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I just can't watch the fantastic beasts franchise, I just can't. Jhonny Depp being there ruined the experience for me, I don't feel comfortable with a woman agressor being in such a big movie and how people do not care about it. What to you think about that? (sorry for the bad english)

Tbh if you don’t want to watch Fantastic Beasts because of Depp, or you want to watch it but in a way that doesn’t give him money, I’m totally with you on that. Like, me and my friend saw Murder on the Orient Express last weekend and if we hadn’t already bought the tickets before we realised he was in it, we would have made other plans. It’s despicable that men who are proven to be abusive are still given work and attention and celebrity in Hollywood, and their victims treated like attention seekers.

Bear that in mind, actually, when we talk about Fantastic Beasts - we don’t support Depp, or his casting. I loved the first Fantastic Beasts film, but I’m very apprehensive about the next four because he’ll be more prominent and that’s? Not something I’m down with. I’ll still probably see them (by whatever means) but I don’t want to support him at all.

(also your English is great anon, no worries!)

idk if jongup’s too bothered about it either way but I’m glad he’s not been stripping much since 151115… i feel like before the lawsuit a lot of his ‘appeal’ for some people was that he was the hot dancer guy with abs who took his shirt off at concerts or just whenever asked on variety shows etc and that was it…. i mean if he likes that then cool but it used to hurt me to see him just reduced to his body, so I’m glad people appreciate him for more than his physical appearance these days

the questions bts is getting really Frustrates me like……. did you even research????? or did you just google bts, go to the first few links, gathered a few facts and just went to interview them??? LIKE,,,,,,,, WHERE’S THE QUALITY????????????? UGH I;m so frustrated bc they’re wonderful people with a wonderful company who are doing so much to help people around them, and that can be said even without including unicef into the narrative, but nobody is bothering to unpack these facts. like, honestly, idc about hollywood and idc which hollywood person bts have a crush on. and i have a feeling they don’t care too. 

This is no joke everyone…
This is Dolly, a class friend I had only chatted a little in my driving class. She was in class just yesterday on 11/17/2017 at 1:20 pm and left class at 2:30 pm.
Somehow she did not came in class today and this was posted in the school’s website. The office even reported us through the microphone.
I do not care if you don’t live in IL or even in the US, but please share and help us find her. I may barely know anything about her, but I REALLY care about people who I started getting along with.
Please please please. Help me.

We try to explain ourselves to people who don’t care for an explanation.

Why we do the things we do

Why we feel the way we feel

They don’t care.

As long as you know, That’s all that matters.

It really baffles me to see people who are offended by the existence of autistic adults who “don’t act mature/their age/like adults ought to act.”

You do realize that, because of the incredibly individual nature of autism (the fact that every case is different), you literally can’t expect every autistic person to mature like you do, right?

You are aware that there ARE autistic people, or just people with neurological/developmental disorders, in their 20s, 30s and beyond who, due to no fault of their own, aren’t able to live on their own and they require the care of a parent or guardian, right? Not everyone has a fucking switch that flips when they hit 20 that morphs them into the Idealized American Dream Adult.

And you realize that many of these people, unfortunate as im sure you think it is, do have full access to the internet, have tumblr accounts, and communicate with assholes like you, right?

Quit saying shit like “YOU’RE 30, WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS” in response to someone who is clearly upset or irritated, probably because of some inflammatory thing you’ve said to them which you intended to piss them off with.

Expecting every adult to act like you think an adult ought to act is, and i know ive lost you at this point but i don’t care, ableist.

Demanding to know why an adult isn’t acting like you think they ought to act is, you guessed it, ableist.

This isn’t up for debate, this isn’t

d i s c o u r s e

that’s just how it is. i don’t want to hear your fucking counterarguments or your snide remarks to show me how fucking clever you and your weasel-faced, greasy little tumblr friends think you are, keep your fucking “uwu if you’re a fucking r*t*rd you’re vaaaaalid” taunting to your fucking selves or I will come to your house and bludgeon you to death with your own egos in the dead of night.

Or maybe with a brick. I dunno, we’ll see. Depends on if i feel like carrying a brick with me.

Not up for debate.

Stop making fun of people who haven’t “matured” in the same way you think they should have.

Because if you look at it from my perspective, neither have you.

I keep seeing people like “Who the fuck is Lil Peep lol idc if he’s dead” like damn bro do you talk about peoples’ grandmas like that?

Like “yo sorry she’s dead I guess but I don’t care about that bitch”?

Everyone is important to someone. When someone dies, people get sad. Let people be sad. Don’t be a turd.

Rest easy, Peep.

i wish i could ignore the ones who are mean and disrespectful to me. as much as i don’t care, that doesn’t mean these things don’t hurt. i’ve come such a long way and it feels like people don’t want me to be as great as i am. it feels like they want me to be as low as they are. i don’t want to, but this is getting harder. i’m not using these problems as motivation to push myself to accomplish my goals so all i can do is sit and sulk about being treated like garbage. i hope i get better soon.

sand VS. fire [a Dabi meta]

First of all, I’d like to mention that I’m a huge supporter of the whole ‘Dabi is a Todoroki’ theory so read this meta (or whatever this is gonna be) with that in mind.

I want you to focus on this particular sentence. The second I read it I thought 'why would this hero mention a thing such as the grief of a family who lost someone they cared for to a villain?’ 'what good does it do?’ but what struck me the most is that Horikoshi decided to have this man tell this to Dabi of all people. If we consider Dabi to be a Todoroki then he probably doesn’t want to hear those words, being someone who his family didn’t particularly care about. (Let’s add the fact that these words are uttered by someone who Dabi can’t overpower because sand doesn’t burn, as a symbol that Dabi can’t possibly erase what the man has said).

Dabi doesn’t even answer, he just blasts an enormous flame at him and we don’t get to see the expression he’s making, the 'camera’ panning out to let the flame take all the place, which can be interpreted as some sort of strong answer from Dabi, if we want to put it like that. A total shut-down of the matter. 

Another point is how happy Dabi seems to be about having made it in the news, something that probably hadn’t happened until this moment considering the mess that was Kamino. Again, he has never shown an aversion at being seen by the public but the fact that one of the first things he says when he gets introduced is that he’ll reveal his identity when the right time comes, makes me very suspicious. Maybe the time has actually come? Maybe he’s planning something and maybe Horikoshi is trying to tell us that Dabi will soon reveal who he really is? I’d like to think so.  

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What animals are in the pet trade- regular or exotics- that you do not believe should be in the pet trade? Any unpopular opinions? Bonus points if you can name a mammal, fish, amphibian, reptile, and bird.

Any exotic animals. Exotic animals should never be kept as pets because they are not domesticated and not suited to be kept as “pets”, especially when nearly every single person who has these animals cannot take care of them. 

Exotic animals require a level of care that people who are not professionals with wild animals cannot provide. 

I especially think alot of species of birds; parrots especially are included in this and should not be kept by people.

As for the bonus! Here are some cool Australian animals:


Tiger quoll (Dasyurus maculatus)! 


Eastern spiny gurnard fish (Lepidotrigla papilio)


Red-crowned toadlet (Pseudophryne australis)! 

These frogs are found only in the Sydney-basin area and I’ve helped with research on them, including hand painting tiny clay models of them. 


Pilbara flame-tailed slider (Lerista flammicauda) 

they have these beautiful long red tails!


Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae)

Of course I’ve gotta pick the emu. I love these giant ridiculous birds.

So I just saw another ridiculous k*taku article about erp and I have rarely rolled my eyes as hard, honestly. Evidently if you’re into erotic writing in a video game, then you’re fair game for snide articles and being looked down on by people who’ve probably done just the thing they’re judging you for. I mean really, who cares? Who is this hurting? You and your own inability to just accept people might enjoy things that you don’t, that they might not share your opinions or hangups?

It’s boring. I’m bored. People roleplay sex, get over it. You don’t have to do it, you don’t have to like it, but get over it please. If you wanna make legit criticisms of the types of things people are rping, things that may be harmful, be my guest. If you want to shine a light on things that do need to be called out and stopped, go for it, I’d be 100% with you. But if you’re just going to point at erp or erotic writing or whatever you want to call it in general and write snotty ‘think pieces’ that amount to little more than 'look at these sad losers, judge them so you can feel superior for a minute’, kindly get a life and get the fuck over yourself. It’s not cute. Grow up. Move on.

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Just piling on to the discussion here: I'm thin. Very thin. And yes, occasionally there have times when a distant relative would make a comment about putting "meat on those bones". And yes, they hurt, but you know hurts a whole lot more? Being that thin because of a fast metabolism not only leaves me hungry pretty much all time, but also makes it difficult to stay within a healthy weight range, and being told I'm "lucky" because of it. (1 of 2)

The fatphobes who attack under the guise of “just caring about your health” never seem to share the same sympathy to someone like me, who’s dangerously Underweight, who’s fainted from malnutrition twice and now has to take a nutrition supplement with his meals. My point is thin people do get hurt by fatphobia, the same way men are hurt by misogyny, but it’s still called fatphobia and thin privilege is still a thing. Personally, I find the compliments far more hurtful than the insults. (2 of 2)

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How do you feel about sex robots?

Who cares? If lonely people want to fuck a robot I don’t see how that’s anyone else’s business. 

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Hello! Could I ask for some headcanons if Moira was sick? Like nothing terminal, something like the flu, and how she'd react to a SO trying to take care of her?

Hello lovely! And you surely can, I very much hope I could write her well enough and that you’re going to like it =)

- Moira isn’t good with being helpless and while she sees the use to rely on other people in the field or to work together with someone who can do what she can’t, getting sick is something entirely different.

- Usually, when Moira is alone, she holes up with her medicine and a huge pot of tea and just tries to sleep it off, making sure she’s healthy again before returning to her work.

- She doesn’t react well to being coddled or constantly asked if she needs anything. If she’s too sick to take care of herself, she asks if her partner might make her tea and later some soup, though aside from that, she mostly relies on her medicine and sleep to get back onto her feet.

- Moira can be a bit insufferable if she’s at this stage of illness, where she’s too sick to move around but not sick enough to sleep the day away. Her mind is rather active while her body isn’t and that can cause her to be cranky or to get frustrated with things more easily.

- What Moira is okay with is sitting on the couch and watching a movie, while her partner cuddles her or prepares something to eat in the background. She can get tactile while being sick and she finds it unexpectedly soothing to just rest her head on her love’s shoulder and have them put on a show they both already know. Moira can doze off or pay attention, all without feeling like she’s missing out on something.

- Moira does worry about getting them sick as well, though her protests aren’t too strong when her partner says they won’t get sick. She trusts their judgment, though if they really do get sick because of her, she scolds them before taking care of them and getting her love back to their feet as soon as possible.

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Hi I see your Early GOC!Clef and squad living out of a van and raise you "now Clef knows how to prepare some sort of meal out of any ingredients in any conditions and when asked about how he mad something edible out of three (3) items shoplifted from a gas station and over a tiny ass smoky fire out of sticks in the rain says nothing but "operatives gotta eat :^/"" (sorry to bother you okay bye)

i love GOC!clef who has slept around trash fires and knows how to live with sixty eight (68) cents in ur bank account and basically was homeless on and off while working for the GOC bc they didn’t care, didn’t help you, you killed people so you could have money to eat, that sort of thing. if you didn’t have luck hunting, you didn’t get paid. when he got promoted to special operative command would sometimes have him ditch them for a couple months to do a few solo missions, and if they didn’t work out and he was like, left alone in a town living under a highway waiting for the next call on his flip phone to sneak onto a bus somewhere else. soup kitchens dont ask why your mittens are soaked with blood and you have an actual gun with no ammo strapped to you.

eventually the GOC started having more infrastructure and was able to pay them a wage. like, it was waaaayyyy below minimum, but it could get you out of a scrape. nowadays they have the same kind of facilities and stuff that the Foundation has; the people doing his old job in 2017 have backup, get recalled from the field to a reliable safehouse with food and water to sleep, get medication and medical care, that kind of thing. 

on the other hand hes like, perpetually thankful for food and shelter and stuff now, like, when he was living like that he didn’t ever think that he’d be able to own an apartment and have a salary and even live to be 25, forget the age he’s at now.

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Yeah that's the thing she started her career as a songwriter that was her first job, and for some twats to question her songwriting and who's the creative mind behind them is really insulting.

She literally described herself as a SONGWRITER when she had jury duty, do you remember? But people just don’t care enough to learn that about her… And how many times has she said “I wouldn’t be singing if I wasn’t writing my songs”? We stan a wordsmith.

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people out here tryna define what being lesbian is... its whatever the fuck you want it to be l m a o were bags of meat located on a spinning rock that goes in circles around a bigass fire ball made of literal atoms fusing together and were all headed towards a black hole at the center of the galaxy, meanwhile the galaxy itself is continuously separating from every other galaxy who the FUCK cares

thats cool but words do have definitions even tho they are made up if the fact that lesbian is a word with a meaning doesnt vibe with u please unfollow me

The best decision I ever made was stop thinking everyone and everything was my responsibility, which wasn’t me not caring anymore, because I used to think caring meant active involvement and “doing something” about the situation, I used to tell myself about what justice was, what the definition of being a “good” person was, about verses in the Quran, and I was so hell bent on defining things within a fine parameter that I was killing myself over trying to fit into it. I used to be so hard on myself every time I walked beyond that 2 inch square I had built. And the reason I’m mentioning this is because I saw someone talking about feeling responsible for other people, people who believe they “care” too much. And other people usually advise them to stop overthinking or to stop caring, and they generally tend to become colder people, they shut off, and suffer inside. And I don’t want that. Because there is a solution, and it’s not changing who you are, you care about the world, about people, about everything, that is freaking amazing, that is beautiful, to be blessed with that heart, by not caring, you’re neglecting your gift, your blessing, subhanAllah, people wish they could feel as much, but they never do. That said, so why are you suffering if it’s such a gift? Why you? Why must you care so much that it’s actually counter productive? Well the problem is how you handle this heart of yours. See, we all know too much of anything is bad, too little isn’t great either, and balance is the key to life, all in all, we’re all trying to balance things and it gets out of control pretty quick sometimes. So what do you do? When every war is heavy on your heart, every friend is family, everything wrong in the world is just too much to fix? And you guys know I’m not giving inspirational no-good speeches, I believe in the how-to’s of everything. Pro-active solutions. So here is what I think will help, should help. Since it helped me.

1. Re-define all your definitions. Are you certain about what things are? What things mean? What does the term “caring” mean to you? How “good” is a good person? What does “love” mean to you? Now I’m not saying your definitions are wrong, but are you aware of them? Their borders, in and outs? Why you think caring means 24/7 availability? Why love means giving material objects, perhaps? Is “kindness” giving money to the poor, or food? or perhaps you believe you’re doing them a favour by not giving them access to drugs? What defines your morality, your heart, your mind, what do you think, really, deep down, and why? Is it because your parents taught you that? Is it because your first love showed you, you had to be careful with your heart? What’s going on inside? Because the answers are not in anyone else’s inbox, they’re inside you. And inside books you choose to read. Educational videos you decide to watch. 

2. Open yourself up to the idea that you’re dead wrong. About everything, and not in a “I’m a victim, I was wrong to believe in so and so, and such and such thing, I always get the short end of the stick.” No. That is all utter crap. You are no goody-two-shoes-Sally okay? Don’t be offended now, just accept that whatever happens in life, you have a part in it. even if it goes so far as you simply being present for a thing to happen. Let me explain this: Imagine you’re a kid, two or three years old, you father beats the shit out of you, is that your fault? Hell no! but for it to have taken place, you had to be present, he had to be present. His rage, his imbalance etc, your mother’s silence maybe, isolation, all that, had to be present, for a situation to manifest itself. Because life is not coincidental, it’s maybe accidental at times. Like a well cooked meal, it needs the right ingredients to play a certain tune, you catch my drift? So now you look back, at all the shit that has ever happened, at all your emotions, all your pain, loneliness, anger, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, just everything bad you can recall happening, and then you do the same but with the good stuff, what’s the best time of your life? What’s the best feeling? And you don’t think about what the ingredients in the pot were, no, you think about the grocery shopping, you think about ‘hey, what did I do that made that thing happen?’ because that is the ingredient, see having a good time with friends, you might think the ingredient is Person A, C, and F, but they are not. The ingredient is you being amongst people with the same interests as you, it’s the song that was playing, it’s the dress you were wearing, it’s the perfume you used that morning. It’s the things that built the foundation for that scene to manifest itself. The reason I say it’s not the people, because people are not the same as things, things are what you have control over, people do as the please. A song won’t change its tune, a perfume won’t change it’s scent, you know what to expect from those things, you can use them as constants in your life, and the people who end up changing, you change them. Trust me, even if people have inherent individual worth, and no two people are the same, they are replaceable. Yes no one will take their spot, but dude you have a big ass parking lot inside. Make space for better. Always. 

3. Now you’ve defined what matters to you, why it does, you have clear boundaries, you know what constitutes to having a good day, having a good life, feeling good about yourself, get chopping. Unapologetic. Chop chop chop. No guilt, no “I’m sorry”, be brave enough to give yourself what you know you need. Not what you think you want. Be your own damn parent. And I swear by it, you will be better for it. 

Now I know that went off track, because I started off with something and ended up giving advice on something different entirely, but it’s related. I think. 

So how do you stay caring and loving and all that stuff, without hurting? You pick your battles, the same way you picked out your life, the part of life that you have control over. Now this is important, because building your life does not mean it’s in your hands 100%. Remember that, it’s all from Allah, or whatever you believe in, fate, universe, etc. But when people say play the hand you are dealt with, it means you do have some degree of control. From the previous example, chopping people off, you can’t always do that, but where you can, do it. Trust me. Do it where you can. Assess all situation in terms of what is within your control, and what is not. Say you hear about mass shootings or wars and what not, and it’s there constantly in the news, you’re all heavy from it. Assess the situation. What are you doing? Why are you paying attention to all this? To be informed? So people don’t think you’re a ditz? Because you “care”? Come on now, what can you do from where you are? Do you feel helpless? Why do you feel helpless? Would you feel it if you didn’t know it was even happening? What did you do after feeling awful about it all? Let me guess, watch some netflix and forgot about it? Maybe you even prayed, or donated some money. Now I’m not saying you’re a bad person for not being actively involved in helping the world out, I’m saying, what is the need to be involved in this situation when you are incapable of making a difference? 

You heard me, I’m actually telling you, that you, as an individual can’t make a difference all the time.You might believe you can, hell we grow up hearing how important we are, and our individual person powers. That’s crap. Be realistic now, what are you actually affecting by listening to that friend that never considers your advice but complains all the time about it? Do you think she feels better knowing someone is listening? What does that friend do for you? What’s that? Nothing? Then how is you listening to her mishaps make you a good friend? When she’s not a friend to begin with? Are you really a “good friend” for letting her continue this hazardous cycle? Are you afraid she will hate you for not listening to her? Maybe she will be forced into taking action towards her own shit, that is her responsibility because her cushion is gone. So yeah maybe she doesn’t like you now. But it led to something better. That is how the world works. Ingredients for situations to manifest. Why bad is situational, and why sometimes good does come out of it, but maybe it’s good for someone else, and not us. Stop living life, like it was made for you. The world has so many people, all living exactly like you, and the world really is fair in the sense that it’s unfair to everyone. Maybe some people have more than you, so what? There are those who have less. Shit man, what did you get? Eat the damn bread and stop looking at the guy who got the cake. Someone went hungry that night. And what did you do? Throw out the bread cause you didn’t get the cake? And I only say to look below you because you look above. You can’t choose to live like that and expect you won’t suffer. Do what you can, with what you have. Don’t give when you know it’s pointless to give, to think you know what’s best for those around you, understand what is best for you, then correlate that with other people’s needs and wants. Be fair. You can care, and love, and be kind, don’t sell yourself out for it though. Ain’t no child not being shot because you watched the news about it, because you were aware of it. All you did was have a conversation with a friend in similar shoes, what did you gain? what did you lose? Pick your battles, pick your life, where you can. Discuss something beneficial instead. And I’m not saying be ignorant, and if you can help, please, by all means do so. But know when it’s not your place. When it’s detrimental to the situation. The world isn’t yours alone, it’s not yours to have, you’re no protagonist in a novel, it’s not your responsibility, it’s the world, it’s too big, but some of that world is yours. To take, to have, to love, to care for, some of that world is your responsibility, starting from your home, to your friends, to your surroundings, but most of all, yourself. What are you doing about those things? You can’t leave trash in your bedroom and go clean the streets. Clean your room first. Cool?

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how have u found the dog community is generally with trans people and respecting pronouns and stuff.

When you say the dog community, do you mean the general dog community, or the dogBLR community?

I’d say the general dog community can really be about 50/50 depending on exactly what you’re doing. Like I said in another ask, I occupy a space filled with conservative white men who love Trump, booze, and titties, and don’t really care if they’re offensive or not. I don’t correct people because I don’t feel like getting jumped in everyday life, so I *am* frequently misgendered but also they don’t know and I don’t tell.

That said I’ve also found that by just being out on FB, a lot of my dog community friends automatically use the correct pronouns, or doublecheck in a private message, and then refer to me as that in public. When I changed my FB name from my nickname to what my legal name will probably end up being, I got several messages from even folks I didn’t really consider friends doublechecking to see if I preferred one or the other and a few even thought I’d gone through a legal name change already and congradulated me. A lot of folks don’t really understand but they try and that’s the important part. I had one yesterday ask if, while talking about me to other people, she should use “he” or “they”. When I explained, she understood better. She’d watched a show with a genderqueer character that went by “they” and wasn’t sure which to use for me. I’m binary trans, but I understand how a cisgender person who’d never had to consider more than two genders or the possibility of being transgender would be confused.

The most I’ve gotten when in mixed company with one of my dog friends at an event and they call me by something clearly masculine is a confused look and a shrug, and people keep right on moving. No one has ever picked a fight with me about it. Once I mentioned, offhand, to a friend that she was the only person that addressed me correctly. I don’t know what she did but the next day I had multiple people approach me to apologize and the problem was fixed. Even people who I personally have disliked for a while for their racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic social media posts. This is why I say that people are complicated. It’s easy to hate an idea or a stereotype or a celebrity that can represent all of xyz group. It’s another thing to deliberately be rude to someone you know, that’s standing in front of you, that does not represent the thing you think you hate but still wears the label. It’s one thing to act like tough shit online but very, very different to walk the walk they’ve been talking in person. So I would not say that it’s been particularly dangerous, but it hasn’t been particularly welcoming either.

Kuroshitsuji Theories Part 1

Theory time again! I just finished reading the latest chapter so I came up with a bunch of theories ^^ though some of them have always been weighing on my mind xD

1. Undertaker’s relation to Phantomhives

Ever since I saw that chain thingy with Claudia Phantomhives name, I’ve always thought that Undertaker has some “romantic” relationship Claudia. And even now I still think that he does, if not romantic maybe platonic. I think Undertaker’s desire to revive humans came from Claudia. Maybe Claudia wanted Undertaker to take care of her family but since Vincent and his family died, Undertaker felt immensely guilty. He even cried thinking about Vincent and he has always thought of human resurrection. I think that Undertaker wanted a life where he could live forever with the Phantomhives because they make him “human.” I also think that it has something to do with the fact that shinigamis are people who committed suicide. It is not yet stated when and how Undertaker died during his human time. Maybe it’s from Claudia’s time or even Vincent’s. But since he’s considered as a veteran, even the way he fights is that of an experienced person, I think he lived way earlier though I still think that ever since he has always been related with the Phantomhives. We could even think that he may be part of them. 

2. Who killed the Phantomhives?

I’ve always had the same suspect in this case, ever since I watched the anime, which is actually my first before reading the manga. I still think that it’s the QUEEN who ordered it. I’m not sure how to put it but mmm, ever since I read the part where the queen wanted to become “friends” or “allies” with the dead, I’ve always had this feeling that she’s related to supernatural stuffs. And Undertaker’s disdain for the queen has always been a suspicious thing for me. So if Undertaker’s related to the Phantomhives, that even strengthens the theory. 

3. What is the RealCiel?

So yeah, currently, RealCiel is a mystery. We know for sure that he died because he became a sacrifice and there’s a part where OurCiel even got the ring from his tummy. So why is he alive? Well, seeing that Undertaker’s involved, it still has pretty much related to human resurrection. This is probably why Undertaker has been researching it in the first place. So right now, I think RealCiel is an undead with some extended memories. But since he was sacrificed for Sebastian, what happened to his soul? I’m not entirely sure about this, but I think it got something to do with the Shinigami org. Maybe RealCiel’s soul is somewhere in there and Undertaker stole it. 

That’s all for now. Let’s look forward to the upcoming chapters. As always, I made this out of my memory from reading Kuroshitsuji before so some of the info may not be very accurate ^^ Though I hope they make sense hihi :)))