there are no dinosaurs in this vid

Banana Bus Squad!

So anyways, if you guys like the bbs squad, or just want something to watch on YouTube, I’ve got some vids on H2o Delirious’ channel for you!

‘Hide and seek - Dino edition!!!’


• Delirious adorably growling at the camera, pretending to be a dinosaur

• Nogla, Vanoss, Delirious and Basically being flirty nerds

• Many randomly sexual flirty comments, usually pertaining to Delirious’ asshole

• Delirious, as usual, being mostly completely oblivious and adorable in response to said flirts

• “hey delirious, I heard you wanted a gaping fucking asshole”

• “hey delirious, nice ass”

• All the boys being attention whores for Del’s attention, as usual

• “guys we have to be careful we might get a speeding ticket”

• Delirious finding high points on the map, using them to both mock people and try to help the other seekers

• Panicked screaming

• Lots of laughter

• Sneaky hehehehehe


• Playing shitty pranks on each other

• Everyone is very giggly, especially Delirious and Vanoss

• Always hiding together

• Marcel being super fucking adorable


• “oh no they found me :c”

• “I’M GOING AWAY ON A BUSINESS TRIP AND NEVER COMING BACK!!!” “Are you on the stupid fucking car??” “…no?”

• Lots of joking and screaming, as usual

• Overall just really gay and cute, 12/10

And, 'Finding Bigfoot - Back in the woods!!! With Cartoonz and Ohmwrecker!!’


• Cartoonz and Ohm fighting for Delirious’s attention, as usual

• Lots of flirting

• Delirious, yet again, being oblivious to 99% of said flirting

• The boys being really overexcited and acting like ten year olds

• Terrified screaming


• Delirious randomly flirts at Ohm-Ohm looses his fucking mind, Delirious giggles, and Cartoonz aggressively changes the subject

• “No supplies, we die like men”

• “You guys, put down some meat!” “Oh, I’ll put down some meat alright ;)))))”

• Lots of compliments and overexcited, giggly thank you’s

• Refusing to be separated under any cost

• Climbing trees

• Falling out of said trees

• Five million and seven sexual jokes and just jokes in general about Bigfoot

• Talking over dramatically and being extremely overprotective of each other even though it’s literally just a video game

• Delirious standing and watching Cartoonz 'pee’ as they stare at each other behind a tree

• Ohm walks two more steps before panicking and going back for them

• Cartoonz screams and gets angry when Ohm comes over; Ohm and Del make fun of the flustered demon boy

• “You just can’t find fresh dead bodies like this anymore”

• “God, we’re the real monsters here. He just wanted to come home and want Netflix and we fucking cut off his legs!”

• Ohm and Cartoonz laughing at Del’s shitty jokes even though they’re shitty just because it makes him happy

• Random huddle walking

• Getting giggly over flares

• Aggressive sharing

• “DELIRIOUS ARE YOU OKAY??” “Yeah, are you?” “Meh. Not important.”

• I think they’re scared of the dark

• Happy adventure boyos

• Very gay and wonderful, 100/10

I honestly love these videos, they’re so cute, please so give them a watch and a like, the happy boys deserve it

Oh, and at the beginning of one of the videos, there’s a really cute promo for their parts in the Monster Game where Del and Wildcat fight and it’s wonderful and hilarious XD


so i started doing jurassic world / animal crossing crossover doodles over on twitter and now im buried in dino villager hell aaAA o)-<

OWEN WOuld be mayor of his town & blue is his assistant and okay okay okay i just want to draw more jurassic crossing now bye. BYEEE

also timelapse vid here aaayyyy


Dinosaurs are fossils, fossil… fuel. Is it safe to say that our cars run on the ghosts of dinosaurs?

Chris Pratt being dork af in the new VSauce video

Heathers and more.

After a not very nice weeks, I’ve found another incredible musical. Well, Thomas Sanders is an youtubers/viner who i like so much, so some years ago he said that he was acting as the most important male character in a musical and I had no idea about musical at that time, but two days ago, (i think i know a little about musicals now) I found the film Heathers in youtube( which it’s weird but it’s cool tho) and by now I have seen Heathers, the films and the musical, two times and a lot of animatic vids (thanks we-killed-the-dinosaurs aka you are amazing). I know that here in Tumblr a lot of you are big fans of Heather so I want to talk about JD because i think it’s maybe quite difficult to analyze, (but but but i love the heathers and Veronica). I think that he is so toxic with Veronica and with all the people because no one in his life has taken care of him. In Freeze your brain you can see the fight inside his head, also the character in the film, the original, has less emotions that the theatre JD. Meant to be yours is my favorite because you can see that JD is just a scared boy who completely trust in Veronica.

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this lil guy must have drank too much,he was stumbling right outside his door


Art by @ass-ass-in-treehole . Posted with author permission. All credit to the artist.

So, as any children, the Frye twins reach the unavoidable, fateful, known age where they’re obsessed with one thing only: dinosaurs. They insist on getting books on dinos, watch movies about dinos, imitate dinos shrill noises that makes people wonder if they have gotten hurt or are just playing. Finally they insist on getting a t-rex suit when their friend Aleck, a forever nerd who watches vines on youtube all day, shows them a vid. After much begging, their father agrees to get them one for Halloween if they’re good.

Surprisingly they study, behave, are all angelic. People are shocked. Starrick is shocked. Really he never thought their love for dinos would result in miracles, but here they are and here he is, buying the costumes.

Come the day, the children are excited! They roar! They chase each other! Yay! 


Jacob steps on his tail and falls face first to the cold floor, and sits up trying to hold back tears. Ghost Ned gasps, Aleck takes off his robot helmet, Freddy looks up from playing with his police gun and they wait.
Soon enough Jacob is wailing and crying for his papa, one little lonely t rex like in the Jurassic Park movie.

Next halloween, Jacob is so being a disney princess with Freddy again.


GUYS here’s the vid i posted as a link later because I was on mobile LOOK AT THIS IT’S THE DINOSAUR THING FROM HORIZON ANDNSAIOIDFHSJDFSDÑFADSFSD

Confessions of a Glory Hound: On Fanfic and Feedback

The following is a slightly edited version a piece I wrote back in 2010 on LJ. I think it still holds true.

1) I’m not going to touch the question of whether or not fic feedback is an appropriate place for constructive criticism. That’s a topic that’s been discussed since the time when dinosaurs roamed free in fandom and no one has ever been able to reach consensus on it.

2) I’m going to talk specifically about fanfic here since it’s the form of fanwork that I’m the most familiar with. I’m sure some of this applies to art, vids, podfics, gifsets, and other fanworks but I don’t feel qualified to speak to all of them.

3) Fanfic and professional writing are two completely different animals. So I’m not going to compare the two at all here. This piece is solely about fanfic.

4) Writers aren’t entitled to feedback from readers. Readers aren’t entitled to fic from writers. Just to get that out of the way.

Lately, there has been quite a lot of muttering in [old fandom I used to belong to] about feedback and whether or not it’s acceptable for a fic writer to write with the public reception of their fic as a motivating factor. The argument has sometimes grown heated and words like “attention whore,” “glory hound,” and “needy” have been thrown around to describe fic writers who care about receiving feedback and what members of their fandom think about their writing.

When I’m well and truly obsessed with a fandom and/or a pairing, I have stories that I need to tell. The fic somehow spontaneously generates in my brain and often the stories begin writing themselves long before I get anywhere near a keyboard. The greatest motivation for me when writing fanfic is telling the story that’s currently living in my head and making it the best it can possibly be. I can’t speak for others, but in all the years I’ve been writing fanfic, I have never heard a writer admit that they write fic purely for the glory and adulation of it or to be a BNF. Just about every fic writer of my acquaintance has stated that they primarily write because they want to tell a story.

Glory and adulation is a pretty piss-poor motivation for writing fanfic, in my opinion. Really—what glory and adulation? A handful of glowing feedback comments? What does it add up to at the end of the day? Fanfic isn’t going to make a writer rich or famous (unless you’re E.L. James or Cassandra Clare). You can’t cuddle up to your fandom at the end of the day.

So, after all that, does feedback matter to me as a writer? Of course it does. It matters a whole lot. Like many other people in fandom, and in the world at large, I care about what other people think of my work. I care a lot.

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January 10, 2016

@amazingphil YouNow subjects & highlights
• “hold on to your horses. or other animals.”
• he prefers even years to odd years
• the hazelnut coffee tasted like burnt petrol
• teaching his grandfather to play Mario Kart
• he did the tongue thing again awh
• the “mood changing” phone case
• his new video watching his baby vids •ᴥ•
• only sort of excited for his birthday
• snakes falling out of trees on his mum
• tarantulas are like “fuzzy hamsters” tf m8
• more talk about the UK Star Wars premiere
• ^ took Martyn and Cornelia with them
• he gave up on his Neko Atsume cats
• wearing his SHS Buffy shirt
• pancakes over waffles, but barely
• had a haircut a few days ago
• ruining Dan’s Spotify recommendations
• fun facts about blobfish & the plushie
• he got a dinosaur (egg) candle
• only really enjoys festive candles
• 23,000 people watching the stream! :)
• the play he saw “wasn’t exactly a lol fest”
• went to see Les Mis since Carrie is leaving
• US Tour dates will be sorted soon
• houseplant appreciation day is today!!!
• pretty much quoted JSE’s intro haha
• he accidentally threw out his lotto ticket
• in the baby vid he said “light” 50-60 times
• goodbye from the houseplants


[VID/TRANS] [151106] Dongwoo’s Instagram Update

저는.. 강아지상인가요 고양이상인가요~.~ 공룡상인가.. 인스피릿의 사랑 개근상!!!
아니면 음.. 동우상~ 신상~떠오르는 시상 상상.. 막상 던지고 나니 기분좋은 일상 ㅎ흐

[TRANS] I am.. someone with a dog image (gangaji-sang), or a cat (goyangi-sang) one~.~ Is it dinosaur (gonglyongsang)  ..or someone who has a full mark on Inspirits’ love attendance (Inspirits-ui salang gaegeun-sang)!!! Or, um.. Dongwoo-san (pronounced as: Dongwoo-sang)~ Statue of Libery (sin-sang)~ rising award (tteooleuneun si-sang), imagine (sang-sang).. In reality (mag-sang), after saying all of this out, everyday (il-sang) feels good heuheu

t/n: he’s just playing around with words ended with -sang ~.~

Will you be the Dan to my Phil?
  • Will you be the Dan to my Phil?
  • Will you be the llama to my lion?
  • Will you be the lion to my dinosaur?
  • Will you be the YouTube to my Tumblr?
  • Will you be the existential to my crisis?
  • Will you be the video to my games?
  • Will you be the Dil to my Tabitha?
  • Will you be the Eliza to my Bob?
  • Will you be the Sonic to my Sally?
  • Will you be the Amazing to my Phil?
  • Will you be the Danisnot to my onfire?
  • Will you be the Manchester to my London?
  • Will you be the Tokyo to my Japan?
  • Will you be the Vid to my Con?
  • Will you be the TheAmazingBook to my isNotonFire?
  • Will you be the TheAmazingTour to my isNotonFire?
  • Will you be the Phan to my girl?
  • Will you be the Dan to my Phil?