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If you could only pick three kaiju (besides the ones confirmed: rodan, mothra, and ghidora) to join the legendary verse which would you choose? I'd want to see some semi-obscure underdogs, like King Cesar or Manda. My ulitmate fantasy is Jet Jaguar (PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH)

That’s a really great question!! I think my first pick would be Mechagodzilla. When G14 first came out I wanted Kiryu in a sequel (probably bc I’m a fanboy), but now I feel like a villainous Mechagodzilla would be a little more fitting 

Next I’d go with Anguirus. I think he’d fit really nicely with the already established monsters. A natural enemy of Godzilla turned ally to fight against invaders 

Finally, Biollante! Though I really think she’d need a full movie with her as the villain in order to do her justice. Lots of crazy plant/body horror too

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Is kaneki really not fighting for coexistance like takizawa said??

Oh, definitely. It’s very obvious even in this chapter alone that Kaneki is disconnected from the perspective of most ghouls. That is why when all the ghouls are depressed because they are losing the media battle, Kaneki is naively thinking this is an opportunity for them. 

I’ll elaborate what I mean under the cut. 

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The first time Nursey saw one of those movies where someone drove out to some middle-of-nowhere field and screamed, all he could think was, wow, that’s fucking genius.

As a 15 year old, he was full of annoyances and frustration, but as the only black kid in a place like Andover, he was overflowing with anger and a bullshit sense of otherness they’d forced on him. He wished he could be the guy in that movie, shouting his frustrations out into the void where he couldn’t be judged for it.

At 16 years old, the day he got his driver’s license, he drove to an old farm that’d been abandoned for years a few miles outside the city, and he let everything come pouring out of him. Rich, entitled white kids and their equally shitty parents, his fear of anyone finding out he was queer and becoming even more of an outlier, his mind numbing anxiety about his future.

He was there for two hours. He screamed, and he screamed some more, and then he laughed. He laughed and fell back onto the ground, because fuck, that felt good. Nobody heard it, nobody knew he was anything but the chill facade he’d kept up for years, but he still felt lighter than he had since he was a little kid.

The first time anyone came with him on one of these nights was at Samwell. He’d gotten stoned with Lardo, and he was sat on the couch watching a movie, pleasantly fuzzy, when Chowder slammed the front door of the house and stalked in, pausing and forcing his face into something happier when he saw Nursey.

“Hey,” he said, a tight smile on his face.

Nursey shook his head and stood, grabbing Chowder by the arm and dragging him outside.

“Get in,” he said, nodding towards his car. “You’re driving because I smoked with Lards earlier. I’ll tell you where to go. It’ll make you feel better, I swear.”

Chowder nodded and opened the door on the driver’s side, hopping in and waiting for Nursey to follow and hand him the keys. Nursey did so, and Chowder started the car, pulling away from the Haus and following Nursey’s directions.

Nursey directed him to a grassy hilltop half an hour away from Samwell, and ignored Chowder’s confused expression, sliding out of the car and walking to the peak of it. Chowder followed him and stood next to him, unsure of what they were doing here.

“I know it’s cliché as fuck and something straight out of teenage movies, but this shit works,” he said. “Just fucking scream man. Doesn’t even have to be words, if you don’t want it to be, it’s just the best thing to get everything out.”

Chowder nodded and took a deep breath, shouting in the direction of the trees. There weren’t any words, just a frustrated scream into the air.

“Hell yeah!” Nursey shouted when Chowder was done, clapping him on the back. “It helps, right?”

Chowder nodded, his face surprised.

“You do this a lot?” he asked.

“Not as much as I used to, but yeah. How do you think I can be so chill when people are being pieces of shit? I get to come here and scream about how shit they are afterwards,” he said, nodding his head.

Chowder laughed, smiling as he yelled again, though this time it was a “Fuck you, Williams!”

Nursey lost it at that, flopping down onto the ground and cackling. He cupped his hands around his mouth, a smile on his face, shouting, “Yeah, fuck you, whoever the fuck you are!”

Chowder sat next to him, out of breath from laughing, and laid his head on Nursey’s shoulder.

“Thanks for this,” he said, a small smile on his face.

“Anytime, man. Just don’t tell anyone about this place. Except maybe Lardo,” Nursey told him.

“Nobody else knows?” Chowder asked, his surprise evident in his voice.

“Hell no, who else would I bring? Everybody else has a way of dealing with their shit.”

Chowder nodded.

“Lardo would think you’re a genius,” he said.

“Probably. I’ll bring her too next time.”

When they did bring Lardo, she put them both to shame, screaming about everything that pissed her off until her voice went hoarse. And she did, in fact, think Nursey was a genius for it.

This is the single best page in Berserk and I will kill all who disagree. I could probably write an entire book on why I love it so much. Guts’ massive growth as a character is perfectly shown in a span of only four panels and two lines of dialogue. It’s incredibly simple but equally as powerful. He’s become a towering and monstrous black shadow, while also becoming a significantly more kind and caring person. The way that Berserk’s hero slowly becomes more demonic in appearance, while it’s villain becomes more angelic looking as the series goes on, is one of my favorite things about Berserk. Also Guts says yo and I think that’s hilarious and adorable for some reason.

andreil valentine’s day

it’s 1 am and i should be writing an essay but instead i wrote some valentine’s day andreil oops

  • it’s andrew and neil’s first valentine’s day together
  • they didn’t have anything planned or discussed it
    • neil hasn’t ever spent valentine’s day with anyone who meant as much to him as andrew has
    • and andrew could care less about valentine’s day
      • except for the excessive amounts of chocolate on sale the day after
  • the day before valentine’s one of the foxes (probably nicky tbh) comes up to neil and asks him about his plans for valentine’s
  • neil didn’t know that he was supposed to even plan anything for his whatever with andrew
  • cue nicky acting all scandalized
    • “what do you MEAN you don’t have anything planned ??? no plans AT ALL on the MOST ROMANTIC day of the year ???”
    • “why is it such a big deal it’s literally one day”
    • “WHY IS IT SUCH A BIG DEAL you break my heart neil. truly. do you hear that? that’s my heart breaking”
    • “no i dont hear–”
  • neil leaves nicky in the middle of the hallway pretend sobbing
  • later that day neil and andrew are on the roof (bc of course they’re on the roof where else would they be? interacting??? with people ??? lol)
  • neil brings it up
    • “are we doing anything for tomorrow?”
    • “what makes you think that”
    • “idk but nicky rendered one of my ears useless from screaming about needing to do something for valentine’s day”
    • “i don’t care about valentine’s day”
    • “ok but like do you wanna go somewhere or not”
    • “i don’t care”
    • “you’re so annoying andrew i literally ask one question”
  • the next day neil is in class and he gets a text from andrew
    • ‘come to the roof’ is all it says
    • ‘i’m in the middle of a lecture what do you want’
    • andrew doesn’t answer
  • so neil excuses himself from the class
    • “sorry im suddenly sick cough cough”
  • when he gets to the roof andrew is sitting there but there’s also a blanket and some food
  • and andrew is avoiding looking at him until he sits next to him on the blanket
    • “i thought we weren’t doing anything today”
    • “i changed my mind”
    • you changed your mind or did renee convince you to do this”
    • “shut up and eat your food”
  • they finish their food and sit there smoking until andrew suddenly says
    • “don’t think that this means anything”
    • “i don’t”
    • “because i still hate you”
    • “i know you do”
    • “but you’re tolerable”
    • “wow what a compliment i’m so honored andrew”
    • “and now i don’t tolerate you anymore shut the fuck up neil”
"Humans are weird" - Imagination

One of those “humans are weird” things but what would imagination - like almost boundless limitless imagination - look like to aliens?

They’re baffled by the millions of fictional universes we’ve created - the fact that people can live with a whole imagined universe in their head with characters that are practically real people if they weren’t imaginary - omg, imaginary friends! What would that appear like?

Lord, but what would aliens think of the concept of ‘day dreaming’ - like suddenly their friends seem to not be there and when nudged only responds with a shrug and a smile “sorry I was miles away” - that we can seemingly interact as if we lived there in those imagined universes ourselves.

That’s not even getting into what kinds of fictional universes people have created - some truly remarkable stories and realms of fantasy or sci fi - God, what about Lovecraft, probably be even more horrifying?


I found this wonderful invention on ebay: a cute little backpack with a fabric pocket behind clear, heart-shaped vinyl, so you can display your pins without worrying about them falling off! The best part? It’s sparkly vinyl!

I could only fit a fraction of my collection behind the window (I have a pin addiction), but I made sure to include my OTPs to make the most of the heart shape.

Edit: I wasn’t expecting this post to get more than like 5 notes so I didn’t think to include a link. This is the listing I bought mine from, but as you can see, there are tons of other sellers so mine might not be the cheapest, especially if you’re interested in a different color.

Name Calling

For @leiascully xf writing challenge prompt: lists. It’s not a list, but it’s about a list. I hope that counts? I wrote this in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep, so…

Mulder’s chaos. That’s the only way to describe his filing system. Or lack thereof.

Scully wouldn’t have this problem if Mulder were here, or if he were at least answering his phone. The cell is probably either dead or he’s lost it again. He really needs a system, Scully thinks as she tries to understand the connection between haunted beach resorts and possessed guinea pigs. According to Mulder, there seems to be one.

Twenty minutes ago Skinner called their office to let them, or rather Scully, know that he needs the report on their latest case. Immediately. Utmost importance. And more words Scully didn’t hear, already frantically going through Mulder’s desk. She should not have let him write that report. Had she done it herself, she could already be on her way to Skinner’s office. But no. The one time she insists on him doing the paperwork, she regrets it.

So here she sits, among files, reports, several bills, a Playboy magazine from 94 and even more National Geographics. The report, however, is not here. Skinner will call again in five minutes, tops. Since Mulder is not here, she will get yelled at all by herself. Just what she needs today.

Lost in thought, Scully unfolds a piece of paper. At first she thinks it’s merely a scribbled note, nothing important. But it’s a list, a long one. She quickly scans the many names neatly categorized into girls and boys. Samantha and Melissa are at the top and they’re both crossed out. Too much history, she deciphers the scrawled words next to them. Scully reads through all of them; from Abigail and Adam to Xenia and Zachary. Some have comments right next to the entry; Mulder has terrible hand writing and some of it is no longer readable. Scully doesn’t notice her tears until one of them falls down right down at the end. Mulder?, it reads there in black ink, or would she prefer Scully? The names blur together, eventually.

Baby names.

Mulder made a list of baby names. For their child.

“Hey Scully, what’s up with Skinner? He just- Scully?” Mulder barges in, holding two large coffee cups and stops when he sees her slumped over the chaos on his desk.

Scully can’t stop the sob that escapes her and Mulder is by her side in two long strides. He puts the cups down on the desk and crouches in front of her. He gently tips the chair so that she’s facing him. His hands, warm and large, rest on her knees as his eyes finds hers.

“Scully, what happened? Is it because of Skinner?” She shakes her head, her tongue too thick, her throat too tight to talk. Instead she hands him the list.

“Oh.” His voice is as gentle as his hands as he takes the proffered piece of paper. He looks at it for a moment, the ghost of a smile passing over his face.

“I forgot about this.” Mulder’s index finger gently touches one of the names and suddenly nothing matters as much as this to Scully. She needs to know.

“What’s your favorite?” She asks, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Uhm, I had several favorites depending on, well…” He refuses to look at her, shy now, but she knows exactly what he was thinking about.



“No, I mean… their name, it would have been Mulder.” His eyes light up in surprise for a moment, soften, and he smiles up at her. Scully used to think, when there was still possibility to dream, that their baby would smile exactly like that. Same eyes, same beautiful mouth. The picture shatters in front of her once again, as it always will, but Mulder’s voice, warm and gentle, keeps her here, keeps her sane. It does now as it did then months ago, when their dream, her baby, wasn’t to be.

“Jake for a boy. Jake Mulder. I felt that… it felt like a good name, you know? Or William.” Scully raises her eyebrows and he nods, chuckles.

“I know, I know. Plenty of Williams in our families already.” Mulder stares at the list again, at their lost possibilities. There would be no Jake Mulder. No William Mulder either.

“And for a girl?” The question hurts as she presses it through her constricted throat. She needs to know, though. They never talked about it. Let’s move on, she’d told him the morning after breaking down in his arms. Back then it had seemed like it had been her loss; only hers.

“I thought maybe… Melinda. It’s not Melissa, but it’s close and I thought-” Scully’s painful sob tears through his words and makes him pause. The list slips from his hand as he opens his arms and she falls into them, easily.

Mulder holds her as tightly as possible and she lets him. She let him before when the IVF didn’t work. This, she realizes now, way too late, is their pain. It’s not just hers; he, too, lost something. The phone rings insistently, startling them both, returning them to the here and now.

Scully looks at Mulder and smiles thankfully as he wipes her tears away. His finger traces her lips and she kisses it, softly, like a butterfly’s flap.

With a sigh, and protesting knees, Mulder gets up to pick up the phone. Scully can hear Skinner’s angry booming voice.

“I’m just gonna… go and give Skinner that report before he completely flips out,” his grin is lopsided, “all right?” Scully merely nods and watches as Mulder opens a drawer and after a moment holds the right file in his hands. Mulder’s chaos, she thinks with a sigh. She can no longer feel angry about it.

“Mulder?” He’s already at the door and turns to face her, his eyebrows slightly raised.

“I’d like to keep this list. If it’s all right with you.”

“It’s your list, Scully. It’ll always be your list.”

There’s a lot of compelling bisexual!Dean evidence out there but no one ever brings up what’s probably my favorite piece.

Yes, we all know, the siren was male and went after Dean. But that’s not all.

Sam and Bobby more than likely still thought the victims were affected through saliva, and probably only thought of mouth-to-mouth things like kisses. The thought of sharing a flask probably never even occurred to them. Yet neither of them thought or even asked how Dean was infected by the dude who taints his victims through sex/make-out sessions.

It’s almost like they just expect Dean to get it on with guys or something.

Yes, I know- but Catherine, they could’ve figured out about the flask thing! Or Cat- they could’ve figured he shifted into a female and infected Dean that way! No, Cath, they were too caught up to even think of that! I’m sure they asked later!

You’re right, but come on. What’s more likely?

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: jared padalecki is such a talented actor and i think we forget that sometimes due to his intensely good looks. i personally have found myself watching him to watch him rather than to watch him act and this is the biggest mistake one can make. he is so physically beautiful that he could probably get away with not being so good an actor yet he still continues to amaze me with his talent. his micro-expressions and ability to adapt to many different roles makes him possibly one of the greatest actors of our time and i hope we don't forget that any time soon
  • what she also means: literally all of this can be said for jensen and misha too. we're so blessed to be in a fandom that focuses on - not just one insanely attractive and equally talented man - but three physically beautiful and incredibly talented men (more than three, in fact, but i won't go in to naming them all), who are not only beautiful and talented, but are also amazing, compassionate, caring, humble human beings who deserve their success and so much more

The most striking thing about Papyrus (aside from his limitless positivity) is the fact that it is literally impossible to die in a fight against him. Even Toriel, who starts purposefully missing you once your health gets low enough, can accidentally kill you, but Papyrus? It is literally impossible. Papyrus has incredible control over his power! Wow, what a great and impressive skeleton. And, even though he could probably deal some legit damage to you on the murder run, his only action is to spare you, because he’s heckin worried about this little emotionless murder child.

A lot of people like swap aus where Sans is the one that dies and Papyrus is forced to shed his naivete and face you going all-out, which makes sense, but also, Papyrus is just so. Papyrus. I feel like if Papyrus had to be the final murder-run boss, it’d be more like, “After losing Sans, the world seems like a different place. I can’t imagine what you must’ve gone through for you to see the world the way you do.”

He only has one attack, but it’s a really long one and powerful one (kind of like Sans’ before his ‘special attack’), plus he talks during it, which would be pretty distracting. whenever he gets your hp down to 1, combat automatically stops and you’re ejected back into the judgement room. if you try to talk to him without healing, he’ll just say you’re too hurt - a gust of wind could knock you over! after you heal at the conveniently placed save point and go back to fight him, he has stuff to say about how you don’t have to be alone, you don’t have to do this, you might think there isn’t any good in you and it’s too late to change, but there is and it isn’t! After a few of those, he’ll talk about Undyne and Sans, and they always tried to help him, even when they thought he wouldn’t notice. He’s got a ton of stories about that. After he says his piece there’s an option to either fight or don’t fight, and every time you pick fight he looks disappointed, but he goes all out. He’s always able to be spared.

if you survive his attack, he goes down in one hit. his last words would probably be an apology, even though he tried really hard he still couldn’t show you a better path

I keep thinking about a 1960s/70s AU, where Robbie did one tour of Vietnam (most soldiers only had a tour of about a year) and comes home around probably ‘67/‘68, and there are loads of protests and stuff.

Robbie lives in an apartment and from his window there’s sort of a square, where peaceful protests and pickets happen pretty often. He doesn’t care, but when he tries to sleep during the day, he can’t because of the protesters/hippies being noisy and ‘happy’, so one day he goes down to give them a piece of his mind.

Welcome Sportacus: one of the more gentler protesters, he’s pretty focused on environmentalism and the welfare of returning soldiers. And Robbie sees him and is like 'YIKES’ because how could one hippie be so cute? He’s kinda lost his nerve at this point and is just standing there watching, and Sport goes over to him and hands him a flower.

And Robbie is just ://///// because he’s so awkward but inside his heart is going so fast, and Sportacus realises he’s a soldier and tells Robbie that they’ll keep the noise down.

Then idk… Maybe they come back a few days later and Robbie just can’t help himself so he goes down again. And Sportacus tells him they’re planning a march and that he’d love to see Robbie there. And Robbie goes to the march and almost instantly regrets it because it’s loud and there are angry people and it’s too crowded!!!!! And Sportacus notices how uncomfortable Robbie is so he takes his hand and leads him off somewhere and they just sit quietly for a while and Robbie thanks him.

And idk what else happens, but they fall in love, and it’s cute, and I die of happiness every time I imagine Sportacus in bell-bottom trousers and a tassled waistcoat and wearing flowers. Okay I’m done being gay now.

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What would S, M and T bros do if they saw their s/o rolling around their room and laughing like a little child?

Depends on what you are laughing about.


Shu - Though he thinks you are adorable you are too loud and would like for you to be more quiet about it.

Reiji - “Would you stop acting like a child.” Finds your antics rather unamusing. You are too to be doing that.

Ayato - Would probably be laughing with you even though he doesn’t know what you two are laughing about.

Kanato - “You’re too noisy… stop it.” He’s the only cute one around here so get in line.

Laito - Laito finds your antics adorable and could watch you go on for hours even after you become annoying.

Subaru - He’d shake his head and walk away with a smirk, you’re such a dork… but you’re his dork.


Ruki - “Livestock do I need to remind you that you are not a child?” That question is scarier than you think.

Kou - He’d record it for social media because of how utterly adorable you are.

Yuma - He’d watch you go on for a while mumbling about how much of a dork you were and go back to the garden.

Azusa - He’d lay in the floor with you just to watch your laughing face as he felt butterflies in his stomach every time a giggle left you.


Carla - He’d observe you while you were in this state… humans were weird creatures all right. But he did like hearing you laugh.

Shin - He’d be laughing with you to, even if he doesn’t know what it is. If you ask him he’ll say of course he does, but that’s just a cover up.

I hate how drastically you change in your teenage years because at 14, I was one of those girls that was like “teh joker is MY husband hands off X3″ and that was ONLY 6 YEARS AGO. Which sounds like so…so little time. Like when you’re talking about going from 30-36, you’re probably more or less the same person. But 14 year old you and 20 year old you are usually WORLDS apart and I hate it cause I wish I could be like “Oh yeah I was super embarrassing 10-15 years ago” but it’s ONLY BEEN 6 YEARS. I’m probably STILL doing embarrassing shit that I wont think is embarrassing until I’m 26.

Always Molly Hooper, Never Just Molly
  • Mycroft: Brother mine, I'm an idiot.
  • Sherlock: *pause* I agree but what is the occasion?
  • Mycroft: *rolls his eyes* I knew she held feelings for you and yet it never occurred to me that you could - that you would ever return those feelings.
  • Sherlock: You're right. You are an idiot. She's the only one I can tolerate and can deal with all of me without wanting much in return.
  • Mycroft: Liar. She would obviously want your affection.
  • Sherlock: Not so obvious. The christmas gift I noted but everything else was a mystery. I liked her company.
  • Mycroft: Three kisses means romantic attachment. It was clear.
  • Sherlock: *hesitates* I didn't think I deserved it. I hurt her several times.
  • Mycroft: Yes, but this was the one thing you got right. Or you will...
  • Sherlock: You're being more overbearing than usual what's your play?
  • Mycroft: Delete it later but I do actually want you to be happy outside of your detective games. You need it or you'll be sitting with Eurus permanently.
  • Sherlock: It wouldn't hurt to spend time with her. On the opinion of Molly I have already begun to make amends.
  • Mycroft: And how is that going?
  • Sherlock: Slow but necessary. If I do this right Mummy will probably forget that you ruined their lives for several years.
  • Mycroft: *sighs heavily* Don't be too slow or I'll help you.
  • Sherlock: You're not to go near Molly Hooper.
  • Mycroft: That's your tell.
  • Sherlock: What?
  • Mycroft: You always use her full name when talking to people. Never just Molly.
  • Sherlock: She's more than just Molly.
  • Mycroft: I'm aware. Shall I get grandma's ring out or do you...
  • Sherlock: SLOW.
  • Mycroft: This will make Eurus happy.
  • Sherlock: *silence*

I am probably the only one who thinks this but…I feel like…when the book was talking to Feyre…it was talking through Feyre. Feyre said “A jolt passed through me as if I were no more than a lightning rod” I feel was using her as a conduit/ dousing rod. And that Mor could hear the Cauldron speaking. 

Mor is constantly warning Feyre in this part. And…I feel like Mor is the “Princess of Carrion” and not Feyre. Mainly because The Morrigan’s symbol is a crow or raven or Carrion bird and..maybe I’m just seeing too much and thinking too much into it.

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Okay so if Hogwarts is the wizarding school of the United Kingdom then logically Ilvermorny can't be the only American school because it would be too big. There would have to be three (Ilvermorny for the east coast, a west coast like in Seattle, and a south probably in Texas) at least to cover the population. Does that make sense? I just don't think, with americas size and population, ilvermorny would be the only school or prestigious school in the country.

Yeah I mean Hogwarts is deceptively small though. Assuming Harry’s year is small because they were born in war time there’s probably no more than 500 students there at any time which is not large for a school. So there’s probably around 2500 wizard kids of secondary school age in the US which would be impractical to fit into one school but it could be done

But I agree that there’d be more than one school, for cultural reasons if nothing else

I’m not American, but the USA is huge and there seem to be vast cultural differences depending on what region you’re from and I’m sure that’d translate into the wizarding education system- maybe a Native American school focusing on plant based magic, or a school in New Orleans that looks more at African magic?

I’m still not sold on Ilvermorny tbh. It feels a little like ‘well Americans want to go to Hogwarts so we’ll make a carbon copy but just stick it in the states’

Why is there a castle??? Unless we’re counting disney world castles aren’t really a thing in America. And the house system?? I get it it’s nice that Americans can associate themselves with this community but like… that’s also not a thing in the states right? And do you have boarding schools? 

It’s just weird to me that they’ve taken these quintessentially British things and stuck them in a school in America because people now associate them with magic

I’d much rather see a something like a wizard high school! Something that Americans can actually relate to because isn’t that the point of Ilvermorny- it’s giving the American fans a chance to see what their own Harry Potter experience would be like and by making it almost as unrelatable as Hogwarts I feel like they’re missing out on something

a quick psa to fic authors writing post-the end tord

hi guys my names red and like the whiny bitch i am im here again in the ew tag to tell you a little something about our good pal tordy

if youre writing post-the end/future/red leader tord, and think he lost his one eye or was blinded in the giant robot incident

thats a huge deal

i get why youd think otherwise, since oh its only the loss of one eye and since he still has the other it probably doesnt affect him or at least not significantly. and i guess your logic makes some sense, but im blind in one eye myself and you couldnt be more wrong.

blindness in one eye severely limits ones depth perception, which may not bother most too much, but this is tord were talking about. yknow, the trigger happy gun obsessed tord? yeah, its gonna be really fucking hard for him to shoot anything accurately. especially in combination with the one robot arm too. 

i could rant about other things pertaining to this all fucking day but i dont want this post to be too long so ill just leave it at that one big point. carry on. 

Jasper isn't an abuse

I’m so sick and tired of everyone and their mother thinking Jasper is an “”“abusive”“” character.
She’s not.
She’s never been abusive.
The only “abusive” thing she did was throw Lapis.
That was it.
Her getting angry and telling Sapphire to stop singing is not abuse.
She didn’t force Lapis to fuse. Fusion isn’t something you can force, since two gems have to be in sync for it to work.
She was only trying to persuade her.
Lapis could have said no.
Then that shit wouldn’t have happened.
Jasper probably would have tried to run away like Peridot.

I just-
All these people who twist Jasper to be a million times worse then she actually is.
She was just doing her job as an escort.
So she has a bit of an anger problem? She’s never beat the shit out of anyone. She yelled at Peridot the one time and that’s just barking orders. Not abuse.

Also please don’t tell me I can’t ship her with Lapis or anyone because, of your twisted view on her.
Yeah I know Malachite is a bad match but, LAPIS forced it. It had nothing to do with Jasper.

Not interested in fighting over this, by the way.