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studyblr question tag :)

thanks for tagging me: @intcllectual ily you’re too kind! and @tempus-fugit-so-study !!! thanks you so much you’re so sweet!!

rules: answer 11 questions and then tag people!

1. what subjects are you currently studying?

civics, health, physical science, algebra I, spanish II, & honors english nine

2. who would you say is your biggest influence?

well, i want to be a senator or some type of legislator, so honestly, hillary clinton. aside from the media and other things, she’s done a lot for this country and i look up to her as a senator, among other things

3. what’s one country you’d like to visit?


4. what’s your favorite book?

this one isn’t very intellectual or whatever but i’ve been in love with the divergent series by veronica roth for about four years

5. what do you do to keep yourself motivated?

use this blog! everyone on here is so intelligent and hardworking and better than me & i’m a fairly competitive person, so it pushes me to keep up with you all!

6. what language would you like to learn? 

i’d say i’m about 35% fluent in spanish, but i really really really want to learn latin 

7. which holiday do you prefer; halloween or christmas?

i’m not christian, but i’m also too old to trick or treat, so i guess christmas? haha i don’t really love either one

8. how old are you?

fourteen! fifteen in october

9. favorite season?

winter or fall. i like the candles bath & body works sells for those seasons so

10. who is your favorite band/singer?

i switch it up sometimes but right now i’m really into panic! at the disco and ZAYN and tove lo

11. have you had a good day today?

yes! it was leg day this morning for track, and then i had to go help my grandma to get some community service hours, and now i’m going to read and then do some planning. pretty eventful for a spring break with no road trip or cruise hah

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