there are no geth here

Another thing that has been on my mind, regarding the peace between quarians and geth.
When Shepard is in the geth consensus, we see a female quarian trying to plead with other quarians to save the geth, saying that they need the geth and “you can’t just destroy them for asking-”
The other quarians kill her, and the geth she tried to protect.
Here’s a picture, because clearly just talking about it isn’t sad enough:

When Shepard comments on this, Legion will say: “We have kept records of these creators’ sacrifices. They have largely been forgotten by their own people. But not by the geth.”

What’s interesting is that Shepard knows that the geth consensus is more than just a series of data, for the geth it’s like a “city.”
But Legion recovers some programs (I also think this type of data is shared by more than just this “city”).
So basically, when you reunite the geth and the quarians, there is the opportunity for the two species to share memories. Since quarians “enjoy storytelling”, and they value their ancestors, I see no reason why those forgotten ancestors can’t be remembered again by the quarians.
I’ll write a fic about it, because this is something that really moves me.

Confession:  I’m still waiting for our darkspawn companion/plot-important npc. We got a geth companion in Mass Effect, why not here? The awakened darkspawn that don’t want to murder everything are perfect for interesting characters. Besides, they can’t infect anyone with the Taint since they no longer have the Taint and can’t hear the Old Gods’ calls. Come on Bioware I want a darkspawn buddy.