there are no obvious characters in this

Like, I understand the reason why major comic book villains are basically outside context problems for their respective heroes - it makes for better stories if the threat the villain represents is something the hero can’t easily counter with some obvious application of their powers - but can you imagine how frustrating it must be from an in-character perspective?

You’ve got these amazing superhuman powers, yet somehow, every single non-trivial baddie you have to deal with is fucking shit up in a way that’s totally at right angles to the sort of thing those powers can constructively address.

Beyond a certain point, the only reasonable conclusion would be that some higher power is actively messing with you.

(Which is perfectly true, of course, but unless you’re Deadpool - or possibly Ambush Bug - you can’t possibly know that.)

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hey can you please point me in the direction of good tips for writing blind characters? or like things *not* to do, that would be good too.

here are avia’s top ten tips for writing blind characters!

tip #1: be an actual blind person

tip #2: if you’re not an actual blind person, pay me

tip #3: no seriously hire a diversity consultant, aka me, to read over everything you’ve done and tell you what to fix to make it less shitty

tip #4: this should be fucking obvious but if you’re writing a blind character whatever story this is needs to be accessible to blind audiences. looking at you, star wars. and avatar. and the way he looks. and daredevil. and the daredevil comics. and the xmen comics. and–

tip #5: blindness, like any disability, is not a tragedy. it can occur in a traumatizing fashion which may reasonably distress a character and thats fine, but it’s not the end of the goddamn world and acting like it is hurts actual real life blind people. if you’re making a character go blind, show them coming to terms with it and moving on with their life

tip #6: white canes are great and should be used. in the US you can get a free cheap one from the NFB, even. theyre way more common than guide dogs and way more useful than shit like that terrible “seeing eye robot” or whatever that one teenager invented or like, sonar glasses. training to use a white cane isnt a requirement or whatever but it’s called O&M.

tip #7: assistive tech exists. there’s apps like taptapsee and bespecular that you should check out. this shit called OCR can scan written words on paper and usually get you something vaguely resembing it in a digital format. screenreaders like JAWS and thunder exist. there’s a screenreader on apple products called VoiceOver and it’s great. these technologies be used with audio or with refreshable braille displays.

tip #8: on the topic of assistive tech, i really strongly suggest that you stick to technologies that either exist or are recognizably similar to technologies that exist, or else your representation is fucking useless

tip #9: cure narratives are bad!!! don’t cure your characters, just don’t…..fucking… it. i will find you and i will kill you my fucking self don’t play this game with me im not kidding

tip #10: nobody fucking touches faces and the only reason to pull this move at all is to smack a bitch in the fucking face

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oh my god people in the comments on the Doctor who instagram page STILL think that Missy isn't the master even after the episode

jfc people are actually absurd

they’re so fucking sexist that they can’t accept what is so fucking painfully obvious, and it’s so embarrassing for them honestly when she’s a more in-character Master than Simm!Master (or at least how he was under RTD, too early to say on the Moffat front yet but he already seems much closer to what is ideal) anyway 


Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee

After a shout-out from one of the Internet’s superstar vloggers, Natasha “Tash” Zelenka finds herself and her obscure, amateur web series, Unhappy Families, thrust into the limelight: She’s gone viral.

Her show is a modern adaptation of Anna Karenina—written by Tash’s literary love Count Lev Nikolayevich “Leo” Tolstoy. Tash is a fan of the forty thousand new subscribers, their gushing tweets, and flashy Tumblr GIFs. Not so much the pressure to deliver the best web series ever.

And when Unhappy Families is nominated for a Golden Tuba award, Tash’s cyber-flirtation with Thom Causer, a fellow award nominee, suddenly has the potential to become something IRL—if she can figure out how to tell said crush that she’s romantic asexual.

Tash wants to enjoy her newfound fame, but will she lose her friends in her rise to the top? What would Tolstoy do?

Ok, so let’s start with the obvious: this book has an asexual main character! And it’s not a ‘oh, they could be asexual’ or 'they’re probably asexual’ or 'I could plausibly headcanon them as asexual’ or even 'the author said on their blog after the book was published that the character was asexual’, but the main character herself said she was asexual. Several times.

AND! There’s a bisexual character. It’s not said in so many words, but he dated both a male and a female, so wow, this is pretty awesome.

The story focuses almost overly much on Tash, to the point that everyone else is… easily confused. I wish there had been more character development of the others, to make it seem less like 'an asexual book’.

Overall, I liked this book very much, obviously. (Did I mention there’s an asexual character? And asexuality is mentioned not only in the book, but on the blurb?)

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5 stars)

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You have a really interesting interpretation of Erwin’s character, and I absolutely love it. I adored his character prior to getting involved with fandom, but ever since I did join it’s turned sour. I’ve always viewed Erwin in a similar light, and I find him fascinating this way. I never viewed him as a saint. Sure, he saved characters lives like Levi’s, but Levi’s strength was also necessary for Erwin’s dream to come to fruition. It’s sort of this really interesting double-edged [c]

[c] sword, and I think it makes him all the more interesting. The same can be said about any of the veterans. I have no doubt he appreciated their talents and whatnot, but there was also something always underlying that they were needed for him to prove his father right, and it’s obvious which took priority.

Ahh, thank you! Yes, exactly!! I don’t think Erwin does anything selflessly. I think bringing Levi into the Corps was a selfish act. I think him drawing attention to Mike’s skill was another one. I mean, I don’t want people to think I feel Erwin is 110% selfish but I do think Levi wouldn’t be free of the Underground if he wasn’t a valuable asset to the military. I don’t think he would have done anything to help Mike’s situation if Mike hadn’t been in possession of A Useful Skill. Erwin is good at spotting talents not because he cares about these people as individuals but because 1) they can help him achieve his goal, but also the really obvious 2) not utilizing their talents is a serious waste.

I mean, if Levi can fight for humanity why leave him in the underground? If Mike can smell titans from miles away why let people die because they don’t believe him when he can utilize that skill to save lives? If Hange’s smart why let that stagnate? Yeah, he’s saving lives because losing lives will keep him from his goal, but it’s part of what makes him incredibly interesting to me. He doesn’t do this selflessly but some good does come of it. It’s complicated, though. Levi helps humanity in a lot of big ways, but he is still being used for his skill. He is still a weapon. Humanity benefits at, arguably, Levi’s expense. This doesn’t make Erwin a hero for “discovering” Levi; it just makes him the kind of person who is capable of taking advantage of someone else’s situation to his own benefit (and again, arguably other people’s though in the end he is still the bigger winner, but that’s just how a good businessman operates amirite).

And as far as Levi and Mike and Hange go, they’re all being used by Erwin, I think. That doesn’t mean they don’t get something out of the deal, too, of course, because I think they do. But the point I’m trying to make is that Erwin didn’t help them or do things for them because he cares about them–at least not initially. But that adds some good complexity to his character, doesn’t it? Because we know later he considers some of these people his friends. How odd is it that he befriended people he set out to use? What is that like? IT’S SO GOOD!!!! AND COOL!! Fun to think about, too–at least IMO.

*spoiler alert*

Skam has meant so much to me in the time that it’s been airing. It has taught me a lot and shaped me as a person.

Being the same age as the characters I feel like I’ve grown up with them. I love them so much and I’m so thankful.

Season 1: Eva my dear Eva. She had taught me that no ones opinion means more than mine. I am an individual before I am a pair. She was alone and learnt there are people out there.

Season 2: The most obvious thing here is ‘everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind always.’ But Noora also taught me that keeping your pain to yourself isn’t healthy and can destroy you more than the real issue.

Season 3:thank you Isak for helping me accept myself in all that I am. That pretending to be someone you are not isn’t what you need, you need to be honest with yourself. Even taught me that mental illness does not define you as a person.

Season 4:Sana taught me to the true meaning of religion. To be kind to everyone no matter what they believe in and stay strong. Racism is still around and it’s better to educate people than to be angry. Yousef taught me that you can accept people who do not believe what you believe in.

This weeks clips: Vilde is so strong. She taught me that no one is what they seem. Just because someone seems fine does not mean they are okay, people’s home lives are hard.

P-Chris showed me change is possible. Even tho after the final clip I wasn’t happy that he left Eva but I’m glad he grew up enough to be a better person.

Jonas showed me that it’s okay to move on and you can still love each some one very much and let them be with other people.

My sunshine darling Chris taught me that it’s okay to just be the friend that makes everyone laugh. Some people need that and it’s important to be there for those people.

Even as I said taught me that having a mental illness does not define you as a person what you do defines you. And love may not solve everything but it’s important

William taught me that love is worth making sacrifices for.

Eskild taught me it’s okay to be different and you should accept your differences and embrace them. Sticking up for what you believe in is important.

Linn taught me that even though you have depression and anxiety people can love you and you can love others. Mental illness may be hard some days but you can be happy.

The final clip broke my heart beci t was everything I wanted tying everything up perfectly. The fact that they ended the series with Jonas saying a speech about life made my life in every way I love these characters, I love Julie Adems I love Skam. Thank you for what you’ve done for me as a person.

I really need to finish my rewatch of Fushigi Yūgi. Like, it doesn’t hold up real well and, being older and more socially conscious, I find myself unhappy with the way Nuriko was treated.  That said, nostalgia still allows me to enjoy it, despite very obvious flaws. Also, now that I’m older, I genuinely love Yui and Miaka. As a kid I…didn’t. Nakago can get fucked though. He was pretty and I think that’s why I liked him way back when but no. NO. No amount of shoe-horned backstory at the end makes up for everything he did. NO.

I still can’t believe I went from a b#rchie fan girl to a bughead one.
At the beginning of the series I was rooting for Betty to get with Archie. Since I liked them together in the comics. Since she had strong feelings for Archie I thought they were meant to be. But then it became obvious that wasn’t gonna happen when Arch said he didn’t like her back.
It’s kinda weird how some b#rchie fans still hold onto the belief they’re still gonna get together. I can’t fault them too much since I used to be one. But at the same time I feel like b#rchie would be a horrible decision to make. Kinda disregards Betty’s character development.
But that’s all just imo 😀.

My head canon for Chriseva

So, I love SKAM, I came into it at the beginning of season 2 and I could relate even though I’m in my mid-20s. I saw a lot of myself in the characters or people I knew, however, this P-Chris/Eva/Jonas/Emma thing just doesn’t make sense to me SOOOO I decided to create my own personal private headcanon that I am now sharing with you lovely people… here goes!

—- —- —- —- 

At the party, P-Chris noticed the way that Eva was looking at Jonas.  It was pretty obvious even if he couldn’t read her face like a book. She still cared for him, but for whatever reason she felt like she should try with P-Chris. He couldn’t let her do that, try and force herself to be happy with him when she wasn’t ready. 

Towards the beginning of the night he excused himself to go to the toilet and by chance, met Emma, she also wasn’t blind and could see the connection Jonas and Eva seemed to have. He suggested a way for Eva to be happy that didn’t make her into the bad person whilst letting Emma save face (after all this was the second time she had been used by members of the boy squad which really has to suck just a little). So they hatch up the completely ridiculous (yes, I mean RIDICULOUS) plot that they came up with. Eva and Jonas didn’t seem to mind so P-Chris felt he had done the right thing. 

Over the next couple of years Chris and Eva meet periodically at group events such as Noora and Williams house warming, Yousanas wedding day, the adoption celebration for Isak and Even, the grand opening for Vilde and (girl)Chris’s store and many more but they never really talked, in fact P-Chris always seemed to avoid her and only really exchange pleasantries compared to the increasingly elaborate handshakes he developed with (Girl) Chris. 

Eva and Jonas kept on dating all the way through. They were like best friends, then one day the girls asked when Eva and Jonas were going to get engaged, and Eva said that they hadn’t spoken about it. The ladies seemed shocked, they had been dating for 5 and a half years and they hadn’t spoken about moving in together yet, let alone marriage. She valued her independence and Jonas still enjoyed hanging with the boys (and his ‘nephew’ from Even and Isak). Vile said that she couldn’t imagine not talking about marriage when you were so in love with someone (Vilde and Magnus had only just got married the month before). Eva shrugged it off but the words started to eat away at her. She loved Jonas but was she in love with him? They were comfortable but they didn’t really push each other to become the best version of themselves, instead they were almost stagnating. Sure they were growing as individuals but they weren’t growing together like all the other couples. 

Then 6 years after the finale, at Noora and Williams wedding day Eva and P-Chris were maid of honour and best man respectively. They were in charge of welcoming the guests to the building where the wedding was taking place and the guest arrivals had started to slow down. P-Chris seemed withdrawn, very polite and looking very handsome in his army uniform, but not the flirtatious and charming teen that Eva remembered. Then Emma arrived late and threw her arms around P-Chris, talking animatedly for a few moments before apologising for being a little late and rushing to find a free seat. Eva (rather jealously) said that she didn’t realise that Emma and P-Chris were still together and he just looked at her, really looked at her. He sighed and explained that they never have been and never would be anything more than friends. noticing the befuddled look on Eva’s face P-Chris explains the reasons behind the events on that day.

Eva is confused and says she still doesn’t get it. P-Chris looks at her and says “When you realise you’re in love with someone you also realise you’d do anything to make them happy, I couldn’t make you happy at that moment Eva, I knew that you wanted Jonas and so I hoped he could make you happy. I didn’t want to make you choose, so I did it for you.”

He puts his hand on her face, wiping away an imaginary spec of dust. 

“I just wanted you to be happy.  That’s all I ever wanted for the woman I’ve loved since I was 18.”

He kisses her on the cheek and then says he thinks all the guest have arrived and he should go and get William. He walks off leaving a very shocked Eva frozen in place. 

The wedding goes very well but Eva can’t seem to get P-Chris by himself.  The speeches are hilarious, P-Chris handles the ‘Penetrators’ nonsense with self mockery and thanks Noora for finally making his best friend happy.  The girls speech is equally hilarious, but a there are a few more tears (mainly from Sana who is happily married to Yousef and 8 months pregnant. HORMONES!!) 

Later at the reception Eva is looking for P-Chris but she comes across William and asks where is his best friend. He says that Chris had to leave because he was deploying the next day and got special permission to attend the wedding. Eva doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

It’s another year before P-Chris and Eva meet again and it’s at Noora and Williams baby shower. P-Chris walked in unexpectedly and William jumped up to hug him. It was a surprise that P-Chris was home from the army.

P-Chris makes eye contact with Eva and then quickly looks away and looks away. Before she can say anything it’s time for games and presents but later on things have calmed down and she manages to grab him and drag him out into the hallway.

She slapped him hard across the face before grabbing him and whispering “Next time wait for me to respond before walking away like a coward” and then kisses him. He kisses her back for a couple of seconds before lightly pushing her off. He doesn’t want to be the ‘other guy’ and he knows that she isn’t a cheater either.

Once he told her this she smiles and says that she and Jones broke up because they realised that they were more friends than lovers and whilst they do love each other rather they aren’t in love with each other. In fact, she realised she was in love with someone else, someone who has grown into a kind, generous and faithful man. He smiles and kisses her.  Later on, she does read him the riot act for deciding her future for her, and he promises that moving forward they will discuss things.  

Then they are together forever because they’re in love and they deserve it.

—- —- —- —- —- 

Wow… I’m really sorry… that was longer than I thought it would be… as you can see writing really isn’t my strong point but this way Canon gets to stay as-is and they still end up together! Yay!

I wrote this pretty quickly and it was only supposed to be a paragraph or two… I guess I got carried away there, sorry about that!

If anyone wants to rewrite this mess then feel free!  If not, I hope you enjoy this headcanon.

I hope you all have lovely days and unexpectedly get to cuddle puppies!

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1/3 Tbh what makes me the most upset about the fandom besides the obvious discourse is that /that/ side of fandom doesn't treat the cast as people and instead treats them the other side of a ship or the character themselves. And I feel like they don't appreciate the cast at all really (and if they do it's for a really shallow and dumb reason). Like for Yeun, that side of the fandom has him on a pedestal for not being a snake or some bs.

2/3 But for me (and I hope a lot of other fans) I genuinely appreciate him and wanna meet him because he’s a really, really, good actor (especially in an intense show like The Walking Dead) that I was excited when he was in VLD because he’s good at what he does and I wanna see him (and other twd actors in general, they all kinda are nonexistent outside of twd even though they are all bomb actors) in more movies/shows.

3/3 He also seems like a really chill and funny dude from the interviews he’s done (like his interviews with Conan are hilarious). So seeing that side of the fandom only really liking him because he hasn’t said anything about liking a particular ship or not irks me because he is more than just the other side of a ship and is a bomb ass actor with a wife and son like,,,,,,argh it just makes me mad tbh. (welp sorry this was long)


Antis just treat the cast like shit tbh and I don’t know why they’re even still here. Like this stupid discourse is nothing to do with the cast stop acting like they have some obligation to get involved bc they deadass don’t and stop trying to get them involved bc it’s nothing to do with them and they shouldn’t have to deal with the dumb shit

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Kinda obvious but Bungou Stray Dogs for the favorite character gifs!!💜(And if someone already requested then Haikyuu😘💜)

send me a fandom and i’ll list my top 5 characters

1. Dazai

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2. Chuuya

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3. Ranpo

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4. Atsushi

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5. Kyouka

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Autistic me in social situations:

“Okay, act normal.”

*feeble attempt at small talk*

*says nothing for twenty minutes*

“Crap, I toned it down too much.”

*ten minutes of gushing about Newt Scamander and how he’s the greatest character ever while stimming all over the place*

“I went too far!!”

*silent again for another twenty minutes*

An interesting thing I’ve noticed with how Fire Emblem designs their classes: there is always a character, typically the first of that class, who becomes the pattern on which every other character of that class type is modeled on. It’s more obvious when FE introduced multi-classing as a thing for the Shadow Dragon remake, Awakening, and Fates, but you can still find exemplars in the older games.

I’ll probably put it in a different post who those Exemplars are, but a few off the top of my head in Shadows of Valentia: Mycen is the Exemplar Gold Knight. that one purple haired villain dude is the exemplar Paladin, Clive is the exemplar cavalier, Lukas is the exemplar soldier, and etc. 

It also makes it obvious when characters then break design type: ex Tharja in Awakening is the exemplar Dark Mage, and it shows with how the enemy Dark Mages are designed, but then they break type very deliberately with Henry, whois far more covered up than Tharja or any other male Dark Mage.

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I think them having Mona killing Cece was pretty decent on their part. Yes it was "obvious", but isn't that what we want in a mystery show? To go back and look at the clues and see the trail that they've left behind? Mona killing Cece has very little to no plot holes at all and is one of the few solid answers that we're probably ever going to get from this ugly show. The only downside to all this is the character development that they've established has now been tossed down the drain.

Well, you know, again, I said this in an earlier ask and I guess it depends on what you’re looking for because yeah you’re right. Mona killing Charlotte did make sense and it left little room for plot-holes but it’s something we all saw coming, like, it wasn’t all that shocking in the end. So it becomes a question of “Do you want there to be no plot holes and not be surprised” or would you rather be surprised and there’s plot holes? Ideally, it’d be surprise and no plot holes but we’ve thrown that right out the window with this show, lol.

I think to a degree, we do want the obvious choice, where we can go back and trace our steps and know we were right, but at the same time, a lot of people want to be surprised. I miss the feeling I had when it was revealed Toby was on the A Team. Even Spencer’s reveal was amazing. Mona’s reveal. Ezra’s reveal. Those reveals were incredible and they gave us the feeling of being surprised and Ezra was the downfall because they didn’t stick with it. And after that, it was reveal after reveal of basically nobody’s on the show, people we had no connection to so it wasn’t surprising. It was just…tiring. 

But that’s another thing too like yeah it makes sense, no plot holes, but no surprise and the character development, specifically for Mona, is…gone. So it’s deciding what you want most I guess heh. Because we’re not gonna get all of it, clearly

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Stuff like that is why characters who's sole personality is to be a love interest tends to bug me; especially when they're a main character. Don't put a character in front of our faces if they're not going to contribute much to the plot. (And IF the character in question actually does have a well-established personality, don't toss that out the window so the romance can work)

I think that’s why I had such a problem with Fiona. Because she didn’t really have much to begin with, and people forget that that was ALSO thrown out (Before Ian mind you) just so she could fall for Sonic and not even be his main love interest, but his rebound girl, and it’s so painful because it’s so OBVIOUS he still had feelings for Sally the entire fucking time (Which makes the whole Sally marriage arc confusing as shit, especially the end) and it’s just there for the sake of having romance and drama and causing friction between Sonic and Tails, nothing more, nothing less

It’s not even like Fiona got developed to the point where she liked Sonic. She shows up at fucking random, says “ I guess he’s not that bad after all” and joins the FFs. That’s it, that’s her fucking development. And she didn’t do ANYTHING else. 

Just, fuck man, Fiona was fucked from day one


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]