there are people trying to shovel my street

omgcp characters as people i saw during the massive snowstorm yesterday

Bitty is me and my flatmate, staying indoors because we are not Crazy. But he’s nicer than us (and not working), and brings the people trapped in the snow hot chocolate.

Nursey is the 2wd kia that spent 3 hours stuck in front of my house, unable to go more than 5ft in any direction. He really thought it would be fine - he has all weather tires and there are tons of cars just like his driving.

Chowder as my neighbor who went out to shovel the sidewalk and stoop but ends up spending 3 hours outside helping people dig their cars out when they inevitably got stuck trying to turn down the street that runs perpendicular to mine. 

Jack is wise to snow and is walking to the store instead of even trying to drive. He’s dressed in what looks like not nearly enough, but he’s just got really good winter gear. He’s also too good of a person to let anyone stay stuck in the snow, so he spends literally hours pushing people’s cars out of wherever they get stuck. All he wanted to do was go for a walk, since it’s too gross to run, but at least he’s getting his workout.

Dex was walking to his truck when he saw Nursey and Jack trying to get the kia free. He’s one of those guys with a plow attachment on his pickup truck. He’s a little pissed that this city kid thought his kia was gonna be ok in the snow (he should be making bank plowing driveways) but he’s also not gonna leave the guy in the lurch. 

Shitty and Lardo as the kids walking down my street with snowboards, presumably looking for a hill? or a car to hold on to the back of a la Back to the Future?

Holster and Ransom as the bros who are parked nose to tail but help dig each other out, because to free one from the snow is to free both. They’re both wearing blankets instead of coats, and once they’ve dug out their cars they walk to the grocery store and walk back with 18ers of bud. Whenever they have to stop to push people out they just leave their beer in a snowbank. It’s very cold by the time they get home.

Fry Guy as the angry man in the toyota SUV right behind the kia. He sits behind Nursey for hours, gets out of his car to angrily stand with his hands on his hips (while not offering to HELP Nurse) before suddenly remembering that he’s in an SUV with 4wd and snow tires and just going around the Kia.

Three LAX bros as the bus drivers who got stuck at the top of my street. The one who tried to go in to the Dunkin parking lot (????what were you aiming for? were you gonna go around the bus that’s stuck in the middle of the intersection???) is named Chad.