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☆ porn au 2 ☆: josh’s first time with (slightly more) established star, tyler 

very explicit: daddy kink, dirty talk, cum eating, facial, bottom ty + top josh, ass to mouth, slightly rough sex and power-play (nothing too crazy i don’t think)


after a week of getting off to his videos, josh was more than ready for his big debut with tyler. little did he know, the feeling was mutual. tyler watched josh’s first video as well while cumming the hardest he had in a while. the sounds josh made and the way he moved his hips was easily the biggest turn on. the director suggested they didn’t meet until the day of, because he wanted to capture any possible chemistry as it blossomed naturally. people really got a kick out of seeing couples in porn go from being coy around each other to full on fucking each other’s brains out. worst case scenario, they don’t have chemistry, or even hate each other’s guts. but that is why they’re paid actors. 

the camera crew set up while tyler and josh were getting ready in their separate dressing rooms. josh paced around, walking off the nerves. he looked in the mirror, compulsively checking his teeth and straightening up his hair before just slapping a beanie on. he was both excited and nervous to not just meet tyler, but to touch him, taste him, fuck him, and make him his own basically. tyler’s adrenaline was pumping, which wasn’t unusual. josh wouldn’t just be a sexy motherfucker on screen, moaning and getting off by himself. tyler would be the reason josh was so hard and grunting with pleasure. 

when it came time, the director called josh and tyler out to meet and do the interview. he was hoping to do it all in one take, so he told them both to be prepared to go straight to the scene. he clarified that the interview itself would lend to a sex scene and to just let it flow naturally. tyler opened himself up in the dressing room, stuffing his ass with a decent sized plug because josh seemed pretty thick. josh palmed himself through his pants just to get the blood flowing in the right place. both guys could not prepare for how intense their first encounter would be. 

josh noticed tyler wince and whimper softly when he sat down, causing his own cock to twitch. tyler wiggled around in his spot to find a comfortable position where the plug wouldn’t be prodding directly at his prostate. there’s no way he’d be able to concentrate or answer questions like that. it was hard enough sitting next to the sexiest man alive, who was moments away from replacing that plug with something better. josh suspected something was up from tyler’s bulge and the way he was moving around. it was apparent in his fidgety body language that it was more than just anticipation. 

“i can clearly see you boys can’t wait to get your hands on each other, so i’ll try to make this quick…” the director started, and josh nodded politely. 

“okay” tyler answered quickly, a bit less shy about what he needed. josh glanced at tyler, even more turned on by how ready he was. 

“mm fuck” josh muttered low enough he thought no one could hear it, but tyler did and shot him a sexy grin. josh noticed how his tongue darted across his lips in the most suggestive way. 

“i’m tyler” tyler said, holding his hand out. josh took his hand while telling him his name, but noticed tyler’s eyes cast down to his bulge and widen. he couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face and tyler looked away, blushing. 

“so you are both familiar with each other’s work, right?” director asked.

“well uh…” tyler began, pausing before looking at josh and then back down. 

“it’s okay” director reaffirmed. tyler smiled, still looking down at something apparently very fascinating on his shoe. 

“yes, i watched josh’s first video. i came to it while riding my toy in my own bed…” tyler admitted sheepishly, glancing at josh for approval. 

“wish i could’ve been there” josh said, and tyler shivered at the husky tone already apparent in his voice. 

“really?” he asked, and josh gave him a look like he couldn’t believe it. 

“hell yes, are you kidding me?” josh asked, staring at him dead on. they unconsciously moved closer, and the director had to call their attention back to the questions. 

“can you tell us a little more about that, tyler? feel free to demonstrate on josh how you rode that cock. with your hand, of course” director instructed. tyler grinned, and josh’s eyes shot open wide. 

“okay, um…so should i just…” tyler mumbled awkwardly, running his hand down josh’s stomach to his zipper while looking into josh’s eyes. josh relaxed, leaning back against the chair and leaving his arms out of the way to allow for tyler’s touches. 

“your necklaces are pretty” tyler said, and josh smiled at the polite compliment as tyler was literally pulling his dick out. 

“ahhh mmm thank you” josh replied, and tyler giggled while holding josh’s cock in his hand. 

“not as pretty as this” he said before braving a chaste kiss to josh’s neck. 

“first i lubed up…should i continue?” tyler asked. josh whimpered impatiently. 

“however you see fit, he’s all yours from here” director answered.

with that, tyler gathered enough spit and let it slowly drop onto the head of josh’s cock, swirling it around the head with his fingers. josh gasped, eyes rolling back and hips tilting up at the sensation, seeking more. tyler’s fingers were so delicate, stroking down his shaft before taking on a firmer grip. he turned his attention towards josh, ignoring the crew and director. 

“did you get off to my videos too, josh? i hope you thought of me while you were cumming” tyler said while pumping josh’s cock in a steady rhythm. josh nodded his head, gasping and mouth agape. 

“i did, you are all i could think about since i saw your videos” josh confessed. tyler stared into his eyes, full of lust as he continued pumping his cock. 

“good. i love all those sexy noises you made too. i want you to moan for me, and i want this inside me” tyler rasped, speeding up his pumps and listening to the beautiful sounds spill from josh’s lips.

“ohhhh fuck yes, tyler baby” josh moaned, pulling on tyler’s pullover. tyler momentarily let go of his cock to take it off as well as the shirt underneath. josh shrugged off his hoodie and pulled his shirt over his head, which pulled off his beanie with it. tyler straddled josh’s lap, tangling his fingers in his messy hair while finally getting a taste of those pretty pink lips he craved so much. one hand fell back to josh’s cock, stroking it while sloppily kissing him. he made lots of slurping sounds that went straight to josh’s dick. before long, the smaller boy was grinding his hard dick on josh’s thigh. josh slid his hands down tyler’s back, gripping his ass and standing up. tyler wrapped his arms and legs around him, allowing himself to be carried. 

“oh my god, josh” tyler gasped, impressed by how strong josh was. he easily carried tyler over to the couch and gently laid him on his back. 

“need to be closer to you” josh said, shoving his pants and briefs all the way off. tyler lifted his hips, allowing josh to yank down his own and found himself blushing under josh’s intense gaze.

“so gorgeous” josh cooed while crawling between tyler’s thighs. he rested on top of him, flesh to flesh, and wrapped his hand around both of their cocks so he could rock his hips back and forth. he continued where the kiss left off, making sure to trace every millimeter of tyler’s mouth with his tongue. tyler roughly grabbed a handful of josh’s hair while clawing at his shoulder, foot sliding up josh’s thigh to his ass.  

“f-fuck meee, josh” tyler panted. their cocks were oozing so much pre-cum and sliding together effortlessly in josh’s hand. 

“wanna drive you crazy first, baby. i knew that plug was in you all along. you must be ready to burst for me” josh muttered breathlessly in tyler’s ear. he reached between tyler’s thighs to press on the base of the plug and tyler squealed. more pre-cum came bubbling out as it put pressure on his prostate. 

“yes josh, please, i n-need you to…” tyler whined, thrusting his hips up harshly. josh grabbed both of tyler’s wrists, pinning them above his head with one hand while gripping his throat with the other. tyler tested whether he could get free, but josh was much stronger. 

“i know you need it baby, but you look so hot like this. begging for me like such a little slut” josh growled, gazing down at tyler’s helpless form. 

“suck your fingers for me” josh ordered, letting go of tyler’s throat and wrists. josh watched as tyler brought his fingers to his mouth, sucking two of them while gazing up into josh’s eyes. 

“like this, daddy?” tyler mumbled around his fingers. 

“god, that does things to me that you have no idea” josh groaned, palming his erection. he bent down to examine tyler, shoving his legs back. he kissed, licked and nipped around his sensitive area until he was trembling and trying to force josh’s head closer. 

“tell me what you want, baby” josh encouraged, smiling at tyler’s broken form. 

“lick me, josh. eat me out and fuck me” tyler begged in a voice several octaves higher, bringing his other hand down to pleasure himself. 

“such a naughty boy” josh praised, pushing his legs back further. he bit the end of the plug, pulling it out with his teeth before lapping at tyler’s stretched hole. it puckered as josh pointed his tongue and darted it in and out quickly. he coated it with saliva, swirling it around with his finger to get him nice and wet before sliding in three fingers, one at a time. he found his prostate, massaging it in slow circles while watching tyler jerk off. 

“so good, unnfff” tyler moaned, running a hand over his chest and pinching a nipple. josh gave each of tyler’s balls a good suck before licking up his length, fingers never leaving tyler’s ass. he sucked the head into his mouth and tyler actually yelped. he moaned loud as he felt the back of josh’s throat, and even louder when josh started pumping his fingers inside him.

“j-josh, i’m gonna cum” tyler warned, tears building in his eyes from pleasure. josh pulled off his cock with a pop, licking his swollen lips and making his way back up to tyler, kissing him. he purred softly as he tasted himself in josh’s mouth and felt the head of josh’s cock nuzzling between his cheeks. josh thrust all the way inside him, pelvis to ass and both let out guttural moan. when josh gave him a helping hand, it didn’t take long at all for tyler to feel the warmth spread throughout his stomach and intensify before expelling from his cock. 

“didn’t say you could cum yet, baby boy” josh growled, slowing his thrusts and grabbing a fistful of tyler’s hair. 

“’m so sorry, daddy, don’t hurt me” tyler groaned, allowing josh to rough him up. he pulled tyler’s head back to leave love bites across his neck and collarbone. he kissed down his chest and stomach, lapping up most of his cum. 

“won’t hurt you this time, because it was so fucking hot. but i need you to do me a favor” josh said.

“anything for you, daddy” tyler slurred, still high from his post-orgasm haze. 

“i need to feel those beautiful lips on my cock right now” josh confessed. he made tyler blush so easily, which he found adorable. 

“would you give me my facial, daddy?” tyler asked innocently. josh pulled out, wiping off his cock with a shirt laying nearby. tyler whined at the emptiness. 

“jesus, that’s a dirty mouth. what do good boys say when they want something?” josh asked, grinning. 

“please, sir?” tyler asked, licking his lips in anticipation. josh gave in easily, putting one foot on the arm of the couch and crouching over tyler’s face. he guided the head of his cock to tyler’s spit-slicked, red lips, tapping them lightly. 

“open wide” josh ordered, and tyler obediently opened his mouth. josh grabbed tyler’s hair with one hand, holding his jaw with the other as he eased his cock into his warm, wet mouth. when tyler fully sucked and moved his head forward in a greedy attempt to take more in, josh groaned heavily, thrusting his hips forward and touching his throat. tyler hummed contentedly with drool sliding down his chin, grabbing josh’s hips for support as josh fucked his mouth. he felt like such a dirty slut, swallowing at least half a pint of pre-cum mixed with his own drool. the gagging, sloshing sounds as josh fucked his throat were obscene, combined with the site of tyler’s abused lips stretched around his sizable cock.

josh worked up a sweat from the position and efforts to stop himself from cumming too quickly. from josh’s panting breaths and babbling praises, tyler could tell he was close. his movements were getting more and more sporadic, so he braced himself for the inevitable load he was about to receive. his hands slid down josh’s hips to his thighs, squeezing encouragingly. suddenly josh pulled out of tyler’s mouth and tyler held out his tongue out like a baby bird. josh jerked off fast and hard until he shot his load, aiming for tyler’s tongue. of course jizz is hard to control, so some got stuck in tyler’s long pretty eyelashes. he wiped it from his eyes, batting them open and swallowing what was already in his mouth. he wore josh’s cum well, grinning like the proud slut he was and sucking more cum from his fingers. 

both boys were spent now that it was a wrap. they were handed towels to clean up and water to re-hydrate. they actually helped clean each other, which the director found really sweet. he was really impressed with the boys performance, so much that he scheduled more upcoming scenes for them. when he broke the news to them, they were excited and more than willing to try whatever he came up with. 

“i think they’re really gonna dig this, you guys have something special and are fantastic together” the director explained. tyler and josh were both gloating, from the sex of course, but also the prospect of working together more in the future. 

Song Imagine: Just A Friend To You // Megan Trainer

Request: Tyler or josh x reader based on the song ‘just a friend to you’ by Meghan trainor ? ❤️❤️❤️

Why you gotta hug me
Like that every time you see me?

Why you always making me laugh
Swear you’re catching feelings

Tyler Joseph is the most annoying person you have ever met. His stupid face and his stupid hair and his stupid voice and his stupid everything.

And you and your stupid emotions had to go and fall for him. For your brother’s best friend. For your best friend.

Everything is just so stupid.

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Am I right that Norman hurt himself completely committing to this scene? As if I needed another reason to love him even more!! I adore how totally emotionally connected both he and MMB are to their characters and their love for one another. They always bring out something deeper in each other when they film together. I know you’ll have lots of other evidence for this to give me even more feels 🤗🤗

Well hello there :)

You are 100 percent correct did get hurt that day according to Tyler James Williams who played Noah

Tyler James Williams: “Trust me, it was not EASY! We actually, Norman got hurt that day…“Because The first few times he did it, he was going for the door… Norman is a bulldog, I mean he’s solid so I tried..  I tried and then it wasn’t working and he just looked at me and he’s like…’JUST STOP ME’. I was like, alright so I grabbed him and pulled him and he actually, we both end up falling he ended up whipping his neck…and all this stuff…”

Now I wouldn’t say he dosen’t put effort in all the time because he does but it’s worth noting how much extra goes into a lot of their scenes together. I believe Tyler said something else about how determined and single-minded Daryl was about getting to Carol there. I don’t have that actual quote available but I found the one above.

Now I’ve met Norman and he’s not a HUGE guy in terms of size (goes about 5′10 or’11) but he is solid so Daryl would be too. And when he bulldogs like that he’s hard to hold back and Tyler is not very big himself and had to use a lot of force to hold him back.  But the point of it was to just show the level of determination Daryl had in getting to her by his forward momentum and the emotion on his face. When Norman is into he is INTO it and I’m sure he’s difficult to contain. And he is VERY into Caryl scenes and I don’t think that can be stated enough.

I could site so many instances of the little things they add to their scenes such as tone of voice and body language but unfortuantely I don’t have a ton of time today but later I will definitely try to find a ton more examples for you but than you for bringing this up because that whole damn episode was an acting tour de force for both actors in so many ways and I really wish we could get another bottle. Provided Norman dosen’t hurt himself in it lol but

As as he’s strong enough to have his arms around Mel in a scene I’m good :D

Thanks for the contribution hon :)

Payback Pt 3

A/N: I’m not sure if I want to do a part 4 or not. Depends how many people ask for it. Also, sorry for taking so long to get this us. I have a million a five request so be patient. Request are closed as of now, and will be open once I’ve caught up.

Request: So many people requested. omg. (: Also thanks to the Anon that gave me the inspo for this <3

Theo gracefully held the door to his truck open for me. With his help, I hoisted myself in the beast. I sat down sinking into the seat, and I notice then how sore I was. He gave me a small smile before shutting the door and making his way to the drivers side. I watched him pass in front of his truck, his torso naked without the shirt I was now wearing. The car light turned on as he opened the drivers door, and turn off once he was in and he had shut it. The air in the vehicle was nervous and awkward, but I wasn’t completely sure it was all on my head. Theo seemed cool as ever as he switched on his car and driving out of the woods.

As we made it back to the main roads, I began thinking about the past few hours. First, I was fighting Theo. Then I was fucking Theo. Next, I stole his car. Only after, he fucked me again. I thought about when he’d kissed me after, so tender and sweet. I scrunched my brows thinking about it. What prompted it? All this time he’d been fucking the shit out of me, with the soul purpose of teaching me a lesson. Essentially, payback. But the brief kiss was uncharacteristic of him, something he didn’t need to do but did anyway.


His voice jolted me out of my thoughts.

“Hmm?” I hummed glancing over at him.

He chucked barring his infamous smirk. “I asked if I turn left or right after this light?”

I mentally face palmed myself, I’d been over here in la la land and Theo had no idea how to get my house.


I made sure to pay attention the rest of the way giving him directions as we drove. It was quiet, but I know neither on of us really knew what to say. Theo had the air conditioning on blast, and I shivered. He must have noticed because he reached over and adjusted the settings. I closed my eyes as the warm air hit me, and I sunk back into the seat taking it in. I was caught off guard when I felt Theo’s hand rest on my thigh, and I looked down at it then back at him again. His eyes were riveted to the road. I almost thought it was an involuntary action, like the kiss. Something he’d done without realizing he was doing it. But he affectionately rub my thigh with his thumb and something in my heart tinged. Before I could even begin to decode the feeling, the car came to a stop and I felt Theo’s hand move from its home on my upper leg. I inspected my surroundings, registering I was home. I stared out of my window looking at the dark entity. I knew my dad was still working at the hospital tonight, so I’d be by myself.

“Do you want to come in for a minute?” I asked before I could stop myself. It was a split decision and I wasn’t certain why I’d wanted him to be come in. I looked away not wanting to see his face when he rejected me.

“Sure.” He said without hesitation. I was taken aback by his agreement. He opened his car door before I did, and jump out of his truck.

It was weird having Theo in my room. Partly because only yesterday did I think he was a murderous lunatic. But mostly because I wanted him there. The sight of him as I entered my room from changing into comfier clothes, was pleasing. His shirtless body looked better in the shadows of the dim lights in my room. I glided over to Theo handing him his shirt. He took it and smirked looking it over.

“What?” I asked slightly self-conscious.

“You looked good in it.” He said simply. Who was this Theo? And where was the one who ‘fucked my brains out’?

“Thank you.” I blushed.

“No problem, princess.”

We were closer than I had realized and for a moment we gazed at each other, instinctively I leaned towards him and I thought he did too. But we both pulled away almost simultaneously aware of what we were doing. An awkward silence fell over us, and neither of looked at each other.

“You play?“ He asked pointing to me soccer trophy on my desk behind me.

“In sixth grade.” I chuckled. “It’s a trophy for participation. I never actually played.

He scoffed as picked up the thing and looked it over. He smiled at it and set it back down.

“You’re full of surprises aren’t you, princess?”

I furrowed my brow at him, almost not sure of the meaning. But as I looked into his eyes and they blazed down on me beautifully blue I took it as an opportunity. I placed my hand delicately on the back of his neck and push his lips to mine. He kissed back again without hesitation wrapping his strong arms around my waist and pulling me closer to him. I snaked my other arm around his neck deepening the kiss. His tongue grazed along my bottom lip, and I opened my mouth to let him. These kisses weren’t like the ones in the tunnels or the woods. These ones were soft and sweet. Our tongues danced together, and Theo brought one of his hand from my waist to my cheek. His touch radiated through my body and I wanted him, but not like before. Our kiss went from long and passionate to sloppy and hungry as we moved on to the bed. We scooted our bodies up the bed our lips still connected. Theo pulled at the hem of my shirt and together we took it off. I hadn’t put a bra on after changing, and my breast bounced free. I smashed my lips back into his, not giving him the chance to enjoy my body. But, as always, he quickly took control moving from my lips to my jawline and down my neck. He found a sweet spot with ease and settled there, biting and kissing the area. Soft moans passed my lips and I raked my fingers across his exposed back. Theo’s erection grew against my leg causing a dampness in my panties. His lips found mine again in a heated kiss. As we kissed we discarded the rest of our clothes, until we could feel our naked bodies touching one another. 

“Do you want me?” He whispered as I began kissing his neck.


“Say it.” he growled softly.

“Theo, I want you.” I breathed against him.

He pushed me gently onto my back and climbed on top of me. I spread my legs allowing him to position himself between them. I reached over to my nightstand and pulled out a square packet and handed it to him. He slid it around his length and he entered me. I gasped at the fullness, and Theo let out a few profanities. 

“Say it again.” He mumbled as he pushed all of himself in me.

“I want you.” I pleaded and he thrusted in me. 

“I want you.” Another thrust.

“I want you.” Another.

Each time inching me closer to my edge. I grew impatient with his slow movements and begged him to speed up. He obliged, grabbing on to my waist and pushing in and out of me rapidly. My walls clenched around him and I arched my back as I climax. Theo’s pace quickened as his movements became sloppy. A moment later he filled the condom with his come. This was so different from our other two experiences together, slower and more passionate. Theo dropped down on the bed beside me both of us catching our breathes. Once we had, I was afraid Theo would leave, but he laid next to me his head propped up by his hand and drew circles on my arm. 

“Theo?” I asked finally breaking the silence that had descended upon us.

“Yes, Princess?” He asked looking at me.

“What was this?” I knew my wording was off, but he seemed to understand the question. He sighed as he seemed to be debating on something.

“You’re different from the other girls here.” He began. 

“What makes me different?” I questioned.

“Ugh, Why are you being such a girl? Can’t you just except that I like you and…” He trailed off grasping his own words. His eyes widened slightly, but I could tell he was doing his best to waiver in demeanor.

“You like me…?” I said cracking a smile. For the first time ever, I saw Theo blush as he fought back a smile.

“Well, do you like me?” He didn’t ask in a needy way, more of a matter-of-fact type of way. I pretended to consider his question,before finally coming up with answer.

“No.” i said pretending to be serious.

A nervous scared look crept over his face and I savored it for a second before smiling again. He closed his eyes and shook his head figuring out I saw joking.

“Payback’s a bitch.” I giggled.

Save Me: Part 3: Josh Dun Imagine 


      I lost her. I’m not sure how I did, but I did, and damn it hurt and it still does. She said she’d see me later and I initially thought that I would see her after the show, but when I called her It said her phone had been disconnected. I wouldn’t have worried if it went to voicemail, but it was disconnected. I started to panic and went to message her on twitter, then Instagram, then Snapchat, even Facebook, but all her accounts didn’t exist. It seemed as if in the matter of a few hours, Y/N ceased to exist. 

 I ran to Tyler and tried to explain to him, but it was hard for me to even get the words out, “I-I don’t know where Y/N is, she sent me a text and I tried calling her, but her phone is disconnected and-” Jenna interrupted me, “When was the text sent?” I pulled up the text, “5:47”. When Jenna and Tyler said she arrived at the venue at 5:40, I tried to play back what I had been doing. “She went to look for you in the room where you were doing the interview.” I was with Debby. “I was with Debby at the time.” We had been in an argument the night before which resulted in me at the bar. She’d been flirting and texting with a costar and I didn’t handle it well, but who would? She came to the venue and we made up. "But why would that matter?” I asked. “You were with Debby?!” This was the first time Tyler had raised his voice in anger at me, “Yeah? But I don’t see-” Jenna smacked me upside the head. “Y/N has been in love with you since we were in middle school you idiot.” 

 “What? No, that’s not possible.” It couldn’t be true. Right? “You’re seriously asking that, Josh? You’re my best friend so I hope you don’t mind me saying that you must be completely blind not to see that Y/N is in love with you. I would know because she cried to me on multiple occasions whenever you came to her about your problems with Debby. She couldn’t handle it, but she tried for you.” Tyler looked angry and when I looked at Jenna, you could tell she felt sad for Y/N. The more I thought about it, the more evident it became. She knew everything about me and was always interested in learning more about me even when there wasn’t anything. But, she always paid close attention to me that she would find something. She was the only person I knew that would let me in their house after binge drinking to numb the pain of being hurt by Debby. She would go out of her way to answer my calls or texts and take care of me. She cared about me. She loved me. “She loves me?…” I felt my chest tighten and I could no longer speak. I had nothing to say. I was shocked.  That night, I realized the love I had for Y/N wasn’t just “I love you like a best friend” love. I was in love with her, like I had been in middle school when she became my first love at the school dance. I tried so hard to find her, but I couldn’t. She didn’t want to be found and she made that clear. When I called her family, her mom explained to me that she had called to tell everyone she was going MIA for a while. To her, a while meant 4 years later and that’s where I am now. Waiting.

dancer tyler / bad boy josh pt.3

triggers: some signs of eating disorder, josh has questionable ways of surprising his boyfriend, so much daddy! kink josh


josh and tyler weren’t on speaking terms for the next few days. tyler was busy with recitals, and josh kept busy with his job. when he was upset, his first instinct was usually to grab the nearest twink and sleep with him, but he refrained from it this time. he wanted to make tyler jealous, but it was useless because tyler didn’t hang around bars. for the first time, he figured he would just accept his punishment, swallow his pride, and reclaim his prize. tyler had him wrapped around his little finger. 

tyler cried himself to sleep the first night. not just a quiet sob either. that gut-wrenching kind that lasts for hours and leaves your entire body sore. the rest of the time, he was just bitter and had no appetite whatsoever. after the second night, he figured he had lost josh and had no expectations of him showing up.

tyler was warming up backstage when josh’s sister asked him how things were going with him and josh. she had the faintest hint of a smirk, which slightly unnerved him. she looked like she knew something and it had his heart pounding right away. he was already nervous about the show, it really wasn’t the time to be thinking about some stupid punk boy. but it was hard not to think of him when his sister was a constant reminder, not to mention she had a lot of his features.  

“i don’t know, i haven’t talked to him since saturday night. why?” tyler answered timidly. 

“all he’s done since we came back was ask about you, how you’re doing and everything. i really think he misses you.” she explained. 

“oh, really…” tyler answered sarcastically, but she kept speaking. 

“he wanted me to tell you that he’s really sorry and he’ll make it up tonight. i don’t know what he’s talking about, but he seemed afraid to tell you.” she finished. 

tyler stayed silent, and his ice cold heart melted at the last part. josh was actually too scared to apologize, so he asked his sister to do it for him. maybe he wasn’t the stupid punk douche tyler thought he was. he certainly had a lot on his mind, but he had to block it all out and focus on his routine that he was about to perform.

half way through, he spotted josh in the back by the exit. he was watching the whole time, and the realization made him slightly self-conscious, yet relieved if that makes sense. he tried not to get over-emotional and let it affect his dance, but apparently it improved it because the instructor noted “more passion in his execution” than the rest of the dancers. it was a good feeling, finally being noticed for something that wasn’t a mistake. 

in a floating state of bliss he left the rest of the dancers, going to the backstage dressing room to get changed back to his regular clothes. as soon as he shut the door, a large hand was covering his mouth and a muscular arm around his waist before he had the chance to scream. he tried to fight, legs kicking off the ground while squirming fruitlessly in the tight grip of his captor. 

“shhh it’s ok, it’s ok baby…it’s me” his captor spoke. he recognized the voice right away and relaxed, putting his feet back on the ground. the grip on him remained tight, but loosened just slightly and felt more like a warm embrace. it felt good after not being held in a while. it was odd how he could go years without a lover, and as soon as he gets the taste, he could barely function without one. 

“josh” tyler whispered as he felt warm, soft lips pressing into the curve of his neck. 

“you seem lighter than usual, ty, have you been eating?” josh asked worriedly. tyler had barely eaten and trained to the bone for the past three days.

“i just want you right now” tyler answered dismissively. he felt like he could live without food for another day, but not josh. 

“well you have me, baby, but you have to eat for me ok?” josh pressed softly.

“why are you being so sweet?” tyler asked without really thinking. josh was silent for a moment, thinking of how he’d been an asshole and tyler had a legit reason to ask. 

“this is how i’m going to be from now on, because i don’t want you to go” josh answered, hugging tyler to his body and placing kisses up his neck. 

“this feels really good” tyler sighed, feeling goosebumps rising up on his skin. 

“does it?" 

"mmm yeah”

“how ‘bout this” josh whispered, running his hands down tyler’s smooth sides and across his hips. tyler pressed his ass back and whimpered when he felt josh’s hardening cock. he’d been craving him more than anything. josh grinned it how horny tyler was, but the feeling was mutual. he cupped tyler’s obscenely protruding bulge.  

“guess we should get rid of these. but you have to go to dinner with me if i help. don’t want you losing this cute little ass” josh said, and tyler nodded.

“yes, yes of course josh please just…”

josh could no longer suppress a giggle. he squatted down, pulling tyler’s tights down with him. tyler turned around, holding onto josh’s shoulders as he stepped out of them. josh was face to face with his boy’s cock and didn’t hesitate to lick it, slathering it generously with spit and tasting the drop of pre-cum at the tip because he missed his taste badly. tyler was already breathing heavily, whispering curses and praises from the assault of josh’s tongue and mouth.

“i want you to sit on my face, ok tyler” josh said calmly. he had his pants unbuttoned and cock pulled out, pumping it while biting his lip.

“ok” tyler muttered, watching as josh laid flat on his back. he timidly stood above him, one foot on each side of his head.

“that’s good, baby. now squat down, right over my face” josh encouraged, still pumping himself. tyler did as he was told, tentatively easing down over josh’s face while looking down. naturally his cheeks spread open, but he still wasn’t close enough for josh to reach.

“you’re not gonna hurt me, ty, come on. sit on my tongue” josh said, half laughing. he held out his tongue as if to prove a point. tyler was tempted when he seen josh’s tongue, and his dick jumped. he spread his feet wider and leaned back on his hands in a backwards crab-walk position. josh held his ass and helped him lower, and when josh’s tongue finally made contact with his hole, he yelped. josh took this as a good sign and wiggled his tongue around his hole, making it nice and wet before poking it inside the tight ring.

“ohhh ff-fuuuck” tyler whined, torn between wanting to pull away and press further. his body made the decision for him, pressing down on josh’s insistent tongue. he could feel the slide of every inch penetrating, and before he could control it, his dick began spurting like a fountain.

“oh my god!! oh my god josh, i’m cumming!” tyler screamed, sounding a little too excited. josh held onto his hips, lapping gently at the pulsating muscle. when he looked up, he realized tyler was indeed cumming and his legs were shaking and ready to give out.

“you can sit, hun, sit down” josh said softly, tapping the sides of his thighs. tyler rocked back and rested on josh’s chest for a moment to catch his breath. josh was both excited and impressed by how quick it was to have him climax, but it has been a while and he probably wasn’t far off.

“you’re still hard, daddy. what do you want me to do?” tyler asked politely once he found his voice. he repositioned to his knees, straddling josh’s waist.

“what would you like, baby?” josh asked, beaming at tyler’s sub antics.

“i want you to tell me” tyler answered, fake pouting. josh laughed softly, shaking his head.

“ok, why don’t you turn around and give daddy a nice view of your ass? that way you can suck cock while daddy preps you?” josh coaxed.

“yes, daddy” tyler moaned, getting into a 69 position while arching his back for josh’s viewing pleasure. he picked up josh’s cock and rubbed his lips over it before plunging it into his mouth. he moaned when he felt josh’s slick fingers entering his hole and stretching him. he continued blowing josh as josh pumped his fingers in and out. josh was a mess, panting and moaning tyler’s name as he felt the back of his throat.

“baby, i think you’re ready for daddy’s dick what do you think?” josh asked breathlessly, fingers curling inside tyler.

“mmhm” tyler mumbled before reluctantly pulling his mouth off him. josh removed his fingers gently, then tapped tyler’s ass to watch it jiggle.

“such a good boy” josh praised as tyler brought his cock to his hole and eased down. tyler threw his head back, soft whimpers escaping every time he sat down on josh’s cock. he leaned back on his hands, using josh’s legs for support as he lifted his hips up and down faster.

“yeah, baby boy fucks himself so good on daddy’s cock. keep doing that and daddy’s gonna cum deep in that sexy little asshole” josh croaked. josh was the master at spewing the most profane words that made tyler blush at what he was doing, even as he was doing it. tyler shivered as he felt josh’s hands grip his thighs and heard him grunt in the most feral way. he continued his motions, except faster and with more eagerness. he wanted it so bad. he wanted to watch josh lose control, and to feel the aftermath. at the same time, he wanted it to last and to watch josh remain in a constant state of bliss. it didn’t take long for josh to reach full-blown ecstasy.

tyler’s consistent efforts resulted in his witnessing of the most gorgeous site of josh orgasming, combined with the most gorgeous sounds that he didn’t even know josh was capable of. he watched in awe as his face morphed in the most beautiful ways, before finally resting on eyes closed and lips slightly parted. tyler jumped at the opportunity, bending forward to capture those slightly parted lips with his own. josh’s hands ran up and down tyler’s back on their own accord, without really thinking. they lost track of time and where they were. but objectively, you could say they were two lovers on the floor of a backstage theater room at 11:42 pm. once they realized, they cleaned up and got dressed quickly. 

“don’t think any good restaurants are open this late, can i just make you something?” josh asked as he drove down the empty main street.

“sure, sounds good” tyler chimed apathetically, missing a beat.

“would you like some spaghetti? or tacos, i make really good tacos”

“actually, can you just make breakfast instead? i’m kinda tired and just want to cuddle”

josh stayed silent for a moment, contemplating the request suspiciously. then he had a good idea.

“i’ll fix you a quick bedtime snack, then we can cuddle, deal?”


Word Count:1,500

Warnings: Daddy kink, language

Summary: Bad boy/psychopath Tyler in prison, based off of Heathens music video

Request: can u do a tyler joseph daddy smut

I looked at my reflection in one of the many metal tables around me and centered my thin silver necklace. It was a gift from Tyler and I never took it off. The necklace was just a thin chain, but where someone might put their name or a small heart charm, I instead had “Daddy” in silver, cursive letters hanging delicately around my neck.

I took a deep breath and turned to the prison guard behind me, “I’m ready.”

We walked through the gray, concrete hallway, the only noise being my black heels against the hard surface. The prison guard accompanying me remained stone-faced the whole walk to Tyler’s visiting area. I couldn’t visit Tyler like everyone else got to visit their incarcerated loved ones. He was in the isolation unit. I wasn’t even supposed to get to see him, but he was friendly with some of the guards.

I could vividly remember the moment I showed up on my mother’s doorstep, crying, telling her that Tyler had gotten arrested. She looked down at me, her lips in a tight line, her eyes cold and adamant, and said, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave him and run as far as you can.” Those were her last words to me before slamming the door in my face. I understood. Hell, I always knew Tyler would end up in prison, and if not prison he’d go somewhere worse.

Tyler had never been mentally stable. He never killed them though. That’s what he told me, even when he came home soaked to the bone in someone else’s blood, he never killed them. I believed him; even when he got sentenced to 25-life in a maximum security prison, he was still innocent to me. No one understood that. But they didn’t see the man that I did. I was his princess, he was my daddy, and I was going to visit him as much as I could.

The six foot something prison guard led me through several locked doors until we finally came to a room. There weren’t any windows, but the single fluorescent light hanging from the ceiling was enough for the teeny tiny room. It was just like a concrete box, except one wall was made up of the bars they use on prison cells. The only difference between this and an actual cell was the table and chairs in the middle.

I muttered a quick thank you as the prison guard pulled out a chair for me. It was the chair facing the bars. This was the chair I always sat in. I liked it because I could see Tyler as they brought him to me. No matter how many men, dressed in their full military uniforms, with their big guns pressed to his back, were with him, his face always lit up when he saw me.

“They’re bringing him down.” The man told me before leaving and locking the heavy metal door behind him.

I knew he was just outside the door, ready to start the clock. Thirty minutes. That’s all the time I got, and I planned on making the most of it.

Being by myself was an adjustment in more ways than one. Tyler and I had gone from having sex five or six times a week to nothing at all. It was torture; especially because Tyler looked great in his orange jumpsuit.

I knew it was wrong. I mean my boyfriend was in prison and all I could think about was sex, but I had always been attracted to the “bad boy” type. So seeing Tyler in handcuffs did something for me and there was nothing I could do about it.

My head snapped up and the sound of footsteps coming down the hall. I smiled and adjusted my cleavage so just enough was spilling out to get Tyler’s attention, but it still looked effortless and natural. Me, of all people, didn’t have a problem with pushing my boobs up to my ears, but Tyler did. Every time I tried to make any sort of advance, he shot me down. I didn’t see why, he was already in here for life with no chance of parole, it’s not like he could any more trouble.

A man, dressed like the SWAT team members I saw on TV, removed the lock from the bars. Then, for the first time this week, I saw Tyler. His face looked pretty banged up, but other than that he looked the same as usual.

When he saw me, he smirked and looked me up and down before being led inside by a group of officers. Once he was inside they sat him down in the chair across from me and re-handcuffed him with the handcuffs that were connected to the table. That meant he was basically chair-bound, which was perfect for me.

After Tyler’s posse finally left us alone, I sat forward in my hard metal chair, “I miss you, daddy.”

“I miss you too babygirl.” He said smiling.

I began slowly dragging my heeled foot up Tyler’s leg, “I miss your eyes, your mouth, your hands, and most of all I miss your-”

Tyler jerked his leg away from me, “Not here (Y/N).”

I sat back and crossed my arms over my chest, “If not here then where? Your five star hotel suite?”

I knew Tyler didn’t like it when I mouthed off, but it wasn’t like he could punish me for it, unfortunately.

“Was that sarcasm I just heard?” Tyler asked, his eyes now dark with what I hopped was lust.

“I’m sorry, but it’s just been soooo long. I need something daddy.” I whined.

Tyler’s eyes flicked up to the security camera on the wall behind me, “I know, but I can’t baby.” He wiggled his handcuffs for emphasis, “You know that.”

I glanced back at the camera and smirked, “I have an idea.”

Getting up from my seat, Tyler’s brown eyes flew to the short hemline of my skirt. I traced a manicured finger along the table as I walked over to where Tyler was sitting. With a little squeezing and shifting, I finally sat in Tyler’s lap, straddling his thighs.

“We have to be quick and quiet, okay?” He told me, glancing toward the door where the prison guard was standing with his back to us.

I grabbed the sides of his face and pressed a desperate kiss to his lips. It had been so long since I’d touched Tyler, let alone kissed him. Tyler, much to his dismay, couldn’t touch me because of the handcuffs, but my hands roamed everywhere. I made sure not one spot was left untouched by my hands or my lips, but I was truly concerned about one spot in particular.

Keeping my lips on his, I lightly palmed Tyler through his boxers until I felt him grow painfully hard beneath me. Tyler attached his lips to my neck, nipping at my sweet spot.

“D-daddy,” I moaned, grinding my hips against his.

Tyler groaned against my neck, “Shit babygirl, keep doing that.”

I brought his face up to mine and connected our lips. I started grinding down on  him as fast and as hard as I could. It was obvious that neither of us were going to last very long. Even though we were both fully clothed, it had been months since anything but my own fingers had touched me down there.

“You’re so fucking beautiful babygirl.” Tyler moaned.

“Oh god daddy, I-I’m gonna-” I tried to warn Tyler before my orgasm washed over me in waves, making my whole body feel tingly in the best way.

I felt Tyler come shortly after me, letting out a long groan and a string of curses.

He placed his forehead against mine, breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry daddy, I made a mess on you.” I said, already feeling the moisture drip down my thighs.

Tyler laughed, “God I missed you.”

I laughed too and pressed a quick kiss to his chapped, swollen lips. Tyler turned his head and deepened the kiss, making me moan involuntarily. I was just about to work on Tyler’s neck, when I heard the harsh banging on the door that signalled that our time was up.

I pulled away from Tyler, lightly biting down on his bottom lip before wiggling out of his lap.

Back in my chair, I fixed my hair and the lipstick that had mostly rubbed off on Tyler’s mouth. As if on cue, the prison guard swung open the door and told me it was time to go. But before leaving, I discreetly traced a line up my cilt with my index finger and cleaned it off in my mouth, keeping eye contact with Tyler.

I saw his jaw clench and I smiled, innocently blowing him a kiss before prancing out of the room.


Honestly I’ve seen a lot of Heathens theories but my favorite is that Tyler went crazy and killed Josh so that’s basically what I went with here and idk but I think I might be in love with incarcerated Tyler??????

Also P.S. I kind of based this off of the Harley Quinn and Joker vibes I got from the Suicide Squad trailers 

Remember Our First Date?
(Tyler Joseph/Reader) *SMUT*

I sat nervously, twirling my hair on the end of my finger in the dining room of my house.
“Relax,” my sister said as she came up from behind me. “It’s a date with Tyler for crying out loud. You guys have known each other half your lives.”
“That’s the problem. He finally asked me out the other day, but what if it becomes awkward?”
“You and Tyler are civil people. It’ll work out. Speaking of the devil,” she paused just as there was a sharp knock at the door. Tyler was here. I walked to the door, opening slowly as I took in a deep breath.
“Hey!” I smiled.
“Hi!” he smiled back, his lips forming his adorable smile. “These are for you!” he handed me a small, gorgeous bouquet of flowers. “I don’t have to be interrogated by your parents?” he asked. He knew the procedure. He’d been over and seen my parents interrogate plenty of my sisters dates.
“They figured you’d been over often enough. It’s fine.”
“Guess there was no point in the flowers then,” Tyler said reaching for them. My sister must have been glaring at him, because he quickly added, “It was a joke!” putting both hands up in a defensive position.
“Well,” my sister started, “I think you two love birds better be off,” she said with a small wave of her hand.
“Would you mind putting these in a vase for me?” I asked, handing her the flowers. He had picked my favorite.
“Sure. Now, bye!” she said.
“Bye!” I told her as Tyler and I headed for the car.
“Mind if I, like, um, hold your hand?” Tyler asked. An awkward question to ask. We’d held hands before, whether it had been to keep our hands warm in the winter, keep together in a crowded area, or for any other reason friends held hands. But this was different, I suppose. We were holding hands just because. It was kinda nice. He opened the car door for me, gently closing it behind me before jogging to the drivers seat.
“You’ve never held the door open for me before,” I joked with him.
“Well, it just kinda seemed like the nice thing to do.”
“I suppose so. Thank you,” I smiled. “So. Are you going to tell me where we’re going?”
“Nope!” Tyler declared happily. “It’s a surprise.” I simply rolled my eyes and went along with the ride. It wasn’t like I had much of a choice as it was.
After about thirty-two minutes of me wondering where we going, Tyler finally pulled his car to a small diner on the edge of town.
“What’s this?” I asked, gazing up at the bright neon sign.
“I found this place the other day. I swear to you, they have the absolute best pie ever. They even have your favorite,” Tyler tempted me.
“You had me at pie,” I hopped out of the car, with the enthusiasm of a small child. Tyler just laughed as he went to open the front door for me. We sat at a booth, scooting in right next to each other. Normally, we would sit across from each other, but this was our date. Like boyfriend and girlfriend, only he hadn’t asked me yet. I suppose I could ask him, but I am way to nervous to do that.
The waitress came up and gave us a look that basically signaled that she was not happy to be serving us.
“What can I get you to drink?” she asked, not bothering with introductions. Tyler and I both quickly ordered, and she left.
“I swear my waitress last time was more personable than her,” Tyler laughed.

Once we had finished at the diner, we were just driving around. We talked as Tyler drove, and eventually we pulled into a church parking lot. It sat in the perfect spot, on top of a hill, so that it overlooked the entire town, with its twinkling lights and the river that ran through it. We sat in the front seats, staring at the scenic view before us. And then, I broke the silence.
“I don’t want to ask this question, but I feel I should address it,” I started with a deep breath. I kept my eyes fixed on the city skyline, not wanting to face him, “I know we’ve been friends forever, and I just need to say, no matter what happens to us, we’re always friends first and above all else. I really like you, and I don’t want something ridiculous to come between us, and I don’t want to get hurt. Okay?” I asked, finally turning to face Tyler. Tyler just smiled. He slowly brought his face closer to mine, touching my cheek lightly, guiding it to his mouth. As our lips touched I knew it wouldn’t matter. Tyler was my best friend. Granted that could make things strange, but that’s what really counted in a relationship.
After not even ten seconds that felt like a heavenly eternity, Tyler pulled away, saying, “Nothing will ever make me want to hurt you.”
With a giddy smile on my face, I attacked his lips again. Tyler gently placed his hands on my hips, pulling me closer. My hands played with the edge of his shirt. His hands moved to the back of my dress, trying to pull down the zipper. Before he could get too far, I coyly asked him, “Can we go somewhere a little more… comfortable?” I asked with a devilish grin. Tyler just grinned and led me towards the back door of his car. Being the gentleman he was, he opened the door for me. I slid in, then reached forward and pulled Tyler in with me by the collar of his shirt. He barely got hold of the door handle, pulling it shut behind him. Our lips attached again, as if magnets. My hands slid up his shirt, but this one time they slid it up and over his head. Our lips pulled apart for a second, only to quickly reattach. Tyler found the zipper of my dress again, sliding it down with minimal trouble. He had a moment of confusion, wondering if it should go over my head or down my arms. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but I couldn’t help but laugh. I smiled as I pulled away. I carefully moved it off my shoulders, trying to be seductive as I slid it down my shoulders, past my thighs, and dropped it onto the floor of the car. I kicked off my shoes, reaching for the tights that covered my legs. Tyler reached over, helping me pull them off, and somehow, ripped them. He had a very shocked and innocent look on his face. I just giggled at him, kissing him again. He gently laid his hands over my breasts that still hid under my favorite bra, massaging them gently. I went for his belt. I fumbled as I attempted to unlatch it, eventually succeeding. I unbuttoned his jeans, slipping them downwards as he kicked them off the rest of the way. We pulled each other closely, skin touching, only our underwear separating us. Tyler slid his slender fingers back, going for the clasp of my bra, but I pulled away. I had to tell him the truth.
“I’ve never really done this before,” I blurted out. I needed to be honest with him. I began to blush really hard.
“Neither have I…” Tyler said, his voice barely above a whisper.
I slowly smiled before I leaned forward to give Tyler a soft and gentle kiss. Then, I slowly leaned back, unclasping my bra, watching Tyler’s face. He was staring, but then he began to blush. “Now we’re even.” I joked, gently running a hand over Tyler’s chest and down into his boxers. I softly grabbed his member, feeling how hard it had already gotten. I slowly gave him a few pumps, intently watching his face as he closed his eyes in bliss. Then, I stopped. “I don’t want you done before I even get my turn,” I explained to him. Tyler just laughed.
“Fair enough,” he said. He pulled me close, kissing me intensely. He placed a hand over my already damp panties, moving his hand slowly. I pushed my body closer to his hand, making him move even harder. I grabbed at the edge of his boxers, yanking them down. I began to play with his already solid member. As I started to moan into his kiss, he pulled his hand away. I glared at him as he reached into the center console, pulling out a condom.
“My brother keeps them in here,” he quickly explained. I only laughed at him, urging him to put it on. Once he was fitted, he leaned forward, kissing my neck. He began to make a slow trail down my body. He passed my breasts, carefully giving each one special attention before moving his way on down. He came back up, kissing my lips softly. He hooked his fingers around my underwear, yanking them down to my knees before they slid to the floor, joining the rest of our clothes.
“Are you sure?” Tyler asked, pulling away to look deeply into my eyes. I could see a mixture of concern and eagerness lying in his eyes.
“Positive,” I nodded with a grin. Tyler places his solid cock right in front of my entrance, moving in bit by bit to make sure I’m comfortable. I let out a quiet gasp, mostly from surprise of how it felt. Tyler seemed worried as he suddenly stopped.
“Tyler. Keep. Going,” I demanded. I’d heard rumors of how amazing it felt, but as Tyler began to thrust in and out, I began to believe that all had been an understatement. I arched my back as my fingers raked across Tyler’s. We were both moaning as it became more intense. It was like there was a little ball of fire winding up in my core, only it was a good feeling as it grew and grew. Suddenly, I felt like it would burst, and I knew. “T-Tyler. I’m gonna-” I started, but he interrupted me.
“Just come on. I’m coming too.” he breathed, leaning down to kiss me. He became sloppier as he drew to his climax, but trying to hold it together until I reached there first.
I began to scream out his name, pulling him close as that small ball of fire exploded. The feeling was amazing. Then, I felt Tyler release. He moaned loudly, as my name escaped his lips. Slowly, he finished, pulling out of me. He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead before laying next to me on the seat.
“That was amazing,” I breathed.
“Yeah it was,” Tyler agreed, causing me to giggle. I softly laid my head on his chest moving my fingers in circles. “I have a question,” Tyler started.
“Will you be, like, my official girlfriend?” he asked.
“I’d be honored,” I smiled, leaning up to kiss him for yet another time that night.

Your new to Beacon hills and on your first day you get caught up in the werewolf madness. Your about to be attacked but Derek stands in the way.

3years later and Derek likes you a lot and one day you turn up at the loft searching for Isaac. You surprise him with your new found confidence after being bitten by Scott.

This only makes Derek want you more.

 IMAGINE: Having to go on a date with Kai to find out how to get Bonnie back. 

“You what?!?” I shouted at my oldest brother, Damon. 

“Kai said the only way that he’ll tell us how to get Bonnie back is for you to go on a date with him.” Damon explained again. 

“Damon, I’m not sure how I feel about this.” My other brother, Stefan said. “He could just try to kill Y/N.”

“I know how I feel about this!” I started. “I don’t like it!” 

It’s true. I didn’t. I never trusted Kai even though he never hurt me, but he still hurt the people I care about.

“That’s why we will be there to spy on you guys, so he won’t be able to try anything.” Damon said “Now, I believe you have a date to get ready for that starts in….an hour.” 

I groaned as I stomped up the stairs to get ready for my ‘date’


“Now, remember.” Stefan started as I walked towards the door after we all heard a knock. “Don’t be rude or he might not tell us how to get Bonnie back.”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it.” I rolled my eyes then opened the door to see Kai dressed in his normal style, but a little bit better for the occasion. 

“Ready to go?” He asked as I put on a fake smile, feeling my brothers eyes on us.

“Yeah.” I nodded as I followed him outside. “So, where are we going?” 

“Just to the grille.” He shrugged. “I saw that it was going to be closed, so I just killed the owner.” 

I felt my eyes widen in surprise. There’s another reason why I shouldn’t be rude to him, so he doesn’t kill me.


“So….” I trailed off as I pushed my food around on my plate. 

“Well, I would like to talk with you, but your brothers have to go first or you’ll never find out how to get Bonnie back.” Kai said smirking lightly. 

“What are you talking about?” I asked as I began to feel nervous. 

“You know what I’m talking about.” Kai said as he seemed more serious, but kept a little smirk. “Tell. Them. To. Leave.” 

I sighed to myself and set my fork down. “You guys can leave now.” 

I watched as they got from behind the bar and walked out, but Damon gave Kai a dirty look on the way out. 

“Let’s just cut to the chase.” I said “Why did you wanna go on a date with me? Out of all the things you could’ve asked for, why this?”

“That, I won’t answer.” He mumbled as he ate more of his food. “Sorry, I’m nervous. You’re like really pretty.” 

I rolled my eyes as I saw his smirk. “I know you like me, Y/N.”

“You wish.” I mumbled as I crossed my arms over my chest, leaning back on my chair. 

“I see how you look at me.” He remarked. “You’re ego’s just to big to admit it,”

This made me very mad. I don’t like him. I don’t like him. I don’t. I sped over to him, holding him against the wall. 

“Go ahead.” He smirked. “Kiss me or kill me.”

I stared in his eyes as I only saw his confidence.Then, I did it. I kissed him. 

I do like him. 

“I knew you liked me.” He breathed in between our lips. 

“Just shut up.” I mumbled as he turned us around so I was against the wall. Our lips moved in sync. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. What would Stefan and Damon think? I couldn’t think about them right now though. All I could think about was how his lips molded with mine as his hands moved to the back of my thighs, picking me up. 

“Let’s take this to my place.” Kai said as his lips trailed down my neck. I had to stop and think about this. Did I want to sleep with Kai? Yes. But was this the right thing to do? Was he using me? At the thought of him using me, I hopped onto the ground.

“If we do, will it mean anything to you?” I asked “Or would you just be using me for your own entertainment?” 

“No.” He shook his head then grabbed my waist. “I have this weird feeling around you.I looked it up and it said it was love. I’ve never been in love or ever have anyone love me, but I know that I want this. Not just for my own entertainment, but because I get this… thing when I’m around you.” 

I couldn’t believe what he just said. Malachai Parker was or at least he thought he was in love with me.


“Y/N?” I heard Kai’s raspy morning voice as I came out of them bathroom, only wearing one of Kai’s shirts.

“Hey.” I smiled as I stood in the door way. 

“Thought you left.” He said as I walked over and laid next to him. 

“Nope.” I said popping the ‘p’ as I kissed his lips. “So, what does this make us now?” 

“Well, I was thinking that you could be my girlfriend and I could be your boyfriend.” He smiled as he hovered over me.

“Sounds perfect.” I smiled as he leaned down to kiss me. “I should probably get going. Damon and Stefan are probably worried.”

“You’re a vampire.” He rolled his eyes. “I think you can take care of yourself.”

Then he went down for another kiss, but I stopped him.

“How about this?” I started. “I’ll go home and get some clothes and then we can go get something to eat.”

“But, you look so good in my clothes.” He whined. 

“I’ll be back.” I smiled as I pecked his lips and left.


I walked up to the boarding house and quietly opened the door trying to sneak in when I felt arms wrap around me. 

“Are you ok?” I heard Caroline’s voice as she wrapped her arms tightly around me. “We were all worried!”

I looked up to see Damon, Stefan, Elena, Jeremy, Tyler, Matt and of course Caroline. Everyone was that worried about me?

“I’m fine.” I said as I felt Caroline’s arms fall off me. 

“What happened after we left?” Stefan asked as all eyes were on me. 

“We talked.” I shrugged. 

“You were gone all night.” Elena pointed out. 

“What happened?!?” Damon asked walking closer to me. “Is he gonna tell us how to get Bonnie back?”

I smiled more to myself and chuckled lightly. “Oh yeah, he will.”

“Why are you saying it like that?” Jeremy asked

“What happened last night between you and him that’s even making you smile?” Caroline asked as I smirked at her lightly. “No! No! You didn’t!” 

“What?” Elena asked as they all looked between us.

“She slept with him.” Caroline said as she stared as me shocked. 

“Is that true?” Tyler asked as he stared at me. 

“Maybe.” I smirked 

“I’m going to kill him!” Damon said making his way to the door.

“No you’re not.” I said as I stood in his way.

“Are you dating Kai?” Stefan asked 


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One of the theories I’ve seen about this scene is that Tyler and Josh’s red clothing suggests that Blurryface has completely taken over them - perhaps killed them. They’re lying down with their families surrounding them, all dressed in black like one’s family would at a funeral. Tyler’s position in particular resembles that of a dead person in a coffin. With that being said, when their families tell them to “wake up,” they’re asking for them to come back to life. This suggests that Tyler and Josh are the moneymakers for their family - they are heavily depended upon to make music for a living and nothing more. Immediately after that line of the song, in the video, Josh becomes a drummer and Tyler a vocalist - their jobs, how they get paid.

Maybe that’s one of the more subtle meanings behind this song. The world’s expectation is that any musical artist will make music in order to make money, and that will be their primary motivation. Not the idea of creativity or purpose. Not “playing pretend,” but taking things very seriously.
However, Tyler and Josh aren’t here to please the world. Their musical style, which is so distinct from “popular” music, is clearly not aiming to please anybody and thus to make more money. They continue to have fun with what they do, creating their own unique sound - in a way, it’s comparable to “playing pretend”; and they continue to give it a meaningful message, something other artists might avoid in order to please their audiences more. They are “laughing at the face” of the pop culture that tells them they’re only in a band to make a profit.

Can we take a moment and celebrate the 4 year anniversary of the multi-platinum album “Born This Way.” Most people know it from the lead single off the album, but it’s more than that. This album impacted many lives. This song took a big role in legalizing Gay Marriage. It helped people know who they really are. In the album, it has songs dealing with self-identity and love. You can feel the rebirth inside of you. 

Take time and look up on YouTube the album and you could see the true aspect of “Born This Way.”