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I hate to be the one to do this. But like. Y’all know there is a huge difference between Kylo Ren and Adam Driver and between Rey and Daisy Ridley, right? That they aren’t one in the same and if we forget that too much and project Reylo or believe there are Reylo vibes to everything they do and say, that you’re starting to cross closer into Adam x Daisy shipping?

I’ve been seeing more and more content as of late that seems to be increasingly blurring the lines between Reylo edits/posts and what people maybe think are Reylo edits/posts but tend to not do enough to distinguish between the real live actors and the fictional characters. Like posts photoshop the two together but in such a way that makes it seem like it’s more about squeeing over how Adam and Daisy look together then creating a manip to inspire Reylo.

Don’t get me wrong! Photoshopping Adam and Daisy together as like reylo inspiration or a Reylo AU has always been a thing and is a total normal thing to do in fandom. But I’m not sure that that’s what these posts are doing? It’s become unclear in a way that it wasn’t before. And it’s really uncomfy. I mean, maybe a couple on their own wouldn’t have me questioning it but given that it seems to be a widening trend that in my mind might be collapsing the actor/character boundary I think it’s worth pointing out. I think we need a sharper line. 

I’m not trying to get into a discourse about whether is is acceptable to ship real life celebrities. I’m aware enough to know that proclaiming a moral injunction on something like that and behaving as gatekeeper of fandom’s integrity is arrogant nonsense. I just wanna know how people are thinking and approaching Reylo.

One Night Only | Sungjin [series, ongoing]

One Night Only | fluff, angst, flangst | Sungjin x OC | I Smile

Sungjin hasn’t seen Nayeon since they broke up six months ago, about the same time Haru told JB she loves him but he didn’t love her back. Now, JB and Nayeon are together and inescapable when their universes collide at a get-together neither Sungjin nor Haru can avoid. The solution? Pair the spares. It’s just for one night after all. Despite their differences, Sungjin and Haru can fake being in love for one night. But when the moonlight takes them to unexpected places, hard truths, and startling revelations, it’s easy blurring the lines between real and make believe. Inevitably, the morning comes, and Sungjin and Haru must decide. They faked the night, but can they make the morning real?

a/n: Hello. So this is the I Smile fic I’ve been obsessing over recently. Took me forever to plan the series and get this opening chapter right, but I think this turned out okay? Hope you like it? Let me know what you think? Thanks for reading <3

i. it’s been a while, i didn’t think you’d be the first to call

The sun sets with Sungjin reaching out for his guitar and slinging the strap over his shoulder. He watches the rest of his band set up alongside him— watches the neon pink sun dip into the horizon of rooftops. As the rough edges of the city soften in the moments the sunset blends into the summer night, the roof deck seems to transform where the light is warped by the endless string of fairy lights giving the floor and the stage a warm honey glow. With the reassuring weight of his guitar against him, he breathes in the few seconds of silence before the sound. Then he sees her and falls apart.

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Everything Comedienne Quinta Brunson Does Goes Viral

Quinta Brunson never imagined she’d become a real-life Spider-Man.

No, she doesn’t crawl walls and she doesn’t have enhanced strength or speed, but her love for Spider-Man as a child set the groundwork for her passion for creating good work to help others visions come to life. “I’ve always been into helping others,” she tells ESSENCE. “I never set out to be an inspiration, I just try to make good work. I [just] want to drink water and not hurt people.”

Watch any of Brunson’s Buzzfeed videos (we recommend Seeing Your Ex In Public) and you’ll see one of the brand’s youngest content creators (she’s only 27, y’all) doing her thing in a powerful way.

Brunson isn’t your typical writer or video producer. She’s more than that. Her focus is to blur the lines between digital and TV. Her viral Instagram series “The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date” put her on the map, giving her the opportunity to become the development partner at Buzzfeed and even create three shows, and even sell one entitled "Broke,” to YouTube Red.

She’s also a unicorn—she’s a Temple University drop out who appears on a Forbes 30 under 30 list, but she remains humble. “I’ve removed the thought that I’ve made it because it keeps changing,” she says. “Thinking I’ve made it would stunt my growth.

Although the Philadelphia-native has accomplished a lot, Brunson has yet to work with Chris Rock, who tops her list of comedians she’s dying to work with. “Chris Rock is so amazing to me,” she says. “ He does an excellent job at storytelling—he’s done what they say a Black man couldn’t do.”

Brunson’s incredible command of the craft is apparent, but she’s also happy and willing to offer words of advice for future Instagram stars looking to create a viral video.

“It needs to be shocking, and plain ol’ fun to watch,” she says. “Relatability is huge. Remember, people want to see themselves in something.”

Spoken like a true superhero.

anonymous asked:

drag queens are not transgender women. drag is based off the man in a dress trope and is inherently transphobic. drag is a performance, not a gender identity. transgender women are not drag queens.

sorry to burst your bubble by telling you you’re wrong but… you’re wrong. drag shaped the lgbt community from the beginning and isn’t based off of transphobia. maybe you need to do some digging into lgbt history. you can be a trans woman and a drag queen at the same time, because drag is a form of art. most of the people who do drag are a form of nonbinary or trans women. some trans men do drag, cis women can do drag, it’s art.

take violet chachki for example, identifies as nonbinary and uses any pronouns, jinkx monsoon, nonbinary (uses they/them), jiggly caliente, trans woman, adore delano, genderfluid + countless others who still do drag and identify as drag queens.

peppermint self identifies as a trans woman who is also a drag queen. you’d know that if you watched drag race which i doubt you do based on how uninformed you are. she came into the competition out as a trans woman who is proud to be a trans woman and a drag queen and blur the lines and mix the two. if you don’t like that, take it up with her on her twitter @/peppermint247, not me.

“check your lipstick before you come for me”
- jiggly caliente

  • Me: *reads the Iliad* wow, great Hannibal reference
  • Me: *watches the opera Duke Bluebeard's Castle* wow, great Hannibal reference
  • Me: *sees a mention of Hannibal of Carthage in an article*

I’m sorry to all those who followed me for fantasy stuff and are being bombarded with wrestler fanart; there will be more of my normal stuff in the future but I’ve been dying to paint wrestlers for so long. My daily studies are giving me both the excuse to do it and the constraint of finishing it in 1 or 2 sittings, and they make me happy. I am not a full time wrestle artist now, promise. That’s not to say I’m stopping any time soon.

I started this last night during the Elimination Chamber preshow because I had faith in the GLOW QUEEN and guess what, Naomi is the new Smackdown women’s champ and all is good with the world. (Though if I’d waited until after her win I would have had better ref than low res Smackdown screencaps and it would have been a less frustrating painting with a better result, OH WELL.)

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Wait why are Chris pine fans so angry?

his eyes are too blue and his face is too pretty and his eyes crinkle when he smiles and he uses a flip phone in 2017. in other words, everyone slept on my boy chris pine and now people are realizing that he is and always has been the superior chris. chris pine fans love him so much that the line between love and anger is blurred and it just becomes very strong emotion

hope that helps

Poly doesn’t always feel nice.

And that’s ok.

Sometimes… Poly is watching your partner get their needs that match yours met with someone else.

Sometimes poly is having to accept less, instead of all.

Sometimes poly is, I hate this, but you don’t need my permission to do it anyway.

Sometimes poly is burning. Sitting in your room, your house, alone, burning with all the emotions and there is no one to put you out except yourself. And sometimes, you’re not enough of a firefighter.

Sometimes poly is boring.

Sometimes poly is Netflix and chilling, by yourself, your own hand down your pajama pants.

Sometimes poly is rage. Fierce, hot, molten gold down your gullet, choking you, burning you, cooking you to a not-quick enough death.

Sometimes it’s this is not enough, but this is better than nothing.

Sometimes it’s pain, bright, white hot, cutting into the very core of you. Splintering you into a thousand, million pieces.

Sometimes it’s I don’t know how I survive this.

Sometimes poly is… Acceptance of not so great, because there is no other option.

Sometimes poly is a snide laugh, a kick in the gut, a slap in the face.

Sometimes poly is heartbreak.

Sometimes poly is, I will never feel “safe” again.

Sometimes it’s just… Overthinking. Overanalyzing. Overdoing. Over scheduling. Overtalking. Over… Everything.

Sometimes poly is… Can’t I just go back?

But what poly really is?

Poly is I can’t. I can’t go back. Because going back would mean so much sacrifice. So much giving up of people that I cannot fathom how much I love them. So much beautiful, wonderful, awful exploration of self that I would never get again. I can’t say, I don’t want my lovers and friends and amazing people who blur ALL of my lines and boundaries with their amazing selves. I can’t say, for the sake of some general level of “comfort” that I know is false, I will give up everyone. Their intimacy, their vulnerability, their nakedness. What they look like laughing, and coming, and crying. Versions of them I don’t get to see within the confines of monogamy as I knew it. I have sacrificed so very much to be here, uncomfortable, today.

I can’t.

I feel I’m awake now, with all the discomfort that comes with awakening. But I can’t go back to sleep. It’s shitty, sometimes, being awake. The sun is too bright, the sounds too harsh. It’s easy when I’m head down, dreaming. But it’s not real, you know? It’s an illusion, a construct. It works for some, but I’ve taken the red pill. I’ve seen my life for how it is, my thinking for how it is. I can’t unsee it. Maybe one day how I outwardly perform myself will change, but for now, I can’t go back. I am what I am, doing what I’m doing the ways that I do it. Sometimes it hurts. Fuck yeah it hurts. Don’t ever believe anyone who tells you anything remotely differently. And you know what?

It’s ok.

Through this, we grow.

We become something else. We become better, stronger. We know ourselves more. We know more words to use to advocate for ourselves, and that is fucking amazing. Without this pain, without this trial by fire and molten metal, we might not know what we’re capable of. And knowing what we’re capable of is an awesome, incredible thing. That is what makes you, you. That is what inspires you to fucking amazing things. Even if the journey is horrible to get there.