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If you haven’t read @the-subpar-ghost‘s Drifting Stars, you’re missing out on some neat Ford/Mabel bonding and portal!Ford/Multiverse shenanigans.

And also some neat ambiance. I mean… This has to be the first fic where I just want to put the computer down to draw some background and especially play with lighting effects. Which explain why it’s pretty messy, those are like… Probably my only two drawings where I tried to play with Lights and Colors. I didn’t even sketch beforehand, only applying colors out of nowhere.

First one date from the beginning of the fic, chapter two. At the time, we didn’t know Mabel’s hair had been cut off which is why… yeah. Long hair here. The characters aren’t very detailed because they weren’t really the focus, I just wanted to be able to color fire and campfire. It… turned out pretty good after some tries. The bottom has unfortunately been cut, I’ll see if I can find it again and rescan it.

Second one is from the most recent chapter. I wanted to draw sunlight, with the characters somehow hiding in the shadow (pretty literally for poor Mabel). Ford’s one is reaaaaally bad. I mean, Ford is pretty good, but the room ? Yeesh.

Also a pencil!Mabel from this morning. Unfortunately the brown pencil I used had some strong reddish undertone and scanning it just… amplified it. She’s wearing a Sweater with the Big Dipper on it because obviously she would make one. (I like @x-i-l-verify headcanon about Mabel obtaining space yarn and knitting new Sweaters)

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