there are no rules for print mixing

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tfw the Pure Christian Families don't even use the scriptures """against the gays!!!""" correctly. y'all enjoying that shellfish? you goin to hell for it honey. linda, stop speaking in church, its against the bible. my point is, if you're a diehard christian you shouldn't select what rules you follow, and if you do, you have no right to say lesbians and gay men should die/suffer bc they're gay. calm the fuck down (whoops this kinda turned into a vent).

yeah the fine print-style stuff in the bible like eating shellfish and wearing mixed fibers and jacking off is Very outdated and unreasonable by today’s standards so like,, take it with a grain of salt,,, or a bucket of salt tbh

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AU scenario w/ kuroo, oikawa, lev, & bokuto where whatever they draw on themselves it appears on the soulmate, & their s/o is extremely creative?

shit, for the AU soulmate scenario i accidentally put 4 people. can you just do oikawa, lev, h bokuto? sorry, i mixed up the rules!

((I love, love, love AU’s! * v* I had so much fun with this one! -mimi))

These wordless conversations with Oikawa began with a single drawing of a white lily. The petals appeared to be growing from the top of his hand because of the accuracy and precision shown by the dark lines. Oikawa stared with awe, hoping this flower was blessing him with the knowledge of the existence of his soulmate. His reply is “beautiful,” which he wrote with his finest of print.

Since that moment onwards, you continued to bless his skin with these alluring creations of yours. Each one with the same precision as the first. Oikawa could only respond with single words and comments, due to his lack of creativity.

But that isn’t an issue. Oikawa’s words were as captivating as your illustrations. You feel heat travel to your neck and your heart drum faster with his sweet messages. Similar to how you have brought tenderness to his being, Oikawa does the same thing to you.

Oikawa is aware of you being his soulmate which is why he writes you such endearing messages, so he thinks it’s time for him to arrange a meeting with you.

‘[Name].’ He begins by writing your name on his arm, a name as beautiful as the first flower he received from you. Oikawa’s shaking hand continues to scrawl his next thoughts. ‘would you like to meet up soon?’

Oikawa awaits your reply, restlessness causing his leg to shake and his fingers to twirl the marker.

Soon he finds your reply sketched across his arm. ‘Of course!’ A doodle of what he supposes is you rests beside the reply.

Oikawa brings up a hand to hide his obvious grin. He recomposes himself then picks up the marker again. ‘Great! I’m sure these drawings are a representation of your beauty. ♥’

It was all over for Lev. He knows the brilliant thing to have done last night was study. The bed looked so inviting, how could he refuse a little nap? Okay, so maybe that wasn’t a nap.

But Lev had a solution for this problem! He had opted to wear long sleeves today (thank goodness the weather was quite chilly) and wrote most of the answers on his arm. Every opportunity Lev had to take a peek at the answers on his arm, he would take! There was no way he was going to fail this test. There is no telling what Yaku would do to him if he fails. Or if he’s caught cheating, but that’s beside the point!

It is time for the test. Once his teacher had distributed the tests, Lev noticed most of his classmates were breezing through the test as soon as their pencils touched the paper. And Lev, well he sat motionless, pencil in hand and eyes wide with confusion.

Lev peeked up from under his eyelashes. The teacher is patrolling the opposite side of the classroom, which meant this was an opportunity for Lev to get some answers in.

He slowly shimmies the sleeve upward, finding his first step to actually passing this test. Lev writes down the word before observing the room again, his emerald eyes searching for his teacher. The teacher was nearing his location so Lev opts for hiding his test by lowering his head and circling an arm around the paper.

The teacher makes his way past Lev, not taking note of his suspicious behaviour, giving him the freedom to look at his arm again. But the words on his arm don’t catch his attention. Instead he stares lovingly at a small doodle of a lion. Beside it are the words ‘good luck!’

Lev could spring up from his chair with glee, but this wasn’t the right situation for that. But that’s the impact you have on him; every time a new doodle is left on his skin from you it usually has an encouraging and loving message. He’s surprised you didn’t use this opportunity to scold him for writing down answers on his arm.

He would worry about later. Right now there were more important matters to focus. For instance, why didn’t the lion you drew have a body? Lev knew it was his mission to complete this drawing of yours. There was still time until class was over, so it won’t hurt if he takes a little break.

Lev takes a marker he found buried underneath the plethora of papers in his desk, takes the cap off then completes the image. His lines are far more shaky than yours, since he attempted to draw with the same precision as you. He was born with height but not creativity. Although it wasn’t the most accurate image, Lev was still proud of his work.

He was so proud he extends his arm to observe his image from a far. That was foolish mistake on his park.

“Mr. Haiba, what are those words written on your arm?” The voice of his teacher bellows from behind him.

Lev flinches in his seat. He slowly turns to his teacher, giving a shaky smile. “Uh, this is how I think up the answers?”

From the moment you graced Bokuto’s skin with one of your doodles, he would frequently request you doodle something new on him. Bokuto fell in love with your creations as well as your being. Seeing anything from you always caused his mood to shoot up higher than the school’s roof. He would proudly show many people your talent.

Bokuto was so proud he would regularly show his teammates the doodles. An ample amount of time was spent listening to - or pretending - Bokuto explain the story that came along with the doodle.

“See this one here Akaashi?!” Bokuto had his hand close to the setter’s face, pointing at a drawing on his palm. “[Name] drew this because they said I looked like an owl! I told them I didn’t believe it but they proved me wrong. This little guy kinda does look like me right?”

“It does Bokuto-san,” Akaashi replied with the usual stoic expression.

“Man I wish I had [Name]’s talent.” Bokuto crossed his arms, a small pout forming on his face. “I mean I can play volleyball pretty well, which is awesome, but drawing looks pretty relaxing.”

“Practice is about to start,” Akaashi commented.

Bokuto paid no heed to his words. His expression only brightened, meaning Bokuto had formed a new idea. “I know! I’ll develop my own drawing skills and draw something for [Name]! Maybe the animal they remind me of…” Bokuto furrows his eyebrows, his mind running through all of the animals he was familiar with. He soon gave up when he realized the time. “Ah, who knows! Let’s get started with practice Akaashi!”

It was after practice that day that Bokuto rushed home. He grabbed the nearest scratch paper and began drawing. His tongue poked out from his mouth as he focused on the movement of the pencil on the paper.

It was when Bokuto gained some confidence that he decided to grab a marker to draw on his skin, wanting to show you his newly acquired skill as soon as possible. On his arm he drew an owl, which he thought closely resembled you.

After he completed the drawing, his gaze stayed on his arm as he awaited for you to see his drawing. Bokuto hoped you weren’t napping.

His prayers were answered since dark lines began to form alongside his doodle. Quickly Bokuto realized you were also drawing an owl, similar to the one you drew earlier. After you finished, you drew a heart around the two owls which symbolized the both of you.

Bokuto was truly delighted at what the both of you created, but he couldn’t help but feel a little jealousy.

“[Name], I will never catch up with you and your amazing drawing abilities!”

god i love welcome to night vale i love it so much

like, okay, as a millennial coming of a age in a fundamentally damaged world where i’m expected to abide by this arbitrary system of rules created by a generation that’s entirely out-of-touch with the constantly-changing social and technological landscape, i find myself living in a world that makes no sense. when you couple that with my various issues (broken family, money problems, depression and anhedonia), it feels sometimes like there’s this huge chasm between me and what people call “reality”. and wtnv gets that.

the town of night vale operates by rules that make no sense. it’s like if you printed out a bunch of conspiracy theories and the complete works of hp lovecraft, mixed the pages up, and then gave this stack of paper to a five year old and told that kid to go nuts. librarians are hideous monsters, the secret police outlaw wheat and wheat by-products, wednesdays don’t exist, and the sky is void. and intermixed with all this are things like a pizza parlor, a barbershop, a bowling alley, an arby’s. and when you combine this absurdity with the neodadist humor of meme culture and the (to borrow a phrase from jack @cryingalonewithfrankenstein) grim cyberpunk present, you get something that makes sense - not as a town, but as a setting. i recognize the town of night vale because it doesn’t make sense, just like the world i live in.

the only way you can begin to understand the shape of night vale is through its voice, cecil. and through cecil you learn about the people of the town: tamika flynn, old woman josie and her erikas, steve carlsberg, john peters - you know, the farmer?, and of course, beautiful, perfect, carlos. the people in night vale are all distinct, and unique. they have their own individual voices and struggles. and their struggles, most importantly, reflect universal human ones.

there are a lot of things that happen in night vale that could and would never happen in the real world. but the way that the citizens of night vale react to them are what forms the emotional core of the show. it’s almost impossible to not relate to them and to understand them as people. their struggles in an absurd world are done so artfully that they mirror and symbolize real-world struggles. and that’s the beauty of the show.

wtnv doesn’t take it’s surreal nature as an opportunity for the gibbering insanity that permeates lovecraftian fiction. instead it uses its absurdity to highlight the most mundane bits of human nature - a boyfriend who gets wrapped up in his work, a teenaged girl who forgets about her loving family and her responsibilities in the world around her, a single mother struggling to connect to her son - and reminds us that these dramas, these small struggles and big struggles and medium-sized struggles, can be survived. tomorrow might be cancelled, but at least we’ll have learned something from today.

i might relate to wtnv’s absurdist, horrifying, bleak landscape in a certain depressing way that can only be resolved through laughter, but its characters inspire me and i can’t ever be too grateful for that.

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1. Are you named after someone?
Not really, but my Mom was reading Stephen King’s Carrie while pregnant with me and she loved the name…

2. When was the last time you cried?
A couple of weeks ago when at the end of NCIS LA they did the in memoriam for Miguel Ferrer :(

3. Do you like your handwriting?
It’s a mix of handwriting and printing and can be either messy or not. I’m indifferent to my own handwriting.

4. What is your favourite lunch meal?
Soup, Salad and Sandwiches… any and/or all.

5. Do you have kids?
Yes, two boys :)

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
I wonder about myself some days… I’ll throw this back at you all… do you like being friends with me?

7. Do you use sarcasm?
I have my moments, yes.

8. Do you still have your tonsils?

9. Would you bungee jump?
Ahahaha. No.

10. What is your favourite kind of cereal?
Chocolate Cheerios or Special K Vanilla Almond

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Not usually, actually who am I kidding I never do.

12. Do you think you’re a strong person?
Depends on the situation I am faced with. 

13. What is your favourite ice cream?
Black Cherry

14. What is the first thing you notice about people?
Their eyes?

15. What is the least favourite physical thing you like about yourself? My stomach

16. What colour pants and shoes are you wearing now?
Pink striped pyjama pants and tiger striped slippers. I’m home with a sick kid.

17. What are you listening to right now?
DanTDM (A YouTube gamer) Again, I am home with a sick 8-year-old boy and he idolizes this youtuber.

18. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

19. Favourite smell?
So many things, really. A bookstore, fresh cut grass, brewing coffee (even if I don’t drink it) the air after a fresh rain, roses, baby powder…. I could go on.

20. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
The school so I could report my eldest sick for the day. LOL, I live an exciting life!!

21. Favourite sport to watch?
Yay sports.

22. Hair colour?

23. Eye colour?
Bluish gray

24. Do you wear contacts?

25. Favourite food to eat?
Oh gosh, I like a lot of food… I think I would have to pick sandwiches, though.

26. Scary movies or comedy?

27. Last movie you watched?
Moana for the second time. 

28. What colour of shirt are you wearing?
Pink! At least I match my striped jammie pants

29. Summer or winter?
Fall, though at this point I desperately need the snow to go away. 

30. Hugs or kisses?
Hugs! I could do cheek kisses too… 

31. What book are you currently reading?
I have a massive stack of books to read!

32. Who do you miss right now?
I miss my best friend who moved away. I could visit her, but it involves a lengthy drive, or a flight and then an 8-hour boat ride…

33. What is on your mouse pad?
The mouse :P

34. What is the last TV program you watched?
Technically it was Sonic Boom cause the kids were watching it this morning while eating breakfast. But I will go with the pvr’d episode of NCIS LA I watched last night. 

35. What is the best sound?

36. Rolling Stones or The Beatles?
Either? Both?

37. What is the furthest you have ever travelled?

38. Do you have a special talent?
I crochet!

39. Where were you born?
Canada :)

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Kirby Characters Playing D&D
  • Kirby: Always plays good alignment, but likes a lot of different classes. Attempts to befriend whatever the group is fighting before getting violent. His character sheets are always done in crayon or colored pencil.
  • Meta knight: Most often plays Paladin class but occasionally mixes it up. The one who has to patiently explain the rules to Kirby and Bandanna dee every so often. Probably keeps his character sheets and print-outs of campaign info in a well-organized binder.
  • Dedede: Tends to play as a barbarian. Regularly gets the group in trouble by running into dungeons without a plan. Has a really nice set of dice and fancy case for them. Makes Bandanna dee take care of his character sheets.
  • Bandanna dee: Usually plays as a healer or bard. Really enjoys the roleplay aspect but will do whatever the group needs. The person who brings delicious and heartfelt snacks to the sessions.
  • Magolor: douchey DM that creates grossly unfair dungeons and makes up rules on the spot. Still manages to "lose" to the group.

grouchily mixing black and brown because fashion rules annoy me

[One image of a young woman (me) with dark purple hair that is pulled into a bun.  I have a pink, metallic cane in my left hand.  I am wearing a black mesh shirt with sparkles on it under a black vest with two rows of buttons down the front, and ruffles on the bottom.  I also have on a midi skirt with a patchwork print of orange, yellow, white, red, and brown patterns.  Under the skirt, I am wearing dark brown tights and black snow boots.  Over my shirt, I am wearing a silky, copper brown scarf.  I also have on dangly bronze-and-black earrings and dark, red-orange lipstick.  As always, I am wearing my black, rectangular glasses.]

Jules, 29

“Chanel and supermodels inspire my style. I love bringing runway fashion to the streets; I like to pretend that the world is my runway. My style is very classic with a hint of trend. I love breaking the rules when it comes to fashion. I love mixing different textures, prints, and silhouettes. I like to keep my outfits simple and letting my accessories pop out.”

Apr 30, 2015 ∙ The Mission