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starmora + 13

13. Things you said at the kitchen table

Takes place shortly after Vol 2


Gamora was already making coffee when Peter climbed down from the cockpit and flopped into a seat at the table. He grumbled something that was either ‘good morning’ or her name.

“Good morning, Peter. How was the night shift?”

“Dark.” He rested his head on his hand. “Boring. Why can’t we just leave the ship on autopilot at night like we used to?”

“The Sovereign are still after us,” she said for probably the fifth time, pulling out the only two mugs on the ship. “Someone needs to be awake in case –“

“Yeah, yeah, in case they send in a billion more ships to blow us up. Buncha sore losers.” He sighed. “Do you think it’s worth it to try to go back to sleep?”

“Well, Groot is going to be up any minute wanting to play with your Zune. So I’d say no.”

Peter whined a little and closed his eyes, looking like he was going to try to sleep right there at the table. Gamora allowed herself a fond smile since he couldn’t see her and slid a cup of coffee in front of him.

He opened his eyes and looked at it like he hadn’t had a drink in weeks. “Aaah, coffee. Thanks, babe.”

She stilled with her own mug halfway to her mouth, heart suddenly all twitchy in her chest. Peter must have felt her staring because he put down his coffee and blinked at her. “What?”

“You called me babe.

“Oh. I did? Uh, sorry?” He said, like he wasn’t sure whether he was supposed to be or not.

“No, it’s… I don’t mind.” She was surprised by how much she didn’t mind, actually. 

Peter’s face lit up. “Really? What about honey? And sweetheart? And –“

“Don’t push it.”

“Got it… babe.” He took a sip of coffee, probably to hide his grin, but he was wildly unsuccessful.

But that was okay; she couldn’t hide hers, either.

Drunk-en love… (Ong Seongwoo) Pt. 3


  • College AU
  • Your best friends are: Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwoo, Kim Sohye

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4 Part 5

Part 3: Why do people do drunk confessions?

You rubbed your eyes before turning to your three friends who were trying to act natural but looked really suspicious. “What were you guys talking about?” 

“We were just talking about how we were excited for the semester to end. After finals we can finally relax and just have fun ya know?” Daniel sat back in his seat with his hands behind his head. “Just need to pass my zoology exam.”

“Y/N that reminds me, we should start organizing our group together for our final project.” Ong pointed out.

“Ugh.” You put your face in your hands. “I don’t even want to think about seeing Minjun again.”

Ong scratched his head. “Look I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t know I was over stepping my boundaries. You know I goof around a lot I just went a little overboard this time. Besides, you could do a lot better than him.”

You sighed. “Whatever. It’s a lost cause now. Minjun is probably already being swarmed by thousands of other girls who are a billion times prettier than me.”

After you and Ong parted ways with Daniel and Sohye it was a silent walk until you reached your guys’s street. “Look y/n–”

“Hey Ong, it’s fine. I overreacted and you know I didn’t even like him that much anyway. You can stop apologizing now.” You smiled. “Besides I couldn’t imagine giving you up for him. You’re like my best friend.”

You’re like my best friend. Ong nodded and didn’t say anything more. He walked you all the way to your door and turned around to leave when you grabbed his arm. “Stop looking so down. Wanna stay for a bit?”

Ong sort of stared at you like he was contemplating something before giving you the big grin you were used to. “Sure.”

“I think I have some beer in the fridge and a bag of cheetos in the cupboard…” You tossed your bag onto the couch before raiding your kitchen.

“What happened to ‘My diet starts today’?” Ong mocked your voice causing you to throw the bag of cheetos at him.

“My diet can start TOMORROW.” You laughed. 

You two talked for hours and hours and before you knew it you had gone through an entire case of beer. You of course were wasted to the core, but Ong was only a little bit tipsy, still conscious enough to take care of you.

“I can’t believe I’m drunk again. We just went drinking yesterday.” You giggled.

“Yeah.” Ong put his head on the table so he was facing you.

You threw the empty can in your hand across the kitchen, making a plate fall off of the counter and shatter. “Oh noooo…” you grumbled, walking over to clean up your mess.

“Why’d you do that?” Ong laughed, shaking his head. “You’re so weird.” He sipped his drink while you tried to pick up the shattered pieces of glass.

“Ow!” You cut your finger on one of the pieces and started to suck on it to stop the bleeding.

Ong sighed. “Did you get cut by the glass? How are you a 4 year old when you’re drunk…” You pouted as Ong went to the bathroom to find a band aid.

“Ong it hurts..” Ong took your hand into his and helped you run it under cold water. He put some ointment on the cut before carefully placing the band aid over the cut and kissing your finger.

“All better.” He smiled, still holding onto your hand.

“Ong why do you look so serious…” You frowned. “Is something wrong?”

“Yeah.” He sighed, rubbing his thumb over the palm of your hand. “I like you y/n.”

“I like you too Ong–”

“No, y/n, I mean I have feelings for you.”


“I love you y/n… and I’m tired of waiting to tell you. And I need to know if you have these feelings too or if it’s just me.”

You two stared at each other, him hoping you would say something back and you in shock, unable to break the silence. He gently put his hand on the back of your head and leaned in, making you internally panic. Did you have feelings for him? You kept raking your brain for answers but Ong couldn’t stand the painful silence. Whether it was the fact that he could practically hear your heart beating or the fact that he could see how alarmed you looked in your eyes, he opted to giving you a small kiss on your forehead.

“Go to sleep y/n, you’re gonna have a massive hangover tomorrow I already know it.”

You nodded, still trying to process all of the events that had just unfolded. You crawled into your bed and signaled Ong to come over to you but he just shook his head.

“I’ll just go back to my place.” He gave you a sad smile before turning around to leave. Once he shut the door behind him he laughed to himself as he felt himself start crying. “Why would you even have a chance with her you dummy.” He said to himself quickly wiping away his tears.

You woke up with the worst headache you’d ever had in your entire life, your head throbbing at every movement or sound around you. You tried to remember what had happened last night but all you could remember was your tragic date with Minjun. You looked at your nightstand and saw a smoothie with a sticky note next to it.

For your hangover. Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything crazy last night ;) 

– Ong

You sighed, thankful that you hadn’t done something stupid like call Minjun a billion times asking him to take your hand in marriage or something. After finishing the smoothie that Ong claimed was his secret hangover cure, you quickly got dressed and headed out to class.

“Ong why would you let me drink.” You slapped him on the arm as you met up with him in front of your guys’s building. “I was so wasted I don’t remember a thing from last night.”

You could almost swear that you heard him sigh in relief. “Hey I tried to stop you. Besides, it’s not like it wasn’t fun watching you call Minjun like fifty times.”

You narrowed you eyes at him. “Don’t even try.” You scoffed. “I already checked my phone history FOR YOUR INFORMATION.”

He frowned. “Dang it, it would’ve been so fun to see you freak out.”

“YAH!” You both laughed and continued to mess around as you walked towards the bus stop.

You two waited for the bus to come when you began to crack your knuckles only to notice a small band aid on your index finger. How did this happen….

“Ong why do you look so serious…” You pointed out. “Is something wrong?”

“Yeah.” He sighed, rubbing his thumb over the palm of your hand. “I like you y/n.”

“I like you too Ong–”

“No, y/n, I mean I have feelings for you.”


“I love you y/n… and I’m tired of waiting to tell you. And I need to know if you have these feelings too or if it’s just me.”

You let out a small gasp, Ong… confessed to me last night?

Ong turned around to you, “What’s wrong, did you forget something at home?”

Part 4

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oooh how about a scenario of hunk and lance falling in love with a pretty voyager after her ship wrecks and they find her washed up on their local beach

Wow, you really have a hit for love at first sight there, Anon? Me, too. Let me know if y’all want a P. II where Reader meets her shining men in armor! ~Mod Saffron

It was all Lance’s idea.

Normally, no one strides down Varadero Beach after a severe hurricane especially if the damaged parts of fishing boats and residents’ family canoes scattered the beach, presenting the vacation spot like an eerie wreckage. Fortunately, all residents had stayed inside as instructed by the local police and no one in the area was injured. Lance, however, had a spirit for adventure and risks.

Hunk, his roommate and long-time best friend, did not.

“Come on, Lance.” The Hawaiian boy whined, eyeing the wooden planks near him and tugged his windbreaker tighter around his wide torso as the breeze wildly whipped around him. “The government clearly told everyone to stay inside, away from the beach, until further notice.”

Lance’s chuckle was carried away by the howling wind, light but strong. “Chill out, my man. I read the weather reports myself and even checked out the ten-weather day reports ahead of time! Nothing is coming, at least nothing like Hurricane Mocha.”

Another giggle. “Cute name for such a feisty storm. Probably named it because–”

“Of all the brown wood around the beach, making it seem like a coffee swirl from bird’s eye view.” Hunk finished in a deadpan. “You’ve said this like a billion times.”

“And I will repeat it if I must, Einstein.”

He paused his bouncy gait and allowed his feet to sink into the soft sand, his toes wriggling between the clumps. Lance sighed, a pleased smirk spreading across his lips as he scanned the gray-iris horizon, and put a hand on his hip. “Yup. This, Hunk…this is the life.”

Hunk exhaled exasperatedly and looked toward the ice-sculpting waves for a soothing remedy from his seemingly insane partner. “This is not the life. Scoping the beach after a hurricane? Seriously, Lance, how dense can you get? We could get arrested!”

A scoff. “Ha! Us? Arrested? Don’t make me laugh.” Lance began to walk when he whipped his head back and looked straight into Hunk’s hazel eyes with a toothy smile. “Oh, wait. You just did.”

“Lance,” Hunk warned, an agitated tone coating his voice. His furrowed thick brows helped tense the atmosphere further and his body language held an unmoving command. At first, Lance did not believe his friend’s seriousness and started to stride when he was stopped by a hand tugging on his sweatshirt.

Lance glanced back and held a deep stare into his friend’s eyes, hoping to find an answer that would somehow move him to relent, but Hunk did not stop his piercing glare as he lowered his chin to emphasize his pointed ‘no’.

A defeated sigh emitted from his lips. “Fine,” Lance’s shoulders dropped and his eyes seemed downcast a bit. “Head back, I guess?”

“You know it.”


After studying Lance for a few seconds for any swift changes, he groaned softly. Hunk never stayed too angry for long and his nature didn’t appeal to the strict side of things anyways. He patted Lance’s back with a large palm and promised a few words of comfort with hot chocolate on the side. Mumbling an unheard answer, Lance stuffed his hands into his pockets and whirled around to return the way he came from.

They walked on in awkward silence, with nothing but the wind screaming behind them.  Each second passed, the strength of the gale picked up and nearly shoved the two boys over. It was as if it was urging them to walk faster. Something, more promising than hot chocolate, lay ahead with supposedly great benefits. Lance wasn’t sure if Hunk felt it, but he certainly did. His fingers curled in his pockets, trying to control the shaking that overcome his body.

Hunk looked behind him and did a full 360° scan of his current environment. “Uh, did we turn the wrong way?”

“No…?” Lance glanced briefly at his partner and raised an eyebrow, who was visibly confused and growing terrified by the minute. “We simply switched the way we came from originally.”

“No, no, dude.” Hunk’s voice was underlined with slight nervousness as always, but there was a deeper vibe to the anxiety than before. Lance felt the same adrenaline, but couldn’t put his finger on how they shared the same emotion. Hunk began to make big body swings and cradled his chest with trembling knuckles. Tears formed in corners of his eyes and his natural process of freaking out began.

“I’m getting this feeling that we’re taking the wrong turn. I mean, look how many more wooden planks there are here. There weren’t this many before. Were there this many pieces of wood before?! Gosh, I don’t remember. Uh, uh, ohhh my goodness. Man… I knew we should’ve stayed inside! How the heck do you get lost on a beach you’ve lived around for three years? Three years! Dang, Mom was right: always trust your gut, even when it’s not food. Agh! Where are you that I need you, Mom?!”

“Uh, Hunk?”

“What? What! What? Did you find an exit? Because that would really help us right about now!”



Hunk followed Lance’s straight arm to where he pointed a skinny finger and found his eyes scanning a clearer area than where all the elephantine scraps of wooden wreckage littering the shore. He was so caught up in his monologue about his gut that Lance’s quiet demeanor wasn’t paid attention by him in the slightest.

There, along the clearing, lay a body of a young girl. It was hard to tell, but she seemed old enough to reach the height of both Lance and Hunk. Her tattered uniform was soaked to her body, tightly sucked onto her skin like another layer. Her hair was mussed up, caked with sand and parts of glass. Her limbs were bent awkwardly, but gently enough to unwind.

They stared in silent awe for too long. They had to do something, but they were boarding teenagers in a foreign area, not even in a home to call their own. They could barely take care of themselves; how could they take in a stranger who was clearly in need of help?

“Do you think she’s…dead?” Hunk swallowed the silence, cutting the tension like butter.

Lance shook his head slowly, his eyes widening with every possible scenario that could occur should that theory prove to be true. “I don’t know.”

Suddenly, his feet moved forward, minds acting on their own and with every footstep his heartbeat grew louder and soon, he heard his own life force pounding away in his ears like a war drum. Hunk did not move but simply froze in shock and stared at Lance’s robotic movements. As he approached the girl, small movements from her body told Lance that she was still breathing and he moved faster with renowned energy and replaced his fear with another feeling: hope.

He knelt carefully behind her tilted head and grasped her sandy shoulder, bruised and cut from splinters, pushing it towards him so her face would be revealed. Hunk slowly approached his partner’s footstep imprints and mimicked his actions by grasping underneath her knee, delicately reversing her twisted stature.

Caressing her head in his palm, Lance craned his head curiously to the side and his eyes held a gentle gaze as his fingers nimbly swept the sandy hair from her face, revealing her soft expression and sealed lids. Hunk tilted his head forward to see the girl’s face a bit closer and he wondered what color those irises held beneath those lids.

Lance turned to Hunk with immediacy and a mutual agreement came between them: they were taking her in. Hunk would nurse her back to health as best as he could, and Lance would retrieve the best feminine clothing and all her needs from his lab partner’s old trunk. Contacting the authorities would come later. Her health state was top priority now.


“I Hope You’re Satisfied” (sequel)

Angelica Schuyler x Reader
Words: 390
Request: Angelica x Reader wlw fic, like Angelica is hung up on Alex and they comfort each other? Sincerely a lonely bisexual.        

I really like writing femxfem… just saying.

good morning people. i am super hung over and like exhausted because ya girl didn’t get any sleep and regrets all of her decisions (i sent so many weird messages)

moving on, today will be a day of writing because I’m being abandoned again by a certain asshole and i’m going to have nothing to do. that being said, i’m not drinking vodka again.

have a good day / night everyone. more will be posted soon. requests are open, i’m just being super slow at writing them.


“Angelica, he doesn’t deserve you. There are a billion other fish in the sea, and they swarm you like fresh meat. You’ll be fine.”

“I don’t think that’s how the quote goes, but you don’t get it,” Angelica said, grabbing the pillow from beside her and covering her face with it.

“Look, maybe confronting him will make you feel better. He is here courting your sister after al- that’s probably not the best thing to say right now, is it?” You said, biting your lip slightly.

Angelica let out a long sigh. “I don’t know. At the Winter Ball I thought I had truly found the one, but I had to give him up. The way Eliza looked at him… she was helpless. I couldn’t take him away from her,” She said, her voice being slightly muffled under the pillow.

“Why don’t we talk to Alexander about his friends? They were all charming enough,” You suggested

“But much like Alexander, they’re not rich. If Eliza marries into nothing, I have to marry into money. Peggy can’t be expected to, she’s too young to understand,” Angelica said, sighing.

You frowned, hugging Angelica tightly. “I want you to have happiness and I want you to find the perfect person.”

“But there isn’t a perfect person. They all want to achieve something. Men are rats,” Angelica said, sitting up. “They only do what they do so that they can gain.”

“They can’t all be like that. What about Thomas Jefferson?”

“That man is the worst of all. When I meet him, I will be having stern words,” She stated, crossing her arms. “You know, sometimes I question, why men? They argue amongst themselves and get nothing done. They often seem intolerable.”

“Are you just having a rant on how females are better or are you going somewhere with this?” You asked, smirking.

“Of course I’m having a rant! What do you expect? We should be an equal society, but men always come out on top! Literally. What if I wanted to initiate sexual behaviours? What if I want to be the one to kiss first?”

You moved forward quickly, pressing your lips against Angelica’s. She froze, closing her eyes and slowly kissing back. After a few seconds, you moved away.

“Maybe if you are intolerable of men, women are the way to go.”


Her lungs ached so much more than what she’d intended, her legs feeling more like jelly with every passing step. The uniform she wore making her a a target for those that lurked beyond the safety of the wall. 

The safety that was once provided for her.

When one of the four heads of the high society had been murdered, the accused someone Pearl had closely pursued and followed behind without hesitation, there were limited choices for her. Perish an unbearable death of starvation or get the hell out of there with her superior.

Now, she had to wonder if her escape was going to be as ill-fated as staying. Rose had been taken away in a van, and she was left. Granted, it wasn’t necessarily a decision Rose had made. If anything, Pearl had volunteered without hesitance. She’d expected that a renegade guard would be more welcomed upon by those on the outside. Those that lived through the radiation and nuking.

She had been wrong. The blue and white insignia plastered to her chest was a give away, and the horrors she’d heard about the other side were holding true. they were savage, violent


She didn’t even see the tree stump, her foot catching on the edge as she toppled forward and landed on her hands. She was expendable. She’d devoted her life to protecting the four powers above her, and now she’d apply the same concept to protecting Rose. She was expendable. It just didn’t matter what happened.

As she pressed her hands into the ground, her body disagreed and gravity pulled her down. “Help,” she choked out. She’d take anything she could get. She’d do anything to survive. Rasping, she called out again for help as she pulled herself to sit up, back firmly against a tree. With a defeated sigh, she swallowed back her tears and opted to assess her ankle and cuts. The white of the outfit was tinted with blood, the visible aspects of her skin were marred with forming bruises, and her ankle just hurt. 

This was it. This was a more prideful way to die than starvation. 

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If you're still doing prompts could you do a High school Sterek one? Derek is in High school with Stiles and Scott and Derek figures out Stiles is his mate and he has to tell him about everything and brings home home to meet his family? Eep! Love your fics!!!

okie so i almost chose to try to incorporate this into my nerdy!stiles/badboy!derek universe, buuut then i decided i wanted to write derek being a dork, sooo this is a standalone ahaha.

also i bent your request a bit, sorry - this ran away from me before i could get to the part where derek explains werewolves and brings stiles home, but it’s alluded to and also stiles has technically already met derek’s family in this and UGH I FUCKED IT ALL TO HELL I’M SORRY but i hope this is cute enough that you don’t mind ahaha ugh

i am poop. i hope you like it anyway! gahhh


Scott, Stiles, and Derek are known around Beacon Hills as “the terrible trio.” Wherever one goes, the other two follow, even if it means pain, misery, or (most often) trouble. It’s been that way since they all ended up in the same kindergarten class years and years ago, and you’ll get three different versions as to how that happened.

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“Admit it,” Marcus lets out a hollow chuckle, bottle hanging from loose fingers. “You’re enjoying this. Seeing me like this.” The FALLEN SOLDIER who picked himself up once he reached the ground, only to fall once more. He lets the silence between them simmer and weigh down on his chest. ( This is how we save our people. This is how we survive. ) The words run over and over in his mind. His survival, over all the rest outside of the bunker. Yeah. His people over the thousands, probably millions– billions of others. “I would, if I were you,” he sighs softly before tipping the bottle to his lips once more.

the art school is gay au

by @gravelyhumerus

  • so our fav kids are in the last year of high school. they’ve all got that gay artist type thing going, u know how it is
  • they all want to be artists, or they’re not sure what they want but the personality test in 9th grade said artist and they stuck with it
  • whatever
  • the audition process goes as normal. give or take
  • they work on their art for months beforehand 
  • making new and interesting pieces
  • pushing themselves and all that
  • (mostly it’s just googling “how to get into art school” and crying) 
  • they bring their art in, they kiss some ass, they exaggerate their community service and lie a little bit (but not enough that they’ll get caught if someone decides to fact check them)
  • they’re all applying for about thirty spots in the program
  • theres like 500 of them
  • finch is a self-taught painter, dad loved birds so finch painted them a lot as presents and stuff
  • he got really good really fast
  • he didn’t think he’d go to this school, since he was too focused on computers and his dad’s declining health, but he thought that he might as well try it. it’s not like he could learn anything new from a degree in computer sciences anyways
  • he comes to the interview dressed in a suit
  • he has all of his art carefully arranged in a portfolio and on a small canvas cart
  • it has wheels
  • it’s all very organized and precise
  • he’s one of the only ones without parents hovering in the waiting room
  • when john reese first sees him he thinks he’s the teacher, because who tf wears three piece suits to portfolio interviews
  • harold finch, apparently 
  • (john thought he was very cool with his button down shirt rather than his normal sports jersey or polo)
  • he almost decides to take up painting just to sit next to finch in class
  • if he gets in
  • his guidance counsellor told him he needs to be more talkative and smile more
  • he practices the smiles a lot
  • they’re more like grimaces but no one has the heart to tell him
  • he’s into sculpture, actually. wire, metal, ceramics, etc. he’s good with his hands. wink wink @ finch
  • he’s that jock that plays a bunch of sports but somehow finds time to be a fairly good artist
  • sameen shaw can relate to that, she already has her eyes on some teams before she even gets in 
  • she curses herself for not picking a program she could be sure of getting into 
  • like pre-med 
  • art is so subjective. ugh
  • but here she is
  • surrounded by hipsters holding their sketchbooks and sweating 
  • when she isn’t in her sports uniforms, she only wears black, she buys her skinny jeans pre-ripped, her ears are pierced in like 6 different places, she’s wearing a beanie all the god damned time and probably (definitely) smokes weed who knows
  • even tho her aesthetic screams emo art kid, no one expects her to be an actual artist
  • which pisses her off because she’s a damned good artist. she worked her ass off for this. she’s applied to like ten scholarships and she’s gonna have to smile at the portfolio interview. SMILE.
  • after her dad died her mom put her in art classes
  • turns out, punching people is not as good at chilling shaw out as painting is
  • life drawing is cool, ok
  • shaw’s realism is like 10/10
  • she’s good with pencil, pen, conté, anything that she can sharpen and capture reality. she’s good at making a simply thing like a scarf look like a fucking masterpiece and she takes pride in that
  • she recently got into photography too, she creates her own reference images
  • at the national portfolio day, during the practice round she was told she needed to be less like a “human photocopier” and put more feeling into it
  • so her work is really angry cause fuck them 
  • she’s not afraid of just asking random kids to pose for her
  • that’s how she meets root in the fall
  • that’s how she meet a lot of people but lets talk about root for a sec
  • root is probably the only one there who feels confident in her interview 
  • she’s got the whole digital art thing going for her
  • and she knows how to manipulate people as much as she can manipulate photographs
  • they’ll love her
  • root is committed. she drew with her mouse on ms paint in the library when she was like 11
  • this girl is next level
  • she hates traditional media, fuck pencils man. the human eye cant see well enough to be perfect with a pencil
  • she has like three ripped versions of photoshop and like a billion custom brushes
  • when she shows off her portfolio, the admissions officer doesn’t even know what a drawing tablet is
  • root sighs
  • at least the teachers wont be hovering over her shoulders the entire time telling her how to do things. 
  • anyways root is already frustrated and gay. she’s the kid who has studio overalls and paints her nails black every day because they chip off or get covered in paint. she probably has a shorn nape, some purple hair, tortoise shell glasses, and listens to halsey
  • she tries to dress nice and not roll her eyes at the other kids auditioning 
  • its hard, tbh
  • there’s some short kid with curly hair wheeling a cart around covered in pottery that sounds like its one bump away from shattering
  • thats fusco, she later learns
  • he does his best
  • and there’s a girl who is only carrying a sketch book and a small portfolio that she’s got over her shoulder
  • that’s confidence, man 
  • it has “carter” written in neat white block letters on the front
  • root vows to keep an eye on her
  • theres only like twenty kids at this audition time
  • shaw’s already a little gay for carter
  • she saw her drawing some superheroes in her sketchbooks and they were really good
  • shaw likes a girl who can appreciate some good action movies
  • anyways
  • they all get in, of course
  • and then they have about four months before all hell breaks loose

reaching-for-love  asked:

Is it possible to request a fic on son mccree and papa reyes making up after a huge fight where turns out mccree did nothing wrong and Reyes might have realized it a bit to late after having been rescued by mccree and seeing the poor kid in medbay(1)

(2) hurting real bad and he feels guilty and tries to make thing better after? Also I finally found your account!! I really liked your stuff but forgot to follow so it’s been a while looking for you!!!:):):) Glad I finally did keep up the good stuff!

“Mercy, you have to let me in there, I need to see Jesse,” Gabriel implored, leaning against the door. As harsh as his tone was, it was plain to see: his face practically shined with guilt. He squeezed a wrapped present tightly in his arms, his hand clearly wracked with tension.

“I understand why, Gabriel, but now is really not the time. He’s in a lot of pain, and there’s no way I can let him have any visitors in this state. It’s nothing personal,” Angela murmured softly, looking down at her hands to avoid any possible eye contact with her superior. Only being eighteen and being in charge of the entire medbay was nerve-wracking as it was, not to mention the new patient from Japan being covered in wounds on over 90% of his body. All of that, she could deal with. But looking directly at Blackwatch Captain Reyes and speaking choked her up, it felt like her mouth was being stuffed with cotton,

“You may be the doctor here, Angela, but I’m above you. So, you’re going to get your skinny little ass out of the way and let me in, or so help me…” threatened Gabriel. The growl in his voice sent a shiver up the doctor’s spine, and she immediately stepped out of the doorway. As young as Angela was, she knew better than to argue with him. That steely, cold glare was the kind of thing that could kill an anxious little thing like her if he gazed too long into it, losing herself to the abyss.

The 6’1 bulky Chicano man stepped right past her with a set goal in mind. He needed to see Jesse and make sure he turned out alright. All his blonde bimbo of a husband had mentioned was that Jesse was in the medbay and looked like absolute shit. After years of marriage, Gabriel could read that man like a book. That stupid twink was hiding something from him, and he was going to sniff it out.

Striding through the hall, every room he passed had some other horribly injured individual. He even got a peek at that rich Japanese boy who had been attacked by his older brother. For a second, he craned his neck as he was walking to gawk at the kid. Patches of obnoxious green hair were missing on his head, likely ripped out in the heat of the fight. The poor boy’s face was beyond fucked-up; long, crooked scars ran up and down his entire body, showing signs that he had been brutally cut up with some sort of sword. There were even rumors that when he arrived, his innards were visible, and he had to immediately get patched up. Whatever happened to this fifteen year old boy, it wasn’t humane. Gabriel shuddered at the thought of the pain he must be in.

Once he realized the boy saw him staring, he quickly kept walking along, the embarrassment glowing on his face. The other rooms in the medbay were filled with men and women of varying injuries- everywhere from faces burned so badly that they didn’t even resemble humans to minor broken bones and little cuts. Right at the end of the metal hallway was one last door with a cowboy hat hanging off of it. Without a doubt in Gabriel’s mind, he knew that had to be the kid’s room. He hoped whatever happened, the hours he spent on the present would be worth it.

Inhale. Hold for seven seconds. Exhale.

He was ready.

The metal door swung open much louder than he intended, disrupting the cartoon Jesse was watching. With a quick look of irritation, Jesse’s hands flew to the remote on the bedside table and hit the pause button. He leaned back in the clinical bed and sighed. His once wild, outlaw look had been stripped away by Angela. She’d mentioned briefly that after treating his arm she’d cut his hair shorter, but Gabriel had never assumed she really did that much to it. But looking at it now, she really did tame his unruly, angry-looking brunette mane. Every last hair on his seventeen year old chin had been shaved clean, and he was developing his first ever five-o'clock shadow. Two uninterested eyes looked up at Gabe.

“Hey, Old Man. Come here to apologize or what?” He stretched back, and the Blackwatch leader’s mouth dropped, along with the box that was in his hands.

Where his left-arm once was now held nothing but a little stump. It was neatly bandaged, and had obviously stopped bleeding a while ago, but it was enough to put Gabriel into a shock, of sorts. This was what had his idiot husband so nervous?

“Jesse, where’s your arm? Where did it go?” stammered Gabriel.

“I dunno. One of those shitty tin cans cut it off after we got separated.” Gabriel thought back, and that brief moment where Jesse was there one moment and gone the next flashed through his mind.

It was his call to keep moving through the shredded city block. Jack agreed with him, believing they’d dealt with the last of the omnics a little ways back. However, Jesse had a bad feeling about the whole thing, and insisted they just turn around and get somewhere safe. What did he know? He was just a kid; a little boy hanging out with the grown-ups. Gabriel told him to shut his mouth and keep walking. Seconds later, the familiar sound of metal feet stomping became audible, and the two men and the kid realized they were surrounded.

It was just three of them, surrounded by a horde of omnics. Jack was pounced on by one, and Jesse was way closer to him than Gabriel. Using his bare hands, he ripped the piece of junk off of Gabriel’s husband and wrestled with it. The harder he struggled with it, the greater the distance grew between him and Gabriel. More of the metal bastards flooded in, and soon it was just him and Jack defending each other. A black hole opened up in Gabriel’s stomach the longer the battle went on without any sign of Jesse. Once most of the piles of gears were pushing up daisies, Gabriel searched desperately for Jesse.

There wasn’t a single sign of him anywhere, and he wasn’t seen again for hours, until Ana and Reinhardt went back to scout through the rubble and found him hiding in a tree. How he got there with his arm in that condition was a mystery to Gabriel.

There was only one word Gabriel could bring himself to force out. “Why,” he stammered. It wasn’t really a question.

“Why, what? Old man, you gotta be specific,” Jesse chuckled, and nonchalantly reached over for the remote to start his cartoons back up. Gabriel swiftly grabbed his hand, eyes seething with anger.

“Why did you grab that omnic?” he hissed, releasing his rough hold on the boy’s hand.

Jesse rolled his eyes and sighed. “Because you love him and if he died out there, then I’d have to listen to you cry about it for months. No one wants to hear you crying, Gabo.” He leaned back and sighed, just wanting to go back to the television and get sucked into his show again.

“I could have saved him, you know.” Gabriel softened his voice. There was no need to snap at this boy. His real anger was with himself, not the kid.

“Yeah, no. You’re slow and old, and you two were like a billion miles apart. Let’s be real here, Gabo. If I hadn’t yanked that rust bucket off of him, it wouldn’t be my hand missing: it would probably be his head. I haven’t seen you since we got separated, my arm is missing, and all you wanna do is stand there and lecture me? Come on man. Either quit being a tool or leave and let me watch TV.” Jesse huffed, slouching in an exaggerated way.

Gabriel stood there speechless and looked down and the cold medbay floor.

“This is all my fault, Jesse. You were right.” His eyes were widened like saucers, the words he spoke slightly muffled by his right hand covering his mouth.

A smug look crept across the boy’s face. “What was that? Couldn’t hear you. I think fighting all these omnics has fucked with my hearing. Can you say it one more time?”

Slowly, Gabriel moved his hand. “I said, you were right. This is all my fault.”

Jesse looked insanely satisfied. “Didn’t catch it that time either. One more time?”

Gabriel’s brows furrowed, and he shot a dirty look to the kid. “Your arm is missing, do you think this is some kind of game? I’m the reason you’re in this hospital bed right now, don’t you get that? Your life will never be the same again, and you’re sitting here trying to get me to apologize again and again,” he snarled, making faces like an angry dog.

Jesse rolled his eyes. “Chill out, Gabo. It’s a fuckin’ joke, it’s funny.”

“This is funny to you? Dammit, what part of this seems funny!? None of this is a joke. Dios mio, I’m the reason a seventeen year old boy lost his arm…” He buried his face into his hands.  “I have to live with this…” His knees buckled underneath him, and he sank to the floor like crumpled paper.

Realizing what a mess Gabriel was, Jesse sat up and crawled out of the bed and stepped over to him. Seeing the kid in a hospital gown was a little funny, but Gabriel couldn’t bring himself to laugh, or even crack a smile. He was too guilt-stricken to hardly utter a word.

“Hey, Gabo. I don’t blame you. So uh, please, don’t blame yourself.” He placed his hand gently on Gabriel’s shoulders. “Come on now, stand up. I see that you got me a present. Let’s open that, alright?”

Gabe could barely look up, but reluctantly rose to his feet and picked the package he’d dropped after seeing Jesse’s lack of an arm. The least he could do is let the kid open his present up. Without another word, he handed the nicely wrapped- though now slightly dented- box. Jesse’s eyes greedily lit up, and he began trying to open it. There was definitely a struggle, but Gabriel knew he would never accept any help in tearing the package open. He resorted to tearing off the wrapping paper and ribbon with his teeth, and got the box’s lid off with his good hand easily.

He dove right in, and pulled out an expertly sewn article of clothing. His face lit up at the realization of what it was. “Gabo? Did you make me a serape?” His eyes darted up to look at the man struggling with the worst guilt of his life.

Gabriel nodded, and hoarsely added. “You always talk about wanting one. I figured I’d, you know, finally get to sewing one together for you.” It was red, with a golden hexagon pattern along the borders.

“So cool.” He looked up with a big childish grin on his face, as he tried to figure out how to put it on with only the one arm. A small smile crept up on Gabriel; it made him happy to see him acting like it was the best thing  in the world. Quietly, he leaned over, and helped the boy in the hospital gown put on the serape. Jesse’s smile extended from ear-to-ear, and a small giggle he was trying to suppress escaped.

To try and make Gabriel feel better, Jesse began to talk about every thought that ran through his head. He hoped that this would take his mind off of it, and maybe relieve the tension. He was, to an extent, successful. Gabriel smiled and even cracked up at some of his crappy jokes. As much as he loved to give the old guy shit, he didn’t ever wanna see him sad like this: it was just depressing. In his mind, the arm thing really wasn’t a big deal. Angela fussed way too much, talking about how he ‘couldn’t handle visitors’ or whatever. They stayed like that, just the two of them, for a couple hours. Gradually, the sadness left Gabriel’s face and tone, though he did remain a tad somber for the rest of the night, and for very long afterwards.

Before he left, Gabriel stood still in the doorway for a moment. “You know, Jesse, I really do care about you. And I’m so sorry I didn’t listen to you back there.”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s whatever. Love you too, dad.” Aw, shit. He never meant to call him Dad. His eyes quickly averted to the window in embarrassment.

Gabriel turned around to look at him. “What did you just call me?”

“Gab. I said Gab. Get out of here, old man. Go drink your prune juice or put tennis balls on your walker, whatever you old fucks do.” He spat all of his words out like somehow getting them out quicker would change the fact that he just called Gabriel dad.

Gabriel laughed, “Love you, too…” He began shutting the door, but left it open just a crack, and whispered. “… Mijo.”

One Night Stands- Soulmate!Calum (Prologue)

Eyyy so I’m writing something w/ multiple parts instead of a one shot??? What? It’s not gonna be one of those huge 20 chapter fics, maybe only 3-5 small parts.

part 1 / part 2

Anyways something really important about this fic is that the relationship is gonna move really fast, but think of it in terms of their society. As soon as someone meets their soulmate, they’re literally perfect for each other and destined to spend the rest of their lives together so there’s really no reason to take it slow and it would be common for things to progress really quickly.

I just wanted to clarify that since I know I hate it when authors make a relationship move too fast. Like, whoa y’all met like two chapters ago and you’re already making out? Can we slow down? But with the way the system works in this fic it wouldn’t make sense to not dive right into things.

“You’re going out again?” Your best friend and roommate asked, folding her arms as she leaned against the door frame of the bathroom and watched you curl your hair.

“Yeah, just with a couple friends. Gonna get real drunk. gonna get laid.” You said, turning off your curling iron and leaning into the mirror to check your lipstick.

“As usual.” Your friend scoffed, turning on her heel and leaving.

“Emily,” You groaned, following her out. “What’s going on? You seem upset with me.”

“Why would I be upset that my best friend is so miserable she’s wasting her life away getting wasted and hooking up with random guys?”

“Only on weekends.” You argued.

“As if that’ll make me feel better. Have you gotten checked for STDs? You probably should with the amount of sex you’ve been having.” She asked.

“I always use protection. I have, like, twenty condoms in my purse.” You said.

Emily made a face, shaking her head. “Gross. I’m just really worried about you. There are healthy ways to get over this, you know.”

“Like what?” You snapped, tired of Emily judging you.

“I don’t know, actually trying to date an get to know other people?”

“What’s the point? I wouldn’t be meant for them, they wouldn’t be meant for me, we would just be wasting time and missing the thing we both really want in our life. Our soulmate.” You said, crossing the room to sit on the couch and slip on your heels. “The way I see it, the alcohol makes me forget about the whole soulmate thing and the sex gives all the physicality.”

“People can still be happy in non-soulmate relationships. God, you’re a mess. You’re not the only one who hasn’t met their soulmate, you know. You still could, even.” Emily sighed.

“Out of the seven billion people on this planet? Yeah, statistically I’m totally still likely to meet my soulmate. Besides, it can be so hard to even identify who your soulmate is. Sharing one unique physical trait? What id it’s like, a butt freckle or something?”

“It’s probably that birthmark over your elbow that’s shaped like Italy.” Emily pointed out.

“Even so, theres still the seven billion people issue. So yeah, it’s totally gonna happen.

“You know what? Fine. Do whatever you want. Be angsty and irresponsible and wallow in self pity if you want. I’ve been trying to make you see reason for months, but clearly that’s not happening. Have fun tonight.” Emily said.

“Don’t wait up.” You said. “I’ll be home probably early tomorrow morning, five or six maybe. Depends on how far away the guy lives but I’ll sneak out before he wakes up.” You continued. You grabbed your purse and shoved your phone into it, standing from the couch. “My uber is here.”

You threw the door open, stalking out of the house and leaving a fuming Emily behind.

Bodyguard AU

Inspired by tumblr user minuiko’s bodyguard au.

This just kind of… happened, and exploded into words, so I decided to post a snippet of whatever the hell this is.

Edit: part 2

Reyna’s got his arm clamped in a vice-like grip as she steers him towards the service elevator, calling something over her shoulder to Jason but he can’t make it out, his ears are ringing and his head hurts and he can barely feel her hold on his arm anymore, panic rising in his throat because no no no it’s all happening again he can’t breathe where’s Hazel where’s Frank what’s going on? He can’t recall a thing from the ride down, only the odd flash of coherent thought about the strangest things - that rail needs polishing, Reyna will probably have to stay late tonight because of this, has the driver’s uniform always been green?

When he comes to, emerging properly back into reality, he’s bundled up in the backseat of the car with Reyna next to him snapping orders into her earpiece and the outside passing by at an alarming rate.

Nico hesitates for a second to make sure he can open his mouth without emptying his stomach - if he throws up on her he can forget about potential assassins, Reyna will kill him with her bare hands - and manages to croak “Is Hazel okay?”, barely keeping his voice level.

Keep reading

Breathe pt. 1::.Draco x Reader

Warnings: Little bit of Language…

Okay, I know this will be kind of ooc, but so are most Draco one shots/imagines. I don’t know, I just feel like Draco wouldn’t really be nice to anyone… I guess that’s why it’s an imagine-you have to imagine it…

Also, this is pretty bad. idk. Give me feedback please.

Y/N was a top student. But of course that would be expected from a Ravenclaw. It was her fourth year and she was excited for everything-including the school work… In her third year, she had signed up to tutor students in other houses in Charms which was her best subject. Y/N had a great time and enjoyed the satisfaction that came with watching people learn and understand. She decided to do it again this year, so she wrote her name on the long list of names under the Charms column. There were so many people signing up to tutor charms, Y/N figured that unfortunately, she’d only get one pupil. She sighed, disappointed, but headed up for bed after being told that she would get her pupil(s) in 1 week.

——————— 1 week later ———————

*beep beep beep* Y/N shot up in bed and slapped at her muggle alarm clock, a gift from her friend, until it turned off. She wearily rubbed her eyes before remembering that she would be getting her student- or hopefully students- today. The list would be up in the common room. She was excited, but forced herself to get dressed, comb through her H/L H/C hair, and throw on some lite makeup before hurdling down the stairs. It didn’t take long for Y/N to find the list because of the mob of students surrounding it. She approached it and wormed her way to the front of the crowd. She skimmed the list for the Charms section and saw some familiar names.

Cho Chang…………………………………..Elizabeth Meyers
Marietta Edgecombe………………………Lauren Sobieski
y/b/f/n (your best friend’s name)………….Colin Creevey

Y/N smirks at her friend’s horrible luck. She’d only seen Colin Creevey between classes a few times, but she could tell that he’d be a pain to tutor. She studies the list again and this time notices her name at the very bottom.

Y/N Y/L/N……………………..See Professor Flitwick for details

Confused, Y/N pulls herself away from the crowd planning to visit her professor in her first free period. She grabs her books and heads to her first class. The news snakes its way into her thoughts, distracting her all morning. At lunch, she gobbles down her food and practically runs all the way to Professor Flitwick’s office. When Y/N arrives, she opens the door to see Professor Flitwick already talking to another student with blonde hair. Very blonde hair. Draco Malfoy? She frowned in confusion, but began to back out of the room, deciding to come back later. However, before she could leave, Professor Flitwick noticed her, despite her quiet entrance.
“Oh, Y/N! Good good good, I thought you’d come now.” says her little teacher as cheerfully as ever. The white-blonde head turns around and Y/N thoughts from earlier are confirmed. It is Draco. She expects Draco to leave as she nears Flitwick’s desk, but he stays where he is. A small thought, an explanation for this, slips into Y/N’s head but she ignores it, assuring herself that it’s unreasonable.
“Yes, I was hoping to find out the “details” about tutoring.“ She responds nodding slightly. Draco still makes no sign that he will be leaving soon.
"Please, sit down.” Flitwick gestures at a chair next to Draco and across from him. Y/N takes a seat, more than ready for some answers.
“You will be tutoring Draco in Charms and Transfiguration this year.,” He gives her a moment to process before continuing, “Because of reasons that I can not tell you, Draco’s name couldn’t be on the list. Also, there will certain times and locations that you may and may not meet. Here is a list of them.,” he says handing her a sheet of paper, “And again, I can not tell you why, but this must remain secret, at least for now.” Y/N smirks as the Professor begins speaking to Draco. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Draco just didn’t want people finding out that the “Prince of Slytherin” needed help with two classes. She tunes in again to hear Professor Flitwick finish.
“You two both understand then?,” She nods along with Draco. “Better get back to studying then.” she forces a smile and thanks her professor before heading out the door with Draco tailing her. Outside the room, Y/N turns left to go to the Ravenclaw common room but doesn’t get far before someone calls her name. She turns arounds.
“Hey, Y/L/N! Where are you going?”
“Well, I was going to my common room to study.” Y/N says, a little more rudely than intended.
“Did you even listen to Flitwick? Or maybe your just a little…slow. But that would make me wonder how you got into snooty ol’ Ravenclaw.” she tries to keep her cool and manages after a few deep breathes. When she found out that she would be tutoring Draco in two classes, she decided that she’d try to keep an open mind and get to know him before judging him despite the things she heard about him, but he was making it pretty damn hard to remain neutral so far.
“You going to answer me, or are you just going to stand there?”
“Fine, what did he say?” She blushes, mentally scolding herself for not paying attention. Draco smirks at her.
“We’re meeting to study for Charms in 5 minutes in the library’s private study room.”
“The library has a private study room?”
“I thought you Ravenclaws knew everything,” he says smirking yet again, “but yeah, it’s the door in the very back labeled ‘broom closet’”
“I’m not studying in a broom closet.” She says defiantly while crossing her arms.
“Merlin Y/L/N, are you sure your in Ravenclaw? It’s not actually a broom closet!” Y/N blushes, scolding herself again but maintains a stubborn look on her face.
“Whatever… I have to grab my book anyway.” She mumbles before escaping to the common room for a few blissful minutes before being forced to grab her books and help the little git learn how to use a locomotion charm. Once she has her books, she heads to the library to find the private study room. Y/N walks to the very back of the library without drawing any attention to herself which she thought was good. Looking up, she can see, as promised, a door labeled ‘broom closet’. Before entering, Y/N looks around and sees no one, so she enters the room. When the door closes behind her, and she studies the room, she gasps.

She is on the top level of a two story study. The walls are completely lined with book-filled book shelves. There are beautiful, large windows on one end and a staircase near them. Draco is not on the top floor, so Y/N descends the stairs to the lower level. It is similar to the top floor in that it is lined with book cases and has big windows, but it also is bigger than the upper level. The extra space is filled with a couch, chairs, tables, a big desk, and a grand piano. The place is so beautiful it makes her beam with happiness. She wants to examine each and every book, but she knows she has a responsibility, and she’ll have time for that later. Y/N doesn’t notice Draco at all until he stands up from the huge chair he was sitting in that faced away from her.
“It’s about time you got here.” She just rolls her eyes. Draco moves to the sofa, so she sits in a chair facing it. There is a table between the pieces of furniture with a pile of books on it.
“Okay, so you need help with the locomotion charm, right?” Draco just nods in return. She raises an eyebrow, expecting another rude comment. “So it’s pretty easy once you learn how to correctly focus your energy. Ummm, and if you look in the book-”
“I didn’t bring my book.” Y/N heaves an exasperated sigh. That means she’d have to sit by Draco and share her book with him. Not that she thought he had cooties or anything, just… she didn’t like the idea of sitting next to the little git. She’d prefer to stay as far away as possible. Despite all instincts saying 'get away’, Y/N sat by him and continued tutoring him. By the end of the lesson, he had performed the locomotion charm successfully several times. She smiled happily, knowing she could teach even the most difficult students. Then she quickly grabbed her Charms book, shoved it into her bag, and sped towards the staircase hoping she could make it to Ancient Runes on time.
“Hey, Y/L/N,” she hears Draco call,“Make sure you’re on time next time.”
“You’re welcome Malfoy.” Y/N calls back over her shoulder.

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

After two weeks, things weren’t much better with tutoring Draco. She decided she was done making an effort to be nice, so a lot of time was wasted each session arguing and insulting each other. However, he was progressing in both subjects quite a bit. It was 11:00 p.m. and Y/N was getting ready for bed when she was snapped out of her thoughts by a tapping on her dorm window. Some of the girls in her room were already sleeping so she quickly let it in, not bothering to see who it was for. She knew it wouldn’t be for her because she never got mail, especially not at night. The owl would find whoever the recipient was on its own. As Y/N tied her hair up in a loose bun, the owl hopped onto her bed. She was surprised but untied the letter.

Y/L/N- Meet me after your last class in the usual room. I have something more important during break. -Draco Malfoy

She groaned and flopped down on her bed as the owl flew away, realizing it wasn’t getting anything. Who did he think he was? He can’t just order her around and expect her to form her schedule around him. Him and his light hair. His grey eyes. His perfect build… Y/N sighed letting her mind wander momentarily before realizing who she was thinking about. No no no no no no no. NO. Draco was a stuck up little git that she would never like. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not in a billion years. Not ever. Y/N shook her head as if to rid her head of those thoughts. Hopefully, going to sleep would rid her head of those disturbing thoughts. She was probably just tired. Too tired for her head to function properly.
However, when Y/N woke up, her mind was still clouded with thoughts of Draco. And when she looked back upon her dream, it seems as though she’d been thinking about him all night. She pounded on her bed annoyed and worried. At least, she thought, I won’t have to see him until after my classes, so I can dedicate my break period to getting him out of my head. Classes were hard for Y/N that day because she couldn’t concentrate well on anything. When break period finally arrived, she ran to her dorm and flopped down on her bed repeatedly smacking her pillow against her face. q “I can’t like him. I can’t like him. I can’t like him.” She repeated it over and over again so many times she was sure that later that day when she had to meet with Draco, she’d be over him and everything would continue as usual.

Unfortunately, Y/N was sorely mistaken. As she neared the study room, she could feel the butterflies start fluttering in her stomach. She did her best to shove them down and hoped it would be good enough. When she walked through the door though, she discovered that it was not nearly good enough for she heard the most beautiful piano music being played from downstairs. Recognizing the piece almost instantly, Y/N began softly singing along without even thinking about it.

“Don’t try to sleep through the end of the world
Bury me alive
Cause I won’t give up without a fight…”

Then she got to the refrain and forgot to keep her voice quiet.

“If you love me, let me gooooo
If you love me, let me gooooo
Cause these words are knives and often leave scars
The fear of falling apart
Truth be told, I never was yours
The fear, the fear of falling apart”

Suddenly, the music stopped and startled Y/N out of her trance. Holy crap. No. She never sang in front of people. ever. And she was pretty sure she knew exactly who was down there playing the piano. Great. But she had to go down there to face him. Blushing, Y/N shuffled down the stairs to find a slightly embarrassed looking Draco. She decided to break the awkward tension filled silence.
“I didn’t know you played.”
“I didn’t know you sang.”
“Well, I don’t really. I just sing for myself usually.”
“You should!,” Draco said earnestly before trying to cover up the compliment, “You should, that is, if it’s a contest for who can cause someone to go deaf the quickest.” Y/N just smirked in return, but beamed inwardly.
“Whatever. Let’s just study. Oh, and I didn’t bring my book today.” Says Draco. Y/N sighs not sure if she should be happy or annoyed. Regardless, she sits by him and shares her book. He has a paper due in Transfiguration, so after Y/N helped him practice turning a candle into a rabbit, she helps start off his paper. Once he gets going, Y/N sits at a table and pulls out her notes. As she works, she absentmindedly hums 'This is Gospel’ again. She can’t concentrate very well though. Her mind keeps drifting back to Draco. When she was sitting by him, her heart wouldn’t stop racing. So, rather than going over her notes from History of Magic, she doodle little hearts and other cute stuff in her notebook.

—– —– —– —– —— —– —- —– —— —– —– —— ——

Draco looks up at Y/N. Her H/C hair frames her face perfectly and she hums beautifully. She really is an amazing singer. And she is cute. Really cute. He had hoped that using his break period to clear his head of her would work, but now he has no hope of finishing this paper. He can’t seem to get her out of his head. He checks the time and realizes that it’s getting late.
“Are you staying here all night, Y/L/N?”
“What? Oh! No, no I just- lost track of time, I guess…” Draco watches as she hurriedly gathers her belongings while tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. He sighed thinking that he’d give just about anything to run his hands through her soft mane.
“You coming Malfoy?” Draco jumps a little bit, momentarily startled.
“Yeah- yeah, I’ll be up in a minute.,” and then after a moment adds, “Good night, Y/N.” Y/N was halfway up the stairs when she he added the 'good night’. She smiled shyly.
“Good night, Draco.”

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

When Y/N reached her dorm, she squealed as she hopped onto her bed. He said good night, and more importantly, Y/N. She and Draco never called each other by their first names before, and suddenly, he just throws a 'good night’ AND a 'Y/N’ at her at the same time. But this meant that they were JUST friends. FRIENDS. Nothing more. Right? Y/N sighed before going to sleep, still in her school robes.

—- Afternoon after Yule Ball is announced—-

The school was buzzing from excitement. Y/N knew who she wanted to go with, but also knew it was nearly impossible. She’d probably have to settle with going with her friend Conor. As friends of course. However, that didn’t stop the hopeful thoughts that crept into her mind as she walked to the private study to help Draco with his Charms work. Throughout the session, things went pretty much as usual. Draco was a little nicer though, and Y/N sat by him the entire time. He didn’t ask her, but that was okay. That’s what she expected. And he didn’t ask her the next day. Or the day after that. Or the day after that. Or any time after that.

Finally, there were two days left before the Yule ball. Y/N’s parents had sent her a new set of dress robes. It was a gorgeous royal blue gown. The bodice was encrusted with jewels, and it flowed out at the bottom. She had the entire ensemble ready for the big night… all she needed now was a date.

Y/N made up her mind. She was going to ask Draco. She knew she might get turned down, but she figured they were pretty good friends by now. Besides, she thought she’d sheen Draco looking at her sometimes and even noticed him flirting with her. Maybe he would say yes… Y/N threw on some makeup and some semi-nice looking clothes and decided to hunt down Draco. Since it was winter break, she had a break tutoring him, so she’d have to ask him somewhere less private. After searching throughout the castle, she found him in the Great Hall talking with some other Slytherins. Mustering all the confidence she could, Y/N marched up to Draco.
“Hey, Draco.” Draco just looks up at her, so she continues. “I was wondering if I could talk to you.”
“Well you are right now, aren’t you?” She rolls her eyes and blushes simultaneously.
“I meant alone.”
“Why not?”
“Because I’m not moving, and neither are my friends.” The Slytherins around him smirk. All of them. Right at Y/N. She feels some pressure build up inside, but it gives her confidence.
“Fine. Then they can listen too.” She can tell they weren’t expecting that, and now it’s her turn to smirk. Before realizing she was about to ask out Draco in front of all of them. Something in her told her not to back down though.
“Ummm- Draco, I was wondering if you’d maybe want to go to the Yule Ball with me?…” Y/N’s face is bright red. She hears some of the Slytherins snicker around her, but for the most part, the crowd remain silent. But so does Draco. Y/N looks at him and sees his eyes are happy. That’s why his answer surprises her so much.
“Definitely not.” The Slytherins break into loud laughs and jeers. Some of them even imitate her. Draco scowls and turns back around to face the crowd. As he turns, Y/N catches his eye and spots something. Something strong. Guilt. But no. It couldn’t be. She turns on her heel and runs to her bed bursting into tears. She thought it could be simple. easy. But it couldn’t. It wasn’t. Y/N sobs so hard she can’t even breathe. All she can picture is Draco rejecting her. Hours go by, and she hears a tapping at the window. It’s Draco’s owl. She contemplates whether or not she should see what the note says. Eventually, her curiosity overtakes her depression. She opens it, and finds an apology. But not a very good one. Something about how he felt bad, but he couldn’t ever go with her. He had to uphold his family name and be a true Slytherin, and some other crap like that. Y/N doesn’t even make it halfway through the letter before shredding it up and throwing it out. She’s done. Glancing at the clock, she notices it’s 1:59 am. No one has tried to come in the dorm. She guesses they heard what happened and decided t ogive her some space. She’d have to thank them later. With another glance at the clock, Y/N sees that it’s 2:00 a.m. She lays down to sleep, exhausted. She’s lost a friend and she doesn’t want him back.


A/N - I was feeling pretty depressed these past few days so It’s kind of sad I guess. Also, I realize that what tense I’m writing in keeps changing. Sometimes I just do that and I don’t notice, and I don’t really feel like fixing it right now soooo… Anyway, tell me if guys want me to continue it so it has a happy ending. I kind of based parts of this off Breathe by Taylor Swift which is not usually the music I listen to, but idk, I just felt like it. Also, there’s no real significance for them playing/singing This is Gospel, I just was listening to it while writing that part.

Don't Judge Me- Part Two*

* = Smut

Luke’s POV-
As I watched Y/n run out of my dressing room in tears, I realized that I probably just lost my best friend. Y/n was always so sweet and kind and loving and supportive, I should’ve remembered she had a temper.. But why did she act the way she did? Was it out of jealousy? Disgust? Anger? I didn’t know, but I was sure to find out. I slipped on a white v-neck shirt and rushed out of my dressing room. I began my search for Y/n, but I was stopped by a furious looking Calum who had his arms crossed over his chest and who was looking at me with disgust. “What did you do? Why did I see Y/n crying her eyes out? Did you hurt her? Luke I swear on my life I will-” “Calum! Listen, I know she’s like your sister, I’m gonna go find her and talk to her.. Some things went out of hand.. But I’ll find her and I promise I’ll make things right,” I interrupted breathlessly. Calum was pretty much Y/n’s bodyguard when it came to her looking or feeling hurt. I introduced Calum to Y/n first and they immediately clicked. They too also became the best of friends. Calum gave me one last glare and walked away from me. I sighed in relief, thankful that he hadn’t beat me to a pulp. I ran and looked everywhere. But finally, I found her. I saw her weeping figure sitting in the middle section of the venue. Her hair cascading over her face, her small petite hands wiping her eyes, her soft cries seeming louder as she sat there completely broken. Even when she was crying she was beautiful. I rushed over to her but then slowed as she looked up and her eyes widened at my presence. She looked afraid, as if I was going to hurt her physically. “P-please.. Leave m-me alo-one..” she sobbed quietly. She stood and stumbled and tried to run away, but I grabbed her arm and pulled her into my arms. She struggled to get out of my grasp and cried, practically screaming at me to let her go. I didn’t want to, she meant the universe to me, I didn’t want to lose her. “I’ll let you go if you tell me why you acted the way you did back in my dressing room,” I said as calmly as I could. Y/n muttered something I didn’t quite catch. “W-what? Could you repeat that?” I asked. She sighed and wrapped her arms around my middle, “I.. I.. This is so difficult… I-I love you…” I didn’t know what to say. I heard her sniffle, “Don’t judge me, okay? I already had to explain this to Calum like seven billion times.” We both chuckled at her last remark. I held her tighter in my clutch, I truly understood and I truly felt the same way. “And I understand if you don’t feel the same way.. I just thought you should know. It sounds odd and stupid, but this is something I really just wanted and needed to tell you because if I didn’t, I’d probably explode,” Y/n sighed as she pulled away slowly, however I didn’t let her leave my arms. “I love you too.. At first I never really thought I did, but you were all I could think about and I was worried that you wouldn’t feel the same way and that I’d immediately be friend-zoned. That’s why I was with that Ainsley chick. She was different from you and took my mind off of you, but let me tell you; she sure never satisfied me nor did she ever make me as happy as you made me feel. When you ran out on me like that.. Well, damn, I knew I probably lost the only girl that truly mattered to me the most. I didn’t want that to happen and when I saw you here I-” I was cut off my Y/n’s soft lips pressed sweetly against mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck so we could deepen the kiss. I held her hips gently and brought her closer so our bodies were flushed against one another’s. I pulled away, lightly tugging on her bottom lip. We rested our foreheads against each other’s and steadied our breathing. “I get it Hemmings, you feel the same way,” she giggled, referring back to my rambling. I turned around so I could carry Y/n on my back, “Come on, let’s go back to my dressing room.” Y/n tapped on my shoulder. I gave her a questioning look, “Could we go back to the bus? I just.. Well.. Ainsley and all…” her voice trailed off and I knew what she meant. I smiled at her and waited for her to jump onto my back. Once she did I ran to the bus. We went a different way so no one could know what we were up to. As we got the bus entrance, I put Y/n down and opened the door for her, “Ladies first.” She grinned, “Thank you, you fine gentleman.”

Once me and Y/n were hidden inside the bus, we climbed into my bunk and continued our previous actions. She giggled, “It’s quite tight in here.” I chuckled and pecked her neck. In a matter of a heated make out session, we were both bare naked; completely exposed to one another. Y/n hid herself with her arms, letting her insecurities get the best of her. “No, no, no.. I want to see you,” I whispered sweetly. She took away her arms from her body revealing her bare chest and core. I leaned in and kissed down her neck, collarbones, chest, stomach, all the way to her wet heat. I kissed my way back up to her lips. “No time for foreplay Luke.. I-I need you.. Now,” Y/n said shyly but desperately. I nodded and kissed all over her face as I lined up with her entrance. I pushed in slowly and stilled so she could adjust to my size. Once she gave me the go, I began to pump myself in and out. Y/n bucked her hips up to meet my thrusts, giving me the opportunity to hit her g-spot continuously. “F-fuck.. Baby,” Y/n moaned. I grunted with pleasure and lifted her leg so it rested on my shoulder so we could experience a new angle. I picked up my pace, earning more and more moans from Y/n’s mouth. She brought out a string of profanities and moans and my name. Her moans and whimpers urged me to go on. She felt so good, so tight around my cock. “L-Luke.. I’m s-so clo-ose..” she moaned and she held onto my bicep. I nodded and hid my face in the crook of her neck and moaned loudly as I released inside of her. Y/n screamed my name as I felt her release cover my shaft. I pulled out of her and kissed her sweetly. “I love you princess.” “I love you too Lukey.”