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  • Lauren: You guys should know something. Camila and I are sleeping together.
  • Normani: [simultaneously] Oh my God!!! I can’t believe that!!
  • Ally: [simultaneously] Holy mother of God!!!
  • Dinah: [simultaneously] That is brand new information!!
  • [pause]
  • Lauren: You already know don’t you?
  • Dinah: Little bit.

C: Why are men are so weird when it comes to switching up gender roles? I was going to the library and I was ahead of a guy. So I opened the door and held it open for him and was like, “Go ahead.” I’m naturally polite so I thought nothing of it. His facial expression was literally like that blinking white guy gif and then he was like "No, you go ahead, I got the door.”  just shrugged and walked inside. Like boy we both goin to the same place. Just walk in and go about ya life😂.

I don’t know if I’m bisexual or I’m only sexually attracted to girls and it’s so confusing and I hate it and literally I don’t know what to do because so many boys hit me up but no one wants a relationship with me and idk if I want one with this girl I’m talking to and idk guys. Ugh

normally i would be bothered by the fat guy character being associated with pigs (or the villain being fat) but like. with roadhog, it’s not like… he likes cute cartoon pigs. he’s strong & powerful. he’s competent. and (thank god), he’s not a capitalist gluttony joke, he’s an anarchist. there’s no like, story or personality “"reason”“ he’s fat. it just goes with his bike/hog theme, he’s just a fat guy.

(do u know. what a relief it is. to have a character who’s fat just because. like there’s no story arc that goes with it. there’s no ‘reason’. just like real people, like me. he’s just fat. he just gets to exist! it’s so nice.)

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Molly :</b> [holding Mycroft's hand over her stomach so he can feel Scottie kick] Sorry this is taking so long, he kicked for everyone else.<p/><b>Sherlock :</b> It's hard for the little guy to perform under pressure.<p/><b>John :</b> Top ten things Sherlock said on his wedding night.<p/><b>Mycroft :</b> Woah! It was small, but I think I felt something.<p/><b>Mary :</b> Top ten things Molly said on her wedding night.<p/><b></b> [Molly laughs]<p/><b>Sherlock :</b> Stop laughing at it, Molly!<p/><b>Everyone :</b> Top ten things Sherlock said on his wedding night!<p/></p><p/></p>