there are no blurred lines

was blood
flowing through my veins
you knew this
from the very beginning

words no longer
in my lungs,
ink no longer
in my veins,
my heartbeats becoming
a straight line

white noise
blurred visions
falling into unconsciousness

are air
all poets know this
finding out…
…one way or another 

she was suffocating
drowning in the same ink
that she used to breathe
choking on words
she would have swallowed whole
not too long ago 

i will not allow her to die
supplanting her words 
coaxing her breaths
prolonging their deaths
i will spoon-feed if necessary
until she learns how to breathe
…once more
my words hers
my ink flowing
within her veins
my love, it rains
soaking her to the bones 

…it’s easier to breathe when she
knows she’s not alone


- A Kevin-saving-Madi collab. Thank you. Muahz! @takingstockofwhatmattersmost

re: the possibility of the writing of the Kara/Lena relationship actually being queerbaiting

The Supergirl writers likely don’t think they need to bait the queers. 

They already have Alex and Maggie, and obviously they think only having a couple minutes of them every episode will sate our gay hunge.

And if they heard that people were upset about the lack of gay (which is unlikely in general, never mind by the time these episodes were written) they’d just add more Sanvers time, not come up with gay subtext for the straight characters to woo us. I guess I just don’t think they’re in touch with us enough to know that Supercorp in particular has a a heavy wlw following.

But it is possible that they heard how much people like Lena and Kara and are playing into their friendship more because of it. Which sort of blurs the line between queerbaiting and fanservice, since they never intend to make them a couple, but also are just doing it because we like it. But when the end goal is not to trick queer viewers into watching a show, it stops, for me, being a question of morals and more a question of semantics. 

I guess I just don’t really see anything wrong with “the viewers think these two have chemistry, and even though I see it as a different kind of chemistry, we should have more of them interacting because everyone likes it.”

As for the promotional team, they may be queerbaiting, if they even know enough about the fans of this show to know that Kara and Lena have a queer following. But I still think they’d show any Sanvers footage if we were the audience they were trying to get.

And it’s also like… their job to bait people. To grab different demographics, including the straights. Even if things aren’t that straight in the episode.

Which, considering their usage of a scene from an older episode in this week’s promo:

I’d wager that there wasn’t that much footage of those two together in this coming episode, and that they’re kind of…straightbaiting”.

Also, this isn’t Rizzoli and Isles season 200, this is only the 8th episode with Lena in it. They haven’t even talked about the ship in the press yet, so we don’t know what they’re thinking about it or how much they know. For all we know, they weren’t influenced by our reaction at all, and this was the plan all along. After all, we knew Lena and Kara’s friendship was going to be a priority from the beginning. The audition script for Lena had Kara offering to buy her dumplings and then Lena offering to buy them instead because she’s rich, so it’s been low key there like… day one.

Anyway, I just think, for now, we can just enjoy Lena and Kara’s scenes from the promo without examining their morality too thoroughly. 

But talk to me in season 5 when the Supercorp fandom has become so prevalent in fan communities that it’s genuinely annoying and Kara and Lena are on the show just making out because… idk they have to go undercover in an alien lesbian bar to rescue Alex and Maggie who were kidnapped from it the night before but both of them are still Definitely Straight™.

anonymous asked:

Yeah but what's done is done. In this world it seems lines are blurred btwn good and bad. Did everyone froget ocean side kills anyone who stumbled on their camp? They were gonna kill Tara. No good guys or bad everything is shades of grey. But I def see your point too.

Yes, i agree that in that world there isn’t a clear line separating the good guys from the bad guys. But this season has been steadily establishing that team!family is fighting Negan for the greater good, for a better future for themselves and the other communities. We were told they have the “moral high ground”. they are the “good guys” fighting the good fight. Unfortunately, that’s not what I saw last night. I didn’t see a leader trying to recruit an ally to fight against a dictatorship. I saw a group overthrowing another. And the idea that what they did wasn’t morally corrupt is why I had a problem with it. If they had done what they did but shown some real conflict over it, I’d have understood. But they basically fucked them over and acted as if it was all good. And I have a big problem with that.

Invading a community, threatening the people and stealing their shit is exactly what they are supposed to be fighting against. So why should we be okay with that? Sounds like a hypocrisy to me. Why is Negan evil when he does it? Why is team!family brave when they do it? Why is the same action justified when performed by a group and demonized when performed by another?

If we are going to use the “they were going to kill tara” excuse to justify team!family’s behavior than we can do the same with Negan and the saviors. They killed Negan’s men so he was “justified” in doing what he did.  

I’ve seen some drama between people I like on this site which has spurred me to write my thoughts, not because I want to attack anyone in any way, but just because I want to express myself. I swear I mean no offense to anyone here. Thing is, when people start arguing about “investment” in a team, I personally think the line is so blurred there is literally no cause to make such points, and I just want to explain why.

Everyone’s involvement and attachment with NHL teams and players is different. And a measure of investment in a team also does NOT solely ride on finances. Like. I have put virtually no money into the Habs, and they’ve been my team all my life. Anything I do own from them has been given to me. My dad has season tickets, so I get to go occasionally, and it’s great. And I don’t pay a cent.

Does that make all the touching times following this team worthless? I was part of the crowd that gave Saku Koivu that 9 minute ovation when he returned from his fight with cancer. I cried my eyes out the year Price cleaned up at the awards, the night he broke the franchise record for wins. As a goalie myself, he is literally everything I aspire to be. Just witnessing him make history gives me nearly as much chills as that night for Koivu did. I fucking bawled my eyes out when PK got traded. I raged at the mistreatment of players from the former coach. I’ve ridden highs and lows with this team. Hell, I’ve broken up with this team. 

I’ve done that with the Stars too. I still rewatch the Art Ross night every now and then, and I cry like a baby every goddamn time. You wanna know why? Because that was the night that taught me I could have hope again. I’d been struggling with severe anxiety and depression and even though my metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel was in sight, it still felt so unattainable. And yet. Seeing the team come together like that gave me hope. Maybe you think that’s a silly line to draw, but these are my emotions, and NO ONE can invalidate them.

So don’t imply the opinions of someone like me are worthless compared to those of someone who has invested more financially into a team. You can’t make that comparison. Everyone’s experiences are different. If you feel more invested due to the money you spend, great! I’m happy for you! Be fulfilled, be happy. I won’t ever try to get in the way of that. You are just as valid as anyone else.

TL;DR: Anything you feel towards a team, regardless of fiscal commitments, is valid, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

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Me podrías hacer una playlist :3 Por favor ☀ acuario 🌙 ♐ y ascendente Escorpio Gracias

Con mucho gusto amiguito, espero que las canciones te gusten, ya que no todos tenemos el mismo gusto, ni siquiera el mismo signo, eso es más que obvio, pero espero que te guste esta Playlist 

Nombre de Playlist: Radic (Me pareció un nombre original)

-Demons-Imagine Dragons

-Like That-Jack&Jack 

-24K-Bruno Mars 

-Thrift Shot-Ryan Lewis

-Where is the Love (Cover por Pablo Campos)


-Radioactive-Imagine Dragons

-Warriors-Imagine Dragons

-Animals-Maroon 5 

-Shape of you-Bruno Mars

-Blurred Lines- Robin Ticke

-Proxy-Martin Garrix

-Talk Dirty-Jason Derulo


-Youth-Troye Sivan

-Troublemaker-Olly Murs

-Just Hold On-Louis Tomlinson ft. Steve Aoki

Basta, basta, mi mente se quema :o 


@tvfandomfaves replied to your post Page 23

So what did you think?

I thought it was a good ending to a storyline and a ship that they completley screwed up.

They did manage to keep the essence of Page 23. The idea that there are multiple ways a story can play out, that hope is always important.

I loved that Regina accepted all parts of herself, that she finally realised no one is wholly good or wholly evil. That actually we need the ability to love and hate, that the line is blurred. Lana’s acting both as the Queen and Regina was phenomenal you could see it go from determination to somehow destroy the other, to confusion, to fear, to realisation, to love. It was such a beautiful scene and while part of me wishes they had recombined- I think that having them both separate but still learning to love the other was a really good end to the split queen arc.

The hug between the Queen and Henry was touching and sweet, I love Regal Believer in all its forms. I also think that it showed the power of the bond between a mother and son- that one word can mean so much, can create such a sense of pride.

The Outlaw Queen/Wish Robin aspect I liked but it was never going to be perfect. I think it was only after watching the episode I finally accepted that. There will be no closure for Outlaw Queen that was taken away in the disaster that was 5x21.

However, I think that the conversation with the Queen, showed that Robin did truly understand the Queen in a way we didn’t get to see when they were ‘the same person’ .

I kind of wish we had got a goodbye scene with Regina and Wish!Robin but then part of me (now after not being emotionally compromised) almost liked that there wasn’t one because I think it would be Regina saying goodbye to a different man, and Robin would be saying goodbye to a different Regina and that I think would maybe hurt more. I don’t know I’m conflicted.

The Queen and the thief finally got their drink, and by god they need it, and I am happy that there is a version in canon in which they can be happy.

I think that in terms of Robin’s character we haven’t got closure. We never will- not in canon. I think though that page 23 did provide a degree of closure for Regina. I think that now she can finally, truly grieve. I think that now as OQers we can enjoy fanon, and the moments we got without worrying if something will be taken away. 

I hope this makes sense, I’m not very good at articulating my thoughts.

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I'm aroace (or grey-aro,ace who knows not me) but either way I'm on a-spec and I'm having trouble accepting it. I know platonic love is great and all that but it still makes me feel immensely alone and I want to be in a relationship but they make me anxious and I dunno I'm very confused and upset and don't have enough space in this ask box to type out all my thoughts. What do i do? How do I accept it?

you can still be in a relationship. it’s okay. you deserve someone who will love you & respect your boundaries. you’ll find someone, and I know that gets repetitive to hear but that’s only because it’s true. 

I went through thoughts like these when I first found at I was ace. What really helped me were two realizations: dogs always exist, and friends can be whatever you want. The lines between platonic and romantic love blur all the time, and QPR’s are another good alternative. 


Liberty and Justice for Some

Stereotyping fuels stigma and stigma fuels fear.

Fear blinds us to the humanness that we all share.

They say ignorance is bliss,

But I ask at what cost?

We must love one another and educate the lost.

Stop assuming Muslim equals terror

That’s a dangerous error,

That only furthers the construction of fear thriving barriers.

Don’t let vanity, insanity, and inhumanity

Become the root words associated with Christianity.

Practice what you preach and the lesson will be heard.

Do the opposite and I assure that those lines will be blurred.

Regardless of your religion and whatever you believe in,

Respect is the key that must not be forgotten.

Language needs to be held accountable

And to a higher standard.

Freedom of speech does not mean we have the right to slander

The names of millions and billions

Of innocent civilians.

We do not choose the skin that we must live in,

Yet if that same skin has a proliferation of pigment,

Then life quickly turns into a social prison.

Criminalized for something out of our control?

And I thought our laws were here to protect all.

Silly me,

I too was blinded by “the land of the free.”

More like a land that is only free for some,

For others they can only thrive if they pick up a gun.

We label them “gangsters”, “hood-rats”, and “welfare queens”

Yet we choose to ignore our privilege

And everything in between.

Why are we obsessing over a girl kissing another?

Or two men who are happily in love with each other.

Why do we concern ourselves with such trivial matters,

Matters of the heart rather than what actually matters?

Why is it that children are still going hungry?

In America “the great”, a 1st world country.

It is time that we mobilize and seek the truth,

We must demand answers and change that will save our youth.

Our youth is the future and the future is now,

So challenge the oppression that others allow.

It is time that we challenge the insanity,

Only then will humanity be able to achieve humanity.

Journal Entries

Upon seeing Selina, a feeling struck me deeply.  It hit me hard, pounding with a fury at my stomach.  It was a foreign feeling to me.  Though I am a man, human emotions have always been void to me.  It distracts, confuses, and blurs clearly drawn lines.  I was an idiot, smiling like the awkward schoolboy I was at the academy.  But there was something about her eyes.  They beckoned to me as my body drew nearer to her presence.  Something was unlocked that night, and I am unsure if I can contain it.  But I must somehow.  

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you could help with this, but I'm asexual and questioning my romantic orientation. I know I like guys, and I would kiss/hug/cuddle them in a heartbeat, but I've recently starting feeling something different towards one of my female friends. I wouldn't ever kiss her, the thought repulsed me, but I kinda want to hug/cuddle with her and do cute things like but her flowers and just make her happy. Would that make me biromantic? Or am I just really close with said friend?

sounds like a good ‘ol squish (friend-crush) to me. if you don’t want to kiss her/do romantic things with (side note: you set the boundaries between romantic & platonic love; the lines blur all the time & it’s really up to the individual to decide/interpret) then you don’t have romantic feelings for her. simple as that.


I’m sorry to all those who followed me for fantasy stuff and are being bombarded with wrestler fanart; there will be more of my normal stuff in the future but I’ve been dying to paint wrestlers for so long. My daily studies are giving me both the excuse to do it and the constraint of finishing it in 1 or 2 sittings, and they make me happy. I am not a full time wrestle artist now, promise. That’s not to say I’m stopping any time soon.

I started this last night during the Elimination Chamber preshow because I had faith in the GLOW QUEEN and guess what, Naomi is the new Smackdown women’s champ and all is good with the world. (Though if I’d waited until after her win I would have had better ref than low res Smackdown screencaps and it would have been a less frustrating painting with a better result, OH WELL.)


I want to be a character actor, I think. It’s probably because I’ve just watched five of his movies in a row, but for a lot of my life, I’ve wanted to work with Wes Anderson. All of his characters are really eccentric and interesting. I want to move into playing people so far from me that it’s difficult to find myself in that person. Because, with a character like Sansa, the lines have been blurring for years and I find myself in a bit of an identity crisis as to who I am - whether I’m Sansa or Sophie. I think it would be really fun and challenging for me to do something so beyond who I am. I’m just trying to push myself at the moment and find different characters that are so far-fetched that it would really become a project to become that person.