to her?

Scott: Someone called the dread doctors. Y/N stopped talking to anyone and quit school shortly after you moved. We decided after a year of her not talking to anyone and withe everything that had happened that we’d talk to her and try to get her to go back to school. But when we got to her apartment it was broken and she was gone. 

Isaac: You didn’t talk to her for a year!?!?

Scott: She didn’t want to talk to anyone we would call and text her every day but she never answered. The girls went to her apartment more then once, but YOU did something that broker her. We found her in the dread doctors lab. She was hooked on to all these machines and had been experimented on, we don’t know what they tried to turn her in too. All we know is that she had a transplant as a baby so she was compatibel for their experiments. 

Isaac: And in all of this you never thought about contacting me?

Stiles: She was so broken when you left, she sometimes came to me at 3am crying herself to sleep.

Melissa: She came to the hospital an was diagnosed with insomnia and depression. She got put in the hospital because she almost bled to death when I came to visit her because she had cut herself, and she begged me not to tell the pack to you. She goes on so many different medication so she won’t die because her mind is taking over her. Thats why nobody contacted you because she didn’t want anyone to know how much pain she really was in Isaac. The only one who knows this is me because she told me and I was the one who treated her!

Isaac: I didn’t know

Melissa: No you didn’t, but I do know that you knew that she loved you. Yet you left and broke her heart. She has known you for almost her entire life. She was the one you would go to when you needed a shoulder to cry on. She has told me everything.


How could I have done this to her. It has been over a year yet I never tried to contact her or even texts her to ask if she was ok. And now she might be dying and she will never know how I feel. God damn I screwed up. I made her hate me so much when I left that she didn’t want anyone to tell me how she was. This is all I could think about as I entered her room again.

- Y/N if you can hear me, I want you to know that I love you. And I am so sorry that I didn’t realise that before you became like this. Before I fucked up and feel in love with Alison or before I left, I am SO sorry Y/N please don’t die. 

This is all I got to say before her heart monitor started going of. All I heard was the doors being slammed open and doctors and nurses running to her bed. And the pack coming to me and pulling me out of the room much to my protest. She was dying and it was my fault. 

Something that felt like an eternity later Melissa came out of the hospital room with a sad face and told me that you had died, this broke me the reason I left in the first place was for the people I loved. I Didn’t want to see them die, yet the person I loved the most died because I left her and broke her heart. I asked Melissa if I could see her one last time, and she agreed. 

-I am so sorry Y/N this is all my fault.

What happens next shocked me. She just shotes up from the bed with red eyes, but they’re not like an alphas eyes they are deeper almost like blood.

I did a (very bad) family tree for my space goat nerd Vavolov’s fam.

Just some basic info about them:

Raalis: A hunter by nature, and a bit of a forgetful sort in his old age. He spends most of his time in the woods hunting for food, skinning pelts, and taking care of his dear wife, Akaani.

Akaani: Once a priest under the teaching of the naaru, she now has been cut off from the light after the red mists fell on Shattrath. Now Broken, she has turned to shamanism like many others like her.

Bilaanka: Vindicator, Warrior, and eldest of her siblings, Bilaanka is a strong-willed leader. A veteran of many wars, and winner of many bar fights, she is one woman you do not want to cross.

Vavolov: Like his sister, Vav was a Vindicator, but was put on dishonorable discharge for his actions after Shattrath was invaded. Now, he spends his time traveling all around Azeroth by caravan with his girlfriend Elissra. He’s also a great hairstylist!

Berommir: The youngest of the siblings, Berommir never had the same admiration for the Vindicators. He found much more interest in the same line of work as his mother. He has since spent his time healing and giving a helping hand to those he can.

Yiiri: At first an unwelcomed tragedy, now a well loved member of the family they couldn’t see without them, Yiiri is a half-orc. Born a short time after the settling of the Draenei on Draenor, Yiiri never knew his father and always felt the urge to learn more about his orcish side. He spends his time looking after his mom, and learning the ways of shamanism beside her.

Eddsworld ?? Medieval au ??

idk me and a pal have being looking over some stuff I typed way back when and I said id post the first little bit so I mean !!

The large palace remained brightly lit even though it was almost dawn. The summer air moved its way through the dim hallways as the king walked throughout, a surprisingly happy look on his face. With all that had been going on in the past few weeks it had been hard for King Edward to focus at all. Between battling rival troops and dealing with problems within his own kingdom, it was just all weighing down on him. But the guardsmen had brought good news, some enemy troops had been defeated. Of course this meant a celebration was to the held. Edd nearly ran through the halls to find his first enchanter. He just knew he would be ecstatic to hear the news. Edd opened the doors leading into the alchemy lab, Tom was usually always here, and if he wasn’t there, he was out to battle (or in the tavern).

Edd smiled as he saw Tom at his usual spot, sitting in front of the enchantment table, he looked up as he heard the doors open. “Edd… You look rather excited…” Tom said, a sudden wave of curiosity rushing over him as he wondered why the king was so giddy. “It’s the rivals, Matt’s guardsmen just told me that they defeated the troops that were down by the rivers” Tom smiled as he heard the news, they had been fighting these enemy troops for months, so to hear they defeated one fleet of them was amazing news.

“That’s great Edd! Now I’m guessing you are going to throw a party-“ Edd laughed slightly, “Well you know it’s what the people would want, Tom.” Tom chuckled, flicking his hand slightly as he turned back to the sword he was enchanting, the steel of the blade glowing a light purple color. Edd raised an eyebrow and looked to Tom for an answer. “It’s for Matt, He asked me to put a bunch of enchantments onto the old thing so he can give it to his next in command… I don’t know why he is such a sap; I mean for the first knight you think he’d be super strict to his fleet. But I mean the guy doesn’t ever get mad at them.” Tom laughed. “My fleet knows me by now- They’ve seen me lose it quite the number of times..”

He said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. Edd smiled fondly at his friend, placing a hand on Tom’s shoulder. “No need to worry about that, It just comes with the job.” Edd said with his face still holding a large smile. Edd turned on his heel, walking back to the door in which he entered. “Keep up the good work, Tom. I’m going to go wait for Matt’s fleet to get back.” Edd said opening the large wooden doors, taking his leave.

i guess ?? thats like a bit of it,, idk rlly the whole thing i just came up with one day, edd is the king and matt is first knight along with first enchanter tom. Idk , take my rubbish

So as my prompt-a-thon comes to an end, just letting people know others are already half written and going to be much longer so don’t think I’ve forgotten you if you sent one! 

Also sorry for disappearing for days and then clogging up your dashboards with unbeta’d fic. It was really cathartic, really the most fun I’ve had writing for a long time so I apologize for the errors in probably grammar & spelling. *hides* 


Time | Jason Todd

IMAGINE fighting with jason
probably grammar/spelling errors

The only source of light was the candle. It fit the mood perfectly as you dressed his wounds, fingers grazing across the side of his stomach as you softly stitched the hole shut. The worry you had when he showed up was slowly being replaced with anger; all he ever did was show up covered in bullet wounds and blood. No matter what you said, Jason still wouldn’t listen.

“Why do you always put yourself in these situations?” You ask, avoiding his eyes as you grab a gauze pad and the tape. “One of these days your luck is going to run out and then what? How am I supposed to keep you safe when you’re so hellbent on getting yourself killed?”

He stiffened. "I can take care of myself.”

“But you won’t, will you?” You snort, rolling your eyes. “Because ever since we met, you rush into things without a care whether or not you live or die. But some of us do care, Jason. Some of us care a lot.”

"Y/N…” He whispered your name, unsure of what to say.

“Jay, I get that you have this need to do what you do-” You take your hands away from his side- “but I can’t help but wonder if one day you don’t come back. One day, you die and you stay dead. No Lazarus Pit. No backup plan. You’re just gone.”

“What do you want me to do?” He snaps. “I can’t just promise you I won’t die. What do you want me to say, N/N? How can I help? Because fuck, I don’t know what to do!”

“I love you,” You say.

“That’s not my fault.” He replies.

The two of you are stunned into silence. You pack up the medpack and ignore his outstretched hand as you stand up. You struggle to maintain your cool, managing to get away from him without a hitch. This wasn’t how you expected this to go; you expected him to say it back, promise to come home alive.

“You asked what you could do…” You speak up, your back facing him, “I think it would be good for me to be alone for a few days.”

“Okay. Yeah, um…” He clears his throat, standing up from the couch as he grabs his shirt. “You want me to go, I’ll go.”

You nod, not saying anything more. Jason pauses as he grabs his helmet. He wants to say something–anything–but he knows it’ll only make things worse. He shouldn’t have asked so much of you. You always stood by him until now. He swallows the words he wants to say and he moves to the door. When you don’t say anything, he sighs and opens the door, leaving you alone. The only thought on his mind is the dread of thinking he lost you forever.

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Damsel In Distress

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Requested Byxhappinessxchloex

Based OnHello! I really like your imagines so i want to request one, I’d love one where thorin would fall in love with the reader :)

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this, it is my first ever Thorin written imagine that’s super long. I’m really nervous about posting this; since you weren’t so specific about the imagine, I just allowed my imagination to wander and I really hope that you love this, lovely! Please enjoy and keep sending in requests! :) - Kat

About: Kat, the only female within Thorin Oakenshield’s company is strictly unaware of Thorin’s feelings for her. One night, she finds herself wandering the woods, trying to leave the company, for she feels that Thorin will never love her as she loves him. When she stumbles in the darkness, will he come and save her?

Word count: 2,315 (I know, I seriously over did it!)

Warning’s: probably a million spelling and grammatical errors (I was too lazy to go through it again so bare with me please!), reader pushing away Thorin, intense feels, drama, slight mention of bofur and the company, protective thorin, fluff, fluff, fluff at the end, blood and injury mention, reader is super clumsy? (Let me know if I forgot anything!).

Disclaimer: I do not own Thorin or any of Tolkien’s other amazing characters.

The moments in which presented itself, Thorin’s usually cold gaze floated toward your figure, hugging it tightly as his heart beat thundered substantialyl within his chest. At first, it was an enigmantic experience that dizzied the dwarf king, this feeling to which his heart was being warmly caressed in such a manner was utterly foreign to him.

The entirity of the group, - apart from you-, were witnesses to this: they watched with glee in the way in which Thorin would sneak clever glances at you when he assumed that no other was paying any attention to him. His eyes never averted from you as you were seated opposite of him, the only thing blocking him from you was the crackling fire. Although it’s size was truly not big enough to stop him, he formed it as an excuse not to approach you. Whilst the smoldering fire burned, you warmed the iciness within his eyes, breaking and melting the brooding and dreariness that his kin had assumed would resume frozen within them forever; to which the coldness had built up over the years from what he had faced in his life time.

Inattentive and uninformed you were of the fact that Thorin Oakenshield had such deep and blossoming feelings for you. Though, in response to your own feelings, - that actually matched his own towards you-, you had gradually distanced yourself half consciously and half unconsciously, from him. You had a deep set fear that the mold in which was formed for a queen was not suited for you, that his kin would spit at your shoes and find you a disgrace. You were well aware that you did not see yourself matching him, being able to confidently stand beside him and say “I deserve this man!”.

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The Fear | Jonathan Crane [ARKHAM KNIGHT]

IMAGINE helping jonathan with his plan
my fear king
probably grammar/spelling errors

“What are you so afraid of?”

You kept your back to him, unmoving. Your eyes dart across the counter as your hand clenches the knife. Slowly, you finish slicing the onion. Jonathan waivers behind you as his eye trail across the cramped kitchen. His fingers twitch as he twiddles with the end of his sleeves. He isn’t sure why he feels so uneasy.

“I’m afraid of many things, Jon. Small spaces, people, the kool-aid man. Why do you ask?” You scrape the chopped onion into the boiling pot before turning towards your lover. His face is heavily scarred, lips chapped, and eye mismatched (one having gone blind). He looked tired.

“You were always a strange one, my dear,” He sighs, sinking into the counter.

“You didn’t answer my question,” You frown.

“Have you…” He trails off, shifting on his feet as he avoids eye contact, “Were you afraid of me?”

“Of you?” You chuckle, “Never.”

“You really should be.” He laughs lowly, something foreign to the man.

“Jonathan…” You warn.

“Don’t be scared, my dear,“ He says as he looks up, "Although, I think I may like the way fear looks on you.”

“You’ve been tampering with your toxin again, haven’t you?” You say softly, not wanting to set him off.

“I’ve finally down it, Y/N,” He replies. “Stagg has been giving me…difficulties. I’ve been able to persuade him for now.”

“How close are we?” You ask, curiosity getting the better of you.

“Very close.”

sorta requested
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Autumn dance- Theo imagine

Words: 1453
A/N: I don’t know what this is, it was written on an iPad instead of my laptop because it was a spur of the moment thought. There’s probably some grammatical and spelling errors but oh well. Anyway enjoy! Xx

The annual Autumn dance was the same as the annual spring dance, the same as the annual summer dance and the same as the annual Christmas dance. By this point in your life, you considered yourself a pro at dances. Tonight however, you didn’t feel like going. With everything going on, the whole event seemed fake. The majority of the people in the room had no idea about werewolves and banshees. They had no idea what danger you were always in and the strain that put you through mentally.

You hadn’t let it get to you before, but acting normal felt odd lately. You looked at the purple dress you had picked out to wear, it was loose and floaty and hung off your hips nicely. Tonight, however, you didn’t want nice. You wanted different, so you fished around in your wardrobe to see what you could pull out, eventually you found a black tulle skirt with a sheer lace bodice to match. It was edgy and slightly revealing, the opposite of your usual style. You painted dark purple lipstick onto your lips, and a subtle dark eyeshadow with eyeliner on your eyes. You straightened your hair, pulling it pack into a long, sleek ponytail.

Everyone at the dance stared as you entered the room, heading straight to a slightly shocked Lydia, who was sipping some of the punch.

“I like it” she smirked approvingly, hooking her arm around yours, pulling you onto the dance floor. You jumped around, singing and dancing to the music for hours, until your feet hurt in your high heels. You swivelled around Lydia, knocking into someone. You apologised profusely to them.

“It’s ok” Theo reassured you, having to do a double take. He looked you up and down, having to control his heartbeat as he scanned your outfit. “Y/n, I didn’t recognise you.” He flirted, earning a raised eyebrow from you in response.

‘I didn’t recognise you either Raeken. You scrub up well.“ You moved back to Lydia and continued to dance with her for a while.

"I’m going to head out for some fresh air” you mouthed to Lydia over the music, she nodded, already occupied with a jock from your year. You laughed to yourself as you exited the hall, wondering how she could put up with guys chasing after her all the time.

Outside the air had a harsh bite to it. It was surprisingly cold for this time of year, not that you minded. something about being in the quiet soothed you, so you let your feet carry you to the woods, a place you often went to to think. You were so lost in your thoughts, you didn’t notice a shadowy figure following you.

You reached your usual place, a small clearing where the branches on the trees twisted in various directions, giving it a mystical vibe. You sat on a log, kicking your shoes off your feet and leaning back against the crooked wood.

“What happened back there?” A voice asked. Startled, you jerked your head to the left, seeing Theo leant against one of the trees. His bow tie was undone, the top buttons of his shirt revealing part of his chest. Stiles had warned you about Theo, and you believed every word stiles said, yet you weren’t afraid of him. He was always nice to you, pushing the boundaries of friendship every now and then.

“I got tired of the party so I came out here to think” you replied, turning your head back to its original, relaxed position.

“Good, I followed you because I thought something might be wrong” there was a silence, where you were unsure whether or not he was going to leave. “Something smells different” he blurted out, making you chuckle.

“Thank you, I tried a different perfume” Theo walked over, sitting down next to you.

“I didn’t mean a scent, I meant something about your emotions” he corrected himself, leaning back as you were. It was late, a light fog collecting above the forest floor.

“Life feels a lot different. We are usually so busy with the next threat, there’s no time to actually reflect on the lives we live. Now there’s more time” you spoke your thoughts out loud, Theo watching every word form on your lips.

“I know what you mean. I don’t go around being the hero, but I don’t live the quietest life.” He nudged you with his shoulder playfully.

“You’re not evil.” Theo stayed quiet, tilting back away from you.
“You’re… Dark. But not evil. The world you walk through is cold and unforgiving. That’s made you the same.” You both looked forward into space. You were always good at judging characters and hadn’t been wrong so far. Swiftly, you turned your body to face him, but he refused to look at you.

“My world is like the woods. There’s no light.” Theo admitted. You could feel him genuinely opening up.

“You don’t have to walk in that world. Not all the time at least.” He
finally faced you, a softness present in his eyes that you hadn’t seen before. He smiled slightly, a real smile for once. You felt warm, contrary to your surroundings. Something about being with Theo comforted you.

“Nobody really understands do they” he stated, pausing as he rubbed his hands together. “The monsters around us. The monsters inside us” the moon shone through the leaves above, providing little light that shaped both of your faces. You could see how he frowned when he was deep In thought, how his cheekbones were highlighted. You subconsciously traced his jaw with your fingertips. This caused him to stand up, moving his legs to get the blood flow back to them to warm up. You leant on the hand that had traced his jaw, placing your shoes back onto your feet. He offered you a hand up off the log, clinging onto it a little bit longer than expected.

“Night Theo” you said, placing your lips on his cheek as you headed back to the dance. He stood and watched you leave, thinking about how you made his world slightly less dark, even if it was for a few minutes.

Days later and you hadn’t spoken to Theo. After the dance you headed home to bed. Something in you had changed after your talk, you held a fondness for him now and constantly wondered if you should contact him.

Nonetheless, you knew you could never be friends. The pack, or at least some of the pack, would despise you for it, especially as you’d been outwardly anti-Theo since the stranger showed up In beacon hills. Inwardly was a different story entirely.
It was around 7 PM when you heard a knock at the door, you went to answer, wearing a sweatshirt and joggers.

As soon as you opened the door Theo pushed his way in, ranting about nonsense. Your eyebrows creased in confusion at his rambling.

“Theo slow down” you placed your hand on his arm as he paced. Without warning you were pressed against the wall of your hallway, Theo’s lips against yours. The shock subsided after a few seconds, allowing you to kiss back. He pulled away, his hands finding your waist.

“I don’t know what you did to me y/n but I don’t want it to stop” he breathed, almost inaudible. You kissed him again more slowly, your fingers gliding up the back of his neck into his hair.

“I thought you were the one who did something to me” you whispered as your lips parted. He smiled, shaking his head.

“I haven’t ever cared y/n. Never. Not about anyone until you had to come along and talk to me.” He cursed, his nose almost touching yours. His right hand fell down your waist, to your hips where his fingers curled around the waistband of your joggers.

“And now you care about me?” You asked, your breath catching in your throat as his icy hands slid up under your sweatshirt. He growled into your neck, confirming his feelings, pressing his body against yours. You could feel your heart racing and your body tingling at the contact. You slipped your hands under his shirt, lifting it up, signalling to Theo that you wanted it off. He obeyed, throwing it onto the floor. You kissed each other passionately, yearning for more and more of each other.

Things were getting way too heated and you knew they should stop. Stiles would never speak to you again after this and he was one of your best friends. You couldn’t do it, you had to stop. At least that was what you kept telling yourself.

Grim Reaper PT. 17 (BTS, Angst)

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This took SO long to write…I’m so sorry. I think it took me so long to finish because I was feeling really sad that this series is coming to an end. Even though it’s in one more chapter that’ll finally draw a close to this story, I’m actually dreading it. There’s a lot of fault with this story, boy do I know that for a fact. There’s many spelling errors that I probably didn’t get too, and plot holes that may have been over looked and forgotten as I progressed with the story. I don’t want to take the easy way out and just ending the story because I really love this. Grim Reaper is a story I really love and I have to admit I cried writing this chapter at the end. I’m so sorry it’s so late, I really had no idea what I was doing until now.

Check out the side series of all the other reapers!! (I’ll finish Taehyung and Jimin’s sometime….)

Suga // J-hope // Jungkook

Words: 4879

“Jungkook…” You breathed, clutching his shirt so desperately tight you could’ve practically ripped it. Upon opening your eyes, you looked only at Jungkook’s face. His whole body was relaxed when Namjoon had taken his last breath. “Please let go of me.”

And he did. Jungkook released his grip on you and didn’t stop as you left the already astray door at a pace that was faster than most.

“Jungkook! You can’t just let her leave!” Hoseok snapped from back in the room, but you were already half way down the hall. You couldn’t be there anymore. Your throat reflexively tightened, it felt as if you could barely breathe but you kept running. If you just got outside and screamed someone would help you, right?

“Why not? Namjoon is dead, so she’s free to go.” Jungkook said. You didn’t look back, but you could hear heavy thudding on the floor coming after you as you ran.

You could hear foot steps behind you, but they were evidently slower and much heavier. It was Yoongi you knew, even without turning around.

“(Y/N)!” Yoongi called after you. “Stop!”

But you didn’t. You sprinted toward the front door, slamming into it as you attempted to stop. Reaching toward the door knob, you turned it as quickly as you could.

It wouldn’t open.

Why wasn’t it opening? You couldn’t believe this. Banging against the door did nothing, especially with a voice lost even though you strained against the ache in your throat to scream. Nothing but air was leaving your lungs, and you felt strangled. Glancing behind yourself momentarily, you could see the shadow of Yoongi growing closer to you.

So you ran toward the staircase, almost tripping on your own feet as you ran into the darkness. You would be able to hide, even though that was definitely the worst thing to do when Yoongi would easily be able to find you.

“(Y/N), stop running!” Yoongi called again, voice more desperate. The sound of his shoes banging against the loose floor boards was quicker, and you let out a small squeak as you hit the basement.

Pitch blackness.

Usually this would’ve scared you, but now that Namjoon was dead and Yoongi was coming after you, all you wanted to do was sit in the darkness until they let you be. It easily invited you in, soothing you momentarily as you clutched to the wall and went searching for anywhere to conceal yourself. You wished whatever kind of witchy magic the boys had used on you would go away so people would realize you were missing and do something to find you.


You were skidding along the floor, landing with a bang on the cool cement. With your eyes finally adjusting to the darkness, you could see the small dark outline of a box, with your belongings in it. You could hide there. Perfect.

Yoongi had hit the bottom of the steps by now, and he was calling out to you nonstop as you pulled your burning knee’s to your chest. Skin was obviously broken open, and you were bleeding but just barely. You laid your head on your knee’s, holding your breath.

“(Y/N),” his voice was soft, but you still heard it perfectly. Breath hitching, you flinched in the darkness but tried to keep your shaking bones as still as you could.

“I can hear your breathing and your heart beat.” Yoongi murmured. “I won’t try and find you, so just listen, okay? Level your breathing, so I know you won’t die!”

A light shone close to where you sat, and you knew Yoongi had a flashlight. Despite saying he wouldn’t try to find you, you knew he was still scanning the entire room in case you tried to leave.

“I had to say those things to get Namjoon to crack.” He began, the flashlight skimming around the perimeter of the room. “I know it’ll be hard to believe, but I didn’t mean anything.”

Yeah right… Bullshit he didn’t mean anything. Those words were filled with more truth than you’d like to admit. Moisture was filling your eyes, tumbling down your cheeks one tear at a time. Your breath was caught in your chest and a sob choked you. Placing a shaking hand over your mouth, you attempted to level your breathing to no avail.

“Namjoon is dead and I had to kill him. At first…at first all I wanted to do was have sex with you, that’s true.” He snorted, and you could imagine Yoongi looking down at his shoes while scratching the back of his head awkwardly. “But, that changed. I…things changed and I think I’m in love with…you.”

You couldn’t help the gasp of air sucked through your lungs, causing you to choke. The flashlight loomed close to you already, but Yoongi moved it right across your face.

“Does that mean you believe me?”

“No.” You croaked, wiping the tears away from your eyes as you stood up. Taking your time to step over the boxes, you still kept yourself planted on the other side of the room, away from Yoongi.

“I knew I couldn’t tell you what was going to happen. You needed to have a real reaction to be believable. Namjoon’s reaction was easily expected. He’s obsessed with you, and so gullible that he believed me.”

“I believed you. I still believe you.” Your voice was a whisper, and you hugged your arms around your body. Yoongi looked down at his feet, just as you had imagined, and his eyebrows were knit together firmly.

“Even after I just told you I was in love with you?”

You picked up the thing nearest to you, a vase, and chucked it at him. Yoongi let it crash against his shoulder, before watching it  fall to the floor and shatter. “Just because you said you’re in love with me doesn’t mean I’m going to believe you! After everything you said in that room, in front of all the boys! You’re the worst.”

“I told them everything I was going to say. They knew everything I was going to say was a lie. You think Jungkook would let me leave the room without ripping my arms off if I hadn’t told him? He loves you. He thinks of you as family.”

You came toward him again, slowly, hesitating with shaking fists at your side. Yoongi dropped the flashlight in his hand, watching you with demure eyes.

Once you stood barely even half a foot away from him, you hit him in the chest. He took every hit you gave him, watching you with a small smile spread across his lips.

“Do you hate me?”

“Yes.” You answered immediately, and Yoongi tensed for another smack against the shoulder. After you were finally through hitting him, Yoongi did something unexpected.

He hugged you.

Pulling you into him, Yoongi laid his head on your shoulder in the darkness and gently ran a hand down your spine while the other lay around your waist. He sighed, the breath tickling your neck as you felt Yoongi take a fistful of your shirt.

“If you hate me would you let me do this?” His voice was quieter, softer than usual. Yoongi was very out of character, you noted silently.

“What about this?” His lips crept to your neck, leaving light kisses against the base of your throat and up. “If you hated me would you let me do this?”

“Yoongi…” Your voice was a mere breath, hands firmly pressing against his arms. Your knee’s felt wobbly, and Yoongi’s laughter was like music to your ears. He was acting off, as if Yoongi knew something you didn’t. Still.

“(Y/N),” he whispered your name, over and over. “I have to tell you something.”

“What?” Why were you whispering? You didn’t know. Yoongi pulled away from your neck to press a chaste kiss on your lips. He ghosted his fingers down your arms, catching both wrists in a light but firm grip.

“The blue moon is tomorrow.” He hesitated, frowning in the darkness. Why was he having so much trouble telling you something? This was very unlike him.
“I’m probably going to die.”

What? No… You shook Yoongi away as if he’d burned you, hands suddenly reaching out to cup his cheeks. “No you’re not. You’re not. Yoongi, you’re not going to die, right? Yoongi..? Yoongi, answer me!”

“I don’t know. Even if I do die, Namjoon won’t be a problem anymore.”

“You just told me you’re in love with me and neglect to mention before that you’re probably going to die?” You sounded hysterical, and Yoongi leaned against your significantly warmer hands.

“Isn’t it just common knowledge that Seokjin is probably going to want me dead when I want…” He paused, taking a deep breath and exhaling just as long. It was a shaky breath, and you furrowed your brows in confusion and concern.


“I’m fine.” He promised, pushing away both of your hands. Yoongi stepped back a bit, heavy on his feet. Even in the darkness you could see him wavering a bit, slouching over. “What I mean to say was-”


Thunder. It was only thunder. Wait, was that Hoseok screaming? You strained your ears over the multiple sounds of thunder shattering your ear drums. It was so loud you barely noticed Yoongi sinking to the floor with a smack.

“Oh my god, Yoongi?” You panicked, falling to your knee’s just in time to catch his limp body. He choked out a few words, but you couldn’t understand them. The thunder kept drowning out your cries for help.

Yoongi pushed you away, mumbling something as he keeled over weakly. He began to vomit on the floor.

“(Y/N), go away.” He tried to say in a commanding tone, but you sat frozen on your knee’s.You couldn’t tell what it was but the smell was rank and it radiated heat. 

“I’m not leaving you. Yoongi, what’s happening?”

“Go away! I said go away so listen to me!” His voice was much more forced, harsh and strained. Even on his hand’s and knee’s, Yoongi was trying his best to keep you away.

Finally, after all of the screaming you heard someone running down the steps.

“(Y/N)? What’s wron- oh god, oh my god, Yoongi.” Jimin moved into action, waiting until he’d finally emptied his stomach to pick him up.

“(Y/N), go upstairs. Jungkook is throwing up blood as well. I’ll bring Yoongi. Go!”

Blood? Your brain was barely working fast enough, all you could do was hurry your legs up the stairs in the darkness and run down the hall toward the room. The moment you hit the top of the stairs, you could hear Hoseok crying for Jungkook, and it only sent you running faster. What was going on? Was this Seokjin’s doing? Wasn’t the blue moon was supposed to be tomorrow?

You only stopped running when you got to the door of the room. It was closed, and you were suddenly hesitating even opening it. Glancing back down the hall, you could see Jimin right on your tail. Yoongi looked like a broken child in his arms, lazing around limply. His head lulled back and forth with the motion of Jimin’s foot steps, his eyes closed tightly and mouth slightly agape. Turning around, you opened the door to Hoseok attempting to help Jungkook catch his breath.

It’s a sight like one you’ve seen before. Jungkook laying on the bed, pale as a ghost and panting for breath. He looked as if he were trying his hardest to hold onto life, and the moment Hoseok spotted you he was yelling.

“Don’t get in the way, I’ll kill you where you stand. Go watch Namjoon and make sure he doesn’t move!”

And there was Namjoon, in the corner of the room chained to a chair. He was out cold still, head hanging between his shoulders. You felt pity over anything, but you couldn’t worry about him just yet. 

Jimin had just entered the room with a writhing Yoongi, cheeks flushed and sweat beading down his temple. You had to move out of the way for Jimin to place him next to Jungkook on the bed.

“What’s happening to them?” You whimpered, watching Hoseok try his best to clean the both of them.

“Jimin,” Hoseok whispered. Jimin turned his head back to you, before reaching into his back pocket. “we’ll have to kill them. They’ll wake up later.”

“No, don’t kill them!” You rushed forward, only to be stopped by the knife in Jimin’s hand. He held it up mere inches from your neck, the blade so sharp that if he moved it any closer you could’ve been dead in seconds.

“They can’t die, they’re reapers.”

“Something’s happening to them, can’t you see?” You continued, ignoring the pearls of sweat running down your forehead.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about, (Y/N).” Jimin snapped, using his free hand to shove you back. You fell against Namjoon’s knee’s, and you felt him twitch.

You felt him twitch.

He was awake. Scrambling to your feet, you shook Namjoon’s shoulders. His head lulled back, eyes the size of slits as he opened them and closed them again.

“Namjoon, Namjoon wake up.” You continued to shake him, not stopping even when he groaned and thrust his shoulder into the chains that held him in place.

“(Y/N).” Hoseok warned in a harsh voice. You were too scared to look back at him, so you cupped both of Namjoon’s cheeks and leveled your face with his.

“Please wake up! They’re going to kill Jungkook and Yoongi. Will they wake up again?”

“D-don’t-” He choked out in a raspy, barely there voice. You whirled around to look at Jimin, who was tipping Yoongi’s chin back to slice his throat.

“Don’t! Namjoon just said don’t!” You cried out, but Jimin didn’t stop. Hoseok was faltering you knew, but you had no control over what Jimin was doing. “Jimin, please!”

“They’re transition…transitioning.” Namjoon tried again, breathing hard as he worked against the chains. It strained against his skin, cutting small gashes.

“Transitioning? Jimin, stop!” You went toward the dark haired boy, holding both hands out in case he attempted to swing at you with the knife. He cocked his head over his shoulder, looking at you with hooded eyes.

“You can’t trust him. Are you fucking insane? They’re suffering and you just want them to continue to hurt because you believe Namjoon?”

“Transitioning….into humans…” Namjoon’s voice could hardly project itself, but you heard the wisp of it brush past your ears. Jimin turned his body to face you, but he wasn’t looking at you with those wide, fearful eyes. He was looking at Namjoon.

“What the fuck did you just say?” He held up the knife, toward you. You braced yourself, a shrill scream escaping your lips as Jimin attempted to lower the blade down onto you.

Except it didn’t.

“Now, Jimin…” A voice cooed gently, tightening the grip on Jimin’s wrist. “Who taught you to act that way holding a knife?”

“You’re not looking so good, Jin…” Jimin’s teeth were bared as he tried to bring the blade toward Seokjin instead. It was true, Seokjin looked much paler, almost…unwell. He was panting and holding tightly to his stomach as if he were about to vomit. Seokjin truly looked like death.

“You could thank Namjoon for that.” Seokjin snapped, weakly shoving Jimin’s arm away. Even weaker, Seokjin was still strong enough to push Jimin back into a dresser and snap it under his weight.

“Thank Namjoon?” Hoseok interrupted, taking hold of Seokjin’s robes and pulling him away from Jimin. Hoseok clearly had the upper hand, and Seokjin quickly folded under the pressure Hoseok was applying on his skin.

You looked over to Namjoon, who was still pushing against the chains and cutting deeper into his skin. He was looking over at you, struggling and choking as they cut off his air supply.

“Are you trying to kill yourself again?” You hesitated going over to him, but practically floated past Seokjin who was under the prying eyes of Hoseok. “I’m letting him free.”

“Don’t, (Y/N)!” Hoseok commanded, but you didn’t stop. You had to let him free, he’d help you. You believed Namjoon couldn’t do any more harm than he had.

“What do we do to help Yoongi and Jungkook, Namjoon?” You began to reach for the chains, pulling them away as quickly as you could. Namjoon slumped forward in his chair, and you had to hold him up to keep him from falling over onto the floor. The both of you sunk to the floor on your knees.

“Namjoon, please…” You whispered, arms wrapped around him tightly. He was shaking, breathing heavily against your shoulder.

“Kill…” he mumbled breathlessly. “Seokjin…”

“We can’t kill him, I thought?” You looked back over at Seokjin, who seemed like a hollow shell under the grip of Hoseok.

“You can…I gave him Yoongi and Jungkook’s blood.”

“Why the fuck would you do that?” Hoseok demanded, sounding more shocked than angry.

“They deserve to be human! I’m sorry I couldn’t get everyone else’s blood, I-”

Jimin silenced everyone, standing up in the clutter and picking up the knife from the floor. He was chuckling quite maniacally, clicking his tongue on the top of his mouth to make a tsk tsk sound.

“It’s not like I wanted to become human, anyway.” Jimin crooned rather harshly, although his words were spoken softly. His eyes were wide, lips pouting innocently as he watched Seokjin convulse in Hoseok’s arms.

“I didn’t want to become a reaper, either.” He dropped his hand to his side, the knife hovering dangerously close to Seokjin’s leg. “But you don’t care about that do you, Jin?”

“Jimin…” He choked, blood sputtering all over Jimin’s face. You watched as Jimin merely shrugged, face unchanging while his eyes fluttered to adjust to the red liquid being spat all over him.

“Do it, Jimin.” Namjoon ordered, raising his head slightly to look over your shoulder at them. He was gaining some color back to his cheeks, and his eyes didn’t seem as lifeless as they were before. You held Namjoon tighter, so he couldn’t get up, and ran a hand flush down his spine to sooth him slightly.

“Don’t you want to kill him, Hoseok?”

“Do it before he kills Jungkook and Yoongi!” You pleaded, only to be shot a look by Jimin.

“Aw, come on, (Y/N)…” Jimin whined childishly, stomping his feet on the floor and shaking you where you knelt. “Killing the one who absolutely ruined me would be a gift. To him. Can’t I at least have a little fun before he takes his last breath? It’s pretty funny to see him choke on his own blood. Tell me, Jin. How did we die? Drowning? Burned to death? How about murder? You neglected to mention how we were all fucking human once.”

“Jimin…” Seokjin tried again, but was cut off with a terribly loud scream moving past his lips. Jimin stabbed the knife into his leg, pulling it out slowly with a smile spread across his lips.

“How did I die, Jin? Should we tie him up and cut off all of his fingers until he tells me?” Jimin laughed again, tipping his head back and forcing the noise out. He didn’t find any of it funny, you knew.

Namjoon’s hands pressed on your shoulder, and he lazed himself to his feet with a grunt. You watched wordlessly as he wobbled from side to side for a moment, before he held out a hand for you to take. Allowing Namjoon to help you up, he pulled you close to him.

And he hugged you.

“Taehyung wanted you to listen to me, but you didn’t. It’s a shame, maybe if you believed me, all of them could’ve been human.”

“Namjoon, I…I don’t know what you mean…”

He pulled you away to look at you, but you were mildly distracted by the screaming Seokjin was projecting throughout the whole room. Namjoon was smiling sadly, a sight you could’ve sworn you’d seen before but couldn’t quite recall. “It’s fine, you don’t have too remember.”

“Do you want to kill him, Namjoon?” Jimin held out the bloody blade to him, gently wiggling it in front of his face.

“Yes, but you can do it. Give him your blood, for all I care.”

Jimin snorted, rolling his eyes. “No way in hell. I’m not living in a world where my soul will have to stay there forever.”

“You won’t, I didn’t give Seokjin my blood. I want to keep watch over (Y/N) to make sure she isn’t killed.”

“Romantic, but I’m still not taking chances. Bye, Jin. If there was hell, you’d be the king.” And he stabbed him, right in the neck. Seokjin’s eyes rolled back into his head, before his body fell limp in Hoseok’s arms almost immediately. Hoseok dropped him on the floor, wiping his hands off on his pants before looking over at Yoongi and Jungkook. His expression was sad, tears accumulating in his eyes that he was evidently willing not to spill down his cheeks.

“They’ll wake up soon, as humans?”

“Soon. I’ll make it so they don’t remember anything about this life.” Namjoon promised, stepping away from you to go over to them. You followed, close by his side. Nothing was making sense. What just happened? Were Yoongi and Jungkook truly going to become humans? Why wasn’t Namjoon? He had all the time in the world to give Seokjin his blood, just as he had intended from the start.

If that was the truth.

“That was the promise.” Namjoon was smiling as he looked down at Jungkook, gently running a hand down the younger boy’s arm.

“What promise?” You whispered, keeping your distance as Hoseok and Jimin made their way over to the bed. They were both silent as they bid farewell to the other boys, ruffling their hair or squeezing their shoulders. Hoseok’s breathing was off as he tried his hardest to keep from sobbing, and Jimin’s face was numb despite his quivering lip. You didn’t blame him for being so shocked. Jimin had just given up becoming a human as he’d so desperately wished just because he didn’t believe Namjoon.

“Yoongi and I made a promise, before he tried to kill you.”

“You never told me what that was.” You recalled, nodding slightly as you watched Yoongi’s chest rise and fall very peacefully. Namjoon nodded as well, turning back to you.

“Our promise was to kill Seokjin together. Looks like I couldn’t even keep that promise.”

“He’s still gone…” You looked away from him, not quite sure what to do. You felt embarrassed, sad. What had Taehyung told you? Why hadn’t you listened to Namjoon in the first place when he said he wanted to talk to you? It was so important, but you were blinded by fear. Now, Hoseok, Jimin and Namjoon were all stuck as reaper’s forever, while Yoongi and Jungkook were being let off easy.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).” Namjoon sighed, brushing a hand down your cheek. You shied away from him, feeling tears prick your eyes.

“Please…” You breathed, the word barely audible as your voice shook uncontrollably. “Don’t apologize to me.”

“I’m so sorry.” He promised, voice sincere and strong. Namjoon stepped closer to you, both hands on your shoulders. “I want for you to be happy, and it won’t be with me.”

Namjoon jerked his head toward Yoongi. “It’s with him, right?”

“You said you’re going to make him forget everything…” You whimpered, covering your mouth with your shaking hand. Namjoon shook his head quickly, leaning over to match your height.

“I won’t make him forget you. All the good memories you had will be there.”

“But I’ll remember.” You said, words muffled beneath your hand. Namjoon was silent, and he took a deep breath before exhaling just as long. “Right?”

“You need to forget to move on.”


He kissed you. Namjoon’s lips were soft, gentle upon yours. It was a slow kiss, but you were too frozen to reciprocate any type of return kiss at all.

“You need to forget…for me to move on.” He pulled away, looking at you with saddened eyes, but a smile still forced onto his lips. Of course you had to forget. Namjoon was willingly giving you back to the human world, with Yoongi and Jungkook joining you. The only way to go on living as if nothing had happened would be to obediently agree and hope everything would go back to normal. You’d never remember him, or Hoseok, and Jimin, or Taehyung and Seokjin. You wouldn’t remember them or the pain that came along with them when you saw their faces every day. Even in the small time you’d spent with them, just thinking about them brought so many memories you’d never recall another day after this one.

Of course you had to forget. For Namjoon.

“I love you.” He let go of you, closing his eyes. Tears were leaking from his eyes, and they sparkles brilliantly in the dim lighting of Hoseok’s trashed room. It wasn’t so different from all the other times you’d seen it, in a very similar manner.

You took one last, long look around. You’d never remember the room, but you were a sentimental person. It wasn’t like you wanted to remember, but you couldn’t help but feel your chest tighten at the thought of forgetting even the worst memories you shared with these people.

But it was all ending just like this.

A flood of emotions were running through your head. Tears fell from your eyes and sobs tightened your throat despite the anger that flared in your veins. You had so much you wanted to do, before feeling the emptiness you once had when Seokjin made you forget just a small period of time. It wasn’t just weeks you were forgetting, it was months, maybe even years. You were scared, and lonely, and sad.

The brief love you had with Namjoon, that ended so abruptly, was going to be forgotten by you, and only you. Namjoon couldn’t make himself forget about you, or any other painful memories he’d carried. That was the sad truth. For you, a girl who clearly didn’t love him any longer, was going to make him suffer forever and you wouldn’t even remember. You wanted to speak, but you could hardly breathe over the sobbing.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” Was all you repeated, over and over. Hoseok and Jimin were watching you with shocked expressions.

“Goodbye, (Y/N).” He cried, no longer holding back the sadness in his eyes. Namjoon was sobbing just as hard as you, if not harder. “No matter how hard I try, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget your face.”

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t love you…I promised…”

He nodded once, wiping the back of his hand over his eyes. Namjoon placed both hands on your cheeks, and your eyelids suddenly felt heavy.

“I hope you forget me soon…Whatever I did to you.” You felt lighter than you had mere seconds ago. Looking at a person who was just a fading memory. What was his name, again? You couldn’t tell. With blurring vision, you blinked multiple times, eyes drooping more every time you blinked.

Your surroundings were changing, but you could barely tell what was going on anymore. Were you sleeping? Probably. The uncomfortable coldness on your cheeks soon faded, and all you felt was the world shaking beneath you, and drying tears staining your cheeks, and-

“(Y/N)? Jesus Christ…(Y/N)!” Your eyes shot open, and you were met with Yoongi’s face in the darkness. It was raining out very lightly, nothing too bad besides a simple down pour that your flowers outside would gladly soak up.


“You were having a nightmare. Do you want some water?”

“I…no, I’m fine.” You wiped your cheeks dry, shuffling closer to Yoongi under the covers of your bed. He willingly allowed you in his arms, and he gently pressed his lips to your forehead.

“You woke me up, asshole.”

“Sorry, I guess it was pretty bad?” You snorted at his utter incompetence, keeping yourself from rolling your eyes at him despite the utter impossible way he acted when attempting to show any sort of fond affection.

“’Guess’? You don’t remember the nightmare you were crying over?”

“No, should I? It probably wasn’t that important, anyway. It was just a dream.”

Yoongi shook you again, this time more playfully. “You know what they say? Dreams could sometimes be 50% true.”

“Shut up, go to sleep. It’s too early to be listening to your lies.”

“I believe it! I bet it’s true.” He snapped, pulling you closer in his arms. You basked in the warmth of Yoongi, breathing in his musky scent as you tried to drift off once more.

“I love you, (Y/N).” Yoongi murmured in the darkness, laying his head back down into the pillows as you drifted off once again.

i am so tiiiired of people sitting here saying that tony is a bad guy. that he is the villain in civil war. “oh tony ust wanted to do what was best for HIM not the team!” “tony blaCkmaiLED peter and used him as a cHiLD soLdier!” “tony doesn’t understand bucky was brainwashed and didn’t know he was killing his dad” 

did you watch the same movie as me? what theater did you go to? like yeah, you have a right to your opinions but you’re vilifying a man with facts that are literally incorrect. he did not blackmail peter, he didn’t use him as a child soldier. peter may not have “had training” but peter was also already acting on his own. he didn’t force him, not at all. rewatch that entire recruitment scene. put the subtitles on and read it if you have to. he. did not. force him. to come. also, he told peter to hang back and just web people up. he also sent peter home when he got hurt. cool. ok,

tony did want what was best for the team. he wanted to work with the government because well, i honestly agree with him. if they can’t accept limitations then they are no better than the bad guys. i get it, steve wanted to help his friend but you know what, tony was trying to do the exact same thing. he just wanted to help his friends. yeah he was forceful with it, but you know what i would be too if my friend was going to go out and literally disobey the government. i too would be like “hey pal, how about a hard no for that. and we just sign these papers and work with the government bc there has already been some shit going down that’s pretty bad and it’s our fault.” he wants what is best for the team. he wants what is best for the world tbh. like steve made a REALLY good point “what if they want us to go somewhere we shouldn’t, or we want to go and they say we can’t” word bro. definitely something to consider. but also, consider this. what if you go somewhere to help, and they don’t want you there. are you even going to listen? idk, this is an easy debate and neither side is wrong. 

lastly, my personal ???? bc of course tony understands that bucky was brainwashed. don’t be silly. he understands completely. but if someone who i know was brainwashed killed my mom (lbr it wasn’t howard that made tony upset) i would personally feel the need to kick their ass. i don’t care the time or place, that is my mother, she raised me. i do not understand how people are holding these actions against tony? he just watched his mom. get murdered. by the dude who is standing…. rIGHT behind him. if that were me i would turn around and punch the dude right in the jaw. his mother was all he had growing up, he clearly still misses her often as he showcases in the beginning of the movie. like???  it’s his mom. if you’re going to let literally every other person off the hook for something. let’s let tony off the hook for handling this situation the way he did. okie dokie? 

you can disagree with tony, you can dislike his character i don’t care. yeah, man has a stick up his butt sometimes. but let’s not act like he only cares about himself. he isn’t a villain. you know what tony stark is, that everyone seems to forget? he’s human. so yeah, excuse him for not being perfect all the time. it’s inhumanly possibly.

Five Times Leslie Knope Fell In Love


The frost in the air bit her tongue as she inhaled.

This was it. This was it. She was standing outside City Hall, and this time she was stepping in with a lanyard around her neck that said Staff instead of Visitor

She pulled her coat tighter around her neck and stepped onto the marbled floor of the entrance. She breathed in deeply and couldn’t help the grin that spread across her face. 

The small heels on her black pumps clicked and echoed around the halls as she made her way to the Parks and Recreation Department, and her heart swelled. A nervous excitement settled in her chest and she was fairly sure this is what it felt like to fall in love with a place, a building.

It felt like home already. 


She really suits her bangs.

It’s the first thought she thinks as the lady raises her hand. Her name is Ann Perkins. Her purple top really brings out the colour of her eyes. She’s a nurse - she’s incredibly pretty - and then something about an abandoned lot.

She wonders if she’s too cool to be friends with Leslie. Probably.

Ann asks for them to do something about a pit. The pit behind her house. And Leslie says she’ll do it.

She’d probably do anything for her, if she asked. 


It took Leslie four months to fall in love with Dave. It took her four seconds to fall in love with the puppy he surprised her with. 

“I saw it in the store and it reminded me of you.” Dave’s smile turned pained, “Not because you remind me of a dog, or anything. Because you’re, you know, human, and not…ah…”

“It’s okay, Dave. I love her.”

She held the tiny body in her hands and her eyes were as full as the moon outside. The puppy was small and her fur was mottled with chocolate brown and charcoal. She looked up at Leslie and blinked, and Leslie had never felt anything so warm in her hands before.

“What are you gonna name her?” Dave asked, perching on the sofa and watching Leslie on the floor. 

Leslie smiled down at her little nose and floppy ears, and her heart melted. 

“Dave, meet Hilary.”


Their breaths were mingling on her pillow; his smooth with sleep, hers full of wonder. There was a man - a naked man - in her bed, and his hair was a mess. He was tangled into her sheets and sleeping.

Leslie had gotten used to sharing her bed with him. It was only the third time, but he mapped out the left side perfectly. He was the oceans and the highways and the National Parks of her queen double, and she kept getting lost in his coordinates. 

His eyebrows pulled together and his breaths became ruggard, and Leslie could feel the bad dream playing out behind his lids. 

“Hey, Ben.” She whispered, her hand gently grazing his arm, “Ben, wake up.”

He opened his eyes as much as he could manage and drank her in. He took her hand off his shoulder and into his own, kissing it softly before returning back to sleep. 

Her knuckles burned from his touch and she became over-whelmed with a sort of gratitude that she didn’t know how to place. She shuffled further under the duvet, letting her heart warm the spaces that the blanket couldn’t reach. 


Oh, she loved him. 


She was standing in front of the mirror, her shirt bunched up underneath her bra as her fingertips ran over the slight bump of her stomach.

It was some kind of trance. She couldn’t take her eyes off herself - off her swollen stomach. There were babies in there. Three of them. Three babies. Three. 

She rotated, watching her reflection stay pregnant in every profile. Her fingers spread out across her skin as she smiled down at her belly. She was growing three babies all by herself. Her skin felt like it was glowing and beautiful.

She felt beautiful.  

And for the first time in her life, she really, truly fell in love with herself. 

pennnyyyy i tried i promise

sidenote: probably riddled with spelling errors, spell-check and I recently had a fight and we’re not currently on speaking terms >:( plus I recently learned who totomaru was so forgive for oocness


“Did you know Juvia has a thing for fire mages?”

The thought is so ridiculous Gray swallows a snort and takes a leisurely sip of his drink. He doesn’t have time for idiots like him.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Lyon hissed. Gray continued to look at him ‘like that’, it’s frustrating enough that Lyon is stuck in the ideology that they ‘share’ Juvia,

“Come on, she dated that Bora guy for a while, he was a fire mage, and now she’s getting awfully cozy with Totomaru-“

“I don’t keep track of Juvia’s flings.” Gray said flatly. However, out of pure curiosity and nothing else, his eyes wandered to Juvia at the bar, who was indeed speaking with Toto-what’s-his-name. It didn’t bother him though, Juvia was a good girl, she wouldn’t do anything she’d regret the morning after.

“Aren’t you worried?” Lyon asked, annoyance flaring into his normally calm voice.

“Nope.” He said smoothly. He trusted Juvia, or at least he trusted the depth of her feelings for him, or whatever she called them.

“Well – don’t you think it’s inappropriate?” Lyon asked.

“What’s inappropriate?”

“Juvia – she’s speaking to him so casually, she is your girlfriend, is she not?” Lyon repeated.

“Yeah. I don’t see why that’s inappropriate though.” Gray echoed coolly.

Lyon made an annoyed sound and sighed. “Fine. But…if Juvia was mine…I wouldn’t allow someone like that to speak to her.”

“Maybe that’s why she’s not,” Gray reasoned, and at that moment Lyon realized that he had had enough of Gray and moved on to socialize with the next person.

Whatever. He wasn’t jealous. Toto looked to be as uninteresting as most of the folk here, there was no reason to be jealous.

 She didn’t have a thing for fire mages either. Lyon was imagining things. If she did, she would’ve been interested in Natsu, of all people, right?

Gray took another sip of his drink and found it to taste worse than before. Natsu started talking to him. The music got louder.

“-find her anywhere, she’ll kill me if I don’t find her soon!!” Natsu yelled into his ear. Gray continued standing stoically, cup pressed to his lips but not allowing any liquid to get past them.

“Gray! Hey! Frickin’ bastard, help me out already! Have you seen her?” Natsu screeched, practically tearing chunks of his hair out in frustration.

“I’m not jealous,” Gray answered, looking at Natsu sharply. “She’s just talking to him. It’s fine.”

Natsu flashed him a bewildered look. “What the fuck are you talking about? Lucy, I need to find Lucy-“

“I mean,” Gray began, barely even registering Natsu’s frantic words. “Just because she had a thing for fire mages – if it even was a thing – doesn’t affect me, she loves me, she’s told me that enough times already anyways-“


“-she’s Juvia, you know? She likes me, and only me. I’ve got nothing to worry about. Yeah. Nothing to worry about.” Gray ended his little spiel with a satisfied sip of his drink, tuning out any other sounds the club had to offer.

“Dude, you need help.” Natsu said with a sigh. “And – by the way – you should totally be worried.” And with that, Natsu went to go find another person to annoy.

“…What…?” Gray mumbled, awkwardly turning to face the bar where Juvia had been talking to Totem pole.

She was gone,

“Fuck!” he spit out whatever alcohol had been in his mouth on the already sticky floor and threw his semi-full cup to the ground.

Where did she go – he scanned the club from his angle and didn’t see any familiar blue hair. Not that it was Juvia he was worried about per se, it was that asshat total marker or whatever his name was – Gray didn’t trust him as far as he could throw him, which, on a good day, could be a few tens of feet, but that really didn’t matter right now.

“Where the fuck-“

“Gray,” Lyon interrupted, putting Gray’s search to a screeching halt at the smug look on that bastard’s face. “Looks like I was right.”

“The fuck is that supposed to mean?” Gray asked rudely, pushing Lyon aside to continue seeking.

“The fire mages,” Lyon admitted sadly, “we never stood a chance.”

“Fuck off,” Gray groaned, sweeping Lyon’s hand off of his shoulder and weaving through more people to find his missing girlfriend.

After a minute of looking, Gray was almost positive he had lost her. Not to the fire mage guy, but just in general.

What could I yell in a crowd that would make Juvia reveal herself, he mused o himself, several things came to mind, he could probably just shout ‘love rival’ and she’d be summoned like Lucifer himself.

Before he could shout anything obscene or mildly offensive, he felt a hand rest on his shoulder.

“Gray-sama!” Juvia celebrated when he turned around. “Juvia was looking for you!”

He let out an extended breath and half-smiled.

“Clingy much?” He breathed out, not wanting to admit that he had been doing the exact same thing.

She grabbed his arm and squeezed playfully, ignoring the fact that he had called her clingy – probably since she had long accepted the fact – and looked up at him curiously.

“Did Gray-sama miss Juvia?” She asked, blue eyes widening and lips parting in anticipation.

“Eh.” He mumbled, shrugging. She squealed and buried her face in the crook of his shoulder.

“Where’s that one guy – Totomabu, or something.” He asked casually, not out of jealousy or anything.

“He went to get Juvia a drink!” She answered dutifully. Gray felt ice crawl up his spine, who did this guy think he was? Getting her a drink? That’s just taking it too far-

“Hey Juvia, I got your drink.” Toto materialized seemingly out of thin air, making Gray want to punch him in the face to make sure he wasn’t an illusion.

“Thank you,” Juvia said politely, even though Gray could tell she secretly hated him. Sort of.

“Juvia, you never introduced me to this…fella.” Totomacaroon said, awkwardly trailing off with an unimpressed look towards Gray.

“Mm, this is Juvia’s Gray-sama! He-“

“Who the fuck are you?” Gray interrupted, keeping his voice low and calm.

“I’m Totomaru,” he responded back, matching his tone but sensing his hostility. “I’m an old friend of Juvia’s.”

“Old friend, huh.” Gray spoke, checking Juvia’s face for confirmation. She had her eyebrows furrowed, almost out of pity for Toto-whatever. Good. That meant they hadn’t slept together.

“Is there a problem?” Toto asked sourly. Juvia was about to say something, but Gray cut her off.

My problem is that you won’t back off, buddy, so if you could please step the fuck away from my girlfriend, I’d be awfully grateful.” Gray said, through gritted teeth. Totomaru’s face changed from unimpressed to offended real quickly.

“I’ll leave you two be, Juvia.” He snarled, turning quickly and walking away without a second glance.


“I know, I know, that was rude, blah-blah-blah, sorry. He was just really pissing me off. You don’t have a thing for fire mages, do you?”

Juvia swiftly avoided his question when she burst into giggles, her hand flew up to silence them, but she couldn’t quite keep them down.

“What’s so funny?” He asked, a sinking feeling appearing in his gut.

 “Just…” Juvia trailed off after another giggle. “Totomaru-san likes boys.


Juvia started giggling again, and begrudgingly, he let his hand slide around her waist to avoid embarrassment. A little pda would shut her up.


He cut her off with a quick, thorough kiss to the mouth, sliding his other hand to her hair so he could keep her face close to his during the kiss. She let out a tiny moan as he bit her bottom lip, her hands grasped the back of his shirt tightly for balance. His tongue traced the outline of her lips slowly, tasting the new pink lipstick she had used just for tonight. Before it could get any more heated, he pulled away, but not before adding one more kiss to the corner of her mouth.

Her face heated to the point of almost boiling, and he gave her a satisfied smile.

“I doubt a fire mage could do that.”



i cant write kiss scenes fucc 


Read foolmoontrash’s post about their theory for the reasoning of Iwai’s tattoo, so I got inspired to put my own two cents worth in on the subject, and then some.

And then I went overboard and spend a day researching and writing and another day and a half designing. I regret nothing, for I treat my fictional sons well. They’re not as elaborate or complex as the official or Famitsu layouts, but it gets the job done.

And I apologize for any spelling errors that are probably in there.

btw one of my favorite things about Murphy’s character is how a boy who is probably dyslexic (see the spelling error in the pilot – i’ve seen a lot of people calling him dumb“ for that, pls check yourselves) not only managed to read Shakespeare but also memorized it well enough to quote it from memory. Which means he was not only interested and attentive, but also took the effort to read freaking Romeo and Juliet even though reading is obviously not his forte. And I just think that says a lot about him.