there are not two g's in tongue

no matter how it starts,
it all comes down to this:
his jacket on your shoulders.
his fingertips scrabbling 
down your back.
a full tank of gas,
two weeks’ worth of clothes shoved
in a bag in the backseat,
his blood on your hands, 
his name on your tongue.
touch your face,
touch your aching spine -
these are the places 
he put his mouth.
look at them now.
see how they bruise.
—  it’s time to flip up your coat collar to cover his mark | o.g.k

anonymous asked:

S and M brothers reacting To accidentally seeing their lover pleasuring herself

Shu - *chuckles softly* “So needy~ How lewd you are, just doing it on our bed…” *smirks at your response* “My scent drove you mad…? How about my tongue then?” *pins your hips down, leaning down to have a taste*

Reiji - *coughs uncomfortably and looks away quickly* “…G-get yourself decent… I will leave for the time being and then when you have collected yourself, I will figure a suitable punishment for you.”

Ayato - *chuckles* “Wouldn’t you like something bigger inside than you than two measly fingers pancakes?” *spreads your legs apart* “Fuck, you are already so wet-”

Laito - *giggles softly and stroke himself, watching the show* “Mm, the way bitch-chan’s lips part, moaning my name thinking of me doing such things to you~ How naughty~” *one hand reaches over, rubbing your clit* “Mewl more~”

Kanato - *frowns softly, tears of frustration picking his eyes as he covers Teddy’s eyes* “I don’t believe I allowed you to do that doll. Am I… not enough for you-?!”

Subaru - *blushes heavily, looking at you a little hotly for a moment before huffing away* “Tch, if you were so damn needy… you could have- Damn woman.” *pins your hips down, pressing kisses up your thighs, almost shivering at the scent you giving of* “Making me lose control like this, fuck, I don’t know what I am going to do to you…”

Kino - *his eyebrow raise and he chuckles* “Missing your master by any chance, my little maid~?” *he looks at you spreading your legs* “Hm, how obedient… Maybe I should leave you likes this or maybe not~ Who knows, what is the best punishment for a naughty maid, hehe~”

Ruki - *frowns softly at your indecency, but you can see a twinkle of a smirk in his eye* “Livestock, I believe this calls for harsher punishment… I didn’t allow you to touch yourself while that…” *pulls your vibrator out* “…was in you.”

Kou - *giggles* “What a naughty little m-neko-chan~ Come, if you drink enough of my milk, I may help you and the heat between your legs~” *unzips his pants*
Yuma - *chuckles softly* “Hungry for more sow, you could have just told me.” *quickly removes your fingers and thrusts roughly into you, once again a quickie*

Azusa - *blushes softly* “Did… you miss me that… much Eve-san…?” *puts his hand in front of his mouth, a small smirk lighting his lips* “Fufu, I suppose I can… make you feel good… Let’s feel good together…”