there are people who won't get anywhere without this getting solved

Yeah so if someone says 'Saudi-Iran Peace Initiative' - how does that sound to all of you from Middle East?

Ridiculous? But why so? 

  • Or if Iran didn’t have that theocratic regime - yeah, Shah (USA puppet) will make peace with Saudi. True.
  • If Mossadeq type (democratically elected type) - were in power. How Iran would have dealt with Iraq and then Saudi? 
  • Does Iranian public (minus mullahs and their agencies) hate Saudi? (they hate only House of Saud or hate all Saudi people? [Huh, I never asked this question before.]
  • Is Saudi-Iran rivalry ‘legacy/result’ of the history of Western invasions and interference in the Middle East?
    • Or it’d be there even - West really hasn’t been messing with 'maps’ and 'politics’ of Middle East?