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Review of Power Rangers (2017)

Power Rangers is a 2017 superhero movie - a reboot of the original television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. One of the main characters - Billy Cranston, played by RJ Cyler - is autistic.

Analysis under the cut (spoiler free):

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Just thinking about that campaign… it was so good. Me an my friend practically ran the show. His character was a scientist with a god complex and mine was a new-age sociology major. They went camping together after they both learned that they had these new powers- and the OBVIOUS thing you do when you find out you have powers is go camping in the woods to experiment, right?

Well my character, Shell, discovered he had low-level space and time powers. My friends character had mind and body powers. Essentially, we could manipulate these things to our whim. So I could freeze, rewind, and fast forward time as well as fold the fabric of space. He could manipulate organic matter and… well, also mind control.

While experimenting, Shell accidentally killed a squirrel by only freezing HALF of it in time. He took it to The Good Doctor practically in tears and begged him to revive the squirrel. He did! But with some generous modifications. Thus, Jack the dead, revived, brainwashed, genetically altered squirrel was reborn with the capability to learn at near-human intelligence. They now had a son.

The duo ended up stumbling upon a conspiracy out in the woods that held these weird cultist druids. The Good Doctor planned an attack on them, but Shell stubbornly stayed behind to boycott what he saw as unnecessary violence. When The Good Doctor got himself in trouble he sort of went on this power-crazy rampage that he was bound to lose. Jack sensed the danger and ran away from Shell.

Shell, unwilling to let baby Jack off on his own, followed him and stumbled upon the battleground. Jack was already halfway to The Good Doctor- almost as though he were trying to protect the rampaging scientist. One of the druids was about to crush Jack unwittingly, and Shell was overcome with fear and anger at the sight of Jack in danger. He shut down the battle with his time powers, acutely freezing the enemy’s hearts in time as their bodies died around them.

Shells sudden appearance shocked The Good Doctor out of his rampage and Jacks presence brought him back to himself. In that moment he realized what Shell, the pacifist, had done to save both Jack and himself. Shell was so upset by what he had done he had gone into shock and was staring vacantly around the field. The Good Doctor then put up a front and lied CONVINCINGLY that shell had in fact done nothing. I’m pretty sure the conversation went like:

Shell: I killed them…
The Good Doctor: come again?
Shell: I was so upset I saw what was happening and I thought you and Jack were going to die so I…
The Good Doctor: no you didn’t.
Shell: yes I did- look at them!!
The Good Doctor: no you didn’t! Don’t try to steal my credit!
Shell: what are you talking about?
The Good Doctor: I had already sent their bodies instructions to drop dead by the time you arrived, I was working past their self-preservation instincts. That was all me, you just saw the real power of what I can do!
Shell: that’s not right… I used my time ability-
The Good Doctor: you could hardly freeze a squirrel in time without messing up, there’s no way you killed them all in one shot, even if your pacifist ass had tried. I did it, not stop trying to take my credit.

And all the while he kept up this egotistical facade but he KNEW what Shell had done. He KNEW he had been fucked and that Shell had monumentally saved his ass, but he also knew that if Shell had to deal with that, had to accept the fact that he had just thoughtlessly killed four people, that It would fuck his innocence up permanently, so he lied. At that exact same time, The Good Doctors mindfulness of Shells well being was the only thing keeping him anchored. He was still power hungry, but it kept him from turning into a truly insane egomaniac consumed by a god complex. He cared about someone else, something else, enough to concentrate on their well being.

I’ll literally never get over that interaction it was perfect It’s been YEARS and I STILL LOVE IT

Fusion Character Arcs

One major complaint I’ve seen about SU is that, while fusions are MEANT to be separate characters, they’re not really developed all that well. This is somewhat understandable, given that they’re made from other characters in the show, but it’d still be interesting to see them as people.

But how do you write a character arc for a fusion? What would their issues be? How do you make them distinct from the people who make them?

Here’s my attempt at guessing that.

Opal - And if it were me, I’d really wanna be a giant woman…

Opal is scared of not being enough. Maybe it’s a it obvious, but both Pearl and Amethyst are so insecure that it makes sense for Opal to share that issue with them. Whenever she forms, it’s because she’s needed for something, and she wants to do that something well - but failure could have terrible consequences. And if Opal fails… will Pearl and Amethyst want to form her again?

After all, go back to her introductory episode. Pearl and Amethyst haven’t formed Opal in a long time because they’ve had a falling out. That’s got to be pretty horrifying for Opal, right? If Pearl and Amethyst aren’t getting along, then the only reason they’d fuse her is because they HAVE to. And if she fails,  then they’ll find an alternative way of dealing with things, right?

Isn’t that a scary thought? If you fail, you stop existing, because you failed the people who determine whether you exist or not.

Enter Steven, who adores Opal. He’s always happy to see her, and wants to be like her, because she’s a GIANT WOMAN! Or rather, he adores her simply because of who she is. This puts even more stress on Opal, because failing Steven would hurt both of them. 

And if you put a gem under enough pressure… it cracks.

Sugilite - And I know that we can be strong, in the real way…

Sugilite knows she’s cool. Heck, she’s not just cool, she’s awesome! So why the hell don’t Garnet and Amethyst want to be her more often?!

Or, more accurately: Sugilite knows she can be great if the Crystal Gems just give her a chance. And to be fair, she’s pretty awesome at wrecking stuff! It’s just that, well, the Crystal Gems have been in a rough spot ever since Rose died, and no one’s really in the right mindset for fusion… and while Sugilite also misses Rose a lot, it’s kind of hard to miss someone when you don’t exist.

So when Sugilite does show up, she goes all-out in an effort to prove to Garnet and Amethyst that it’s worth being her more often. Not to mention she wants to impress the Ste-man! Eeeeexcept she’s totally missing the point of why Garnet and Amethyst aren’t becoming her any more. So she’s angry at them, because what, is she not good enough?! And they’re not her, but they’re part of her, so she can’t really lash out at them

…I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Ironically, the solution to this problem really is to form Sugilite and let her get her emotions out constructively! She’s got every right to be upset, and she’s never had a real chance to mourn Rose. Give her some space and some time to think, and things will start getting better pretty quickly. 

It’s just… you kind of have to figure out that this is the issue first. And if Sugilite’s not around to talk about it…

Sardonyx - I forgot how great it felt to be us…

Angst? What angst? No time for angst when you’re a STAR, darling! Sardonyx finds herself completely above all the issues facing the Crystal Gems. She’s here to perform and save the day. She has no time to dwell on problems - just smile, be nice to everyone, and put on a heck of a show!

Yeah, Sardonyx? I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t even remotely sustainable. Especially not for Pearl and Garnet, who just find it so easy to leave their troubles behind and be Sardonyx, who is ignoring basically every problem except whatever she’s been called to deal with.

If Sardonyx is herself for too long, she starts to break down and break down badly. All of the stresses facing the world catch up with her, and she can’t take it because she keeps trying to run away. Actually dealing with stress feels like an impossible task. All she can do is act and fake it until she makes it.

Spoiler alert: that won’t happen. She really, really needs to stop running and deal with things.

Don’t fuck this up for her, Pearl.

Stevonnie - I’m here, I’m here, I’m here…

Stevonnie’s facing the unfortunate issue in canon that they’re being absorbed into Steven and Connie’s being ignored. So how do we fix that?

Well… Stevonnie is meant to be a metaphor for growing up, right? How about an arc where they find their place in the universe? They’re a completely unique being - the first fusion involving a human - and this is kind of a strange situation to be in. It doesn’t help that every other fusion around them is either established or a really unhealthy fusion. 

They need to figure themselves out. Work out who they are, both in relation to Steven and Connie, and independently from them. It doesn’t help that they’re a 13-year-old in terms of maturity, and are therefore at an age where nothing makes sense anyway.

Who is Stevonnie Maheswaran-Universe, and what is their place in the world?

(For bonus points: Dysphoria metaphor!)

Malachite - I used to think I was bad, now I know that it’s true!

Malachite is a pretty shitty situation for Lapis and Jasper. But what is it like to be made up of two people who utterly loathe each other? What is it like to be the physical incarnation of a toxic relationship? What is it like to be a poisonous, angry, damaging fusion surrounded by fusions of love, friendship and kindness? What is it like to wish you didn’t exist, but to be forced to by two people who don’t like you, each other, or themselves?

Malachite is a fusion of hatred on every conceivable level: self-hatred, abuse, misanthropy, everything.

What can it possibly be like to be THAT?

Better Call Saul Season 3 Review: As One of TV’s Greatest Dramas Evolves, Characters Inch Closer to Breaking Bad.

Grade: A-
Creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have not only kept front and center the reverberations of Jimmy’s actions from last season, but also continued to advance us closer to the inevitable Breaking Bad-set future they’ve committed to honoring.

The most obvious indicator of that evolution is the (re?) introduction of Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) — a spoiler only if you’ve avoided every bit of press about the series this year. AMC has openly acknowledged that Gus will be appearing in this season, but the guidelines provided to the press forbid us from mentioning exactly when it happens — which actually works in the show’s favor, because it helps craft the legend of Gus in his earlier days as that of an almost etherial figure. One comparison might be Keyser Soze from The Usual Suspects, but the more intriguing notion is the shark from Jaws. Always lurking. Always observing. Always ready to strike.

Better Call Saul gets a lot of praise and acclaim for its top-notch acting, smart writing and innovative filmmaking, and that continues in Season 3. At least one sequence in the first two episodes invokes comparisons to filmmakers like Terrence Malick and Steven Soderbergh. But more importantly, the show lives in the details it celebrates on screen, the details which make the show infinitely relatable to anyone who’s ever fussed over a semi-colon, or labored over a paint job.

– Liz Shannon Miller, IndieWire

theblacklabyrinth ha risposto al tuo post “theblacklabyrinth ha risposto al tuo post “>why are people mad that a…”

Naruto’s too much of a people person to wander like Jiraiya did and he cares too much about Konoha and the people to leave the village for a long period of time. Him being Hokage is the suitable ending for him IMO and is the perfect resolution to his character arc. And oh, don’t get me wrong, I accept canon completely. Of course, there are some parts of the ending I hated but I acknowledge it.

I didn’t have complaints about the endgame pairings because they’d been obvious since the Chuunin Exams (SaiIno and ChoKarui were more of a surprise, but I enjoy both).
Agreed, I think that Naruto becoming Hokage is the perfect conclusion :) 
My main complaints are about the war arc (some points are.. so. slow.), with Kaguya’s fight and with the lack of explanations between 699 and 700.
But I’m overall okay with the ending and there’s nothing I can do to change it. 
I just don’t get how do people live with so much hate towards fictional characters. People make blogs against characters and find stuff to complain about on a daily basis. That sounds so toxic and tiring.. 
(And I’m not saying that people HAVE to like the series I like and the characters I like, but what’s the point of complaining if you can’t change anything? Just move on to another series, there’s plenty of manga, anime, books, movies, tv series, games and so on.)

i have been trying to think about WHY i’m so glad that lucifer is canonically bi other than the obvious matter that it’s representation for me bc it’s not like he’s the Only bi character i love.

but it just hit me that pretty much all bi characters i love are from shows that i watched BECAUSE i knew they were bi, and went into it for that reason and watched. but with lucifer it’s like i watched the show and fell in love with the show/character and he just ACTUALLY TURNED OUT TO BE CANONICALLY BISEXUAL????

i’m crying scoob.

anonymous asked:

I'm a white writer, mainly in fantasy genre, but wish to make parallels to our own current world regarding issues/politics. Is it not my place to write parallels to the struggles of PoC because I am white and therefore do not inherently know that struggle? That being said, should the characters experiencing the parallel struggles be PoC or is that too obvious/offensive in any way/etc? Just want to make sure I'm not stepping out of line and would gladly appreciate feedback.

You can write whatever you like.

Just write it well and with savage empathy. And make sure you don’t get in your own way.

Raven having a Crush on you Would Include

Request: Can u please do what Raven having a crush on u would include?(girl)

Requested by: anonymous.

Originally posted by caramelkru

  • her being super shy around you at first, and not knowing exactly what to say around you.
  • denying all possibility of her liking you despite how obvious she is.
  • always looking at you when she thinks you don’t know.
  • being rude to you because of her not truly knowing how to express her feelings, but you knew she liked you (at least a little bit).
  • eventually, she would be more open with you and always try to be really positive when you’re around.
  • whenever she accomplishes something, you’d be the first person she gushed to and hug in happiness.
  • you liking her back.
  • your guys friends having to set you up, but Raven being reluctant because of what’s happen to her in the past.
  • you gaining her trust and loyalty.
  • eventually becoming inseparable.
  • her being the one to say i love you first, surprisingly.

(this sort of turned into, ‘dating Raven Reyes would include’, oh well)

rollflasher  asked:

Hey Crusher I just got curious. Who is your favorite Sonic villain besides Eggman himself?

Not counting characters that are Robotnik’s own creations (Metal Sonic, Captain Whisker, etc), or characters that are ultimately misunderstood rather than truly villainous (Chaos), there are two in particular that I really like:

-Erazor Djinn is the exact kind of villain that Mephiles tried to be. He has a clear goal and motive, he has obvious personality beyond “I’m evil”, he works to his goal in a cunning manner and had justified reason for letting Sonic do a lot of the work (he can’t get the World Rings himself due to the ritual aspect, so he ropes Sonic into doing it with the threat of death via the Flame of Judgement), he gives you good reason to express contempt towards him due to his manipulative relationship with Shahra, and he’s able to back up his threats when it’s time to fight the hedgehog.

-Zavok is also pretty good, but oddly enough, he’s more like an inverse of Mephiles, in that his plan was simple but effective, he interacts with and antagonises Sonic just enough for there to be a believable hero-villain dynamic between the two of them, and like Erazor, he’s always ready to back up his words when the going gets tough. And while you can argue that the rest of the Deadly Six may have been far from multi-dimensional, I think Zavok at least had enough traits to be compelling, such as his respect for Master Zik and his surprisingly contemplative nature for someone so Bowser-esque.

autisticponies  asked:

😇 ✖️ and 😂!!

😇 If your special interest is a video game/movie/tv show/etc, who’s your fav character from it?

THATS SO HARD TO ANSWER,,, fnaf , i love everyone except purple guy fuck him let him die, the pilgrim´s progress, HOPEFUL and apollyon , tattletail??? WELL THE TATTLETAILS??? MY CHILDREN

batim is obvious that im married to bendy so 

✖️️ Is there something you don’t like about your special interest?

oh man, well, its mostly fandom wise with fnaf really, they get………..Bad.. really fucking Bad i dont need to describe it

TPP is mostly with religion and some minor stupid stuff in the script really, something im still writing a remake of so ;o)

i dont like Mama Tattletail apologism but hey what can we do

BATIM ,,,, well, what else but “stop makin bendy gay uwu” shit we gotta see with our own eyes 

😂 Something funny about your special interest?

what isnt funny about fnaf i mean, i love scott´s humor, also in TPP it really shows his mark , its simple but effective (also anytime someone falls its funny)

batim doesnt have a lot of content yet but ………….bacon soup

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☀ ❧

SALTY AF MUNDAY MEME. Send me a symbol and I’ll answer the question attached!

☀ What’s your rp pet peeve?

{{ hey, i just met you.
and this is crazy!
but i didn’t even put the tiniest effort into learning about your character or the way you play them, but still made this starter like our characters know each other intimately and are doing actions that are completely off the wall, probably flirtatious in nature-
so rp with me, maybe!
alternatively; “this is a really obvious dig at you ooc, but i’m going to vehemently deny that by fronting that it’s JUST THE WAY MY CHARACTER ACTS, DONT GODMOD ME!!! and it’s entirely your fault/you’re a bad person and roleplayer if you can’t agree or see that.”
like… it’s more complicated than that but for the love of god, man. chill out }}

❧ Have you ever been jealous of anyone?

A.) really good at dealing with it/hiding it until i can reasonably handle it if need be and
B.) most of me getting jealous is like, a moodswing/impulse thing?? and doesn’t usually last very long.
but ssh. dont tell anyone. }}

she was a queen
with neither crown nor kingdom,
the most powerful piece on the board
with no moves left to make,
so she overturned the table.
—  l.s.CHRYSALIS © 2016

me trying to figure out what went through the writers’ heads when they had kara break up with james in episode 1, just to have her play the “will she, won’t she” game just 10 episodes later with a new guy

also me trying to understand why writers keep having other characters BUT the character in the possible relationship talk about how amazing they are together

“it’s so obvious”

also me trying to figure out why they brought a new character to the show, with great potential for an amazing storyline (evil aliens coming for him, is he the prince etc) just to have him reduced to a simple and shallow comic relief/love interest

me @ supergirl writers


yooo rn these are pretty much it? they might change when i get to know some characters better or see other headcanons I like so much I integrate them into my art but YEAH

basically, nobody is straight