there are more to come bc i had another idea

oh shit

one of the most famous lines, and also quite the argument-inducing line

homestuck fandom vs avengers fandom

i remember those days. i had no idea what was going on except that people were angry at each other for claiming it was stolen by another fandom. it was bewildering, terrifying, confusing, and seemingly so pointless

that being said, i can see why homestucks were a little miffed bc this comes on such a BADASS panel, and all of the hawkeye shit was just him shooting arrows in general. also it makes more sense for homestuck bc crows have been such a huge running image in dave’s plotline, and they go “caw caw” as opposed to the more common “screeeee” for hawks

also im vaguely biased bc marvel movies need to chill out and stop becoming as convoluted as the comics i dont read bc theyre so convoluted. thats why deadpool and gotg are the best movies. no required viewing to enjoy.


So I had 15 minutes of class today because of rain, and then I decided to use my time for something more interesting. Starting by making Killufox sad. Great start. And then I decided to try my hand at some other animal designs for HxH!! I started with Palm bc I suddenly had an idea, another dog tho, I feel kinda bad making so many dogs, but dogs are awsome anyway… And Komugi I had the bat idea for her for a while, I don’t really know how to draw bats that well tho so it’s still more of a design test.
As for Meruem I had lora’s help (thank garbage) in which we decided to try making him some kind of lizardy monster thing. The ants are hard to work with for this omg. I MEAN COME ON they technically are already anymals but also not really…… Hard to figure out what Meruem could be but I am diggin the idea quite a lot??? So yeah I could use some other opinions here and make sure my ideas are not stupid pff so pls tell me what you guys think ;v;

Miraculous Pin Cushions

Some of you, especially my “long-time” followers, might already noticed that besides writing, crafting is one of my passions as well. And since work drains me too much for writing atm, I started another crafty project recently.

This time it’s… double-sided pin cushions!

I had a whole lot fun designing and (mostly) hand-stitching this little fellas. <3

I’m currently trying to work my head around a concept for the Juleka-side of the JuleRose one I’m intending to sew, have another idea for a Jagged Stone-Fang one (bc I can xD) so there are definitely more to come. X//D <3

The ‘idea’ for them sort of hit me when I saw Marinette sewing so passionatley. Some gears in my mind started clicking and that’s the result //D

It started with the LadyNoir one and the rest sorta kinda happened without me being able to stop ….me x//D

(PS: The LadyNoir one is most likely to become a part of my 400 Follower giveaway, I’m currently working on more crafty stuff 030v)