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I think it’s unfortunate that this moment is so often overlooked, Fantine deserves some credit; she flirts with Javert, going so far as
to put his hand right smack between her breasts, and he is so deep into shock he barely registers it even happening. Granted Fantine
wasn’t fully in her right mind at the time, and Javert was having a Valjean-induced mental breakdown (one of many that marked his
career) but it just baffles me that this was a thing that happened

It’s also interesting to note that this is the second time I’ve needed to prelude my Les Mis art with photo evidence of a passage straight from the book because if I simply typed it out it would look like I copy-pasted it from a fanfiction


When cast members leave Les Mis, they write on the walls in the wings - I took some photos of some notable ones!
Here we see: Samantha Barks, Tam Mutu, Anton Zetterholm, Killian Donnelly and Dame Judi Dench (who once ran from her show next door, put on a cloak, sang in At The End of the Day, then left and went back to her show!)

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Tried to paint a little sketch of Judy in one of her outfits from my fanfic (the one I know I need to update ASAP) with Copic markers… I still need more practice, tho o_O

Si alguien lee La Boca del Lobo, quiero que sepan que lo siento muchísimo, pero les prometí que no la abandonaría, ¿verdad? Han pasado meses, goddamit… pero soon, lo juro, no fue enteramente mi culpaaa


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prompt: les amis and what they blog about on tumblr :) ✨

Tag Yourself!! :)

Enjolras: Politically motivated news articles, social justice rants, accidentally get’s involved with a lot of discourse. Tries to stay out of the drama- can’t. Bonus: Get’s fooled by fake headlines from the onion and clickhole official way too often and reblogs them out of anger only to subtly delete them 10 minutes later after being flooded with anons telling him they’re fake. 
Grantaire: shitposts, memes, ~~edgy ironic~~ posts, makes way too many personal posts and forgets to tag them all the time. Bonus: Has a secret side-blog for art and aesthetic that only Jehan knows about.
Jehan: A mix of social justice and aesthetic. Get’s a lot of asks from young anons curious about gender and questioning themselves. They answer every one so kindly and patiently and their blog is loved by many. Bonus: Their post history and like history is so different. If you venture into their likes you’ll find really unfunny jokes, memes and some very nsfw stuff
Joly: Positivity blog! Honestly Joly’s blog is filled with so many good things and encouraging words and helpful tips and posts. He is the number one safe space for bloggers. Bonus: One time he drunkenly cried about how much he loved his followers.
Bossuet: Honestly he changes fandoms every week. He has barely any followers but still is passionately dedicated to his blog. He doesn’t make original posts but reblogs almost everything. Bonus: He’s that person who replies to very obvious scam messages. The poor guys gotten so many viruses.
Feuilly: Pretty much has a dead blog. Goes on hiatus all the time due to work commitments and internet issues. Signal boosts all of the donation posts and sends the nicest anons. Bonus: Forgot to switch to anon once when he sent Bahorel a compliment. Temporarily deleted his blog due to embarrassment. 
Bahorel: Uses tumblr like it’s twitter. He’s pretty much the reason the post limit had to be enforced. Spams his blog with one sentence text posts about his daily thoughts. Can’t figure out how to tag things. Sometimes just posts thing like “ So bored lol. HMUBonus: Follows back literally everyone that follows him. (Yes even the spam and porn blogs)
Combeferre: Social justice, positivity, lot’s and lot’s anons asking for medical advice which he’s happy to help out with. His Tumblr headline is “The Doctor Is In” And his header picture is Lucy from Peanuts in her doctor booth. Bonus: Is a serial tagger. Tags his friends blogs in everything, does the tag games. Basically like the mum friend of tumblr.
Courfeyrac: Concert and music festival photos, videos of how to make rainbow shots, Has a new celebrity crush every week and thirst reblogs the hell out of their pictures. Loves reblogging people’s selfies with the nicest tags. Bonus: One time woke up to over 20 anonymous messages hitting on him and that was the day he learnt what the term “Thirst followed” meant.

Tied With Love

“Beckett finally broke their eye contact, moving her gaze around the room once more, "It’s not the apartment I care about, it’s what was in it."”

After the explosion, Kate is left with no home and no belongings, until packages start arriving at the loft with the help of Rick. 2x18 post ep.

‘May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love.’

L. O. Baird

"You okay?”

Kate’s head snapped towards the passenger side of her police vehicle, seeing Rick’s cerulean eyes wide with concern. Under his gaze, she loosened her tight grip on the steering wheel and took a deep breath.

“Fine.” She replied sharply with a tight smile, then focused her gaze back on the lunch hour traffic.

She really should’ve known better than leaving the precinct in the middle of the day when she didn’t need to, but as soon as she received the call from the fire department saying that her apartment was safe to enter, she needed to see what remained. (Though from the sombre tone of voice of the man talking to her, she assumed the worst).

Her mind cast back to last night: the deafening bang of the bomb exploding, the crack of her bones as she dove into the tub, the arms of her partner wrapped tight around her as she hobbled out of the wreckage. She can’t remember what the environment around her had looked like, all she knew was it was singed black in almost every corner. A deep sigh left her chest at the memory.

“If you don’t want me to come, you can drop me off outside or something.”

Kate’s head turned once more, this time slower, and the smile she gave was more genuine. Castle had been treating her with such gentle care the past few hours, giving her everything she needed: hot water bottles, endless amounts of coffee, multiple pillows, her favourite Thai take out, relaxing candles, his Mother’s lavender bubble bar and more. She often forgot about this side to him, the one that came out when his daughter arrived at the precinct or when he comforted a victim’s grieving family member. She had become so accustomed to their banter that his overly caring nature was a stark difference, though not an unwelcome one.

“You can come in, I might need help grabbing my things.” If there are any left, she thought, shaking her head to dispel it as soon as it came.

Castle returned a smile - emotions of relief, sadness, guilt and care all in one look. And with this they drove silently towards Beckett’s apartment.

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