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hello, do you have any sigils along the lines of "we reenter each other's lives" or even "we come back together"? someone who i was close to and i have drifted apart in the past few months because of factors out of my control, and i'm just wondering if i can use something else to pull us back together.

I think the closest I have is probably I mend all my broken friendships or Any blockages dividing us are destroyed and we make amends. Or perhaps something like Our relationship is strongWe stay connected or We connect better.

Korrra is the Best Avatar

People think Korra is the WORST Avatar while I think she is the best and here my reasons why she is 

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1. She is the first ever Avatar who learned and can do metalbending

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2. Probably the first bisexual Avatar 

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3.  She lost her connection from previous Avatars but still manage to get wisdom from her friends

Unlike other Avatars who get their wisdom from her past lives like Aang getting his wisdom/help from Roku. Korra gets her wisdom from her friends like Zuko  

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Even her enemies

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4. She has fought villains that actually want to make a difference, a better world  for everyone but their ideas are out of line while other Avatars (like Aang) have to face tyrants or corrupt spirits 

5. Korra is the one who brought the spirit world and human world together, instead of making them separate. Changing the world greatly in the good way

6.  She suffered from PTSD and Depression for quite some time. she was also physically damaged, rendering her unable to walk

7. She is the one who brought back Airbenders by merging the Human World with the Spirit World, making them to be reborn

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Korra, one of the best Avatar ever in the Avatar series. 

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Dating JB would include

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Im Jaebum

-the perfect man
-best friend relationship
-with tense moments in between
- ;)
-him taking pictures of you when you aren’t looking
-you getting mad and chasing him to delete it
-you’ll never succeed
-he’s too fast and will protect the precious moment he captured
-he needs someone who can handle him
-like legit probably get into arguments over the tiniest things
-“i swear you better not”
- ur gonna do it
- “you’re not the boss of me excuse”
- “Y/N don’t you da-”
- “are you going to stop me????”
- “don’t y/N STO-”
- “I SAID N O”
- meanwhile the boys are panicking in the other room because of all the yelling
- but when they come check it’s just you guys fighting bc of a video game
- “guys guys guys it’s just a ga-”
- play fighting
- so many inside jokes
- you guys could be looking at one of the other members do something and give each other that look
- and burst out into laughter
- double dates w/ Youngjae
- he loves you two so mUCH
- in public the most you’ll get is hand holding
- but in closed spaces
- he always has his arms around you
- pokes your legs
- your tummy
- and you slap his hands away
- but he keeps doing it bc it annoys you
- but mostly because he thinks you’re so c u t e and hot at the same time
- “you’re so cute jagiya”
- “hm?”
- “nothing”
- u heard and ur eternally blushing holy moly
- the boys adore you
- because their leader can get angry
- but u know how to calm him down
- and you aren’t scared to argue with him
- random gifts
- So many pictures of you that you didn’t know about
- and of the two of you together
- of places where you guys visited
- pictures of you sleeping with lil captions that he wrote on the side
- when you’re sad he’ll hold you and tell you to stop being dumb
- and he’ll start making jokes about Jackson and BamBam probably
- and you can’t stay sad when you’re with him
-you’re his safe place and he’s yours
- you and Nora taking cat naps together
- and he thinks it’s the most precious thing in the world oh my god
- there are hardly any serious pictures of the two of you together
- you guys could spend hours laughing and making fun of each other
- if you live together beware
- there’s a silent ongoing prank war going on
- you’ll be coming out of the bathroom at night and he’s waiting outside to scare you
- He’s dying with laughter on the floor
- “Yah jagi let me in im sORRY”
- the door slowly opens
- insert horror movie music
- “You can’t stay mad at m- OHMYFXKC”
- Now you’re laughing but u better run
- babygirl kind of guy
- you’ll be lying together in bed and he just gets real close
-starts whispering random things
- some not so random
- “c'monnn babygirl~”
- and he’ll smile right after
- late night car rides
- arcades
- clubs
- he’ll take you anywhere and everywhere
- you frame some of the pictures he takes
- and when he finds out about the pictures you have of him on your phone he tries to delete them
- but can’t figure out your password
- and whenever you fight with him he remembers about the pictures and can’t stay mad
- “I hate you get away from me”
- “You’re a horrible liar Y/N”
- “No I really do actually hate you”
- “Is that why you have all those pictures of me in your phone?”
- d e a t h g l a r e
- “you’re so cute when you’re mad”
- basically a relationship with Im Jaebum is filled with adventures and life and so much love that the two of you show in subtle ways
- whether it’s you listening to him sing and helping him through whatever he needs, big or small
- or him being your best friend and soulmate, always feeling the need to protect and love you
- you guys love each other like little kids and that’s all you could ever ask for


MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, 2015, dir. George Miller

I can’t add much to the dialogue about this brilliant movie so I’ll just reiterate a couple of points: so amazing to see an action movie filled with women of all ages fighting for themselves and for each other. (How do we make this even better? Adding some more kickass women of color to the few here.) This has ruined me for basically every action movie I’ve tried to watch since - I can no longer tolerate the sexist jokes, the sneering male leads, the One Strong Female Character (Who Is Probably An Uptight Bitch). I also love how saturated with color this movie is. Wear that color on your sleeve!

(Also, that last image is probably my favorite in a film where essentially every frame is exquisite/breathtaking. It just gutted me.)

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Am I the only one who's heart is breaking at the thought of Dal being so sick that he had to go to hospital? Like was Breezy there with him? Was he alone? Did zack or bren even go and see him? I can't stand the thought of him suffering alone, like I know Breezy would be there if she could be, but zack and bren probably wouldn't even bother, am I the only person who is sad about this?

I can guarantee you you aren’t the only person, I feel very much the same and know others who do, too. I think Breezy’s back home with the kids so it’s likely she wasn’t there. He tweeted that he didn’t sleep all night before and I assume that he’s lost a lot of fluids due to being sick so he had to get an iv infusion to get better fast since he was supposed to play a show later that day which is fucking ridiculous like wtf are you doing up on stage when you were at the er just hours before sjfkfd but yes yes i know the shows
I don’t really think he had people there with him.. I bet he misses his family more than ever :(

Blog Announcement | 2017 Secret Santa

Calling all BTS writers, whether you follow me or not!

I know this is early in the year, but what I want to do might require a lot of planning and time to execute because it might take a long time to get the word out. So if I want this to be a success, I think half a year of registration would do better.

I want to host a Secret Santa for us BTS writers on tumblr. And because I’m poor, and probably we’re all poor, we I can’t do gifts. But what we can do is write. I want us to write a scenario to each other as a present. And because it’s secret santa, you don’t know who is writing your scenario. You might not even know the person you’re writing for.

I want to give us all a chance to get to know each other, maybe find a new friend/someone to follow, as well as give a gift. And if it’s someone you follow, then congrats, your work might be that much easier.

Here’s how it’ll go down:

  1. Fill out this application to participate in 2017 Secret Santa. Deadline to apply is Jun. 12, 2017 - 12AM PST.
  2. After everyone has applied, I will help you randomly choose your secret santa and message you who you are secret santa for.
  3. The fun part is learning about the person you’re writing for. So go ahead, dig through their blog, send them asks on anon to ask questions about them, whatever. Learning about the person you are writing for will make the scenario even more special and personal for that person.
    1. Everything you learn about them may not be necessarily fit for your scenario; it’s okay. You don’t have to incorporate everything you learn if it feels irrelevant.
  4. Basic requirements in your scenario are these:
    1. Christmas-themed scenario. Lol, it’s that simple.
    2. Instead of “Y/N” or however you typically name your OC, use the name of the person you’re writing this for to personalize this.
    3. Find out their BTS bias to be their pairing.
    4. Please refrain from triggers you learn about that person that they are sensitive to.
    5. Refrain from negative endings. Just in general. It’s like sending someone a nicely wrapped gift with an ipad box and then end up with old gym socks as a present. No. Just don’t do that please.
    6. There is no minimum/maximum length to your scenario, do what is comfortable for you.
  5. When you are done with your scenario, submit it to me, so I can post it anonymously on the blog, to keep the secret santa thing a secret. Submissions deadline is two weeks before Christmas – Dec. 10, 2017 – Dec. 16, 2017. You’re completely free to send it in way long before deadline.
  6. I will probably send you an ask on the first week of Dec, to remind you to submit it (hopefully I’ll remember).
  7. The scenarios will be queued to post on Dec. 24, 2017 12AM PST – Dec. 25, 2017 11:59PM PST
  8. If you want to know who your secret santa is, let me know, and I’ll let them know to see if they want to reveal themselves to you
  9. If and when you want to post your own scenario back onto your blog to reveal that you are the writer and claim that credit back, please tag me so I keep track of who revealed themselves and also to keep an eye out for plagiarism

This might be a hard part of this secret santa, but I should make this clear, because apparently common sense is not common. I don’t know what the chances of this, but I don’t want to leave it to chance.

On the off side that the person you are writing for is someone you don’t particularly like on tumblr, put that aside; I really ask you to not back out of this.

First of all, that’s super rude. Second of all, it will cause a whole mess (rechoosing secret santa’s because one person fell out).

Think of these as a couple reasons to be respectful. We all have three things in common.

  1. We’re all writers. With that in mind, respect and appreciate fellow writers and their style. From writer to writer, let’s do something for one another that really appreciates one another.
  2. We all love BTS/we’re all ARMY. With that in mind, respect that we choose to like and support BTS in our own way.
  3. We’re all human. With that in mind, show some humanity.

If you know there is someone on tumblr you don’t particularly like and you know you can’t put that away for at least half a year, then don’t play at all, whether or not you find out that they are participating, whether or not there’s that little chance that you might be chosen to be that person’s secret santa.

I really hope there’s none of that here, or on Tumblr for that matter. Luckily, I’ve never been in the crossfires, never seen them first hand, etc., but I do know they happen on Tumblr, so I felt the need to make sure that doesn’t happen here. I want to protect us from that.

If you are not a writer, but you know writers you really like and you think can abide by these rules, please help spread the word and see if they will want to join. The more the merrier. ☺

Whether or not you plan to join, can you please help reblog this to get the word out to see if anyone else would like to join? Please and thank you!

I hope everyone will enjoy this, whether you’re a writer or a reader, or both!

Applications are open now!

- Love, Smiles


You know what I realized looking at these panels? Though obvious, Tsunade could relate to Sakura with two special people she would eventually learn healing and do anything for considering what happened to them. She sees the determination and I find this to be one of my favorite parts about Sakura. She went from a girl who worried about her looks and how to impress the love of her life to someone who was ready to do whatever to become a better person, kunoichi and develop like ever before.

And that’s why I feel Sakura is the most realistic character everyone can relate to even the antis, because in some shape or form we were probably shallow and selfish in certain parts of our life that may have hurt others. But as we got older and seem the world from both sides we learned how to cope with it from experience. And that’s why I hate when people give Sakura a hard time with their hypocritical, ehotistical thinking cause in reality, she’s the perfect example of someone to look up to.

Thanks @sasusakumomentslist for the post.

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the reason why Deku's mom's quirk is so weak is probably because she didn't train it like when Bakugou first got his quirk all he could makes was tiny explosions but then after using it more he could make better ones

well. the thing is, from what we know, she never wanted to be a hero

and only heroes are legally allowed to use their quirks to their full potential, particularly in public locations

sure, people can train their quirks at home and all that, but the ones who actively train to make ‘em stronger are generally people who want to be heroes (or villains. you know. basically people who want to be strong), and the best way to do that is to get into hero programs. (other ways would probably just be….living on the street and doing whatever you need to to survive. not the best way, but it’d force someone to work their quirk to it’s full potential)

so besides using it to get things off of shelves, in Inko’s eyes, there really wouldn’t be much of a point for her to train her quirk to it’s full potential since she’s basically just a housewife taking care of her son while her husband is overseas doing work.

she probably could’ve made it a lot stronger if she trained, but there just wasn’t much of a point

Honey: So, guess I fell into ice skating anime hell. Russian Yuri is so cute,I love little punk-y characters. I will draw the other Yuri tomorrow i think…

Also punks on ice? y/y? Best kind of ice skater, who doesn’t want to skate in a leather jacket.

Meet the Professor

So I decided to start a Professor AU and asked my dear followers who they would want as a professor and Crowley it is, hope you will enjoy this one. 
I’ll probably update this series every two days OR on (Mondays+) Wednesdays and Sundays, so I can finish other one shots as well!

Summary: Finally you were accepted to university even though it was in the middle of the semester and even though you wanted to stay home and do nothing, you forced yourself to. Who knows what is going to come or better said who was going to come?

Words: 1655

Pairing: Professor!Crowley x Reader

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Warnings: none

A/N: I’d really appreciate it if you tell me what you think! Feel free to suggest things for this series :)

“Sweetheart, you need to get up,” your mother shook your shoulder gently. Today was the day you were going to University and your mother insisted on driving you there. If it was you, you would’ve been there a few days ago but your mother wanted to spend as much time as she could with you so you were forced to let her drive you.

Your stuff was already set up in your dorm room so it wouldn’t be so stressful for you when you moved there today and had to go to your first classes already. You decided to do history and some languages but your focus was on history.

“Give me five minutes,” you grumbled as you pulled your blanket over your head.

“Darling, we’re leaving in fifteen minutes,” your mother said calmly. You shot up though and glanced at her.

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BTW, if you’re one of those writers who looks at other writers and thinks, “God they’re so much better than I am, how can my work ever be worth posting compared to that?”

If that’s you, then a few thoughts for you:

1: Some writer of great fame and competency (probably Ray Bradbury) offered the advice that it takes about a million words of writing before you start getting good.  Some writers start working toward that word count earlier than others.  If you meet a 20 year old who’s getting published?  It’s entirely possible they started drabbling around when they were like five.  Their age has nothing to do with it.  It’s how long you’ve been practicing compared to them.  I know a guy in his early 20s who’s such a painfully good writer that I, over a decade older than he is, sometimes feel despair if I let myself think about it too hard.

2: When you compare yourself to a writer who seems amazing to you, have you asked them to let you glance into their WIPs folder?  Because chances are, all you’re seeing are the successes and not the charred and mangled abandoned bodies of all the fics they couldn’t finish and the drafts they haven’t fixed yet.  Believe me, the carcasses are in there, and it’s not a pretty sight.  I’ve got at LEAST 3 times as many dead and mangled WIPs as I have finished stories.

3: Frankly it doesn’t matter how good they are, because stories cannot be swapped for each other.  They are not commodities.  That writer you admire will never write the story you’ve got lurking in your head.  Even if you gave them the prompt and a 2 page synopsis outlining the characters and basic plot, they will never produce the same story from it that YOU would.  Your stories are unique to you, and they cannot be replaced.  You are unique and precious and irreplaceable as a writer, and the things you create have never been seen in this world before and never will be again.

{ Virus Week - Day Two : Birthday }

Thanks Riley for the idea. I was really uninspired when they proposed breakfast in bed…

Virus would have preferred to sleep in longer, especially for his birthday, but Trip couldn’t wait and decided to wake him up at dawn (Virus’ dawn so probably around 10am) and give him some of his gifts. Others are hidden in the apartment because Trip is the sort of kid who would do that (also the whine bottle is one of the gifts, it’s not for th breakfast). 

Also yes, Virus stole Trip’s shirt. He denies liking to snuggle in Trip’s baggy clothes, and instead pretends that it’s because it’s green. Which made Trip buy a lot of green clothes. 

I could have done better for his birthady, but it seems I can’t do him justice nor drawing anything good for Virus’ week, so yeah, I still hope you’ll like it.

Happy Birthday you smol (old) snek.

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hello , this question is irrelevant to this arc ,but after sanji emotional meeting with luffy , a question came up to my mind, who is the most one luffy love from the crew!! i mean everyone has his favourite friend, parent or brother ! so who do u think ?(i am really curios)

idk man, i don’t know if that’s something that can be rightfully answered!!  of course luffy loves all of his crew so much, just in different ways.  it seems blasphemous to presume he’d love one more than the others :”D  and i don’t think he thinks of any one as being better than the others, either.

but i guess if i HAD to choose which one i interpret him as being closest to, it’d probably be either zoro or usopp.  zoro is the first member of the crew and so has been around the longest, and he and luffy seem to have a very…idk….visceral and natural understanding of each other, even without using words.  like when they acted completely in tandem with each other in jaya.  i think they share a lot of the same values.

meanwhile usopp is definitely luffy’s….”best friend” of the crew.  they might not have as strong an understanding of each other as zoro and luffy do, but they’re always hanging out and having fun together, luffy likes to copy usopp, they’re the same age, etc.  usopp is definitely the straw hat we see luffy spend the most time with in canon.

but it really is hard to say, because different straw hats have different relationships with him.  usopp may be luffy’s best friend, but franky is like luffy’s dad.  do you like your best friend more than your dad???  maybe, or maybe not, or maybe you find them too hard to compare because you love them both in different ways and they play different roles in your life.  i donno.  i don’t think luffy HAS to have a favorite, and if he does he certainly isn’t conscious of it haha.

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You're probably the only other person I know that likes Enid. But can we talk about her for a moment? Let's talk about the fact that Enid has come into her own so much. She went from the traumatized girl who couldn't deal with the happy-go-lucky people of Alexandria to being there for Maggie and doing everything she can to help Rick & Team Family fight Negan. I just really love Enid. I never hated her; I just never saw her enough. The writers are obviously doing better by her, & I like it.

I totally agree. She’s definitely growing into a good character. And I’m really glad that she wasn’t just made to be a love interest for Carl. She’s already had some pretty good development too. I’m super excited for the storylines she will have in the future. Hopefully she turns into a zombie killing badass too bc that’s something I’d love to see even though she’s already a badass in different ways.


“No… There’s no way i’d go on a date with him. First of all, he’s a criminal. Second, he seems like the kind of guy who would do a lot of moves in THE FIRST DATE. THAT’S TERRIBLE. HOW CAN HE? DOESN’T HE HAVE A LITTLE SHAME?

And, about that other thing… I have my… Suspicions. But i can’t say for sure, because… Probably… I’m just imagining things. I’m letting myself be guided by fool thoughts. Something like… ‘Maybe if it’s him…’, but… Yeah. I don’t have true proof either.

I think…It’s better if he’s not the leader of the Phantom thieves.

It’ll be less painfull for me at the end…”

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Is it just me and you feeling a bit bad for the tracer!? Not because she traced, but because of the reactions to it. Instead of coming together and encouraging her to draw by herself while educating her on why it's bad to trace, everybody started overreacting and viciously calling her out!

I feel bad for a un-taught teen who did bad, doing what she saw lots of people doing and thinking it was okay, and is now hated, harassed when she did what she probably thought was what Loony wanted and what was the best option.

Maybe it was to hide “proof”, I don’t know, I can’t speak for others. But it could have been of good will, and fear may not help acting rationally and mature.

Calling out tracers, is normal, doing it privately first is better in my opinion (but Loony didn’t have this option, hence her post).
But when the tracers delete their wrong doing and stay off-focus instead of being an ass, even if they didn’t apologize as they should, what use is it to continue calling it out? Removing is already enough in my opinion.

EDIT : Oops, sorry misread the ask. Nop, I don’t think we’re alone, but people don’t really wanna wet themselves in such mess where the wrath could turn to them (for all I care, I don’t care about internet hate on me, hence why I act).

PS : I won’t answer anymore asks (anon or not) regarding this. I think I explain fully enough my mind and reasons for this ^^
Have a good day everyone, and stay safe ^^

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I'm thinking about becoming a vegan (slowly transitioning) but I heard from some friends who used to be vegan that my period will probably be made worse (increase in cramps etc). I have an uncomfortable cycle and I don't know if changing my diet will aggravate this even more?

Going vegan is one of the best things you can do!! Plant based diets have been proven to decrease period pain and other PMD symptoms both in the duration and intensity. That means less bloating, less cramping, as well as more balanced hormones leading to better mood and regular periods.
Check out this article from

I actually have a few friends whose period pain have gotten SO much better since going vegan! If I were you I’d definitely try it out and see how you feel! Hope that helps lovely! xxx

I just want to feel better okay. No patronizing, no being fake. I want to be who I am without expending my sanity and without taking other peoples bullshit.

I’m not okay, I’m not fine. As you all can probably tell. I’ve been thinking a lot lately where I want to go with my time online.

End goal? I’m an animator and the director of my own animation. But with all these restrictions on what you can do anymore ANYWHERE is kind of shit. Are you really gonna restrict an ENTIRE animated series because the characters are gay? Sorry honey but last time I checked I didn’t sign up to see only straight people in cartoons. Restrict your own self entitled gender role garbage and shove it.

Besides the rambling, I want to do more. I want to do better. I don’t want this, my life, ART, to feel difficult anymore.

I really need help, and I don’t know where to coherently get it from. I need this, otherwise I’m going to die alone wishing I could do better.

I want a reality worth creating.

Those who pretend like it doesn’t bother them, but end up trying too hard and probably practice alone: Izumo, Yukio, Kone. They’re the ones that act like losing doesn’t really bother them, but if you look close enough you can see that twitch in their eyes, and beyond that the need to prove that they’re better than the others at this game.

Those who fucking rage quit: Rin and Bon. They’re the ones that get hyped up (initially Rin though, and then Bon once the game actually starts and he gets into it). They get really into the game and grip their controllers so hard that their knuckles turn white and that they start to sweat.

The ones who aren’t good at all: Shima and Shura. They both don’t pretend that they do, but they really do try. Shura’s probably better at it though, as she can distract the others (ex: shoving their controllers out of the way) than he can. Initially, he’s the worst out of the bunch.

Those who have spent years playing and are just decent: Amaimon and Mephisto. They’re both gamers – Amaimon more than Mephisto – and neither really play for rivalry or titles. Amaimon just plays because he wants to and because he’s bored, and Mephisto got into it because he’s really into the Japanese Otaku lifestyle.

The one you think would be bad but is the best: Surprise, it’s Shiemi. She’s never really played many video games before, but put that controller in her hand and it’s like playing the wrath of a god. Thankfully her pride doesn’t go to her head and she lets her friends win sometimes, because seeing them happy is what really counts.

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I don't think Carla's ever changed into wolf form. He can, but he just doesn't. Shin on the other hand is a puppy master. Who do you like better? Shin or Carla?

Ahh, okay~ I don’t really know at the moment, probably Carla? I don’t know much about Shin yet, but Carla’s been really cute so far lol 

You? :D