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hiii guys!! i always have too much time in my hands during the summer break and so I thought to myself,,,why not make a follow forever?? so here i am! making it! anyways! shout out to all you wonderful people for making my dash so amazing and making me smile and laugh everyday! I hope y’alls summer is going great and i hope y’all are staying hydrated in this freaking h e a t

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For Better or Worse - Part 5

Again, I am so sorry for the wait!! I do actually have an excuse this time, I moved to another part of the UK last week and everything has been so hectic for me. But, anyway, I’ve finally managed to sit down and write and part five is here! It’s also much longer than part four, so I hope that makes up for it a bit!

A few of you have been asking me if I’m going to post this on AO3 - I have looked into it and I do really want to, but I’m still waiting for an invite to join. In the mean time, I hope it’s ok on here & thank you for continuing to read :)

PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4


“It’s Toby,” she breathed.

Betty’s grip on Jughead tightened. “What? What do you-”

“I think he’s alive.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jughead quaked, shielding his eyes from the rain.

“If you get in I will explain what I know. But it has to be now.”

Betty’s heart was pounding against her chest. “Why?”

“Because,” she replied, “your dad has lost it.”

Betty shook her head, removing her hand from Jughead’s as she pulled her hair out of her face.

“What do you mean, lost it?”

“Please, just trust me.”

Amidst all of the craziness, the darkness, the nights of nothing but emptiness, Betty knew one thing for sure: she trusted Veronica with all of her heart. But she wasn’t sure if Veronica trusted her anymore. At first, the drive encompassed nothing but silence. Instinctively, Jughead reached out and squeezed Betty’s hand, to which she squeezed back.

“V, what’s happening?” She finally said, her voice barely a murmur.

“I don’t know all of the details,” she replied, “but after you left everything kind of went into a frenzy.”

Betty frowned, looking down at her dress which was still soaked through with mud and rain.

“Your mom and dad went into the hallway to talk,” Veronica continued. “I was about to leave when I overheard them. Your dad was telling your mom to keep quiet about something; she was pretty upset with him. They mentioned a child and that you would never speak to them again and all your mom did was cry. I kind of put two and two together.”

“I don’t understand. How could he possibly- How could we not know?” Betty wanted to cry, but she was so overwhelmed that nothing would come out. Terrified of losing her son all over again, she ran scenario after scenario over in her head, but nothing she could muster up seem to make sense. Toby, their baby, alive after all of this time? After years of mourning and misery and emptiness. How could he be? And, more importantly, why?

“Where are you taking us?” Jughead’s voice cracked as he watched the street lights fly past with every passing second.

“The Register. There must be some kind of information there. Don’t you think?”

“Maybe,” Betty said, “or perhaps they’ve hidden something in the house.”

“We can check there too, but we’ll probably have to be quick.”

“Why would they do this?” Jughead asked.

“I don’t know,” Betty replied. “They didn’t even like Archie when we were in high school, you know? I could never figure out why they wanted me to be with him so badly.”

“If Toby’s alive,” he started, unable to finish his sentence.

“I know,” she said quickly. “I know.”

The lights were off in the Cooper household, meaning that nobody had gotten there before them just yet. As soon as they made it inside, Betty and Jughead searched the place top to bottom as Veronica kept watch from the window.

“I can’t find anything,” Betty exclaimed as she bounded down the stairs. “There’s nothing here.”

“Same,” Jughead replied, emerging from the dining room. “Nothing.”

“I’ve had an epiphany,” Veronica said suddenly, her eyes lighting up after considering admitting defeat. “Forget The Register. Where’s the one place your parents knew you’d never go back to? The place you couldn’t face?”

“Oh my god,” Betty replied. “That’s it.”

Jughead’s eye flickered from Veronica and then back to Betty again. “Where?”

“The Blue and Gold.”

After quickly changing into some dry clothes, Betty and the two ghosts from her past found themselves rushing to a place they hadn’t stepped foot in since they were just a group of kids falling in love, falling apart, and putting themselves back together again. Riverdale High.

“I thought the Blue and Gold had died out,” Jughead remarked as they snuck around the side of the building, “you know, after everything.”

Betty flinched, her gaze falling to the floor. “It did,” she replied, composing herself, “but I insisted that everything be kept in its place. I couldn’t let it go. Not that it mattered, because I couldn’t even bear to look at any of it after you left.”

She looked at him then, her eyes burning into his for just a split second before Veronica tore them away from one another.

“I know a way in,” she exclaimed, gesturing for them to follow. “Come on.”

It was dark, the moon reflecting an icy cold glare amidst the deceivingly warm breeze, and providing them with their only source of light. Successfully picking the lock of a small, old back door with a hair grip, something Betty had taught her a whole other lifetime ago, Veronica opened the door and hurriedly turned on the flash on her phone to use as a torch. It didn’t take them long to find the room that they were looking for, the room that had once been the home of the Blue and Gold, responsible for much more than just bringing Betty and Jughead together in the first place. There was a sense of familiarity and nostalgia in the air as they carefully made their way down the old hallways, almost as if they had never even left. As if all of those years away had vanished into nothing.

“Stay here and keep watch,” Betty whispered, effortlessly throwing her dampened hair up into a ponytail. “I’m going in.”

“Betty-“ Jughead interjected, grazing her arm gently.

“It’s ok,” she replied. “I’ll be quick.”

A few moments passed, Jughead intently staring after Betty as Veronica allowed her eyes to run over the vacant hallway before her. She could see her old locker, and that sparked something in her. She tried not to think of Archie and all of the memories that were flooding back to her now that she was here, how he stole her heart and broke it, just like every other girl in this place. But not Betty. She had always known better, and that’s why the news of the engagement had initially shocked her so much. Now, after the plot twists of all plot twists, Veronica knew that Archie could never have broken Betty’s heart again, because the truth was that she never really gave it to him to begin with. Deep down, she’d always known that. She took a deep breath, eyeing the broken, dark-haired boy stood beside her.

“So, not to divert too much from the kind of humongous issue we have on our hands but-“

He didn’t move, although surprised by the sudden sound of her voice. “What?”

“I just didn’t expect to see you back there at Pop’s. You know, both of you. Together.”

Jughead turned, scanning the space around them. “Well, it sure is a day for unexpected instances.”

“Whatever’s happening,” she said, “I’m happy that you’ve found your way back to each other.”

He looked down. “We haven’t really had time to talk about it. You know, too busy almost getting married, breaking into high schools and finding our dead son.”

“Well, it’s nice to see that your sardonic humour hasn’t gone anywhere,” she smirked with a sigh.

They smiled at each other, only briefly, as if forgiving one another for something unsaid. An acceptance and understanding passing between the both of them.

“She never stopped loving you, you know?”

He flinched as he broke their gaze, his breath catching in his throat as he looked towards the ground once more, his face pained.

“Her parents practically pushed this wedding onto her, she didn’t even really have much of a say,” she continued. “I didn’t blame her for it. I still don’t. It was just too much, you know?”

Jughead momentarily closed his eyes, nodding ever so slightly. “I know.”

“Maybe things are about to change.”

He pursed his lips together, turning back to face the door as he remembered how he had stood here back when he was just a kid, fighting with himself to go in and talk to the girl he had been in love with ever since she had smiled at him in middle school. Little did he know he’d be the love of her life. He gulped.

“There’s no ‘maybe’ about it.”

Encased within four familiar walls, Betty didn’t know where to look first. This room was used for nothing now except storage; it had almost been forgotten about, but never by her. She thought back to all of those years earlier, gazing at the exact spot where she was stood across the room from Jughead, pleading for him to come and write for the paper. Neither of them could ever have imagined what was to come for them back then. How they’d be one of the most important parts of each other’s lives, how they’d fall in love, get engaged and have a baby. How it would all fall apart. Then slowly, somehow, come back together again.

Rummaging through every drawer before her, clutching onto Veronica’s phone for light, all she could seem to find were pages and pages of nothing but emptiness and irrelevance. Old paperwork from Jason Blossom’s murder, issues of the paper smothered by dust, pens drained of ink, faded class photographs.

“Come on,” she whispered to herself, “there has to be something.”

And then, just when she thought she might be wasting her time after all, something caught her eye. It was an envelope, wedged right down the back, crumpled and creased. It stood out to her because of the handwriting on the front. She would’ve recognised it anywhere. Jughead’s. Her face furrowed in confusion, ripping it open and retrieving a single piece of paper. It was a letter, dated seven years earlier. A letter she had never seen before now.


I’m not really sure how to word this, which is funny, really, seeing as I’m supposedly so good with words. I guess I just need to say that I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I’m sorry that I left, I’m sorry that I hurt you, and I’m sorry that it’s taken me a whole year to do this. I know that probably doesn’t mean a hell of a lot, but I need to say it anyway.

I love you. No matter what happens, I guess that I always will. I want to marry you and start a family again and give every part of me that I possibly can. I never thought I could love or be loved by anyone the way that I did with you and with our son. I understand if you want nothing to do with me, but please, if there’s any chance you do, will you write back? I’ve tried calling but your parents keep telling me to stop. I even called Archie but he’s been nothing but vague and distant. I’ve left my current address on the back of the envelope – it’s completely your call.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I love you.


She stood completely still for a moment, slowly absorbing the words strung out in front of her. If she’d have gotten this letter everything would have been different. The calls that she’d missed and the letters that had gone unanswered, all of which she was completely oblivious to. Her parents were controlling her life in a way she couldn’t even have imagined. How could she have been so blind to what was right in front of her for eight whole years? Not only had Jughead tried time and time again to reach out to her, he clearly thought that Betty’s silence had meant that she didn’t want to hear from him and had no intention of responding. Something in her broke at the thought of that, especially because it couldn’t have been further than the truth.

But that wasn’t the only envelope that had been hidden.

“Is everything ok?” Jughead’s voice dragged her out of her own thoughts, the sight of him in the doorway filling her with a surge of sadness, desire, uncertainty and longing. She gripped onto the envelope a little tighter, taking in every part of him in while she could. His black hair lay scruffily against his face, dripping slightly from the rain, his eyes piercing straight through her as he held onto the door. How could he look at her and make her feel like no time had passed at all? She breathed deeply, before opening it up and inspecting what lay inside.

“These are letters,” she finally breathed.

“Letters from who?”

“A family in Silvercross, wherever the hell that is. They’re all addressed to my mom, talking about a boy… a boy called James? There’s a letter for every year. All eight of them.”

Jughead allowed the door to close, gradually walking closer as he spoke. “James? You think that it’s?”

“I don’t know,” she said quickly, struggling to keep up with her own thoughts.

“What do they say?”

Betty swallowed, clearing her throat as she began to read the words aloud as quietly as she could.

“This one’s dated three years ago.”


We have just celebrated James’ fifth birthday and I thought that I would check in with you. He’s healthy and he’s happy, first and foremost. He’s drawing now and he’s actually pretty good at it for his age. He’s always quite content with a crayon in his hand. He’s a smart kid, which I’m sure you saw for yourself when you met him, and he’s always asking questions about the lady with the blonde hair and when she’ll be coming back. We appreciated your visit and we hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes from all of us,


“Who the hell is Marie?”

Betty dropped the paper onto the desk before them. “I have no idea,” she muttered, “but whoever she is… she might have our son, Jug.”

“Do you really think that it’s him?”

Abruptly, and before she could even think of how to reply, the door flung open as alarms started to blare. “Guys, we need to leave. Now.”

Frantically gathering the papers before her, including the letter she’d found at the start, she seized a hold of Jughead’s arm and headed for the door, following Veronica’s lead.

“I guess there’s only one way to find out.”

anonymous asked:

are you ever going to fucking update again?

I try not to reply to rude messages like this anymore, but given that I’ve gotten several messages like this over the past few days – 

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long between updates, truly sorry. It was never my intention to make people wait, especially when I have so many lovely people who have supported me and my fics. I feel awful about it every day

This will probably just sound like I’m making excuses, but things have not been great on the mental health front for a while, or just on the health front in general. I’ve been trying to focus on that, and sometimes that means that writing gets pushed to the side for a bit. 

I have a lot of original fiction projects I’m working on, too, and lately that’s what I’ve been called to write. It means a lot of silence on the fanfic front, and I’m sorry for that too. 

I am working on both ALID and Ghost, but both fics are a little on the intricate side, so I’m trying to write as much as possible so there are no last minute plotholes or snarls that mean a bad experience for anyone who reads them. I want these stories to be my absolute best, and that means a lot of writing and rewriting and revising and second-guessing myself along the way. 

I’m not trying to make people wait, and I hate that it’s ended up this way. I totally understand if you, or anyone else, stops reading my fics because of the long delays between chapters. And to everyone who has stuck with me, in spite of the wait – thank you. Thank you so darn much. I’m sorry. 

None of these delays are malicious, so please think twice before you send another batch of nasty anons like this to any other author, because it sucks, and just compounds the guilt over not updating to begin with. 

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm wondering if if you think if Steve was thinking about Killing Tony in civil war? When Steve was on Tony and raised his shield to attack I thought he was about to kill him and my friend said that's bullshit cap wouldn't do that and the person that was reckless in the fight was Tony cuz he started the fight for no reason and cause Bucky to lose his arm. So I'm wondering do you think Steve thinking about ending Tony for a split second?


OKay, so I kinda talked about it once here

Listen, your friend is clearly heavily biased, so starting there we have a problem. Tony attacks Bucky in a moment of uncontrollable rage after finding out his parents have been murdered. Furthermore the reason Bucky loses his arm is because he tries to claw out the arc reactor, so Tony defends himself and sadly bucky’s arm is lost in the process. 

I am not excusing tony’s actions, btw. It isn’t okay to try to kill someone, but his reaction is understandable. 

Now, Rogers was defending Bucky, as he did for the entirety of the movie. He stepped in and kept on fighting Tony. In film, there’s something we call the allusion of death, which is when the creators want to you to emote as you would if a character died + show certain character qualities, without having to pay the consequences of actually having to kill a character. 

For example, having someone be shot in a film, and them almost dying, is showing you that there was an intent to kill (without there being consequences in terms of character as a resource). Steve goes for the arc reactor which, up until IM3 kept Tony alive. This is an allusion of death. If you watch the scene closely Steve rams in the shield and then pushes deeper with his hand. Tony’s body seizes and then falls slack on the floor. This is a clear allusion of death, showing an intent to kill on Steve’s part. 

Furthermore, considering the fact that Tony is left with a powerless suit in a siberian base in sub-zero temperatures (tech doesn’t work properly if it’s too cold or too hot), without any means to get reinforcements, is another allusion of death. 

So, in short, yes, the film indicates to me that Steve was indeed trying, or thinking about ending Tony’s life in his quest to protect Bucky. 

This one’s for you.

Authors Note: Hey everyone, I am sorry it has taken me a while to finally post some sort of writing, things have been hectic for me, both good and bad. But, here is a small little something I managed to come up with. 

The song I used is ‘This one’s for you, by Luke Combs.' 

There is a bit of a funny story on how I found this artist. But, it is a really good song, in my opinion. (It is country).  Enjoy! Xx

He had heard all the excuses, all the lines, and had been through all the of the hardest goodbyes. All he wanted was to drown out all the noise, and the void in his heart, the void that had built a home in the most vulnerable part of him. She hurt him in the worst of ways, she was home to him, and now he is a lost somewhere in the distance of what could have been and what was — Dying inside.

He was in desperate need of a helping hand, someone who wasn’t his mother or one of his guy friends who allow him to find himself at the bottom of a bottle.

You push his hotel door open, not surprised when your eyes scan the mess of clothes on the floor, everything scattered everywhere like a tornado had ripped through the room.

He’s sprawled out on the bed, the sheets messily enveloping him, just covering his lower back.

“Shawn, Shawn get up,” you sigh, placing the two coffees and the breakfast you had gotten down on the table that is sporting a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

“Babe?” he mumbles drowsily, his voice rough, a pitiful indication that he is more than likely hung over.

The sound of him calling you babe, sends shivers down your back. You shake your head before breathing out and stepping closer to the bed.

“No, it is me. Remember me?” You challenge, drawing the coverings away from him, exposing him as he lies in just a pair of sweatpants. “I’m your best friend that you have failed to communicate with. Did you forget about me, or did you just want to be a dick?” you continue, casting the sheets to the floor, allowing them to waddle up in the corner.

“Oh ha, ha. I know your voice anywhere,” Shawn mumbles into his voice, unamused by being woken up.

“Mhm, whatever slacker, get your ass up,”

“No, sleepin’”

You raise a brow, shaking your head disapprovingly as he stays on the bed, not moving from his sprawled out position.

“It is almost twelve, get up. I have coffee and food to cure your hang over.” You insist, stepping away from the bed and walking to where you left the food and the coffees.

You turn back around with the coffees in your hand, your eyes observing his body as it sits up on the bed, his body tanned, and toned.

“Two sugars?” he queries, working his unsteady hand through his ruffled hair that is just as smooth resembling as it was when he left for tour four months ago.

You roll your eyes, handing him the coffee, “Yes, it is exactly how you like it. Want to tell me why the hell you have been neglecting me?” You question, sitting on the edge of the bed while he takes a few sips of the beverage.

He looks down, refusing to make eye contact with you for a brief moment, gathering his thoughts— thoughts that have been hung up on his now, ex-girlfriend, for the last seven months.  

“You could have called me, you know?” you whisper, handing him a paper bag with a Danish in it,

“And say what? That she fucking left me without warning, without reason? She got up and left one morning and nobody knows why.” He raises his voice slightly, “What am I meant to say to anyone? Everyone wants me to have explanations and I don’t. I don’t know why she left me, I don’t know why, okay. Didn’t think calling you would give me the damn answers… What would you have said? Huh? 'I told you so?’”

Keep reading

Fluttering and dancing in the sky,
Let our love reach you

Tsukiuta [Procellarum] x Servamp

Since I cant finish more of these today, I guess I’m doing it everyday then~ Huuueee~  I’m sorry I just couldn’t help myself. All of a sudden I’m hyped lololol. I wanted to try doing like an animation video from their song but omg have you seen the effects and dance? Like no way jose am I gonna pull that off— Let’s just stick with certain frames. Pffff- So anyways, here we go! 


so far this is what happening to me in school
-all star by smash mouth is now our batch song and we need to memorize it
-“if i am the big bang then who banged the big bang??” - my religion teacher
-volcano lessons in class sound like a smut fanfiction “it’s a FLUID that OVERFLOWS and it’s THICK and STICKY” *science teacher draws lava with WHITE CHALK as it spurts out a volcano
-i’ve taken 20 stolen photos of my science teacher and edited her face on items and sent it to my class groupchat (they love it)
-in my recollection i shouted “I’M SORRY I’M SO GAY”
-my teacher described the word blunt to our class saying it means “straight to the point” and i just shouted back “EXCUSE ME I AM BISEXUAL TO THE POINT”

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Can anyone who speaks Japanese/ understands the language please help me out?

So I’ve been doing research for a new anime fanfiction that I am in the process of writing, and I have been looking into the order of the given and sir names Japanese people have. Excuse me for asking this because I know it will probably be a simple answer, but from what I’ve seen (and from my past experiences) the last name is first followed by the given name for example: Endou Mamoru (Endou being the family name, Mamoru being the given name) but in Boku No Hero Academia, their names seem to be switched around. for example, Shoto Todoroki is a character, but his family name is Todoroki, while his given name is Shoto, which has been switched around. Is there a reason for this? 

my nayme is Deen
in al the lande
no grayter dood
than bruthr Sam
and wen he falls
but is not ded

i hold his face
i lik his hed

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Humans Are Weird (Pregnancy and Babies)

“Humans are weird” post! What if all aliens actually hatch from eggs and our planet is the only one in the universe that has mammals on it. For an alien, the shell of their egg is a bit like their birth certificate because it’s the proof that they were born, so it’s extremely important for them. To study the development of certain species, they sometimes have to ask some specimen of that species to show them their shell. But then, they visit Earth and meet humans…

Alien: Good morning Human-Nate. I am Xers, an eggshell specialist. In order to study your species development, I need you to show me the shell of the egg that you hatched from. Don’t worry, I am a professional. I can guarantee that you will have it back in the same state as it was when you entrusted it to me.
Human: hummmm, I’m sorry but I don’t have any eggshell to show you…..
Alien: Could it be that you lost it? If so, please excuse me for my previous request. I am sorry if you thought that it was a rude of me.
Human: Don’t apologize, it’s fine! *nervous hand gesture* I didn’t lose it or anything. It’s just that I never had one in the first place. Humans do not hatch from eggs.
Alien: W-what? They don’t?! Then how?
Human: Well, to put it short, the baby grows inside of the mother’s uterus for 9 months and then, when they are ready, they just…come out…by another part of the the mother’s reproductive system.
Alien: Directly from the uterus? With no shell or protection?! Baby humans actually SURVIVE this?!
Human: Yup, and I am the living proof! *laughs*
Alien: …..what the hell is wrong with your species.

To learn more about what humans call “pregnancy”, Xers went to see a pregnant woman and asked her questions about the singular gestation process of “mammals”. After a few minutes, the woman chuckled softly and put a hand on her round belly.

Alien: *worried* Human-Kate, are you alright?
Human: It’s nothing. I just felt a small kick from her. *chuckles*
Alien:….Did your growing organism just ATTACK YOU?!

my nayme is Sam
and wen I ryde
with bruthr Deen
rite by my side
i do not sass
nor him attacke

i take my chance
i lik him bak

[ oops there’s a dean version | + more ]


“That’s gonna dissolve in 2 hours!”
“No no no no. Come fix this.”
“2 hours! You deserve that”
“I got ice cream in here!”
“You deserve that. You’re a criminal!”

[image description: Aaron Davis sits on the bumper of his car, his left hand still webbed to the trunk door, his right wrapped around a tub of ice cream he’s been drinking from. Melted ice cream is left on his face]

While I have a million-and-one ideas for dad!Tony fanart, figured I should start the Spiderman fanart ball rolling with a tribute to the real hero of the movie. Hat tip to Aaron Davis and a moment of silence for his ruined ice cream… Geez Spidey, have a heart


get to know me: favorite female charactersthe ghibli girls
 “Many of my movies have strong female leads – brave, self-sufficient girls that don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart. They’ll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Any woman is just as capable of being a hero as any man.” (– Hayao Miyazaki)

the best parts of the raven boys (featuring me crying)

- adam and ronan literally dragging each other on moving dollys behind the bmw like what nerds

- “if it had a social security number, ronan had fought with it”

- noah told them like 400 times that he was dead why was this news

- ronan being so extra about picking fights with declan. school? sure. monmouth? hell yea. nino’s parking lot? let’s fuckin go!!!

- the first thing blue ever sees ronan do is run into the light hanging above the booth at nino’s #clumsygay™

- ronan’s number on the nino’s bathroom stall door (honestly what the fuck)

- president cell phone

- gansey describing his friends as “the sulky one” and “the smudgy one”

- take a shot every time blue or adam call gansey condescending 

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Happy Birthday, Soo-won!! ♡ (feb03)

I decided to color the second one too because the first one is a little depressing lol. Especially if you know when that panel is. & I didn’t want him to only be sad for his bday.. orz

Also happy birthday to Kusanagi Mizuho! Bless her for creating such a masterpiece in progress! ♡