there are probably spelling errors

  • okay but elias woke up a little later today - he wasn’t planning on meeting the boys until much later - and he’s surprised when he runs into sana, smuggling food from the kitchen into her bedroom. she’s still in her pyjamas and she isn’t wearing any make up or anything, which, well, it’s nearly 1pm. so it’s a bit odd, especially for her.
  • elias asks her if she’s okay, and why she’s still in her pyjamas. and sana just shrugs and says, quite aggressively, “you’re still in your pyjamas.” and sometimes elias would bite back, tease her, but he also knows when to draw the line. and he can just see that sana’s not in the mood, so he just says, “any plans today?”
  • sana stares at him and shrugs, says, “nei”, then makes her way into her room, shutting the door, and elias leaves her be for a little bit. but a few hours later, elias notices she still hasn’t left her bedroom, which is kind of unlike sana. so he knocks on her door. 
  • she lets him in, but she’s kind of irritated; elias ignores it and says, “what’re you up to?” as he plonks himself on sana’s bed (which causes sana to sigh irritably, but she shuffles a little to give him space to get comfy anyway).
  • “nothing,” sana says irritably; dismissively. elias just looks at her and says, “okay” and waits to see if she elaborates. when she doesn’t, he says, “what was all that about last night?”
  • sana raises her eyebrows. “i’m allowed to have friends around, elias,” she snaps. “you do all the time.”
  • “yeah, but mine don’t drink in the house, and there’s never twenty of us,” elias replies fairly, but not unkindly. he looks at her, notices how deflated she seems, how upset she looks, and so he just says, “is everything okay?”
  • “yes,” sana says quickly. “everything’s fine.” which - okay, okay, sana isn’t in the mood for talking. that’s fine. so, elias says, “how about a movie?”
  • sana looks at him, frowning, and says, “what movie?”, and elias tells her that there’s this film on today, the one they used to watch all the time when they were little. and sana, despite herself, smiles at the memory, and laughs when elias does a (very bad) impression of one of the main characters. and elias thinks there is nothing that makes him quite as proud as when he makes his baby sister laugh.
  • they end up reheating leftovers from the other night and sit cross-legged on the sofa together, watching this film, which is funny but kind of cheesy and not actually as good as either of them remember it being, but it’s okay, because sana’s smiling a lot more now; seems more content.
  • elias’ phone rings just as the films ending and shit, time got away from him; he’d agreed to see the boys today. he picks up the phone and starts talking to them, to adam, and says, “just come over to mine, man, it’s chill, my parents are–” but then he catches sana’s expression; it’s small, subtle, the way her eyes fall to her lap and she prods at her food a little disinterestedly. maybe other people wouldn’t notice it, but elias does. so, he says, “actually, guys, sorry, film without me today, i forgot i made other plans.”
  • the boys erupt into indignant shouts about loyalty and how important their youtube channel is, but elias silences them, hangs up the phone, and sana says, “what other plans do you have?”
  • “well, they made a sequel to this film, and i think it’s stupid that neither of us have seen it”. and okay, he expects that to make sana smile, but instead she frowns and says, “but they aren’t airing the sequel at the moment.” so elias rolls his eyes, then says, “we’ll just have to find something else to watch, then.” and sana looks at him for a moment before rolling her eyes and saying, “okay. find something, then.”
  • she may not have said it, but she didn’t need to, because elias can already tell that sana’s feeling just that little bit better. and he’s so glad to see it, because he really hates seeing sana upset; can’t stand it, because despite how much he teases her, he truly does think there’s no one in the world who deserves happiness quite as much as his sister. and maybe that’s why, when they squabble over the last portion of food, elias lets sana have it. just this once.

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if you are looking for a nurseydex prompt: how about the two of them travelling to a foreign country

Je m’appelle Will. Je joue au hockey. Je parle un peu de francais. Mon copain est tres beau,” Nursey recites.

Je m’appelle Will,” Dex repeats, “Je joue au hockey. Je parle un peu de francais. Mon copain est tres… vaniteux.

“Someone’s been practicing,” Nursey laughs, leaning over the arm rest between their seats to flick Dex’s ear.

“Thank god for Duolingo, otherwise I’d have to depend on you and your rusty ass AP French skills,” Dex teases.

“Hey, don’t hate on my AP skills, Poindexter, I got a four on the test!”

The seatbelt light comes on above them, then, and the pilot tells them all - in English, then French - that they’ll be landing soon.

Paris,” Nursey whispers, in a lousy French accent, “La ville de l’amour.

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I see so much concern about charts on my dash, but guys please please remember that one of Harry’s absolute best qualities as an artist has always been how incredible he is during live performances. He somehow manages to both be “totally self-adoring and cosmically benevolent” at the same time, and all that. Sign of the Times is doing fantastic right now, even if Harry were planning to drop off the face of the earth for the next month and never promote it again. But that is not the case. He’s playing the long game here. Not only has he yet to release a music video for it, but he has also yet to perform it. Harry and his team know what they’re doing. Harry has wild amounts of charisma and stage presence. He’s been working on his voice and technique. (He may even be playing a freaking piano????). So when he comes out and does this song on SNL, it’s going to absolutely blow up online, and people will take notice. The song’s popularity will skyrocket, creating a whole new wave of interest. This goes for the music video as well, and other live performances, and magazine releases, and album promo, etc. He has so much more coming, there’s absolutely no reason to be worried right now. If people wanna talk shit because he doesn’t score a #1 his first week (which is still such a premature prediction because the song has only been out 3 days), then let them talk. It’ll become clear pretty soon that this song, nor Harry, is going anywhere anytime soon.

Sorry I just see so much stress going around, and this is supposed to be an exciting, amazing time for us as the Harrie fandom! Of course we all want Harry to do well, and I encourage that if you are able/want to stream or request the song, then definitely do so. But also enjoy the moment and know that the song is largely being supported by the general public right now, and while interest may wane a bit in between, it will pick up again in a major way very soon. Let’s put some trust in Harry and his team, just like we did about his promo (which was incredible), and the song (which could very well end up being iconic). Harry’s got this 😊

Five Times Leslie Knope Fell In Love


The frost in the air bit her tongue as she inhaled.

This was it. This was it. She was standing outside City Hall, and this time she was stepping in with a lanyard around her neck that said Staff instead of Visitor

She pulled her coat tighter around her neck and stepped onto the marbled floor of the entrance. She breathed in deeply and couldn’t help the grin that spread across her face. 

The small heels on her black pumps clicked and echoed around the halls as she made her way to the Parks and Recreation Department, and her heart swelled. A nervous excitement settled in her chest and she was fairly sure this is what it felt like to fall in love with a place, a building.

It felt like home already. 


She really suits her bangs.

It’s the first thought she thinks as the lady raises her hand. Her name is Ann Perkins. Her purple top really brings out the colour of her eyes. She’s a nurse - she’s incredibly pretty - and then something about an abandoned lot.

She wonders if she’s too cool to be friends with Leslie. Probably.

Ann asks for them to do something about a pit. The pit behind her house. And Leslie says she’ll do it.

She’d probably do anything for her, if she asked. 


It took Leslie four months to fall in love with Dave. It took her four seconds to fall in love with the puppy he surprised her with. 

“I saw it in the store and it reminded me of you.” Dave’s smile turned pained, “Not because you remind me of a dog, or anything. Because you’re, you know, human, and not…ah…”

“It’s okay, Dave. I love her.”

She held the tiny body in her hands and her eyes were as full as the moon outside. The puppy was small and her fur was mottled with chocolate brown and charcoal. She looked up at Leslie and blinked, and Leslie had never felt anything so warm in her hands before.

“What are you gonna name her?” Dave asked, perching on the sofa and watching Leslie on the floor. 

Leslie smiled down at her little nose and floppy ears, and her heart melted. 

“Dave, meet Hilary.”


Their breaths were mingling on her pillow; his smooth with sleep, hers full of wonder. There was a man - a naked man - in her bed, and his hair was a mess. He was tangled into her sheets and sleeping.

Leslie had gotten used to sharing her bed with him. It was only the third time, but he mapped out the left side perfectly. He was the oceans and the highways and the National Parks of her queen double, and she kept getting lost in his coordinates. 

His eyebrows pulled together and his breaths became ruggard, and Leslie could feel the bad dream playing out behind his lids. 

“Hey, Ben.” She whispered, her hand gently grazing his arm, “Ben, wake up.”

He opened his eyes as much as he could manage and drank her in. He took her hand off his shoulder and into his own, kissing it softly before returning back to sleep. 

Her knuckles burned from his touch and she became over-whelmed with a sort of gratitude that she didn’t know how to place. She shuffled further under the duvet, letting her heart warm the spaces that the blanket couldn’t reach. 


Oh, she loved him. 


She was standing in front of the mirror, her shirt bunched up underneath her bra as her fingertips ran over the slight bump of her stomach.

It was some kind of trance. She couldn’t take her eyes off herself - off her swollen stomach. There were babies in there. Three of them. Three babies. Three. 

She rotated, watching her reflection stay pregnant in every profile. Her fingers spread out across her skin as she smiled down at her belly. She was growing three babies all by herself. Her skin felt like it was glowing and beautiful.

She felt beautiful.  

And for the first time in her life, she really, truly fell in love with herself. 

Ned/Sansa in GoT: Exact Same Story

I’m usually careful about criticizing Ned online as he’s an almost sacred figure in this fandom. However, Ned and his daughter have almost the same stoyline in Game of Thrones. The biggest difference between the two is that loyalty to his old family (Robert and Jon Arryn) drive many of Ned’s action while loyalty to her future family (Joffrey and Cersei) drive many of Sansa’s.

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suga nsfw headcanons?? sorry not sorry

oh honey, never be sorry. you have done a great service to this fandom. please don’t be sorry. forgive me my lord i have sinned

-suga looks vanilla

-think again bitch

-fucking rough as hell

-he can be your angle or yuor devil there are no spelling errors i couldn’t help but meme


-he probably has tons of kinks

-i think he would definitely have a exhibitionist kink and pain kink

-also likes watching you( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-loves seducing you in public

-also really good at giving lapdances

-loves making you feel good

-hearing your moans makes him pleased with himself

-really good at oral holy shit

-seriously that mouth can do wonders

-usually likes being dom?? but definitely wouldn’t mind if you want to take the lead for once

-okay but intense love making with him is very emotional

-he would try to decorate the bedroom and give it the ambiance

-loves holding you close when making love to you

-may or may not cry during and after the whole thing

-gets really nervous and concerned for you if you start to cry

-he’ll stop everything just to check on you

-suga loves you a lot

-nsfw suga is good suga

oh bless my soul forgive my lord i have sinned. please pass the holy water to me now. @sakura-sketches please douse the whole bottle of your perfume called holy water on me. okay here you go anon!! never be sorry for this hA. also hope you like this!! sorry if i took too long!! also credits to @sakura-sketches for the new blog name ahahaha

So Miss Pauling came back to her office to find that the team left her Valentine’s gifts. She couldn’t stop smiling and had the biggest giggle fit.

Spy gave her a giant bouquet of flowers, Heavy made her a sandvich with a little heart-shaped toothpick, Medic had Archimedes fly her his Valentine, Demo left her a bomb with a giant pink heart on one side and “You Da BOMB!” written on the other side, Soldier misheard “Leave a heartfelt message”  and just left a human heart, Engie made her a cute little robot holding a message, Pyro made her her own Pauling doll, Sniper was probably late to the party and delivered a cute note in the quickest way possible, and Scout, of course, left a love note that probably has 3 pages worth of spelling errors and cheesy poems

I know I’m late posting this by a couple days!!!

Learn something new

Paul x reader

Warnings: Swearing

This is kind of like a part 3 to the ones below, also i’m not sure which high school you meant for the reader to go to but i’m making it Fork’s high school so the reader has links to the Cullens etc, there will be more parts focusing on the tension between the pack and her friendship with the Cullens and about Paul telling the reader she’s his imprint

Imagine moving to La Push and becoming friends with the pack

Bonfire at La Push

Request:  I was hoping if maybe you were thinking of doing a third part following the Reader and Paul’s growing relationship? Where maybe it skips time & she finds out they’re shifters, while also learning Paul has Imprinted on her. Is that cliche? And she attends the high school, if that’s implied in the first two parts and she knows the Cullen’s? And then there’s tension between her two different groups of Friends/acquaintances? Thanks!”

Disclaimer: i know this probably doesn’t go along with the storyline exactly with Bella hanging out with the Cullens at school etc but it’s just how I’m gonna write it, also this is long and probably spelling errors which i’ll correct when i edit it in the morning

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Read foolmoontrash’s post about their theory for the reasoning of Iwai’s tattoo, so I got inspired to put my own two cents worth in on the subject, and then some.

And then I went overboard and spend a day researching and writing and another day and a half designing. I regret nothing, for I treat my fictional sons well. They’re not as elaborate or complex as the official or Famitsu layouts, but it gets the job done.

And I apologize for any spelling errors that are probably in there.

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Can you rec any stories?

Oh boy. You better strap in, because I have read a lot of fics. Most of these will probably be Dick Grayson centric, though, so just a fair warning. I’ve seen a couple people format fic recs like this, and I really like it. I hope it’s organized enough!

Of course, you can always go through my fic recs tag, too!

The Bonds that Tie by DawnsEternalLight 
Words: 59,507 (between 2 fics)
Summary: A series exploring the Batfamily growing closer together.
My Comments: Absolutely amazing and heart wrenching. The first fic in this series is finished, which is a lot more about Dick and Damian’s relationship, but the second is still ongoing, which is more about Jason and Tim. It’s a wonderful series!

To Pass Through This Night by DawnsEternalLight
Words: 4,147
Summary: When Dick was captured by the Syndicate he died, for a short period of time, but he still died. It’s a fact he kept from his closest friends and family to protect them. When Damian and Tim find out he has to face not only them, but the emotions he’s buried from the event.
My Comments: It’s a forever evil fic. Like, you don’t even know how much I love this, especially because it involves the whole family’s feelings, not just Dick’s.

Even When You’re Down by DawnsEternalLight
Words: 4,628
Summary: Jason is expecting pizza at his door, not a very sick Dick Grayson. When he can’t figure out what’s wrong with his brother he turns to the only person he can, Bruce.
My Comments: Ahhh I love sickfics so much, and this one did not disappoint! Jason and Bruce coming together to care for Dick was amazing to read! To be honest, @preciousthingsareprecious​‘s fics are all amazing, and I’ve read so many of Dawn’s works. These are just my absolute favorites!

Stubborn by audreycritter 
Words: 20,359 (4/4)
Summary: Dick is usually the one taking care of everyone else and he’s bad at asking for help.So bad, in fact, that he never even actually asks– but Jason shows up anyway.And then Dick returns the favor. And then they both do for Tim. And it’s just going to keep going from there.It’s probably Alfred’s fault. When your butler mom calls and says, “Go check on your brother,” you don’t argue. You just do it.
My Comments: The first chapter absolutely killed me. It’s a sickfic, with each chapter focusing on a different batkid. It’s so well written, and it’s one of my all time favorites!

The Mechanics of a Hug by incogneat-oh 
Words: 4,154
Summary: “So,” Tim ventures. “It's… what, a cuddle pollen?” Bruce just shrugs. “Something like that.” 
My Comments: It’s funny, it’s angsty, the dialogue is absolutely amazing, and I would recommend this author’s fics (all of them, really) a thousand times over. This one is just my absolute favorite that I’ve read a bajillion times.

World’s Apart by Fernandidilly_yo 
Words: 37,169 (3/?)
Summary: Dick’s world is falling apart. With all the heroes and Batman gone, the teen thinks this is the end, that is until Dick miraculously end up in an Alternet Universe where the world is whole and there’s a family waiting for him.
My Comments: This is an AU that absolutely BREAKS MY HEART. There’s so much description and it’s such an amazing story. It has a lot of potential, and besides the occasional typos/spelling errors, it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever read. I’m looking forward to more!

Locked Away by AutumnHobbit 
Words: 3,021
Summary: anonymous asked: would you consider writing dick being asked to empty jasons locker at school after jason dies?

“Uh, Wayne residence,” he said, cringing after the fact at how hoarse his voice sounded. He scrubbed a hand over his eyes in frustration.
“Um, hello. Is, um….” the female voice trailed off hesitantly. “Is Mr. Wayne available at the moment?”
“I’m afraid not,” Dick said, trying harder to channel his inner Alfred. “Can I take a message?”
“…Yes,” the woman said. “It’s….well, it pertains to his son, Jason.”
My Comments: THIS IS SO SAD. I still love it, because it shows a side of Dick that we don’t see often. We see Dick happy around his family, angry, frantic, but never this grieving boy mourning the loss of a brother, and it’s heartbreaking. There are a lot more quality fics by this author, as well.

there is a design, an alignment by irnan
Words: 584
Summary: Dick’s just had brain surgery. No wonder it hurts.
My Comments: This is so sweet. But, of course, Bruce can only seem to show affection to his kids when they’re hurt or unconscious.

exactly how this grace thing works by irnan
Words: 22,710
Summary: Dick gets de-aged. You’d think this would be a routine thing.
My Comments: Honestly, this is the fic that convinced me to stay in the fandom. It’s the fic that I will always aspire to write, quality wise. It’s an amazing piece about a de-aged Dick learning to accept the family that’s suddenly thrust onto him, and his family, in turn, learn things about him that they didn’t know before. The whole fic is amazing.

Who We Were by ZiZzy
Words: 105,025 (33/?)
Summary: When the Graysons fell their son went to his great-uncle to be trained as a Talon. Four years later he is rescued and taken to live at Wayne Manor. But, he is not the talkative boy he once was, in fact talking at all is a bit of a problem… A series of connected oneshots about how the Batfamily is formed when the older brother is not quite who he was meant to be.The timeline of each chapter is in the A/Ns.
My Comments: It’s a little hard to get used to this fic, since most of them are read like one-shots in the same AU, but this fic destroyed me. Dick is so adorable, and he’s going through so much, and Bruce is so understanding. The last couple of chapters had me in tears.

Half Lost, Half Found by takadainmate
Words: 23,632 (4/5)
Summary: Driven underground, Batman fights to keep Nightwing alive. There is a fight. There’s always a fight.
My Comments: I always recommend this story, but it’s amazing. There’s a lot of tension between Dick and Bruce, but they have to work together in order to survive. Sadly, this fic hasn’t been updated since 2013, but it’s only the last chapter that’s missing. It’s still a great story, even without it.

Family is a Crisis by Lysical
Words: 4,172
Summary: In their family there’s always some sort of crisis going on.
“Probably a fashion crisis,” Jason muttered. “He probably dragged us all here so he could show off some chartreuse and fuchsia monstrosity.” “You aren’t making a new costume again, are you?” Damian added, nose wrinkling. “I thought we all agreed you were staying away from colors.”
My Comments: This fic is hilarious.Seriously, as much as I wish Tim was in it, too, it is the perfect sequel to the one scene at the burger joint in Batman #16.

Grade School by KagSesshlove
Words: 100,098 (13 fics)
Summary: Imagine that Damian goes to a regular school full time. And has to do things that normal grade-schoolers have to do. This is his life now: pretending to be a normal 10 year old at school all for the sake of the public. But, honestly, the public would rather he not.
My Comments: When I first found this fic, I think I started screaming at @stepichu to read it, too, I was so excited. I think I actually read it twice in one week? Please read this entire series. It’s hilarious and serious and just plain amazing. Sometimes the characterizations are a little exaggerated, but I still love it. It totally adds to the story! And the best part is that it was just completed!

the man with guns for eyes by 8sword
Words: 22,056
Summary: “Don’t blame him, little D. He gave me a choice.” “He always makes it a choice,” Damian mutters. “If you’re the one who makes the decision, it’s your fault if it’s the wrong one.” (Dick comes back from the dead.)
My Comments: Hm. Okay, on the one hand I really like reading this fic, because the boys are all forced to talk to each other and try to work things out. On the other hand, sometimes this fic leaves me reeling. There’s a lot to get through in one sitting, and sometimes I have to break it up.

With Friends Like These by ChimaeraKitten
Words: 4141
Summary: How Artemis got to know both Dick Grayson and Robin before finding out they were the same person.
My Comments: This is a YJ fic, but it’s really good. Like, I didn’t know I needed Artemis getting to know Dick Grayson so badly until I read this. There are also some other really good fics by @chimaerakitten​, but this one is one that I fell in love with.

Crowded Enough by CaraLee
Words: 18,744 (15/?)
Summary: An AU built off of the titular line from the pilot episodes of Young Justice. Dick Grayson comes home from the events at CADMUS to the enjoyment of his various siblings, friends, and sibling-like people. Now extended: One chapter per episode of the first season. Plus a few extras.
My Comments: I love this so much. Each chapter is gold.

Save You by ArsenicInYourPudding
Words: 6538 (4/4)
Summary: The three times Wally West made sure Dick Grayson lived to fight another day, and the one time he didn’t have to.
My Comments: Warnings for suicidal thoughts/actions. The bromance between Dick and Wally in this is amazing, and this fic got me through some tough times. The whole thing always has my crying by the end, no matter how many times I read it.

That’s just on ao3, and it’s getting really late, so I needed to shorten this a bit. I will say that you’re welcome to look through my bookmarks on ao3 and my story favs on if you’re looking for more. There are a lot of amazing fics out there that I didn’t mention. I probably will come back to update this sooner or later.

edit because I don’t know how I forgot these:

Interval of Shadow by CaramelMachete
Words: 41,403 (15/?)
Summary: Nightwing, Robin and Red Robin take on Clayface. Nightwing does not emerge unscathed.Is this the end of Nightwing’s career? How will the rest of family react? Will Dick recover, and what should he do if he can’t?
My Comments: My goodness, this fic is honest to god amazing. It shows the struggle Dick goes through and how his family scrambles to be there for him. The interactions between everyone is so spot on, and if you haven’t read this, read it. And then come scream at me or @caramelmachete about it.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by anon_nom_nom
Words: 3,614
Summary: Prompt from yj_anon_meme:
Okay, so I always thought that the reason DCAU Dick turned into such a bitter little thing was because he only ever had Batman, and sometimes Batgirl, but he never had his Titans or his Wally or anything.So I would like so see something where Robin is starting to show early warning signs of this, maybe just frustration after a really bad night on the job in Gotham with Batman, and him actually having his team there to help him deal with it.In which Robin has a bad night, discusses poetry, and gets a massage.
My Comments: This is a YJ fic that shows the struggle that Dick goes through as a partner of Batman, and I find it super realistic. It’s really fluffy with a hint of light angst, and all of the characters are spot on.

Fear by tristen84
Words: 18,622 (6/6)
Summary: While on a stake-out together, Robin and Kid Flash have a frightening run-in with Scarecrow. Dick-Wally friendship.
My Comments: Another YJ fic. If you want Wally and Dick bromance, like, this is the fic. It’s a really good story, too, and it shows just how much both Dick and Wally care for each other. It’s a good read.

I’m probably still forgetting some, but these are all amazing, too, and please check them out!


The Trinity | Jon Kent + Damian Wayne [w/ female reader]

imagine: being diana’s daughter and being apart of a “Junior Trinity” consisting you, jon, and damian

warnings: probably spelling/grammar errors

You lived in Thymiscara for your entire life. Born and raised on the island, you knew no other home. You trained in combat, took your place as the Princess of Thymiscara (right under your mother), did what was expected of you. For years, you begged your mother to let you live with her in the human world. Away from the Gods. The older you got, the less you asked until you just didn’t ask.

And now you’re here.

You can see your mom and her two closest allies from where you sit. They’re talking in hush tones and the way they stood made it too difficult for you to read their lips. You are awestruck. Standing just across the room are two people you’ve grown to admire; Batman for his devotion and Superman for his loyalty to the world he didn’t owe a thing to.

You are in the Watchtower. No other heroes are present in the room, but you knew the base wasn’t void of them. You had the urge to sneak out and to see it for yourself. To see the stars, to admire Earth from above, to find the thing you wanted. Instead, you stay put. You watch the TV, something you didn’t even know existed, as it showcases something about a sponge underwater. It is fascinating.

Across the room, the grownups talk.

“You’re shocked,” Diana sighs.

“You’ve had a daughter this entire time and didn’t tell us,” Superman lets out an exasperated sound, “Why introduce us now?”

“Simple-” Batman interjects, giving you another look over, and places a hand on his friend’s shoulder- “It’s different now.”

“The Titans need new leaders. Not just Damian, Bruce. He’s a good kid, but he still has a long way to go,” Diana’s shoulders slump, her eyes drifting between her two friends almost desperately, “Our children – Jon, Damian, and Y/N – can learn and build the team together.”

When the two men stay quiet, Diana sighs and continues.

“She’s been on that island far too long,” She begins, “She’s not like me; she’s isolated. This team can benefit all them. You both know this.”

“You’re right.” Bruce finally says.

Clark takes a moment, but he nods. “How should we do this?”


You try to hide behind your mom but she’s already moving out of the way. There’s no way to conceal yourself from the two boys. You swallow thickly but stand up straight before them. You’re nervous–too nervous–and your hands are clenched tightly, fingernails digging into your skin. Breathe. You remind yourself. And you do. You take in a deep, slow breath and take a step forward.

“I am Y/N, Princess of Thymscara,” You introduce yourself, saying the same words you’ve rehearsed since you got here, “It is a pleasure to meet you both.”

Both boys are silent. Both for different reasons. Jon is mesmerized while Damian is analyzing the situation, and you. You awkwardly stand there, trying your hardest not to break in front of them. You divert your eyes and find yourself staring out of the window and into space. The stars calm you. Your hands unclench and you visibly relax. You don’t notice that you are no alone with them or that one had said something until you look back at the two.

Superboy is grinning, showing off his teeth as he floats above the ground. He’s watching you in anticipation, waiting. Your face heats realizing that you missed what he said. You awkwardly smile. “Come again?”

“He asked if you have any powers,” Robin states simply. Voice firm and uninterested.

“Oh!” The question sparks something in you as you nod your head enthusiastically, “I can fly, I have enhanced strength, I have enhanced reflexes, I have the ability to understand an animal’s feelings, I have enhanced senses but definitely not good as mother’s, and I am also trained in hand-to-hand combat.”

“So cool!” Superboy’s grin seemed to widen.

“Wonder Woman’s abilities were gifts from the-”

“Gods.” You finish Robin’s sentence, nodding. “Yes. Unlike my mother, I am half-human. Most of my abilities were passed down from her because we share the same blood. I do not share all the same abilities nor is mine as advanced and perfected as hers. I have more weakness; my skin is not as thick, magic easily affects me, I am less durable, and my empathy level for others is low. The Gods allowed me to live–allowed me to stay on Thymiscara despite being half-amazonian. That is the only gifts I will ever be gifted from them.”

The three of you talked for a while, asking questions and making plans for your team. You first needed a new name. Something that hasn’t been used before. Something that would become your legacy. In the end, you all decided on one: The United.

june 25 2017


i really loved this request and i enjoyed writing it so much

anonymous asked:

Hey Emma <3, I wanted some advice on editing essays. I usually struggle with editing my own essays and was wondering if you had any tips or programs that could help me with this? Thank you :*

Hi! Program wise I would recommend Grammarly. It’s awesome! I use the free option but it is great for picking up those minor errors which you could miss. It also explains what the issue was so you learn at the same time. My routine for editing goes a bit like this:

  1. Finalise my draft and save! Then I’ll print it off. I’ll either do it with a large space between the lines or with a large margin to the left. That way I have room to write and add any comments.
  2. With my annotating, I’ll go through and cross out words that might not really work or don’t need to be there. Use arrows to see if there is any potential changes in sentence order. I try to do this slowly so I can pick up on punctuation errors, etc.
  3. I’ll make sure my paragraphs follows this structure. It helps me remove anything that could just be me waffling or narrating something. With essays, I always assume they’re like an argument. If you start going off topic, you lose. You need to hammer out the facts in the simplest and most evidential form.
  4. Once I’ve finalised all those edits, I’ll go in and edit the copy that I’ve typed. 
  5. I sometimes will put the essay into Google translate (or if you have a Mac: highlight the entire document, press control, and ‘add to iTunes as a spoken track’.) Listening to it will help point out any tiny punctation or spelling errors that are probably from typing to quickly and not realising you’ve used a word in the wrong context or something. 
  6. I don’t really do this but you could send your essay to a friend. They might be able to see any issues with it and help you eliminate problems.
  7. Finally, I’ll have another final slow read through. Generally at this point I’m pretty happy with it and it’s just a precaution before I submit.

Hope this helps! x

Eddsworld ?? Medieval au ??

idk me and a pal have being looking over some stuff I typed way back when and I said id post the first little bit so I mean !!

The large palace remained brightly lit even though it was almost dawn. The summer air moved its way through the dim hallways as the king walked throughout, a surprisingly happy look on his face. With all that had been going on in the past few weeks it had been hard for King Edward to focus at all. Between battling rival troops and dealing with problems within his own kingdom, it was just all weighing down on him. But the guardsmen had brought good news, some enemy troops had been defeated. Of course this meant a celebration was to the held. Edd nearly ran through the halls to find his first enchanter. He just knew he would be ecstatic to hear the news. Edd opened the doors leading into the alchemy lab, Tom was usually always here, and if he wasn’t there, he was out to battle (or in the tavern).

Edd smiled as he saw Tom at his usual spot, sitting in front of the enchantment table, he looked up as he heard the doors open. “Edd… You look rather excited…” Tom said, a sudden wave of curiosity rushing over him as he wondered why the king was so giddy. “It’s the rivals, Matt’s guardsmen just told me that they defeated the troops that were down by the rivers” Tom smiled as he heard the news, they had been fighting these enemy troops for months, so to hear they defeated one fleet of them was amazing news.

“That’s great Edd! Now I’m guessing you are going to throw a party-“ Edd laughed slightly, “Well you know it’s what the people would want, Tom.” Tom chuckled, flicking his hand slightly as he turned back to the sword he was enchanting, the steel of the blade glowing a light purple color. Edd raised an eyebrow and looked to Tom for an answer. “It’s for Matt, He asked me to put a bunch of enchantments onto the old thing so he can give it to his next in command… I don’t know why he is such a sap; I mean for the first knight you think he’d be super strict to his fleet. But I mean the guy doesn’t ever get mad at them.” Tom laughed. “My fleet knows me by now- They’ve seen me lose it quite the number of times..”

He said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. Edd smiled fondly at his friend, placing a hand on Tom’s shoulder. “No need to worry about that, It just comes with the job.” Edd said with his face still holding a large smile. Edd turned on his heel, walking back to the door in which he entered. “Keep up the good work, Tom. I’m going to go wait for Matt’s fleet to get back.” Edd said opening the large wooden doors, taking his leave.

i guess ?? thats like a bit of it,, idk rlly the whole thing i just came up with one day, edd is the king and matt is first knight along with first enchanter tom. Idk , take my rubbish

i really wish that there wasnt such a strong stigma against people whose english speaking is accented by their native language

like, even coming from the perspective of my monolingual ass, thats a) shitty and racist, and b) just straight up doesnt make any sense? like? have you ever heard someone with an accent? it sounds awesome

not even just people with stereotypically “cool” accents like uhhh russian? (is that cool? idk) but like. my favorite asmr youtuber speaks korean as her native language, but also knows english and japanese, and holy cow, everything she says just ALWAYS sounds cool, and its impressive as hell that she knows not just ONE extra language but TWO

anyway i dont know where i was going with this ramble, i just want everyone to know that even if you feel bad about having an accent, theres a 110% chance that i think its amazing, and i think youre really cool

So this story is a bit different, it kinda just became its own story. I started writing and this is what it became. 

Warnings:Cursing, mentions of depression, insomnia and self harm, also mentions of almost dying, mentions of medication for this. If any of those things trigger you please don’t read this. I know these subjects are sore for me but in writing this story I didn’t even realise that while writing this because I got so into it. This is probably really badly written with spelling errors so if you see anything that I  could correct please let me know. This will be a sad one, I wrote it about heartbreak in mind, and I know that it’s a bit cliche.

Isaac: Y/N, I am leaving Beacon Hills

Y/N: Why?

Isaac: I can’t stay here. I am tired of seeing everyone I love die and leave me! 

Y/N: So you decided that you do it to me instead?

Isaac: What?

Y/N: Isaac I have been in love with you from day one, when you still where the shy kid that got hit, to the day you decided to be a douche to me because you became a werewolf, I have been in love with you for years through thick and thin yet you don’t realise.

Isaac: I can’t do this Y/N I loved Allison she died and I can’t stay here.


Isaac: I’m sorry Y/N

*About a year later you were severely injured and ended up in the hospital, you didn’t want to tell Isaac so you told them to wait. But when you got worse they called Isaac because he was your best friend before he left*


I was just sitting in the living room watching TV when my phone started to ring, I looked at it and saw it was from Scott, he’s been trying to get me to come back. He tried a couple of times the the ringing stopped. but after a couple of minutes of silence I got a text. I decided to put my phone on silence and wait a while to see what they have written. Silently hoping for a text from Y/N.

After two hours I decided to look at the text that they have sendt me. I have gotten one from everyone in the pack except for Y/N. When I first looked I increasingly got more worried. Then I got to Scott’s teks which was more detailed. He told me that Y/N was attacked a couple months ago and got put in the hospital, and that you now had gotten worse and now was scared for your life. 

Immediately after reading this I got out my laptop and got a ticket to one of the first planes to Beacon hills, I packed a bag and got to the airport.

 The first thing I did when I got back was going to the hospital. The first thing I see is the pack and Malissa talking in hushed tones. I walked up to them and let’s just say they were shocked to see me there. They yelled at me before I could go to see someone that I haven’t realised that I loved before it might be too late.

Walking up to Y/N room I got incredibly worried for what I was going to see next. As I walked in I broke down seeing You be there as pale and thin you had gotten. Melissa took a notice of this and pulled out a chair next to your bed so I could sit down next to you. She left the room and I could hear her tell the pack to leave us alone.

I started crying more and praying for you not to leave me.


Isaac: You cant leave me Y/N I don’t know what I would do if you aren’t alive. I realised that I absolutely love you when I left I can’t do this if you’re not alive anymore.

*He says this as he leaves the room to talk to the pack*

Isaac: What happened to her?

Scott: Someone called the dread doctors. Y/N stopped talking to anyone and quit school shortly after you moved. We decided after a year of her not talking to anyone and withe everything that had happened that we’d talk to her and try to get her to go back to school. But when we got to her apartment it was broken and she was gone. 

Isaac: You didn’t talk to her for a year!?!?

Scott: She didn’t want to talk to anyone we would call and text her every day but she never answered. The girls went to her apartment more then once, but YOU did something that broker her. We found her in the dread doctors lab. She was hooked on to all these machines and had been experimented on, we don’t know what they tried to turn her in too. All we know is that she had a transplant as a baby so she was compatibel for their experiments. 

Isaac: And in all of this you never thought about contacting me?

Stiles: She was so broken when you left, she sometimes came to me at 3am crying herself to sleep.

Melissa: She came to the hospital an was diagnosed with insomnia and depression. She got put in the hospital because she almost bled to death when I came to visit her because she had cut herself, and she begged me not to tell the pack to you. She goes on so many different medication so she won’t die because her mind is taking over her. Thats why nobody contacted you because she didn’t want anyone to know how much pain she really was in Isaac. The only one who knows this is me because she told me and I was the one who treated her!

Isaac: I didn’t know

Melissa: No you didn’t, but I do know that you knew that she loved you. Yet you left and broke her heart. She has known you for almost her entire life. She was the one you would go to when you needed a shoulder to cry on. She has told me everything.


How could I have done this to her. It has been over a year yet I never tried to contact her or even texts her to ask if she was ok. And now she might be dying and she will never know how I feel. God damn I screwed up. I made her hate me so much when I left that she didn’t want anyone to tell me how she was. This is all I could think about as I entered her room again.

- Y/N if you can hear me, I want you to know that I love you. And I am so sorry that I didn’t realise that before you became like this. Before I fucked up and feel in love with Alison or before I left, I am SO sorry Y/N please don’t die. 

This is all I got to say before her heart monitor started going of. All I heard was the doors being slammed open and doctors and nurses running to her bed. And the pack coming to me and pulling me out of the room much to my protest. She was dying and it was my fault. 

Something that felt like an eternity later Melissa came out of the hospital room with a sad face and told me that you had died, this broke me the reason I left in the first place was for the people I loved. I Didn’t want to see them die, yet the person I loved the most died because I left her and broke her heart. I asked Melissa if I could see her one last time, and she agreed. 

-I am so sorry Y/N this is all my fault.

What happens next shocked me. She just shotes up from the bed with red eyes, but they’re not like an alphas eyes they are deeper almost like blood.


The Soulmate | Jon Kent [x batsis!reader]

imagine: being jon’s soulmate
probably spelling/grammar errors

How’s the farm?’ You write the sentence across your wrist using a sparkly blue sharpie. The color causes a small giggle to escape your lip knowing very well the color would also show on his skin. Damian shoots you a look but doesn’t say anything as you continue to doodle across your arm as you wait for his reply.

‘Good :)’ Comes the reply on your other wrist in bright pink ink.

“I do not understand why you have yet to try and meet him,” Damian comments, finally speaking the question that has been whirling around his mind. He isn’t one to speak – he hasn’t tried to meet his soulmate.

“Because,” You look up and give him a pointed look, “We both agreed to wait until we’re older.”

You go back to doodling and writing messages to him. Damian’s question clung to you, though. You wanted to meet him, but what if it isn’t all happily ever after? So many things could go wrong; Damian could hate him, dad could disapprove, Jason could threaten them and you’d never see him again. Plus, you’re a vigilante. What if you put them in danger?


You stare wide-eyed at the boy in front of you. Your domino mask hid your shock but not so much the identical wounds across your arms. You’ve heard of Superboy from Damian, but seeing as you mostly worked with Dick and Kate, you never got a chance to meet him. Let alone know who he was to you. This wasn’t how you wanted to meet; not while you were on the job and following a lead. Especially when you’re covered in bruises with a large gash across your arm.

There isn’t much time for you to gawk at each other before more of the androids started coming at you. The two of you got back at it; as you got civilians back to safety, Superboy destroyed the androids and vise-versa. Batman and Superman are fighting the mother of the herd in the center of Metropolis leaving you two alone.

Once your area is cleared, Superboy lowers himself next to you. “Y/N?” He whispers your name and you cringe.

“Hey…” You turn to face him with a thin smile, “What’s u-“

He wraps his arms around you, cutting you off and leaving you stunned. You swallowed thickly as a blush rises to your cheeks. You wrap your own arms around his waist and lay your head against his shoulder. It felt…right. The two of you just stood there for a moment as realization sets in. This Jon – your Jon. How were you going to explain this to Damian – to your dad?



“What do you mean ‘no’?” You scoff.

“Damian,” Dad interjects already feeling the rising fight between you two, “There’s nothing we can do. Soulmate or not, Jon and Y/N are together.”

“I, for one, thinks it’s cute,” Stephanie says, grinning brightly.

The rest of your family gives their own opinion on the situation as if you asked, which you didn’t. When you got home after the battle, your dad could tell something was different and after pressuring you, you finally told him that you found your soulmate and reluctantly confessed who it was. You’re not sure how everyone else got word of it, but when they did they all came to the cave.

“Just because I’m the youngest doesn’t mean every one of you must protect me,” You huff and cross your arms.

“We were all there when you found out that Cap was turned into a Nazi,” Dick points out, shuddering. “None of us want to see you so devastated again, or angry for that matter.”

“Tim,” You turn to look at him, “Were they all like this when you and Steph confessed?”


“Exactly.” You turn to face your family with a look of determination. “I can take care of myself, Dick. Jon would never hurt me and even if he did, I could kick his butt. I know all his weaknesses, remember? Plus, it’s not like we’re going to get hitched! We’re fifteen. We have our entire life ahead of us.”


“I love you,” You say, head leaning against his shoulder as you snuggle into his side.

Since the moment you two realized what you were, you both never missed the chance to say those words. Even now – years later – as you sat together on the top of the Daily Planet wrapped in a thin blanket as you watched the meteor shower. You’ve both said it as much as possible, but this time it was different. This time you truly, deeply meant it.

He looks down at you and watches the light from the city glow against your skin. A soft smile coats his lips. There is nowhere else he’d rather be than here with you. “I love you, too.”

july 9th 2017


Nefarious and Qwark AU(Part 1 of ?)

Ok so this is just going to be a really rough outline of what I have for the general plot so none of this is really set in stone

Put under read more so I don’t clutter anyone’s dash

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"Is Friendship Truly Magic?" - David x Gwen Drabble

This is the first time I’ve actually written a short story and published it on here, so I’d love to hear your feedback through DMs! To be fairly honest, I wrote this all on my phone at 7AM so it’s not amazing and it probably has spelling errors that I haven’t found on my own. But maybe enjoy it? There needs to be more Gwen x David in this world, and this was a silly idea that came to me from watching a David Dobrik blog where he just straight up bought a pony.

Summary: David buys a pony and Gwen questions her sanity.

Gwen slowly blinked, not knowing if her eyes were playing tricks on her or if David had finally lost it. She was tempted to smack herself across the face to check and see if she was in some sort of fucked up dream sequence, but the last time she had any sort of dream was when she was about twelve. All of her nights since then consisted of pure exhaustion that drove her to crashing so hard she remembered nothing in the morning. So no, this was not a dream.

The stupid, scrawny counselor that she was currently dating had indeed brought home a pony. But, oh no, not just any pony. A flea-ridden one that had a dyed bright pink mane and butt tattoo of a star that was obviously cheaply spray painted onto its matted gray fur. The equine seemed totally fine standing in the middle of their apartment, its eyes spaced out as it chewed on some grass it plucked from god knows where. It was as if not a single brain cell in its head worked, which was understandable because it was just an animal, but she was pretty sure that the squirrels back at camp had more personality than this poor excuse of a farm animal.

“So, what do you think? Isn’t she a cutie pie, Gwen? I’ve decided to name her Sprinkles McGee– isn’t that just perfect?!” The ginger chirped, bouncing in place to let off some excitement. Gwen let out a long sigh, pinching the bridge of her nose to try and edge off the inevitable headache that was sure to come. “Can we talk for a moment?” She hissed in a practically inaudible voice, as if her lowered volume was the one thing keeping her from snapping. Being the ignorant optimistic goof that David is, her tone went right over his head, and he nodded with enthusiasm as he bounded over to her.

“Yes, Gwen?” He asked, the happiness practically dripping off his voice as he spoke, completely unaware of how Gwen’s sanity was slowly slipping. “David, in what universe…” She began softly, her eyes being forced shut before she lurched forward in rage, snagging his ear to bring him down to eye level with her, “IS THIS OKAY?!” Gwen screamed directly into his ear, causing the excitable counselor to visibly flinch. He looked over to where she was gesturing, which was directly at Sprinkles McGee.

“You… don’t like her?” He hesitantly squeaked out, his eyes shining as if he might cry. Seeing this, Gwen let go of his ear with an aggravated growl. “How did you even get a pony, David?” She asked with a much calmer demeanor. Not because she was particularly curious as to how he acquired the animal, (he was fucking David), but because yelling at her boyfriend didn’t get through to him due to his obliviousness.

At the question he brightened, standing straight up as he yanked his phone out of his pocket, fumbling with it before showing her the app it was opened to. “Well, remember when you showed me that wonderful website called Craigslist? Well, I’ve been browsing it in my spare time, and happened upon this little guy!” David explained as if it made perfect sense to him, resting one hand on the horse’s head. “Sprinkles McGee was only 50 dollars! Can you believe that, Gwen?”

Gwen stared at him in disbelief, not even being able to BEGIN to say what she really wanted to. Instead, she took a deep breath to calm down before she could say something she may regret.

“David, you realize she was probably 50 dollars because even the glue factories don’t want her. I mean, seriously, look at her!” She finally spoke, gesturing to the animal right as it chomped down on its own mane. It began chewing the pink strands slowly, tongue lolling out every so often. Gwen felt like she might puke at that display of stupidity alone.

“I don’t see your point– Sprinkles is a good horse! Isn’t that right?” David asked in a baby voice, leaning down to pet the horse’s nose. Gwen almost found it cute that he had already attached himself to the animal, and the way he was leaning down to get on it’s height level was almost identical to what he did with the campers. She resisted the urge to smile and instead stomped forward, crossing her arms infront of her chest.

“David, we live in an apartment with neighbors who would report us in an instant if they saw us with a horse in a place where there’s no animals allowed. How you even managed to get that thing up here with you is a mystery to me, and it’s almost impressive, but it can’t stay with us.” She scolded with tired eyes. She had to tether him back to reality almost every day, so she got sick of it fairly quick.

David sighed, opening his mouth to protest but shutting it quickly since he knew better than to argue with Gwen. The heartbroken counselor sighed, turning to the pink and gray pony with cloudy eyes.

“It’s time to let you go, old boy…” He whispered dramatically, unhooking the reins and holding them clutched to his chest. “Be free!” David exclaimed, standing up and backing away from the horse.

And at that moment, something switched inside that stupid pony. Something that made it rear back and let out an unholy neigh as it bucked a hole in the doorframe. And with a snort, it whinnied and tore down the hall, crashing into rooms in its wake.

Gwen and David stood side by side, expressions of shock plastered on their faces. They were both equally scarred by the sudden violence, but Gwen was the first to break the silence by turning to David with shaky hands.

“WHY THE EVER-LOVING FUCK WOULD YOU SET IT LOOSE INSIDE THE APARTMENT, DAVID?!” She screamed in pure rage, causing David to fold in half and lean his head back like a turtle trying to retreat into its shell. “I–I, well, you see–” David stuttered out, but that’s as far as he got before Gwen had once again snatched him by the ear and began dragging him out of their apartment.

“Ow ow ow, Gwen!” He whined, tripping over himself as he tried to keep up. Gwen turned to him abruptly, nose pressed against his in a very threatening way. “If we get kicked out because your incompetent ass decided it’d be a fantastic idea to not only purchase a horse, but also to set it loose inside of a crowded building, then I expect you to sleep on the cold streets while I get a comfy cardboard box. Understood?” Gwen snarled into his ear, purple eyes dark with rage. David whimpered, nodding in acknowledgment before they both continued down the hallway to capture Sprinkles McGee.


Sweetheart, What Have You Done? | Clark Kent

imagine: clark leaving you for lois

warnings: probably spelling/grammar errors

Most high school sweethearts don’t make it. You were sure that wouldn’t happen to you. Even when Clark got his journalism job in Metropolis, you continued to chase away any doubts and stood strong. You visited him as much as you could; you took over your family’s bakery which meant you had to stay in the small town in order to run the business. And he’d spend as many weekends as he could in town. Even with the distance, the two of you never stopped trying.

Until you did.

The weekends turned to every other weekend, the bakery got busier, the phone calls were cut short; life just seemed to put road block after road block in your way. Even so, you didn’t give up hope. You loved him and nothing would chang that. You just never imagined that one day that love would be one-sided.

Lois Lane is the definition of fierce. She was everything you weren’t; headstrong, sure, admirable. Clark mentioned her here and there, but nothing big. Nothing that screamed he was falling for her. Replacing you with her. You try to think about it all; all the times he talked about her to now. Nothing about it made sense to you.

You stare at the receiver with your finger still on the ‘PLAY’ button. Your heart is frozen, your eyes are emotionless, and the plane tickets you purchase fall out of your free hand. You don’t know how to react. You’re just stuck there thinking–trying to understand how it got to this point. Before you realize it, you’re pressing play again.

“Hey, it’s Clark. I wanted to… I’m sorry, Y/N. This long-distance thing isn’t working. Lois and I… I like her. It’s not fair to you if I keep this thing between us alive when I have feelings for someone else. I’m really sorry. I… *sigh* Goodnight, Y/N.”

june 21st 2017


Damsel In Distress

Originally posted by bagginshield

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Requested Byxhappinessxchloex

Based OnHello! I really like your imagines so i want to request one, I’d love one where thorin would fall in love with the reader :)

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this, it is my first ever Thorin written imagine that’s super long. I’m really nervous about posting this; since you weren’t so specific about the imagine, I just allowed my imagination to wander and I really hope that you love this, lovely! Please enjoy and keep sending in requests! :) - Kat

About: Kat, the only female within Thorin Oakenshield’s company is strictly unaware of Thorin’s feelings for her. One night, she finds herself wandering the woods, trying to leave the company, for she feels that Thorin will never love her as she loves him. When she stumbles in the darkness, will he come and save her?

Word count: 2,315 (I know, I seriously over did it!)

Warning’s: probably a million spelling and grammatical errors (I was too lazy to go through it again so bare with me please!), reader pushing away Thorin, intense feels, drama, slight mention of bofur and the company, protective thorin, fluff, fluff, fluff at the end, blood and injury mention, reader is super clumsy? (Let me know if I forgot anything!).

Disclaimer: I do not own Thorin or any of Tolkien’s other amazing characters.

The moments in which presented itself, Thorin’s usually cold gaze floated toward your figure, hugging it tightly as his heart beat thundered substantialyl within his chest. At first, it was an enigmantic experience that dizzied the dwarf king, this feeling to which his heart was being warmly caressed in such a manner was utterly foreign to him.

The entirity of the group, - apart from you-, were witnesses to this: they watched with glee in the way in which Thorin would sneak clever glances at you when he assumed that no other was paying any attention to him. His eyes never averted from you as you were seated opposite of him, the only thing blocking him from you was the crackling fire. Although it’s size was truly not big enough to stop him, he formed it as an excuse not to approach you. Whilst the smoldering fire burned, you warmed the iciness within his eyes, breaking and melting the brooding and dreariness that his kin had assumed would resume frozen within them forever; to which the coldness had built up over the years from what he had faced in his life time.

Inattentive and uninformed you were of the fact that Thorin Oakenshield had such deep and blossoming feelings for you. Though, in response to your own feelings, - that actually matched his own towards you-, you had gradually distanced yourself half consciously and half unconsciously, from him. You had a deep set fear that the mold in which was formed for a queen was not suited for you, that his kin would spit at your shoes and find you a disgrace. You were well aware that you did not see yourself matching him, being able to confidently stand beside him and say “I deserve this man!”.

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