there are people who do care

This calms me down so much

Stay safe everyone!

Edit: People are sending me messages about only caring about Dan and Phil. Really guys? Of course I care about all the other people in London at the moment! I just wanted to be sure that they were alright because they are the only people I ‘know’ that live in London. Do you really want to blame me for that? They mean a lot to me and the fact that I wanted to make sure that people I care about are safe is something I should be ashamed for is absurd. 

I am really sorry for everyone who lives in London. What happened was terrible and I hope that everyone will be alright. I understand that some of you are shocked and maybe some of your loved ones were there. These are difficult things and I totally understand that. I care about every single person who lives on this planet and I don’t want to be harassed about “Only caring for my faves” because that is not true.

For the last time, I am really sorry if this made some of you angry or sad. I didn’t mean it and I want to apologize.

Disney: *gives you a canon gay character in a Disney movie, and at the end a boyfriend who’s nice and will 100% take good care of him and love him*

People: *ship him with the guy that treats him like shit, and only cares about himself*


Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Oftentimes it is not you who gets to decide wether your butt looks good or not, though you do get the tiebreaker.

Taurus: Cynicism and optimism have their place. That place is mashed together into a confusing Frankenstein of a conversation. Gotta keep people on their toes.

Gemini: Your toothbrush is a mimmic, a mimmic that really cares a lot about your dental hygiene.

Cancer: There is magic in cleaning your home. Not fiery kaboom type magic, more the now your house is clean kind of magic.

Leo: As you sit there, thumbing through your phone, something watches you. Something with dead eyes and rotted legs. Do not look up, it will see that as a sign of aggression.

Virgo: Whatever is carving your name into your belonging will stop if you read up on financial literacy, seriously debt management is important.

Libra: Look “dress for success” does not mean “cover yourself in gold paint”. The stars and I see what you were going for though.

Scorpio: Watch your tongue. It has its own agenda.

Ophiuchus: Due to a clerical error, all Ophiuchans can talk to cakes form the next two weeks or so if they concentrate real hard.

Sagittarius: Invoke your right to duel. Invoke it without warning or cause. Kill people with a rapier. Kill unsuspecting people with a rapier.

Capricorn: When all falls apart, follow the money.

Aquarius: I don’t care if it works, a thong is a silly thing to enchant.

Pisces: Make sure it’s a real angel of ephemeral night. Ask to see ID. Ask to see their nightmare mount. Protect ya neck. Wu Tang.

I’m so freaking salty about cats right now. The home I’d lined up for this cat just fell through. 

I’ve managed to find out recently that this cat is ‘owned’ by someone.  Supposedly, he’s an 8 year old who has had a perineal urethostomy, which is why I thought it was a female.  The owners have been notified that the cat is causing damage to people’s houses and do not care.  They say that he ‘won’t stay inside’ despite trying desperately to get into everyone else’s houses every single morning, day and night. 

They say he disappeared despite the fact that when I first saw him, his nails were neatly trimmed and taken care of, and that now he won’t tolerate staying indoors.  My neighbor let him in her house for the night and not only was he fine, but he tried even more desperately to get into her house after that.  But her cats attack him, so she can’t keep him. 

I’m 85% sure they don’t feed him or feed him irregularly and don’t put out water for him because when I was using the hose on my porch this weekend doing cleaning he ran up to lick the at the run off desperately while I was still spraying.  

A cat who had chronic UTI issues enough to need surgery being this thirsty.  I’m about ready to lose my damn mind.  

Anyone in the Jax, FL area looking for a cat?  This is a velcro cat that wants to be picked up and pet constantly and cuddled and talked to, not left to sleep out by a/c units. 

Things in the neighborhood are also messing with him as he’s shown up with some mild injuries over the past few weeks. 

  • A relationship between two adults with a large age gap is not inherently abusive.
  • Parents maintaining some form of control over their child’s life whilst that child is underage and still under their parents’ care is not inherently abusive.
  • A parent reasonably disciplining their child is not inherently abusive.
  • Arguments in a relationship of any kind do not automatically make the relationship, or any of the people involved, abusive.
  • Friends who aren’t available to tend to other friends’ needs 24/7 are not inherently abusive or “toxic”.
  • etc.

Can people seriously stop automatically categorising things as abusive because it just trivialises the seriousness of actual abuse. I’m so tired of seeing things like “if your partner yells at you then leave them”, “if a friend isn’t there for you then they’re not a real friend”, “if your parents don’t let you do what you want then they’re bad parents”.

Just because you don’t agree with someone’s behaviour it doesn’t mean the behaviour is abusive. Humans are complex and very emotional and while small things can sometimes be indicators of abuse, usually negative emotions or behaviours are just because people are fucking complicated.

Things are not as black and white as “100% abusive” and “100% not abusive” - please keep in mind that there are shades of grey such as “possibly abusive” or “a shitty thing to do, but not abusive”, or “just fucking normal human emotions because not everyone can be 100% positive and nice to everyone all the time you twats”.

For Those Who Keep Telling People With Suicidal Thoughts To "Think About Those Whose Lives Will Be Affected", Listen Up!!

Alright, I gotta speak out about this because it’s been bothering me.
That post going around with the suicide hotline on it, the one that says “wanna kill yourself? Well think of this” and it goes on this long story about how others will be affected by your death….yeah, stop sharing that.

Now before anyone gets pissy and say I’m being a dick, hear me out. I suffer from clinical depression. I have suicidal thoughts/ideations CONSTANTLY. It is a never ending battle. I understand the intentions behind that post, I do. I understand what you’re TRYING to do by sharing it, but it isn’t helpful. People who suffer from the same things I suffer from aren’t into being guilt tripped into not having our thoughts. We want love, care, and validation. I want to feel wanted. We want people to just tell us everything is okay, that our feelings are valid, and that we are loved and wanted.

To have people try and guilt trip others into feeling bad for their mental illness is wrong, no matter how noble your intentions are. If someone is coming to you with problems like that, don’t say “well, think about if so and so found you dead” because that shit doesn’t help. Just let your friend know they are loved, wanted, and hint that they should seek professional help if they aren’t receiving it already.

Thank you.

My darkiplier doesn't do romance, he's a manipulative asshole, if he says yes to a date he just wants to use you, this has been a psa

My Warfstache also doesn’t care much for romance, if anything they both enjoy messing with people and getting a quick fuck, Dark for an upper hand on someone, Wilford for pleasure, the only one who will actually care for you is Mark himself. Dark and Warfstache will both flirt back but only for their own gain, they’d use you.

Okay, seriously, the dormitory rules here are about to drive me crazy. Not only do we have a fucking curfew of 11:45 (I’m 25 years old, wth), but people from other dorms aren’t allowed to come in and hang out? Like, not even to watch a movie in the fucking common area? What are we, 12?

I mean, I realize my friend is a dude, but seriously, I’m not at fucking summer camp or something. And it’s a mixed gender dorm anyway? Like, who cares?  


im looking at you rpc

stop making graphic commissions if you don’t have permission to use those resources. With resources I mean fonts, textures, stocks etc. This is SPECIFICALLY meant for those who ask real money for their graphics.

No, I don’t care about the whole “BUT I NEED MONEY” because it’s not an excuse. You can still be a decent person and ask for a permission if that’s what you need. In most of the cases these people say it’s okay to use their resources free for PERSONAL use but NOT FOR SELLING. Usually, these makers ask for some type of payment if you’re using them to make money. You can’t just go to google, pick a picture you like and use it in a graphic someone is paying for.


Why do I care so much you might wonder?? because the people who make these things shouldn’t be taken for granted. Making fonts, textures and stocks might be a way for someone to earn their money. And whenever you’re taking them without even reading their rules on how you can use them, YOU ARE HURTING THEM. ONCE THEY NOTICE YOU’RE TAKING SHIT FROM THEM FOR FREE TO SELL THEM THEN THEY MIGHT STOP MAKING THESE RESOURCES.

Not only that but it’s a legal thing too. You don’t just go to some store and instead of grabbing the free sample, you take the whole product that you’re supposed to pay for.

Be decent to fellow content makers. Please.

Thank You Music Meister

Love is about letting yourself be saved. It’s not just about saving other people, even if you are superheroes.

Kara Danvers, do you hear that? 

This is exactly what a lot of people have been saying. Someone who cares about you will want to protect you and that’s okay. I hope she’s learned that lesson. 

Because she surely didn’t listen to Mon-El when he told her that he wanted to go to the spaceship alone so perhaps this will help her understand why he did/does some of the things he did. 

anonymous asked:

Hi. I read your Jin fic reblog where you said you thought Jin wasn't valued enough. Do you know why? Because people like you keep praising only Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung. The other 4 are just there for decor. Who cares about Jin when we have Jimin's thighs? Who cares about Hobi when you have V's face? Jimin isn't even that good. He's getting fatter and sings badly. You only like Jimin because he's hot. You write dirty fics because you are only in this for the smut. Have a good day.

Wow. I never expected to read something like this today. You coming after my writing is one thing, but going after Jimin, Tae and Kook (who can’t even defend themselves) is just low. Also, attacking Jimin knowing fully well his weight insecurities is another low blow. Ridiculous. You may like Jin better (for whatever reason) but you don’t have to bash Jimin (or any other member) only to make a point. It’s because of people like YOU that these stupid wars start. 

First, EVERY member of the band is important. Yes, I do agree some get the spotlight more often, but that does not mean no one values the others. That’s just the way things are with bands like this. I do really like Jimin, yes. But not only for his appearance (really? Who’s still this shallow?). The more videos I watch from the guys, the more I fall in love with every single one of them for different reasons.

I’ll even go ahead and tell you what I mean in a few words (lol):

Yoongi: It took me longer to warm up to him because he always seemed so… static (?) in the videos I watched. He’d sometimes look very bored as if he’d rather be doing something else than hanging out with them. It’s just the way he is, and when you get to crack that exterior shell, Yoongi is adorable and funny (even if he didn’t intend to). Looks-wise? He’s pretty decent, but it’s his savage personality I enjoy the most! Not to mention his compising skills and raspy, low voice!

Namjoon: His voice is so unique that it was the first one I got to recognize in every song when I first started listening to BTS. Also, he’s very intelligent and has the responsibility of being the group leader, which isn’t easy. He has played an important role in BTS’s formation and guiding the group ever since. Sure, he’s not my favorite when it comes to looks, but who cares?? It’s only a matter of preference, anyway. And I always find that looks matter less once you get to know someone really interesting just like Rap Mon.

Taehyung: The person who got me into BTS is completely Tae biased. She’d show me pictures of him, and I really didn’t think he was that attractive and even thought there was something wrong with me since sooo many people adored him. Then, I started watching American Hustle and other videos, and he was just so awkwardly cute… the faces he’ll pull in serious moments are just priceless. Also, his husky voice is so soothing… an amazing addition to the vocal line. I seriously can’t look at Tae as more than a cute guy, though (when it comes to looks, of course).

Hoseok: He is my eternal ray of sunshine. While some comment he often overreacts and acts fake when he laughs and yells, I love him for being so hyper. I see much of myself in him, actually. Some people will mock me for speaking loud and jumping around and laughing at anything, but that is who I am. Always trying to bring in some comic relief. I do not find him physically attractive (again: matter of personal preference), but he’s that one guy that will brighten my day when he starts dancing around. Hoseok is definitely my favorite member when it comes to having a laugh.

Jungkook: He was the first one I thought was attractive (but then I’d go ahead and mistake him for Tae or Jin. LOL) and I was convinced he was the ONLY appealing one in the beginning. However, his teasing personality (especially when it comes to Jimin or Tae) was what did it for me. Sure, he’s very attractive, but if it hadn’t been fore his wide voice range and personality, he’d just be some regular pretty dude in a band. 

Jimin: Fun fact: I thought he looked so weird in Blood, Sweat and Tears to the point of finding him too girly. I was just starting listening to BTS, so it was normal I’d notice their physical appearance more when watching the MV’s. Honestly, between his cute reactions and smiles to learning about how hard he worked to achieve his goals, I cannot chose one thing that I adore the most about Jimin. He has such a big heart, and then people like you take advantage of his insecurities regarding his weight and abilities. Go watch his vlog from September 19th, 2016. Tell me that doesn’t break your heart when he’s clearly holding back his tears. He’s the one to make me smile stupidly at my computer screen, or make my heart clench when I see him self doubting his achievements. And yes, I do find him extremely attractive. Sue me.

Jin: I live and breathe for Jin’s laugh (seriously, if that doesn’t make you fall instantly in love with him, I don’t know what will). Even though he’s the oldest member, he is so laid back. He’ll be there to tease everyone only to then start laughing hysterically. Oh, and don’t even get me started on his jokes. And his voice…. oh, his voice. Awake is such an incredible song that shows everyone just what he can do if given the opportunity. I do wish he had more lines, truly. Jin has so much potential… 

Secondly, you are entitled to your opinion, of course. However, if you truly support BTS, you’ll stop seeing conspiracy theories everywhere.

Lastly, the gif below.

Have a nice day!

How YouTube really feels for all those Fuckoff parents that don't understand
  • Teen: I don't one one cares...I should end it
  • Markiplier: hey stop saying stuff like that!
  • Jacksepticeye: yeah you're more than that
  • Pewdiepie: you do matter those son's of bitches don't know what they're saying
  • Crankgameplays: don't listen to them
  • Natewantstobattle: you can do amazing things
  • Boyinaband: if people like us who don't even know you are what it takes to help you
  • Cutiepiemarzia: then that's ok!
  • Danisnotonfire: so what if you're not normal
  • Amazing Phil: who cares
  • MatPat: so put down the razor blade
  • Jelly: wipe the tears
  • Shane: put on a smile
  • Lush: and have some fun
  • Teen: *sniff* thank you
RuPaul's Drag Race asks (Volume 2 lmao)
  • Aja: What would you say is your 'go to' song?
  • Farrah Moan: Who is an iconic (famous or not) figure in your life?
  • Charlie Hides: Where are you from? Where would you like to live in the future?
  • Willam: Do you care for rules?
  • Raja: What's a hidden talent of yours?
  • Ivy Winters: Who's your bestfriend? Do you consider yourself a 'mom friend'?
  • Milk: What's a quality/feature you find attractive that most people dont?
  • Sasha Belle: What's your favorite TV show?
  • Dax ExclamationPoint: Who's your favorite comic book super hero?
  • Valentina: What's your nationality? Do people tell you that you have an accent?
  • Kimora Blac: What part of your body do you like the most?

I love how Octavia had to get dick in order to snap out of her self-inflicting problems, but yet Bellamy, her brother who loves her and has always cared about doing whatever needed to be done in order for her to be happy and safe, gets her asshole attitude. So glad you figured yourself out Octavia with the random guy who ruined something pretty fucking important to people’s survival! But yea go ahead sleep with him and be all better now! 

Probably an unpopular opinion but I honestly just could not care less about the whole ~circumcision debate~ like

There are such bigger issues to deal with, like female genital mutilation or any of the /countless/ issues that demand our immediate attention that I just personally do not care that some people “aren’t gonna feel as much as they should be feeling” due to circumcision, like people are dying Johnny.

When I see people /invested/ in the whole thing I just cringe a little